Racism, Antisemitism, and BLM

To suggest that Orthodox Jews are alone in this country (or at least in Brooklyn as the title of her piece says) is just as false

What the Statue-Toppling Left is REALLY Out to Topple

And why the Left really wants to destroy America.

2050 CE: Annexation Any Day Now, Assures Bibi

“I think he means it,” argued Yesha Freier of the nationalist Jewish Right at Home Party.

“Give Me Money Or We’ll Break Windows”

The mobs chant, “No justice, no peace”. They’re right. There will be no peace, until there is justice. And there will be no peace or justice until the thugs terrorizing cities are back in prison.

The Defiant Ones


Corona Days in Israel

Israel’s approach to the Corona has been very – Israeli. First, we tried to overcome it by brute force. Then we became overconfident. And now, hopefully, we’ll try to be smart.

Is America a “Failed” Experiment?

We are not perfect, but there is a lot to celebrate on the Fourth of July. Radical rhetoric aside, no nation has ever provided more freedom and prosperity for more people—regardless of skin colors.

July 2nd Is Independence Day, Just Ask John Adams

The United States is 244 years old. Celebrate! Happy 2nd of July!!

The Mobs Are Coming for the Progressives

The Union iconography tells a story of the end of slavery. The Black Lives Matter narrative is that slavery never ended, not only in the South, not with the end of Segregation, and not even in the 21st century.

My Visit To The Dentist

After days with no return call, I was desperate. My Israeli friends advised me to show up at the dental clinic as an “emergency case” and insist on being seen.

The Identity Politics Rebellion

Identity politics can be democratic in the sense that there can be elections. But it is inconsistent with what we know as “liberal democracy,” because the division of power, wealth, and rights in identity politics is based on group membership rather than ability, work ethic, or moral standing.

Get the Aliyah APP

APPealing, APPropriate, APProved

WHY The Progressive Assault on Israel

One upon a time, history was written by the victor. In modern times it is re-written by the 99.8% with smartphones and social media accounts. And we are not winning

Let the Statues Fall!

An alternative perspective on the toppling of legends.

Palestinians Warn Annexation Will Spark Same Constant Attempts To Kill Jews As Always

“Those consequences will be hard to discern unless we specify them, because they will consist of the same continued attempts to rid the territory between the River and the Sea of Jews.”

Summer: De Blasio Uncharacteristically Opposed To Sending Jews To Camps

A spokesman for De Blasio’s all-white, all-male public relations team declined to address the mayor’s uncharacteristic opposition to Jews in camps.

BLM Does Not Celebrate Father’s Day

Does BLM believe that fathers have no right or say in the upbringing of children? The platform is seemingly deliberately omitting fathers, which leads to a reading of the entirety of the clause above as a motion to get society to fill the gap left by Black men who are not part of a “nuclear family” unit.

Choosing A Gan For My Daughter

Her eyes, however, were wide open, taking it all in. She was fascinated by the surrounding babies after our long indoor confinement.

Peace by Piece

Discussion on the Trump Peace Plan reminds me of a multiple-choice test: A) I like the plan B) I do not like the plan C) I'm in the middle D) None of the above. My answer is simple. It is a definite, positive “D” – “None of the above”. Let me explain....

Egypt Not Worried About Pyramid Slavery Legacy: Everyone Thinks Those Slaves Were Just Jews

The timing of the Exodus narrative according to traditional dating places it centuries later than many of the pyramids.

Americans Welcome the Philosophy of ISIS

And so it seems today with a new religion with a single truth which demands complete purity: #BlackLivesMatter #WhitePrivilege #DontSayAnythingCounterToWokeNarrative.

Comments from the Daily Deluge

The bottom line is that the Palestinian Arabs have done nothing to assist the African American struggle. What they have done is to appropriate the struggle to bring attention to their own situation. The Palestinians are skilled victims and know a good opportunity when they see it. Blaming Jews for their ills has been in the Islamic playbook for 1000 years.

Inspiration from Zion: Honor thy Father and thy Mother that thy days may be...

Yesterday was Father’s Day. The fact that someone thought it was necessary to set aside a specific day for dads shows me that we don’t honor fathers enough in our everyday lives.

An Artist In Love… With The Land Of Israel

When Rav Kook became the chief rabbi of Jerusalem, he visited the Bezalel Academy of Art, and encouraged the students to use their talents to paint landscapes of Eretz Yisrael to arouse a yearning for the Land in the hearts of everyone who viewed the paintings.

Our First ‘Yom Kef’

As I watched my family devouring their ice cream cones on the walk back to the car, one thing was clear. My family was really enjoying their time in Israel.


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