Designated Chief Prosecutor Wants More Transparency, Media Focus on his Opinion on Immodest Women

And you thought the Me Too persecutions have died down because of the pandemic – well, you were wrong.

Diaspora Minister Urges Students to Take On ‘Big Responsibility’ of Leadership

Yankelevich spoke with foreign students studying in the Hebrew University's Thrive program and Israeli participants of the Triumph leadership program.

With Court’s OK, Netanyahu Again Fails to Act Against Illegal Arab Outpost of Khan...

In 2018, the Israeli government announced its intention to complete the evacuation and relocation of the illegal outpost, the flagship of the Palestinian Authority’s systematic program of territorial dominance in Area C.

Joining EU, Tehran, J Street Condemns Fakhrizadeh’s Assassination

In terms of the two men's ambitions, there is no daylight between Reinhard Heydrich and Mohsen Fakhrizadeh.

Israeli Government Approves Transfer of Collected Tax Money to Palestinian Authority

Last July, Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud announced that the Palestinian Authority would stop working under the agreements with Israel.

As Yamina and Likud Dominate Polls, One Observer Sees Scenario for Bennett’s Capturing PM’s...

If Ganz, Lapid, and Liberman recommend Bennett, according to each of the 30 polls conducted so far, the Yamina chairman would have around 55 to 57 recommendations.

With Over 1,000 Corona Patients in 2 Consecutive Days, Israel’s Malls Open for Business

The IDF Military Intelligence announced on Friday morning that an uncontrolled opening of the malls "is expected to accelerate the level of morbidity."

Political Echelon Instructed IDF to Prepare for Last Minute Trump Attack on Iran

While Pompeo was in the Gulf, the United States Central Command (USCENTCOM) announced a surprise exercise in which Boeing B-52 Stratofortress bombers were launched.

Israeli Women Honored for Aiding Female Victims of Violence

"The coronavirus has also brought an upsurge in violence in the family."

Netanyahu Speaks with Bahraini Crown Prince about Peace

"This was our second conversation; it was very friendly."

Netanyahu: There Can Be No Going Back to the Iran Nuclear Deal

“We must stick to an uncompromising policy to ensure that Iran does not develop nuclear weapons.”

Netanyahu, Mossad Chief, Met Crown Prince Bin Salman in Saudi Arabia

Bin Salman fears that his father would block an agreement that does not promote the establishment of a Palestinian state.

Israeli Tender Met with Huge Response for Nation’s Largest Solar Power Plant

The project is intended to help achieve the government’s target of 30 percent of Israel’s energy needs being met from renewable sources by 2030.

Netanyahu Back to Work After Medical Procedure, Gantz Gets to be Prime Minister

During the time the prime minister was under anesthesia and incapacitated, Alternate Prime Minister Benny Gantz replaced Netanyahu as head of government.

President Rivlin Receives Prestigious Washington Institute Scholar-Statesman Medal

“We have to find a way in order to understand: we are not doomed to live together, we are destined to live together."

IMF Reports Israeli Economy Hurt Less than Most, Urges Passing 2021 State Budget

"In this challenging environment, policies should continue to provide support to the economy, contain the risks associated with the pandemic, and promote recovery."

Report: Gantz Establishing Commission of Inquiry into Submarine Affair

"A heavy-duty press was used on my office," Harel wrote in an affidavit, to make the purchase in Germany, "specifically from ThyssenKrupp AG."

Tel Aviv Launches ‘Hundreds’ of Weekly Cultural Activities for Winter Season

"We will hold hundreds of events every week to provide a livelihood for thousands, medicine for the souls of tens of thousands and hope for an entire sector."

Mike Pompeo Arriving in Israel On Board Air Force Two (Or Is It Air...

Israeli media folks were immediately engaged in a hot debate over the Secretary of State was flying on board Air Force One or Air Force Two.

MK Smotrich Seeking Criminal Investigation of Arab Former MK Who Called for Popular Uprising

In recent months, polls of Israeli Arabs have shown that about 30% of them who in the past voted for the Joint Arab List would prefer to vote for a different party.

Netanyahu Tells Putin He Wants to Produce Russia’s Corona Vaccine in Israel

Earlier this month, Hadassah Medical Center ordered 1.5 million doses of the Russian coronavirus vaccine.

Netanyahu: Israel to be Among First to Receive New Vaccines

“My goal is to bring as many vaccines . . . from as many sources as possible, to as many citizens as possible, as soon as possible.”

EU Team Touring Givat HaMatos Chased Away by Pro-Israel Activists

"We came to tell the EU that Israel is not a colony – it is an independent country that does not take orders from them."

Corona Cabinet Clashing over Opening Schools While Haredi Yeshivas Operate Unmolested

"Education is important to all of us, but opening the education system as if there is no high morbidity will not be responsible."

High Court Challenging Legality of 2 Prime Ministers in 1 Government

In order to protect the democratic structure in Israel, the court must completely trample on the idea of ​​Separation of Powers. Ingenious.

Netanyahu Boasts New Breakthroughs in Getting the Pfizer Vaccine – But Do We Want...

We've never done this before. The Pfizer coronavirus vaccine is the first test of this ingenious technology.

Israeli FM: Biden Will Sign Amended Nuclear Deal with Iran and We Must Be...

On Wednesday, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said his administration would make use of every opportunity to lift the US sanctions against Iran.

Smotrich: Netanyahu Eager to Please New Arab Buddies, Skipped Knesset Plenum Moments Before Kaminitz...

The proof is in the baklava: since its enactment, law enforcement agencies have indicated a 50% reduction in the volume of illegal construction starts.

Netanyahu Asking Pfizer CEO for New Vaccine Israel May Not Be Ready to Receive

Israel has no suitable infrastructure at all for the storage and transmission of a high volume of vaccines that require such cooling conditions.


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