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    A Soldier’s Mother: Israel’s Last Stand?

    It boggles the mind and so instead of Joe Biden, I remember Menachem Begin's response...we are not trembling Jews. We are the lions of Judea.

    The People’s Talmud Presents: Daf Yomi Brain Teasers: Baba Kama 110

    Baba Kama 110: How do you return stolen property to a dead convert?

    The Future President Who Taught The World To “Never Forget”

    Eisenhower ordered every American soldier in the area who was off the front lines to visit Ohrdruf and Buchenwald. He wanted them to see for themselves what they were fighting against.

    The Truth About the Dearborn Jihad

    “We are on the road to a great victory, here in D.C., and there in Palestine.”

    The People’s Talmud Presents: Daf Yomi Brain Teasers: Baba Kama 104

    Baba Kama 104: When your agent splits with the goods, are you stuck?

    Inspiration from Zion: We are Here to Rescue You!

    The message the commandos announced on the radio to everyone connected to the mission: “The diamonds are in our hands!”

    UNRWA Is Hamas’s Iron Dome

    ‘Shield’ is an English word which is both a noun and a verb. As a verb, it means to protect something, and as a...

    Biden Promised Gaza Aid Wouldn’t Go To Hamas. He Lied.

    Hamas terrorists seize aid, assault civilians who, in some cases, respond by hurling abuse and stones.

    Impending IDF Op in Rafah Shakes Up Gazans

    The DM put new pressure on the Gazans with talk of the upcoming IDF operations in Rafah.

    Tsunami of Antisemitic Hate

    This is not anti-Zionism, nor is it anything to do with helping Palestinians. It is just a raw hatred of Jews. This is what my inbox looks like right now - all of these messages are recent:

    Why Didn’t We Listen?

    We had two great Rabbinic leaders who were crystal clear in what the State of Israel needed to do to defeat the enemy, but their words fell on deaf ears...

    Why Do So Many Young Americans Hate Israel?

    Note the contrast between Roosevelt’s response to his youthful critics and the recent responses by President Joe Biden to pro-Hamas protesters

    Unique Sites of Israel: Biblical Waters of Merom (Hula Valley)

    It is such a beautiful time of year to see Israel. Get out there!


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