Exposed: Hamas Spy Ring Operating in Israel

Hamas recruited Israeli citizens who have family in the Gaza Strip for the purpose of gathering military intelligence in Israel to be used for terrorism against Israeli targets.

Rashida Tlaib Retweets Blood Libel Against Israeli Jews

Israel's Amb. Dani Dayan: "When an American elected official retweets an unfounded blood libel against Jewish Israelis, I cannot remain silent."

Latest Poll: Gantz 35, Bibi 31, Blocs Still at Stalemate

Itamar Ben-Gvir's Otzma Yehudit does not cross the 3.25% vote threshold, getting only 1.9% of the respondents' votes in this survey.

He Wants to Ban their Pro-Terrorist MK, But Arab List Insists They’ll Back Gantz

Benny Gantz would have no choice but to lean on the Joint Arab List in the Knesset, if he wants to form and maintain a majority government.

PA News Agency: Israeli Courts Eager Supporters of Arab Evictions

Following Jewish growth (real and imagined) in the liberated territories on WAFA is almost as much fun as following it on Peace Now (Ashkenazi WAFA?).

Terror Victim Demands Arab MK Be Banned from Running for Knesset After Praising Notorious...

Heba Yazbak, of the Arab-majority Joint List, shared a photo of Kunter and praised him as a “martyred warrior” who died while waging Jihad.

Israeli Police Treat Arab Child Hit by Arab Rock During Arab Riots

A mob of Arab rioters threw rocks at Israeli police and border police, during which they hit the child.

Recommendation: Israel Should Tax Israeli-Arab Terrorists’ Palestinian Authority Stipends

In 2018, the PA paid NIS 502 million ($143.7 million) to imprisoned and released terrorists.

Nazareth Mayor Removes Arab List Chief Odeh from Holiday Parade

This is not the first time the mayor of Nazareth has attacked Odeh.

Midnight Drama: Jewish MKs Foil Arabs’ Last Minute Attempt to Kill Law Banning Illegal...

Avigdor Liberman's Israel Beiteinu inserted a proposed amendment into the law, that foreign workers in Israel will not receive double-time holiday pay on election day.

Kan 11 Poll: Blue&White, Likud, Gain a Seat Each, Habayit Hayehudi Disappears

In response to the question whom they would prefer as the next prime minister, 41% of respondents preferred Benjamin Netanyahu, with Benny Gantz trailing with 38%, within the margin of error.

Blue&White Drops Out of 61 Signatures Race, Third Elections Appear Inevitable

Israelis could use the 5 billion shekel a new campaign would cost the state, to, say, build a few new hospitals.

Islamic Movement Leader Convicted (Again) of Incitement to Terror

Salah is a long-time recidivist who is unable to stop exhorting Muslims in every creative way possible to do what they can against the State of Israel.

Liberman Declares: Will Not Join Anyone’s Narrow Government

He called on the Zionist parties to sign a joint covenant that would define the relationship between religion and the state in Israel.

Gantz Already Walks Like a Minority Govt PM and Quacks Like a Minority Govt...

Is Gantz the antidote to Bibi's clever arguments, acerbic humor, and almost visceral contempt for his enemies?

Ganzt to Pursue Minority ‘Transitional Government’ with Arabs’ Support

The aim is to pressure Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to be more flexible in his conditions for the establishment of a unity government.

Netanyahu in Emergency Shabbat Call: Gantz Going for Arab-Supported Minority Government

Using the Arab card is the only move left for Netanyahu, who realizes that allowing Blue&White take over—even for a very short while—would change the political scene radically.

Arab Tel Aviv U Students Protest Against IDF and Israel Following Gaza Escalation

Im Tirtzu staged a counter-protest, chanting pro-Israel slogans, waving Israeli flags, and accusing “the Arab students of being hypocrites and inciters.”

Netanyahu Clashes with Arab MKs Over Attack on Islamic Jihad Commander

Netanyahu accused the Arab MKs of encouraging terrorism, deliberately aimed at harming civilians.

Police Arrest 22 Jerusalem Arabs Involved in Weapons and Drug Trafficking

The arrests were the culmination of a five-month operation by an undercover agent who was successful in penetrating the gangs and purchasing weapons and drugs worth hundreds of thousands of shekels.

Netanyahu Launches Jewish Team to Eradicate Violence in Arab Society

The team will include the director generals of the relevant ministries and the National Security Council, and will also hold a dialogue with the chairmen of Arab municipalities.

Likud Top Negotiator: Blue&White Still Toying with Arab-Supported Minority Coalition

"The quorum of ministers the Likud would receive would be lower, because of the distribution of portfolios to our partners, so that Blue&White would have more ministers than the Likud."

Israeli-Arab Who Aided Terror Cell that Killed 2 Druze Cops on Temple Mount Gets...

The terrorists stormed the Temple Mount in the summer of 2017 and murdered two policemen.

Tibi: We Want to be Part of Effort to End Netanyahu’s Historic Career

Tibi was interviewed about the possibility of supporting the Joint Arab List faction from outside a narrow government coalition led by Blue and White Party leader Benny Gantz.

Blue&White Confirms: Arabs Invited to Coalition Talks; Liberman Not Discounting Cooperation with Arabs

Oded Forer, deputy of Israel Beiteinu leader Avigdor Liberman, considered by everyone to be the kingmaker of current Israeli politics, told Reshet Bet his party did not refuse cooperation with the Joint Arab List.

Molotov Cocktail Thrown at Police Seriously Injures Isawiya Resident

A Molotov cocktail thrown at the police during today's early morning raid apparently struck the vehicle of Salem Darvish, 26, a resident of Isawiya.

Arab MKs Irate as Netanyahu Condemns Violence in their Communities

Israeli Arabs—who comprise 21% of the population—are involved in 57% of all murders, 55% of attempted murders, 59% of arson, 45% of robberies, and 26% of drug offenses.

Internal Report: Police Also Fearful of Arab Violence

"This is not a first case in the sector. At an event in Umm al-Fahm about a month ago, the locals told police officers: 'You will not come out of here alive.'"

Israeli Arabs Convene to Discuss Unprecedented Violence, Blame Police, Government

45% of homicides in Israel are committed inside Arab society, which is only 21% of the population.


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