EMTs Get Shot At while Treating Stabbing Victims on Highway 6

“Suddenly, a man stood behind me and started shooting at point-blank range."

Israeli Consul General Locked Up in China With COVID-19

"I found myself in such a hospital for 10 days. Nothing prepares you for the experience - not even close engagement with the subject for over two years."

EMTs Rescue Man Stabbed at Rabbi Yehuda ben Bava’s Gravesite

Majed Ziad was working in his restaurant when he received the alert.

The Combined Lifesaving Power of Prayer and a Good EMT

Givon man suffers cardiac arrest, regains full consciousness after EMTs resuscitate him.

Did You Buy Hummus? Check It Before You Eat It

For those with questions, the company’s consumer services center can be reached at: 1-700-70-20-72.

Hatzalah EMTs Rescue Severely Injured Woman Hit by Electric Bicycle

Due to the severity of her injury, she was only responsive to pain.

Israeli Scientists Find ‘Green’ Mediterranean Diet Reduces More Visceral Fat

“Weight loss is an important goal only if it is accompanied by impressive results in reducing adipose tissue.”

Computer System Still Down at Brooklyn Hospital Network

It is not yet clear what caused the outage, nor is it clear when the network will be restored.

40 Week Pregnant EMT Delivers another Woman’s Baby

“It was the woman’s sixth child and everything went almost effortlessly."

Four Children from South Sudan to Undergo Heart Surgery in Israel

The Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ has built and outfitted the first modern emergency unit at the Juba Teaching Hospital in South Sudan, among other projects.

Israeli Scientists Develop Invisible Facemask to Block Germs

The invisible mask blocks aerosols produced during oral communication, as well as large droplets produced by coughing and sneezing.

Widespread Chinese Protests after COVID Lockdown Prevented Escape from Burning Building

On Sina Weibo, a Chinese microblogging website, one user from Sichuan wrote: "Is this the same world as our world?"

TAU Ultrasound and Nanobubbles Helping Destroy Cancerous Tumors without Invasive Treatments

The nanobubbles and ultrasound waves cause the bubbles concentrated in the cancerous tumor to explode.

Avian Flu Discovered in Northern Israel

The disease was discovered while the poultry was in a local slaughterhouse.

Hebrew U Announces Breakthrough in Fighting Antibiotic-Resistant Infection

The chip emulates normal human physiology, producing far more accurate behavior than do small animals.

New York Declares War on Polio

“The intersection of low vaccination rates and evidence in the wastewater is a recipe for real, serious concern.”

Bnei Brak Man Reunited with EMT Rescuers after Bus Cardiac Arrest

The family declared they plan to donate a new defibrillator to assist Hatzalah volunteers in saving more lives.

Israeli Doctors to Correct Gaza Boy’s Heart Defect

“I know there is always tension between Gaza and Israel, but that doesn’t change my child’s story. I trust the Israeli doctors and I know they will save my boy’s life."

Hebrew U Research Shows Philip Morris Targets Most Israeli Ads at Haredi Consumers

Despite a partial ban on smoking ads in Israel, tobacco companies continue to spend big to attract new target audiences.

Israeli Scientists Develop Method to Analyze Social Media Posts by Chronically Ill Patients for...

"It is feasible to derive health-related insights from patients' self-reported posts. The methods can . . .enhance medical research on chronic conditions."

Volunteer EMTs Revive Jerusalem Octogenarian from Cardiac Arrest

"When I get a proximity alert about an emergency, I leave the store immediately and put up a sign that says, 'Gone saving lives.'"

Israeli Scientists Develop Microgel That Stops Tissue Shrinkage in Bioprinting

The Technion researchers hope the new method will lead to the development of new technologies for bio-printing.

Hebrew U Study Shows Significant Decline in Sperm Counts Globally

Prof. Levine attributed the decline to “lifestyle choices and chemicals in the environment."

Israeli Scientists Say Exercise Defeats Cancer

Intense aerobic exercise increases the glucose (sugar) consumption of internal organs, thereby reducing the availability of energy to the tumor.

Rising New York Hospitalizations of Children with RSV Respiratory Virus

RSV is the most common cause of bronchiolitis and pneumonia in children younger than one year of age in the United States.

Israel Protecting Water Sources after Detecting Cholera

The Israeli Health Ministry said that the bacteria likely originated in Syria, where there is currently a cholera outbreak.

Savyon Woman with Basic First Aid Training Saves Toddler Who Choked on a Pretzel

Sara used Using the techniques she had recently learned in a 4-hour family safety course taught by United Hatzalah.

Elad Terror Victim’s Condition Deteriorates

Shimon Maatuf was attacked by ax-wielding Arab terrorists in Elad during the holiday, suffering severe head wounds.


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