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Is Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz still a friend of Prime Minister Netanyahu?

Florida Democrat Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s pro-Israel image is being tarnished – make that blackened – by a firmly based report that she is the number one obstacle to a bi-partisan Congressional initiative to threaten new sanctions on Iran, effectively scuttling the recent interim agreement secured by President Barack Obama and the rest of the P5+1 club.

Her spoiler role, reported Wednesday by the Washington Free Beacon, starkly differs from her wild support in August 2012 for the “hardest-hitting sanctions in history” against Iran thanks to Congress having made “clear to the world [that] we are resolute in using all tools at our disposal to halt Iran’s nefarious nuclear ambitions.”


Those “nefarious ambitions” apparently have transformed in less than 18 months into the development of enriched uranium for medical research and other do-good humanitarian efforts that are a disguise for a nuclear warhead headed for Israel, if not Washington.

President Obama has threatened he will veto any Congressional bill to impose harsher sanctions on Iran and put a hole in his “engagement” with the Ayatollahs. Nevertheless, leading Democrats such as New York Sen. Charles Schumer and New Jersey’s Sens. Robert Menendez and Cory Booker don’t buy it, and they support the proposed bill that shows Iran it cannot get away with murder literally.

House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer of Maryland also was on the sanction bandwagon but backed off in the past two weeks. Why?

All fingers point to Wasserman Schultz, the Free Beacon reported, and the reactions back home in her strongly Jewish South Florida district are far from favorable.

“Every minute she is publicly silent, or working against bipartisan efforts to pressure Iran, is a minute she is siding with the Mullahs over the American people who overwhelmingly want mounting pressure,” one Democratic Congressman told the Washington newspaper.

“Debbie has been busy at home telling her constituents she is doing all she can to stop Iran, but in reality it appears she is busy behind the scenes working to scuttle bipartisan action to put increased sanctions pressure on Iran.”

It quoted a South Florida Jewish community leader as saying that her constituents have serious problems with her new soft-on-Iran position.

She has a Congressional ally with Florida Rep. Alan Grayson, who also opposed the bi-partisan effort, but she will have a lot of explaining to do at a meeting this week called by Jewish leaders in her South Florida district.

Wasserman Schultz’s spokeswoman did not reply to the Free Beacon’s request for a comment on the report.

The first sign of her currying favor with President Obama and closing her eyes to Iranian’s Islamic wish to annihilate Israel came on November 25, after the interim agreement was reached.

“I commend President Obama, Secretary Kerry, Under Secretary Sherman and their team for the tremendous amount of work they put into these negotiations,” she said in a press release. “This agreement provides a framework to stop the development of a nuclear weapon in Iran while we work to negotiate a broad, comprehensive deal to permanently dismantle their nuclear weapons capability.”

After having bragged in 2012 that the Congressional sanctions caused Iran “a daily loss of $133 million and 1.2 million barrels of oil… [and] that we will not accept a nuclear Iran, and that we are prepared to use all options at our disposal to keep the world free from this Iranian threat.” she has swallowed the Obama “let’s trust Iran” policy hook, line and sinker.

Wasserman Schultz is ignoring official Iranian statements that make it clear it signed the agreement to buy time.

For example, the interim agreement would prohibit Iran from adding more centrifuges at its uranium enrichment facilities.

So how did Iran follow up? Well, at least it is honest, to wit:

“We have two types of second-generation centrifuges. We also have future generations [of centrifuges] which are going through their tests,” Ali Akbar Salehi, head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization, said less than two weeks ago.

Also last December, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry assured the House Foreign Affairs Committee that the Arak reactor in Iran that is designed to use plutonium, which could be used to construct a bomb, is “frozen stone cold, where it is” and “we’re actually going to have the plans for the site delivered to us.”


Salehi announced a week later that Iran’s heavy water installations Arak will continue its work with full power.

If Wasserman Schultz still believes that Iran has turned over a new leaf and no longer has “nefarious ambitions,” all she has to do is look at Lebanon and Syria.

Hezbollah, now up its neck in Syria and working with the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, is smuggling anti-ship missiles from Syria piece by piece after previous attempts to smuggle them into Lebanon were ruined by Israeli intelligence, followed up by Israeli aerial strikes on the weapons.

So Iran really does not need a nuclear bomb if it can simply use Hezbollah to blow Israel off the map.

Wasserman Schultz may be the woman who saves President Obama from having to veto the sanctions bill, which already has the support of 50 senators, twice as many as when the bill was introduced last month, and one short of a majority.

The bill is aimed at putting teeth into the interim agreement by declaring that Iran must abide by it rather than simply biding time until a final agreement is reached, if that ever happens.

If not, then new sanctions would go into place.

It appears that the only thing that might change Wassermann Schultz’s new go-soft-on Iran position is a severe backlash from her constituents, who are more worried about the Iranian nuclear threat against Israel – and the United States – than she is.



  1. Wasserman-Schultz is an Obama troll. She will vote to destroy Israel if Obama tells her too. She is however a Democrat, and over 72% of the Jewish voters voted for Obama and donated 100's of millions of dollars to his and other Democratic war chests, so what do you really expect?

  2. what a waste of an education! You show just how ignorant you are when you call Wasserman-Schultz an Obama troll and 72% of Jewish voters being wrong! When 72% of anything agree it is very obvious that the remaining 28% (that means you,) are wrong!

    You are upset that Jews donated 100's of millions of dollars to Democratic candidates, first let me tell you that you are very wrong about that number. If you are going to lie, you should at least lie big! How much did Shelly Adelson donate to low life lying republican? and don't give me that Soros b/s as Adelson is worth 12 times more than Soros and contributed a lot more than Soros!

    You need to know what you are saying before everyone knows just how stupid and ignorant you really are!

  3. do you practice being stupid and rude? Do you even know what you said in your first post? You need to know what you say before you go and say something even more ignorant than you did the first time! Wasserman-Schultz is very pro Israel and just because you wh0 thinks she is Jew, disagrees with this wonderful Jewish congresswoman!

  4. Dear fellow commentors, I have been insulted by Edward Lobel the same as many of you have. I suggest you report this to Facebook and The Jewish Press so he will be removed from making his insulting remarks. I am sure he is not man enough to say this to me face to face.

  5. JoAnn Morris Dear fellow commentators, I have been insulted by Edward Lobel the same as many of you have. I suggest you report this to Facebook and The Jewish Press so he will be removed from making his insulting remarks. I am sure he is not man enough to say this to me face to face.

  6. Some should remind her that like the Nazi's, they do not care if she is living in Miami since she is a shameful Jew who tuned her ass to her people, the Iranians will nuke her home and at her funeral, I would ask her children why SHE allowed for this second holocaust?

  7. Alan Kardon Not man enough better describes you and your ignorant followers! Seems to me that you and your horde think it is perfectly OK to insult a very well respected U.S. Congresswoman because she did not vote your way. Do you thik she wants to complain to facebook to get you and your followers thrown out! I suggest if anyone is not man enough it is you!
    Now that everyone knows how ignorant and evil you are perhaps in the future if indeed you have one, you will think twice before you say things that insult other people because they are smater and think differently than you do!

  8. JoAnn Morris Perhaps you should look at yourself! It is obvious that your parents did not teach any manners! You are everybit as old as I am. Furthermore you I do not hate anyone except ignorant idiots like you who go around cursing at people who disagree with you. It is obvious that you never learned Yiddish and the true meaning of words! I wonder if I called you a rude and crude name (perhaps a part of a woman's anatomy) you would be insulted, but unlike you I am not rude, crude or ignorant! You do not like a congresswoman so you thinks it's perfectly OK to insult her! Perhaps you will actually think of what you say and do before you say it. Maybe someday people will look at what you say and say "that was an intelligent way to disagree" until then you are an ignorant idiot who needs to think about what curse words she uses in public print!

  9. Edward Lobel If she is so pro-Israel, then why doesn't she continue to support sanctions? Iran is laughing at the U.S. with these 'negotiations.' The centrifuges continue to spin. They have no intention of giving up their 'right' to nuclear weapons. It is only sanctions which have brought them to these talks and they should not be weakened – but strengthened.

  10. Chaiya Eitan Seems to me that what you say is only the truth according to Chaiya Eitan and like randal paul is not the truth! What makes you so sure you are right? You certainly are entitled to your opinion no matter how wrong you may be. I too could be wrong, but I highly doubt it. Your thoughts are based more on emotion and hatred than on real facts.

  11. Yechiel Baum, Hitler lied to his people and that is why he was kept in power. You are certainly entitled to your opinion no matter how wrong you are. Wasserman-Schultz is indeed good for Jewish people not only in her district, in the United States and throughout the world! Just because you disagree with her you just goes to show how much you hate Jews! You remind me more of Hitler and the Nazis than anyone else.

  12. Edward Lobel Angry people cannot insult me. I did not cause your anger. And,yes,only G-d can judge me. Try to have a nice dayl An only a would be angry at someone wishing them a good day.

  13. It is simply amazing that there are so many Jewish Liberals and Communists still living on this earth. Communism and Socialism literally destroyed millions of lives and devastated the countryside of just about every country on earth. Somehow the Jews fell into this Left Wing mantra of division of wealth even though the Jews themselves are a very wealthy minority.Someone like Edward Lobel who admires a loud mouth like Chris Mathews, or shows a picture of Netanyahu with the caption of "American Studies Scholars now Israel free" makes him intelligent. I guess that Mr. Lobel forgot that Jews,Israel and Israeli scholars and scientists have produced more Nobel Prizes for such a small minority that all the other minority nations put together. It is simply amazing that this form of left wing Jewish anti-semitism still exists.

  14. Alan Kardon Perhaps if you listened to the entire quote, you may hear something different. However, I view this more as a mistake than a lie. You view it as a lie and not a mistake. I also know for a fact that so many of the people who say they were dropped and could not get lower priced insurance on the ACA are out and out liars!
    Even the guy who said the ACA would not insure his child was he lying or was he telling the truth? The truth is that he did not include his son on his application so of course his son could not be insured. Think again, did he simply make a mistake or was he lying? How many times have you told someone (a child perhaps) something and it was not true, does that make you a liar? Think about it.

  15. Alan Kardon You are a bully who thinks that if someone doesn't agree with you they are wrong! Fact of the matter is, you are indeed wrong. You apparently do not know what the first amendment is about. The first amendment affords a person the right to free speech against the government without fear of reprisals and is not meant to allow you or even me to say anything we want. There are indeed limitaions as to what we can say. for example you cannot yell fire in a theater and be held harmless if someone gets hurt trying to get out of the theater, no matter what the 1st amendment says.
    When you are wrong you are wrong (me too, although I am seldom wrong as I research things before I say something)

  16. Edward Lobel He lied so people would support him. Over 5 million people lost their coverage. How many people are paying more for their healthcare? An intelligent person would read what he signs before they pass a law. Oh it doesn't matter, he is exempt from the ACA. But he has smart people like you that believes anything he tells you. I am only an "Idiot."

  17. Alan Kardon Again you are wrong! The latest figures there are far less than 5,000,000 people who lost their insurance and President Obama was not responsible for cancelling one single policy. The truth of the matter is the insurance companies cancelled the policies in an effort to have the same people buy new policies from them at much higher costs! These same exact policies could be bought on the exchanges from the same companies at LOWER costs plus a lot of these people would also qualify for tax credits. It was a scam by the insurance companies to make more money, this my friend is the truth about that and can be easily found on the internet!
    As for paying more, there are probably a few people who paniced and bought the new policies from the insurance companies without checking the exchanges, and their are probably some people who had such poor policies that covered virtually nothing and now when they reach the new minimum policies may have to pay more. You do know that people with sub standard policies when they get sick will wind up getting care at the general publics expense and still wind up in bankruptcy. I am glad to help a particular person, but do not want to have to pay for everyone of those people who do not have coverage.
    One last thing, the President did indeed get insurance on the ACA and you can check on that!
    I am glad to see that you finally realize that you are an idiot. Now that you know and accept that fact, you should try to get the correct information before you go on a public forum and look even more foolish than everyone already knows you are!

  18. Edward Lobel The insurance companies are bound to follow the guidelines set forth in the ACA requirements. That you can find in the ACA if you read it. Please show me how many less than 5 million lost their insurance? Maybe what you read from the people on the internet are "ignorant and idiots".

  19. Edward Lobel Thank you for all your unnecessary comments. I hope for your sake that you never meet me in person. I will flush your head down the toilet with the rest of the . That is not a threat, that is a promise. If only your parents practiced birth control this world would have been a better place.

  20. JoAnn Morris NO you did not call any Jewish woman a name only berated a Jewish woman because she disagreed with you!
    However, you did indeed call a Jewish man a filthy name and yes G-d does speak to me and he is really upset over your being so ignorant when the truth is right in front of you.

    BTW, if you think G-d only speaks to the Bushes or other Christians, or to some of my ancestors, you are greatly mistaken. He probably doesn't talk to you because you are beyond help!

  21. Alan Kardon Alan, there has been some serious press (not on fox because they are not serious,) that the number is closer to 500,000!
    This may be far fetched, but it I am sure it is somewhere in between 500,000 and 5,000,000. When the problem first surfaced the insurance companies stopped doing this. It was said the total number of people with these substandard policies was only about 6,000,000 to begin with and not all were notified that their policies were cancelled.

    Alan, the real problem is that the insurance companies took it upon themselves to cancel the policies and offer those customers new policies at much higher prices than these customers could by them on the ACA, even from the companies that cancelled them! Cheaper and then many if not most would qualify for tax credits meaning the policies would even be lower. You may not want to accept this but this is indeed the truth!

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