High-Tech Solutions for an Ancient Burial Tradition

Har Hamenuchot offers a range of options for burial in Jerusalem

Why this Tu B’Shvat is Special

Questions and Answers with Shlomo Walfish

Treat Yourself and Your Family to Pesach at the Ramada

"We pride ourselves on the fact that individuals who are strict never to eat out on Pesach will nevertheless dine at the Ramada!" says Kessler.

The Ultimate Gift for a Departed Loved One

Help to fulfill a lifelong dream with burial in Jerusalem

This Chanukah, Spread the YOLO Around!

This Chanukah, surprise your family and guests with delicious doughnuts accompanied by YOLO, Tnuva’s premium dairy dessert.

A Final Kindness for Your Loved Ones

Viable options for a final resting place in Jerusalem.

The Ultimate Dream of Every Diaspora Jew

Burial in Jerusalem is not beyond your reach.

Google and Reichman University to Establish School of High-Tech

The school’s goals are to ensure equal representation and advance underrepresented populations.

A High-Tech Career in Israel – Less Than a Year Away

Aliyah is an amazing, life changing venture. Employment when making Aliyah doesn’t have to be an obstacle.

LiveStream: Ari Fuld Project Announces Recipients of the 1st Ari Fuld Lion of Zion...

The prize is awarded to activists who have dedicated themselves to building Eretz Yisrael and defending the Jewish people.

Enjoy the Most Amazing Sukkot in Jerusalem at the Ramada

Guests from all over are clamoring to make their bookings at the Ramada and Royal hotels

Join Israeli Higher Education Institutions in the Fight for a Greener Future

The country’s universities and colleges are busy harnessing their knowledge and culture of innovation to help ensure a more sustainable tomorrow for all.

Jewish Press Endorsements For August 23rd New York Primary Elections

In the New York primary elections scheduled for August 23rd to choose the candidate who will run in the November general election, The Jewish Press endorses the following candidates...

Welcome to the Age of the Drone

As drone fleets take to the skies, a unique Israeli innovation company is set to revolutionize the industry’s traffic control system.

Please Help My Parents Pay For My Transplant!

My name is Moishy. I’m 7 and learn in 2nd grade. I was born with a rare liver condition, and I have to take tons...

Making Aliyah with No Money – Is It Possible?

Many families have financial concerns when planning Aliyah. Naale Elite Academy offers a worry-free educational solution to teens and families interested in the process.

Here’s a Golden Ticket to Jerusalem for Seniors

Are you looking for a warm and welcoming English-speaking retirement community in the heart of Jerusalem? There has never been a better time to join us!

10 Years of Naale at Yeshivat Shaalvim: “Shaalvim will always be the foundation for...

In honor of its 10th anniversary, we spoke with a graduate, a student, and the coordinator of the Naale program at Yeshivat Shaalvim: “Naale provided me with keys to many doors that wouldn’t otherwise be open to me today”

You Are the Best Mother in the World!

Each monthly package of baby supplies delivered by EFRAT C.R.I.B. to women who made the decision not to terminate their pregnancies bears a handwritten inscription: "To the best mother in the world! ❤"

An Abundance of Delicious Dairy for Pesach Courtesy of Tnuva

This Pesach, enjoy Edam, Muenster and Swiss cheese slices, also in light versions; creamy rich cheese spreads, Feta cheese and Mediterranean Labaneh, as well as puddings and YOLO milk desserts.

Help United Hatzalah Equip Volunteers in Ukraine

Amid Rising Tensions in Ukraine, United Hatzalah Teams Throughout The Country Maintain Vigilance

A Match Made in Jerusalem: JCT Mentorship Program Helps Students Jumpstart Careers

Operating in tandem with Jerusalem College of Technology’s internship program, the new mentorship program helps place international students in fields that interest them so they can gain valuable experience while still in school.

Please Help My Parents Pay For My Transplant

I just started learning Chumash, and I want to have a 7 year old birthday.

Am Yisrael, Say No: Tell the Israeli Government “No” to Dividing the Kotel

The Reform movement orchestrated a crisis in “Diaspora-Israel relations” and convinced Israeli politicians that a “Kotel Compromise” is necessary.

How to Keep Tu B’Shvat when it’s Shmitta & Share in the Mitzva and...

Why should you care about Shmitta if you are not a farmer in Israel?

10,000 Jewish Cemeteries in Eastern and Central Europe are in Danger of Destruction and...

Thanks to the mapping project many Jewish cemeteries whose existence had been unknown were discovered.

Magen David Adom Forms Worldwide Jewish EMS Network with Hatzalah Orgs

MDA leverages its experience responding to terrorism, rockets, and other disasters to train American Hatzalah teams, while Israeli Hatzalah organizations form integral part of Magen David Adom’s roster of 27,000 EMTs and paramedics.

JCT’s International Students Embrace ‘Having the Jewish Future be Their Future’

Tuition is far less than a standard American university, all while offering high-level academics in English over the course of the three-year program.

Claim Your Portion in the Land of Israel

The Israeli Real Estate Event in New York will showcase real estate projects and properties from all around Israel.


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