Photo Credit: Courtesy the OU
OU Passover Guide 2017

You are now welcome to download the OU Passover Guide 2017, with the following sections:

The OU Certified Products That DO NOT Require OU-P


Products that are Kosher when Bearing an OU-P, and Infant Formulas and Supplements.

Non-Food Items and Guidelines for Medicine.

OU-Kitniyot and OU-Matza Ashira Products.

Halachic Times for Passover.

“Sizing Up the Seder.”

Sefirat HaOmer Chart.

Also: Passover Kitchen Tips, and The Modern Kitchen Kashering Guide – are all available for downloading online right now!

So, which kosher certified products that are already in your kitchen cabinet just need to be dusted a little and, of course, their containers must be factory-sealed? The list on this year’s guide is lengthy, and includes baking soda (Arm & Hammer on the list); SodaStream Carbon Dioxide Cylinders and Carbon Dioxide Gas Filling; a long list of cleaners & detergents; Hershey’s cocoa powder (except Special Dark); coffee ground and whole bean, including Ellis and Folgers and huge additional list; Instant coffee, including Folgers and Nescafe Taster’s Choice; dish detergents including Ajax, Cascade, Colgate-Palmolive, Ivory, Joy and mr. Clean; some egg products; frozen Atlantic salmon and frozen wild salmon; Realemon Lemon Juice Reconstituted, and Realime Lime Juice Reconstituted; nuts raw: whole, pieces and nut meal, no BHA or BHT added; and, of course, paper, plastic, wraps, foil and candles. But the complete list is HUGE.

So, go, download, study the material (as prescribed by halacha, come to think of it) and start the three-week countdown to the seder night … Now!