Word Prompt – RABBI AKIVA – Sari Kopitnikoff

A dash of hope In the darkness of night Akiva, you have comforted us

Word Prompt – RABBI AKIVA – Yitzchak Sprung

Most of us find ourselves squarely in the category of Rabbi Akiva’s students and the angels. Yet, Rabbi Akiva had such a remarkable and unshakable trust in G-d that he not only recited Shema but relished the opportunity even then.

Word Prompt – RABBI AKIVA – Avi Ganz

After the plague that wiped out his myriad students, Rabbi Akiva could have faced the harsh reality that they weren't worthy.

Word Prompt – RABBI AKIVA – Rochelle Brand

The Talmud Bavli and the Talmud Yerushalmi recount that Rachel, daughter to Kalba Savuah, one of the richest men in Jerusalem, recognized the potential in Rabbi Akiva, an unassuming, uneducated shepherd.

Word Prompt – RABBI AKIVA – Akiva Kra

Rabbi Akiva taught us that a fence to wisdom is silence, the potential pitfalls of humor, the greatness of man for being created in the image of Hashem, how to view free choice, and so much more.

Word Prompt – MIRIAM – Rachel Tuchman

Empowerment: She empowered the women to take an active role in the community, recognizing their value and potential.

Word Prompt – MIRIAM – Daniel Finkelman

When the Jews crossed the Sea of Reeds and the Egyptians didn’t, Miriam whipped out her tambourine. She played, sang and danced with the other women.

Word Prompt – MIRIAM – Yitzy Spinner

Rashi teaches us that they were so confident that they were destined to be redeemed that the righteous women of the generation left with their instruments in hand.

Word Prompt – MIRIAM – Shani Taragin

Miriam – a woman of water and wellness, in whose merit a miraculous well provided Bnei Yisrael with water in the wilderness for forty years, sustained the fledgling nation physically and spiritually.

Word Prompt – MIRIAM – Jonathan Shenkman

First, the biblical Miriam. One of the great female prophetesses (Masechet Megillah 14a). She was part of Bnei Yisrael’s leadership team during Yetziat Mitzrayim alongside her brothers, Moshe and Aharon. Her faith never wavered, and she led the women to redemption, tambourine in hand.

Word Prompt – CHAI – Shoshana Wizenfeld

I think many people have that moment when they realize suddenly, profoundly, that life is not forever. For me, that realization hit when I...

Word Prompt – CHAI – Martin Bodek

The word chai actually initially appears in the second parsha in the Torah, Parshas Noach 11:12, when discussing the age Arpachshad lived to before begetting Shelach.

Word Prompt – CHAI – Francis Nataf

The reason movement is so important is that it is the basis of action; and it is ultimately this G-d-like ability to act that is equated with life.

Word Prompt – CHAI – Ariela Davis

There is nothing more meaningful than living in Israel during this time, which is especially felt during this month.

Word Prompt – CHAI – Gershon Schusterman

G-d is life – absolutely. He is the source of life (Psalms 36:10). Everything alive receives its life-force from Him, in proportion to how much it is connected with G-d.

Word Prompt – FLOWERS – JJ Eleff

Flowers are Hashem’s present to all of us. It is one thing in this world that you can pick up anywhere and take with you, a little gift saying I made this beautiful world for you, enjoy it!

Word Prompt – FLOWERS – Shoshanna Keats Jaskoll

The cycle of life, the importance of difference and the seemingly incongruousness are there to contemplate. While there is timing to be respected, a consistency that lets you know what chag is before you simply by looking around you, there is also surprise and wonder.

Word Prompt – FLOWERS – Alex Fleksher

With tulips, it’s all downhill. They shoot up awkwardly after being under the blaze of your dining room table lights for 24 hours and soon lose their color, shape, and glory. They begin to die.

Word Prompt – FLOWERS – Naomi Mauer

One of my all-time favorites is the bird of paradise. Until I moved to Israel I had never seen, nor heard of it.

Word Prompt – FLOWERS – Ruchama Feuerman

What that phrase, Yesh prechim ve’ein bo peirot, means to me is, certain isms out there may look attractive and draw you to them – think of Jews in the 1920s flocking to Communism – but don’t expect to successfully transmit these ideas onto the next generation.

Word Prompt – MOED – Pesha Kletenik

It was on the last moed that our world fell apart, terrorists tortured and kidnapped our brothers and sisters. Did we imagine that we would approach this moed of Pesach with them still in captivity?

Word Prompt – MOED – Bari Mitzmann

Whether it's a time for growth, reflection, mourning, celebration, or rest, understanding the significance of moed encourages us to embrace the present moment fully, trusting in the divine timing of our journey.

Word Prompt – MOED – Keshet Starr

Moadim offer a parallel approach. We live our lives on the dance floor, and that’s okay – we are here to learn, to do, to give. But the opportunity moadim provide to go up to the balcony helps us recalibrate when needed, and notice the things that have crept up on us.

Word Prompt – MOED – Hillel Fuld

Judaism is about sanctifying every aspect of life including time. But the word muad teaches us that consistency is only positive, assuming that the act you’re doing constantly is a positive one.

Word Prompt – MOED – Lenny Solomon

We are looking forward to Mashiach coming and leading us through this time in history. We are looking forward to the third Beit HaMikdash being built and the ingathering of the exiles from all over the world.


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