“Strangers,” in Israel and America

Maybe the best approach is for Americans to work on fixing things there, while allowing Israelis to concentrate on solving their unique problems here.

UN Human Rights Council Praises Iran for its Human Rights Record

Iran’s greatest human right achievement has been its adoption of hostage taking as an effective diplomatic policy. Holding innocent people in prison to extract concessions is much preferable to blowing up barracks housing U.S. Marines and Jewish community Centers.

Larry’s Letters: Re: Dr. Sarah Ihmoud

It is true that Israeli soldiers do not rape Arab women but not because they are racists. They do not rape because they are good men who grow up in a society with humane values.

NY Times’ Pushes Lies About Dems And Israel To Sate Its Anti-Trump Agenda

just by going to a J Street conference, those same Democrats are showing they are not big fans of the Jewish State

Learning on the Job

So here I was guiding Germans and working for Arabs--Interesting position to be in for a nice Jewish boy from Brooklyn.

Larry’s Letters: Supportive Letter to Independent Jewish Voices Canada

It is very important for Jews to stand up for the dignity and freedom of the Palestinian people. Your work should be supported. But if you feel a responsibility towards the Palestinians, then you have an obligation to help them prepare for a just peace.

As Mayor, Michael Bloomberg Was A Tyrant

NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg was a tyrant who tried to control almost every aspect of people’s lives.

Keeping Our Honor in the Middle East

While Israel has great military power at hand, it keeps squandering its honor.

Rabin Assassination Only Thing Remaining For Labor, Meretz To Feel Vindicated About

Officials admitted they find it difficult to identify any phenomenon other than Rabin’s assassination that paints the left in a positive light and the right in a negative one, given that the left’s policies resulted in so much carnage.

Professor Slammed For Saying Yigal Amir Didn’t Kill Rabin

The evidence for a conspiracy is too glaring to ignore.

Reform’s Rabbi Jacobs, Eretz Yisrael and the Reformatting of Reform Judaism

The Midrash makes it clear that the Bible specifically notes land purchases and transactions, so that nations can never castigate the Jewish people and say, “You are occupying stolen territory.”

New York Times’ One Track Anti-Trump, Anti-Netanyahu Mind

Trump is too pro-Israel and Trump and Netanyahu are racist, therefore the Democratic candidates for President who spoke at the event want to put the screws to Israel.

Arabs Upset that Britain Refuses to Apologize for Balfour Declaration

Ashrawi: Not only should Britain apologize for the declaration and to immediately recognize a Palestinian state on the so-called 1967 borders, but Britain should compensate the Palestinians for their suffering.
On their separate ways? Avigdor Lieberman (R) and Benjamin Netanyahu.

Hey America: Israel is Losing It Too!

Like a broken record that plays the same phrase over and over and over: Bibi, Gantz, Lieberman, Lapid: get your acts together. It is a matter of life and death

Lowlife Jew-Hater Sharpton Says Trump Needs To Fight Antisemitism

{Originally posted to The Lid website}If there is a Nobel Prize for mendacity or an Oscar for hypocrisy, this statement by Al Sharpton would...

How to Explain “Racist” Netanyahu’s Unprecedented Support of Arabs?

Netanyahu is a politician, and for the past decade, he's been a very good one. His political instincts are what helps him accomplish his vision for Israel. His vision for Israel is a state where the Arabs are treated as equals and given all the same opportunities as Jews in a Jewish state.

Hilltop Youth Battle The IDF Over Expulsion Order

Golani soldiers attempted to arrest several youngsters and fired shots in the air over their heads.

Kahane was Both Right and Wrong

Kahane’s conclusion was that Jewish survival demanded the emigration of most of the Arabs from the area between the Jordan and the Mediterranean. And I believe that he was right about this. That doesn’t mean that they should be expelled violently

J-Street’s Panel on Antisemitism Excused – and Even Allowed – Antisemitism

This J Street panel was a disgrace for a supposedly Jewish, supposedly pro-Israel organization that pretends to care about antisemitism.

Oh My! Now Math Is Racist

There’s a new reason for skipping math. According to the Seattle Public Schools Schools Ethnic Studies Advisory Committee (ESAC) math is racist,

It’s Time to Break Up the Blue&White Bloc Party

The unnatural alliance between Gantz and Lapid is what is preventing the formation of a government and may bring about new elections.

Kahane Was Right

Kahane was absolutely right about one thing, and it is a big thing: Jews and Arabs cannot coexist as equals in Eretz Yisrael (by which I mean the land between the river and the sea). The Land of Israel must be the exclusive property of the Jewish people.

Readers: Can You Help Us Find This Rabbi?

Murdered in Jerusalem, in 1920, please help us find out more about Rabbi Yehudah Leib Lozovsky.

“Not Long Ago. Not Far Away”

My wife and I decided to utilize our Chol HaMoed time to travel to the “Museum of Jewish Heritage – A Living Memorial to...

Larry’s Letters: Re: Withholding Aid to Israel to Stop Settlement Construction

You can’t penalize Israel and sit on your hands while the Palestinian government uses U.S. financial aid to reward its people for killing Israelis.

Young Woman is the Latest Jewish Hostage

The national feeling about Na’ama is a complicated story, involving the commandment to redeem captives (pidyon shvuim) and the echoes of history, including the Holocaust. It’s often said that our soldiers are “everybody’s children” and she falls into that category.

Confessions Of An Israel Correspondent

For whatever reason, bad news sells. The same is true when it comes to Israeli news.and this is not new--over 3,300 years ago, the Spies entered a land that was full of luscious fruit, yet they chose to see only frightening giants and constant funerals


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