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Keeping the Spark Alive
By Yankie Schwartz
Mosaica Press



Staying inspired is not easy, especially for returning seminary students.

In Keeping the Spark Alive , Yankie Schwartz offers stories, suggestions and practical wisdom to help re-adjust to life and stay connected.

Keeping the Spark Alive addresses the struggles that any seminary girl would face, and acknowledges the difficulties. After a full year of growth, many students are shocked and challenged upon their return home. This is normal, as he says, “Anyone who gets inspired will eventually get challenged.”

He encourages readers to love and respect parents, set spiritual goals, and find mentors and friends. There is much truth in Schwartz’s words as this book is a self-help book for students struggling with and trying to maintain the spiritual levels they achieved in Israel. His words are not restricted to specific schools or students, as he makes it clear that anyone who achieved spiritual growth in Israel will be confronted with challenges.

Returning home from Israel is often filled with tensions with others and with oneself; however this book is a mentor in itself and successfully alleviates them. Containing a wealth of fascinating ideas and personal anecdotes, Keeping the Spark Alive includes motivating mantras and positive inspiration to help readers continue growing for the rest of our lives in a positive direction. Crucial reading for every seminary student.

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