Rabbi Gabriel Maza, Spiritual Leader and Warrior Against Anti-Semitism, Dies Aged 99

When a virulent wave of anti-Semitic incidents swept Long Island, Rabbi Maza forged alliances with government officials and clergy of other faiths to foster empathy and demand action. His appearances on TV, radio and in newsprint ensured both media and public couldn’t turn a blind eye.

Dr. Kissinger And Mr. Harwitt

They were so different. Kissinger operated on the global stage, Harwitt operated on the most local of stages, his relatively small Washington Heights community. Despite this, he was far from insignificant.

In Memory Of My Great Grandmother, Irene Klass

My memories of my Bubby are of dancing in a circle with her (which is actually one of the things she taught us to to). She would be in an adorable Purim costume or a beautiful getup, depending on the dancing occasion.

In Memory Of Dr. Ivan Mauer

On challenging days, I close my eyes and I can feel your embrace which makes me feel safe and secure.

Rabbi Yechezkel Pikus, zt”l: A Humble Man – A Giant Of Community Service

At the heart of that renown, Rabbi Yechezkel Pikus was a quiet, humble man, a man who –wherever he was and whatever he was doing – always had a sefer, a Jewish religious book, at hand to peruse at the first opportunity.

Rabbi Oscar Z. Fasman

The 30th of Cheshvan is the yahrzeit of Rabbi Oscar Z. Fasman (1908-2003).

Remembering One Prominent Brooklyn Rabbi And The Impact Israel Had

My father’s entire rabbinic career was spent in support of the State of Israel including her government, the people, the yeshivot, the IDF [Israel Defense Forces], as well as the immigration to Israel of Jews from the Soviet Union from behind the Iron Curtain as well as Ethiopian Jews...

Friends, Family Mark Ari Fuld’s Fifth Yahrzeit in Kfar Etzion

Yishai Fleisher, who serves as the international spokesperson for the Jewish community of Hebron, received the second annual "Lion of Zion" Prize for his work that exemplified Fuld's legacy.

Our Beloved Leah Jackson

What gave her the superhuman strength to survive? She said that when she was young her father taught her the sentence that represented her Hebrew name Leah. It was “Lo amut, ki echye, v’asaper ma’aseh Ka” – I shall not die, for I will live and tell of G-d’s ways.

Miraculous Discoveries By Raphael Mechoulam, The ‘Grandfather Of Cannabis Research’

One of Mechoulam’s most groundbreaking discoveries was that cannabis can stop seizures in people with epilepsy.

Rav Moshe Aharon Stern

As a teenager he desired to go to Eretz Yisrael, where his grandparents were living, but the realities of WWII made that impossible.

Jonathan Pollard Remembers Wife Esther on First Anniversary of Her Death

Esther Pollard died of cancer on Jan. 31, 2022. Monday marked the first anniversary of her death on the Hebrew calendar.

Dayan Chanoch Ehrentreu (1927-2022), Europe’s Greatest Halachic Authority, Passes Away

He upheld a gold standard for conversions to Judaism, withstanding any pressures to recognize the work of rabbis significantly more lenient than him, and opposed the participation of United Synagogue rabbis in popular conferences that in his opinion would compromise their message as rabbanim.

Remembering Rabbi Dov Aaron Brisman

For every kid in the shul he had a different joke and a nickname and every kid thought he was they were his best friend, Rabbi Reuven Goldstein, member of the Philadelphia beis din and successor to Brisman at Young Israel of Elkins Park (YIEP), said. He was able to relate to everybody.

A Rav For Life

Rabbi Wallerstein used his experiences as the driving force in taking on projects that would help tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of people.


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