Arab MK Ayman Odeh Refused to Be Photographed Next to Israeli Flags

Ofer Cassif, also from the Hadash Communist party and its token Jews, also refused to be immortalized next to his country’s flags.

Arab Rioter Attacks a Jew with Iron Chain While Cops Are Watching

Attorney Bleicher noted video of the attack was forwarded to the police, and demanded the arrest and indictment of the attacker.

Ben Gvir Calms Leftists’ Fears: You Didn’t Lose Your Country

If you let us get closer, if you listen to the content of our words, you’ll discover that we are brothers.

When Itamar Ben Gvir Met Suleiman Maswada: What You see Is What You’ll Get

Maybe a true dialogue between Jews and Arabs starts in this kind of frank exchange, no niceties, nothing politically correct.

Mansour Abbas Makes Desperate Plea for More Arab Voter Turnout, Accuses Right-Wing of Wanting...

Mansour Abbas exclaimed, “will we allow Smotrich and Ben- Gvir to deport us by ship?”

Palestinian Authority Tells Israeli Arabs to Vote Hadash-Ta’al and Balad

A columnist in the P.A.'s official newspaper said one goal of influencing Israeli elections is to foment civil unrest.

Arab Parties Frantic to Get Out the Vote and Keep Their Knesset Seats

A car is going through the Arab town’s streets shouting to the residents, “The Jews are flocking to the polls…"

Hadash TAU Students Rally in Support of Lions’ Den Terrorists

Their chants were recorded by Im Tirtzu activists who came to protest the support for terrorism on the grounds of a state-funded university.

Fatah Forces Jerusalem Arab Stores to Strike in Solidarity with Terrorist

Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked: "Those who take part in solidarity strikes called by terror orgs are terror supporters."

3 Israeli Arabs Indicted: Worked for Hamas, Plotted to Take Down Cellular System in...

"The employee accused of the serious acts as well as the outside consultant were dismissed from Celcom immediately."

Lapid May Repeal the Kaminitz Law

Regavim describes it as a blow to governance, democracy and security.

Arab MK Threatens to Call for EU Boycott of Israel if Ben Gvir Becomes...

We believe Wallah host Tal Shalev is entitled to a refund from whatever high school she attended.

Arab Bus Drivers Refuse to Carry Border Guard Companies to Quell Jerusalem Riots

The company that organized Joe Biden's visit in Israel was ordered not to hire Arabs.

Ben Gvir Clashing with his Future Predecessor Internal Security Minister Omer Barlev

“Omer Barlev must be living in an alternate reality,” Ben Gvir said Sunday.

Police Battle Jerusalem Arabs Overnight, Jewish Family Escapes Lynching

Police arrested two suspects in connection to the lynching attempt. So far, only five suspects altogether have been detained.

6 ISIS Suspects Arrested in Nazareth

Their main target being a Muslim high school in Nazareth, which "operates in the way of the infidels."

Bad News: Elections Committee Banned Balad, But Not to Worry, High Court Should Fix...

The right wants Balad to run and grab thousands of votes in vain from its former partners in the Joint Arab List.

Muslims Riots for 3rd Night in Jerusalem, 4 Arrested

The Muslim riots began Monday night as Israel celebrated Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year.

How Do You Say ‘Shas’ in Arabic? Sephardic Party Campaigning in Arab Cities

The cards were distributed in 2021, and the latest official data on poverty levels refer the 2019 and 2020.

Record Number of Jews Visit Temple Mount on Rosh Hashana; Arabs Riot in Eastern...

Muslims attacked policemen on the Temple Mount with fireworks and also barricaded themselves inside the mosque.

Lapid Praises Self Defense Group Hashomer Hachadash for Fighting Agricultural Terrorism

"There is a danger greater than Iran, and that’s our internal security."

Victory is Tibi and Odeh Wrapped in an Israeli Flag

The conflict will end when Israeli-Arab leaders realize the war to destroy the Jewish State has been lost.

Arab School Principal Suspended over his IDF Service

An Education Ministry inspector allegedly leaked the information about his IDF service to the activists.

Latest Polls Show Lapid & Netanyahu Tied 60-60, Outcome Depends on Arab Turnout

Left at the curb with less than 2% are Ayelet Shaked and and Balad.

Coalition Islamist Party’s Hidden Charter Dedicated to Fighting Zionism

"Just as Allah brought you here as a multitude, so will you come to him, in tight chains."

Joint Arab List’s Split May Be Plot to Help Lapid Forge 61-Seat Coalition

They represent the missing six seats Lapid would need to get to the desired 61.

Arab Joint List No More

Balad is not likely to pass the electoral threshold.


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