Word Prompt – YESHIVA – Michael Helfand

Maybe the most important lesson I learned during those years was from a rebbe who remarked that the most essential character trait developed in yeshiva by a ben Torah is curiosity.

Word Prompt – YESHIVA – Pesach Sommer

While there is something to be said for being an eclectic learner, who in many ways pieced together my own derech, I deeply wish that I had started learning seriously earlier in my life, and that I had a derech in learning, particularly when it comes to Gemara.

Word Prompt – YESHIVA – Rachel Kohn

With its derivation from the Hebrew word "to sit," yeshiva can be seen to connote continuity through hunkering down...

Word Prompt – YESHIVA – Chaya Sima Koenigsberg

If next year’s tuition contract has given you sticker shock, remember that the challenge to afford tuition is nothing new.

Word Prompt – YESHIVA – Dovid Bashevkin

This video highlighted something else. It was like an old couple, with decades of carpools and those daily pedestrian responsibilities of families, reading their first love letters. This video reminded us of that first love.

Word Prompt – SHVITZ -Yitzchak Sprung

Would that we could sweat out impatience, addictions, anger, and our many other self-destructive behaviors that leave us worse off, closed off, and far off the mark!

Word Prompt – SHVITZ – Maayan Zik

One of the most important schvitz-making projects of our lives is the journey to be more of ourselves.

Word Prompt – SHVITZ – Ruchama Feuerman

Language academics created an entire discipline – phonoaesthetics – to figure out what makes a word pleasant-sounding. Idyllic appears on that list, and so does mellifluous and cellar door. Shvitz doesn’t.

Word Prompt – SHVITZ – Shlomo Zuckier

Yiddish – and by extension, modern Hebrew – offers us yet another use for this term – the 'shvitzer,' or braggart, someone who's trying too hard and constantly showing off.

Word Prompt – SHVITZ – Sarah Pachter

Hashem views the past, present, and future in synchronization. We too must broaden our scope.

Word Prompt – SALTY – Avi Ganz

The Gemara (Kiddushin 30b) says, I have created the yetzer hara and I have created the Torah for it as a spice. A spice? Not a defense, an antidote or a vaccine?

Word Prompt – SALTY – Eli Lebowicz

When Sodom is destroyed, Lot’s wife looks back at the city because the angels said not to, and she gets turned into a pillar of salt.

Word Prompt – SALTY – Ann D. Koffsky

If you describe someone as salty? It’s someone who is not in the best of moods. A sailor with salty language is not speaking eloquently; a salty person is one who is upset over minor nuisances.

Word Prompt – SALTY – Naomi Nachman

Something that is salty in terms of cooking means it’s not seasoned properly, but too much salt or being salty could also be applied to balance as well.

Word Prompt – SALTY – Ariel Rackovsky

Lot’s wife was indeed warned not to look back, a warning she ignored. But when she did, she saw the city she loved, and which she missed dearly, in a state of utter desolation.

Word Prompt – GEZUNT – Shani Taragin

As reflections of the image of Hashem we must maintain our healthy bodies, selves and souls.

Word Prompt – GEZUNT – David Pardo

Health is like anything else: the set of circumstances within which we operate.

Word Prompt – GEZUNT – Yehudah Pryce

I was powerless to influence his health in any measurable way, save for fervent davening. Yet is that not what is implied when we utter gezunt in well wishes?

Word Prompt – GEZUNT – Shoshanna Keats Jaskoll

When we allow extremes to become norms, the community is not healthy. When we place one value over all others, the community is not healthy.

Word Prompt – GEZUNT – Daniel Finkelman

Its impact is far-reaching and beyond all proportion to its quantity.

Word Prompt – SINAI – Shira Boshnack

Shavuos is our wedding day, when we recommit ourselves to our relationship with Hashem. We don’t just look at our photo album and videos from the wedding, we re-experience it.

Word Prompt – SINAI – Yisroel Picker

Rephrasing the Gemara into the current vernacular: Good things come to those who wait.

Word Prompt – SINAI – Tamir Goodman

It’s the perfect time to remember that Hashem entrusted each of us with a special mission in this world.

Word Prompt – SINAI – Israel Schachter

At the very climax of our exodus from Egypt and, arguably, the most crucial moment in our nation’s birth, we were told to keep our distance and sit tight.

Word Prompt – SINAI – Naomi Klass Mauer

As we are about to celebrate the holiday of Shavuot, we treasure that gift from the Almighty.


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