Man ‘Taken Back to 1930s Germany’ when his Birthplace ‘Israel’ Was Scribbled Out by...

They said the affair made them feel “as if we had been taken back to 1930s Germany.”

In Wake of Hamas Atrocities Against Israeli Women, UN Insists Israel Violates Arab Women

Pay attention to Joseph Heller * Meet Pramila Patten * Alternate truth, UN Style * Gaza boy makes bad * Matthew Miller walks into a rape scene * Them racist Jews refuse to rape Arab ladies.

Study Finds Antisemitism Motivates US Jews to Give 10 Times More to Charity

Younger generations had the highest participation rates in giving to Israel-focused organizations, and the highest amounts.

International Criminal Court to Decide if God’s Gifts to Israel in 1967 Constitute ‘Occupation’

Welcome to The Hague * Did somebody mention death? * The left has left * Test time

‘Who Wrote This Thing??’ State Department Official Asks of $1 Million Grants to Investigate...

The unnamed official questioned why the U.S. government is paying to investigate its ally for human rights abuses, per the Washington Free Beacon.

Florida Antisemite Attacks 68-Year-old Jewish Man After Synagogue

Antisemitic incidents in Florida have more than doubled since 2020, according to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL).

Brazil’s President Declared ‘Persona Non Grata’ in Israel

"We will not forgive and we will not forget. President Lula is an unwelcome person (persona non grata) in Israel until he apologizes and retracts his words."

CAM: Brazilian President’s ‘Outrageous Blood Libel is Morally Repugnant’

"We call for an immediate apology and retraction. President Lula should stop using Jewish tragedies to score political points.”

MIT, Stanford, Brown Restrict and Punish Protesting Students

Some of the students who violated the law were not US citizens, and their suspension would have led to deportation.

Yael Foundation Hosts Jewish Educators from 5 Continents Amidst Escalating Global Antisemitism

This year the Yael Foundation will introduce the 'Yael Foundation for Educational Excellence' award.

SWU Legal Justice Center Files Civil Rights Complaint over Antisemitism at Vermont’s Middlebury College

"Unfortunately, it appears that administrators at Middlebury College are more concerned with denying that the problem exists than with addressing it.”

Israeli MKs Discuss Overcoming US ‘Settler’ Sanctions

"We're talking about simple families that work in agriculture. We must defend their right to live," Likud lawmaker Amit Halevi told JNS.

Rashida Tlaib ‘Present,’ as Rest of House Votes Unanimously to Condemn Hamas for Rape

"Rep. Tlaib isn't content to 'All Lives Matter' the mass rape of Jewish women by Hamas. She has actually appropriated the atrocities perpetrated against Jews," wrote Batya Ungar-Sargon, Newsweek's opinion editor.

15 People Arrested After Anti-Israel Activists Block Brooklyn Bridge

“Multiple people were taken into custody regarding this incident,” said a spokesperson from the NYPD, and charged with offenses.

Leeds University’s Jewish Chaplain Moved Off Campus Following Threats

“Such attacks on any individual are unacceptable and will not be tolerated from members of the public or our university community,” the university stated.

Jewish Man Bashed in Head with Metal Bat in Staten Island

The attacker fled on foot and has not yet been caught. The NYPD said the case is under investigation as a hate crime.

AJC Poll: Three-Quarters of US Jews Feel Less Safe after Oct. 7

“The explosion of antisemitism since Oct. 7 demands that we take collective action now,” said Ted Deutch, CEO of the American Jewish Committee.

UN Official Who Justified Oct. 7 Terror Attacks Banned From Entering Israel

Francesca Albanese, a UN official with a history of comments justifying Arab terror, will be banned from entering Israel.

Berlin Film Festival Caught Up in Conflicts over Gaza War

The event, known for its staunch support of Iran's struggling directors, has called upon Tehran to permit the attendance of two filmmakers subjected to a travel restriction.

Dallas Jewish Councilwoman’s Home Defaced by Antisemitic Hamas Fans

On October 11, 2023, The Dallas City Council approved by a vote of 14-0 a resolution supporting Israel in its war against Hamas.

Believe It or Nuts: the UN Counts Jews Visiting the Temple Mount as ‘Settler...

It turns out that many Arab-on-Jew attacks were recorded by the UN as “settler violence.”

ACLU Calls on DOE to Reject IHRA’s Definition of Antisemitism

Usually, the objection to the IHRA list of definitions of antisemitism relates to attacks on Israel and pro-Israel Jews. But the ACLU is looking to quash the whole kit and caboodle.

Las Vegas City Council Adopts IHRA Working Definition of Antisemitism

"This will be a crucial tool for the city to identify and fight antisemitism citywide."

Jewish Organizations Welcome Report on Ending Morningstar’s Anti-Israel Bias

The Jewish group noted that if implemented to their full extent, the expert recommendations will ensure that Morningstar has a superior ESG product.

Israel’s Ambassador, Bnai Brith Portugal Warn Silence of Portuguese Politicians Could Lead to Antisemitic...

At a recent demonstration for better housing in Porto, some protesters instructed people “not to rent a house from Zionist murderers,” and "Neither Haifa nor Boavista, out with Zionist capital".

Iran Sent Undercover Operatives to Sweden to Murder Jews

Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps targeted Aron Verständig, chair of the Official Council of Swedish Jewish communities, and others.

Herzog, TikTok Execs Discuss Rising Antisemitism on Social Media Platform

Hebrew University social media researcher Tom Divon noted that some content had been removed from the platform, albeit only after an extended period, and some had not been removed at all.

Full Movie: Journey of Hope – Retracing the Kindertransport after 85 Years

"If you don’t know the past you can’t make the future any better."

Moscow Summoned Israeli Ambassador for Criticizing Tolerance of Hamas, No Holocaust Memorial Day

Halperin is a firebrand, no doubt about it, but Russia is not a hospitable place for firebrands, especially not in February.


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