The Sophisticated Chassidic Sound Of Nemouel’s ‘Alef’

The first song he sang was “Racheim,” and when he opened his mouth, the band was in shock: they didn't know this kid could actually sing.

Abie Rotenberg – Journeys 5

Did Abie have a problem letting go and allowing others to give input into the songs on the album? Without them, this album might not have happened, he says.

Laniado Hospital Gala Concert

Now, I have seen Avraham Fried perform live nearly a dozen times. But I never saw him like this.

Art In Motion

I create emotional art, which will hopefully cause the observer to be moved by the experience.

The EXODUS and the Exodus 

Never in the course of history had a nation escaped from within another nation, especially in a country as tyrannical as Egypt. That is…Never until 1.5 million Jews escaped the Soviet Union. 

From Dealing Drugs To Lubavitcher Hugs, Canadian Jew Finds Path To Hashem After A...

Money from club-promoting life allowed him to stop dealing marijuana, but when he felt spiritually lost, he searched for spirituality.

Star Six13 Singer Explains The Miracle of Making Music

Weinstein said one thing that sets Six13 apart is their ability to perform original songs using texts from the Torah or words from the siddur.

Mike Burstyn: From Vinyl to Streaming

Burstyn was so in demand that for 25 years booking agents placed him in the Catskills hotels and on the condo and venue circuit in South Florida.

Being Where You Should Be: Review of 8th Day’s Latest Album, Lucky

Lucky was recorded mostly during lockdowns and quarantine. It was hard for the duo and their musicians to gather in the recording studio.

After A Year And Half Of Covid, Modi Is Feeling Unleashed

The Jewish Comedian Hits the Road – and Looks to Unite Jews

Controversial Hitler Documentary Is Powerful Despite Flaws

Are we really trying to understand what made his brain feel it was acceptable to attempt to wipe out a people, or are we trying to figure out why in 2021 are there people who may want to do what he failed to do?

Painting ‘Shtisel’

An Affinity with the Character of Kive Motivated One Fan’s Latest Artistic Series

Honoring Rabbi Sacks, a”h, In Song

The concept of a tribute to Rabbi Sacks came to Rabbi New shortly after his passing. He was very moved and influenced by his teachings and his life’s story.

Yitzy Bald’s Newest Album: CANTATA – A Hartzig Acapella

In the early 1990s, he was on staff at Camp Agudah. One of his responsibilities was arranging and overseeing the adult harmony group in the camp’s annual Cantata play. Then he started writing original songs for the cantatas.

Tzvi Silberstein’s New Album: Shema B’ni

Silberstein’s target audience is not easily defined, mainly because his style is fluid.

Baruch Levine – Off The Record

Levine attributes the success of the song to the optimistic and hopeful message it carries.

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Ukraine

Hasidic-based film "Talking to God" wins international film festival awards. A discussion with the director.

Motty Ilowitz’s ‘Rayoines’

With an uplifting tune, he admits that he is growing every day and getting wiser and seeing the world through new prisms.

Daughter Of Famed Israeli Sculptor Adopts Her Father’s Brand

His magnificent gold and silver plated sculptures – exquisitely crafted with painstaking detail – have been given as gifts to world leaders and dignitaries.

An Artist In Love… With The Land Of Israel

When Rav Kook became the chief rabbi of Jerusalem, he visited the Bezalel Academy of Art, and encouraged the students to use their talents to paint landscapes of Eretz Yisrael to arouse a yearning for the Land in the hearts of everyone who viewed the paintings.

Simcha Leiner – ‘Kol HaKavod’

It’s Leiner’s fourth solo album, and it’s packed with what has made him a household name in the Jewish music world. Perhaps the album’s most unique aspect, though, is its production.

Jewish Identity Through Film – A Series of Screenings And Discussions

Movies engender experiences that have a stronger staying power than lectures, not to mention classes in Hebrew.

17 Years Later – Abie Rotenberg’s Aish, Vol. 3

One song in particular on this album, “Bayom Hahu,” stands out from all the others.

Yeshiva Boys Choir’s Greatest Hits

The viewer/listener is treated to a mix of older, beloved soloists as well as some new voices. Since this is a Gerstner production, it of course has a 2020 flash and modern sound.

Herzlich 2

Herzlich 2 has been in the works for a few years and the attention to detail, precision production, and careful selection of songs rewards the listener with a very rich and enjoyable experience.

Eli Lebowicz To Perform In Israel

It's Lebowicz's first trip to Israel as a comedian and hopes to give both residents and visitors something to look forward to during their Pesach vacation.

A Testimony Of Atrocities: A Review of ‘Who Will Write Our History’

The documentary, which includes simple re-enactments with actors, will make you cry and will make you angry.

The Potent Story Of Capturing One Of The Worst Criminals: A Film Review of...

Kingsley is extremely convincing as a man who tries at first to say he only pushed paper and is not culpable for the crimes and thinks he can outsmart the Israelis.

Tisha B’Av and Converso Jews

Crypto-Jews, who saw in their own circumstances a reflection of the events of Tisha B’Av.

Ashley Blaker, Charedi Comedian, Regales Frum and Secular Alike

“I perform a show that I would not be ashamed for my rav to see, but I’m sure there are always going to be people that feel I pushed it too far.”


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