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Netanyahu Cancels Address to UN General Assembly

Likud Foreign Minister Yisrael Katz is scheduled to fly to New York next week to deliver a speech on behalf of Netanyahu instead.

5 Ways to Break the Bibi-Gantz Stalemate

There are no simple solutions to Israel's tight deadlock, other than Israel Beiteinu chairman Avigdor Liberman waking up from his 4-month drunk and saying, "I did what?"

Second Time Around: Initial Exit Polls Give Blue&White Slight Edge, But No Coalition for...

Otzma Yehudit does not cross the vote threshold in any of the major polls.

Report: Likud Members Deny Plan to Dismiss Netanyahu If Rightwing Bloc Falls Short of...

MK Gideon Sa'ar (Likud), considered Netanyahu's heir apparent, said "attempts to stick a wedge into the Likud leadership will not succeed."

Report: Mandelblit to Allow Settlers’ Private Land Purchases in Judea, Samaria

"Prohibition of real estate transactions on the basis of national affiliation causes some discomfort," seeing as it's hard to find a more racist exercise of apartheid against a specific ethnicity in purchasing land.

Israel’s Government Approves Establishment of Mevo’ot Yericho

“We were like dreamers,” said the secretary of the settlement, quoting a chapter from the Book of Psalms. “It’s a historic moment.”

US Israel Discuss Mutual Defense Pact

The two men are expected to further discuss the matter on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly later this month.

Netanyahu, Putin Discuss Uptick in Iranian Efforts to Hit Israel from Syria

Putin also appeared careful this time, however, to create some distance in his relationship with the Israeli prime minister, ahead of next week's elections.

Netanyahu to Face Challenge on Annexation Campaign Promise in Meeting with Putin in Sochi

Russia expressed concern the annexation plan could undermine "hopes for the establishment of long-awaited peace between Israel and its Arab neighbors.”

Israel, Japan Sign Defense Agreement in Tokyo

“The agreement will deepen and strengthen security relations between the countries."

WATCH: Netanyahu Vows, This [Plan] Will Ensure Judea and Samaria Won’t Become Gaza

"The annexation plan will annex the entire Jordan Valley along the whole border from Lake Kinneret to the Dead Sea."

IDF Commandos Surprise President Rivlin with Birthday Party

"There is nothing more thrilling than to celebrate your 80th birthday with the youngest and most daring brigade in the army."

Netanyahu Exposes Iranian Nuclear Weapons Development Site

Netanyahu called on world leaders to "wake up and realize that Iran is...systematically lying."

Israel’s Foreign Ministry to ‘Cease All Expenditures’

“Cessation of all expenditures” includes extreme limits on travel of diplomats even in Jerusalem, as well as around the world.

Israeli FM: Next War Will See Elimination of Hamas Leadership

“The next round will be inclusive, and we're trying to avoid it."

Election ‘Cameras Law’ to Be Submitted for Knesset Vote Despite AG’s Objections

Police have launched investigations into only six out of hundreds of suspicious polls where there is clear evidence of cheating.

UTJ’s Gafni: It Won’t be Terrible to Sit in the Opposition

"We were in a similar situation when [Lapid] was part of the evil brotherly pact of Yair Lapid and Naftali Bennett, and Netanyahu went with them and left us outside – we survived, nothing terrible happened."

In London, Netanyahu and Johnson Talk Iran, Middle East Peace

US Vice President Mike Pence was also in London for a meeting with Johnson. It was unclear whether Pence would meet with Netanyahu.

Netanyahu to Trump: Don’t Talk to Iranians, Keep Up the Sanctions

Iran's GDP contracted by 3.9% in 2018, and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) expects the Iranian economy to shrink by 6% in 2019.

Netanyahu Adds Labor, Social Services, to his Portfolios

The additional portfolio brings the prime minister’s list technically to four.

FM: We Won’t Let Switzerland Arrest Israelis for ‘War Crimes’

FM Katz: “We will not tolerate doubts about our right to self-defense and threats of the arrest of senior Israeli officials."

Netanyahu: Man in Beirut Bunker Knows Why He’s There

"We will continue to do everything necessary in order to maintain the security of Israel ... and to act against the threat of precision missiles."

FM: We’ll Continue to Hit Hezbollah’s Rocket Accuracy Project

"The prime minister, together with the IDF leadership, led the event, observed, navigated and was part of it," Katz stated.

Israeli Hi-Tech Jobs Reach 8.7% of Entire Workforce

“The rate of workers employed in the hi-tech sector has stood at 8% for about a decade, and for the first time we’ve seen a real positive trend in this figure."

Israel Urging UNSC to Acknowledge Syria’s Responsibility for Iranian Troops on Its Soil

“The international community must make clear to Iran that it will no longer tolerate its regional subversion and terrorist financing operations.”

Netanyahu Briefs Opposition Leader Benny Gantz on Security Situation

Gantz was briefed by the prime minister’s military secretary and the head of the National Security Council.

President Rivlin Visits Rina Shnerb’s Family in Hospital

Rabbi Eitan said, "The way in which Am Yisrael has taken us to its heart leaves us speechless."

Israel to Reduce Fuel Supply to Gaza in Response to Rocket Attacks

The fuel deliveries, sponsored by the Qatari government, have allowed Gazans to receive approximately 12 hours of electricity supplied daily to their homes.


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