Photo Credit: Tura Winery
Vered Ben Sa'adon of Tura Winery

Tura Winery, located in the pastoral Central Mountains of Israel, prides itself on its excellent wines produced by the finest soil in the Holy Land. Husband and wife Vered and Erez Ben Sa’adon started the successful winery in 2003 and have put every once of their energy into promoting the wine and cultivating the grapes.

Since the creation of Tura, something significant has transpired among the vines – a burgeoning winery that is considered one of the first successful boutique wineries in Israel and the first major one to come out of Samaria.


This Passover, their intimate tasting room and visitors center will be open to the general public and during chol hamoed and will be free of charge.

From their flagship wine, Mountain Peak – a lovely Bordeaux-style blend – to their refreshingly delightful rose, Tura Winery can cater to any palette. The visitor’s center can accommodate up to 55 people and is one of the few in the world where one can sit among its fine wood oak barrels.

Visitors looking to take advantage of its free entrance fee will enjoy a 30 minute wine and olive oil tasting. Other, more comprehensive visits are also available and all visits must be arranged in advance by contacting the winery. While not available during Passover, the visitors center also offers Kosher meals during the rest of the year at an additional cost.

Those interested in spending their restful chol hamoed vacation at Tura can visit to book their spot.

And what better way to celebrate our exodus from Egypt than enjoying the best the Holy Land has to offer?


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