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Dear Mrs. Bluth,

I am the 70-year-old widow, who wrote to you about the Down Syndrome baby that was given up for adoption. I thought that you would appreciate a little follow up.


A few days ago, when I was at my usual spot volunteering in the baby ward of the hospital near my home, the couple came in with the little boy that they had adopted. This adorable child was dressed in a beautiful outfit, and he had grown and looked so happy. The parents came to thank the whole staff for the loving care they had given their baby. I spoke to the mother and told her how wonderful I think it was that they adopted a special needs child. She corrected me. She said that they thank Hashem every day for bringing this blessing into their lives. They were hoping for a child for many years, and this baby boy was the answer to those prayers.

We all enjoyed the cake that we were treated to and the baby was passed around to all of us so we could give him a hug.

I thought about this a lot when I went home. I had been so sad when his birth mother wouldn’t even look at him and again when they left him in the hospital. Now I am no longer sad. This precious child will be loved and adored and given every opportunity to thrive. It is pity that I now feel for the birth parents, and I hope that they will be able to move forward with their lives. Every child truly does have his own mazal. And this little boy, that I thought was so unfortunate, turned out to be blessed, Baruch Hashem.



I believe that you have expressed the thoughts of everyone reading this column. Thank you very much for the update.


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