Photo Credit: Yaakov Naumi / Flash 90
The Satmar Rebbe, Rabbi Aharon Teitelbaum

The Satmar Rebbe of Kiryas Yoel, Grand Rabbi Aharon Teitelbaum, has tested positive for the COVID-19 coronavirus, according to a report published by the hareidi Kikar HaShabbat website.


One of the Rebbe’s aides has also tested positive for the virus, and unconfirmed reports claim several Chassidic Rebbes of other communities have tested positive as well.

The Satmar Rebbe meets every day with hundreds of people who seek his advice and blessing. On Purim, he held multiple “tishin” events at which there were thousands of Satmar Chassidim.

This Shabbat, the Rebbe prayed in his private quarters, and called on the women of the community to increase their observance of the laws of tzniut (modesty). He also called on all his Chassidim to set times for Torah study and to increase their study of Torah, in response to the news.