Defense Minister Naftali Bennett: Rules of the Game Have Changed – No Limitations on...

Bennett said that the IDF killed some 20 terrorists in the last 48 hours, in an operation dubbed "Black Belt."

Netanyahu: ‘Israel Will Do Whatever Necessary to Restore Quiet, Security to Residents’

Netanyahu said Israel is “in the midst of a campaign,” and said defense officials “hope it will be as short as possible.”

‘I Told You We Would Choose Right Time,’ Netanyahu Tells Council Heads Living Near...

“Instigators of terrorism and commanders know that we can reach them personally ... “I very much appreciate your steadfastness and support."

As Rockets Fly Above, Chinese Communist Delegation Visits Israel for Policy Talks

Israel’s cooperation with China reaches unprecedented heights, even as the US and China are growing increasingly adversarial.

It’s Official: Defense Minister Naftali Bennett

PM Netanyahu passed on the baton to his worthy successor.

Netanyahu: ‘Israel Not Interested in Escalation But Ready If Necessary’

Netanyahu called PIJ terror commander Baha Abu Ata a “ticking time bomb” and said his assassination had been approved by Israel’s Security Cabinet 10 days prior.

Gantz Supports Netanyahu’s Call While Labor Senior Questions Assassination’s Timing

Yes, Netanyahu mercilessly takes the lives of an innocent Islamic Jihad human beings.

Netanyahu: Arabs Split into Those Who Want Us Dead and Those Who Fear Them

"The Middle East is rife with failed states and so the idea that we would abandon our security control in Judea and Samaria is ludicrous, we must not do that."

Habayit Hayehudi Agriculture Minister Ariel Resigns

Ariel has not served as a Knesset member since last April, nor did he run as a candidate for the current, 22nd Knesset.

Tension Mounting as Israeli Farmer Cross Jordanian Border to Work their Fields

31 Jewish farmers cultivate 370 acres in the enclave. This is their source of livelihood and their future is invested there.

Naftali Bennett Appointed Defense Minister

Bennett and Shaked were offered two small ministries or one big one. They chose the Defense Ministry.

Israeli Reporter: Trump Told Israel to Take Over US Aid to PA Security

But that move cutting US aid to PA security forces was initiated by Ramallah, not the US.

Justice Minister Defies Gag Order to Expose Police Questionable Manipulation of Netanyahu Aide

"They tell him: 'Nir, we know everything. We will drop a bomb on your family.'"

Netanyahu Names Hula Preserve Visitors’ Center after Pro-Israel Former Canadian PM

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara on Tuesday night honored former Canadian Prime Minister Stephen J. Harper with the dedication of the...

IDF Head of Operations: Expect Iranians Quality Attack on Israel

The IDF has been engaged in an all-out war against the Finance Ministry.

Israeli Police Arrest 10 in Corruption Case, Including a Mayor and Local Government Officials

A mayor, government office directors and former public officials were arrested as part of a large corruption investigation.

Pre-Sovereignty Move: Civil Administration Takes Over ‘Tabu’ Land Registry in Judea, Samaria

Efrat Council Chairman Oded Ravivi said this move "must be followed with the application of Israeli law in Judea and Samaria."

Appeals Court Revokes Deportation Orders Against 2 Foreign Workers, their Children

This year, the Immigration Authority began addressing the deportation of several dozen mothers and children living illegally in Israel for many years.

Smotrich Attacks Bennett for Letting Rightwing Bloc Disintegrate

Bennett obeyed the same martyr's impulse that lost his Habayit Hayehudi party 4 mandates to Netanyahu in the 2015 election.

At Rabin’s Memorial Gantz Declares ‘Israel Will Never Surrender to Hatred’

"I won’t let hatred win. You won’t let hatred win. Israel will defeat the haters. Israel will defeat the hatred.”

Lapid Vows to Cancel New Block on Imports of Non-Kosher Meat

"The state will not dictate to us what we are and are not allowed to eat."

Air Force One

Prime Minister Netanyahu, and eventually, whoever follows after him in the top seat, is getting a shiny, like-new, pre-owned Boeing 767-300ER, nicknamed Air Force One.

Mnuchin Proposes FDA Branch in Israel, Meets with Health Ministry

The FDA has few branches outside the United States, including those in China, and several European and Latin American nations.

Gantz Promises to Implement 2016 Western Wall Agreement as Prime Minister

“When I will be the prime minister of Israel, I will embrace all streams of Judaism. . . I will nuture this pluralism."

Justice Minister Ohana to Extradite Russian Hacker Despite Threat to Israeli Prisoner

Both a district court and Israel's Supreme Court have upheld the extradition.

It Took 12 Hours: Bar Ilan U Cancels US Trip of Professor Who Claimed...

Kedar claimed that a senior politician who wanted to sabotage the Oslo Accords was likely behind the murder.

President Rivlin at Haaretz Conference: Judaism Needs the Media

"Regrettably, the press, who contributed so much to this discourse, is moving away from it."

Netanyahu Launches Jewish Team to Eradicate Violence in Arab Society

The team will include the director generals of the relevant ministries and the National Security Council, and will also hold a dialogue with the chairmen of Arab municipalities.

Israel, PA, Resolve Calf Boycott Crisis

The PA Agriculture Ministry will establish an "exceptions committee" to ratify permits to import calves from Israel.

Netanyahu, Mnuchin Discuss Iranian Weapons Aimed at Middle Eastern Neighbors

Iran wants to convert Lebanon’s arsenal of 130,000 statistical rockets to precision-guided munitions.


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