The Hypocrisy of the Leaders of the Anti-Democracy Coup

They have brainwashed people to believe that the judicial reform would destroy Israeli democracy, the IDF and the economy.

What’s Really Going on in Israel

First the good news. Pesach is next week and despite the nonsense and all the noise, 98% of Am Yisrael in Eretz Yisrael will sit and enjoy the seder.

Two Sides Won, and the Anarchists Lost

Yesterday, a small group of anarchists and power-elites held the entire country hostage, shutting down the country as the economy and security of the nation hung in the balance.

Unique Sites of Israel: Hammath (Hot Springs) of Tiberias

Many of the great Rabbis of the Talmud spent time healing at the hot spring of the area

Lebanon Lost in Two Time Zones

Lebanon: Ongoing dispute over daylight saving time creates two time zones in the country, with a one-hour difference.

The Community Organizers Miscalculate

Until now the protesters drowned out any other voices, but the Haredim of Bnei Brak got them to start talking.

Despair of the Seculars

"The seculars in Israel, are interested in eliminating the Jewish being entirely without a trace of Torah." -- R. Chaim Zimmerman, zt'l

Stories of a Madman

Rav Nachman of Breslov has some stories that can get us through the anarchy crisis.

Israel Teaches The World About Democracy

The streets of Israel are teeming with hundreds of thousands of people protesting the proposed changes to the country’s judicial system. It is a...

The Most Dangerous Thing Today

The biggest danger we face is not from social media, antisemitism, cellphones, addiction, or poverty. It's...

Two-Part Natural Redemption

Before the Moshiach will come, justice will return to Israel, followed by righteousness.

Unsold Purim Costumes Repackaged As Passover ‘Cereal’

The complete lack of food ingredients makes Rabbinate certification as kosher-for-Passover a formality.

The RIGHT Sort Of Racism

Hating people to end hate works as well as any other way to save the world by destroying it.

ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE OF Leftist Institutions

Our institutions are useless and mistrust is universal because we have run out of objective truths. Institutions and intellectual systems don’t function without objective truths. Neither do people.

SVB Proves Israel is the Safest Investment

I truly wish that these entrepreneurs who pulled their money [out of Israel] will take this story and learn their lesson, that their money is safer here than anywhere.

Lies My Community Organizer Told Me: Protesting Yourself Out of a Job (Part 2)

The wife of On ben-Pelet saved him from Korach's revolt where he had nothing to gain and everything to lose.

Woman’s Worm Delayed Iran’s Nukes for 2 Years

Note: by Supreme leader, we mean the Ayatollah, NOT Diana Ross.

How it Happened: A Response to Rabbi Moshe Hauer

The town of Hawara got what they deserved and the next time a brick is thrown, the response will be even more severe.

Hatred of Torah (Part 2)

Our generation has failed to adequately explain the pivotal place of Yeshivot today in the Redemption.

Larry’s Letters: Elan Ganeles

Elan Ganeles the most recent victim of Palestinian terrorism was a dual Israeli American citizen,

Hatred of Torah (Part 1)

The hatred of the am ha’aretz in Israel today towards the talmid chacham, is really his hatred of Torah that the religious person chooses to live by and give his allegiance to.

Neo Nazis’ Day Of Hate; Radical Jihadists’ Day Of Rage

jihadists sometimes need to rally their anti-Semitic brethren.

Biden Administration Funds Anti-Netanyahu Coup

While the Biden administration has often criticized Israel over its fight against Islamic terrorists, it took the unusual step of intervening in its domestic politics by attacking judicial reform.

A Heart of Flesh

We are privileged to be living through one of the greatest moments in modern Jewish history with a pro-Torah government without a Heart of...

Lies My Community Organizer Told Me: Unicorn Utopias (Part 1)

What if the hi-tech companies leading the battle against judicial reform had darker motiviations behind their actions?


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