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If you are in a second marriage, a detailed will clearly states your wishes so that your spouse and children receive what you want them to.

Burial these days is more complicated as so many people have children living in various cities, even countries. If children are scattered across the world, there is no one place accessible to your far-flung offspring. For many, Israel is the preferred place, but the details and finances for that should be thoroughly spelled out and money set aside for burial and perhaps for plane tickets for the children who will need to travel.


Most parents have done their utmost to help their children throughout their lives, either financially, by babysitting, or just by offering a kind or encouraging word. Why not continue what you did for decades and ease their emotional turmoil to some extent after you are gone?

Even young people and singles should have a legal document expressing their wishes in terms of burial and division of assets in case they suddenly leave this world.  One can take a video to be shown after death if it is too difficult to talk face to face with your loved ones.

It is an immeasurable chesed that will be an aliyah for one’s neshama.