10 More Israelis Die from COVID-19, 99 Require Respirators

“The first step is the mask: This advanced technological device prevents morbidity. It is worn as it was just over a century ago; it prevents the disease."

ADL VP: Jews Around the World Fear Coronavirus Scapegoating

Anti-Defamation League’s Dr. Sharon S. Nazarian also addressed “complexities” of Jewish community’s approach to Black Lives Matter.

Bar Ilan U: Properly Equipped Laypersons Can Reverse Opioid Overdose Mortality

There are striking parallels for emergency healthcare delivery between opioid overdose in the community and out-of-hospital cardiac arrest.

Data Leak Reveals 42,000 Dead of Coronavirus in Iran

Meanwhile, the opposition People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran announced on Sunday that the coronavirus death toll in 347 cities across Iran had passed 81,400.

In Tel Aviv, the Coronavirus Brings Back Legendary Drive-In Theater

Each screening will welcome a total of 200 vehicles, movie audio will be transmitted in high quality via an FM radio frequency.

Corona Czar Gamzu Approves Entry of 17,000 American Students

Prof. Gamzu on Sunday instructed the Ministry to maintain tight control over the project's population, with regular supervision. Dedicated inspectors will be recruited to carry this out.

Edelstein: Coronavirus Situation Improving But Numbers Still ‘Worrying’

"With teamwork and help from others, you can see the achievements in the field. This is good, but not good enough. The numbers are still worrying. We need to continue to work together."

Corona Czar Gamzu Against Letting In 16,000 US Yeshiva Students

"We need to do something wise here to prevent another fire," Gamzu said.

Israel’s Coronavirus Death Toll Rises to 523, No ‘Social Distancing’ in Protests

On Saturday night protests continued, increasing the likelihood that the virus would continue to be spread as well, since none of the protesters were observing social distancing.

Minister Rafi Peretz Diagnosed with COVID-19, ‘Feeling Good Right Now’

“With the conclusion of Shabbat, it unfortunately became clear that the coronavirus test I took on Friday came back positive."

Mall Rebellion: Store Owners Defy Guidelines, Stay Open on Shabbat

The Haredi parties' complain that while the Health Ministry's regulations are leaving large sectors of the public open, synagogues are forced to operate in a limited way.

Israel’s Daily Confirmed Coronavirus Cases Hit Another Record

At least 32,722 Israelis have recovered from the virus up to this point.

Hebrew U: Tea, Chocolate and Berries May Increase Risk of Certain Cancers

Antioxidant-rich foods like black tea, chocolate and berries may increase risk for certain cancers, a new Hebrew University research finds.

Psychologists: Low Health Anxiety & Unrealistic Optimism Explain Why People Don’t Wear Face Masks

Having extreme health anxiety may prevent some people from returning to a normal routine once social distancing is no longer needed.

Israel’s National Project Manager Unveils Plan to Defeat Coronavirus, IDF Establishes New HQ

The plan includes significantly increasing the number of tests, cutting the infection chains with the new IDF apparatus, transparency with the public in order to re-create trust, classifying local authorities by color according to Corona data, and releasing restrictions in places where the data is positive.

Breakthrough: Experimental Drug for Alzheimer’s May Help Children with Autism

The mutation … creates various pathological effects in the brains of children with ADNP syndrome. One is … formation of tau deposits, a characteristic of Alzheimer’s disease.

Israel to Relax Synagogue Attendance Restrictions Ahead of Tisha B’Av, Ministers Say

According to the heads of Israel’s ultra-Orthodox parties, the Israeli Health Ministry will announce the new directives by Wednesday.

100 Doctoral Students from India Arrive in Israel on Bar-Ilan U, Israir Special Flight

The students will be absorbed in labs at all Israeli universities, including those researching coronavirus.

First Phase 3 Clinical Trial of Coronavirus Vaccine in US Has Begun

Israel has signed an agreement with Moderna Inc for the future purchase of its potential COVID-19 vaccine.

High Court: Employers Not Required to Pay for Coronavirus Isolation

Head of Public Health Services Sadecki faced harsh criticism over the past few months for essentially winging it when it came to setting policy, often without scientific basis.

More than 14,000 Israeli Coronavirus Patients Released following Change in Policy

This is the kind of joke that when you say in the end, "You're killing me," you're not kidding.

Fully Recovered from Coronavirus, United Hatzalah’s Eli Beer Donates Plasma

“I was made aware that I could donate plasma and that this would help save the lives of others who are suffering from this terrible disease,” Beer said on Sunday.

IDF Survey Reveals Most Reservists Don’t Feel Ready for War

The data show a severe picture of a continuing decline in both cohesion and readiness of the reserve units to meet their tasks.

Israeli Study Finds Low Vitamin D Level Linked to Increased COVID-19 Risk

Using the real-world data and Israeli cohort of 782 COVID-19 positive patients and 7,807 COVID-19 negative patients, the groups identified that low plasma vitamin D level appears to be an independent risk factor for COVID-19 infection and hospitalization.

Israeli Cabinet Approve $1.9 Billion COVID-19 Stimulus Plan, Goes to Knesset Next

“We will continue to move the wheels of the economy in order to put people back to work,” says Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Bureau of Stats: 42% of Israelis Stressed, 55% Fear Not Meeting Monthly Expenses

Among 21%—about 1.2 million people—they or a member of their household have reduced the amount of food or the number of meals they consumed during the past week.

Government Approves Downsizing Coronavirus Cabinet

Transport Minister Yaakov Litzman, who will not be a member of the new forum but only an observer, voted against the decision and left the meeting angrily.


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