Stories For The Soul

The stories are written in Rabbi Krohn’s inimitable style and their subjects range from Gedolei HaDor to “ordinary” men, women and children; from the shores of America to the epicenter of the Holy Land.

A Helpful Guide For Women And Couples

If you don’t want to read it cover to cover, you can flip through it. Find the question you are looking for as it becomes relevant to your situation or if a case is of interest to you.

Good Things Come In Threes

Rabbi Klapper grounds our Orthodoxy in a commitment to a halachic process in which poskim and a community of faithfully observant Jews exercise joint responsibility over the shape of halacha.

Foundation Of Judaism

While books like this are great introductory texts, the cursory overview of the topics, many of them which warrant numerous volumes on their own, can give the reader too far a superficial view of the topic.

Best of Kosher Shines with Jewish Cooking’s Greatest Hits

For people like me, who already have quite the cookbook collection, Best of Kosher is a great resource, saving me endless minutes of thumbing through book after book in search of a favorite recipe.

Heartbreak, Heartache, And Healing

The book does not hold back. The honesty of its prose is as refreshing as it is validating.

Finding Spiritual Lessons In Mundanity

Unfortunately, it’s easy to walk around with autocorrect syndrome, thinking that in life, it’s okay to mess up because no one will ever realize we made a mistake if we just move on; autocorrect will just take care of it.

A Deeper Look At Gematria

As I matured, the counterexamples to the authority of gematria grew more numerous, more amusing, and naughtier.

Book Review: Distrust, Animosity, and Solidarity: Jews and Non-Jews during the Holocaust in the...

For another scholarly compendium related to Jews and Non-Jews during the Holocaust in the USSR

A Deeper Shabbos Experience

By teaching us mindfulness exercises for the beginner, and the expert, Polen helps us to build perspective, setting the stage for a mindful observance of Shabbos.

Growth Through The Parsha

Like the lecturer who begins with a joke as a way to warm up his audience, Rabbi Kurland intends for the humorous anecdotes to make the reader more receptive to the words of mussar that follow.

Bringing Meaning To The Daf

As a pulpit rabbi, Friedman said that he found that the biggest obstacle for most people is that they struggle to find meaning in their Torah learning.

Create Your Own Story!

Targeting late elementary school, this book is a great way to learn about history in such a way that can’t be learned from a textbook.

A Deeper Dive Into The Daf

That experience of the daf yomi framing individual interpretations and personal epiphanies is captured beautifully by Hillel Broder’s ambitious new collection of poems Daily Blessings.

Another Side Of The Expulsion From Spain

While Basseva is aware of an inquisition of Conversos under suspicion that they are secretly reverting to Jewish practices, she has no reason to believe that she, the daughter of a well-respected wealthy Jewish man, is in danger.

The Key To A Graceful, Grateful Life

I am sure that once the borrower reads this small-yet-powerful book, it won’t be returned for quite a while, if ever – because I can’t imagine anyone wanting to part with it!

Great Reads Galore for Chanukah 2022

With so many excellent choices, there’s no time like the present to instill a love of reading in your children and with wonderful books like these, you might just find yourself borrowing a few of them to enjoy on your own.

Unlocking Your Davening Potential

One of the best parts of this book is that along with the footnoted, scholarly answers, the author provides practical suggestions for different portions of prayer.

A Life Of Torah And Nuance

There is something so profound when reading Kayla’s notebook/sefer. She approaches in a way that is similar to that which Dovid HaMelech aspired to.

The Depth Of Hilchos Shabbos

The beauty of this sefer is that Rabbi Jachter wrote a brilliant masterpiece in a simple refined language that can be understood by a layman, but also incorporates the original source texts (in both Hebrew and English), and detailed footnotes for the most experienced poskim and rabbeim.

Learning About Tzedaka From An Early Age

What’s in Tuli’s Box? mirrors questions children themselves would ask – about this box-like object that gets fed coins from time to time, is empty, full and then empty again – and about the purpose of those coins inside.

An Interesting Take On The Talmud

While the Talmud is 2,711 pages, in a little over 200 pages, Kirsch does a good job of detailing the main topics and themes of the various tractates.

Emunah In The Face Of Adversity

Of Medicine, Miracles, and Mindsets, is a first-person account of Rabbi Elie and Chaya Rochel Estrin and their child Yossi, written mostly from Rabbi Elie’s perspective.

Torah Of The Soul

Consistent with that fear was a reticence about sharing his Torah. He wanted to work on things a bit longer, always wanted to make sure he was not overstating or misstating.

The Rav Kook You Never Knew

Following a brief biography of Rav Kook, Rav Sinclair proceeds to trace and then weave disparate strands from the abundant storehouse of Rav Kook’s thoughts, uniting and bringing these to bear on the subject matter to illuminate, for the English-speaking world, the breathtaking tapestry that is Shabbat Ha’Aretz.

A Witness To The Great Saga Of Soviet Jewry Tells His Story

Tension reigned. They were watched by the Soviet security services. The KGB often would search their rooms and suitcases. They were threatened and warned and targeted in shuls.

Finding Her True Melody

Our religion has a lot of rules – about eating, about the Sabbath, about how to relate to other people – but the point of all of them is to create a special relationship between us and Hashem.

A Young Woman Steps Up

This is a book about friendship, responsibility, chesed, family and the challenges Hashem gives us.

A Look Inside Kosher

The feature that most immediately grabs the reader’s attention is the presentation of the sources. The authors do not just bring sources as footnotes or endnotes – rather, they meticulously focus on the sources.


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