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Sex, Lies, and Judicial Appointments

Where is democracy, if an unelected elite, especially one that is diametrically opposed to the will of the electorate, is given almost unlimited power to run the affairs of the nation?

American Jews and Israel: Can the Marriage be Saved?

The earthquake that could propel the American Jews into our arms would be the mushrooming of anti-Jewish attitudes in the Democratic party and the broader society. Could it happen? Something similar seems to be occurring in Europe.

Inspiration from Zion: A new IDF Chief of Staff – with love, awe and...

This week a new IDF Chief of Staff took on the responsibility of leading our military, defending our legacy and protecting our future. Lt.-Gen. Aviv Kochavi, Israel’s 22nd IDF Chief of General spoke of his responsibility and vision, defining his role and that of the IDF in a way I have never heard before.

Ben-Gurion, Zionism, and Democracy

There is only one Jewish state. There are numerous versions of the democratic “state of all its citizens” in the world, but as time goes by and it becomes harder and harder for Jews to live in them, we are finding that Herzl, Ben-Gurion, and other Zionists were correct: a Jewish state is essential for the survival of the Jewish people

The First Actual Palestinian-American in Congress (and He Was Jewish)

Did you know that there was a Palestinian-American in the House long before anyone else, who was in fact the only one who was actually a citizen of “Palestine,” and who had a Palestinian passport? And that he was Jewish?

Father Of Arrested Minor Speaks Out

My friend’s son is being charged with murder and four other terror-related activities. Because he is a minor, his name cannot be disclosed according to Israeli law. But I know his father and spoke with him. Here is what he told me:

Why Have Palestinians Been Ethnically Cleansed From ‘The Flintstones’?

People of conscience everywhere must protest. So let us rise up now and fight the erasure of Palestinians from The Flintstones.

To our Arab citizens

There is one and only one Jewish state in the world, compared to 23 Arab states. Even if you accept the contention that there is a historic Palestinian people – and not just a group of Arabs of various origins that recently coalesced in opposition to the establishment of Israel – there is a state that was created from the ruins of the Ottoman Empire and the partition of the Palestine Mandate that arguably is rightfully theirs, and that is Jordan.
Inside Israel Today: Exultant Over Elections' Absence

It’s my Party…

In fact, Israel does not need anywhere near this number of parties. I would like to propose a simpler arrangement of only six parties. Here they are, with their platforms:

Israeli Politics Just Got More Complicated

Personally I like the idea of a party that is firmly right-wing on security matters and which can walk the sometimes fine line between respect for Jewish tradition and religious coercion.

Holocaust Deniers Fear For Future Of Denial As Original Deniers Die Off

Even a soldier who was only seventeen at war’s end would be pushing ninety today.

Farrakhan Is Only A Tiny Part Of Women’s March Leaders’ Big anti-Semitism

There you go, Louis Farrakhan or not, the Women’s March is run by a cabal of anti-Semites.

Our Iranian War

Iran would like to see the next war fought on Israel’s territory. It would like to see the casualties on its side being Lebanese, Palestinian, and Iraqi, not Iranian. It would like to see Israel wounded, but itself come out unscathed. It is up to Israel to ensure that this doesn’t happen.

92 Redux: Is This the End of the Israeli Right, Or a New Beginning?

Bennett and Shaked's breakaway party will either strengthen Israel's right, or completely destroy it in the upcoming elections...

Kwanzaa: A Fraud, Racist Holiday, Created By A Criminal Madman

So what is Kwanzaa? It’s the ultimate fraud. It is a holiday created by a man responsible for violently torturing two women–and it has a fascist goal of separating the races.

Half a Loaf

When I came to live in Israel decades ago it seemed as if there was a neighborhood grocery on almost every street. You could...

Question Time

Questions and answers on Israel and world Jewry

Jeremy Corbyn’s Supporters Attack

The war has many fronts-physical and cyber.

Our Fragile Strategic Paradise

Israel’s leaders must realize that today we are living in a temporary strategic paradise, which can end at any time. If Theresa May, Trump, or Putin (or worse, all three) should be supplanted by their likely replacements, our freedom of action – diplomatic, economic, and military – would be severely circumscribed.

Rabbinate To Charge Non-Kosher Restaurants For Non-Kosher Certification

Establishments pursuing a more elite non-kosher clientele will also enjoy more expensive options such as certification that the establishment uses or serves wine consecrated or offered to idolatry.

Israel and the Structural Islamic Discrimination of the UN

Israel’s inability to get a fair hearing at the UN is no longer a matter of ideology or politics, but a manifestation of structural Islamic supremacism due to the makeup of the UN General Assembly.

No Protection for Jewish Holy Sites?

Only Israel can be trusted to guard Israel's Jewish sites.

Jordan can be Palestine

We have reached our breaking points. There are murders and attempted murders almost every day. We try to make agreements, to improve their living conditions, to use the minimum amount of force necessary to protect ourselves. We knock on roofs, shoot rubber bullets, issue work permits, dismantle communities because there is a claim of Palestinian ownership, approve the same building plans over and over without building. They kill Jews.


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