Photo Credit: Humanix

Title: The Secret Life: A Book of Wisdom from the Great Teacher
Author: Jeffrey Katz (with Alys Yablon Wylen)
Publisher: Humanix



Have you ever wanted to really understand Rambam’s essential teachings? Set out in plain English, and showing us how we should live today in our hectic society?

Jeffrey Katz has managed to help us do this, in a style that’s deeply inspiring and engaging.

This book left me profoundly moved, and changed. The Secret Life illustrates the powerful techniques that Rambam (aka Maimonides) offers, putting it all together into a formula for living a meaningful, elevated and contented life. Best of all, no background is needed.

Rambam’s approaches to charity, justice, and love, and to recognizing and developing one’s higher calling, are all brought to life by Katz in vivid examples and through true stories ripped from today’s headlines. The results are breathtaking, and very enlightening.

In the course of your journey you also will discover, surprisingly, that no big drama or upheaval in your life is needed, only a decision to live a more ideal life by consciously choosing certain actions over others, and in the process benefiting yourself, your community, and the larger world.

Powered by Rambam’s principles, The Secret Life can become a valuable tool and resource in generating a cycle of blessing for yourself and those around you, and in enhancing your personal and professional relationships. These benefits all flow naturally from Rambam’s principles, and they seem as unexpected as they are inevitable – and that may just be the greatest secret of all.