TAU’s Cell-Size Robot Can Capture Damaged Body Cells

Innovative technology only 10 microns across the size of a biological cell.

3 Dead in US After Rare Bacteria Found in Recalled Eye Drops

The drops were manufactured by Global Pharma Healthcare in India, where the bacteria – Pseudomonas aeruginosa – has been linked to outbreaks in hospitals.

Israeli Researchers Develop Treatment for Rare Muscle Disease

This is the first study to link muscle pain and weakness to statin use.

Israeli Doctors Save Philippine Woman’s Life With New Brain Cooling Procedure

To relieve increasing intracranial pressure and fluid accumulation in Nurila’s brain, doctors tried medication, a brain catheter, and even surgery to open her skull, but nothing worked.

Volunteer EMTs Revive Bnei Brak Father of Four Who Suffered Late-Night Cardiac Arrest

Aharon stayed with the family to provide support to the man’s wife and mother.

Israel Turns ‘Super Seaweed’ into Natural Health Compounds, Medicine

The study succeeded in dramatically increasing the health and medicinal value of seaweed as superfood, medicine, and cosmetics.

175 Runners Race to Save Lives in Jerusalem Marathon

Combined, Team Avraham and Team United Hatzalah raised more than $100K in support of lifesaving efforts.

New York Urges Polio Vaccination for Travelers to Israel

At least 175,000 Israeli children are currently not vaccinated against the deadly virus.

United Hatzalah to Secure the Miracle Worker Rebbe Reb Elimelech’s Gravesite on his Yahrzeit

The yahrzeit will begin tonight, Monday, the 21st of Adar, March 13, and continues until Tuesday at dusk.

TAU Reveals World’s First mRNA Vaccine for Deadly Bacteria

"So far mRNA vaccines, such as the COVID-19 vaccines familiar to all of us, were assumed to be effective against viruses but not against bacteria."

Four Israelis Inherit Corneas of Yaniv Brothers Murdered in Terror Attack

“We wish the donors to see the world with goodness and joy, as our sweet Hillel and Yagel saw it,” said parents Esti and Shalom Yaniv.

Nefesh B’Nefesh ‘MedEx’ Streamlines Aliyah Logistics for Medical Professionals

On March 19-20, Medical professionals can take major steps toward transferring their licenses before making Aliyah.

Tourist Drowns in Dead Sea

She was pulled out of the water unconscious.

Keep your Children Safe this Purim

You are the grownup, so don't let your children do on Purim things you won't let them do any other day of the year.

Cleveland Clinic Study Finds Common Artificial Sweetener Linked to Higher Rates of Heart Attack,...

In the study, erythritol made platelets easier to activate and form a clot. Pre-clinical studies confirmed ingestion of erythritol heightened clot formation.

Tel Aviv University Researcher Unlocks Secret of ‘Junk DNA’

Why has junk DNA has not been eliminated from the genome of living creatures?

Rabbi Aviner: Never Mind the ‘Deviants,’ If MDA’s Original Forms Aren’t Restored, We Won’t...

The very act of accepting the altered form is aiding and abetting a capital transgression.

Israeli Scientists Identify and Inhibit Brain Metastasis Mechanism

"The findings establish LCN2 as a new prognostic marker and a potential therapeutic target."

Toddler Refused to Eat; Doctors Discover Ring in His Throat

Specialists from the hospital’s otolaryngology department performed the urgent operation under general anesthesia.

Rabbi Instructs Haredi EMTs in Bnei Brak to Carry Weapons on Shabbat

Rabbi Sinai Halberstam issued a ruling to the volunteers of the United Hatzalah in the city that It is a mitzvah and absolute obligation to carry the weapons with them even on Shabbat and holidays as long as the threat of terrorism exists.

Israeli Biotech Startup Creates Breath Test to Detect Cancer

The SpotitEarly technology joins Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence with the dogs' olfactory abilities to analyze the samples.

United Hatzalah Turkey Rescue Mission Cut Short over Verified Security Threat

German and Austrian rescue units are now sheltering in place due to the worsening security situation in Turkey, which includes gunfire.

Watch: IDF, United Hatzalah, Rescue 7-Year-Old Girl from the Rubble in Kharmanmaras, Turkey

United Hatzalah physicians Keren Moss and Itai Basel treated the girl while she was still trapped under the rubble.

Israeli Physician Recalls Dramatic Rescue of Young Woman in Kahrmanmaras, Turkey

“Our job was to make sure she stayed alive after having suffered so much."

Israel Sets Up Field Hospital to Treat Turkish Earthquake Victims

The field hospital includes operating rooms, trauma units, X-ray machines and laboratories.

Knesset Committee Moves to Scale Back Government’s COVID Powers

The legislation would end the Israeli government’s authorization to enact public closures, require individuals to isolate, set limits on public gatherings, or require people to furnish a green pass among other measures.

Health Ministry Orders Northern Israel to Boil Water After Turkey-Syria Earthquake

Until further notice, all water for drinking, cooking, brushing teeth and preparing medicines must be boiled due to suspected pollution caused by the earthquakes.

3,380 Reported Deaths in Turkey’s String of Earthquakes, 1,597 in Syria

A delegation of the IDF, Defense Ministry, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs landed in Turkey at 6 AM Tuesday.


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