New York Jewish Film Festival 2021 Streaming in the Age of Corona

The festival’s 2021 virtual lineup showcases seventeen features and seven shorts.

Husband and Wife EMS Volunteers Vaccinate Ashdodians

"My husband and I have been volunteering for so long, it has become a part of us and defines who we are as individuals and as a couple."

Corona Czar: No Choice But to Add Another Week of Lockdown

Meanwhile, US health officials have sounded the alarm on Friday saying the UK mutation of the coronavirus could become the dominant source of infection in the United States by March.

Former Chief Rabbi Lau Tests Positive for Coronavirus After 2nd Vaccine Dose

The rabbi was apparently infected by his wife who contracted the virus earlier in the week.

Russia Bans Hadassah Clinic from Using Pfizer’s Vaccine

Hadassah Medical Moscow announced earlier that it was in talks with a number of companies on the supply of foreign COVID-19 vaccines to Russia.

With Close to 10,000 New Daily Cases Israel Chasing Herd Immunity

As long as there is no certainty that vaccinated individuals do not continue to be contagious, it could take several months for the epidemic to be slowed down at all.

Despite Lockdown and Record Vaccinations Israel’s Corona Cases Keep Rising

The Health Ministry estimates that the country is currently at the peak of morbidity, but next week will see a decrease.

Israelis Remember Sheldon Adelson

Rest in peace, brave and kind friend.

Report: Housebound Israelis Smoke 30% More Cigarettes, 35% More Weed

21.1% reported a decrease in sleep quality; 28.6% reported that their weight had increased; and 28.6% reported that they smoked more.

Bar-Ilan U, UAE’s Gulf Medical U Sign Collaboration Agreement

The agreement calls for the exchange of researchers and students at the graduate and undergraduate level.

Palestinian Authority First Mid East ‘Country’ to Register Sputnik V Vaccine

Sputnik V's crucial Phase III trial, which proves a vaccine's safety and efficacy in at least 30 thousand individuals, has not yet been completed.

Magen David Adom Launches Second Vaccination Phase for Elderly

The second vaccine will be given to all residents and employees of senior accommodations throughout the country.

In First of its Kind Operation, Israeli Doctors Use Micro-Knife Instead of Open-Heart Surgery

Annette Caron, 96, underwent the first surgery of its kind in the world. She says she now feels wonderful.

United Hatzalah Team Carries Covid-19 Infected Olim through Loved One’s Death, Funeral, Burial and...

Both being Covid-19 patients, the mother and her daughter were confined to quarantine and forbidden to attend the funeral.

Cuomo Does About-Face on Lockdowns, Appoints Blue-Ribbon Commission to Resuscitate NY Economy

He observed that "too many essential products are made in China, [which] we must [produce] in the United States and even here in New York."

Israelis Report (the Expected) Side Effects After Second Dose of COVID-19 Vaccine

Out of the hundreds of thousands of Israelis vaccinated to date, a total of 652 people who were vaccinated have reported side effects to the Health Ministry.

Snapshot of the Corona Pandemic in Israel Today: 3,744 New Confirmed Cases in 12...

Israel is ranked in 20th place in the world in the number of diagnosed verified corona cases per million.

Mother-Daughter Duo Help Evacuate Residents from Building Fire

After a fire erupts in a residential building a young woman helps evacuate the building as her mother, a licensed psychologist, rushes to provide psychological first aid to those in shock.

Hebrew U Research Offering Hope for Future Anti-Autism Drugs

Hebrew University identifies genetic mutation associated with autism, offering hope for effective therapeutics.

Report: Lockdown Could End in 4 Weeks Depending on Morbidity Trends and Number of...

The measure for progress toward easing the lockdown would be the number of vaccinated Israelis and not necessarily the number of infected or sick patients.

Health Ministry: More Than 1,000 Seriously Ill, First Time Since Start of Pandemic

Of deep concern is the fact that this time the statistic includes three teenagers and two little girls under age 10.

Huge Shipment of Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Doses Arrives in Israel

"I am certain that our amazing HMO medical teams and of course the nurses whose enthusiasm I can see . . . they will get this done."

South African COVID-19 Mutation Discovered in Israel

Four cases of the virus were discovered in Israel, all in citizens who have recently returned from South Africa.

Netanyahu Receives 2nd Dose of Pfizer’s Coronavirus Vaccine

Close to 20% of Israel's citizens have already received their first vaccine dose.

‘Tight Lockdown’ in Effect Across Israel with 25 Police Highway Checkpoints

"The police will conduct searches in all the arteries around the country, and will also employ mobile blockades to locate civilians who defy the regulations."

Netanyahu: Everyone Over 16 Will Be Vaccinated By End of March

“This . . . will take us out of the coronavirus crisis, and return us to life.”

PA Spreads Corona Libel Even as Israel Secretly Vaccinates Abbas’s Inner Circle

Former IDF spokesperson Peter Lerner tweeted: "Blaming the worlds failures on the Jews, now why does that sound familiar?"

Moderna Vaccines to Arrive Thursday in Israel

"I am working to bring millions of additional vaccines to the citizens of Israel so that we can emerge from the coronavirus pandemic once and for all."

South African Variant of COVID-19 is More Transmissible Than UK Variant

"My concern is that it seems even more easy to transmit than the new variant we've seen here."


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