Sharp Increase in Anti-Semitism Expected in 2021, Israeli Ministry Warns

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has been used by anti-Semites to spread conspiracy theories against Jews around the world and against the State of Israel.

California High Schools to Embrace ‘Critical Ethnic Studies’ that Say Jews Are ‘Privileged’

The third draft curriculum is now being reviewed by the State Board of Education and is likely to be approved in March with few changes.

Tank Crew Sues ‘Breaking the Silence’ and Fellow Crew Member for ‘Spreading Lies and...

The suit claims the tank crew were "forced to defend themselves against their comrades in the company and the division, to be interrogated by the IDF and the Israel Police, to give an account to their family members, and to find themselves in a turmoil based entirely on the complete lies."

Microsoft-Owned GitHub Official Resigns over Firing Jewish Employee Who Cried ‘Nazis’

The former employee said that when he wrote his initial message he was genuinely concerned about his co-workers in the area, in addition to his Jewish family members.

Haifa School Hosts B’Tselem Speaker Accusing Israel of Apartheid Despite Education Minister’s Ban

The twelfth graders posed good questions to the speaker from B'Tselem and didn't need thought protection from the Education Minister.

Jewish Civil-Rights Group Protests Twitter CEO Over Not Banning Holocaust Denial

Jack Dorsey has been quick to edit “misinformation” when it comes to politics, the coronavirus pandemic or other issues of consequence, but not when it comes to anti-Semitism, says End Jew Hatred.

Albania Academy of Sciences Adopts IHRA’s Definition of Anti-Semitism

The Academy of Science will issue its own statement on the adoption of the IHRA working definition on January 26.

Progressive Jewish & Israeli Groups Oppose Adopting Universal Definition of Anti-Semitism

While they “respect the original creation of the IHRA Working Definition as an illustrative tool, and as part of a larger and ongoing conversation about the nature of anti-Semitism,” they expressed “concern with its adoption as a legal tool.”

Regavim Files Police Complaint on Bedouin Desecration of Jewish Cemetery

"These horrific images are the result of the ongoing lack of governance of the State of Israel in the Negev."

Study Reveals Rampant Anti-Semitism, Hate, in PA, Gaza UNRWA School Materials

Somebody tell the Biden administration before they renew US aid to UNRWA. Check out those textbooks.

Biden Nominee for Justice Department Invited Anti-Semite to Harvard University

Kristen Clarke was involved with a 1994 event featuring the late Wellesley College professor Tony Martin, who self-published “The Jewish Onslaught: Dispatches from the Wellesley Battlefront.”

NYPD to Try Anti-Harassment Inspector Who Posted Racist, Anti-Semitic Messages

The NYPD investigators concluded that Kobel lied in his interview last week when he denied being Clouseau.

WATCH: Israeli Journalist Harassed by Anti-Semite Outside US Capitol

In front of the camera, a man referred to as “Marc” shouted: “I’m gonna get in your face now and I’ll tell you why, yid.”

The 2021 Squad Is Bigger, Posing Real Threat Against the Democratic Establishment

We wish Speaker Pelosi much success in taming her progressive infestation.

With Best Intentions Bipartisan Initiative Pours $250 Million into Anti-Israel NGO Coalition

President Biden, do yourself a big favor, sink the Nita before it reaches the shore. You'll thank us later.

Anti-Israel Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib: IfNotNow Has My Back

I'm waiting for Mr. Farrakhan to be featured in the next fundraising email from our friends at IfNotNow.

Online Mall Heeds Wiesenthal’s Call, Removes Hitler Hoodie, Keeps Hitler-Smiley T-Shirt

"The banalization of this archetype of hate and discrimination is scathing.”

Jewish Dem Halie Soifer Trashes Trump’s Holocaust Memorial Pick, Gets Retrashed by ZOA’s Mort...

She was saying he was speaking out of turn to neo-Nazis. On that she was clearly wrong.

This Friday Jews Say Kaddish for Holocaust Victims Whose Time and Place of Death...

Even those blessed souls who keep all the Tisha B'Av restrictions on 10 Tevet must take a nice shower this Friday in honor of Shabbat.

US Stimulus Spending with Routine Aid to Israel Sparks Leftist Condemnations

The new spending bill contains not only nice gifts for America's most loyal friend in the Middle East, it also includes some coals for the hanging socks of America's enemies in the same region.

Cuomo Orders State Officials to Assist Jewish Day School After Anti-Semitic Hacking

The Division of Human Rights is expected to hold a virtual forum for families discuss the incident and learn about resources to combat hate.

Pelosi Denies AOC Elliot Engel’s Coveted House Committee Seat

Just before the Steering Committee voted on the Energy and Commerce slots, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic leadership team circulated a slate of their candidates.

Can You Stun and Shecht? How EU Commission Puts Kosher Lipstick on a Pig

Fine, we understand, you want Jews to stay, but what if these Jews want to eat a kosher burger?

Finally: Orthodox Rabbis Attack Raphael Warnock’s Anti-Semitism

Warnock has toned down the anti-Israel stuff since becoming a candidate, and repeatedly stated his support for Israel – as well as for a two-state solution.

Kosher Meat Shortages Ahead as EU Court Permits Shechitah Ban

"This is a dark day for the Jewish communities in Belgium and across Europe."

Great Neck Yeshiva’s Website Taken Over by Nazis

Curiously, one of the added pages read: "May Allah save your soul."

Dutch Justice Ministry to Appoint Counter-anti-Semitism Czar

According to Minister Grapperhaus, the intervention of a national coordinator is necessary to prevent the slowly emerging hatred of Jews from creeping back into mainstream society.

Victim Delays Care to Light Menorah, Says Antisemitic Attacker ‘Won’t Stop Us From Celebrating...

The victim would not allow the perp "to stop us from celebrating our faith and spreading the light, which is the very message of Chanukah."


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