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Survey: Jews Least Harassed Group in Online Gaming Compared with Women, Blacks, Asians, LGBTQ,...

Two groups suffered less abuse in online gaming than the year before: Latinx 25%, down from 30%; and the disabled 24%, down from 25%.

Pro-BDS Resolution Withdrawn at Burlington City Council Meeting After Community Rallies Against It

“The BDS movement goes beyond protection for Palestinians; it calls for death to Israel. I don’t know if you can have a conversation with someone when the opening salvo is you need to die,” said one of the Jewish speakers.

MK Demands Penalties for Arab Soccer Fans Who Screamed ‘With Spirit and Blood We’ll...

The Arab team's home stadium was built with public funds from the State of Israel and the Qatar National Olympic Committee.

Pope Laments Anti-Semitism in Meeting with Slovakia’s Jews

“In a frenzy of hatred, during the Second World War more than a hundred thousand Slovak Jews were killed."

Man Attacks Haredi MK, Tries to Cut his Beard, Flees on Scooter

UTJ MK Israel Eichler called on all the Haredi leaders to strongly condemn Monday morning's violent attack.

Group Issues Call for Action Against France’s Burgeoning Anti-Semitic ‘Qui?’ Movement

A new, troubling anti-Semitic trend which is gaining traction across France.

Atlanta Jewish Times Kills Pro-Jewish Op-Ed by Black Republican – Read What They Cancelled

I want to use this occasion to nominate Marisa Pyle and Kaylene Ladinsky as the Jewish Karens of the year 5782.

Far-Right German Convicted of Attacking Jewish Restaurant Owner

Back in 2018, Central Council of Jews in Germany president Schuster described the attack as: "It is five past midnight."

Arizona Divests from Unilever / Ben & Jerry’s

Arizona's state Treasurer Kimberly Yee announced on Tuesday that the state of Arizona is completely divesting from Ben & Jerry's.

Think Tank Depicts Uniform and Hostile Progressive Response to Jewish, Israeli Concerns Since 2021...

The paper urges clearly articulating and defining the challenge, then mobilizing a critical mass of organizations and initiatives to address it.

Biden Claims He Visited Pittsburgh Synagogue after the Shooting, Synagogue Director Insists He Never...

The Republican Jewish Coalition suggested Biden “flat out lied about visiting” the Tree of Life synagogue.

Pro-Israel Group Urges Ethics Investigation of Tlaib for Retweeting Charity with Terror Ties

According to the release, the organization was investigated by the Israel-based Alma Research and Education Center, which indicated that some of the money donated to Baitulmaal goes to the Gaza-based charity organizations United Friends Association for Social Development (UFA).

Jewish Institute for Liberal Values Says Critical Race Theory Encourages Anti-Semitism

"We believe it is impossible to contain the anti-Semitism emerging from CSJ without rejecting the imposition of CSJ."

Ben & Jerry’s Israel to Israel’s Competition Authority: Global Ben & Jerry’s Demand for...

As part of Unilever's acquisition of Strauss Ice Cream, Unilever is allowed no say in the marketing of Ben & Jerry's in Israel, to avoid reducing competition.

On Eve of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, Catholic Journalist Atones for the Sins...

"Jonas Noreika received the Cross of the Vytis, the highest honor a Lithuanian could receive posthumously."

Jewish State Department Officials Call on Blinken to Fire Antisemitic Employee

Politico was the first to report in February that Fritz Berggren, a U.S. foreign service officer, has been publishing on his website Bloodandfaith.com material that attacks Jews and the LGBTQ community, and calls for the creation of Christian nation-states.

FBI Report Reinforces Trend that American Jews are ‘Top Target’ for Hate Crimes

“Despite our relatively small population, these attacks show no signs of slowing down as our community was targeted the most among religiously motivated crimes,” said Michael Master, national director and CEO of the Secure Community Network.

Iran’s New FM Amir-Abdollahian: It’s the Zionists’ Fault

OK, now, can you say "Hossein Amir-Abdollahian?"

Anuradha Mittal Who Spearheaded Ben & Jerry’s Boycott on Israeli Settlements Accused of Fiduciary...

"The Ben & Jerry's Foundation steered over $170,000 in grants to an anti-Israel nonprofit group run by one of its board directors."

Prosecutor: Terrorists Behind Argentina’s AMIA Bombing to be Brought to Justice

One of the alleged terrorists was named Iran’s new interior minister.

Village of Great Neck adopts IHRA Working Definition of Antisemitism

The Long Island community joined area municipalities that have also decided to actively confront the issue.

Neo-Nazi Terrorist Who Threatened Jewish Journalists Gets 3 Years in Federal Prison

The group focused primarily on Jewish journalists and journalists of color.

4 Arrested in Denver Yeshiva Student Murder Investigation

"No one has mentioned the victim’s religion or offered information indicating that they were targeting the school or the Jewish community.”

Report: Poland Mulls Termination of Israeli Youths’ Annual Visit to Death Camps

Israel's Foreign Minister: “Gone are the days when Poles harmed Jews without consequence.”

Arab Villagers Present Anti-Semitic Fire Show Complete with Burning Swastikas

"Are the Palestinian rioters in Beita aware of what they are doing, raising the Nazi flag and supporting Hitler?"

Holocaust Survivors Urge California Legislators to Oppose Ethnic Studies Bill

Several web pages published under the heading “Preparing to Teach Palestine: A Toolkit” suggest the LESMC curriculum will be even more politicized, divisive, and antisemitic than its predecessor.

Ilhan Omar: AIPAC Attack Ads Put my Life at Risk

To remind you, in June, Omar tweeted, nicely mixing up all the players to create the mother of all false equivalencies.

Eastern Jerusalem Jews Discover their Dentist Was the Arab Who Attacked Them

"We were horrified to find out that the person who tried to attack us was none other than a licensed dentist who works at an HMO and runs an independent dental clinic."


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