Your Statement that Hitler Did Nothing Unusual

Thanks for sharing your opinion that the COVID19 virus did not originate in China, that it was developed by the U.S. who released the virus in order to destroy the world economy.

Why Were Charedi Areas Hit So Badly?

The anti-Zionist, anti-state community turns a deaf ear to government pronouncements, whether they come from the Health Department of the Chief Rabbinate, which they consider [to be a body] of Reform rabbis.

Masks, Masks, Masks-Where are the Masks?

Federal bureaucracy has slowed down the process for both distributing existing masks and making new ones. There are plenty of companies eager to make masks, without any Wartime Production Act pressure. They just need a streamlined process that will clear as many of the barriers and delays out of the way.

The Haredi Disconnect

Will fear of Coronavirus do what years of negotiations and attempts at compromise have not, and make the Haredim cooperate with the state?

Gantz is Betting Against the House

Gantz is trying to hard to push a very left wing government onto Bibi, and it may backfire on him.

Teva Pharmaceuticals Donating Potential COVID-19 Treatment To US Hospitals

Sometimes people wonder what Israel does for the United States. There are tons of examples including sharing technology, intelligence, counterterrorism training and methods, advances in medicine and so much more. The Teva donation is just the latest.

A Bright Day for Israeli Democracy and the Lessons Learned

Who are the winners and the losers of the election crisis, and what did we learn from it?

Is Mashiach Around The Corner?

If you want to build a skyscraper, then the one-story building can no longer remain. You have to destroy it.

Did You Catch That Brilliant Move by Yuli Edelstein?

Blue&White will lose if they try to force Amir Peretz to give up his cozy new chair as Knesset Speaker, and Peretz has his own long-term agenda.

What is Blue&White After?

For Blue&White, running the country is secondary to getting rid of Netanyahu.

Israel and the Pandemic

When the rules were first announced, many people felt that PM Netanyahu and his advisors in the Health Ministry were overreacting, but as the number of cases grows, most Israelis have come around to the idea that tough measures are needed.

Pandemic Prompts Divine Thoughts Of Postponing Passover Till After Sukkot

A pilgrimage festival under current circumstances will prove an epidemiological nightmare.

Bibi Derangement in the Age of Corona

The system is what is preventing us from having a functional democracy, not Bibi Netanyahu.

Larry’s Letters: Ben Gerstein Censured for anti-Palestinian Comments

We didn’t realize that the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution has been suspended at Ann Arbor and wonder if other Amendments like the 13th Amendment abolishing slavery will be negated by Michigan U’s student censors.

Friday Afternoon Lecha Dodi @ 5pm

Tonight at candle lighting time, Jews in Israel and around the world will go out to their gardens, porches, and windows to sing Lecha Dodi and Shalom Aleichem together.

Question for Peace Now

Assuming that the name of your organization reflects a sincere desire to see the two parties negotiate a happy ending to 1400 years of Islamic animosity towards Jews, maybe Peace Now might want to look into the historical refusal by the PA to negotiate with Israeli Prime Ministers and U.S. Presidents.

Living Under A Pandemic: A Glimpse Of Life On One Settlement

My wife, who works harder than I do, wants me to emphasize the positive changes that the health crisis has inspired.

The Coronavirus Is Killing Israel’s Tourism Industry

Rachel Sternberg is an independent travel agent in Jerusalem. The Jewish Press asked her how business had changed since the outbreak of the epidemic.

Israel at War — with Corona

There are many unknowns. Will the virus die out or slow its progression during the summer, as happens with the flu? If so, will it come back next winter? There are at least three laboratories in Israel on the verge of testing a vaccine. Will there be an effective one and when will it be ready? Are there other possibilities for treatment?

Benito Gantz Talks & Acts like a Dictator — Israel’s Democracy in Danger

Gantz and other party members of Blue-White claimed over and over that they would not try to form a minority govt supported from outside the government by the frankly anti-Israel group of parties in the Joint Arab Lis

Israel at War — with Corona

There are many unknowns. Will the virus die out or slow its progression during the summer, as happens with the flu? If so, will it come back next winter?

Too Much Democracy?

The degree to which the key people in Blue and White – as well as their partner Avigdor Lieberman – have both personal and political animus against Binyamin Netanyahu can’t be overemphasized. But the fact that they appear to be ready to become indebted to and wholly dependent on anti-Zionist parties in order to accomplish their goal of forcing him out is shocking.

The Ultimate Holiday for Political Junkies

Twenty-four hundred years later, politicians and world leaders are masking the truth the same way “politicians” did in ancient Persia.

Ari Fuld on Purim

Purim is about recognizing the miracles in everyday life and not being afraid to do the right thing.

Jewish Peoplehood and American Jews

Those liberal or progressive American Jews that still feel themselves a part of the Jewish nation will have to choose: Make aliyah or work in the diaspora to support Israel,.

200+ Native Americans Demand Faux-Cohantas Retract False Ancestry Claims

Sounds like the Cherokee nation considers Elizabeth Warren to be an illegal immigrant.

Israeli Institute May Be On Verge Of Coronavirus Vaccine

The MIGAL Galilee Research Institute in Israel has developed a vaccine against coronavirus in birds and hopes to soon do the same for the...

62 Million Americans Voted for Trump, Only 6 Newspapers Endorsed Him

America is not divided because local newspapers are dying. They’re dying because they’re on one side of the divide. True institutions reflect the diversity of the civitas. False institutions reflect only themselves.


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