My Definition Of Zionism

The Jewish people were a nation long before they were considered a religion.

Not “JUST” a Dog

Zili was a combat dog, considered one of the best. Zili took part in hundreds of critical counterterrorism operations,

Israel May Issue Work Permits for Gazan Women, But Not Everyone is Happy with...

Many Gazan men see this as a threat to their place in the family and to Gazan society.

Managing the Unmanageable

Our conflict is a struggle between peoples for territorial dominance. Although we find it tremendously difficult to face the fact, it is a zero-sum game. One side will win, and the other will disappear from the region.

Unique Sites of Israel: Biblical Anim

On your next trip to Israel, if you are looking to sample great wine, enjoy beautiful nature, and see incredible archeology, the Yatir forest is waiting for you!

American Mediator Denies That Israel Rejected Lebanon Offer

American mediator Hochstein: Israel has yet to respond to the Lebanese proposal.

WWJD: What Would JStreet Do if its Members Lived in Israel?

Would JStreet members have remained unmoved by the clearly anti-Israel, not anti-war, tone of the demonstrations, at least the one in Haifa?

JFREJ Dodges Legitimate Jewish Communal Concerns

Attacking Jewish targets, abolishing the police and jails, supporting anti-Israel candidates, all of this in our name with "The Jewish Vote."

The Antisemitism Equation – An Undeniable Metric

The factor that determines whether criticism is antisemitic is if it includes discrimination or hate.

Judaism’s Particularism Protects Al Aqsa

“There can be only one.“ Highlander (1986)

Larry’s Letters: Jewish Democratic Council of America: Re: Dershowitz Column

Perhaps you are aware that Jews comprise slightly over 2% of America's population but suffer over 50% of America's hate crimes. It would appear that some of these hate crimes are carried out by people of a certain culture who consider the establishment of a Jewish country in the Middle East a calamity (nakba).

Cover Up on Live TV as Islamic Jihad Rocket Hits Civilian Area

The reporter didn't want to get in trouble with Islamic Jihad for exposing that once again IJ hit their own people.

The First Time I Ever Truly Felt the Pain of Tisha B’Av

The year 2005 was the first time I ever truly felt the pain of Tishabaav.

Victims Wanted!

Revolution is about money and power for a select few, but for the dulled denizens of a society that has long since blurred fact and fiction, reality and ideology, the performance is the thing.

Grab Onto the Rope!

I want to tell you about a dream I had this past Shabbat on Tisha B'Av..

Optimism in Lebanon and the Negotiation Trick

The agreement based on point 23 (along with the entire "Qana" natural gas field) is essentially the original Lebanese demand...

Biden’s Military Vaccine Mandate Is A Political Test

The Biden administration came into office vowing to fight “extremism” in the military. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin’s political witch hunt can’t be separated from his vaccine mandates.

Israel Will Grow – Regardless

Through tens of thousands of terror attacks and two intifadas, Israel continued to develop, build, and grow. It almost seems that opposition to Israel’s development furthers Israel’s growth.

Remembering Israel

Don’t just ask when the fast ends… ask when the exile ends.

Disney Dementia: Theme Parks Go for Woke

I don’t mind inclusiveness in naming NEW characters but changing the names of existing characters to sound inclusive is plain stupid.

Unique Sites of Israel: Gate of Mercy (aka Shushan Gate and Eastern Gate)

On your next trip to Israel, a view of the Mercy Gate can definitely enhance your trip experience. May the holy Temple be rebuilt speedily in our days!

Biden Blew it on Mid-East Peace

Biden's Debasement Of The Abraham Accords

ADL Chief Sides with Candidate Brian Robinson Against Far-Left

Robinson took the far-Left org JFREJ (Jews For Racial & Economic Justice) to task for pretending to represent mainstream Jewish interests, or even Jewish interests at all,

Palestinians Have a Thriving Export Industry, Netting them $Billions$

The export is Jew-hatred....Understand this and you understand everything.

Ben Shapiro and the Non-Binary ‘Aliyah’ Option

Don’t demand an immediate “yes” from Diaspora Jews, help them make their own way to a connection with Israel.

Jewish Agency’s History Destroys “Palestine was an Arab State” Myth

Before 1948, the translation of "Palestine" was "The Land of Israel." Today's "Palestine" has nothing at all to do with Palestine before 1948

Zionism And The Power To Rule Over Others

I had to decide whether to support the construction of a fence which may provide greater security, but which evokes the very ghetto walls that Zionism aspired to topple.


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