Trump’s Impeachment Legal Team

While part of the team is on the Senate floor fighting the false impeachment charges, expect to see different parts of the legal team on those news shows next fighting the lies told by Democrats on the Senate Floor, and on those same news shows.

Current Political Observations and Thoughts

The Arabs are openly courted by the Left today which leverages their power many times. Can this alliance actually result in a government;one in which the anti Israel Arabs call the shots either from within or by simply supporting a minority government from with out? It is clearly counter initiative and indeed suicidal to allow the future of the Jewish state to be decided by Arabs.

Larry’s Letters: The “Beautiful” Palestinian Culture

If the Palestinian Authority reflects the Palestinian culture, then how would you judge the PA providing handsome pensions to families who have members living or dead who attempted to kill or actually killed Israelis?

Ilhan Omar: Sanctions On Iran=BAD; Sanctions On Jews=GOOD

She may be part of the US govt, but who does she represent?

Religious Zionists Can’t Seem To Unite

If Smotrich doesn’t play ball, he may find himself on the sidelines this time around, warming the bench with Moshe Feiglin, who has already decided not to run, declaring that his unique ideas cannot be heard in this electoral atmosphere.

Trump Blasts The Three Stooges Of Jew-Hatred

President Trump proved again that he will tell the truth about Antisemitism.

Trump Whacks a Terrorist, Shocks the World

{Originally posted to the Abu Yehuda website}The targeted killing of Iranian war leader Qassem Soleimani, in response to attacks on Americans in Iraq and...

Face It

Every country has its problems. The US does and so does Israel. The question is, which problems do you feel you should try to solve?

How Did The Black-Jewish Civil Rights Alliance Become African-American Antisemitism ?

Gone Is The Friendship Forged By Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel

Lieberman Seeks Voters With Strident Anti-Charedi Campaign

From my experience working with young Russian olim, the fact is that they don't want to convert. Why should they? They already enjoy full privileges as Israeli citizens under Israel's 1970 Law of Return.

Important and Timely MUST READ Report, ‘The New Anti-Semites’

One of the problems with fighting Antisemitism is that until the President’s executive order, the government had no standard definition of what constitutes Antisemitism. According to “The New Anti-Semites,” report BDS groups exploited this lack of definition to declare their campaign as not being antisemitic.

Why They Attack Jews in New York

I have been searching for a coherent statement by an assailant. Most of them don’t get past “f- you, Jews.” But it seems to me that they blame Jews for something, and feel justified in hurting them. The consequences of doing it are not great, so why not?

From Hebron to Pittsburgh… to Monsey

Over Shabbat many ex-JDL’ers shared stories about what they did to protect Jews in Philadelphia, Miami, Toronto and even in Ottawa.

You Think You Know What Hanukkah Is All About? Think Again

There is no record of Judah ordering Chinese takeout, making potato latkes or going to Dunkin Donuts for jelly-filled donuts, or going to the movies, That didn’t become Jewish practice until much later.

Giuliani Claims He’s ‘More Of A Jew’ Than George Soros: Liberals Freak (But He’s...

Rudy Giuliani has always been a supporter of Israel and a fighter against anti-Semitism. Hence, in that perspective, even though he is a practicing Catholic, Giuliani is more of a Jew than George Soros.

IDF Drops Rosh Yeshiva For Opposing Female Combat Roles

The Jewish Press asked Rav Kustiner if the IDF command has responded to the storm of protest. “Not that I am aware of,” he replied. “I am only a very tiny screw in the system. They don’t ask my opinion.”
The Gospel according to the Palestinian Authority

The Claim That Jesus Was A Palestinian Is Simply An Anti-Semitic Attempt To Delegitimize...

Anyone who says that Jesus was a Palestinian hasn’t the slightest idea of history and/or is trying to delegitimize the 3.500+ year Jewish heritage in the holy land.

France Vows To Protect Remaining Un-defaced Jewish Tombstone

Police will reassign officers who until now have guarded synagogues, yeshivas, and other Jewish community institutions.
A Map of Eretz Israel during the Roman Empire

Hanukah Geography

If we apply contemporary terms, the main site of the miracle we celebrate by lighting candles for eight days, Temple. is now in... "occupied East Jerusalem". What we need is a linguistic revolt, especially among Jews.

A Detailed Timeline Of Democrats’ 3 Years of Partisan Hatred

From the moment violent riots broke out in leftist strongholds after Donald Trump emerged victoriously, Democrats plotted his forced removal or impeachment.

Antisemitism Only Counts From Whites

I define antisemitism ontologically as a product of white supremacy, making antisemitism by others – Black Hebrew Israelites, Muslims, whoever – impossible.

A Gentile’s Guide To Chanukah, A Jew’s Guide To Christmas

America is supposed to be a “melting pot,” however one sad thing about the end of the year holidays is most Jews do not understand Christmas, and most Christians don’t get Hanukkah.

Our Coming Election: The End for a Tragic Hero

he fact that Netanyahu managed to accomplish anything at all in his last three years as PM – and actually he accomplished quite a lot – despite the harassment tells much about his competence. But this is no way to run a country.

Why the World Cares about 1982 Sabra and Shatila Massacre

I am ashamed that the loss of Arab lives seems to matter to the world only if Israel can be blamed, even indirectly. Mostly, I am ashamed of what this event, like so many others in the history of the Israel-Arab conflict, says about the world’s bias against the only Jewish state.

‘Down With Hanukah!’ – By Rabbi Meir Kahane

"Not only is Hanukah really a foolish and unnecessary holiday, it is also one that is dangerously fanatical and illiberal."

Thoughts on the Jersey City Shooting

Israelis were shocked by Jersey City. Not so much by the attack, but by the response of the local community, captured in a video which appears to show local residents blaming the Jews themselves for the attack, and expressing vicious hatred of them.

The New York Times Goes Cockamamie

{Originally posted to the author's website} Only in the New York Times would one find such a cockamamie* defense of anti-Semitism ...critics have complained that such...

Getting Respect

Everything we do in Israel either adds to the sum total of respect we get or subtracts from it. .. So it is very important for us to not only win wars, kill terrorists, and in general crush our enemies as viciously as possible, but our messaging must project strength, competence, and even aggressiveness. We must avoid the image of victimhood

My Jewish Allergy to Germans

I have a thing about Germans. I cannot stand to see or hear them. It isn’t intellectual, not something thought out, but a gut reaction: it literally turns my stomach to be in proximity to them, to Germans, even through the media of film.


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