Full Transcript: PM Netanyahu’s Address to UN General Assembly

"I believe that we are at the cusp of an even more dramatic breakthrough: an historic peace with Saudi Arabia."

WATCH: PM Netanyahu Addresses UN General Assembly to Standing Ovations

“Peace between Israel and Saudi Arabia will truly create a new Middle East.”

Majority of Israelis Object to Protests Against Netanyahu in US

Despite the disappointing showing, American and Israeli Media have devoted about half their attention to the protesters’ shenanigans.

Netanyahu Directs Nuclear Experts to Find Saudis a Path to Enrich Uranium

Israeli officials are "quietly working" with the White House to develop a "US-run, uranium-enrichment operation" in the kingdom.

Netanyahu Demands Guterres Change UN’s Negative Attitude Toward Israel

Netanyahu said bluntly that the time has come for the UN to condemn Iranian subversion and Palestinian Authority terrorism against innocent civilians.

Israel’s UN Ambassador Erdan Detained by UN Security After Protest Against Iran

Before walking out, Erdan walked around the hall holding a large picture of Mahsa Amini, a young woman murdered a year ago by the Iranian regime for not properly covering her hair.

Israel to Invest NIS 30M in 17 Projects to Create Data, Language Models in...

The initiate is intended to facilitate the leap in Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications in Hebrew and Arabic, requiring natural language processing as part of the solution.

Biden, Netanyahu Meet in NYC during UN General Assembly

The bilateral meeting is still a backhanded slap to the Israeli leader, who has yet to receive an invitation to the White House.

Ehud Barak Shares Murder Fantasies on CBS

When I contemplate Ehud Barak, I am reminded of another highly self-appreciating and gifted man, American poet and fascist collaborator Ezra Pound.

PM Netanyahu Meets with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in NYC

The meeting comes as Israel is finalizing the sale to Germany of its acclaimed Arrow 3 exo-atmospheric hypersonic anti-ballistic missile system.

Introducing the IDF’s Next Generation Tank ‘Barak,’ AI and All

The Barak tanks will allow battalion combat teams to fight continuously at a fast pace while exposing the enemy.

Likud MK: Israeli Anarchists in the US Are Worse than the PLO & Iran

"You have crossed every red line, you are dragging the entire nation of Israel into the abyss."

Liberman to State Comptroller: Netanyahu Not Authorized to Make Concessions on Saudi Nuclear Program

“The law explicitly requires that any war and peace decision must be brought to the cabinet for discussion and approval.”

Netanyahu, Musk Discuss Artificial Intelligence on X

The two men discussed “how we can harness the opportunities and mitigate the risks of AI for the good of civilization,” in a live chat streamed on X.

Netanyahu: I Suggest the Iranians Not Threaten Us, Nor Should Leftist Protesters

As expected, President Joe Biden will not extend an invitation to Netanyahu to visit him in the White House.

Justice Minister to High Court: Judicial Appointments Committee Is Strictly My Purview

Levin listed three reasons why he cannot be compelled to assemble the committee.

Ben Gvir Maintaining Low Flame Dispute with Netanyahu

“I say to the dear Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, we have no mandate not to address and change the conditions of the terrorists."

Gallant Denies Arms Transfer to PA as MKs Lash Out on Oslo Anniversary

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the reports "fake news" after National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir warned of "consequences" if reports regarding the transfer were true.

The High Court Hearing: Where Do We Go from Here?

The most likely outcome was suggested by Justice Stein, who favors submitting a restrictive interpretation of the restrictive amendment.

The High Court Rejected in 1948 Israel’s Declaration of Independence as Constitution

Several Supreme Court justices attempted to use the May 1948 Declaration of Independence as the instrument with which they could strike basic laws.

Energy Ministry: Electric Car Numbers in Israel to Reach 1.3 M by 2030

The government is aiming to see all private vehicles to be electric by 2050, in addition to electric or hydrogen-powered buses, trucks and trains.

Ministerial Panel Approves ‘What’s Good for Europe is Good for Israel’ Law

The bill will open the Israeli market to all European products. “There will be exceptions but everything other than the exceptions will be permitted."

MK Danon Slams White House Hostage Deal with Iran

“The deal absurdly rests on the assumption that Iran will act in good faith."

US, EU Condemn Israeli Plans for Jewish Neighborhood in Abu Dis

The district planning committee met to advance the project into the final stages.

Watch: 15-Judge Panel Hears Petitions Calling to Annul Constitutional Law

There will certainly be a session of the High Court this Tuesday, but not of Justice.

PM Netanyahu, UK Foreign Secretary Cleverly Meet on Iran

The prime minister underscored the importance of preventing the nuclearization of Iran.

Gallant: Iran Building Terror Airport in Lebanon 12 Miles from Israeli Border

“Nasrallah has apparently forgotten what the true power relations are between Israel and Hezbollah . . . If he makes a mistake, he will become the 'Destroyer of Lebanon'."

Netanyahu to Visit San Francisco, Meet with Elon Musk Before Address to UNGA in...

The Biden Administration appears to be continuing its boycott of Israel’s longest-serving prime minister, who is now in his sixth term.


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