United Hatzalah Volunteers Perform CPR on 2 Shooting Victims in Arab Triangle

Israel's Arab community has been awash in a seemingly endless deluge of fatal shootings, between rival clans, within clans, and within families.

Israel Security Agency Thwarts Effort to Recruit Spies for Hezbollah

Two Arab-Israeli women taken into custody on June 6 • Lebanese terror group uses ex-Israeli Lebanese journalist for recruitment.

Calls to Kidnap Soldiers, Attack Shin Bet at Haifa Protest

"If these ungrateful protesters hate Israel so much, then they should go move to Syria, Lebanon or Egypt. They won't be missed."

Arabs Set Fire to Municipal Building in Jaffa, Riots Continue

The local residents are protesting plans to build a homeless hostel on the site of a former cemetery.

Arabs Riot in Jaffa for Second Consecutive Night; 4 Arrested

The riots were organized by a local Islamic society over the city’s plans to build a hostel for the homeless on a site that was used as a Muslim cemetery over 90 years ago, and has since been replaced by a football field and warehouses.

Homicide Rate in Arab-Israeli Community Increases by 60% in 3 Years, Study Shows

Arabs in Israelis are involved in 57% of all murder cases, 55% of the attempted murder cases, 59%of the arson incidents, 45% of the robberies, and 26% of drug cases.

Former MK Yehuda Glick Attacked by Arabs After Leaving al-Halak Mourning Tent

Glick was listed in good condition at Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem.

Jerusalem’s Chief Rabbi Visits Parents of Special Needs Arab Man Mistakenly Killed by Police

The rabbi said he was coming with a message of peace and reconciliation and expressed his pain over the loss of Iyad’s life.

Jerusalem Hopes ‘Silicon Wadi’ will Create 10,000 Arab-Sector Jobs

Mayor Moshe Lion heralds “true revolution” for eastern Jerusalem.

Muslims Riot in Jerusalem’s Old City

The riots coincided with the Eid al-Fitr holiday, which marks the end of the Muslim month of Ramadan.

Eastern Jerusalem Arab Arrested on Suspicion of Sexual Assault on Minor

According to police reports, the suspect was arrested and remanded in the Jerusalem Magistrate's Court until Monday.

Israeli Doctors Remove Tooth from Patient’s Lungs

“When I pulled it out, it became clear that it was a tooth that the patient apparently inhaled with the root, into his lung."

Arab Employee Arrested for Stealing Sheep from Kibbutz Ein Harod

The suspect, in his 50s, is a resident of Muqeible, an Arab town in northern Israel.

Sodastream Hosts Iftar Event for 2,000 Families in Plant that Replaced BDS-Targeted Facility

Back in 2016, the SodaStream plant a couple of miles on the wrong side of the green line was forced to lay off its remaining 74 Arab workers and close down.

Police Intercept Massive Shipment of Fireworks en route to Eastern Jerusalem

A search of the truck revealed 27,000 fireworks with a total weight of about 800 kg, apparently on their way to distribution in the eastern Jerusalem area.

Security for IDF Soldiers Studying at Hebrew U to Increase following Threats from Communist...

"No Arab student was 'thrown out of the dorms' so that soldiers can live in them, and the university's roof was never turned into a 'sniper's station to shoot at courageous people in Issawiya.'"

Jerusalem Israel’s Largest Jewish City: 569,900 and Largest Arab City: 349,600

There is a wage differential of 20% between men and women in Jerusalem, as opposed to 33% nationally, 32% in Tel Aviv-Yafo and 35% in Haifa.

Jerusalem Arab Parking Inspectors Go Free After Brutalizing Haredi Man

"Much to our astonishment, despite the brutal attack that caused real harm, Israel police chose to release the attackers after a brief interrogation."

Arab Attacker Killed after Stabbing Guard at Entrance to Tel Hashomer Hospital

The man stabbed the guard in the head, and was then shot by the hospital guards.

Poll: Most Eastern Jerusalem Residents Now Prefer ‘Palestinian’ Citizenship

According to a new study by the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, only about 15 percent now say they prefer Israeli citizenship, down from 52 percent between 2010 and 2015.

Jordan Valley Date Growers Gift Arab Hospital Workers on Ramadan

The sweet gifts were intended for the facility's Muslim employees who observe the holy month of Ramadan.

Poll: Most Jewish Israelis Support Applying Sovereignty

Only 47% of Israeli Arabs throught that PA Arabs living in the annexed areas should be given Israeli citizenship.

Jerusalem: Police Arrests 7 Arabs for Acting on Palestinian Authority’s Behalf in Israel’s Capital

The suspects who took advantage of the Coronavirus restrictions to operate on behalf of the PA in Jerusalem, as part of the PA's attempt to assert its sovereignty in Jerusalem.

Watch: Arab MKs Rage When MK Hauser Mentions San Remo Conference

The 1920 San Remo conference declared a Jewish National Homeland in what is today Israel and Jordan.

9.2 Million Israelis, 6.8 Million Jews on 2020 Independence Day

Here's a factoid to hang on your fridge door: 45% of all the Jews in the world live in Israel, and 78% of them were born in Israel.


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