Bank of Israel Leaves Interest Rate at 4.75%

"Israel’s economy is robust and stable. It has known how to recover from more than a few difficult periods in the past and to return rapidly to prosperity."

Elon Musk Agrees to Coordination with Israel in Providing Gaza with Internet Access

A few weeks ago, Elon Musk pledged to step in and offer internet services to Gaza from his Starlink, which would help the terror group Hamas continue with its killing of innocent civilians.

Amazon Announces Hundreds of Layoffs, Shrinks Alexa Resources

The move follows a bloodbath of more than 27,000 Amazon layoffs in the past year.

Shekel Getting Stronger Despite Prospects for Long War

The longer the war lasts, the less likely the Bank of Israel would be able to compensate for inflationary trends.

Israel Resumes Natural Gas Deliveries to Egypt

The gas flow was temporarily halted on October 10, three days after the start of the war against Israel launched by Gaza's ruling Hamas terrorist organization.

Senior Business Executives Mobilizing to Save Israeli Farmers

The collaborative spirit demonstrated by these CEOs and their respective companies reflects a beacon of hope amid tumultuous times.

Israel Sells David’s Sling Anti-Ballistic Missile System to Finland

With its Russian neighbor engaged in attacks on its other neighbor, Ukraine, Finland feels it must defend itself against an unprovoked attack.

Israel Bonds Raised $1 Billion Since October 7, Projecting Annual Sales to Surpass $2...

President Itzhak Herzog said, “Jews from around the world came forward to be part of the story that is Israel.”

Report: Gaza War Brought Down Israel’s Rental Prices

Tel Aviv available rentals in the last two weeks of October 2023 jumped 93.3% compared to October 2022.

House Passes $14.3 Billion Aid to Israel, 196 Democrats Vote Nay

One of the 12 Democrats who supported the aid bill was Lois Frankel who was born one day after the State of Israel.

S&P Downgrades Outlook for Israeli Debt, Expects Economy to Shrink by 5%

But S&P also expects Israel’s economy to rebound in the first quarter of 2024.

BOI Issues Instructions on Credit Issues Arising from War

The change in the data is liable to adversely impact borrowers’ ratings, their ability to receive credit, and the terms of the credit.

HaShomer Ha’Chadash Volunteers Help Southern Farmers Abandoned by Foreign Workers

"The agricultural sector is grappling with a crisis stemming from the scarcity of manpower."

IRS Offers Relief for US Taxpayers Affected by Hamas Attack on Israel

"The Department of the Treasury and the Internal Revenue Service may provide additional relief in the future.”

Israel Bonds Raised $200 Million Since the War Broke Out

“The response across many US states was immediate and demand exceeded the amount of Israel bonds we were able to sell."

BOI Reports CC Cards, Bank Accts of Hamas Hostages ‘Misappropriated’ 

The BOI did not clarify, but some wallets and credit cards belonging to victims of the Hamas attacks, or people who were forced to flee in a hurry, may have been stolen for use by terrorists.

Israel Suspends Production at Tamar Gas Field

Ashdod has been repeatedly hit by heavy rocket fire from Gaza since the start of the war on Saturday, and the nearby Tamar platform is well within the rocket firing range.

OECD Urges Israeli Government to Stop Subsidizing Yeshiva Students, ‘Encourage’ Them to Work

The OECD also recommended the government stop subsidies to yeshiva students, and increase funding for schools in the Arab sector.

Israel Inks Largest Defense Deal in its History

The German Air Force is to take delivery of Israel's Arrow 3 missile-defense system by the fourth quarter of 2025.

History Made: Israeli Tourism Minister Arrives in Saudi Arabia for UN Conference

"Tourism is a bridge between nations," Katz said. "Partnership on tourism issues has the potential to bring hearts together and create economic prosperity.

Social Security Checks to Continue Despite Anticipated Government Shutdown

Out of the 61,869 SSA employees, only 8,512 will be furloughed, leaving 53,357 employees on hand.

Israel to Supply Suicide Drones to Undisclosed European Nation

Elbit Systems announced it was awarded a $95 million contract to supply its Skystriker “suicide” drone.

3 Years Later the Abraham Accords Still a Miraculous Success, But Israel’s Sour-Faced Media...

The Trump administration actively supported the expansion of the Abraham Accords, Biden has no such goodwill in store for Netanyahu.

Washington, Jerusalem Divided on Latter’s Role in New ‘Economic Corridor’

“Biden’s team holds grudges. It will never appreciate Israel for the ally it is,” said Michael Rubin of the American Enterprise Institute.

Energy Ministry: Electric Car Numbers in Israel to Reach 1.3 M by 2030

The government is aiming to see all private vehicles to be electric by 2050, in addition to electric or hydrogen-powered buses, trucks and trains.

Ministerial Panel Approves ‘What’s Good for Europe is Good for Israel’ Law

The bill will open the Israeli market to all European products. “There will be exceptions but everything other than the exceptions will be permitted."

Iranian Hackers Penetrate Israeli Commercial Cyber Networks

The hackers used a “backdoor” entry point known as Sponsor to access the companies’ information systems.

Israeli Government OKs New National Priorities Map

The plan expands state assistance to communities in the social and geographic periphery.

Mayor Adams Warns Asylum Seekers Will ‘Destroy New York City’

48 years ago, on October 30, 1975, the New York Daily News ran its immortal headline, “Ford to City, Drop Dead.”


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