The Kiwan Anti-Israel Family Drama

One Israel-hating sibling is in jail for drug trafficking in the UAE, the other was fired for ripping down Israeli flags and attacking a fellow employee.

Where Is Another Begin When We Need Him?

A government that is diverse, but whose diversity prevents improvement, is a poor government and has lost its mandate to govern.
Jamal al-Dura and his 12-year-old son Muhammad under fire

Shireen abu Akleh’s Blood is on Palestinian Hands

Her blood is on the hands of the terrorists, along with that of the Israelis they murdered.

The Death of Shireen Abu-Akleh and Israel’s Handling of it

You can see that the police were deliberately provoked for the cameras, to enable the “narrative.”

The Fight is Part of the Mitzvah

To deserve Israel is to fight for her.


the Biden administration stands with the angry Jihadist mobs in Israel and America

Unique Sites of Israel Blog: Biblical Gezer

To paraphrase the Beatles, " Come to GEZER, Right now..."

Rav Menashe Klein, Lufthansa and the Jews

Enough of Lufthansa. Just don’t be surprised. After all, this is their legacy.

Possible Second Shooter Observed in Shireen Abu Akleh Video

In the video of the wild Arab shooter, there appears to be a second shooter on the roof above him.

Thank You, Gap Year Guests

One of the most influential parts of a student’s time in Israel is their time outside the classroom with Israeli families.

It’s All the RAGE: New Palestinian Fashion Craze: M-16 T-Shirts

M-16 T-shirts – celebrating rifle used to murder 5 Israelis

The Evil that Lurks Next Door

There is a darkness and a sickness and an evil in ‘palestinian’ society that will see this and has seen this as a ‘victory’ to be celebrated. They will celebrate the fact that there are 16 children without a father anymore, and they will rejoice that there are three widows

The Left’s War On Childhood

Progressives sacrificing our children to their god ofwokeness
Rejuvenation: The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Partition

Nakba Day: Annual Reminder that Palestinians Learned Nothing from History

The Jews accepted the Partition Plan whereas the Arabs rejected it. In other words, the Jews chose compromise, and the Arabs gambled on war-and lost.

It Is NOT Israel Independence Day But Israel REESTABLISHMENT Day

Israel did not become independent from anyone. Jews waited for the British to leave

From Sadness and Mourning to Celebration – How and Why

Every year I am concerned that I will not be able to make the transition between the memories and pain of Memorial Day to the celebration of Israel’s Independence.

Dear Orlee, Oy!

It is heartbreaking that a Jewish woman, smart enough to gain admission and rise to a leadership position at Harvard wouldn’t recognize that BDS will never lead to Palestinian advancement or peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

Ari Fuld on Remembering Yehoshua Friedberg [video]

I don't want to go to a memorial service, I can't stand military funerals and I can't forget. I hate this! Too many thoughts...

I See the World From Both Sides Now

The coach was asking only for a private moment to take a knee and express gratitude to God on the gridiron after a game.

The Identity Politicization Of The Supreme Court

The 'equity logic' of identity politics will eclipse and replace the Constitution.

Where Respectful Prayer is a Crime and Fanatical Violence is a Virtue

In other words, mere Jewish presence on the holiest Jewish site constitutes “defiling” in the eyes of even Israel’s Arab peace partners, and violent opposition to that presence is seen as virtue.

The Connection Between Hamas and the Ariel Terror Attack

Who says there's no Hamas connection to the latest terrorist attacks?

Analyzing Hamas’ Yahya Sinwar’s Interesting Speech Last Night

For the first time since the last round of fighting, Sinwar, the leader of Hamas in the Gaza Strip, delivered an impressive hour-long speech last night.

Unique Sites of Israel” Biblical Maale (Ascent of) Adumim

Go to Maale Adumim to get the flavor of Israel-and a bit of Venice, Italy in the process

The Healing Powers of Iyar

The beginning of the month of Iyar saw us build the state and the end of the month saw us liberate the Temple Mount.

Shlissel (Key) Challah: The Loaf of Idolatry?

Jameel discusses the origins of the minhag of Shlissel Challah.

The Hopeful Kippah

"A Yid has hope. This Yarmulke gave me hope during the Holocaust.”

What Have We Really Learned from Yom Ha’Shoah?

Many years ago, a major debate erupted in the new and young State of Israel...


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