My Grandmother Was A Warrior

She was always appreciative of everything Hashem created in the world, even the small things that would usually pass by someone, such as an exotic flower or a serene sunset...

My Grandson Donny – A True Korban Olah

Everything he intended and needed to do was laid out in advance so that he didn’t miss a beat and accidentally skip over something he wanted to get done – including calling his grandma, my wife, each and every Thursday evening.

The Many Legacies Of Rabbi Wallerstein, zt”l

An ordinary man who led an extraordinary life, Rabbi Wallerstein was never one who chased the limelight or enjoyed the trappings of fame.

Rav Avigdor Miller z”l

About the life of Rav Avigdor Miller z"l

Reflections from Rav Chaim’s Levaya

The masses who had visited Rav Chaim seeking his beracha and advice during his lifetime would not let anything keep them from coming to mourn and showing their respects and appreciation for him after his death.

Reflections Upon The First Yahrzeit Of Rabbi Dr. Abraham J. Twerski, zt”l

With the Novominsker, zt”l, it was more subtle; with Rabbi Dr. Twerski's, zt”l, psychiatric work, it was more explicit. With both, their leadership was towering; their passing left leadership gaps the consequences of which have been deeply painful.

Esther Pollard: A True Woman of Valor

Esther called their marriage "an oasis of unconditional love in a sea of lies and corruption.

From Out Of The Depths: In Memory Of The Piaseczner Rebbe

Before the horrors of the Holocaust began, Rabbi Shapira had become the advocate for Peasecod, the many young people who were struggling with the meaning of the ancient texts and their own identities as traditional Jews.

Reflections Of A Second Generation Child Of Holocaust Survivors

During their various escapes across borders with other fleeing refugees, they were strafed by machine-gun fire from airplanes flying low overhead and witnessed others being shot and killed.

Martin Luther King Jr.: Friend Of The Jewish Community

Today I can’t tell you what his speech was, Frank said, but I can tell you, I was blown away. It was the most erudite speech...

My Father, Rabbi Sholom Klass, 22 Years

Moish Inker said that you had a photographic mind and everything about you was Torah.

Dear Zaidy (Rabbi Sholom Klass)

You, Zaidy, were always spoken about in my home at all times to my children, who didn’t really get a chance to know or meet you as I did. You would have loved them all.

In Memory Of Rabbi Waldman

Even when I was a young girl he cared so much. He would look at me with his blue eyes, and in his calm tone offer warm words of chizuk.

A Tribute To Rabbi Waldman

He personified a gentle, soft spoken soul who cared so much about every one, and especially about the land of Israel.

My Mother, Irene Klass

There wasn’t anything that I was afraid to ask my mother, and no matter the question she always gave me the honest answer.

In Memory Of My Beloved Father, Dr. Ivan Mauer, On His 11th Yahrzeit, The...

Your kindness and compassion to your patients and everyone you came in contact with, has been the impetus for my acts of chesed and gentle, comforting words.

Edith Weiss, Survivor And Educator, Dies At Age 93

It never ceases to amaze how someone who endured such horror and tragedy as a teenager can emerge from the ashes and accomplish so much.

Rabbi David Eliach: A Profoundly Influential Educator

One of his most lasting educational messages is that the best form of classroom management was a lesson that was intellectually engaging and personally meaningful for the students.

Rabbi Melvin I. Burg, zt’l, Spiritual Leader Of Ocean Avenue Jewish Center

My father had an amazing ability to speak to anyone about anything. No matter how old or young, he could connect. He would come to services thirty minutes early and spend time speaking to the congregants.

A Former Student Recalls Rabbi Tendler’s Warmth And Wit

Rabbi Tendler was the wittiest teacher I had at Yeshiva University – secular or holy... Like a baseball pitcher tipping off which pitch would come next, he used to form a subtle expression on his face just as he was about to come up with a wisecrack.

Rabbi Dr Moshe Dovid Tendler, Pioneered Modern Medical Halacha, 95

Decades ago, the Orthodox got no respect. There was this sense that modern science contradicted the Torah. Rav Tendler made a huge Kiddush Hashem by disproving that notion, said Rabbi Hershel Schachter.

Remembering Rabbi David Halpern, Leading Activist For Soviet Jewry, On His Yahrzeit

With his friendship with YU and loyalty to the cause of Soviet Jewry, it is easy to see why Rabbi Halpern aligned himself with the Triple-S-J even when it was a fledgling organization and advocated for others to participate in its efforts.

A Personal Tribute To HaRav HaGaon, HaRav HaTamim, Reb Yoel HaKohen Kahan

For 45 years Reb Yoel taught Chassidus in Boro Park to chasidim of Belz, Bobov, Boyan, Klausenburg, Ger, Satmar and Vishnitz. He was highly respectful of their approach and taught them to be more appreciative of their Chassidus.

A Soul On A Mission

Among them was Aryeh Abramov, 17, who was to leave for a year in Israel two days later. “He was an all-around good person,” Abramov said, “he gave to all of us by always making the minyan, so it’s nice that I can be here and make a minyan for him.”

Rav Yaakov Ruderman: American Torah Giant

As Rav Ruderman explained to Professor William Helmreich in a January 1978 interview, “College gives a person parnossah. We find that our boys stay with learning longer this way. They don’t have to kill themselves for a job.

Mrs. Chaya Nechama Davidson, 71, Passes Away On Erev Shavuos From Covid-19

Mrs. Davidson always made me feel supremely comfortable, accommodated my peculiar eating habits, and talked to me about school and even politics as if I were 32 rather than 12.

My Mother, Ruth Ballabon, a”h

A surprised friend remarked, “I didn’t know your mother was a shadchan.” She wasn’t. She just instinctively helped everyone she could in the way it was most needed – and sometimes that was a shidduch.

Rabbi Dr. Zecharia Harvey Senter, Kashrus Pioneer, 84

My father sought out truth and insisted on telling the truth even at the cost of lost accounts. He always did the right thing even if it was not popular.

Rabbi Dr Abraham J. Twerski, Pioneering Chasidic Psychiatrist and Prolific Author, 90

Chaim (not his real name), a frum addict in recovery, told The Jewish Press that he'd probably be dead were it not for Rabbi Twerski.

My Great Uncle, HaRav HaGaon Rav Dovid Soloveitchik

He wouldn't lean back on a chair so as not to enjoy the comforts of this world.


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