Can the Majority Rule?

Yishai and Malkah Fleisher take part in pro-Judicial Reform rally in Jerusalem and give a first hand report on the tensions between divergent poles in Israeli society. Then, just in time for Shabbat Hagadol, Rabbi Shimshon Nadel explains the magic ingredient of Chametz, while Rabbi Shlomo Katz reveals the magic ingredient in the love between Jews in times of crisis.

It’s time for Freedom in Israel – News From The Torah [audio]

This week, a dictatorial junta took Israel hostage. As we approach the holiday of Passover, join me for a discussion of how Israelis take their freedom back

Rebbetzin Sara Oppenheim Explores the Depth of Passover (Pesach)

Rebbetzin Sara Oppenheim, along with her husband, Rabbi Chanoch Oppenheim, run the Charlotte Torah Center in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Jewish Heroes – Jewish Truth Bomb [audio]

Rabbi Aryeh Levin, Rabbi Kahane, David Stern. Listen to my Bible Classes

My Smelly Passover! – Lighten Up! [audio]

Roya and Steve discuss taking dirty dishes in the shower!

The Little Known Truth About The Holiday of Passover – Soul Talk [audio]

Passover is a holiday remembering events that happened so long ago.

Pesach Prep: The Salt of the Earth! – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Ridding our homes of breadstuff in anticipation of Passover is only half of the "purge project." Confronting feelings of self-importance, morality fudging, and other ego-centric attitudes will better assist us in preparing for the Seder and embracing the humility that reflects the meaning behind Pesach.

Revolution, Revelation, or Both

Malkah and Yishai Fleisher discuss the latest Israeli protests, a so-called Day of Paralysis on the very day which God's Presence first appeared in the Tabernacle. Rabbi Shmuely Boteach joins Yishai in the Knesset to fight fear in the Jewish State. 

Diving under the Surface of Israeli Anti-government Protests – News From The Torah [audio]

As we start another book of Torah, the Book of Vayikra, please join me as we look at the root of the anti-government protests sweeping Israel

Rebbetzin Tamar Taback–Rise into Your Ayshet Chayil (Woman of Valor) and Let Her Shine!

Rebbetzin Tamar Taback is the founder of the Nexus School for Transformational Torah.

The Nazi Who Wore Tzizit! – Lighten Up! [audio]

No Jury duty for Steve and Roya talks about silicon lips from China!

The Nectar Of Life – The Walter Bingham File [audio]

Everything: Must be in proportion.. Too much or too little of anything acts against our interest. That is also the case with natural phenomena.

Israel on Fire, Rabbis Adding the Fuel – Jewish Truth Bomb [audio]

Also: Leaders Don't Apologize, The Biden Crime Family and Parshat Pekudei. Listen to my Bible Classes at:

Re-building a Life in the Golden Years – Returning Home [audio]

Natalie interviews Arlene Milgram, 81, Boca- Modiin; Arlene tells about her move and her ways of finding a new home and establishing a new life in Israel after wanting to come home for years.

Rebbetzin Devorah Buxbaum: Change Your Mind, Change Your Life–The Power of Our Thoughts

Rebbetzin Devorah Buxbaum is the co-founder of the LEV Experience. She talks about the power that we, as human beings, have to positively affect ourselves AND those around us JUST with our thoughts.

Why Is G-d So Punishing? Making Peace with Punishment – Soul Talk [audio]

G-d created a system by which He runs the world. Part of this system is reward and punishment. Most of us are comfortable with the concept of reward and less comfortable with the concept of punishment.

The Israeli Government Crisis – The Jay Shapiro Show [audio]

The Israeli government crisis is in its eighth week and no end in sight

Real Fauda & Holy Gems

Yishai and Malkah Fleisher discuss real Fauda undercover work in Israel, the continuing societal clash, and listener emails! Then, Jeremy Saltan, on the legislative progress of legal reform in Knesset. Plus: Are there precious gems hidden in the Holy Land? The folks at Holy Gems think so! Finally, Table Torah: a small verse with huge implications about God's justice

The German’s Misread the “Palestinian” Psyche, Who Don’t Want Two States – The Walter...

Today: We illuminate how Germany extradited itself from the quagmire of Nazi philosophy, to turn into Europe’s most powerful and influential democracy.

SMOKIN’ HOT AT 112 – Lighten Up! [audio]

Steven welcomes special guest host Yosef Kaner and they reveal the secret to living to 122 years of age!

Finding a Good Space – Returning Home [audio]

Natalie begins the show recounting Purim, and discussing a recent funeral. Meet Clive Dallas, oleh from South Africa

Take On Something – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

The world was created for you. Say what??? In adding to one small, positive behavior/attitude, an individual can alter the spiritual trajectory of the world! Be the catalyst for change and Take On Something. Today.


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