Jerusalem’s Waldorf Astoria Offers A Class Act

The hotel’s location is incomparable. You can see the old city from your balcony, and it’s a five-minute walk to the Light Rail.

Jewish Morocco: Sorting Wheat From Chaff

The country was once home to the largest Jewish community in the Muslim world, and Jews have lived here – largely free from oppression apart from some rocky periods – for more than 2,000 years.

In Vienna, Great Beauty Is Stained With Deep Suffering

When Elisabeth de Waal, née Ephrussi, returned to the Ephrussi palace, her childhood home, in December 1945, she was in for a surprise. That her former world, the palace itself, the art and the treasures, were all gone, she already knew.

Frum Travel Guide: Hong Kong

You will be introduced to a fascinating outpost of world Jewry and undoubtedly meet people who can also give you insider information and tips about visiting Hong Kong in general.

Visiting The Valley Of The Sun (Part II): Where To Go And What To...

There is the newly minted Arizona Boardwalk in Scottsdale. While not in any way an actual boardwalk, this circular pavilion is full of great activities for the whole family.

Visiting The Valley Of The Sun (Part I): Jewish Life In The Desert

The first thing you need to know about the area is that Phoenix and Scottsdale may be technically two different cities, but they border each other and the two Jewish communities are separated by only a few minutes by car.

The Story Behind Maine’s Kosher Paradise

Most people in Bar Harbor at the time had never met a Jew.… I would bring latkes to my daughter’s kindergarten class and talk about Chanukah, and I arranged Purim parties for whatever Jews I could find.

The Inbal: Ringing the Bell for Luxury in Jerusalem

My room was majestic; airy and tastefully done in earth tones. A terrace facing the Old City allows you to sit and breathe in the sounds and smells of Jerusalem.

Starting a New Chapter

Naale’s latest crop of students land in Israel to absorb everything the Jewish state has to offer

Visiting Ancestors, Discovering Nazi Berlin

Why had the Nazis left untouched this massive testimony to a people they were determined to eradicate?

What’s New At The Jerusalem Biblical Zoo

Animals at the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo come from all over the world, and it has recently welcomed an international roster of animals.

Celebrate Sukkot in Luxury at the David Citadel Hotel

There are no more luxurious accommodations in Jerusalem than at the David Citadel Hotel.

Lower Manhattan’s Auschwitz Exhibition

The exhibit covers three floors. The first floor depicts pre-war Poland and Germany, the second floor covers the “camps," and the third floor highlights the individuals who populated Auschwitz.

Mission Impossible? Staying Comfortable at 35,000 Feet

Twisting and turning miserably for five hours, all I could think about was how I was going to survive an upcoming trip to visit my daughter in Israel.

Finding Jews In Australia’s Outback: An Interview with Rabbi Yossi Rodal, Head of Chabad...

We try to visit them once a year although obviously it is challenging to visit those living in the Outback.

In The Land Of Milk And Honey – Two Great Places To Visit

This center wasn’t set up just to pat Israel on the back and show off its incredible entrepreneurship, it is meant to encourage future innovation among young Israelis.

Yaya Tours – A Treat For Your Eyes And Palate

Particularly, Yaya Tours focuses on the post-Inquisition heritage of Sephardic Jewry, so most of their expeditions are concentrated in Southern Europe and North Africa.


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