Biden’s Best BS as POTUS

If the nose grows just a bit more, he will tip over.

Unique Sites of Israel: Ancient Hebron: Part IV

The ongoing saga of the Jewish community in Hevron...

Syrian Sources: Israel Has Not Attacked Damascus in Weeks Due to Newly Deployed Iranian...

There has been a significant increase in the scope of Israeli and American reconnaissance flights, aimed at determining the locations of the Bavar-373 Air Defense Systems.

U.S.-Slovak Bipartisan Roundtable Discussion on Rising Antisemitism at Home and Abroad

Slovakia and the members of the U.S. Congress, Jewish organizations leaders, experts, opinion shapers, and diplomats from foreign missions convened in Washington, D.C. to discuss the global rise of antisemitism including addressing roots of antisemitism and finding ways to fight against it.

Zionist Particularism vs. Universalism

Zionism was a revolutionary nationalist movement unparalleled in its time.

Bibi Did NOT Win the Elections

It has been my prediction all along that Netanyahu will turn the Knesset upside down just to leave Ben-Gvir out of the coalition.

Unique Sites of Israel: Ancient Hebron: Part III

“Some of the children of Judah (returning from the Babylonian exile) settled in the villages, in their open areas: in Kiryat Arbah (i.e. Hebron) and its suburbs (Nehemiah 11:25)”

How NOT to Fight Antisemitism

The American Jewish fight against antisemitism might do well by focusing more on actionable bigotry while spending less time obsessed with social antisemitic signals.

Lebanon: Parliament Failed, Once Again, To Elect a President

No candidate obtained the necessary two-thirds majority.

Larry’s Letters: Democracy and Dead Dogs

Netanyahu's election revealed the vitality of Israel's democracy as losing candidates and heads of state congratulated the winners and not a single outgoing politician refused to participate in the peaceful transfer of power.

Review Of 2022 New York Congressional Voting And Spending

Looking at it geographically, Democrats won 10 of 11 New York City Districts, while Republicans won 10 of 15 non-NYC districts.

Israel-haters Lying with Stats: Christians in Jerusalem

Christians didn't leave under Israeli rule, but they flocked away under Muslim rule.

Are Jews A Religion Or A People?

Answering the question, “what is a Jew?” would seem to be straightforward. A Jew is an adherent of Judaism. While that seems like an easy answer, it’s completely incorrect.


I sat in rapt attention as I listened to the brutally honest debunking of the delusional idea that the German people had morphed into a moral, ethical people. It was that night that turned me into a Talmid of Rav Schwab.

Kanye’s And Palestinian Arabs’ Antisemitism

Palestinians and Kanye are not simply trying to claim a piece of history for themselves and embracing the cultural appropriation of Jews. They are simultaneously trying to rob Jews of their history.

Explosion Of Liberal Extremists In Congress

It is not a dream--Far-left extremists have been winning a frightening number of seats in congress-it's a NIGHTMARE

Black Israeli Woman Runs Marathon. NY Times Calls Israel Racist

Racism? Apartheid? Only in the delusions of the NY Times and Israel-haters

Heavy Movement of Russian and Syrian Forces Near a Syrian Air Defense Base Southwest...

About 100 vehicles were observed in the convoy, including some that were carrying radar systems and air defense missiles.

Biden Disrespects Israel and Netanyahu After Election

Biden uniquely snubbed the new leader of the Jewish State. He treated the country as a vassal to take orders...meanwhile, leaders from the around the world had no issue congratulating Netanyahu and discussing collaborating with the Jewish State.

Unique Sites of Israel: Ancient Hebron: Part II

When asked, which is my FAVORITE place to give a tour, the answer is one of the world’s oldest and holiest cities- HEVRON!

Larry’s Letters: “The Israel We Knew Is Gone,” Thomas Friedman, Nov. 4, N.Y. Times

Friedman is correct, Israel has changed but not for the reasons he thinks

Arabs Angry Gigi Hadid Hates Antisemitism

Arab media is very upset about this. And they seem more upset over her support of the Jewish people than for her removal of her anti-Israel posts.

The Election

The "Enemy of my enemy, is my friend" may be accepted wisdom but in fact, a partnership built on common hatred of another has no endurance.

The Israeli Flag

The flag is widely accepted among all streams of Jews, although it isn’t without controversy.


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