NYC Health Dept. Closes 10th Yeshiva for Violating Measles Order

The New York City Health Department has closed a tenth yeshiva in the city – ninth in Brooklyn – due to violation of the...

MDA Motorcycle EMT Delivers Own Baby

She did not think that a birth was imminent, since she was only in her 7th month of gestation.

Bar-Ilan Study: Your Stressed-Out Bacteria Could Trigger Autoimmune Response

Autoimmune diseases include multiple sclerosis, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, juvenile diabetes, scleroderma, and pulmonary fibrosis.

Israeli Scientists Duplicate Patient’s Blood-Brain Barrier, Advance Personalized Medicine

The blood-brain barrier acts as a gatekeeper by blocking toxins and other foreign substances in the bloodstream from entering brain tissue and damaging it. It also can prevent potentially therapeutic drugs from reaching the brain.

Immune to Measles? You Can Find Out in Brooklyn

As of this past Monday there were 566 confirmed cases of measles in New York City since September 2018, according to the New York City Health Department.

West Nile Virus-Infected Mosquitoes Found in Samaria

This is not the first case of West Nile virus-infected mosquitoes found in Israel this year.

NYSED Compels Yeshivahs To Accept Religious Exemptions For Vaccinations

NYSED’s Office of Counsel found that Yeshiva of Spring Valley’s blanket statement that it does not accept any religious exemptions was in violation of state law.

IDF Debunks Lie About ‘Gazan Child Who Died Alone’

The girl's parents refused to accompany her to the hospital. The PA falsely blames Israel.

Director Expresses Frustration As City Closes Childcare Center

The Health Department made several visits to the school before closing it, and Mrs. Braun said the school addressed every issue the department raised.

President Rivlin, Nurses, Honor International Nurses Day

"Israel’s nurses are the most important asset in ensuring the public health system is stable and strong."

Monsey Jewish Families Rally Against Measles Vaccinations ‘Conspiracy’

Haredi Rabbi Hillel Handler announced: “We Hasidim have been chosen as the target,” and, “The campaign against us has been successful.”

Israel Issues Measles Travel Advisory for 5 Countries

"According to the World Health Organization (WHO) these five countries have the highest rates of measles."

Trauma, PTSD Cases Skyrocket in Southern Israel, Says NGO NATAL

“We need to bravely recognize and address the phenomenon whereby entire generations are living and growing up in the country under a continuous security threat."

Teva’s Recovery Hopes Mired in Staggering Antitrust Lawsuit, $26.7 Billion Debt

“Teva is a consistent participant in the conspiracies identified in this complaint, but the conduct is pervasive and industry-wide.”

While Under Urgent Medical Care in Tel Aviv, BDS Leader Obstructs Spanish Team’s Visit...

Rajoub once said Israel's request to commemorate 11 Israeli athletes murdered at the 1972 Munich Olympics by Black September terrorists was "racist."

Williamsburg, Borough Park Jews Account for Most of 43 New Measles Cases

84 individuals in Williamsburg were served with summonses to pay fines for failing to comply with the mandatory vaccination order.

Gaza Border Parents of Traumatized Children Ask Culture Minister to Skip Memorial Day Sirens

"The children have not yet recovered from the trauma of the past few days, and the sirens are very stressful to them and raise their anxiety level."

Thai Worker in Critical Condition from Shrapnel Injury

He was evacuated By an MDA helicopter to the Soroka medical center in Beer Sheva

2 More Jewish Schools Closed by NYC Health Dept Over Measles Vaccination Order Violation

Two more Jewish schools have been closed by the New York City Department of Health due to unwillingness to comply with an order to...

Israeli Scientists Solve 100-Year Puzzle with Breakthrough on Epilepsy

"Our findings may serve as a basis for the development of drugs for a range of neurological and neurodegenerative diseases."

US Measles Outbreak Worst Since Year 2000, Nearly 400 Confirmed Cases in NYC

Another 61 confirmed cases of measles were reported in New York City just this past week.

FDA Approves Israeli Generic Treatment for Opioid Overdose

Since 2016, naxalone has been available without a prescription in the United States as a nasal spray under the brand name Narcan.

Israeli Scientists Say Watching Spiderman Can Help Reduce Fear of Spiders

Screening a seven-second excerpt of a spider scene from Spiderman 2 reduced participants' post-viewing spider phobia by 20 percent.

68 More Cases of Measles Reported in New York

The CDC said a total of 199 confirmed cases of measles were reported in New York’s Rockland County, and 359 cases were reported in New York City.

NYC Health Dept. Shuts 4 Brooklyn Yeshivas, Fines 3 Families in Measles Outbreak

The yeshivas did not provide documentation proving unvaccinated children were being blocked from entering the school building.

Hamas Prevents Gazan They Blinded by Torture from Receiving Proper Medical Treatment

Muhamad Saffi, 27 of Beit Lahiya, is a social activist who was arrested and tortured in a Hamas prison in Gaza.

On Passover Eve Rockland County Bars the Unvaccinated from Synagogues

New York Civil Liberties Union Executive director Donna Lieberman said forced vaccinations were an extreme measure that “raises civil liberties concerns about forced medical treatment.”

Brooklyn Jewish Preschool Closed by Health Dept for Violation of Measles Vaccine Order

Since the emergency order was issued another 44 new cases have been reported, bringing the total number of cases in the city to 329.

Large N.Y. Insurance Companies to Cover IVF and Fertility Preservation Under Cuomo Women’s Initiative

The Women’s Justice Agenda has already passed the Assembly and the Senate and Governor Cuomo has indicated that he will sign it into law.

New York Declares Public Health Emergency As Measles Cases Approach 300

Mayor Bill de Blasio on Tuesday declared a public health emergency in several zip codes in Williamsburg, Brooklyn to stem a nascent measles outbreak among Orthodox Jewish children.


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