The Forward’s Noxious Op-Ed Accusing Modern Orthodox Jews of Dual Loyalty

Love of Israel is in no way contradictory to love of America. American Jews are very appreciative to live in a country that is not only welcoming of Jews but also a staunch ally of Israel. The pride of being American is part and parcel of the pride of being a Jew and a Zionist in America.

Anger, not Apathy

We are sick of politicians. We are sick of the way their selfishness has prevented us from getting a government that could deal with the many issues facing the nation today, including the most important strategic ones. If there were a button to push that would remove all of our politicians, we would push it.

Larry’s Letters: Aalst, Belgium to Carry on its anti-Jewish Parade

We are so happy that your city is intent on holding its annual parade celebrating the people of Aalst’s hatred of Jews. Handing out rubber large noses to parade goers was a brilliant move that will unite Aalstians in disgust for the faces of Jews.

Will Me’arat Hamachpelah Get An Elevator?

Ten years ago, Bibi promised he would get it done. Nu? Where's the elevator?

Tel Aviv Orders Removal Of ‘Inciteful’ Billboard

In a notice to the media, the Office of the Mayor stated that the billboards were removed due to “incitement and harming public feelings.”

Inspiration from Zion: 3 Reasons Both the Left and the Right are Terrified of...

A quick look at Bennett’s resume makes it crystal clear that there is no place for the word “weakness” in any sentence describing the man.

UN Publishes Anti-Semitic, Pro-BDS Blacklist

While the publishing of this list is a disgusting example of the UN’s hatred of Jews and Israel, sadly it is not surprising. During her term at the UN, US Ambassador to the Nikky Haley called the UNHRC the United Nation’s “greatest failure” and condemned it as a “cesspool of political bias.”

Take the Deal

The status quo is unacceptable. It is expensive, it prevents the development of Judea and Samaria – despite what the Left says, there is almost no actual Jewish construction across the Green Line – and it leaves us vulnerable to terrorism. And no other proposed “solution” is practical.

Forgotten History – The Torah-Underground Nexus

“It is not widely known that the Irgun’s first leader, David Raziel, studied at the Mercaz HaRav Yeshiva in Jerusalem under the spiritual leadership of Rabbi Avraham Yitzhak HaKohen Kook,” Rabbi Yehuda HaKohen, a teacher at Machon Meir Yeshiva, told The Jewish Press.

Young Settlers Plan Aggressive Strategy In Reaction To Trump Plan

We need to rise up to a new stage of settlement in a positive and productive manner with a new wave of settlement…in Israeli-controlled areas distant from existing yishuvim.

Haifa Town Hall

With Gantz the issue is more his incoherent sentences which seem to reflect very confused thinking. But many Israelis want anything that isn’t Bibi.

Palestinian’s Now Claim that the Western Wall is their MOST Sacred Shrine

Literally every Jewish shrine in the Holy Land is claimed by the Palestinians to be their own, which is a hell of a coincidence.

What is it about Jews?

Then there are those Jews, both in the diaspora or Israel, who simply see a profit in signing up with the forces of misoziony- the extreme and irrational hatred of the Jewish state.

New Year of the Trees: A Love Story Between a People and their Land

New plants will cover the ugly scars terrorism left behind. Tu B’Shvat should not have to be used in this way but it is fitting that it was. Ours is a love story between a people and their land, between a land and its people.

Our European Enemy

What’s true for Jews goes triple for their state. I won’t repeat the depressing statistics about the number of UN resolutions condemning Israel that pass every year, and the fact that it is consistently attacked there for crimes that it did not commit while countries that do engage in murder, aggression, and oppression are never mentioned.

CJR Article by a Leftist Attacking The Forward Ends up Damning the Left More...

So the Left can tell us what antisemitism is and the Forward cannot? Because according to them, there is simply no such thing as any antisemitism that is not from the far Right, and mentioning any other type outrages them. Arab antisemitism is "protesting for Palestinian freedom" no matter how many times the word "Jew" is used. Attacks on Jews in Brooklyn are twisted to somehow be Trump's fault

The Peace Plan: Rabbis Lior, Aviner, And Eliyahu Speak Out

Just as a normal husband doesn't make a deal whereby he gives his wife to a neighbor for two days a week, the nation of Israel is commanded not to make deals over the land that G-d gave us.

How Zionism Keeps us in the Game

Zionism is a form of ethnic nationalism, and in today’s intellectual climate, forged by the European wars of the 20th century, nationalism is considered incompatible with liberal democracy. However, Israel is a special case, because the Jewish people are a special case.

Blue & White’s Antisemitic Election Campaign

The Blue & White campaign ad implies there are too many dedicated religious Jews and we're dirtying up Israel.

Defiant Settlers Rebuild Their Homes

Several days later, when the police left the area, the families began to rebuild their homes, but the police returned and knocked down walls the settlers had erected. Now the homes are standing once again.

America Walks Back Peace Plan, Israel (and Bibi) Thrown Under a Bus

Sovereignty, the elections and Trump's peace plan have been destroyed with a single interview, but Israel can still make it happen...

Second Soldier Going On Trial For Killing Terrorist

I am demanding that an independent inquiry committee be established to investigate foreign involvement throughout the ranks of Tzahal.

Court Rules In Favor Of Provocative Ad

The attorney general has now ruled that the sign is not offensive and that banning it violates democratic freedom of expression, which should only be suppressed in extreme cases.

Shabbat Lovers To Take To The Street

On Shabbat Parshat Bo, we call upon everyone throughout the Land to demonstrate their love for our day of holiness and rest.

Trump Stepped in It, “Deal?” Bleh ?

Even if it's better for Israel than all previous proposals, it won't give us PEACE.

Initial Impressions on the Deal of the Century

In a perfect world and on paper the plan is ingenious - but what happens when it meets reality?

Larry’s Letters: Day of Rage

We would be very pleased to assist you to set up this event at no charge. Here's hoping you enjoy your 'Day of Rage'

Inspiration from Zion: The Irony of International Holocaust Remembrance Day

{Originally posted to the author's website} The world would have preferred to forget. In 2005, Israel finally succeeded to attain UN recognition of an internationally...


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