Poll Shows Smotrich Skyrockets If Netanyahu Falls

With Barkat at the helm, things look amazing for the right-wing bloc.

Lapid Blocks Vote on Citizenship & Entry Law after Shaked Adopts Opposition MK’s Version

The Citizenship Law could serve as the bridge for future peace among the four right-wing Zionist parties in and out of the coalition.

Report: Israel Police Using NSO’s Spying App Against Civilians without Authorization

The NSO spyware was reportedly also planted on civilians' phones to gather information against them for future use.

Germans Blindside the IDF, Doubling Cost of 3 Submarines

ThyssenKrupp recently raised the price of three new submarines ordered by Israel's defense ministry by a whopping €1.2 billion.

1,200 Yeshiva Students Bypass Army Blockade to Celebrate Seder Tu B’Shvat in Homesh

On Sunday morning, the family went up to Yehuda's grave, on the thirtieth anniversary of his murder.

Jerusalem to Demolish ‘Dome of the Rock’ Replica Mosque

Im Tirtzu: The mosque "symbolizes the fact that there is no law and no enforcement in the State of Israel.”

Government Approves NIS 500M for Beit Shemesh Upgrade

The population of Beit Shemesh has grown by approximately 63 percent in the past decade, the highest growth rate among Israel's 15 largest cities.

Bennett: We Are Entering the Eye of the Omicron Storm

"I would like to thank Pfizer CEO, my friend, Albert Bourla for the assistance."

Bennett Cabinet to Approve Inquiry into Submarines Affair that May Impact Netanyahu

This would be the second commission of inquiry investigating Case 3000.

Justice Barak Pushing Netanyahu’s Plea Deal that May Oust Him from Politics Until He...

The deal is very likely, and it's probably going to be struck over the next two weeks – before the AG leaves office on February 1.

Israel’s National Security Adviser Diagnosed with COVID-19

At least half a million Israelis ages 60 and up have received a fourth dose of the coronavirus vaccine.

Thousands Protest at PM’s Office Demanding Legalization of Homesh Yeshiva

A massive demonstration held Thursday night outside the Prime Minister’s office in Jerusalem marked four weeks since the murder of Yehuda Dimentman in a...

Minister Kahana: Netanyahu Failed to Rebuild Homesh Under Trump – He Expects Us to...

Someone should mention that the bulk of the blame for the way things stand today at Homesh rests with former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Ra’am Wins, KKL-KNF Tree Planting Halted

Despite the halt, Ra'am isn't done with their demands from Bennett.

Kahana Submits Conversion Reform Bill Abiding by Strict Torah Law

For the first time: the law will stipulate that the conversion in the state conversion system will operate in accordance with Torah law.

Watch: The Latest on the Negev Tree Planting War

It's time to restore the Zionist vision to its proper place in public policy.

Report: Netanyahu Negotiated Plea on Eve of AG’s End of Term

The potential deal exploded eventually over Netanyahu's uncompromising demands.

Minister Elkin: Negev Tree Planting Continues Despite Ra’am’s Objections; Lapid: OK to Suspend

You just know that once Lapid becomes the PM, the order to halt the tree planting will come down so fast, it'll stir up a Negev dust storm.

It’s Starting: Supreme Court Rejects Government’s Ban on Arab Families’ Reunification Citing Law’s Termination

The judge was right, of course. You can't run a country based on phantom laws. Say hello to your new Palestinian neighbors…

Italy Demands Extradition of Grandfather Who Kidnapped Little Eitan Biran

Let's hope that the Israeli side would be able to persuade the Italians to leave the grandfather alone.

KKL-JNF Continues Holy Work of Planting Trees in the Negev Despite Arab Outrage, Violence

Between 13 and 25 acres of trees were planted during the day Monday, out of a total of about 250 acres to be planted in the coming season.

Mazal Tov! Israel to Count 400,000 Russian Gentiles as Jews

As of 2020, the CBS classified 415,147 Israelis as “other.” 8.6% of them declared themselves as "Christian."

Israeli Cabinet Approves Updated Green Pass Regulations

All those in the malls must wear masks, according to the updated COVID-19 regulations.

The Day Bennett Rained Violence on Jewish Outposts – Homesh follows Givat Oz Zion

"Any construction material that's being confiscated today is another bullet in Yehuda Dimentman's chest."

Bennett Govt. Demolishes Jewish Homes Surrounded by Vast Illegal Arab Construction

It appears that the security apparatus is planning to demolish several other outposts on Monday.

Israeli Government Wrestles with COVID-19 Test Kit Shortage

The prime minister said he believes the price of the kits will drop in the near future "because the market will be flooded with millions of kits that will reach Israel."

Knesset Bill to Unify Emergency Response Stirs Up Turf War Between MDA and United...

The bill was submitted by MKs Idit Silman and Eitan Ginzburg from the coalition, and Moshe Gafni and Yinon Azoulay from the opposition.

Bennett to Destroy Ezra Schwartz Vineyard on Tu B’Shvat Week in Arugot Farm

Jeremy Gimpel was #13 on Naftali Bennett's list when Bennett first entered politics in Bayit Yehudi.


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