Israeli Doctors Find Treatment for Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria

Every year in the United States, more than 35,000 people die and 2.8 million get sick from antibiotic-resistant infections.

Swastika Drawn on Head of Alzheimer’s Patient in Toronto Care Facility

This was a second offense -- the swastika on his uncle's head was only the one the staff couldn't wash off.

Hebrew U Study: Smoking Damages Your Mental Health

They surveyed more than 2,000 students enrolled at Serbian universities with differing socio-political and economic environments.

Israeli Researchers Develop ‘Decoy Molecule’ to Neutralize Viruses Passing From Animals to Humans

The researchers found the molecule to be highly effective at sticking strongly to the viruses before these viruses could bind to the human receptors. It also activated the body’s immune response

Israel Fighting the Swine Flu with Worrisome Results

"This year, unlike previous years, the influenza strains are much more aggressive and cause more severe symptoms, even in young people with no background diseases."

New Infection, New Vaccine Needed in Modi’in

The city of Modi'in is preparing to give out a special new vaccine to residents after an outbreak of mumps was discovered among a group of teens.

Bar-Ilan, Stanford, Researchers Find Treatment for Macular Degeneration Blindness

Retinal prostheses have been shown to restore some useful vision by electrically stimulating the remaining retinal neurons.

Israeli Researchers Make Breakthrough in the Fight Against Lupus

Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease that can attack various parts of the body.

Israeli Teen Dies of Flu in Jerusalem

There are 98 more Israelis who are seriously ill with the flu as well, according to the Health Ministry.

WATCH: The Critical Need For Lifesaving EpiPens In Israel

Only a handful of United Hatzalah medics have EpiPens. You can change that!

Hebrew University Team Finds TB Vaccine Lowers Rates of Alzheimer’s Disease in Cancer Patients

The study explores the ways in which our immune system is a major player in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s, and how the BCG vaccine may serve as an effective preventative treatment to this crippling condition.

Bar-Ilan Researcher: Longevity Protein SIRT6 Also Protects Against Fatty Liver Disease

SIRT6 regulates many biological processes such as aging, obesity, insulin resistance, inflammation and metabolism.

Israeli Researchers Develop Blood Test to Diagnose Parkinson’s Disease

Alpha-synuclein levels in the blood have been evaluated as a biomarker for Parkinson’s.

Weighing In on the Obesity Epidemic

Subscribe to our Sheba Medical Center listFor the lucky ones, weight gain is limited to a few extra pounds put on over the holidays...

Israeli Brain Surgeons Save Life of 11-Year-Old Boy From Bethlehem

For the first time in years, Gamal has been able to return to school with his friends.

Bar Ilan U Study: Pregnancy Safe for Women with Inflammatory Bowel Disease

"From an immunological and microbiological viewpoint, pregnancy in patients with IBD is beneficial and can be safely recommended."

Russia Banned from 2020 Olympics, 2022 World Cup, for Doping

The deputy director general of the Russian Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA), Margarita Pakhnotskaya, said the WADA decision was "well-expected."

Hebrew U Study: Pregnant Smokers at Higher Risk for Gestational Diabetes

Gestational diabetes leads to higher risks for pregnancy and birth complications such as macrosomia (larger than average babies) and caesarean deliveries.

Israeli Team Summoned by WHO to Respond to Measles Epidemic in Samoa

"Because the Samoan healthcare system has been simply overwhelmed by the sheer number of cases, we have been asked to bring hands and heads to the affected areas."

A First in Israel, Cardiac Catheterization Conducted Using Sound Waves

Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem successfully performed a cardiac catheterization using sound waves to treat a complex case of severe arterial congestion.

US Team Reanimates Disembodied, Dead Heart Prior to Transplant

A special device uses a technique called “warm perfusion” to circulate the blood, oxygen and electrolytes through the donated heart.

New Negev Hospital, Largest in Israel, to be Located in Be’er Sheva

The new complex is to be located east of Sarah Junction where Routes 25 and 40 meet, between Be’er Sheva and the Bedouin town of Tel Sheva. It's desperately needed.

Israeli Researchers Develop Treatment that Prompts Self-Destruction of Pancreatic Cancer Cells

The treatment reduced the number of pancreatic cancer cells by 90% in the developed tumors a month after it was administered.

New Cancer Treatment Shows Promise in First Clinical Trial of Radiotherapy

"There was a 100 percent overall response rate ... Seventy-eight percent of the tumors treated were entirely eradicated." However, this is still only the first clinical trial; there are future trials ahead.

Hebrew University Discovery May Revolutionize Chemotherapy

It is a method that delivers chemotherapy drugs directly to malignant cells and bypasses healthy ones.

Israeli Researchers Say Autism-Related Genetic Mutations Occur in Alzheimer Patients’ Brains

Tel Aviv University researchers say they found an overlap between Alzheimer's-related mutations and those producing autism and related disabilities.

In First, World’s Most Expensive Medicine Used to Treat Israeli Toddler

“The effect of the medication will be seen in the months to come, but we are all very hopeful."

Rabbinical Court Won’t Recognize as Jewish an Infant Born from Undisclosed Jewish Egg Donor

Israeli surrogacy law states that one of the conditions for egg donation is that the donor and recipient be both of the same faith, to avoid future doubts about the child's status.

Israel Sees Uptick in Motor Vehicle Fatalities After Decades of Improvements

Last year Israel reached its lowest ever number of car accident fatalities per capita, at 3.6 deaths per 100,000 people.


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