There are many healthy food plans that tell you to measure your portions so you can eat healthier, or to lose weight. You don’t always have access to measuring spoons and cups when eating out or at someone’s home for a meal.

Here are some really easy visual ways for you to plan your portions, at home or away!


A fist or cupped hand = 1 cup
1 cup = 1½-2 servings of fruit juice
1 oz. of cold cereal
2 oz. of cooked cereal, rice or pasta
8 oz. of milk or yogurt

Palm = 3 oz. of meat
Choose lean poultry, fish, and beef. One palm size portion equals 3 oz. for an adult and 1½-2 oz. for a child under 5.

A Thumb = 1 oz. of cheese
Consuming low-fat cheese helps you meet the required servings from the milk, yogurt and cheese group. 1½ oz. of low-fat cheese counts as 8 oz. of milk or yogurt.

Thumb Tip = 1 teaspoon
Keep high-fat foods, such as peanut butter and mayonnaise, at a minimum. One teaspoon is equal to the end of your thumb, from the knuckle up. Three teaspoons equals 1 tablespoon.

Handful = 1-2 oz. of snack food
Snacking can add up. Remember, 1 handful equals 1 oz. of nuts and small candies. For chips and pretzels, 2 handfuls equals 1 oz.

1 Tennis ball = ½ cup of fruits and vegetables
Healthy diets include a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables every day.


How to Half a Recipe

¼ cup = 2 Tbs.
1/3 cup = 2 Tbs. and 2 tsp.
½ cup = ¼ cup
2/3 cup = 1/3 cup
1 Tbs. = 1½ tsp
1 tsp. = ½ tsp.
½ tsp. = ¼ tsp.


Crepes (fromTupperware WhipnMix recipe book)

Serves 4

1¾ cups milk, divided (for Pareve, use almond milk)
4 large eggs
3 Tbs. vegetable oil
1¾ cups all-purpose flour
½ tsp. salt
3 Tbs. granulated sugar (optional for sweet crepes)
Unsalted butter for cooking crepes

  1. Pour 3 Tbs. of milk into the Tupperware WhipnMix Chef, then add the eggs, oil, flour and salt (add sugar if you are preparing sweet crepes). Cover and mix on gear 2 for 20 seconds.
  2. Add 2/3 cup of the milk and mix for 20 more sec. on gear 2. Add the remaining milk, switch to gear 1 and mix for 20 sec.
  3. Heat up Chef Series 12” Griddle to medium heat and lightly grease. Pour a small quantity of crepe mixture into the pan and spread it over the whole surface in a thin layer. Once the top is dry, carefully loosen the sides using a spatula and flip to cook the other side.
  4. Repeat with remaining batter.


You can cook 8-10 crepes with these quantities depending on the thickness or your crepes.

Prep time: 10 Min. Frypan: 20 min. total


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