Lubavitcher Rebbe Remembered For Goodness, Kindness And Education On Birthday Anniversary

Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, who served for more than 44 years of dedicated leadership of the Chabad movement, established more than 1500 Lubavitch Centers helping people of all walks of life throughout the world, from Australia to Africa, from Holland to Argentina and from Moscow to Jerusalem.

Administrative Chaos Ensues At The State Labor Department, Lawmakers Are Frustrated

We now have The moment we got up and running, fraud began to decline. About six to eight months later we got multi-factor identification. Again, fraud immediately began to come down.

War Of Words Over Yeshiva Sovereignty Erupts In Albany Courtroom

After a 15-minute presentation by Schick, the state took its best aim to shoot down Schick’s arguments.

Seniors Enjoy Early Taste of Purim at COJO Flatbush Luncheon

The festivities, held at the Boro Park Y, drew close to 100 enthusiastic seniors who delighted in an afternoon of spirited conversation, uplifting music provided by vocalist/musician Michael Abramovshchik, and a delicious meal.

State Budget Process Moves To Next Phase

We’re noticing a decrease in the head count of the police officers at the 121 and 120 precincts. We would like to have some help and support there because the more resources they have, the better it is, Fall said.

Property Tax Gotcha! – Rabbis Denied Clergy Exemption In Nassau County

In Nassau County – where low assessment ratios mean this exemption can go as far as cancelling out entire line items on the property tax bill – rabbis employed in chinuch, organizational work, part-time positions, and volunteer activities were routinely granted the discount.

Queens JCC Breakfast Yields Major Announcements

New York Mets owner Steve Cohen sees a prime opportunity for a new venture that would coincide with the plans by city officials to redevelop the neighborhood. He wants to purchase land near Citi Field to build a casino and create a community experience.

Linking Generations at COJO Flatbush Seniors Winter Luncheon

The seniors enjoyed a delicious meal, played board games for prizes, and were entertained by Bnos Leah students who sang, danced, and chatted with them.

Conservatives Celebrate Winning Down-Ballot Races

The party conference also included a panel discussion by four of the seven freshmen congressmen from across the state.

Hochul’s State Budget Document Hits Record Spending

According to state budget officials, foundation aid is the main education operating formula for school distribution.

New Year, New Aggressive Strategy By State Conservative Party

I do think the single greatest issue confronting the Legislature is rolling back some of the criminal justice laws that are extraordinarily unpopular with most of the citizens of the state and extremely dangerous. Bail reform, for example, said Kassar.

Judge LaSalle’s Nomination Goes Down To Progressive Rebellion

I was honored to be able to run on the various lines I had the opportunity to run on over the years. I was proud to have Democrats and Republicans agree on me at a time of such hyper-partisanship.

Hochul Claims State Of The State Is Strong

I’m proud to announce we will be investing more than one billion dollars and making critical policy changes to finally and fully meet the mental health needs of our state, Hochul said.

State Lawmakers Convene for New Legislative Session

New Yorkers are not happy with the direction this state is heading. More than 400,000 people have left New York in the last two years and that’s on top of one million people leaving over the last decade,” said Assembly Republican Leader William Barclay...

Orthodox Jews Attend But Not Featured At Inaugural Ceremony

During her 13-minutes of remarks, James, who is beginning her second term as the state’s legal eagle, began by commenting that the word history should be changed to herstory in honor of Governor Kathy Hochul becoming the first female chief executive in New York.

Limitations On Outside Income Almost Sinks Legislative Pay Raise

Outside income increases the independence of legislators vis-a-vis the governor, and makes us less vulnerable to gubernatorial retaliation, argued Assemblyman Phillip Steck (D – Colonie, Albany County), a lawyer by profession.

Masbia: Chanukah Latkes Illustrates the Exorbitantly High Cost of Poor People’s Foods and Basic...

It wasn’t too long ago when a dozen eggs, a 5 pound bag of potatoes, and a 96 ounce jug of oil cost $7 or less. Now you’re lucky if you can get it for $25.

Hochul Aims To Control Hate In New York State

I’m feeling the same as when it happened in my country. I'm feeling those same voices of evil and hatred are rising up, and where are the people stopping it?

Assembly Democrats Hold Powwow Ahead Of New Legislative Session

I think I’m really hopeful about the future that we have together. I think in the Jewish community, we as Jews need to do a better job communicating with each other, Epstein said.

State Election Results Still Not Final

People want more honest people in politics and local politics, not just people who sit there for many, many years basically doing nothing.

Fun And Fellowship At COJO Flatbush Senior Arts Party

COJO’s regularly scheduled arts parties are designed to get seniors who are generally confined to their homes to spend time socially interacting with their peers and show off their creativity.


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