War of the Worlds: Cancel Culture vs. Western Culture

Cancel our words, cancel our stories and we are bereft

Yet Another Lockdown

Despite the chaos, it's clear that the government is committed to trying to keep us safe while allowing life to continue as much as possible.

The Last 7 Days in Israel

Betzalel Smotrich of the National Union party announced that he would be launching a new party to run in the upcoming elections and would not partner with Naphtali Bennett's "New Right" Party.

Can Israel Close the Tomb of the Patriarchs?

In this case, there is a tension between the requirements of ensuring the health and safety of the population and that of respecting religious practices.

Trump and Me

What was done to Trump by the Democratic media was unfair, even vicious. But his response was to throw a bomb at the US Constitution.

But The Republic Survives

{Reposted from The Lid} It started with a peaceful protest and ended with President Trump promising a peaceful transition to Joe Biden before he is...

I’m A Big Trump Supporter, But…

I Believe Mike Pence Was Right About His Electoral College Role

“What’s the Truth?”

Were the people who came to the Capitol, a “Mob?” or were they “rioters”? Were they “protestors,” or should they be referred to as “Maga Supporters”? Did Mr. Trump “incite” the “mob,” or did he “call in the National Guard” to quell the disturbance?

Jonathan Pollard is a Litmus Test. But for What? 

Pollard is a litmus test of some sort, but it is not either one for Right vs. Left or Orthodox vs. (religiously) liberal. It’s something else

Palestinians Hoping Biden Will Remind Jews Not To Be So Goddamn Sovereign

“If the Jews of Israel want to live a normal existence, they have to forfeit the security that everyone needs in order to live a normal existence.”

The Jewish Underground, The Jewish Press, And Little Old Me

They succeeded in planting a car bomb that blew the legs off the mayor of Shechem, who had vowed to dance on Jewish graves and chase the settlers out of the land.

Trump Seen Hanging ‘Missing: 11,787 Votes’ Signs Around Georgia

"I'm calling on the good people of Georgia to help me find my missing votes! Have you seen them anywhere? Please check under your couch cushions. DM if you find them, THX!"

The Last 7 Days in Israel

Israel is experiencing two dramatic trends – lots of vaccinations administered and lots of new cases of Covid-19.

Changing Role of Women in Judaism

I often wonder if the sages were transported to the world we live in today, would they even recognize it as in any way Jewish? I am not talking about modern Orthodox Jewry. I am talking about the world of Charedim.

How Could Modern Orthodoxy Produce a Peter Beinart?

So the question isn't how modern Orthodox Judaism could have produced Kushner, It is how modern Orthodoxy could have produced such a hateful, self righteous prig as Peter Beinart.

Comparing Jesus with Palestinian Martyrs

We are aghast to hear you compare this man of peace who never killed another with Palestinians who deliberately seek martyrdom while killing Jews.

Vaccinated in Israel: Jews are Saving the World Again!

These four men (ALL Jews) are for now humanity’s hope. If they succeed, the world will be a healthier place.

What a Stalin Quote About Rigging Elections Reveals About the 2020 Election

"The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything,"

The Netanyahu Tragedy

The possibility of yet another deadlocked election, especially now when leadership is desperately needed, is unthinkable. But we’ve said that at least twice before.

Jared Kushner’s Legacy

If Kushner epitomizes incompetence and mediocrity, we could sure use a lot more of it!

Job Hunting In Israel

Interviews in Israel are run more casually, and an interviewer may ask some pretty personal questions.

Settlers Express Outrage After Death Of Hilltop Youth

The settlements weren’t handed over to us on a silver platter. Like the hilltop youth today, we had to sleep in the mud and the rain and be dragged down from the mountaintops.

The Last 7 Days in Israel

Meanwhile, Saar announced some of his party's platform, such as a term limit for being prime minister, regional representation in the Knesset and… who cares, none of this stuff is going to happen.

Israel’s Awful Electoral System

Instead of a government coming into office with a program, we get a collection of politicians looking out for their own parochial, sometimes personal, interests.

The Biden Administration and the “War of Return”

It’s essential that everyone involved in relations between Israel and the Palestinians understand the real issues that underlie the conflict. And it would be a good thing if all parties could agree to use words the same way.

Kwanzaa: A Fraud, Racist Holiday, Created By A Criminal Madman

So what is Kwanzaa? It’s the ultimate fraud. It is a holiday created by a man responsible for violently torturing two women–and it has a fascist goal of separating the races.

Larry’s Letters

From the ever sardonic scribe, Larry Shapiro


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