A Swiss Human Experimenter, a Nazi Collaborator, and an Iranian Tech Tycoon Own the...

3 foreign billionaires are engaged in a hostile foreign takeover of the Republic; Democrats call this democracy.
Israel Uncensored: Iranian Nuclear Setback

Yes, Israel Can Attack Iran

Israel would be very foolish to put all her eggs in America’s basket today.

Unique Sites of Israel: The Jordan River

Today we are visiting one of my favorite sites: Qasr El Yehud (Arabic for break through point of the Jews) on the Jordan River, by far the most mentioned body of water in the bible (181 times). According to tradition, this is the exact spot where Joshua and the Children of Israel entered the holy land.

Number Six

A lesson well-learned; a Chumash belatedly well-earned.

Reclaiming Zionism For The Jewish People

Shop at most major malls in the United States and you’ll find Israelis who have overstayed their visas, selling Dead Sea salt products. The draw of America, the land of dreams, is too good for many Israelis to forgo.

A Gentile’s And Secular Jew’s Guide To Hanukkah

Despite what you may have been told, the meaning of Chanukah is not “let’s come up with a holiday around Christmas time

Ari Fuld on the Real Miracle of Chanukah

Ari Fuld uncovers and explores the real miracle and lessons of Chanukah.

Jericho: Biblical Oasis of Dates

Wishing you all a Happy Hanuka. If you are lucky enought to be in Israel, enjoy the beautiful weather and-get out and tour ISRAEL!


The Madison Square Garden Chanukah Rally 50 years ago shined a brighter light and a greater awareness on the struggle of Soviet Jews.

Settler Leaders Shouldn’t Legitimize J-Street

When I described the fear our children experience due to Palestinian terror, I didn’t feel a sympathetic heart in the room.

Emes Ve-Emunah: A Seat at the Table? Yes. Calling the Government Anti Religious? No.

Though I definitely do not agree with everything the government wants to do, I continue to resent calling them anti religious. They are not

Firing Zone 918 and why the Increased Violence in South Hebron Hills NOW?

the general public doesn’t know even a tenth of what goes on in Judea and Samaria. The question is: Why the increased violence NOW? The answer is related to the military zone called Firing Zone 918 or Area 918.

Kamala Goes Back to Calling Biden a Racist

Now that Kamala is struggling, she’s gone back to her old bag of tricks and is leaking accusations of racism aimed at the Biden administration. They should have seen it coming.

When Will Israel Regain her Honor?

What prevents Israel from doing what’s necessary to regain her lost honor?

When Israelis Travel

Each time I traveled abroad, no matter where I traveled, I felt a difference, a concern, a warning. In a Greek port, divers went under...

Welcome to Biblical Mount Ebal

“Then Joshua built an altar to the Lord God of Israel on Mount Ebal (Joshua 8:30)”

The Camel’s Nose

Both Bennett and Netanyahu are guilty of placing political considerations above national ones by bringing this enemy of the state into the government and empowering it.

Mitzpe Yair: Why so Little Noise for Such Violence?

Would they have had to show how much the Arabs were also perpetrators of violence and not just innocent victims?

From a Free Press to a ‘Pro-democracy Media’

The U.S. media is evolving a narrative conflating Democrats and democracy, while eliminating actual democracy.

How Would MLK See Civil Rights Today?

Civil Rights Today does NOT = CRT-Critical Race Theory

It’s a Tribal Conflict

Muslim minorities in non-Muslim states are particularly destabilizing. Israel is in a particularly difficult position, with an extremely large national minority of Muslim Arabs

J Street Pushes to Make Israel a Partisan Issue

Israel's PM Bennett had to smile while being treated as a mere tool in Democratic politics

The Commonality Between Haman’s Tree and Iran’s Nukes

“What will Israel do?” seems to be the question of the day. We know what Biden’s America will do and we know what Europe will do, so it is left to little Israel, yet again.

Biblical Anathoth (Anatot) and Ein (Spring) Prat

Today, let's visit two special biblical sites in the Judean Desert, as stunning as they are historic. The first is the town of Anatot (Anathoth) and the second is Ein Prat, a desert oasis...

Are Good Intentions Enough?

Is funding Reform Judaism whose definition of a Jew is counter to Halacha even according to  Conservative Judaism - a good idea? Do we want to increase the number of Israelis that will be defined as Jewish only by this one denomination? 

Consulate Offices in Ramallah

Numerous consulates call Ramallah. Why not the US ?

‘Afflicter’ Erin Drinkwater Taps Flatbush for Massive New Homeless Shelter

How long before the proposed new women's shelter is converted into a men's homeless shelter, as the city has done in the past?


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