Decoding Antisemitism: Stopping Hate Online with AI

The group of international researchers will use artificial intelligence to combat the spread of antisemitism and hatred online.

Polish President Praises Law Banning Exports of Kosher Slaughtered Meat

President Duda said he was very concerned about the welfare and humanitarian treatment of animals, but stressed that the welfare of farmers came first.

Miami Herald Apologizes Profusely for Anti-Semitic Insert, Cuts Off Relations with Client

“Why did you take money from a convicted fraudster to publish racist and anti-Semitic propaganda?”

Arizona State Student Government Aadopts Universal Definition of Anti-Semitism

Koral Zaarur said the measure was in response to posters of Adolf Hitler and swastikas on campus, though it “turned into so much more.”

Study Reveals 11% of US Millennials, Gen Z, Believe the Jews Caused the Holocaust

In New York State an astounding 19% of Millennial and Gen Z respondents felt Jews caused the Holocaust.

71% of Jews in Europe have Experienced Anti-Semitic Attack – EU Survey

The survey was presented on Tuesday to the Knesset’s Subcommittee on Israel-Diaspora Relations.

Chancellor Merkel: Jews Don’t Feel Safe in Germany

She pointed out the increase in conspiracy theories and hate speech targeting Jews on social media in Germany.

Netanyahu Thanks Danish PM for Stance Against Ban on Circumcision

Several Danish political parties have launched another campaign to ban male religious circumcision in the country.

‘Palestine Action’ Raids Elbit Offices in London Again, 4 Arrested

All in all, Elbit is probably the least vulnerable Israeli company out there, and the attacks on its London offices were borderline silly, seeing as it took them some time to hang their slogan banner upright.

UNRWA USA Communications Director to Address pro-BDS Conference

Organizers say it is an “in-depth course on legislative advocacy” in training activists to lobby Congress on BDS and other anti-Israel issues.
Religious Circumcision

Danish Jews Threatened by Circumcision Ban, Community Leader Warns

"Denmark saved Jewish life during the Holocaust, and now it may end Jewish life in the kingdom," says Danish Jewish community president Henri Goldstein.

Wisconsin Man Charged with Anti-Semitic Slurs at Jewish Neighbor over Biden Yard Sign

 Kirst finally left his neighbors' yard, went home and made a sign that read "Jews for Trump," which he posted in his own yard.

PA Calls Israel’s Wheelchair Accessibility Plans for Cave of the Patriarchs a ‘War Crime’

Palestinian Authority officials claim that allowing the disabled to have access to the holy site is a provocation of the Muslims’ sensibilities.

Biden Meeting Draws Attention to Jacob Blake Sr. Past Anti-Semitic Statements

Jacob Blake Sr., father of 29-year-old Jacob Blake, appears to show a history of racist and anti-Semitic views.

Trial of 14 Collaborators with 3 Murderers at Charlie Hebdo, Hypercacher Market Begins in...

On Wednesday, Charlie Hebdo republished the cartoon depicting the Prophet Mohammed in its new weekly edition.

‘Hitler Was Right’ Flyers Posted on Arizona State U Campus

"Words of bigotry can never be ignored. When condemnable words go unanswered, it emboldens the evil, and leads to negative actions."

Watch: Ukrainians Attack Arriving Breslov Chassidim in Uman

Last week marked the 79th anniversary of the murder of more than 23 thousand Jews in Ukraine.

Staten Island Synagogue Bombarded with Eggs Saturday Night

According to an unsubstantiated report, the attacked synagogue belonged to the Gerer Chassidic movement.

Report: Breaking the Silence Received NIS 2.5 Million from Pro-Terrorism, BDS Foundation

The funding Breaking the Silence received from NDC is troubling given NDC's demand that its supported groups support Palestinian Right of Return and the BDS campaign.

Amid Riots, Synagogue in Kenosha, Wis., Vandalized with ‘Free Palestine’

The Jewish Community Relations Council of the Milwaukee Jewish Federation called for unity.

The Fight Against Anti-Semitism Faces a New Enemy: QAnon

Adherents to the conspiracy theory claim that the “liberal elite,” including Democratic politicians and Jewish billionaire George Soros, are part of a secret faction to overthrow the president.

Otzma Yehudit Chairman Joins Reform Movement’s High Court Petition Against Him: Bring It On

"In order for me to fulfill my right to prove my innocence, I ask the court to order the Attorney General and State Attorney, Dr. Avichai Mandelblit, to file an indictment against me."

RNC Nixes Convention Speaker Mary Ann Mendoza for Anti-Semitism, QAnon Garbage

“And there you have it: The Rothschilds have used their globalist media mouthpiece to declare that Donald Trump is threatening to destroy the New World!”

Neo Nazi Richard Spencer Disavows Trump, Pledges Allegiance to Biden

There's no telling if all Spencer is going for is an embarrassment to Joe Biden, frustration at President Trump's failure so far to raise his poll numbers, or maybe the guy is just a crazy Nazi.

Cleveland Clinic Resident Fired for Online Antisemitism Gets Training Certificate Revoked

Kollab was fired from the Cleveland Clinic in December 2018 for making anti-Semitic remarks online.

Scores of Jewish Tombstones Vandalized in South Africa

“The barbed wire we put up a few years ago has also been stolen.”

Biden Campaign Appears to Walk Back Apology Over Condemning Linda Sarsour

Biden campaign senior advisor Symone Sanders told JNS: “We continue to reject the views that Linda Sarsour has expressed.”

Anti-Semitic Demonstrators in Ann Arbor Get Support from US District Court Judge

"Their hate fails to alarm some progressive leaders who would be rightfully shouting from the rooftops if this were a mosque."

Merriam-Webster Attacks Israel with Fake Entry on Apartheid

The Merriam-Webster entry is not only Anti-Semitic, it's also inaccurate.


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