Bibi’s In-Your-Face to Biden: Israel’s Plan for Day After the War in Gaza

The plan contradicts several key points in President Joe Biden and Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s ambitious plans for the same day after.

Tourism Minister Haim Katz Tells Evangelicals ‘Israel is Safe’

"Be our ambassadors in words and deeds. The best way to support Israel is to visit Israel. The safety of tourists is our top priority."

Israel to US Envoy: OK to Expand Role of Hostage Negotiators While Expanding IDF...

The defense minister also raised the issue of Iranian aggression via its proxies in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Yemen.

99 MKs Say No to Unilateral Recognition of Palestinian State

“Israel utterly rejects international diktats regarding a permanent settlement with the Palestinians."

Israel Breaks Legal Logjam as Judicial Selection Committee Meets for First Time in Nearly...

Ten judges and six acting judges were appointed to the District Courts of Haifa and Nazareth and one judge was appointed to the Eilat Magistrate’s Court.

Netanyahu on UN Security Council: ‘No Pressure Can Stop Us’

"We very much want to achieve another release and we are prepared to go far but we are not prepared to pay any price, certainly not the delusional prices that Hamas is demanding."

Hungary Stands Alone Against EU Ceasefire Demand

The statement urges Israel not to “take military action in Rafah that would worsen an already catastrophic humanitarian situation."

Eisenkot to War Cabinet: With Only Partial Success It’s Time for Course Recalculation in...

Eisenkot concludes his letter with criticism of PM Netanyahu’s repeated use of the need for “total victory.”

Ben Gvir: Prison Guard Who Served Barghouti Shabbat Cholent Disciplined

Barghouti has been on Hamas’s shortlist of terrorists they want to be released in exchange for Israeli hostages.

AG: Without Extension of Haredi Exemptions by End of March – They’re All Enlisted

Baharav Miara’s latest warpath during a war * cracks in Netanyahu’s coalition wall * Haredim change from militant to military * Rabbi Yochanan and the draft.

Brazil Recalls Ambassador, Reprimands Israeli Envoy

Brazil's president is deeply supportive of the Palestinian Authority "cause."

Brazil’s President Declared ‘Persona Non Grata’ in Israel

"We will not forgive and we will not forget. President Lula is an unwelcome person (persona non grata) in Israel until he apologizes and retracts his words."

Israel Slams Palestinian Authority Attempt to Manipulate ICJ to Expel Jews From Judea and Samaria

Among countries to participate in the week-long hearings are the United States, China, Russia, South Africa and Egypt. Israel sent written testimony.

Israeli Delegation Talking Tourism at World’s Largest Christian Media Convention

More than half (56 percent) of tourists visiting Israel are Christians; about a fifth (21 percent) of all tourism to Israel is defined as "pilgrimage".

No Decision on Israeli Arab Access to Al Aqsa Mosque for Ramadan

Ben-Gvir: "It cannot be that while kidnapped women are being raped in Gaza, Israel is allowing a Hamas victory celebration on the Temple Mount."

Unilever Freezes Price Hikes in Israel Until Oct. 1

In addition, there will be sales on the company's products in preparation for Purim, Passover and Independence Day, the company said.

Gallant Discusses Hostages and Humanitarian Aid with Dem Senators Coons and Blumenthal

Defense Minister Yoav Gallant on Sunday evening hosted two Democratic Senators who are strong supporters of Israel, Chris Coons (D-DE) and Richard Blumenthal (D-CT)....

Defying Security Experts, Bibi Dares to Stand Up to Hamas, Limits Muslims’ Access to...

Only Muslims aged 40 and older; Ben Gvir calls spades; When Jews overcrowded Temple Mount; Amos Harel’s farce & tragedy; Fleischman’s choice; Viry-Châtillon will march on you.

Israeli Cabinet Rejects Int’l Recognition of ‘Palestinian’ State

"Israel utterly rejects international diktats regarding a permanent settlement with the Palestinians," the text begins.

External Hamas Leaders Shop for New Gaza Chief: ‘Gaza Station Doesn’t Answer’

"The surrender of hundreds of terrorists in the hospitals in Khan Younis proves the Hamas Khan Younis Brigade has been defeated."

Brazil’s President Accuses Israel of Acting Like Hitler in Gaza

"What's happening in Gaza with Palestinians hasn't happened at any other moment in history. Actually it has: when Hitler decided to kill the Jews."

Muslim Month of Hate Looming over Israeli Government’s Decision-Making

All this goes on the head of this 6th-century Jewish merchant who hired an illiterate Arab kid as a security guard for his caravan.

Report: Israel Agreed to Freeze Settlements in Exchange for American Arms

Meanwhile, Peace Now has posted an extensive list of Israeli outposts in Judea and Samaria which have been legalized in 2023.

Netanyahu Attacks Leftist Campaign of ‘Enormous Funds Pushing Incitement and Division’

Netanyahu’s Jerry Maguire question is still begging for an answer: Show me the money.

Israel: ICJ Ruling Proves South Africa’s Claims ‘Baseless and Unsubstantiated’

"We will continue to fight the blood libel that South Africa is promoting and to uphold our right to defend ourselves against the Nazi Hamas murderers."

Report: Biden’s General Tried Desperately to Stop the IDF from Entering Gaza, Predicted 20...

Foreign armies are showing enormous interest in the air-land-sea combined operations devised by the IDF – quite possibly, the US Marines do as well.

Netanyahu Rejects Outright American, Arab Attempts to Impose 2-State Solution

Benny Gantz also stated outright that he opposes the creation of a "Palestinian" state.

Financial Times: Palestinian Authority 2 Weeks Away from Bankruptcy

The PA declared that Smotrich “has no right and does not have any authority to interfere with the funds of the Palestinian people and the ways in which they are spent."


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