More Than 2,000 Taken to Hospitals on Yom Kippur

The medical teams responded to 3,025 calls. Of those, 295 people fainted and suffered dehydration, and 2,069 people were evacuated to hospitals.

Israel to Invest NIS 30M in 17 Projects to Create Data, Language Models in...

The initiate is intended to facilitate the leap in Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications in Hebrew and Arabic, requiring natural language processing as part of the solution.

Providing Medical Relief in Morocco While Praying for Inclusion in the Book of Life

"We pray to be written in the Book of Life, and that is exactly what we are here helping to do."

Sheba AI Reduced Brain Hemorrhages by 30%

Patients whose scans were deciphered by AI were released an average of a day and a half earlier than those who were not.

Man Dies from Cardiac Arrest, 1,000 Receive Medical Treatment in Uman

"Regrettably, despite our best efforts, his death had to be pronounced at the scene."

Mount Sinai Closing Down Beth Israel

St. Vincent's in the Village, which used to serve Catholic patients from Little Italy, closed down in 2010.

United Hatzalah Opens Medical Clinics in Atlas Mountains to Help Morocco’s Earthquake Victims

For one of the volunteers in the group, Sivan Menachem, the mission is personal. She personally lived in Morocco for many years - and her parents are still there.

Paralyzed Terror Victim Can Move Arms, Legs after Extensive Rehabilitation Process

Banya Peretz returned to Israel for Rosh Hashanah after undergoing the first stage of innovative therapy in Thailand.

France Orders Apple to Withdraw iPhone 12

The National Frequency Agency (ANFR) in France said levels of electromagnetic radiation emitted by the phone are too high.

Uman United Hatzalah Completes Preparations for Rosh Hashanah

Anyone in need of assistance while visiting Uman should call the UH dispatch at 063-800-1221.

EMTs Rescue Groom Injured during Glass Breaking under Chuppah

"I bandaged his foot at the scene and he was transported to Mayanei HaYeshua Hospital in Bnei Brak."

United Hatzalah Deploys to Morocco After Massive Earthquake

An advance team from the United Hatzalah volunteer medical organization has been active in Morocco since early Sunday morning.

Sacked NY State Antivaxxer Teachers Reinstated with Back Pay

Altogether, an estimated 2,000 teachers were fired in NY State for refusing the vaccine.

Sara Netanyahu Home After Overnight Stay in Hospital

The prime minister’s wife began to feel unwell during the couple’s official two-day visit to Cyprus that began on September 3. Her specific symptoms were not made available.

Israeli Researchers Create Synthetic Embryos from Stem Cells

The synthetic embryos were nurtured outside the womb and survived up to 14 days of development with all the features characteristic of their stage.

Ransomware Hackers Publish Patient Info from Mayanei Hayeshua Hospital

The hospital said it has returned to full operation and is hardening the computer systems.

United Hatzalah EMTs Rescue Givat Shmuel Man, 78, Trapped for 24 Hours

A neighbor who witnessed the rescue commented to Yuda, "You got there just in the nick of time."

Israeli Doctors Save Man’s Life with AI

The 50-year-old patient was urgently called back to the hospital after an AI-assisted diagnostic program flagged his CT scan for potential intracranial bleeding.

Hitchhiking EMT Responds to Vehicle Collision

Kalanit left her friend's vehicle in the middle of the busy highway and began tending to the injured.

Remarkable Protein May Unlock Future Treatments for Neurodegenerative Diseases

A chance discovery by a team of researchers at the Weizmann Institute of Science sheds new light on regeneration in the nervous system and opens up exciting possibilities for combatting diseases.

Israel’s Beloved Star Yehoram Gaon: Ehud Barak Suffers from Munchausen Syndrome

Gaon’s analysis determines that Barak actually suffers from “Munchausen syndrome by proxy.”

‘Major Milestone’ as Israeli Heart Valve Implanted in First US Patients

Trisol Medical Ltd., an Israeli medical device company, marked a milestone with the successful implantation of its Transcatheter Tricuspid Valve in two patients in the United States.

TAU Researcher: Israelis Complain About Everything Except Second Hand Smoke

The new study shows almost 50% of Israeli families suffer from passive smoking, especially from their neighbors.

In World First, Jerusalem Surgeon Uses Augmented Reality, Robot Tech in Spinal Procedure

The doctor compared the experience to that of a combat pilot equipped with an advanced helmet.

Florida Health Officials Warn About Flesh-Eating Bacteria

The bacterium, vibrio vulnificus, naturally occurs in warm, brackish seawater and requires salt to survive.

Health Ministry Warning: Wear Goggles to Swim in Lake Kinneret

The Health Ministry recently received reports from ophthalmologists about three patients suffering from severe inflammation of the cornea and corneal scarring after swimming in the Kinneret.

TAU Researchers Develop Computational Model to Predict Genetic Risk for Breast Cancer

"Our research revealed that we already have the tools to identify, based on their genetic profile, Israeli women with an increased risk of developing breast cancer."

EMTs Revive Little Girl Who Drowned in her Home Pool

"A few years ago, a child was left in a hot car and I responded, but unfortunately, the child didn’t make it."

Israeli Scientists Develop Diagnostic Blood Test for Bipolar Disorder

“For the first time, [we can] use a blood test to find out . . . whether a person is suffering from bipolar disorder [and] can predict the efficacy of lithium" to treat it.

Hospital Mezuzahs Desecrated, Scroll Replaced with Paper Message: ‘Death to Jews’

Professor Masad Barhoum, director of the hospital, immediately ordered an inspection of every mezuzah in the hospital and filed a complaint with Israel Police.


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