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Inna Vernikov

There is a saying and a song that states “money makes the world go around.” I take that to mean that money is extremely important to be able to survive. However, in our world, money means a lot more.

Recently, the financial boycott of Russia and its impact on world security is a prime example of this. On a smaller scale, the role of money in setting government policy and the use of money to illegally influence priorities, is constantly in the news. The financing of terrorist organizations, the role of money in the drug world, and how despots steal the resources of their people are reported to us on a daily basis. This is where the expression “the love of money is the root of all evil” came from.


In the Torah, however, each person is obligated to use their money to pursue justice. The common meaning of the word tzedaka is charity, but a more true definition is justice. We see a myriad of organizations set up to provide for those in need at every level. Hatzolah, Bikur Cholim, Masbiah, Chaverim, MisMisaskim, Chasdei Lev, Tomche Shabbos, are just some of the organizations that are staples in the community. I am honored to represent a community that provides these services and am a strong supporter of these organization. It is the most noble use of money.

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Inna Vernikov represents the 48th District in the New York City Council. In 2022, she was appointed the Minority Whip of the Republican Caucus.