Corona Czar Gamzu Is Leaving, Long Live Czar Ash (from Ariel U.)

Prof. Ash teaches at the School of Health Sciences, Department of health systems management, Ariel University.

Israel Sees Lowest Number of Positive COVID-19 Tests in 4 Months

The Ministry of Health updated Tuesday that it recorded 780 new Corona cases in the past 24 hours.

Corona Cabinet Accused of Losing Touch with Reality – You Be the Judge

All the parents need to do now is find jobs that require showing up on alternate days.

Coronavirus Curfew Declared in Newark, New Jersey

“We are Newark strong and can get through this together. We did it once before and we can do it again.”

Bulgarian Prime Minister Tests Positive for COVID-19; Poland’s President Also in Quarantine

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wished Borissov a “speedy recovery and good health.”

Israeli Scientists Hunt COVID-19 Evidence in Sewage Samples

This larger pilot was created after a single initial pilot program in Ashkelon succeeded in predicting an outbreak in that city.

Hadassah Hospital in Talks with Emirates to Establish Dubai Branch

The World Bank ranked Dubai and Abu Dhabi as the 2nd and 3rd, respectively, most popular medical tourism destinations in the Middle East.

Israel Begins Human Trials with COVID-19 Vaccine Next Week

"This is a day of hope for the citizens of Israel, thanks to the researchers of the IIBR."

Civilian Flyover Honors MDA, the IDF, Medical Staff

The planes flew over Poriah, Hadassah Ein Kerem, Hillel Yaffe and Laniado hospitals, and later over the beaches of Herzliya, Tel Aviv and Ashdod.

Naftali Bennett to Undergo Back Surgery

Bennett says his back problem stems from carrying a little too much when served in the IDF Special Forces Sayeret Matkal unit.

Saeb Erekat’s Condition Deteriorates in Fight for Life with COVID-19

"In addition to these medical issues, there has also been some deterioration in other organ systems as is commonly seen in critically ill patients with COVID-19.”

Time to Turn the Clock Back, One Hour at 2 AM Sat-Sun

And if you're in Israel, don't forget to add "V'Ten Tal U'Matar L'bracha" to your Shemoneh Esrei prayers.

Cuomo Caves to Jewish Schoolgirls, Loosens Targeted Lockdown Order

The new restrictions completely banned in-person instruction at BYAM, stripping parents of their right to direct the religious education and upbringing of their children.

Israeli Researchers Link Gut Bacteria to Weight Gain in Breast Cancer Patients Who Received...

Dr. Shai and Prof. Koren are currently in the midst of a follow-up study that aims to examine the results in a larger patient population.

Saeb Erekat’s Daughter: ‘Pray for My Father’

"Today a Palestinian doctor from Jerusalem performed a bronchoscopy. We need a few days to see the results of the cultures taken today."

Netanyahu Recommends Fewer Steps in Coronavirus Exit Plan

“We are currently seeing increased pressure to lift restrictions, in a manner similar to . . . the first lockdown.”

Health Ministry: Children’s COVID-19 Morbidity in Israel Higher than Adults’

In only four or five days the morbidity in Israel will go down to one thousand diagnosed new patients per day.

Bar Ilan Researchers Use Gold Nanorod Scattering to Identify the Immune System’s ‘Killer and...

Further development of this technique will lead to novel methods to predict stages of manifestation of diseases like cancer from simple tissue fluids or blood samples.

Watch: Mayor Bill de Blasio Says He Apologized to Haredi Leaders, Seeks ‘Positive Reset’

“That one night in Williamsburg I let my frustration and concern get away with me and I should have been more careful in my language."

Cuomo Allows Traveler Quarantine Exemptions for NJ, CT, PA Residents

“It would be highly problematic, and it would be really devastating for the economy.”

Group Rallies Against Cuomo, de Blasio over new COVID Restrictions Directed at Jews

Jewish leaders and groups, specifically the ultra-Orthodox community, have sharply criticized the two leaders for their enforcement of coronavirus restrictions amid a spike in cases.

Cuomo Announces COVID-19 Vaccination Program Ahead of Yet-to-Be-Delivered Vaccine

The Vaccination Program prioritizes vaccination recipients based on science, clinical expertise, and public health.

Virusight Diagnostic Integrated into Sheba Medical Center’s Battle Against COVID-19

The company is currently developing and testing revolutionary COVID-19 rapid tests, based on Newsight Imaging’s spectral technology.

Human Testing of Israeli Corona Vaccine ‘Brilife’ to Start in October

"We set out nine months ago, on February 2, and we are entering the last round at the end of October."

Erekat’s Family Asked to Come and ‘Say Goodbye’

It was not possible to confirm the report with independent sources.

Outraged Families of Terror Victims Protest Hadassah Hospital COVID-19 Treatment for PLO’s Saeb Erekat

"He has received concentrated convalescent plasma with high levels of anti-COVID antibodies. We have consulted with specialists from Tel Aviv, New York and Washington."

Cops Who Nab Man for Not Wearing Facemask Discover He Just Killed his Partner

67 Arab Israelis have been murdered since the beginning of 2020, including 13 women.

Corona Czar Gamzu: We’ll Shorten Isolation to 12 Days by Testing on Day 10

Prof. Gamzu said Israel's healthcare system is “strong and stable, and is built on strength, dedication and determined workers."


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