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A Jewish Perspective

The Short Version of a VERY long history

How to be Happy on Sukkot During These Crazy Times

When I can’t learn Daf Yomi with my regular Rav, I make sure to watch and listen to Rabbi Eli Stefansky’s amazing daf on...

I Always Walked To Shul With My Father

How Walking With My Dad On The High Holidays Kept Me From Walking Away From My Faith

What Every Gentile And Secular Jew Needs To Know: A Yom Kippur Primer

May you be sealed in the book (or iPod) of life for a happy and healthy New Year.

Arizona: America’s Second State

Ben and Jerry’s parent company stands to lose $143 million in the Grand Canyon State alone

Trends in Anti-Muslim and Anti-Semitic Attacks Post-9/11

In 2019, an average American Jew was roughly three times more likely to suffer a hate crime than an average Muslim

Remembering Ari Fuld hy”d

It’s the 7th of Tishrei. It’s been 3 years since Ari Fuld hy”d was murdered.

Men in the Women’s Section

Why do several men insist on davening in the women’s section in shul during the week?

Israel: Infested with Termites . . .

Each of these things is “just another thing,” right? “It will blow over,” right?

The Gift of Forgiveness

‘Even after years of therapy spent discussing these issues, I couldn’t have imagined how this small change could make such a huge difference in my thinking.’

Evicting 70,000 Dead Settlers From Jerusalem

The PA has not clearly articulated whether its demands for "East Jerusalem" requires the uprooting of the over 70,000 dead Jews on the Mount of Olives,

Fight, Damn it!

Yesterday, the day Sgt. Barel Shmueli was buried, Israel allowed “dozens of truckloads” of building materials into Gaza for the first time since the last mini-war. Today the government announced further loosening of restrictions. If I weren’t too embarrassed by the idea, I might say we are paying them for “protection.” Nice border you have there, we wouldn’t want it to experience a violent “demonstration.”


We all saw Biden checking his watch at Dover while waiting for the transfer of the men and women he killed to be complete

Illegal Outposts: Creating Facts on the Ground, Who Really Cares?

All of this is a de facto establishment of a Palestinian state without war and without a negotiated final agreement.

Just  Another Terrorist

It’s tragic that he was assassinated before he had realized his potential as a leader. The contrast between his greatness and the smallness of his despicable murderer is palpable.

The Revenge We Are Waiting For

Today’s anti-Semite has become very clever. He/she no longer says they hate Jews. That’s not nice and very politically un-correct. The buzz word these days is called “Anti Israel”.

The Rebbetzin’s Tisch: Rosh Hashana: Love and Fear

What is the secret to really becoming something completely different; to becoming the new, real you?

The Bennett And Biden Meeting Agenda

Israel can request America not open its consulate to the Palestinians in Jerusalem, put a deadline on U.S.-Palestinian growing diplomacy if ‘pay to slay’ isn’t ended, and stop American funding of UNRWA until it stops hosting Hamas tunnels and rockets in Gaza and teaching anti-Semitism in its schools.

Bennett Should Have Stayed Home

Bennett is very unpopular these days in Israel –Perhaps he thinks that if he throws Biden a news-cycle lifeline, Biden will be grateful enough to give him something in return.

My New Job: Running Nursing Homes And Girls’ Schools For The NY Jewish Community

Every man needs purpose, and I believe I have found a purpose that will propel me to my next pursuit: management of eldercare facilities and hands-on administration of female educational institutions for the Jews of this great state.

Mosque at Cave of Patriarchs gets Upgrade to “4th holiest mosque in Islam”

The holier Jews consider a site, the more Muslims want to take it away from Jews. It happens in Jerusalem, in Hebron, in Bethlehem, in Shechem

Gov’t Runs Out Of Ways To Explain Ban On Temple Mount Jewish Prayer Without...

“If we do our jobs and have to face the violent mob, people might get killed and we might lose our jobs, which would be the biggest tragedy of all.”

Emes Ve-Emunah: Drive-by Murder of a Yeshiva Student

I doubt there is a single parent that ever feared anything remotely like a drive-by shooting would ever happen to their child. 


The Taliban may have won Afghanistan, but we’re winning the diversity race. And since diversity is more important than winning wars or being a military superpower, we’re beating the Taliban. Not to mention Russia, China, and Iran in the field of transgender defense officials.


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