Report: Suspended Biden Envoy Robert Malley Part of Pro-Iranian Network

The full scale of the IEI project has emerged only recently, with the discovery of numerous Iranian government letters and emails.

Watch: Priestly Blessing at the Kotel

Tens of thousands of Jews attended Monday morning’s Birkat Ha’Cohanim – the priestly blessing – at the Western Wall.

Vindictive: Justice Hayut Cancels her Retirement Ceremony to Stop Justice Minister from Speaking

Levin upset Hayut and the powers that be in the judicial system when he refused to appoint Justice Yitzhak Amit to replace Hayut.

Israeli, Saudi Sources: US Obsession with ‘Palestinians’ Harming Normalization

The Saudis are not pressuring Israel to make hefty concessions to the Palestinian Authority.

Chief Rabbi Says Treif Food Makes You Dull, Offending Secular Israelis

Some may not like it, but none of his teachings is without a solid foundation in classical, mainstream Jewish tradition.

Baby Girl Harmed in Terror Attack

The baby suffered cuts on her face from broken glass.

Female IDF Soldiers will Finally No Longer Guard Terrorists after Scandal

The guard said she was threatened into allowing the terrorist's abusive behavior.

Israel Searching for Survivors as Empty Migrant Boat Washes Ashore

It wasn’t clear if the people on board had drowned or abandoned the boat.

Israel’s National Library Cancels New Logo after Outrage and Ridicule

The new emblem was accused of a lack of connection to "the Jewish people, the State of Israel, Zionism or the Hebrew language."

US: Tehran Can Make Nuclear Bomb in Less than Two Weeks

The Department of Defense report "assessed that Iran is not pursuing a nuclear weapons program at this time."

New Zealand’s Labour Government to Recognize a Palestinian State after October 14 Elections

In September 2014, Israel and New Zealand clashed after New Zealand had assigned an ambassador to Israel and to the Palestinian Authority.

Israeli Man Seeking to Sacrifice Goat on Temple Mount Arrested

The man, Yair Hanoch, an activist from the Return to the Mount organization was detained at a light rail station near Jerusalem’s Old City.

Kibbutzniks Shot at by Arabs Pay Visit to Neighboring Village

In Huwara, after two Israeli brothers had been murdered there, the Jewish response was not nearly as peaceful.

Gafni: We Are in the Midst of a Religious War

“I told them – you don’t mean the judicial reform, nor anything similar to that, you are waging a religious war against us.”

Report: Israel Attacked Iranian Weapons Convoy in Syria

As of now, Syrian officials have not commented on the reports.

House Votes to Cut Salary of Suspended Iran Envoy, Continue to Fund UNRWA

Congress also voted overwhelmingly to keep the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem and maintain the terror designation of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

Pompeo Tops List of Israel’s Christian Allies

The Washington-based advocacy group Israel Allies Foundation releases the list annually.

Tel Aviv Judge Supports City Decision to Yank Rosh Yehudi’s Holiday Permits

Instead, the judge urged the Orthodox outreach organization to meet with representatives of the municipality "immediately" and work to reach an agreement "in the spirit of the holiday."

New York City Under Water for First Days Yom Tov Sukkot

More than seven inches of rain fell in Brooklyn and more than six inches of rain was reported in Manhattan, Queens and the Bronx, with peak rainfall amounts of three inches per hour.

California Senator Dianne Feinstein Dies, Age 90

The senator's death leaves a vacancy in a powerful seat in the chamber, one that forces California Governor Gavin Newsom into the deciding on a temporary replacement as the Senate and House face a looming government shutdown.

Saudis Want US Defense Pact, Prioritize US & Israel Alliances over Concessions to Palestinian...

The Saudi want peace with Israel and a defense treaty with the US, that's all they care about.

Israel Inks Largest Defense Deal in its History

The German Air Force is to take delivery of Israel's Arrow 3 missile-defense system by the fourth quarter of 2025.

Two Heartening Sukkot Notes from the Late Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

Here are two sober notes from the late Rabbi Sacks which are at the same time uplifting and heartwarming.

Haredi Lone Soldiers Receive Gift of 4 Species for Sukkot

Over the past few days, the Netzah association distributed 450 fancy four species sets to the Haredi soldiers.

Rashida Tlaib: Biden’s Visa Waiver Helps Israel’s Discrimination Policy

As to “reciprocity,” Israel should commit to keeping to a minimum the number of Israeli terrorists flying to the US to murder innocent civilians.


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