What’s Teshuva All About?

To analyze the entire book in such a short review is to attempt the impossible, so I will instead focus on a particular question that arises throughout: What, exactly, is teshuva?

Yeshayahu In-Depth

It turns out that this book is so remarkable it works for all levels of learning.

The Legendary Yosef Chaim Kanievsky

Ungar’s book makes the Torah Giant relatable to young children so that they can imagine themselves imitating his ways.

Repentance As Personal Re-Creation

Those who abstain from using newer methods will often cite the much quoted, and much misunderstood quip from the Chasam Sofer that chadash assur min haTorah – new is forbidden by the Torah. Yet the danger of using that approach is that they do miss out on the new approaches that do work.

The Message Of Musaf

The medium is the message is an expression, coined in the last century, that argues that the way in which a message is conveyed communicates as much as the message itself.

Understanding Teshuvah

He begins with a general overview of Teshuvah discussing topics such as Teshuvah rooted in fear vs. that rooted in love, how we establish our true identity through the process of Teshuvah, the need to maintain a positive attitude through the process, and creating a real connection with Hashem.

Book Review: The Rejuvenated State 

Oren asks rhetorically why is it that Israeli leaders “rarely articulate a vision of Israel’s future?”

Understanding The Importance Of Moving The Embassy

The importance of having the embassy in Jerusalem is not just a real estate decision. It is about the very core of the State of Israel and its legitimacy.

The Fascinating Life Of Ruth Blau

I knew she must be a fascinating person, and reading the biography only opened my eyes to just how complex and varied a life she led. I’d never guessed, however, the personal family connection we would have.

Shivim Panim L’Torah

The reader will both enjoy and benefit from the clear organizational structure of each chapter which starts with an introduction that provides historical context as well as an appreciation for the educational and sometimes polemical mission and style unique to each commentator.

Shedding A Modern Light On Tanach

This series wasn’t conceived in a vacuum. A cluster of converging phenomena have contributed to the vibrant interest in Tanach among North American modern Orthodox Jews.

New Holocaust Book Hits The Market

In the book, Resnick argues that both Bloom and Roosevelt deserve credit for possibly saving British Jewry from extermination.

The Story of Sol Bloom, the Most Powerful Jew in Congress During the Holocaust

America First explores the life of one of the most colorful Jews to ever grace the halls of Congress. 

Reimagining The Halachic Worldview

Goldman states that not only have we failed to make progress in Rav Soloveitchik’s program, but in some ways, we have lost ground.

Fulfilling The Promise

Living in the Land of Israel is the ultimate mitzvah, the reason the Torah was given. Every four cubits you walk in the land of Israel is a mitzvah.

Enhancing Our Spiritual Relationship With G-d

In Judaism, love is always related to knowing and being known.

Enhancing The Book Of Numbers With Shadal

Those who know Shadal’s commentary on the Torah know that Dan Klein is uniquely fit for the job.

The Sound Of Silence (Part II)

We see that the Pope’s agenda was to protect the Church and its status from being attacked by the Germans or Italians, and to only attempt to protect baptized Jews, whom he considered to be Catholics.

The Sound Of Silence (Part I)

By understanding the domestic politics of Italy and Germany vis à vis the Vatican, as well as how the United States, Britain, and the French government in exile fully comprehended the Pope’s duplicity,... we may understand, but never accept, the horrific and unforgivable conduct of the Pope.

One Man’s Mission To Save Lives

As an organization, it's just a matter of time until United Hatzalah of Israel will have saved six million lives.

Applying The Mishna Everyday

Rabbi Spero reminds us that we have to stand up for our beliefs. This is the only way to garner respect.

The Halachic Man

Towards the end of the introduction the author pens I was raised in a home that believed in and practice Torah V’Avodah and thus the main theme of this book – the integration of Torah with the State of Israel – from the inspiration and education I received from him.

The Reverse Acrostic In Tefillah

In addition to a similar phrase-by-phrase explanation, Rabbi Adler also devotes another lengthy chapter to comparing and contrasting differences in the Rosh Chodesh text with the Musaf text from other yomim tovim.

Hands-On Chinuch

Since each page is something that we do with our hands, I do each action to or with my granddaughter. She copies me or she participates.

The Kiruv Expert Who Was ‘Too Shy To Talk’

While anyone can find Rav Schuster’s story inspiring, I think shy children will get an extra dose of inspiration.

English Jewry In The 1200s

Besides the occasional massacres in which English Jews were actually killed, the author provides detailed accounts of the "punishments" levied against Jews for simply being Jewish...

Complex And Taboo Stories In Tanach

The only real reservation I would have about this book is that there is sometimes what seems to be a confusion between what the Sages or midrashim say on the one hand and what the Tanach says on the other.

‘Simple’ Essays From A Brilliant Maimonides Scholar

Pathways to Their Hearts is the logical fruit of Rav Rabinovich’s unique personality, pen, and work. It is everything you might expect from the rosh yeshiva: Optimistic and patient, full of simple faith and intellectual curiosity.


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