Fun And Fellowship At COJO Flatbush Senior Arts Party

COJO’s regularly scheduled arts parties are designed to get seniors who are generally confined to their homes to spend time socially interacting with their peers and show off their creativity.

Mayor Adams At The 2022 Jewish Food Media Conference Sponsored By Masbia

NYC Mayor Eric Adams made a surprise visit to the 9th annual Jewish Food Media Conference that usually takes place ahead of KosherFest.

Hochul: The Accidental Governor

When Zeldin pointed out how bad the economy, crime and pocketbook issues are across the state, Hochul’s only response was to call Zeldin the grim reaper.

The Best Political Sparring Match Of The Season

Maloney had a brief mention of his support for Israel because she is our ally in the Middle East. Lawler didn’t do much better. We need to work with our NATO allies and Israel to ensure the safety and well-being of the world, Lawler said.

Antisemitic Crimes In Westchester County: Minimal Or Simply Unreported?

A swastika, like a noose, is very upsetting and can’t be minimized.

New Book Focuses On The Specter Of Antisemitism In America – And How To...

Greenblatt admits the ADL only refers incidents of hate crimes and antisemitism to federal authorities such as the FBI but does not follow up to see how these cases play out in court.

New Year, New State Regulations For Yeshivas With More To Come

We do not expect nonpublic schools to look the same as public schools, Coughlin said. Stakeholders encouraged us to include respect for different instructional models and values, so we did.

Regents, Yeshiva Brouhaha Culminates In Decision

Regent Susan Mittler, who is Jewish, told The Jewish Press on Monday that the Board has to look at the issue from a different lens than just the ultra-Orthodox community, which is protesting the new rules and regulations.

Business Breakfast Launches New Alliance In Boro Park

It’s incredible to see so many businesses come together, vibrant businesses – and Yaeger to give them guidance and the resources to grow even further, Avi Greenstein, CEO of BPJCC told The Jewish Press.

The Chesed Of Chicago

The mission of The Chicago Center is to help anyone in need – whether through referrals, advocacy, food or material goods – and to ensure the person has access to top notch healthcare and accommodations to get them through their journey.

Anti-Israel Speech From Clifton Board Of Education Commissioners In New Jersey Results In Legal...

While wearing a Black Lives Matter t-shirt, Awwad blamed the death of George Floyd on the IDF. Many police forces within our country actually go overseas to Israel to learn and to be taught abusive tactics, he said.

Trying To Fill A Comedy Desert In Upper Manhattan

I’m so happy it turned out well. It was a risky event. The space was massive. The comics were happy. It could have gone either way.

Emotions Over Antisemitism Run High At CUNY; High Ranking Chairman Set To Resign Committee...

She’s not stupid, she’s evil. There’s a difference. I am a victim like any other Jew at Kingsborough. It should not be about me, Lax said.

Rockland County Rabbis Urge Polio Vaccinations In New Kol Koreh

The CDC is very cognizant that they’ve lost public faith, explains Shoshana Bernstein of SB Writing and Communications and a local vaccine educator.

In Ulster County, Service Beyond Politics With A Dose Of Judaism

It’s a very special day, it’s a very special month, it’s a very special 40 days. These days are days when G-d is available. It’s a day when we can connect, Karczag told the audience, not all of whom were Jewish.

In Chautauqua, Reactions To The Stabbing Of Author Salman Rushdie – And Cries Of...

With no bodyguards present by state police nearby the stage where he spoke at the Hall of Philosophy, an executive with the Anti-Defamation League said he keeps his guard up.

Justice Done: Jackson Center Showcases Historic Nuremberg Trials

Jackson not only had to create the court from the ground up and define all the processes and the crimes but he had to actually convince people that a trial should occur.

CUNY Chancellor Stands Up NYC Council Meeting – But Jewish City Councilwoman Makes Sure...

There were definitely mistakes that were made in the past and it is important to fix things as there are 20,000 Jewish students on CUNY campuses. I’m enthusiastic for what will be implemented.

ADL Responds To Criticism Over Fighting Antisemitism

We collect information, literally, on threats that are emerging and help law enforcement stop them even before they happen. We collect data because people reported more than 2700 incidents to us in 2021.

What Happens To Criminals Of Hate In New York?

Hikind puts the blame on the district attorney offices for not prosecuting crimes of hate and instead sweeping the problem under the rug through plea bargains.

Rudy Giuliani Defends His Record And Takes Aim At His Successors

he Giuliani name among Republicans, the respect and the influence, has dissipated because of the crazy role he has played with the Trump administration, Hikind said.


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