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Suspect Detained in Murder of Israeli Arab Student in Australia

Aya was on the phone with her sister while the murder was in progress.

PA Extends to Israeli Arabs the Prohibition on Selling Land to Jews

"There is no other place in the world that has legislated a death sentence for the 'crime' of selling property to Jews."

Israeli Muslim Woman Running in Likud Primaries – Family Denounces Her

Dima Tayeh, a Muslim woman with Israeli citizenship, announced she will run in the Likud primaries with the objective of becoming a Member of Knesset.

With Zoabi, Zahalka, Ousted, Most Anti-Zionist Arab Party Seeking Makeover

Balad's stated purpose is to opposes the idea of Israel as a Jewish state.

3 Jerusalem Arabs Arrested for Shooting, Assault

Using a detection dog, the police uncovered the improvised weapon that was hidden nearby.

Prosecution Demands 18-Year Sentence for Killer of British Exchange Student in Jerusalem

The Prosecution argued that the killer was mentally unstable and didn't murder Hannah Bladon out of Nationalistic reasons.

Nature & Parks Authority, Police, Raid Home of Israeli Arab Lawbreaking Hunter

The Border Police and the Nature and Parks Authority this week signed a joint operations agreement to fight crime in the areas of mutual interest to both organizations.

Report: Liberman Crusading to Block Joint Arab List from Knesset

Arabs began to celebrate from the moment of terrorist Jabareen's release, in Umm al-Fahm as well as in the Palestinian Authority.

On Christmas Eve, Israel’s Christian Community Numbers 175K

In 2018 more than half of the tourists who visited Israel were Christian, making a significant contribution to incoming tourism.

Knesset Committee Chair: Arab on Arab Crime ‘Intolerable’

"How do we deal with uncontrolled gangs? It's intolerable and cannot continue."

New Haifa Mayor to Drop Pro-Hezbollah & Hamas Arab Deputy

On Monday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded to the Za'tara appointment saying, "This is unacceptable and therefore will not take place, of that I am convinced."

Israeli Minorities Praise Jewish State at International Human Rights Day Conference

Kazim Khalilieh, who presents pro-Israel lectures around the world, discussed the difficulties of advocating for Israel as a member of the Muslim community.

Arab Who Sold Land to Jews Murdered in Jaljulia

Ahmad Salameh was allegedly involved in selling land to Jews, and was wanted by the Palestinian Authority for his crimes.

Protesting Israeli Feminists Cover Up It’s Mostly Arab Men Who Murder Women

A full 50% of the cases of murder of women by a close male relative involved Arabs, who are 21% of the population, and 15% involved Ethiopians, who are just 2% of the population.

40 Arab Doctors, Interns, Pharmacists Arrested over Forged Diplomas

Using these fraudulent documents to apply to the Israeli health ministry, the suspects received licenses to engage in the medical professions in Israel, police said.

Jerusalem Police Arrest 32 Israeli Arabs Working for PA Security

The wave of arrests took place following a covert investigation conducted by the Jerusalem police.

George Deek First Israeli Christian Arab to Become Ambassador to Azerbaijan

Deek is a long-time popular public speaker, particularly at AIPAC and StandWithUs events, as well as a gifted legal expert.

Nazareth’s Voters Overwhelmingly Reject Pro-Palestinian Block

A wall-to-wall coalition of all the Arab political parties and splinter groups coalesced in Nazareth to get rid of the "treasonous" mayor.

Jewish Vehicle with Baby On Board Attacked near Israeli-Arab Town in Galilee

"When the response is feeble, terror spreads to the inside of the country as well."

Absolutely No One Recalls Sinai War’s 62nd Anniversary (It’s Today)

Israel was looking to end the constant infiltrations from the Gaza Strip of Fedayeen terrorists, who robbed and murdered Israeli settlers—many of whom were recent newcomers to the Jewish State.

Watch: Police Shoot at Arab Driver Fleeing on Sidewalk

A sapper, a police officer and a traffic patrolman who had been chasing him are seen in the video as they shoot five bullets at the fleeing criminal to try to stop him.

First Israeli Bedouin Woman Joins Police Rescue Unit

Jaboua is part of a unit that helps hikers in the Judean Desert if they become lost or injured.

Judge in ‘Hate Wedding’ Trial Makes State Present Similar Cases Not Prosecuted in Arab...

The defense argued that while the state prosecution indicted their clients, it regularly opts not to indict in similar cases in the Arab sector.

Ethics Committee Reprimands Liberman for Calling MK Zoabi ‘Terrorist’

Minister Liberman did not retract the comment mentioned in the complaint.

Jerusalem Arab Resident Ramadan Dabash Runs for City Hall

"Receiving services is not considered normalization. It is a continuity of the normal daily life we are living – we do not have any other alternative. Rights are taken, not granted.”


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