Arab Swimmer to Represent Israel at Olympic Games

Adam Maraana of Haifa will be the third Israeli Arab to represent Israel at the games.

Nearly 15% of Israeli-Arabs want Hamas to Govern Gaza

That percentage represents approximately 308,700 citizens of Israel.

Muslims in Israel: Statistics Bureau Releases Latest Data on Eve of Hajj

At the end of 2023, the Muslim population of Israel was estimated at 1.782 million, (18.1% of all residents).

Israel-Arab Arrested for Impersonating Soldier, Spreading Fake News of Massacre

Online incitement targeting Arab teens has also been traced back to the Palestinian Authority and local PA Arab clergy.

Ra’am Party Head: Hamas ‘Part of the Palestinian People’

"What, are they a Lebanese faction? What's wrong with you?" Mansour Abbas said.

WATCH: Ambulance Driver Caught with Eight Illegal PA Arab Workers

The incident occurred on Route 44 at the Ofer checkpoint between Jerusalem and Ramallah.

On Israel’s 76th Birthday: 7.427 Million Jews, 2.089 Million Arabs, Half a Million ‘Others’

On the eve of Israel's 76th Independence Day, Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics stated that the country’s population was 9.900 million, broken down into these three main sectors:  7.427 million...

Druze Woman Who Interrogated Hamas Terrorists Declines State Honor after Threats to her Life

She endured harassment from hostile Arabs who recognized her on the street, tore her Star of David chain, and threatened to kill her.

Israel Indicts Sister of Hamas Chief Ismail Haniyeh

Sabah Haniyeh stand accused of incitement and identifying with a terrorist organization.

Justice Ministry Dismantles Ra’am’s Terrorist-Affiliated Charities

The court in a civil proceeding and now the Justice Ministry believe there is truth to the serious allegations against Ra'am's associations.

Israeli Arab Indicted for Planning to Poison Sea of Galilee

The alleged terror cell also planned assaults on Israel Defense Forces soldiers and suicide bombings.

Tel Aviv District Judge Rules Arab Party’s Charity Is Funding Terrorism

After years of complaints, investigations, and publications about the ties of the Islamic Ra'am party and its many associations to the terror organization Hamas,...

Israeli MKs Accuse Ra’am Party of Terror Links, Demand Probe

A charity associated with the majority Arab party has been accused of being a Hamas front.

Four Police Officers Wounded in Terror Ramming Near Kochav Yair

The terrorist, identified as a 26-year-old resident of the Arab Israeli town of Tira, was shot dead.

Shin Bet, Police Arrest Ismail Haniyeh’s Sister

Monday morning’s Operation Early Dawn revealed documents, media, phones, and evidence linking her to committing serious security offenses.

Israeli Authorities Arrest 23 (Muslims) for Incitement on the Temple Mount

Several of them had led chants inciting and in support of terror attacks.

Ra’am Party’s Mansour Abbas Pushing US to Recognize ‘Palestinian’ state

"I say to them in a clear manner...It's on you to take an immediate decision to recognize a Palestinian state," said Mansour Abbas in an Arabic-language interview.

Arab Israeli Granted Asylum in Britain, Claiming ‘Hostile Attention’ If He Returns Home

In their request for asylum, attorneys claimed "Hassan" would be at risk of "hostile attention" if he were to return to Israel. Was he facing deportation? If so, for what reason? No explanation provided.

13 Arab-Israelis Planning Terror Attacks for Hamas Arrested

During the arrests, police seized weapons, ammunition and vests intended to be used in the attacks.

Mossad: Hamas ‘Striving to Ignite the Region During Ramadan’

The head of Israel's intelligence agency met with his American counterpart on Friday as part of a "relentless" effort to advance a ceasefire-for-hostage deal.

Muslim Women Marry Youngest in Israel

Muslim women in Israel marry at an average age of 23.5 years.

Fearing Ramadan Terror, US Embassy Bans Staff & Family from Old City of Jerusalem

The embassy announced the restriction "due to the potential for security incidents."

Ra’am Chairman Abbas: Lapid-Bennett Govt Would Have Collapsed under Hamas Attack

“I wouldn't have thought that the government would have been able to last."

Gantz, Eisenkot, Gallant Pressuring Netanyahu to Yank Ben Gvir from Temple Mount Decision Making

Sowing strife and dissent * Gallant on automatic * The State Dept. and religious freedom, don’ get me started * Let 1,000 Hamas flowers bloom.

Jerusalem Resident Arrested with Matador Shoulder Missile

From the Hebrew markings on the missile system, it appears to have been stolen from the IDF.

Shin Bet Arrests Arab Teacher Who Directed Hamas Rockets to Hit Security Plant near...

Habibullah decided on his own to offer Hamas operatives abroad to promote terrorist activities in Israel.

Police Arrest 2 Imams in Lod Who Ran Mosque PA System at Excessive Volume

Several demonstrators came to protest outside the police station in the city.

Direct Polls Shows Right Recuperating with 57 Mandates, Netanyahu Best Fit for PM

The center-left parties could form a coalition only if they invited both Arab parties in


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