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Israel Inspired: What’s the Story with these Torah Observant Gentiles? [audio]

Torah studying gentiles who love Israel and the Jewish people! What is at the core of this movement? What is the motivation? On the latest Israel Inspired on The Land of Israel Network.

The Soul of Israel: Do You Have the Eyes to See? [audio]

How can we remove the constraints, eliminate the impediments & open the gates to live a life of presence, abundance & gratitude? On this week's The Soul of Israel with Shlomo Katz and guests Ari Abramowitz & Jeremy Gimpel on The Land of Israel Network.

The Soul of Israel: Lots or Destiny – Parashat Pinchas [audio]

How can we live with the ability to actually experience our destiny, as opposed to living a life with no specific direction. On today's The Soul of Israel with Rabbi Shlomo Katz on The Land of Israel Network.

Israel Inspired: Tectonic shifts in Temple Consciousness [audio]

What is actually standing in the way of the rebuilding of the temple? Listen to Israel Inspired with Rabbi's Ari Abramowitz and Jeremy Gimple on The Land of Israel Network to find out!

The Soul of Israel: Parshat Balak: Clarity Emerging from Confusion [audio]

Rabbi's Ari Abramowitz and Jeremy Gimpel join Rabbi Shlomo Katz as they discuss how to live a life of meaning and make your mark for generations to come on The Soul of Israel aired on The Land of Israel Network.

LIVE! Livestream from the Temple Mount [video]

Join Ari and Jeremy and hundreds more as they ascend up to the Temple Mount at 9 AM - Live Stream!

Israel Inspired: The Secret To Living Inspired [audio]

Introducing Rabbi Shlomo Katz, the newest host on The Land of Israel Network. Listen as Rabbi Shlomo Katz, Jeremy Gimpel and Ari Abramowitz delve into the Torah portion & share their visions, struggles & paths to living inspired during challenging times.

Israel Inspired: Why Terrorist Attacks are Less Successful in Israel [audio]

Is there a place for compassion? On today's Israel Inspired Ari Abramowitz and Jeremy Gimpel delve into how Israel and the free world should contend with terrorism and terrorists.

An Israeli Rabbi’s Response to Obama’s Speech on Radical Islam

If you don't know who you are fighting, you can't win the war.

Israel Inspired: What happens when the Temple meets the Knesset? [audio]

In today's powerful Israel Inspired Ari Abramowitz and Jeremy Gimpel discuss Lag B'Omer, Yehuda Glick joining the Knesset & Trump’s support for the settlements

Israel Inspired: What are the Real Front Lines of Israel? [audio]

On today's Israel Inspired we share the next major project for The Land of Israel Network and how it will shape Israel’s future.

Israel Inspired: Israel Memorial Day and Independence Day Special [audio]

The transition from solemnity on Memorial Day to the exuberant gratitude of Independence Day just moments later is like no other religious experience. Listen to Israel Inspired Yom Hazikaron and Yom Ha’atzmaut special show.

[Yom HaShoah Special] Israel Inspired: Where Was God in the Holocaust? [audio]

Can we find God in the horrors of Auschwitz? On Israel Inspired Holocaust Memorial Day Special.

Israel Inspired: Spanish Jews Spiraling Through Time [audio]

Spanish speaking descendants of Meronos (Jews who hid their Jewish identity during the Spanish Inquisition) want to return to their authentic origins and roots. What do they do now? On today's Israel Inspired with Ari Abramowitz and Jeremy Gimpel.

Israel Inspired: Do Jews Believe in “Turning the Other Cheek”? [audio]

Is “turning the other cheek” really a Biblical value? A moral one? On today's Israel Inspired with Ari Abramowitz and Jeremy Gimpel.

Israel Inspired: Why Did Israel Arrest an IDF Soldier Who Killed a Terrorist? [audio]

On today's Israel Inspired Rabbis Ari Abramowitz and Jeremy Gimpel discussed Israel’s approach to fighting Jihad & the controversial story of how Israel is handling the IDF soldier who neutralized a terrorist in Hebron.

Israel Inspired: 34 Dead in Brussels – Are American Jews in Danger? [audio]

On this weeks Israel Inspired, as Ari returns from his tour in the US and Jeremy from Europe, they share their powerful experiences and the messages they imparted. How did American Jews react to hearing this uncomfortable message.

Israel Inspired: How Christian Volunteers Saved the Lives of Two IDF Soldiers

Listen to a story of how the lives of non Jewish volunteers were changed forever, how they saved the lives of 2 IDF soldiers. This is a story, a sign, of what the future holds for Israel & the nations of the world.

Gush Etzion Unites in Response to Kidnapping and Murder

Gush Etzion residents are uniting to show their resilience in the face of terror with the 'One Flag' initiative.

How Will the Mosque be Removed?

Temple Mount, Temple, Messiah, Rebuilt Temple, Jeremy Gimpel, Jewish Home, HaBayit Hayehudi, Tzipi Livni, Video,

New Gimpel Video Surfaces, the Left Going Bonkers (Video)

Will the dome come down after seven Jeremy Gimpel videos are exposed?

US-Born Candidate ‘Caught’ Yearning for Rebuilding Temple

The gist of his words is not the removal of the mosque as much as the building of the Temple.

Political Stars MK Danny Danon & Jeremy Gimpel – Likud? Jewish Home?

Yishai interviews MK Danny Danon of Likud and Knesset hopeful Jeremy Gimpel of Bayit Yehudi to talk about upcoming Israeli elections.

Likud Anglo Calls on Jewish Home Anglos to Support Gimpel in Primaries

Likud Anglos Executive-Director and candidate for the Likud’s list Daniel Tauber called upon English-speaking members of Jewish Home to vote for Jeremy Gimpel, the “Anglo” candidate in today’s primary for the Jewish Home Party.

It’s the Dreams, Stupid

Jeremy Gimpel and Ari Abramowitz gave a Bayit Yehudi Party and many "Anglos" showed up. It started up looking too much like a late-night TV show, but then it got more interesting when they brought out two of the candidates running for head of the party: Naftali Bennett and Daniel Hershkowitz took the stage and started dreaming in earnest.


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