The gala annual dinner for Mosdos Sanz Klausenburg of Union City was held on March 5. The Mesivta Sanz in Union City is a remarkable organization for all to admire and emulate.


      Having grown up in Union City where their father, Rabbi Harold Hirschman, was the rabbi for over forty years at Temple Israel Emanuel, the Hirschman children witnessed the declining population of Orthodox Jews who migrated over time to the northern suburbs of Bergen and Rockland counties. During the High Holidays in the late 70’s, the Modern Orthodox synagogue in Union City was reduced to barely a minyan. The local Yeshiva of Hudson County which serviced the community at the time metamorphosed into the Rosenbaum Yeshiva of North Jersey in Bergen County which currently enjoys a flourishing student population with over 900 students.


      Since the 1980’s, the Klausenburg community ensured continuity of Yiddishkeit in Union City by taking over the existing shul and community center. After the passing of Rabbi Hirschman, Rebbetzin Hirschman chose to continue to live in Union City until very recently.


      Anyone who wishes to conveniently catch a minyan when traveling via the Lincoln Tunnel to or from NYC is welcome to daven with the community. In fact, if you want to visit the matzoh baking factory, or to just get an extra dose of spirituality and Yiddishkeit within the enclave of Union City, feel free to stop by at 3400 New York Avenue in Union City, or call the office for more information regarding time schedules: 201-867-8690.

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