Word Prompt – TABLET – Shmuel Phillips

The wonder of the Tablets, however, is that the shattered shards which remained from the first Tablets – broken when Moshe witnessed the sin with the Golden Calf – were deemed important enough to be placed in the Aron within the Kodesh Kodshim.

Word Prompt – TABLET – Lenny Solomon

The lesson of all advances in technology is – moderation. Can we learn to use it when we need it and not get addicted? This is the challenge that all of us need to conquer.

Word Prompt – TABLET – Hillel Fuld

The first tablets were shattered by Moses because the Jewish people sinned with the golden calf. Meaning, they misused their need for spirituality.

Word Prompt – TABLET – Bari Mitzmann

The tablets were our first tangible source of information given to us by Hashem. It is where our non-separable connection began.

Word Prompt – TABLET – Keshet Starr

Highlighting these ten commandments on tablets is not only a choice of style and semantics. It centers our faith and practice around core concepts and values.

Word Prompt – HILLS – Shani Taragin

Something already touched me then; the clouds atop the hills, the winds across my face, the sun peeking between the eagle-shaped yeshiva, all contributed to a spiritual connection with Hashem, drawing me to return.

Word Prompt – HILLS – Pesach Sommer

At a certain point, I realized that unless I was going to run on a treadmill, hills were inevitable.

Word Prompt – HILLS – Tamir Goodman

As we approach the holiday of Shavout, it’s helpful to remember that Har Sinai was chosen because of its humility, but it was still a strong mountain.

Word Prompt – HILLS – Elli Fischer

I'm a sucker for songs that see hills and mountains as obstacles to be overcome - Still Haven't Found what I'm Looking For, Climb Every Mountain, and The Climb to name a few.

Word Prompt – HILLS – Ruchama Feuerman

Says Elifaz to Iyov: Were you born before Adam? Were you created before the hills? (Don’t you love the ring of that?)

Word Prompt – BONFIRE – Shira Boshnack

The hadlakot on Lag Ba’Omer, remind us of the warmth and light of the Torah.

Word Prompt – BONFIRE – Rachel Kohn

I fear that I won't see a symbol of celebration when I look into the leaping flames of this year's bonfires, but an echo of the conflagrations of the past – the heat and destructive potential all too present and real.

Word Prompt – BONFIRE – Avi Ganz

Before allowing something to expand, it would be advisable to make sure it has the space in which to expand. Without that space, the results can be disastrous.

Word Prompt – BONFIRE – Francis Nataf

While the Torah is more frequently compared to water, it is also called an esh dat (fiery law). Fire takes coarse matter and turns it into something lighter that rises towards the heavens.

Word Prompt – BONFIRE – Sarah Pachter

Fire represents the struggle between the body and the soul, which is the essence of being human.

Word Prompt – SECOND CHANCES – Nachum Segal

It is the ones that are accompanied by a do-over or second chance that offer an opportunity to repair a wrong or switch gears during a challenging episode.

Word Prompt – SECOND CHANCES – Dr. Bin Goldman

When someone comes to meet with me, they or someone close to them recognize that a change is necessary. Yet, they still may not fully believe they can actually make that change.

Word Prompt – SECOND CHANCES – Alexandra Fleksher

Everyone wants a second chance. It’s a gift we continually grant the people we care about in our lives.

Word Prompt – SECOND CHANCES – Rabbi Dr. Shlomo Zuckier

Sometimes you can’t make up what you missed. On some views, if due to reasons out of one’s control, one cannot fulfill a positive mitzvah, they have missed out and cannot remedy that at all.

Word Prompt – SECOND CHANCES – Dr. Chani Miller

I’m sure at the beginning it was about being frugal, about coming to America with nothing and painstakingly creating something; it was about scrimping pennies so you could buy the basics that we take for granted, like milk, like fresh eggs, like a tea bag.

Word Prompt – BLUE – Dr. Rivka Press Schwartz

If we ever find ourselves dismissively commenting about the detail-orientation of halacha, or of other communities' halachic observance, perhaps we can remember that when we really care, we can indeed be very invested in the minute differences between Williamsburg Blue and its neighbors in the fan deck.

Word Prompt – BLUE – Esther Shulkes

This leads many to suggest that language impacts the distinctions which we make and perceive. In truth, this is not a new idea.

Word Prompt – BLUE – Maayan Zik

Blue is the color of remembrance as we acknowledge all the struggles and torments alongside all the joy and levity that has come packaged with the resilience and strength of a people loyal and dedicated to service, service of Hashem, of community, of family, of each other, etc.

Word Prompt – BLUE – Inna Vernikov

As a New Yorker and a City Councilwoman, blue represents the brave men and women of the N.Y. City Police Department. They put on that blue uniform day in and day out, committed to making our city a safe place for its citizens.

Word Prompt – BLUE – Yisroel Picker

It is easy to connect with people when things are good and they are walking around with their head up high and looking towards the sky. It is more difficult to connect with a person when they are downtrodden and can barely look straightforward, let alone upwards.


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