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A Sweet Inn apartment

There is something new in the hotel-tourism industry. Get the comforts of home with the luxury of a hotel in one destination – Sweet Inn. A brand new enterprise spanning Europe and Israel, Sweet Inn offers homey apartment rentals in many top cities under full management of a hotel-like concierge. Offering personalized services, the guest relations staff will handle many logistics for its guests and can even offer real insider tips to give tourists a more authentic vacation in a foreign city.

Sweet Inn owns apartments throughout the best locations in Paris, Barcelona, Brussels, Rome, Lisbon, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, offering a wide selection of apartment types, sizes and prices to make Sweet Inn the perfect destination for any type of traveler.


“All Sweet Inn apartments are characterized by their uncompromising attention to detail: a contemporary design created by a dedicated team of local interior designers, committed to embedding a unique character within the apartments, one which suits the atmosphere of the surrounding neighborhood,” said Paul Besnainou, CEO and founder of Sweet Inn.

“Growing up, I got to travel a lot, and I was very used to checking in luxury hotels. When I got a little bit older, I wanted to discover another way to travel. This is way I got interested in short-term rental apartments, such as Airbnb,” Besnainou recalled. “Quite honestly, I was unimpressed with the standards and quality of services available in these kinds of rentals. More often than not, short-term rentals offer a standard product that holds many unpleasant surprises in store: A disappointing location, a run-down building, a dirty room, little comfort or unappealing design. And of course, the majority of short-term rentals are let by private owners, who offer no proper guarantee in terms of security and quality. Sweet Inn was born from this lack. The thought was: why not offer this customer something better? A solution for this cool, urban wanderer who is bored with the traditional hotel, yet seeks the benefits of its qualities and standards?”

At Sweet Inn, all guests can customize their stay exactly as they choose with a selection of “a la carte” additional services: a local smartphone, a car rental with exclusive discounts, a private driver or a restaurant pass card with exclusive discounts at hundreds of restaurants. The apartment-hotel rooms are always located near to public transit and places of interest. The professional guest relations staff will make sure visitors have all their needs met, including housekeeping and sending fresh grocery baskets straight to the front door.

Besnainou explained, “Sweet Inn offers the same signature blend of the best of both worlds. It offers a degree of excellence in all the apartments, together with a uniqueness and hominess in each and every one of them.” The model is built for changing times, where travelers are seeking, “life to become a journey where no trip resembles another,” he said. When seeking a unique travel opportunity, Sweet Inn is the destination.


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