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    Daf Yomi Brain Teasers: Baba Metzia 107

    Baba Metzia 107: What is the number one cause of death?

    Lebanese Leader Threatens to Attack Hezbollah

    Camille Chamoun: "We will take 20,000 armed men to the streets against Hezbollah"

    Daf Yomi Brain Teasers: Baba Metzia 106

    Baba Metzia 106: There are six seasons of the year?

    The West No Longer Can Identify Evil

    This should have been obvious long ago, but better late than never.

    Daf Yomi Brain Teasers: Baba Metzia 105

    Baba Metzia 105: How do we gauge weak trees, people, and animals?

    Ari Fuld on Shavuot: On the Indigenous People of Israel and Why There is...

    Ari talks about the holidays of Shavuot and Yom Kippur, the Shofar that connects the two holidays, and the indigenous people of the Land of Israel.

    Daf Yomi Brain Teasers: Baba Metzia 104

    Baba Metzia 104:: Making the Best of a Bad Situation

    Alka-Seltzer Jews

    What’s the solution to assimilation and to the tsunami of anti-Semitism around the world?

    Daf Yomi Brain Teasers: Baba Metzia 103

    Baba Metzia 103: Seriously, I need a contract to borrow something?

    Daf Yomi Brain Teasers: Baba Metzia 102

    Baba Metzia 102: Who gets to keep the Mezuzah? 

    Democrats Panic Over Jewish Voters

    The Democrats are panicking because they’re in trouble with voters they’ve taken for granted since FDR.

    Daf Yomi Brain Teasers: Baba Metzia 100

    Baba Metzia 100: What do the Talmud and TV have in common?

    State of Israel, Wake Up!

    The State of Israel must urgently develop a practical contingency plan for the absorption of European Jewry into Israel

    Daf Yomi Brain Teasers: Baba Metzia 99

    Baba Metzia 99: When can a lender pullout of the deal?

    Daf Yomi Brain Teasers: Baba Metzia 98

    Baba Metzia 98: Gilgul is not just about reincarnation?

    Mass Aliyah – What Needs to be Done

    To get this jumbo jet of Aliyah off the ground, we need a Jewish leader with courage. A national leader who isn’t afraid to dream, a Jew filled with a deep faith in Hashem

    Waking Up and Asking Questions

    Oct. 7 didn't happen because of bad decisions, but a bad ideology that led that thinking. Now, Am Yisrael is waking up and asking the right questions.

    Biden’s Deal for Israel “Nearly Identical to Hamas’s Own Proposals”

    This is a proposal by Hamas and its allies, Egypt and Qatar, along with Hamas allies in the Biden administration who are fighting to keep it alive, that Biden is imposing on Israel.

    Daf Yomi Brain Teasers: Baba Metzia 96

    Baba Metzia 96: Is genius always a good thing?

    Nation Building’s Last Stand in Gaza

    Nation building’s faulty premise is that people everywhere want what Americans want.

    What Would Rabbi Kahane Say?

    A true Jewish leader does whatever needs to be done without worrying what the goyim will think.

    What America Can Learn From Israel on the Battlefield

    US has never successfully liberated and held territory from Islamic terrorists

    Daf Yomi Brain Teasers: Baba Metzia 93

    Baba Metzia 93: What does the Talmud say about an “Act of God”?

    On the Way to America

    Now, the time has come for all of His children to return home to Zion. October 7 was not just any ordinary day. It was a Divinely-Orchestrated wake-up call in Israel and for Jews all over the world.

    Don’t Fund the Police, Fill the Prisons

    police aren’t there to keep cities safe, they’re there to make the politicians look good and then take the fall for them.

    Daf Yomi Brain Teasers: Baba Metzia 91

    Baba Metzia 91: When is holding an animal's genitals an act of kindness?

    Going it Alone, Together

    Everyone in Israel is putting in the effort. We may not agree on the exact methodology, but we all want the same things


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