Tech-Savvy Jews Help Seniors Secure Vaccination Appointments

Why don’t we open this up so we can help more people? Because the evidence was pretty clear. This is not like ordering from Amazon. This is way harder.

COJO Flatbush Surprises Holocaust Survivors With Chanukah Bags Chock-full Of Goodies And Games

“Chanukah, of course, is a celebration of miracles that took place during a dark and dangerous time,” said Welz. “And the lesson we take from it is to never lose faith, no matter the circumstances.

COJO Flatbush Chanukah Food Distribution: Spreading Light By Helping Others

On Distribution Day volunteers pack and transport the items in boxes provided by a local supermarket, giving the deliveries the appearance of a regular grocery drop-off.

COJO Flatbush CEO: ‘We Weren’t Going To Let COVID Stop Us.’

COJO Flatbush was on the front lines as Census officials were forced by the pandemic to rethink and replace long-planned strategies.

South Florida – October 30, 2020          

Laura Loomer Looks Forward To Jewish Female Face-Off In November Elections

For her outspokenness, Loomer has been banned from Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms.

NY Issues Guidance For Religious Schools

A communication system must be developed with the school’s plan. The “responsible parties” will have to organize communication between the school’s administration, teachers, parents and the students.

Pandemic No Impediment To COJO Flatbush Computer Students

These particular graduates deserved additional kudos for accomplishing what they did under unusual and trying circumstances, during a massive public health crisis that necessitated remote learning in virtual classrooms.

Orthodox Advocacy Leads To Masa Restoring Funding To Yeshivas And Seminaries

“What made this successful is that it wasn’t just people calling from the outside to complain but also people on the inside working it out,” explained Rabbi Taragin.

Elimination Of Masa Funding And Limited Student Visas Jeopardize Israel Study Plans For Countless...

Rabbi Michoel Green, overseas director of Sharfman’s seminary, described a year in Israel for gap year students as an incomparable educational opportunity.

Extraordinary List Of Speakers To Address Sunday’s Achdus Event

Called “Vayicha Sham Yisrael Neged Hahar – K’Ish Echad B’Lev Echad,” the event is dedicated to the memory of the Noviminsker Rebbe.

BPJCC to Host Census Drive-Thru Event in Boro Park

It is critical that Boro Park has a 100% participation rate for the census, says Avi Greenstein, BPJCC CEO.

Lev Echad – A National Volunteer Force In Times Of Crisis

As the situation continues, they are focusing on opening additional regional operational centers enabling local communities to play a role helping one another within their own local community and providing to one another their basic needs.


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