Photo Credit: Website screenshot
The Fountainheads doing Passover.

The Fountainheads are a group of young Israeli singers, dancers, and artists, all graduates and students of the Ein Prat Academy for Leadership, who “have joined forces to create new Jewish artistic content for today’s Jewish world.”

So far, this could be an intro to some really boring stuff, but in this case it ain’t so. In my search for great, new Passover content, I landed on their YidVid Breakin’ Free, and will definitely be using it while running on my treadmill.


All the members of the group have spent time living and studying at the Ein Prat Academy, working to create new expressions of Israeli-Jewish identity and building a strong and diverse community that celebrates Jewish life. Through their videos and live performances, the Fountainheads’ work is enjoyed by millions of people all over the world.

Now you, too, can join those millions. Or a mere 517,656 in the case of this chometz-free number.