Israeli in LA: ‘Palestinians’ Piggybacking on US Riots to Wreck Synagogues

“I saw a PLO flag and them shouting to ‘free Palestine.’ I don’t think it was black protesters who did this damage,” Dahan said.

Rioters Smash Windows of Kosher Restaurant in DC

Char Bar had been operating on a limited schedule with pickup and delivery amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Thousands Call on Army Radio to Drop Anti-Israel Pop Star Dua Lipa

The petition, organized Im Tirtzu, came after Lipa had sparked outrage on Sunday by sharing an anti-Israel and anti-IDF post to her 46 million followers on Instagram.

Munich Bans Using Holocaust Symbol to Protest Coronavirus Rules

Rüdiger Erben, a Social Democrat MP from Saxony-Anhalt, said anyone who wears one of those upgraded stars is "an anti-Semite of the most repulsive kind."

LA Jewish Owned Pharmacy Reopens After Looting in Race Riots

Friedman stayed up until two in the morning cleaning the store and boarding up the windows. “It looked like the aftermath of a hurricane,” he said.

Palestinian Authority Exploits George Floyd’s Death for Anti-Israel Incitement

he PA’s main theme is that Israel deliberately kills Arabs and it uses every opportunity to disseminate that lie.

LA Councilman Condemns Rioters Who Targeted Dozens of Jewish Businesses

“The attack on our community last night was vicious and criminal. Fairfax is the center of the oldest Jewish community in Los Angeles,” Koretz said in a statement.

Farrakhan Defender Keith Ellison to Prosecute Minneapolis Cop in George Floyd’s Homicide

Taking up the most famous criminal prosecution in America today is expected to catapult Keith Ellison to the top of the same DNC he had failed to win three years ago.

BDS Leader Says Goal of Movement is End of Israel

During a 20-minute interview in Arabic via a Podcast, Omar Barghouti appears to have let slip its real objective.

Sepharade Kol Yehouda Synagogue in Montreal Vandalized

Torah scrolls, tefillin and talitot were torn up, smashed up, and dumped in the shul's toilet.

How Far Is this Madness Going to Go?

Strangely, it is the anti-Zionists among us who have offered a psychologically astute response to our frustrations, as religious Zionists, at the fact that our fellow Jewish brothers and sisters aren't afraid enough to make aliyah.

Watch LA Jews Cheering the Arriving Cavalry

Rabbi Steven Burg on Sunday posted a few remarkable videos as well as a still image portraying the state of things in Los Angeles during the race riots.

Founder of IfNotNow Rebukes Minnesota Congresswoman Who Objected to Riots

"According to Yonah, looting and destruction of property are progressive acts. Ok Yonah."

Mayor Jacob Frey Faces Worst Race Riots Since 1967, When Another Jewish Mayor Ruled...

Saturday clashes took place in the Fairfax District, the historic center of LA's Jewish community, known for its upscale shopping.

Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Recapture Media’s Attention in Minnesota Race Riots

As is always the case when individuals such as Sharpton and Jackson are involved, the race riots across America will not calm down with their help.

With Fear of Proto-Fascist Terrorism Growing, Germany Reports 2,032 Anti-Semitic Crimes in 2019, 13%...

Reichsbürger ("Reich Citizens") is a label for several groups and individuals in Germany and elsewhere who reject the legitimacy of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Pink Floyd BDSed Roger Waters

Waters is upset because Gilmour thinks he is irrelevant and banned the mention of Waters' solo projects from the band's website and Facebook page.

CEO of Conference of Presidents Says Coronavirus Gave New Life to Old Anti-Semitism

OMG, the next line there should have been: "If we weren't optimists, we never would have picked up our suitcases and made Aliyah…"

Synagogue Windows Shattered in Peoria, Illinois

Officer Amy Dotson of the Peoria Police Department said the windows were broken by either rocks or bricks, and among the rooms impacted were classrooms and a kitchen.

Ayatollah Khamenei on Jerusalem Day: Zionist Virus Won’t Last Long

Despite the fact that Israel and Iran are separated by close to a thousand miles of desert, it appears that Israel continues to live rent-free inside the head of Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei.

Justice Department Files Suit Against New Jersey Township for ‘Religious Discrimination’ Against Orthodox Jews

A federal law protects religious institutions from unduly burdensome or discriminatory land-use regulations.

Cruz Calls for DOJ Probe into de Blasio Closing Unapproved Opening of Yeshivah

In a letter in April, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) called for the U.S. Justice Department to “monitor New York City” for cases of “constitutional violations” concerning religious discrimination against Jews.

Ukraine Jewish Leader Hails Arrests in Synagogue Arson Attempt

"Less than a month has passed since the attempt to set fire to the synagogue in Kherson. The suspects have already been placed under round-the-clock house arrest."

Missouri Becomes 29th US State to Pass Anti-BDS Law

The bill will prohibit the State of Missouri and its political subdivisions from entering into contracts worth over $100,000 with companies with 10 or more employees that engage in the boycott of Israel.

Arsonists Torch Queen Esther & Mordechai’s Historic Tomb in Hamedan, Iran

Under the Ayatollahs and the terrorist movements they have spawned, in recent years there have been annual anti-Semitic protests at the holy site."

Ukraine Police Collecting Names, Phone Numbers of Jewish Students

Regional police official Myhaylo Bank was asking for those personal details on behalf of investigations into "ethnic" and "transnational crime groups."

FBI Arrests Neo-Nazi Cardozo High School Graduate for Buying Illegal Assault Rifles

Miner was arrested on Tuesday together with his neighbor, Daniel Jou, 40, in a hotel room near La Guardia Airport

2019 was Most Anti-Semitic Year for US Jews in Last 40 Years, Report shows

The report documented 2,107 anti-Semitic incidents in the US in 2019, including 61 physical assault cases, 1,127 instances of harassment and 919 acts of vandalism.

After 4 Weeks of Shameful Silence, Amnesty Concedes: Gaza Peace Activist Is ‘Prisoner of...

Hamas and the Palestinian Authority condemned UN Watch for calling out the pernicious role of former Amnesty researcher Hind Khoudary in reporting Aman to Hamas.

Hispanic Couple Arrested for Ripping Off Face Masks of Williamsburg Jews

Of course, it was the Mayor who led the anti-Semitic charge back on April 29, when he attacked Williamsburg Jews who participated in a Police-approved funeral.


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