Cooking Outside The Box

I know, after all of those Yom Tov meals, you may still be on hiatus from kitchen duty, but these two cookbooks might have you rethinking that decision.

Roasted Zaatar Chicken

While we were there, we explored the shuk. The sights, smells and delicious food are unmatched by any other marketplace I have ever been to.

Fashion First Aid

The list of potential sartorial mishaps goes on and on, but thankfully, there are plenty of fixes to save the day as well as steps you can take to prevent problems from ever occurring in the first place.

Spiritual Mindfulness: Embracing Hillel

She is afraid to ask for the going rate for her skill set, aware that she is replaceable – and she needs the income from her job to help support her family.

Ariella Zeitlin: Violin Like That

“I didn’t choose the violin because of my grandfather. But I definitely had the idea that the violin was important when I was very young,” she noted.

How To Wear Fall’s Top Trends

I’m so glad to see that furry fuzzy outerwear is still very much on trend this season.

Homework Helper

The best way to get them to sit down and actually do their work is by making it part of their schedule.

Exercising Perception

My good fortune was grandparents and “greats,” and an uncle who had the vision and courage to leave Europe after World War I. Even if it wasn’t vision, surely it was courage.

Baked Sesame Chicken with Broccoli

I have a friend who absolutely hates cooking. She just texted me a long thank you for this recipe because she was able to follow it, and everybody loved it!

Just Say No

We are living in a society where the bar gets raised higher and higher every year, and where today's splurge becomes tomorrow's necessity.

Spiritual Awareness: Sometimes It Takes A Banana Peel

She would not focus on what she didn't have, but on what she did have.

How To Get Your Children To Build Your Sukkah

Pick a day to start. We would love to begin on Motzaei Yom Kippur, but if your children are fasting, they might not be up to it, unless they drank coffee and are now all hyped up.

Dressing Up

There is a huge selection, but you can search by dress length and sleeve length, depending on your modesty preference, so as not to overwhelm you.

Succulent Chicken with Squash

It’s coming before we know it! I’m not worried, because I’ll use some of my favorite go-to dishes such as my succulent chicken with squash recipe.

What Really Matters

I know that Elul, September, is not all black. There are many happy events that have taken place in our family during this month...

You’re Doing What With That?

For about 12 seconds, I contemplated selling them on eBay, but mailing liquids sounded like an adventure that could only have an unhappy ending.

Medical Mindfulness

It’s important to be mindful of changes not just in yourself, but in the activities, habits and personality of family members and close friends.

Get Ready For School!

In general, we buy good backpacks that we expect our children to have for at least two years.

Sneak Peek

I've always felt too short to pull off sneakers with my dresses, thinking it made me look short and frumpy.


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