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What Does It Mean To Be Home?

Is she Israeli? Is she American? She feels out of place in the country of her birth, and unable to return to the homeland of her choosing.

Finding Ourselves In A Story

This book completely changed the way I view my life and my avodas Hashem.

Deep Dive Into The Arukh HaShulchan

In contrast to the Chafetz Chaim, Rabbi Epstein returns to the Talmud and commentaries to analyze which ones seem to offer the most accurate interpretation of the Talmud text.

Remembering A Giant

We get the opportunity to understand some of Rav Yoel’s methodology, and to experience his Shabbos table.

Discovering Your Path

Some teachings and stories will leave you smiling, while others will simply take your breath away.

A New And Unique Translation of Tanach

The ambitious collaborative effort that produced this new Koren translation with its vocabulary, syntax, commitment to elegance and readability emanates from Rabbi Sacks’s inspired vision and legacy.

Torah And Science Converge In Kabbalistic Worldview

Dr. Schipper set out to tackle a topic that has baffled science and philosophy for centuries – the nature of consciousness.

The Neurodiversity Challenge – With Trust In Hashem

In many cases, it turns out that neurological diagnoses like dyslexia and ADHD are actually cases of Irlen Syndrome masquerading as a different disorder.

Mixing Comfortable With Exciting

Many of the recipes are suitable for a simple family dinner but can also be dressed up for guests or holiday meals.

A Fitting Coda For A Life Lived Well

Direct and indirect references to his previous works provide brief insights into his ideas about happiness, meaning, materialism, alcoholism, character, marriage, anger, sensitivity, honesty and teshuvah.

Stirring History Brought To Life

My history classes in school were dull and confusing with a mix of dates and facts, but historical fiction had drama, events and conflicts.

A New Look At The Life Of Rabbi Eliezer ben Hyrcanus

Dr. Sokol presents Rabbi Yochanan’s refusal to make the first move toward reconciliation as a “heroic choice” to “valorize respect for Torah’s masters over his own search of Torah truth.”

Haunted By Past Lives

She was seeking people who felt the Holocaust viscerally, in the limbs of the body, as a deep personal trauma, not “as though” I was there, but – “Yes, I was very much there.”

Climbing The High Holiday Ladder – Day By Day

Conceived as a project to help his scattered constituents prepare for Rosh Hashanah 5781, Rabbi Wildes sent out WhatsApp messages with thoughts and questions to consider each day.

Modern Scholars Bring Book Of Samuel Brilliantly To Life

How do we approach the Jewish study of Tanach as a text with a universal message as well as a special message for the Jewish people?

How To Grow Up

I love the unstated hashkafa underlying the book. At a time when some communities are turning more toward rabbinic guidance as all encompassing, a voice urging autonomy is a wonderful call and is a true reflection of a modern hashkafa.

On Friendship And More

Rebbetzin Twerski does spend many pages considering the dynamics between friends, but she also includes chapters and anecdotes with more of a focus on the relationship between parent and child, grandparent and grandchild, husband and wife, siblings, and more.

Putting The Torah Together

While the Rav may have been slightly hyperbolic with his comparison, what can’t be denied is that the genius and brilliance of Rav Chaim was, in part, bringing a scientific sophistication to the Talmud.

Book Review: The Yad Vashem Encyclopedia of the Ghettos During the Holocaust

One cannot exaggerate the importance of these two volumes to those interested in the Shoah.

Sagacious Wisdom

The statements of the Sages that are found in the book constitute tremendous bodies of knowledge and wisdom on their own.

Adding Kindness

The authenticity of the book is also worth noting. I particularly appreciated that when Sara reaches out with kindness to the classmate who teased her, the classmate is largely unreceptive. This rings true.

Torah Riddles – Not A Trivial Pursuit

Not everyone can write or relate a dvar Torah, but everyone likes and can ask a riddle.

‘What Do You REALLY Want?’ by Rabbanit Shayna Goldberg

‘What Do You Really Want?’ reminds us that ‘trusting ourselves means knowing that whatever stands before us, we are up for the task’

From Japan To Jerusalem

It’s amazing how a Jew raised with minimal religion can still feel visceral discomfort when asked to pray in front of a Buddha or participate in a cremation ceremony. That growing feeling of disjointedness ever so slowly spurred Liane’s interest in her own heritage.

Review: A History of the Palestinian People – From Ancient Times to the Modern...

Assaf A. Voll has written one of the most comprehensive books on the history of the Palestinian People.

A Soulful Journey Through Jewish Thought

We meet the occupants of Rav Naor’s imagined library, general philosophers as well as musicians of Western culture. Where else does Leonard Cohen engage in dialogue with Rav Kook?

Women Finding Their Voices

In addition to sharing how they processed trauma, frustration or sadness, many share happy, unexpected results of their struggles, and several note that the process of sharing their stories is therapeutic.

The Rabbi of Buchenwald: The Life and Times of Herschel Schacter

When I heard that The Rabbi of Buchenwald had been published, I was delighted, especially since I knew the book would not be just a tribute to Rabbi Hershel Schacter, but a highly significant, meticulously researched work of critical scholarship. And I was right.

Why Peter Beinart’s Judaism is Doomed

Moshe Koppel’s new book, “Judaism Straight Up: Why Real Religion Endures,” explains why powerless, diasporic Judaism has no future.


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