Akayed Ullah, who failed at his attempted suicide bombing between Times Square and the Port Authority on Monday, told authorities that he was upset about Israeli incursions into Gaza, and therefore decided to become a suicide bomber, according to a CNN report. He had also pledged allegience to ISIS.

Ullah’s homemade bomb failed to completely explode, and the 27-year-old Bangladeshi who lived in Brooklyn was injured in his explosion. He is being treated at Bellevue hospital.


His second device did not detonate.

Five people were lightly injured as a result of the explosion.

It is unclear what incursions into Gaza Ullah was referring to, unless he was referring to Israel’s recent destruction of the two Gazan terror tunnels that crossed into Israel, or the Israeli retaliation for the rockets that were launched at Israel from Gaza.

After Sunday’s anti-Semitic protest in New York’s Times Square in which protesters openly called for the massacre of Jews, it is no surprise that a brainwashed Islamist tried to commit a suicide bombing.


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