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All stand before the King of kings
Creator of people; of everything,
With terror, regret and trembling
They wait.



Some gave in to their darker sides
But from the King sins they can’t hide,
All shake and wait for Him to decide
Their fate.


This Holy Day comes once a year
With prayers and begging and pleading and tears,
All ask for their souls to be wiped clear
From black.


The judgment day is now at hand
We’ve sinned; we’ve erred; we understand,
The King tells us there’s hope, we can
Come back.


Change your ways you have to try,
Feel regret, for your sins cry
Daven to Him, your King up High


It’s Rosh Hashanah; the shofar hear
May we all merit a sweet new year,
Yerushalayim, may we be there


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