Fire on the Mountain, and Fire All Around – The Science of Kabbalah [audio]

Rav Yitzchak is once again joined by his wife Leah. This week they continue their discussion of the counting of the Omer, but also discuss the holiday of Lag B'Omer. This is a holiday that not only commemorates the death of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, the author of the Zohar, but is celebrated through the lighting of bonfires and great rejoicing.

What’s with Bibi’ New Government Already?? – The Tamar Yonah Show [audio]

It's wayyyyy after the national elections and PM Netanyahu has still not been able to form a new government. So what's up???? Also, a unique segment of the population in Israel, the Arabic-speaking Druze, serve as loyal citizens in the IDF, and live in peace with Israel. Why can they live in peace, but other Arabs don't?

It’s Been A Crazy Week – Will We Get A Government Or Another Election?...

Hear: What Yom Ha'atzmaut means to the people in the street. And: Who will give in, Bibi or the parties in his block? Celebrating: One Year American and Guatemalan Embassies in Jerusalem .

Eurovision: From ‘Hallelujah’ to Sexual Perversion – The Tamar Yonah Show [audio]

Is it shocking that a once wholesome song contest has turned into a lewd and perverted show? Tamar Yonah lays it down and shouts that the King Has No Clothes!

Teach Them to your Children – Leap of Faith [audio]

A woman's inspirational journey to Torah and how the Jewish commandment to 'teach our children' was the thing that first attracted her and her husband to Judaism.

A Historic Day – The Jay Shapiro Show [audio]

American diplomatic representation in now completely in Israel's capital

Eurovision & Me – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Will BDS-babes block her entrance to the semi-finals of Eurovision? Let them try! Andrea takes on the Harvard Lampoon, silly Hanan Ashrawi and discusses the magical combination of power and humility as illustrated in this weeks Torah portion.

Madonna and the Blasphemer

Why did one misfit curse the name of God? Why did one stickler give him a hard time for not fitting in? Rav Mike Feuer joins Rabbi Yishai to tackle the challenging story of the blasphemer. Then Malkah Fleisher on the Eurovision, Madonna's arrival in Israel, and the advantage of Shoresh sandals!

Eurovision in Israel: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly – The Tamar Yonah...

Two hundred million people are expected to view the Eurovison Song Contest, this year held in Israel. Though hosting the contest is great for tourism and general Israeli public relations, it's not all 'la-di-da' with the BDS protests and missile threats from Gaza. Tamar Yonah Speaks with Barry Shaw (from ) about the positive elements of hosting the contest, as well as the ugly antisemitism that is sadly emanating from some European countries.

Our Personal Journey Through Counting of the Omer – The Science of Kabbalah [audio]

This week Rav Yitzchak is joined by his amazing wife Leah. They discuss their own experiences of leaving Mitzraim (Egypt) and the significance of the Counting of the Omer described in Leviticus chapter 23.

A Prodigal Son – Leap of Faith [audio]

Are non-Jews who are embracing Torah like the prodigal son returning home? On Today’s Leap of Faith, Penina speaks with Jim Barfield, Director of the Copper Scroll Project, who says they are. He shares his fascinating journey to Torah as a Ger Toshav and how he got involved with the Dead Sea Scrolls and specifically the Copper Scroll Project, on another inspiring episode of Leap of Faith you won’t want to miss.

Who is a Jew? – The Jay Shapiro Show [audio]

The definition of who is a Jew is disputed in the Jewish State

Is Israel Really Independant on Israel Independence Day? – Political Hitman [audio]

Howie remembers the soldiers and the citizens on Israel Remembrance Day and then asks the question if Israel is really Independent on Israeli Independence Day. He is joined by Tamar Yonah for the last segment.

Orly Ponders the so-called ‘Deal of the Century’? – From Jerusalem With Love [audio]

Orly talks about the importance of Israel, the strength of Israel, and that Israel has to make the right decisions, and not bow to any 'deals' that would be to her detriment.


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