Israel is Raising Taxes on Tobacco Products

The tax increase on tobacco products comes as part of the government's decision to "prevent smoking and promote a health lifestyle."

TAU Study Says Exposure to UV Radiation May Improve Fertility in Middle Aged Women

Particularly interesting is the absence of this effect among younger women in their 20s.

TAU Researchers Prevent Memory Deterioration in Animal Model of Alzheimer’s

The researchers discovered the potential for early detection of Alzheimer’s during sleep or anesthesia between 10-20 years before the onset of dementia symptoms.

Flying to Visit Rebbe’s Tomb, EMT Saves Passenger from Seizure

With remarkable composure, he directed the flight attendant to halt takeoff procedures and swiftly accessed the onboard medical kit.

Second IDF Reservist Dies from Gaza Fungal Infection, Experimental Drug Rushed to Israel

The medicine was brought from Ireland • A soldier died in December from the same fungus.

Ismail Haniyeh’s Relatives Receive Life Saving Treatment in Israeli Hospitals

Can someone alert the Hague judges to count this in their narrative of an Israeli genocide?

Haifa’s Rambam Hospital Hit by Suspected Cyber Attack

Officials emphasized that none of the hospital's computer systems or overall operations were disrupted in the incident, and said the attack was blocked without any damage.

Israeli Research Achieves Breakthrough on Life-Threatening Condition Related to Sleep Apnea

“Now that we know what goes wrong in the CCHS patient neurons, we can start developing modalities to fix it."

Autism Spectrum Disorder Prevalence Nearly Doubled in Israel Between 2017 and 2021

“Our analysis shows that the ASD population is growing rapidly, particularly at young ages . . . This study is, therefore, a wake-up call for the government to start planning ahead."

TAU Study: Sleep Disorder in Children Often Misdiagnosed, Medicated as ADHD

children who suffer from breathing disorders during sleep received ADHD medication at a rate 7 times higher than children who don’t suffer from sleep-disordered breathing.

New Volunteer EMT Rescues Bnei Brak Man Who Suffered Cardiac Arrest on Shabbat

"Witnessing a man literally come back to life in our hands was an incredibly powerful moment.”

Israeli Civilian Hospitals Will No Longer Treat Enemy Combatants

Enemy combatants will now only be treated in facilities belonging to the Israel Defense Forces or Israeli Prison Services.

Hamas to Take 1,000 Boxes of Medicine for Every One Going to Hostages

Some of the captives held in Gaza are in dire need of medical treatment.

Absorption Ministry: 494 Physicians and 83 Nurses Made Aliyah in 2023

The average age of physicians who immigrate to Israel is 41.4, and the median age is 37.

EMT Recalls How She Saved her Choking Niece

By Adele Pnina Gaziel I had just left my mother's home in Rehovot on Thursday evening after bringing her some supplies. My brother and sister-in-law...

Researchers: Israelis Endure Steep Mental Stress, Move Less, Sleep Less after October 7

The researchers examined the relationship between media use in the week after October 7 and the prevalence of PTSD.

Court Orders Health Ministry to Maximize Number of Available Medical Choppers

In the course of the hearing, it became clear that the Health Minister unequivocally endorses the utilization of all accessible medevac helicopters.

Doctor Rescues Diabetic Passenger During Flight

In a mid-air medical incident aboard an El-Al flight from Bulgaria to Israel on Tuesday, a septuagenarian passenger faced a diabetic emergency. The alertness...

Tel Aviv Univ. Launches National PTSD Clinic for Civilians & Soldiers

"Estimates speak of 30,000 new cases of PTSD and related pathologies resulting from the current war."

Israeli NGO Files $2.8 Million Suit Against Red Cross

Mirjana Spoljaric Egger, the president of the ICRC, said that Israel must accommodate Hamas’s demands before her organization can get access to the captives.

Bar-Ilan U Announces Breakthrough in Fighting Sleeping Sickness

A novel way to prevent the parasite from producing essential proteins, thus impairing its ability to survive.

United Hatzalah Raises $250K in ‘Symphony of the Stars’ Event in New York

"We are immensely grateful for the outpouring of support during this challenging time."

With 18,000 Dead and Hamas Theft of Food and Medical Resources, Health Conditions in...

Soon enough we’ll discover that Hamas also operates the black market in Gaza.

United Hatzalah Issues Hanukkah Safety Tips

Keep children at a distance from menorahs, lighters, and matches.

MDA CEO Eli Bin Condemns the Red Cross: ‘You Are Not Neutral’

While giving MDA the cold shoulder on the hostages, CRC delegation head Menegon advocated for PA Arab terrorists in Israeli prisons.

8 of 10 Hostages Released Tuesday Night from Gaza in ‘Complex but Stable’ Condition

Those who returned in the fifth hostage release group are "strong, amazing women, the salt of this land, who bravely withstood the hardships of captivity," said the hospital director.

United Hatzalah Muslim Volunteers Join IDF and Hold Training Drill Simulating Missile Attack in Kfar Qassem

"Unfortunately, October 7th has shown us the wide range of scenarios for which first responders need to be trained in this country."

Defying the Exchange Agreement Hamas Won’t Let Red Cross Visit the Hostages

As of Friday morning, the ICRC has not confirmed that it would be allowed to visit the hostages.

United Hatzalah Launches International Training Sessions in Wake of Rising Antisemitism

Techniques accessible to individuals without formal mental health training can help prevent the onset of emotional and psychological disorders.


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