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In all the events that befall the world, and especially the children of Israel, we must always stop and think, what is Hashem trying to tell us.

Almost every person in the world does some kind of inward check as to why things occur or happen to them.


To a Jew the check is usually a more spiritual check. A small example, such as the leg of the chair being loose so the child fell down. Yes, the leg was loose, but there is a deeper reason as to why that child fell down. That of course is a trivial example, to stress a point.

Today, we don’t have to go very far to see many examples of how G-d is speaking with us and wants us to wake up, and realize that He, Hashem is calling out to us. We must recognize that it is Hashem, and not people who are pulling the strings.

Since the oronavirus faded away in Israel, the events that succeeded it were horrible. The first was the tragedy in Mt. Meron, killing 45 and wounding many righteous souls. After that came the missiles from our hostile neighbors, bringing with it not only the horrifying missiles, but the riots and outrage that went on in cities such as Lod, which were directed mainly at the religious and orthodox Jews, burning the synagogues, and trying to harm the religious people in the city.

Next was the tragedy in the Karlin-Stolin dynasty during the holiday of Shavuot killing and wounding many as well.

And just a few days ago a left wing government was set up with Arabs sitting in the government making decisions for the Jewish Nation. How outrageous in a Jewish state! After so many elections and after many attempts to make up a government, this is the final decision?

The events are so close to one another and each event is so tremendous and upsetting, that one has to be absolutely blind not to see that there is a cry from above, from Hashem, to His children begging them to listen.

The Nation of Israel is made up of all kinds of individuals. After any event, especially difficult ones, we must all, as individuals and as a nation look within ourselves and try to understand what Hashem is telling us.

Sometimes as a nation it’s easier to see things, since it’s not so personal. When difficult situations occur, we all come together. We help each other out more, we have more compassion for the nation at large.

However, if the actual disaster didn’t hit a person directly, they might have compassion for a day or two, but then move on. But the timing and the ongoing incidents that have befallen the Jewish nation in the last couple of months, must force us to look much deeper into our actions, also as individuals, and see how we can make a change.

We are entering the months of Tammuz and Av, difficult months for the Jewish nation, at all times. During these months, the process of the destructions of the first and second temples took place.

It’s a time that judgment is spread over the land and the people. We must stop and think about what has been going on until this point, and how during these next months, we must understand how to connect to Hashem, and all He desires from us His children.

The people of Israel are a light unto all the nations. And if Hashem is tightening the events and hardships on us, G-d is definitely calling on all of us to change.

It’s written that in the time of the redemption the hard and sad days such as the 17th of Tammuz and the 9th of Av will become happy and joyous days.

Perhaps after the hard year of Covid-19 and the last couple of months, Hashem is actually preparing us for the next stage in the full redemption.

It is Hashem who is running the world and all the events all lead up to only one solution, and that is Hashem’s return to his nation.

Let us pray that Hashem’s return to His land and to His city will happen with great mercy and compassion, without any more casualties. And may we all rejoice this year, please G-d, on the 17th of Tammuz and on the 9th of Av and may we know no more sorrow for the people of Israel and for the entire world at large. Amen.


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