Adolf Jellinek And The Rise Of Reform Judaism

Despite his traditional upbringing, Jellinek began to question some of the traditional practices of Judaism, particularly the emphasis on ritual and the strict adherence to Jewish law.

Rabbi Cohen’s Odyssey To The East

After deeply exploring Eastern religion and philosophies, mastering the martial arts, and dedicating years in search of truth, self-discipline and character refinement, Rav Dov Ber Cohen recognized all these things when he encountered Torah true Judaism.

Halachah, Medicine, And The Pandemic

For those focused on contemporary issues, Rabbi Mordechai Willig’s “Confronting the Pandemic in the Community: A Rabbi’s Memoir” offers unprecedented insight into the way halachic decisions were made for our community during COVID.

When Bad Things Happen…To Anybody

As he freely admits, this question is more difficult for us rabbis, because we recite the expected formula of faith to our community members rather regularly, and here you can repeat after me: Hashem has His plan.

Prepare Ahead For Pesach

As one reads the book, this panoramic methodology becomes clearer. He divides the book into 3 parts based on the most prominent ideas of Pesach and perhaps the goals of the seder: family, faith, and freedom.

Tznius Is Not Just About Skirt Length

This concept of tznius as a middah versus tznius being solely a mathematical equation involving multiple body parts is a unifying theme that is woven throughout many of the personal essays.

Book Review: The Twin Children of the Holocaust: Stolen Childhood and the Will to...

This book vividly recounts the 1985 trek by surviving twins as they attempted to bring Mengele to justice.

Shalom Aleichem For Grownups

Mitchell First has given me something I never had and didn’t realize I was missing: a mature perspective on Shalom Aleichem.

Honest Insights Into The Chabad Mission

I would recommend this book to any helping professional who works with people for insight into the power of listening to enable others to help themselves.

The Guide For Good Parenting

I hope this book will encourage parents to realize that they are the best parents for their children, and to enjoy the privilege of parenting and see it as a catalyst for their own growth, says Rebbetzin Eisenbach.

Pick Up New Habits With 30-Day Challenges!

There is no right or wrong way to use this book. You can choose to start with the current month, or pick a month that focuses on an area that you’re interested in improving in.

Talmud With A Pop Culture Infusion

Later on in the book, Levine discusses the topic of exaggeration in the Talmud, but he frames it with juxtaposition to the controversial musical legacy of Eminem.

A Crash Course In Judaism

While books like this are great introductory texts, the cursory overview of the topics, many of them which warrant numerous volumes on their own, can give the reader too far a superficial view of the topic.

Zaidy’s Remarkable Survival Story

The consistency of an old man’s failing memory, prompted by his daughter and grandson serves to underscore the accuracy of Martin Bodek’s account.

An Insightful Look At The Jewish Calendar

If you have heard any of her speeches, Rahav-Meir is very big on keeping it real and current. She writes that Judaism has so much to offer to the world, and the world wants to hear from the Jews.

A Modern Infused Vayikra

This eye-catching new volume does not limit itself only to ritual parallels. The pictures and illustrations of the flora and fauna of the biblical text are extraordinarily informative.

A Deep Dive Into A Short Essay

You might think that this is a collection of essays, at first glance. Upon further examination, you realize that R. Naor is examining every aspect of the phrase souls of the world of chaos.

A Philosopher Makes the Case for Orthodox Judaism

Lebens opens GJU with a discussion of conversion under Jewish law – even though this book is not addressed to non-Jews – to illustrate that commitment to Judaism begins, first and foremost, with a commitment to the Jewish people.

How Important Is A Book’s Introduction?

Once the reader understands the framing of this book, it is a gold mine.

The Fascinating History Of An Unknown Jewish Community

The first Jews of Eastern Europe were of a distinct variety who spoke a Judeo-Slavic dialect known to scholars as Knaanic. This dialect was later rendered obsolete by the arrival German/Yiddish-speaking Ashkenazim, whose language became somewhat influenced by Knaanic, but also essentially caused it to fizzle out

Leaving Egypt With A Family Of Goats, Lots Of History, And A Graphic Novel

Pesach reminds us of the liberation from Egypt, but also commands us to live through its events as if we were there. Every generation and every Jew, no matter which community they belong to, can, in their own way, relate to the story of Pesach.

A New Approach To The Shalosh Regalim

Having exhausted the possible correlations between the three holidays, Rabbi Lauer suggests that it is not the similarities among these three holidays that define them as a unit. Rather, it is the fact that these holidays are all components of a greater whole.

Making Asher Yatzar Meaningful

The Asher Yatzar book discussed the kavanos we should have while eating: food should serve as a function with which we should have the energy to serve Hashem.

A Thrilling Jewish Mission During The Cold War

Haunting dream-like illustrations, dialogue that crackles with tension, spare writing, all conspire to make you feel not ‘as if’ you’re there, but that you really are there...

A Yiddish Gem

While Grade never mentions who Rasseyner is, later research showed that the character is based on Rabbi Gershon Liebman, who headed up the group of Novardok-based yeshivas in France after World War II.

Bringing The Sages To Life

Coming a number of years after the previous volume, Lau’s series humanizes the Sages, giving information about the time period and place they lived in, character attributes gleaned from Mishna and both the Babylonian and Jerusalem Talmuds.

Fostering Shalom Bayis

The stance on confidentiality – not sharing personal issues with others for advice – is a great example of how he can be absolutely right and this can damage the relationship OR speaking up is actually really important and a great way to get the name of a great therapist or access to help.

A Book To Guide Tough Conversations With Your Sons

Phraseology aside, Part Two of From Boys to Men is full of useful information mainly geared toward adults with several sections of important information for teens clearly labeled within.

A Gadol Hador Of This Generation

When reading Reb Dovid, you would think this biography is about a gadol hador from hundreds of years ago. Yet, this was our dor’s gadol.

Simplifying And Exemplifying The Maharal

The Maharal is classically celebrated for taking deep Kabbalistic and mystical ideas and bringing them down to Earth, composing them in a deep and beautiful style. He masks the traditional Kabbalistic terms in more the conventional Rabbinic Hebrew.


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