Israel’s Elbit Systems Wins $120 Million Contract to Supply UAVs to Thailand

The Israeli defense firm will provide the Royal Thai Navy with the advanced Hermes 900 Maritime Patrol unmanned aerial vehicle.

First Flight: Israeli-Designed Electric Plane Takes Off in US

Eviation plans to produce an executive model with a more opulent cabin, a cargo variant, and a nine-passenger configuration.

South Korea Ratifies Free Trade Agreement with Israel

This is the first-ever FTA between Israel and a country in Asia.

Israel to Sell Advanced Air Defense System to UAE

Israel and the UAE share concerns over Iran's race to achieve a nuclear weapon, among other other threats it presents to the region.
American F-16 fighter jets

Report: Argentina Mulls Purchase of US Combat Jets, Israeli Missiles

Argentina has asked for Israeli-made combat systems to be integrated into the fighter jets, including a missile manufactured by the Israeli defense company Rafael.

Fed Raises Interest Rate 0.75 Percentage Point

Officials at the Federal Reserve are predicting that by the end of this calendar year, the key rate will fall between 4.25 percent and 4.5 percent.

Billionaire Philanthropist Lev Leviev Detained Upon Landing at Ben Gurion

A police detective approached him when he got off his plane and handed him a summons to come to a police interrogation.

Bud Zero on Tap at Upcoming World Cup in Qatar

The company sees restrictions on alcohol as an opportunity to promote its alcohol-free Budweiser Zero.

Japan to Trial Israeli, US drones

The American-made Switchblade and Israeli-made Harop attack UAVs are expected to be deployed.

Israel’s GDP up at 6.8% rate in Q2

The Israeli economy's progress led the OECD year on year.

Amazon Closing US Warehouses, Cancels Plans for Others

At least 66 active or planned US facilities are affected by the company’s efforts to dial back the expansion of its network.

Justice Ginsburg’s Gavel Sold for $20,400, Collar for $176,775 at Auction

Justice Ginsburg is remembered not only for her trailblazing time on the Supreme Court but also for her fashion statements.

Motorists Start the Week with Sinkhole Across Tel Aviv’s Major Highway

It was a miracle this happened on Shabbat when traffic in Israel is relatively tame.

Despite the US Economic Slump, Israeli Startups Blossom in the Big Apple

Some 400 Blue and White tech initiatives are busily innovating in New York City.

ZOOZ, Formerly Chakratec, Awarded NY-Israel Smart Energy Innovation Grant

ZOOZ specializes in energy storage and power boosting products aimed at enabling ultra-fast EV charging.

BioNTech CEO Sahin in Israel to Talk Pandemic Preparedness, Innovative Medicines

BioNTech is considering the establishment of a research and production facility in Israel.

Lebanon-Israel Maritime Border Deal Getting Closer

If successful, the talks will end a dispute that has lasted more than ten years.

Israeli Start-ups Raised $1.1 Billion in August

Since some corporations choose to keep their investments out of the public domain, the actual figure might be even higher.

Bee Growers: Liberman Hiking Pre-Rosh Hashanah Honey Imports in Already Saturated Market

"Don't allow the Ministers of Finance and Agriculture to turn the holiday from sweet to bitter."

Israel, Lebanon Draw Closer to Maritime Deal

The portfolio for the talks has now moved from the Energy Ministry to the Prime Minister’s Office.

Liberman’s Agriculture Minister Wants More Pig Slaughterhouses

Agriculture Minister Oded Forer from Avigdor Liberman’s Israel Beitenu is working on removing the restrictions on the slaughter of pigs in Israel, to allow...

Gasoline Prices to Drop in September

The price of a liter of self-service 95 octane gasoline is expected to drop Wednesday night at midnight by 35 agorot, to NIS 6.23.

Russian Firm Withdraws from Energy Consortium Drilling Near Disputed Israel-Lebanon Maritime Border

Block 9 is the focus of the current dispute between Lebanon and Israel over their mutual maritime boundary, thus delaying any exploration in that area.

Both Jordan and the PA Unhappy over Israel Opening Ramon Airport to PA Arabs

Jordan is losing revenue from PA Arabs flying out of it, the Palestinian Authority is losing the normalization war against Israel.

Bezalel Smotrich Lays Out his Economic Agenda: Free Market, No More Subsidies or COLAs

Many people whose income is low are stuck there for their lack of education and opportunities and could have otherwise been replaced by machines.

Israel’s Natural Gas Royalties Soar By 50% First Half of 2022

In the first half of 2021 total royalties were about NIS 557 million.

Ariel University Student Develops Food-Saving App

Research shows that about a third of the food that is purchased by consumers is subsequently thrown away.

Jewish Groups Urge SEC to Fight Anti-Israel Bias in ESG Ratings

“We have seen the infiltration of ESG rating systems by anti-Semitic groups like BDS."


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