Israeli Arab School Set on Fire in Eastern Jerusalem

The school, which was recently targeted by Arab gunmen, is one of four new institutions that will prepare Arab students for Israeli high school matriculation.

Terror Stabbing at Jerusalem’s Jaffa Gate

Two people have been wounded in the terror attack.

Israeli-Arabs Arrested for Smuggling Explosives and Weapons from Jordan

In recent weeks, Israeli forces intercepted two attempts to smuggle in Iranian explosives.

Shameless Anarchists Blood Libel Minister Strook

With our rich experience, we were wondering, is it at all possible that not all of the above is true?

PA Terrorists Open Fire on Arab School Using Israeli Curriculum

The Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, an armed “militia” of P.A. leader Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah faction, claimed responsibility for the shooting.

Arab Party Chairman Odeh: Arabs Are Safer in the PA than in Israel

“Israeli Arab citizens have lost their traditional structure.”

Smotrich Agrees to Transfer Millions to Israeli Arab Towns

Oversight mechanisms will be deployed to make sure the money doesn't go to criminals, as it has in the past.

Israeli Arab Activist Yoseph Haddad Attacked in UAE Airport

Haddad was attacked by Arabs who oppose his activities on behalf of the Jewish State, and who recognized him on the plane prior to departure.

Shin Bet Nabs Arab-Israelis Accused of Smuggling Iranian Bombs

The affair illustrates Hezbollah's and Tehran's efforts to "exploit the Arab citizens of Israel," said a Shin Bet official.

Arab MKs Demand Government Protection from Arab Criminals

On Tuesday, a quadruple murder in Abu Snan in northern Israel included Ghzai Sab who is running to head the local council.

Israel Seeking Annulment for Muslim Convert Suspected of Gaming the System

On the day of his declaration as a Jew, he approached the Islamic Sharia court and remarried his Muslim ex-wife.

Arab Party’s Token Jewish MK Indicted for Assaulting Police Officer

MK Cassif was interrogated for five hours by Lahav 433 and denied vehemently that he attacked the policeman.

Thank You Mr. Biden: More than 12,000 US Arabs Entered Israel from the PA...

Israel has attempted to slow down the flood of freely roaming PA Arabs into its territory by banning them from coming in with cars.

Israel Spending Billions to Improve Quality of Life in Arab Communities

The plan hopes to reduce the social and economic gaps between Israel’s Arab communities and the rest of the country.

Employment Rates Among Israeli-Arabs Increase

In the past year, the Ministry of Labor increased the number of Arab-Israelis learning Hebrew under its auspices to 5,100 (an increase of 60%) with 75% graduating successfully.

It’s Good to Be the King: Ben Gvir Blocks Ahmad Tibi’s Visit with Burqa...

Folks, it was worth it to vote for Ben Gvir for just this delightful letter.

Report: Gafni Joins the Attack on Smotrich for Refusing to Make Good on Lapid’s...

Meanwhile, the Negev and Galilee Ministry prevented the transfer of budgets to Arab society under its jurisdiction.

Smotrich Freezes Lapid’s NIS 2.5 billion Deal with Arab Party: It Was Pure Politics

“Do you imagine that if, God forbid, a left-wing government is formed here one day, it will continue to cover our coalition funds?"

3 Israeli Arab Teens Arrested in Nazareth for Planning Hamas-Inspired Attacks

Arab terror groups are known for exploiting social media to recruit children.

Education Subcommittee Chair: 20,000 Eastern Jerusalem Students Are Taught to Hate

The committee heard testimony from A., a former student who wore a face mask, fearing for his life.

Report: US Visa Waiver Deal Harbors Security Traps and Pitfalls for Israel

The US demands that Israel exempt from a security check “Palestinian” Americans with a VIP card issued by the Palestinian Authority.

PM Reveals Plan to Deploy the IDF Against Uprising Israeli Arabs in Wartime

Recently, during routine training, IDF units avoided Wadi Ara that runs through the Arab Triangle towns.

As Arab Murders Top 100, Ben Gvir Slams AG for Refusing Administrative Detention of...

Administrative detention is the arrest and detention of individuals by the state without trial.

Arabs Look to Create Earthquake in Jerusalem City Hall

Candidate Walid Abu Tiya wants to force Israel out of Judea and Samaria and establish a "Palestinian State".

Netanyahu Backs Bringing Shin Bet Into Fight Against Rising Arab Crime

Since the beginning of the year, 102 Arabs have been killed in Arab on Arab violence.

Netanyahu Expresses ‘Shock’ at Murder of Five Arabs in Galilee

“I was shocked by the terrible murder near Nazareth. We are determined to stop this chain of murders,” said Netanyahu.

Israeli Citizen Receiving PA’s Pay for Slay Terror Stipend Arrested in Money-Laundering Sting

The network of companies distributed and offset fictitious invoices amounting to tens of millions of shekels for money-laundering and tax offenses.

Israeli Arab Arrested for Bus Bombing Plot

In January of this year, two Israeli Arab citizens from Mu'awiya, outside Haifa, were arrested after also being recruited by the Hamas.

Arab Convoy Moving on Jerusalem Demanding Police Stop Arabs from Killing Each Other

I wouldn’t be surprised if on the same day that those angry Arabs are converging on Jerusalem someone would murder Arab victim number 81.


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