How To Teach Your Children About Money

I am of the opinion that children’s money belongs to them, and if they want to blow it on junk from the local discount store, that is their prerogative.

Pesto Pappardelle with Blistered Tomatoes and Salmon

There is something so comforting about a bowl of warm pesto-laden pasta with perfectly cooked salmon on a cold winter night.

What Is Mine Is Yours

The trauma of our son-father kidney transplant has never faded from my memory.

Dependable No More

I would say that that oven was 45-years-old when it finally baked its last pan of brownies and was relegated to the great big kitchen in the sky.

Time To Emulate The Maccabees

I always feel that it’s important to fight back – even if you are going down, at least the opponent will have a scratch or bruise as well.

Who’s Ready For A Delicious Chanukah?

The menorahs are polished, the dreidels are ready to make their annual appearance and donuts and latkes seem to be just about everywhere. Yup,...

Taking Advantage Of Long Winter Nights

In the spirit of taking full advantage of the desire to stay indoors during these chilly nights, let’s organize our homes so that we can find the peace of mind we deserve.

Recipes Of Yesterday And Today

Whether it’s hearty soups oozing with seasonal flavors or the scent of chocolate chip cookies wafting through your home, December was made for the kitchen – and thus the perfect season to check out some intriguing new cookbooks.

Purple Latkes Supreme

Can you believe it’s almost Chanukah? I can! Chanukah already came early in our house, when, by accident, my son opened an Amazon box...

Phone Fun

I have had more than a few people tell me that they use their phones to do just about everything except making calls.

If It Is Broke

Whether there is a medical issue, a mental health illness or an addiction, it must be confronted. The first step to "fixing what is broke” is facing reality and admitting that something is broke.

The Biggest Treasure Hunt Of All

Of course, there was plenty to see that had nothing to do with organic, gluten free, non-GMO and vegan fare.

Leaving Kids Home Alone

I am a huge proponent of spending quality time with your spouse, as the benefits of strengthening your relationship are huge and long-lasting.

Cozy Up

I want to talk about values and how they relate to fashion. I know it might sound funny to think about values when reading a fashion column, but let me explain.

Cooking Outside The Box

I know, after all of those Yom Tov meals, you may still be on hiatus from kitchen duty, but these two cookbooks might have you rethinking that decision.

Roasted Zaatar Chicken

While we were there, we explored the shuk. The sights, smells and delicious food are unmatched by any other marketplace I have ever been to.

Fashion First Aid

The list of potential sartorial mishaps goes on and on, but thankfully, there are plenty of fixes to save the day as well as steps you can take to prevent problems from ever occurring in the first place.

Spiritual Mindfulness: Embracing Hillel

She is afraid to ask for the going rate for her skill set, aware that she is replaceable – and she needs the income from her job to help support her family.

Ariella Zeitlin: Violin Like That

“I didn’t choose the violin because of my grandfather. But I definitely had the idea that the violin was important when I was very young,” she noted.

How To Wear Fall’s Top Trends

I’m so glad to see that furry fuzzy outerwear is still very much on trend this season.

Homework Helper

The best way to get them to sit down and actually do their work is by making it part of their schedule.


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