Israel May Be First to Reach ‘Herd Immunity’ from COVID-19

"It is possible that Israel has reached a sort of herd immunity, but in any case, we have a wide safety net."

TAU Breakthrough: Activating Brain’s Immune System Against Deadly Cancer Glioblastoma Prevents Spreading

"Glioblastoma is the deadliest type of cancer in the central nervous system, accounting for most malignant brain tumors."

Israeli Researchers Develop Radioactive Marker to Detect Aggressive Cancerous Tumors

The marker will determine type of tumor in a single image, eliminating the need for a biopsy.

TAU: COVID-19 Vaccine Much Less Effective Against South African Variant

The South African variant is significantly more likely to break through the protective effect of two doses of the vaccine compared to the British COVID-19 variant.

Study: South African Variant Can Break Through Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine

"Among individuals infected after receiving two doses of the vaccine, the prevalence rate was 8 times higher than the rate in unvaccinated. . . matched individuals."

Israeli Health Ministry Mulling Letting Tourists into the Country

This will involve issues of political sensitivity, among other things, regarding the United Arab Emirates, which administers the Chinese vaccine that's not recognized in Israel.

Israeli Researchers Introduce Novel Probiotic Yogurt-Based Treatment for Inflammatory Conditions

Probiotics are widely perceived as helping immune functions, affecting balanced microbial populations in the digestive system and potentially protecting the body against bacterial infections.

Hebrew U Researchers Find Holocaust Survivors Suffer Higher Death Rates from Heart Disease, Cancer

Decades-long study provides basis for close monitoring of people who have experienced trauma early in life and the impact it can have on long-term health.

Muslim and Jewish EMTs Save Disabled Woman’s Life

“When the ambulance team came they told us that we did a great job and were responsible for bringing her pulse back,” said Murad after the incident.

Spirit Airlines Kicks Jewish Couple with Children Off Plane then Denies, then Denies Some...

Indeed, the little Jewish girl has yet to master the art of eating yogurt with her facemask on.

For First Time in a Year, Israel’s 2nd largest Hospital Admits No New COVID-19...

The hospital said it has no Covid-19 patients on life support and no one died from the Coronavirus for the first time in a year.

Health Ministry: Israel May Ditch Facemasks in Open Air Next Week

The health ministry authorized an IDF pilot program in which the obligation to wear masks during training and activities in the open air of training units will be abolished.

The Vaccine Blood Libel

Saeb Erekat, a top Palestinian negotiator, was rushed to a Jerusalem hospital when he faced a COVID-19 respiratory crisis.

CDC Issues Travel Warning on Trips to Israel, Palestinian Authority, Gaza

"Even fully vaccinated travelers may be at risk for getting and spreading COVID-19 variants and should avoid all travel to [Israel, the PA and Gaza.]"

Pfizer Freezes Israel’s Vaccine Shipment for Lack of Payment

Pfizer said the firm is “currently working with the Israeli government to update the agreement, to supply additional vaccines to the country."

Mother and Daughter Leave Mimouna Celebration to Save a Life in Another Mimouna

A 35-year-old mother of two collapsed in Acre during the traditional Mimouna celebration at 12:45 AM Sunday.

Israel’s Religious Zionists Lead the World in Kidney Donations: Double the US Rate, 5...

According to Prof. Mor, "the percentage of secular donors in the country is small."

Israel to Start COVID-19 Shots in 12-15 Year Olds When FDA Okays Pfizer’s Teen...

“All participants in the trial will continue to be monitored for long-term protection and safety for an additional two years after their second dose."

2022 and 2023 Vaccine Purchases Delayed as Israeli Health Officials Expect Biannual Vaccinations

The accountant-general of the finance ministry attacked the health ministry, accusing it of serious irregularities in purchasing vaccines without signing proper agreements.

Scientists Say Israel’s Own COVID-19 Mutation Caused Hundreds of Infections

Approximately 180 patients have been diagnosed with the mutation in clinical tests, but it is believed more Israelis are infected.

Prevented a Year Ago by Corona, Priestly Blessing Returns to the Kotel

The idea for a mass ceremony of the Birkat Cohanim at the Western Wall was initiated by Rabbi Menachem Mendel Geffner in the summer of 1970.

One Bedouin Tribe Remains Red, the Rest of Israel Is Over the Pandemic

On Monday, according to the Health Ministry, there was only one new Haredi Corona patient in the country.

With 3,500 New Daily Infections Lebanon to Receive Russian Sputnik V Vaccine

The Sputnik-V vaccines be available in every hospital in Lebanon for the low price of $38 a pop.

New Assistant Secretary for Health Rachel Levine Celebrated Her Bar Mitzvah in Belmont, Mass

Dr. Levine graduated in 1975 from Belmont Hill School, an independent all-boys high school in the Belmont suburb of Boston.

Health Ministry Wants $1.05 Billion to Buy New Vaccines and Won’t Say Why

"The hospitals in the Palestinian Authority are filling up with Corona patients, and according to the Minister of Health there, their occupancy has reached 110%."

Germany Provides $13.5 Million to Help Holocaust Survivors Get Vaccinated

The new Holocaust Survivor Vaccine Assistance Program is a one-time initiative to offer COVID-19 protection for survivors worldwide.

Choosing Life: EMTs Perform Successful CPR in Jerusalem on Election Day

“I’ve been doing this for more than eight years and every time I help someone, it is a gift."

Over 50% of Israel’s Citizens are Fully Vaccinated against COVID-19

The Ministry of Health said it documented only 681 new COVID-19 cases over the past day.

Hamas Leader in Judea and Samaria Dies of COVID-19

Sheikh Omar Barghouti was one of three terrorists who murdered an Israeli in 1978. He was captured and spent 27 years in prison until his release as part of the Jibril Deal in 1985.


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