Living in a Bomb Shelter! – Lighten Up! [audio]

Matt Zucker joins Steve in his first show from the Holy Land!!

Rebbetzin Yocheved Goldberg of the Boca Raton Synagogue

Rebbetzin Yocheved Goldberg, rebbetzin of the Boca Raton Synagogue in Boca Raton, Florida, discusses the importance of belonging to a Jewish community, as well as the roles and responsibilities of a community rebbetzin.

Oy! The Challenge of Joy

First, Yishai and Malkah Fleisher wrap up Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur and yearn to stay high! Then, Prime Minister's Netanyahu's speech at the UN and comments. Yishai is humbled by the Ari Fuld Lion of Zion Award. Ben Bresky interviews Reb Yankala Shemesh who paved the way for Moshav Mevo Modiin - the town inspired by Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach. And finally, Rabbi Shimshon Nadel on the roots of joy on the holiday of Sukkot.

Why Yona Ran, Confesson Under Torture – The Jewish Truth Bomb [audio]

Lenny Goldberg's Bible Classes

This Picture Shows Israel with Its Biblical Heart Ripped Out – The Walter Bingham...

Our: Answer must be Sovereignty from the Mediterranean Sea to the River Jordan. Even in stages. We cannot allow a so called Palestinian State in our midst.

Golda, Jonah, and Holy Hiking

Yishai and Malkah Fleisher discuss the "Golda" movie and prepare for the solemn repentance day of Yom Kippur. Susannah Schild goes "From Southerner to Settler" and helps us hike the Holy Land. Also, Rabbi Shimshon Nadel on the Book of Jonah, and Ben Bresky on the miracle of the Abraham Avinu Synagogue.

Rebbetzin Chaya Meyer–How to Build a Loving Jewish Home

Rebbetzin Chaya Meyer discusses the key elements to building a Jewish home. She talks about the physical items found in a home that make...

From Trash to Treasure – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Are all Jews worthy of God's forgiveness? Redemption is not born of purity but, rather, the sincere desire to grow closer to Heaven.

Safe and Meaningful New Year – The Jay Shapiro Show [audio]

Best Wishes for All the Listeners for a Safe and Meaningful New Year

The Candle Burns – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Rosh Hashana embodies compassion, expectation, gratitude and hope. Everything and everyone has a Divine purpose and there is room at the table for everyone. We are being granted a precious audience with the King; let's not squander the opportunity!

Keeping The Change – Soul Talk [audio]

This is a time of year where we think about change. How can I become the better version of me.

Rebbetzin Sarah Alevsky–Inspired to Be a Jew

Chabad of the West Side's Rebbetzin Sarah Alevsky creates programs to bring Jews back to Judaism.

Red Heifer & the Biblical Highway

Yishai is in Washington for the showing of Ambassador David Friedman's film about Israel's Rt. 60 - The Biblical Highway - with former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Rabbi Shmuley Boteach and David Friedman join Yishai at the Museum of the Bible for the premier. But first: Byron Stinson has a passion for bringing the Red Heifers to Israel! Plus: Ben Bresky and Rabbi Shimshon Nadel on the Rosh Hashanah experience.

The Would Ba Leaders’ Ambitions Without Substance – The Walter Bingham File [audio]

The Myth: If you throw mud, it sticks, like the manufactured history of a non-existent Palestinian people. Russia Analysed: Where did Putin’s Ideas come from...

Rosh haShanah – Returning Home [audio]

Natalie talks to us directly from the Susya swimming pool and tells us about the end of the season, the celebration of the yishuv's 40 year

Eritrean refugees – The Jay Shapiro Show [audio]

Eritrean refugees in South Tel Aviv are becoming a major problem that doesn't yet get headlines

Awe: Can You Feel It? – Pull Up A Chair [audio]

In a world of technicolor sound effects and available information in a nano-second, what remains to make our skin tingle? The Days of Awe...

Rosh Hashanah: What Is It Really All About? – Soul Talk [audio]

It's a time for contemplation and celebration. What are you supposed to be evaluating and what are you actually celebrating?

Rebbetzin Chana Goldstein–Ambition, Courage, Confidence, Self-Esteem, Resilience, Determination

Rebbetzin Chana Goldstein of Phoenix, AZ discusses 6 attributes that women should work on developing in order to live a more fulfilled and meaningful life.


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