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New York State Begins to Suspend, Fire Unvaccinated Healthcare Workers

New York is the first US state to implement a health care worker vaccine mandate.

Czech Republic Inks $627M Deal for Rafael Surface-to-Air Missile Systems

The new system is intended to replace the country’s outdated Soviet-designed 2K12 Kub surface-to-air missile systems.

Full Transcript & Video: PM Naftali Bennett’s Address to 76th UN General Assembly

"Every member state in this building has a choice. It’s not a political choice, but a moral one. It’s a choice between darkness and light."

PM Naftali Bennett to UNGA: ‘All Red Lines Have Been Crossed’ by Iran

Iran’s nuclear program has hit a watershed moment and so has our tolerance. Words do not stop centrifuges from spinning."

Haredi MK to Sue over Fake News that He Sold the Knesset to Ahmad...

"I demand an investigation of the publication of this fake news and intend to sue the publisher for libel."

Hebrew U Physicist Elected President of CERN Council

Professor Rabinovici’s main field of research is theoretical high-energy physics, in particular quantum field theory and string theory.

Bennett to Bahrain, UAE Ministers: We Are Stable and Believe in this Relationship

The Prime Minister is expected to speak at 4:00 PM Israel time, shortly before the start of the holiday.

Climate Change Week A Dud For New York Legislation

“Resignation does not equal accountability,” Assemblyman Ron Kim (D-Flushing, Queens) wrote. “Dr. Zucker’s departure is the absolute minimum needed to restore faith and accountability in government..."

Where Am I: Mountains of Torah

For instruction shall come forth from Zion...

At 90 Bill Shatner to Become Oldest Jew in Space

Shatner will break the record for oldest human in space belonging to 82-year-old aviator Wally Funk

Canadian Human Rights Agency: Anti-Vaxers Not Entitled to Special Accommodations

"The OHRC is not aware of any tribunal or court decision that found a singular belief against vaccinations or masks amounted to a creed within the meaning of the Code."

Radio Hosts Humiliate Yamina Minister over his Change of Heart on Coalition Arabs’ Support...

The minister's humiliation eventually ended because it was time to go to commercials.

In Landmark Decision, Madrid Assembly Officially Adopts IHRA Definition of Antisemitism

The Assembly also demands that the national parliament adopt legislation to exclude any possible grant and public aid to entities that promote Antisemitism according to the IHRA Definition.

300 Shiite & Sunni Iraqi Leaders Condemned Widely for Call to Join Abrahamic Accords

Sheikh Rissan al-Halboussi from Anbar province said that "normalization with Israel is now a necessity."

Israel Celebrates Professor Rabinovici’s Election to President of CERN Council

CERN is the European Organization for Nuclear Research, one of the world’s largest and most respected centers for scientific research.

4 Israeli-Arab Murdered Over Weekend, 96 Since Beginning of Year

About 90% of suspects arrested for shooting and weapons offenses are Israeli-Arabs.

Russia Bans the Church of Scientology

Russia's battle against Scientology has intensified as Russia's relations with the West have soured over the past decade.

IDF Kills 5 Hamas Terrorists in Judea & Samaria, Israel Preparing for Gaza Rockets

WAFA reported that at least 12 Arabs were injured on Friday by Israeli soldiers during clashes in Beita.

Arab MKs Demand US Open Separate Consulate, Recognize Capital of ‘State of Palestine’ in...

“The closure of the historic US consulate went hand in hand with the promotion of an illegal annexation process."

Jewish Groups Urge Public Funding for Private Schools Ahead of Supreme Court Case

Rabbi Chaim Dovid Zwiebel, executive vice president of Agudath Israel of America, said “excluding religious-school students from a state aid program that benefits other private-school students is discriminatory and unconstitutional.”

Erdan: At 76th UN General Assembly, Abbas Proves He’s ‘ No Longer Relevant’

Erdan points out that Abbas once threatened to sue the United Kingdom over the Balfour Declaration. "Today, he wants to return to the UN Partition Plan.”

LAPD Search for Man who Attempted to Run Over Jewish Women Outside of Synagogue

People outside of Congregation Shaarei Tefilah, where a Sukkot event was being held, reported seeing a man in a black Toyota Corolla who yelled, “I’m a real Muslim. I’ll show you what real terrorism looks like.”

Bennett Heads to New York, Prepares to Address UN General Assembly

Bennett will address the world body at 9 am ET Monday – 4 pm Israel time – before the start of Simchat Torah in Israel, the final holy day of the Jewish holiday of Sukkot.

At UN, Abbas Demands Israel Withdraw to Pre-1967 Lines or Face Consequences

The speech by Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas comes amid deepening unpopularity among Palestinian Authority citizens; a recent poll found that 80 percent want him to resign.

Texas Officially Adds Ben & Jerry’s, Unilever to List of Companies Boycotting Israel

Under Chapter 808, state law prohibits companies from refusing, terminating business or taking “any action that is intended to penalize, inflict economic harm on or limit commercial relations” with Israel.

3 Hurt in Mea Shearim Sukkah Collapse in Jerusalem

A 6-year-old boy was among those injured in the collapse.

Regavim Petitions High Court over Civil Administration’s Creative Protection of Illegal Arab Construction

Regavim’s petition to the High Court sought to compel the Civil Administration to execute military legislation known as “The Order for Removal of New Structures."

Anti-Israel Progressives Jumped the Shark on Iron Dome Funding But Will They Pay a...

The cameras caught a tearful AOC as she watched the complete collapse of her plot.


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