A Record 6,700 Israeli Coronavirus Patients in 24 Hours as Fight between Rallies and...

Israelis, please stay home, stop spreading the virus, how difficult is this to understand?

Netanyahu, Crown Prince of Bahrain Hold First Public Phone Call

“We repeated the principles of the Abraham Accords and talked about how we are quickly adding content to the agreements between Bahrain and Israel."

Israel’s President, Justice Minister Announce Pardons Process for Debt Due to Fines

“At a time like this, the State of Israel must lend a hand to its people and help those who need it,” says President Reuven Rivlin, clarifying that fines violations of COVID-19 regulations will not be reduced.

Israeli Ministers, Knesset Members to Take 10 Percent Pay Cut

The move saves state coffers NIS 8 million ($2.3 million) immediately, with the amount expected to more than double should a wage cut be instated across the public sector.

Most Conservative High Court Justice Alex Stein Orders Rabbi Eliyahu’s Disciplinary Hearing for Incitement

Frankly, this ruling revealed what an intellectual asset Justice Alex Stein has been to the Supreme Court, and how it takes a calm, conservative thinker to express liberal values the way they were intended by the 18th century's great thinkers.

Cabinet to Pour $3 Billion in Aid to Businesses, Employees, Self-Employed, While Considering Tighter...

So far, it appears that Tuesday's cabinet meeting is not expected to impose new restrictions on prayer houses and Gamzu's recommendation will be accepted.

Shaked Attacks Plan to Extend Employment of her Nemesis in Justice Ministry Dina Zilber

Shaked is ready to pick up where she left off come the next election (and the realization of Yamina's surprisingly strong showing in the polls).

Police Lockdown Check Posts Cause Huge Traffic Jams Countrywide

The Health Ministry supports the imposition of significant restrictions on working in the private sector, and tightening the enforcement in synagogues so prayers may be held only in open areas.

Everything You Need to Know about Everything You Can’t Do Under the New Lockdown

One may go out from one's residence up to a distance of 500 meters only. This restriction enables going out into the public sphere (including parks and playgrounds) up to 500 meters.

Tense Clash Between Netanyahu, Gamzu, Reveals Great Misgivings over Coronavirus Lockdown

PM Netanyahu: "You're saying I'm pointlessly imprisoning the citizens at home?"

Despite Peace Deal Netanyahu Down in Latest Poll

And yet, despite the overwhelming dissatisfaction with his job performance, 31% of those surveyed believe that Netanyahu is best qualified to serve as prime minister.

Ukraine: Minister Deri Appealed to Let in the Chassidim

Turns out what's good for the goose is plenty good for the gander.

Israelis Fear F-35 Sale to Emirates, Leveraged 2-State Solution to Follow Peace Accords

It would be interesting to see if a Biden administration, should the Democrats win the White House in November, would choose to support the sale.

67% Supplement to Negative Income Tax Proposed

The overall supplement for the 2020 work stipend will not be less than NIS 1,000.

Exhibition: Israelis Laugh at their Presidents

The works will be on display for the public at the presidential residence starting Monday night. Reservations are required and, naturally, bring your face mask.

Israeli Government Approves Fiber-Optic Outline to Accelerate High Speed Infrastructure

The areas where Bezeq will prefer to skip will be serviced through a fund into which the communications companies will donate half a percent of their revenues.

Minister Litzman Resigns in Protest of Upcoming Holiday Lockdown Decision

Litzman said that it was a mistake to have pushed off the Coronavirus lockdown for so long, and Gamzu's plan all along was to shut down the shuls on the High Holidays.

Expected: Israel’s School System to Close Wednesday, Total Lockdown Friday Morning

Israel's cumulative deficit in the last 12 months (September 2019 - August 2020) is 8.1% of GDP (a deficit of NIS 110.5 billion – $32 billion).

Israeli Government Approves $3.2 Billion Budget Supplement for 2020

The government must still approve a state budget and submit it for three Knesset readings by Dec. 23, or it will dissolve and new elections will be triggered.

MKs Besiege Netanyahu to Confirm Construction of 9,000 Housing Units in Atarot

President Donald Trump's "deal of the century" states that the area of Atarot is designated to be held in partnership by Israel and a future Palestinian State. Thank you, Cousin Kushner

Inspectors Clash with Haredi Mayor over Removing Animals from Local Zoo

The mayor stood at the gates of the zoo and announced that until he finished the legal consultation, he would not allow the evacuation of the animals.

Record New Infections in Israel: 3,904 in One Day, 14 Dead, High Holiday Closure...

Experts advising the Corona Cabinet say the situation in hospitals is not encouraging, and more restrictions are needed.

3,392 New Corona Patients Monday, Death Toll at 1,026, Government Ministers Criticize Prof. Gamzu

The cabinet meeting to be held on Thursday will decide whether Israel will enter a lockdown during the Tishrei high holidays.

Former Minister in Rabin’s Government Shimon Shetreet to Run for President against Amir Peretz

Sheetrit's candidacy would conflict with Netanyahu's alleged plans to reward Minister Amir Peretz for jumping ship with his minuscule Labor party to the Likud coalition government.

Starting Monday: Nightly Curfew, Schools Shut Down in 40 Red Cities

The PM's press release referenced Proverbs 27:24. Is the PM growing philosophical in the face of a rising plague? We don't know.

New President: Malawi Will Establish Embassy in Jerusalem

Malawian church leader Zacc Kawalala welcomed the president's announcement with the post: “Pray for peace in Jerusalem. May all who love this city prosper (Psalms 122:6)."

Corona Czar Predicts Dozens of Deaths in Arab Sector

28 corona patients have died in the past two days, bringing the death toll in Israel today to 1007.


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