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The more accurate name for "Amnesty International"

Many international world bodies like the UN and the UNHRC and a multitude of others, are fixated with the Jewish people and the Jewish land of Israel. Despite the enormous amounts of recorded history and physical evidence that exists of the thousands of years of Jewish history in Israel, they continue to ignore it, preferring to commission endless bogus ‘studies’ and ‘investigations’ into ‘ethnic-cleansing’ and ‘apartheid’ and every other hateful term they can think of.

Now, of course, their defenders will always deny it’s about antisemitism. No, of course not! It’s simply about an ‘illegal occupation’ as they like to term it.


Amnesty International made this very same point last week in their farcical report labelling Israel an ‘apartheid state,’ while simultaneously rejecting all allegations of antisemitism against them in their continuing obsessive campaign to demonise the one Jewish state on earth.

On their website, it says proudly that ‘when human rights are denied, we won’t be silent.’

Yet silence has exactly been their response when they rejected a campaign against anti-semitism in the UK – even though that anti-semitism in the UK has reached a new record high in 2021 – up 34% from 2020.

This organisation that lives in a world of fairy dust and unicorns, has also thrown its support behind the BDS movement, whose links with terrorism continue to be exposed, as illustrated by an Israel report showing direct links between the boycott movements and Hamas and the Palestinian Front for the Liberation of Palestine – both internationally designated terrorist organisations.

So Amnesty International can deny all they want, but the truth is as clear as day, for their continued obsession with Israel is absolutely motivated by the hatred of the Jewish people.

But do you want to know how I know this? How I can be so sure?

I’ll tell you.

No other people on earth and throughout history are treated to the same standards as the Jewish people. They sit alone in their own unique category.

France, a country that willingly gave up its Jews during Nazi occupation to certain death, is seen as more respected than Israel – a country in which more rights exist for Arabs than in any other Arab country. Any yet somehow France STILL thinks they have a role in creating peace in the Middle East.

Ireland dares to speak to Israel about human rights, attempting to pass laws making it a crime to do business with Jews in their ancient land. This is a country that protected mass murderers and Nazi war criminals and they think they can even begin talk to Israel about human rights?

Germany, who in all fairness is one of the better countries these days, still campaigned against other countries locating their embassy in Jerusalem and thereby recognising a historic and basic truth of Jewish history in Israel. I seriously don’t know on what moral basis Germany can even dare to question the Jewish people’s historic right to their own city – a people they did everything in their power to eliminate from this earth.

And much of the Arab world, while definitely showing positive signs of improvement, still are fixated on Jews – even to go as far as Kuwait banning a movie because Gal Gadot, the Israeli actress, appeared in it!
It’s. A. Movie!

But all of this is not simply about Israel itself, but rather the manifestation and symbol of the Jewish world, for Jews have always been seen as responsible for all the bad things that happen in the world. Jewish lobbies in America. Communist leadership. Capitalist exploitation. Zionist aggression. Deportation of illegal infiltrators.

A famous Icelandic celebrity, Pall Oskar, once said this that “Jews have woven themselves into the fabric of Europe in a very sly way for a very long time.” He further went on to compare Jews to Nazis, saying they “have taken up the exact same policy of their worst enemy.”

Of course the standard ‘apology’ came afterwards, denying he was against Jews themselves, but his view was already revealed and only the gullible would accept differently.
In Australia, a strong western democracy, there has also been an alarming increase in antisemitism from the previous year – up 35%.

Meanwhile over in America, another great democracy, antisemites sit in the US Congress continue to carry out their poisonous campaign of hatred against Israel and the Jewish people – funded by the American taxpayer.

In a leaked report some time ago, the EU accused Israel of using “tourism to legitimise settlements.” Seriously?? They are more concerned about a cable car from the City of David to the Old City of Jerusalem than their own continent, which is falling apart due to terrorism and lawlessness, brought on by over a million Arab refugees which no other Arab country would accept.

Then there is Nabil Abu Rudeineh, the Palestinian Authority spokesman who said that all the conflicts in the Middle East are because of Israel. That’s right – all conflicts are because of Israel. Syrian civil war – Israel. Yemen civil war – Israel. Dispute between the Cairo taxi driver and the camel he accidentally hit – Israel.

Jews have been the scapegoat of the world’s problems throughout history. And it seems that hasn’t changed…

The world expects the Jewish people to be of such angelic proportions and held to a standard no one on earth could ever possibly achieve – and when they aren’t seen as attaining that, they are savagely criticised. The only way they are seen as being ‘good’ is if they bring about their own destruction.

But, despite this increasing hatred and despite the despair that I know many Jews around the world feel, I remain optimistic. And it’s not because I think that hatred will die down any time soon, but rather because I know that in Israel, the hopes of the Jewish people burn brightly.

For there was a time, when the same despair that gripped the Jewish world was everywhere, a time when we had no Israel, and we had no IDF, and we had no country that would accept us with open arms.

Those times are gone.

For we are a strong people with a strong voice, a proud people with a proud history, a people whose very existence can never be destroyed.

We must use our voices to speak up against those who wish us to remain silent and we must use our voices against those who think they have a right to speak for us.

Because they don’t. No one does – except us. And much to the great distress of so many, the days of our destiny lying in the hands of foreign governments and foreign organisations, devoid of morals and ethics, are truly over.


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Justin Amler is a noted South African born, Australia-based writer and commentator on international issues.