Perspective: Silver Linings In Dark Clouds

Tthe kids will become creative and inventive and innovative. One teenage sibling I know, with a talent for sewing, is teaching her younger siblings how to use a sewing machine, including the boys.

Getting Married In The Shadow Of Covid-19

At 8:30pm that evening Shmuel and his wife came to see their apartment. They were thrilled. It was more than perfect.

Tell It To Your Children

We must have been carefree and crazy to attempt to make Pesach on our own. We were both from close-knit observant families, all of whom were in America in 1961.

Time To Outsource!

The toys, bookcases and drawers in china closet are simple jobs and can be delegated to children. Have them divide the items into keep, throw out and donate.

The Truth About Fat And Health

Let's not forget that we come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

The Pocketbook Saga

When my daughters grew up they would go shopping for pocketbooks in my closet. And I would smile every time I saw one of them wearing one of my stock.

A Taste of Shabbat

The traditional recipes she used throughout our lives brought comfort and love to both our family and strangers alike.

Vegan Black Tahini Truffles

The nuttiness of the sesame adds a lot of depth to the dates and chocolate coating.

American Girl Place: A Wonderland Even A Tomboy Can Love!

My reviewing a doll company and going to their flagship store in Manhattan made me laugh – I am the quintessential tomboy and don’t...

In The Bag

As my husband reminded me as I meticulously folded bags into neat little packages over the last three months to hoard them for future use, the fact that bags will no longer be free in stores doesn’t mean that they won’t be available.

Magen David – A Purim Fantasy

Like an oversized umbrella it covered the entire land.

New Cookbooks Spark Kitchen Creativity

Given the subject matter, it seems appropriate for this cookbook to open with a chapter on food safety since giving your family food poisoning by feeding them spoiled ingredients is definitely something to be avoided.

Inside Out

Rigidity around food, fear and anxiety around eating, purging, restricting, overexercising, and bingeing… those behaviors can happen to people in all size bodies.

How To Keep Your Fridge Clean

For extra credit, you can bring out your vacuum and clean the coils at the bottom of the fridge. Having these coils dust free keeps your fridge running more efficiently and saves on electricity.

One Pan Chicken Lo Mein

I love Lo Mein, but the thought of boiling the noodles in one pan and then sautéing it together in another means a two-pot mess.

A New Beginning

New beginnings are not only housing construction, sidewalk renewal, or gas flow.

Who Is Going To Pay The Bills?

The consensus was that it had become exorbitantly expensive to be a frum Jew.

Pantry Proud

A coat of paint in a cheerful color or a roll or two of wallpaper can definitely inject a touch of style into your pantry.

Fast + Healthy = Doable And Delicious

So much of our lives revolve around food. In addition to eating our three squares every day, there is a signature dish for every Jewish...

Must-Have Winter Accessories

I may or may not have a slight attachment to my phone, so I love gloves that allow you to easily text and talk.

How To Teach Your Children About Money

I am of the opinion that children’s money belongs to them, and if they want to blow it on junk from the local discount store, that is their prerogative.

From England with Love: Legendary UK Company iCandy Brings State-Of-The-Art Stroller To The U.S.

iCandy is proud to have been recognized by the honor of achieving two Queen’s Awards.

Pesto Pappardelle with Blistered Tomatoes and Salmon

There is something so comforting about a bowl of warm pesto-laden pasta with perfectly cooked salmon on a cold winter night.

What Is Mine Is Yours

The trauma of our son-father kidney transplant has never faded from my memory.

Dependable No More

I would say that that oven was 45-years-old when it finally baked its last pan of brownies and was relegated to the great big kitchen in the sky.

Time To Emulate The Maccabees

I always feel that it’s important to fight back – even if you are going down, at least the opponent will have a scratch or bruise as well.

Who’s Ready For A Delicious Chanukah?

The menorahs are polished, the dreidels are ready to make their annual appearance and donuts and latkes seem to be just about everywhere. Yup,...


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