Refreshing Wines for Shavuos

With many of us having the custom of indulging in all sorts of dairy (AND meat!) delights to mark the gift of the Torah to the Jewish people, it is a great time (and excuse!) to pop some great white, rosé and lighter reds that make a better pairing with fish, cheesecake, pasta, etc.

Flavors, Flare, And Feeling

Barnea Bistro isn’t a steakhouse. Sure, there’s steak on the menu, but the real reason you are walking in that door is the style and care with which Kessler and his staff prepare their exquisite menu.

A Precious Reopening

Let’s be honest, most people are coming to Yakar to order steak... With a good selection of cuts on the menu, there are a lot of different avenues you can choose. Most people might not select it, but I’m going to recommend the Skirt Steak.

A Gift of Love: Holocaust Survivors Share Treasured Passover Recipes

After experiencing devastating periods of starvation, food is nostalgia and comfort. When these survivors cook recipes they remember by heart, it transports them to happier times spent with loved ones.


There’s something about going to a kosher restaurant that isn’t just kosher, but also distinctly Jewish.

A Smokey Sensation

When I was invited to Smokey Hill, the first thing I noticed was the smoke. While not visible, the smoky smell will certainly hit your nostrils when you first walk in the door. That smell is sure to get your mouth watering as you sit down and try to make some tough decisions about what to order.

A Middle Eastern Masterpiece

Ideally, you’d walk into BIS with a large group of people and order a bunch of things to share. The appetizers certainly would work well that way. But when it comes to an entree, your choice might be harder.

Wine-tune your Mishloach Manos Game

There is often an inner feeling that the package is not good or original enough, whatever that means. Every one of us has his/her sense of what is adequate to give out in our Purim gift packs.

A Pickle A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

When I was invited to check out Diller, I was impressed with the ingenuity of their menu.

Good Food And Good Times

They’ve got enough options for your whole party and going will certainly make your night feel like more of a party.

Kentucky vs. Long Island at Masbia’s Chop Hunger IV

All of the onstage participants have worked in the trenches with Masbia to feed the needy and it’s not a buffet event, but a high-end, gourmet experience.

An Upgraded Old Favorite

Eight people is a more reasonable number to eat the board (and only the board) as there’s certainly enough food there for eight people to walk away full. But a group of ten might be optimal for a few reasons.

An Israeli Masterpiece

He’s taken the Israeli cuisine as a canvas and used a range of paint brushes from an international palette to create a truly unique menu with flavors and ingredients that you might not expect to see work in concert together.

For The Best Sufganiyot – It’s Sesame

The fillings may all be different, but one thing that is almost always the same is that there’s an ample amount inside your sufganiyah.

Where The Old Country Meets Vegas

Chef Shearin's world travels have taught him the best food is not only found in the most expensive restaurants, but in the local, humble, ma and pa style eateries about town.

SWAT Teams, Low Turnout And Skyrocketing Costs Highlight 2022 Kosherfest

Some longtime Kosherfest vendors, seeing the difference in this year’s show, are hoping it improves in the future.

Accredited Online Mashgiach Training Program Helps Major Shortage Crisis

There’s no question there’s an international mashgiach shortage, not just in America but across the world, Dubin admitted.

Grapes Galore – Kosher Wineries Move Into High Gear

The grapes come in totes, known as wooden bins. From there it goes into various augers and pressers and filtration right there at crush and then it goes through a pasteurizer.

A Laffa To Love

Whenever I am lucky enough to do a restaurant review I’m always on the search for that special experience unique to that establishment alone: a reason to bring your friends and family that you can get in few other places.

When In Morocco, Roll As The Moroccans Do

If you’re like me, you walk into a place like Margez and you ask what on the menu is the kind of thing that really makes the restaurant special. The answer in this case is the Couscous Tajene with Lamb Shank.

Share Alike

Since Bonito is a shared plates restaurant, many of the items on the menu can be described as appetizers. This leads to a wide selection that includes a few different fish options.

Carbon Comes To Crown Heights

What makes Carbon stand out in the expanding group of charcoal chicken places? They make their own sausages. These are not similar to what you will find in a store.

Mouthwatering Wines for Shavuot

It is appropriate to drink wine to mark the celebration properly. One should sanctify Shavuot and bless a wine of quality to add joy to the meal.

Kashrus Agencies Show Unity, Discuss Challenges At Annual Conference

Today kashrus in Asia and Europe have really exploded and now we have to get involved in different cultures to ensure our standards … whether it’s in Chicago or in another part of the world.

Keep It Comin’

I’ve never tasted anything like this before, Avi said of the Lamb Kebab, It’s definitely very cooked but so melt-in-your-mouth – it’s silky and the flavors are so intense and juicy.

Royal Wine: This Little One Will Be Great

A bottle of wine is big and heavy, and when you give dozens of mishloach manos to friends and relatives, it can get quite expensive and tedious. Thankfully, the selection of smaller wine bottles and cans has grown tremendously.

Hate Now Served Online Against Kosher Restaurants

"I'm not surprised that people hate," Goldberg told The Jewish Press. "I'm surprised that Google, a company worth billions of dollars doesn't have a way to stop this. How I could get 100 negative reviews on a Saturday when I'm not open.

Enlightening Wines For Chanukah

While contemplating the burning candles, it is an opportunity to take careful note of a wine’s aromatic profile, and appreciate its texture and flavors.

Healthier Food Choices And Alcoholic Varieties At Kosherfest

The big winner for Best New Product was 100 percent Pure Pistachio Oil by Setton International Foods.


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