She Will Be the Next Squad Congresswoman Unless Pennsylvanians Stop Her

God help us if she makes it in Tuesday’s Democratic primary, and God help us even more intensely should she win the November race.

Jewish Teen in Brooklyn Punched for Refusing to Say ‘Free Palestine’

The assault follows two other incidents within the week, including an attack in which a rabbi was beaten by a man who yelled: “The Nazis should have killed you Jews.”

Chicago Alderperson Reports City Official Who Called Rabbi ‘[Expletive] Jew’ on Voicemail

Rabbi Soroka cautioned that the whole thing shouldn’t be blown out of proportion or politicized.

Arab Threw Cinderblock at Israeli Vehicle, Attacked Passengers with Knife and Acid – Neutralized

Meanwhile, IDF, Shin Bet, and police special force Yamam are operating in Bruqin, Samaria, and an exchange of gunfire has been reported.

This Government Is Losing Control: Watch Arab Mobs Intimidating Israeli Police, Civilians

Meanwhile, on Mount Meron, one police officer pulled a George Floyd maneuver on a Haredi citizen.

Jordan Bars 7 Israelis for Carrying Tefillin

"The Jordanian authorities state that for security reasons they are asking religious Israelis not to emphasize religious symbols such as tallit, kippah, etc.”

Mexican Couple’s Wedding Commemorates Adolf and Eva’s Bunker Ceremony

The controversial celebration in the Mexican state of Tlaxcala has gone viral in Mexico but has yet to be criticized by any Mexican institution.

Lufthansa Apologizes for Selectively Preventing Identifiably Jewish Passengers from Flying

It comes after video surfaced of an employee telling a Jewish passenger that those who were banned are “Jewish from JFK” and that it was the “Jewish people who were the mess, who made the problems.”

Al Jazeera Reporter Killed in Jenin, Watch Video Proving Arabs Did It

"The Red Crescent immediately evacuated the body so we couldn’t check the ballistics that hit her.”

Florida Holocaust Museum Condemns Nazi Flags Flown Outside Disney World

“No family should be confronted with threatening symbols of hate, least of all on vacation,” said museum chair Michael Igel.

Rabbi Punched, Kicked in Pre-Shabbat Attack in Brooklyn

Rabbi Yehoshua Lefkowitz was in the Crown Heights neighborhood when he was approached by an unknown suspect who punched him in the head and kicked him in the legs.

Moroccan Group Attacks Jewish Community for Celebrating Israel’s Independence Day

The group warned against Israel's attempts to blur the lines between Judaism and Zionism – the old and familiar Neturei Karta line.

Survey Shows 75% of Israeli Arabs Believe Jews Have No Rights on the Land...

The vast majority of Israelis – 66% – have no faith in the police. Among Arabs, this figure stands at 73%.

Nebraska Becomes First State to Inaugurate Jewish American Heritage Month

Nebraska's Governor also proclaimed the official adoption of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) Working Definition of Antisemitism.

Pro-Israel Editor of ‘Harvard Crimson’ Blasts Editorial Supporting BDS

“Does the editorial board believe Israel even has a right to exist? Because, if so, that line is coincidentally missing,” says Natalie Kahn, a student journalist and the president of Harvard’s Hillel.

Pro-Israel Groups Say They Won’t Let UN ‘Kangaroo Court’ Go Unchallenged

A group of NGOs has partnered to submit millions of pieces of evidence in support of Israel, countering the preconceived narrative of the United Nations so-called Commission of Inquiry.

Historic Oregon Synagogue Becomes Target of Antisemitic Attack

In a letter to congregants, the rabbi vows: “We will not be deterred. We will not be made to feel unsafe in our own house of worship.”

Doubling Down on Antisemitic Message, Russia Accuses Israel of Supporting Ukrainian ‘Neo-Nazis’

Former German Interior Minister Gerhart Baum told RTL television that Sergey Lavrov had been a notorious liar for decades.

Hallelujah: ADL’s Jonathan Greenblatt Declares Antizionism Is Antisemitism

In a way, Greenblatt, a former Obama administration official, lent legitimacy to extremist antizionist Jewish groups that didn’t enjoy his cachet.

Lavrov: Worst Antisemites are Jews, Hitler Had Jewish Blood

But was Hitler the descendant of Jews? A Nazi official named Hans Frank was the source of the rumor.

W.O.O.C.S. Calls on Leaders to Condemn Hamas Leader Synagogue Threat

The World Organization of Orthodox Communities and Synagogues called on world leaders to condemn Hamas Leader Yahya Sinwar after he apparently called to attack synagogues around the world.

West Virginia Treasurer Calls on Unilever to Put Stop to Ben & Jerry’s Boycott

“The willingness of a major U.S. corporation to protest a nation whose ideals have long served as a symbol for democratic principles in the Middle East sets a dangerous precedent,” said Riley Moore.

Riots on Last Ramadan Friday as Israel Refuses Jordan’s Bid to Take Over Temple...

The recent Hamas-perpetrated riots in and around the Al-Aqsa Mosque were a wake-up call for the Jordanians.

Toronto Police: Jewish Community Most Victimized by Hate Crimes

Reported incidents included several cases of assault and vandalism.

Israel Gave Honorary Plaque to Jerusalem Mufti Hours Before He Spoke at an Event...

Sabri was received as the guest of honor at the Boys' Elementary School in Isawiya.

On Yom HaShoah Eve, Muslims on Temple Mount Call for Massacre of Jews

PLO and Hamas flags were raised and chants were shouted about massacring the Jews.

Anti-Israel Protester Assaults New York Man at ‘Palestinian Resistance’ Rally

“He threw me down, punched and kicked me in the face, then left and said, ‘That’s what you get for being a terrorist,’ ” said Matt Greenman of Westchester County in New York, who was already on crutches.

ADL: US Antisemitism Surged to All-Time High in 2021, 61% Rise in Attacks on...

Antisemitic incidents were reported in all 50 states, with a dramatic spike during the Hamas-Israel conflict in May, 2021.

TAU’s Annual Report: Antisemitism Peaked Globally in 2021, the Struggle against Jew Hatred Is...

"Despite the extensive efforts and resources invested in combating antisemitism in recent years, the phenomenon is on the rise."


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