Police: Crowded Purim Street Celebrations in Tel Aviv Were ‘Suicide Parties’

Health Minister Yuli Edelstein (Likud) attacked the participants in those parties, saying "the jump in morbidity will be registered in your name."

Netanyahu: Everything Opens After Pesach, April 5th

“All over the world people are waiting for vaccines. In Israel, vaccines are waiting for people. We need to change that now.”

Defense Minister Warns: IDF Prepared to Act Against Iran Acquiring Nuclear Weapons

“The IDF is currently . . .preparing itself for any scenario, including one in which we would need to take operative action to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons."

US Secretary Antony Blinken to Israel’s FM Ashkenazi: ‘America Supports Two-State Solution’ (Again)

The Palestinian Authority has rejected every form of peace offered by Israel over the past decades.

Edelstein to SNL: Israel Has Vaccinated More Arabs Than Most Other Countries

"Your “joke” is an antisemitic lie that can have dangerous consequences in a country where . . . 11 Jewish worshipers were murdered just because they were Jews.”

Government Approves Decision to Compensate Families of Disappeared Yemenite Children

"The compensation will not atone for the terrible suffering that the families went through and are going through."

2 Boeing Tanker Jets Are First New Acquisitions on IDF’s Latest Approved Shopping List

In the next phase, two additional tanker aircraft will be acquired, out of a total of up to eight that will make up the future refueling fleet.

Edelstein: Reports of Planned Parties May Bring On Purim Night Lockdown

Edelstein put it: "Those who celebrate too much on Purim may shut us down on Passover."

Not a Member of an Israeli HMO? You Can Still Be Vaccinated.

Foreign workers who receive vaccinations will also be able to download vaccination certificates as well.

Netanyahu: Not One Dose of Vaccine Passed from Israel to Syria

"We brought back the young woman and I have thanked President Putin for this, but I respect Russia’s request not to say anything more."

PA: Israel to Vaccinate 100,000 Palestinian Authority Workers

“Israel’s coronavirus lockdown has affected the daily livelihood of 75 percent of the PA workers in Israel."

Syria Demands 2 Prisoners in Exchange for Woman Who Crossed the Border, But the...

Both prisoners, who were convicted on security charges by Israeli courts, have no interest in going back to Syria.

President Biden (Finally) Makes The Call to Prime Minister Netanyahu

"The two leaders noted their long-standing personal ties and said they would work together to further strengthen the strong alliance between Israel and the United States."

4M Israelis Already Vaccinated, Measures Considered to Persuade the Rest

The carrot: “Those who get vaccinated will be able to go out and enjoy theater, movies, sports events, flights abroad, restaurants and more.”

Israel Turns to Russia on ‘Sensitive’ Humanitarian Issue in Syria

It was expected that Prime Minister Netanyahu would address the nation on national television Tuesday night but the broadcast did not happen. No explanation was given.

Abu Dhabi Weapons Show Pleading with Netanyahu to Let Israeli Defense Industry Delegation Visit

"This is a severe blow, beyond the money we have invested in the exhibition display and the possibility of meeting security representatives from the Gulf in public for the first time."

President Bolsonaro Requesting Ichilov’s Corona Cure for Brazil

Last July, President Bolsonaro, 65, who earlier expressed doubt about the virility of the Corona, announced that he himself had tested positive for the virus.

Netanyahu: No Rotation with Bennett, Ben-Gvir Not Qualified for Ministerial Post

On Monday night, 36 days before the election, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was interviewed in the lions' den, Channel 12 News, and shared how...

Jerusalem Planning Committee Approves US Embassy’s Updated Construction Plans

"It is a lever for the growth and development of thousands of jobs, an engine for . . . encouraging international discourse on the importance of the capital of Israel."

Opposition Scorns Education Minister Galant for Corona-Related Failures

Education Minister Yoav Galant (Likud) had been summoned by 25 MKs to discuss the “state of the education system in Israel."

Mohamed Mahmoud Al Khaja Sworn In as UAE Ambassador to Israel

The treaty was signed on September 15, 2020. It recognizes each state's sovereignty.

Corona Traffic-Light Map Updated Twice a Week Showing Which Municipalities May Reopen Schools

As of Sunday, the health ministry is updating the list of cities in the traffic light program twice a week instead of once.

Report: Israel Will Facilitate Transfer of Tens of Thousands of Vaccines to Gaza

To date, more than 50,000 Arabs in the PA and Gaza have been infected with the Corona, hundreds have died and about 50 are hospitalized in critical condition.

Corona Czar Ash: Rejoice Very Cautiously on Purim or Risk a Fourth Wave

The health ministry wants to postpone the opening of commerce by ten days, while Blue&White demand starting a staggered reopening immediately.

President Rivlin Plows through the Snow to Visit IDF’s Alpinist Unit on Mount Hermon

“The peaks of the Hermon are not snowy all year round, but the threats we face are a constant presence."

Israel’s Schools Start Reopening Thursday, Pediatricians Warn Lockdown Severely Impacted Children’s Mental Health

The pediatricians point to a large increase in the incidence of tantrums, anxiety, depression, alcohol and drug abuse, anorexia in girls and boys, and obesity.

Netanyahu: Golan Heights Will Remain Israeli

“With an agreement, without an agreement, we are not coming down from the Golan. It will remain a sovereign part of the State of Israel.”

Israel, Greece Sign ‘Green Passport’ Deal for Tourism, Discuss ‘Miracle Drug’ to Treat COVID-19

"We would all be very relieved if we could find a drug that could cure the disease itself.”

Gafni, Ben-Gvir, Promise Major Constitutional Limits on the Courts If Elected

Monday was a particularly thought-provoking day in Israel's legal history.

Netanyahu Back in Court Today to Respond to Charges of Bribery, Fraud, Breach of...

It's already been more than a year since, in January 2020, the indictments were filed against Netanyahu.


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