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Entire NJ Congressional Delegation Condemns Trenton Council President’s Anti-Semitic Remarks

Council President McBride publicly apologized at last Tuesday’s City Council meeting

Report: US On Campus Anti-Semitism Showing 70% Spike

Faculty took a much more active and prominent role in academic BDS promotion and implementation, and in the promulgation of anti-Semitic expression used to justify academic BDS.

Women’s March Leaders Sarsour, Mallory, Bland, Dumped Over Anti-Semitism

The three resignations came following accusations that Mallory and another early organizer of the march on Washington, Carmen Perez-Jordan, had made anti-Semitic remarks.

NJ Teen Yelling Obscenities Drove into Jewish Pedestrians

Louisiana Parkway is stretched along Jackson’s border with Lakewood.

EJA: Flemish Sign Language Page Uses ‘Hooked Nose’ to Define ‘Jew’

"I first thought this was a joke in poor taste or something ironical. That it is not is most alarming and disgusting of all."

European Imams, Rabbis in Summit on Anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, Populism

Another topic to be discussed in Matera is the problem of anti-Semitism among refugees and migrants, according to DW.

Elections Committee Nixes Leftist NGO Initiative to Bus 15,000 Arab Voters

Im Tirtzu's legal division hailed the ruling as "a great victory for Israeli democracy."

Suspect Arrested in Vicious Beating of Rabbi in Crown Heights

“The way he jumped toward me, he was determined to kill. No question.”

Swastikas Found in Brooklyn Schoolyard, Westport, Boston, & San Francisco

Since the start of September, there's been a string of incidents across the United States involving teenage use of Hitler's hate symbols.

Suspect Charged with Arson in Duluth Synagogue Fire

Adas Israel, a small congregation of just 75 members, is one of only two synagogues in the city.

More than 100 Jewish Lawyers in Texas Request New Trial for Jewish Death-Row Inmate

“If the allegations here are true—and they unfortunately ring true—the trial was no trial, and the verdict no verdict because the judge was no judge,” said the lawyers.

Holland Rejects UN Human Rights Council’s ‘Disproportionate Singling Out of Israel’

Agenda Item 7 requires the body to discuss alleged Israeli human rights violations at every UNHRC session and it is utilized to condemn the Jewish state regularly.

Brooklyn Orthodox Jews Urge Police, City Protection Against Rash of Attacks

After three attacks in recent weeks targeting visible Jews, residents and leaders are calling for greater police presence in their neighborhoods and stricter hate-crime laws.

Israel Channel 13 Reporter Slanders Rabbi in Prime Time, Forced to Apologize for Blunder

The video cropped out statements by the Rabbi, leading viewers to believe he was expressing his own personal beliefs.

Jewish Agency Appeals to Belgian Regional Parliament to Permit Shechitah

The ban on kosher slaughter was initially legislated in 2017 and came into effect at the beginning of September.

‘History Repeating Itself in Warsaw; People Stand By as Jews are Beaten’

“I am telling this story because I want Israelis to know, so they will be careful. My brother was very fortunate; who knows what might happen to someone else, next time around.”

Bernie Sanders Recruits Linda Sarsour as Campaign Surrogate

The DNC joined major liberal organization who will no longer associate themselves with Sarsour.

Hamas-Affiliate Uses British Libel Laws to Humiliate the Jewish Chronicle

The JC is not the first publication to end up paying money to Interpal to avoid a lawsuit. In June 2019, the Daily Mail and Mail Online gave the charity more than $145,000.

80 Groups: SFSU’s Prof. Abdulhadi Still Using School’s Name, Logo, to Spread Anti-Semitism

The groups initially learned that an image with the message “Zionism = Racism” and “Boycott! Divest! Sanction!” had been posted to the Arab and Muslim Ethnicities and Diaspora’s Program (AMED) Facebook page.

De Blasio’s New Hate Crime Chief Says Mayor Is Wrong on Source of Anti-Semitism

“When it happened to me personally, I realized how much it meant to my identity and how much fear it raised,” Lauter told reporters.

Swedish Court Fines Imam $305 for Saying Jews Are Offspring of Monkeys and Pigs

The same July 2017 rally in Helsingborg also called for violence against Jews and praised Muslim martyrs.

Orthodox Jew Belted by Thugs on Brooklyn Street, Third Attack in One Week

Police are still investigating two other hate crimes against religious Jewish men from last week.

IfNotNow Activist Hurls Dual-Loyalty Charge at Jewish Democratic Congressman

“You represent American Jews, not Israelis,” interjected an audience member named Nathan. “No, I represent the United States,” responded Rep. Brad Schneider (D-Ill.).

Orthodox Jew Bloodied in Anti-Semitic Attack in Crown Heights, Brooklyn

“Has it become too dangerous for openly religious Jewish men to walk the streets of NYC?”

Wife Divorcing Leftist Consultant Husband over Affair with Ilhan Omar

Meanwhile, Alabama's Republican Party has issued a resolution calling on its congressional delegation to start expulsion procedures against Omar.

German Soccer Club Condemns Own Fans for Calling Director ‘Jewish Pig’

CFC has been mired in an ongoing fight with its far-right supporters for a few months now, and has already lost some of its older fans as far-right hooligan presence has increased.

‘New York Times’ Editor Apologizes for Antisemitic Tweets

“I have deleted tweets from a decade ago that are offensive. I am deeply sorry,” posted politics editor Tom Wright-Piersanti on his Twitter page, which is currently private.

Why Israeli Jews Mistrust Arabs: The Hebron Massacre

That pogrom took place 90 years ago, but many Israelis are convinced to this day that nothing has really changed.

Maher Fires Back at Tlaib: Does She ‘Want to Boycott 93 Percent of Her...

“Some people have one move only: boycott. Cancel. Make-go-away. But here’s the thing, the house voted 318 to 17 to condemn the #BDS movement,” tweeted cable talk-show host and comedian Bill Maher.

Sen. Graham: Tlaib, Omar Are Right, We Should Change US Aid to Israel –...

Should Congress and the administration decide to suspend the aid to Israel, the move would introduce lost jobs and income to the tune of close to $40 billion over 10 years.


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