Israel Warns Against Travel to UAE, Bans Flights to 6 Countries

The highly contagious "Delta variant" of COVID-19 has arrived in Israel together with travelers from affected countries.

Israeli Study: Low vitamin D Associated with More Severe COVID-19 Infection

"This study can highlight the risks of vitamin D deficiency in terms of COVID-19."

NY Gov. Cuomo: All COVID-19 State Mandates Lifted Immediately; In NYC, ‘Hometown Heroes’ Parade

De Blasio: “We can never thank our essential workers enough for all they’ve done for this city. But we can celebrate their heroism in our streets."

Bank of Israel Resumes Public Reception

The branches will provide all services that were provided prior to the COVID-19 crisis in Israel. . . without the need for setting an appointment in advance.”

Jewish Factory Manager Rescues Electrocuted Arab Worker

“We worked together for a few minutes, and during the entire time, the defibrillator kept instructing us to continue CPR but did not advise a shock.”

Tuesday Israelis Shed their Facemasks

There are only four new verified cases of the coronavirus in the country.

At Last: No More Indoor Masks in Israel

Certain sectors of the population must still wear a mask indoors, however.

United Hatzalah Muslim EMT Saves his Neighbor’s Life before Friday’s Prayers

“After the third shock was administered, the man began to resist compressions, a sign that he was coming back to life.”

MK Ben-Gvir Injured in Car Accident, Refused Hospitalization to Vote Against Bennett

The accident between two vehicles was reportedly the fault of MK Ben-Gvir's chauffeur.

The Sunday Morning Phone Call that Saved a Life

United Hatzalah Ambulance Team in Moshav Kadima Joined a CPR in progress on Sunday morning and saves the life of a very heavy, 49-year-old man

Bar-Ilan Co-Leading EU Vaccines Research for Measles, STD, in Under-Served Populations

In Israel, despite socio-economic disparities, the Israeli Arab population achieves very high vaccine uptake.

Israeli-Developed Oral COVID-19 Vaccine in Preclinical Trial, Appears Effective as Booster

MigVax is seeking the financing necessary for it to launch Phase 1 and 2 clinical trials.

FDA Issues Warning About COVID-19 Self-Test

"The test has not been authorized, cleared, or approved by the FDA for commercial distribution or use in the United States, as required by law."

President Rivlin Asked Prince Charles to Let Jewish Baby Girl Go

"I know that representations have been made to HM Government on this matter, but I feel that the unique circumstances warrant a personal intervention on my part to you."

Mask Flip Flop Confuses New Yorkers

"Children wear masks in school, inside. When they are outside the school building, in recess, etc. . . [so] there's no mandate for masks outside."

After a Long Day’s Emergency Response Training 2 EMTs Use Exhaustive CPR to Save...

The man was rushed to the hospital in stable condition with a pulse and breathing on his own. His life had been saved.

Netanyahu: Vaccinating Teens Will Assure Israel Herd Immunity

"Israel's victory was achieved thanks to two basic elements: The millions of vaccines that we brought to the country, and their rapid distribution to the citizens of Israel."

Report: No More Masks, Indoors or Out, Effective June 15

Travelers leaving or entering the country are still required to obtain a PCR test within 72 hours of entering the airport, whether they are vaccinated or not.

TAU Scientists Discover Process to Get Good Viruses to Destroy Bad Bacteria

The original phage research was interrupted by the onset of World War I, as well as a shortage of funding and the discoveries of antibiotics.

Sunday Morning Rescue By your Friendly Neighborhood Grocer

United Hatzalah volunteer EMT Issac Mougrabi was working his shift at a supermarket in Holon when his communications device alerted him to a nearby medical emergency.

Israel’s Health Ministry Confirms Pfizer-BioNTech COVID Vaccine Linked to Myocarditis

More than 200 cases of the heart muscle inflammation appear to have been caused by the coronavirus vaccine.

EMTs Save Police Officer Injured in Line of Duty

First-hand account of EMT who responded to Givat Zeev Incident Wednesday morning.

UK Judge Permits Euthanasia of Jewish Baby Against her Parents’ Wishes

This baby should be allowed to die in England because sending her to Israel would risk her life.

Tel Aviv U Researchers: Sick Bats Also Employ ‘Social Distancing’ to Prevent Outbreak of...

New study from Tel Aviv University reveals that bats also resort to isolation which can assist in preventing mass contagion.

Due to Low COVID-19 Stats in Israel, Social Distancing Restrictions Lifted

The only restriction left is wearing masks inside closed public spaces, and that is under review.

Israel Set to Begin Vaccinating Teens Aged 12 to 15 Next Week

The Israeli Health Ministry has yet to issue a final decision on safety of Pfizer vaccine in children; Israel has recorded 70 cases of heart inflammation among vaccinated teens thus far.


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