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Your attitude of gloom and doom has likely driven a wedge between you and your husband – who, by the way, is to be commended for his sense of duty and responsibility toward his parents in their time of need.

No one said life is easy, but even the most stressful circumstances are bearable when spouses can be counted on to be there for one another. Has it ever dawned on you that when your husband comes home to your “lovingly prepared” dinner he might also be craving some relaxation after a grueling day? Yet by your endless gripes and misgivings you not only kill his appetite but also manage to serve up your total lack of trust and confidence in him.


While it is not your place to second-guess the amount of years one is assigned on this earth, it is in your place to be there for your spouse and to back him in his avodas Hashem. All that energy you expend in fruitless frustration can be put to much better use … as in pouring your heart out to Hashem and asking Him to see you through this trying time in the merit of your husband’s kibbud av v’eim.

When you will begin to demonstrate a genuine trust and respect for your life partner, he will no doubt treat you in kind. And if you can bring yourself to refrain from maligning your husband to others and betraying personal confidences, you might find him less reluctant to share his thoughts and ideas with you.


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