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Haredi MK to Sue over Fake News that He Sold the Knesset to Ahmad...

"I demand an investigation of the publication of this fake news and intend to sue the publisher for libel."

Radio Hosts Humiliate Yamina Minister over his Change of Heart on Coalition Arabs’ Support...

The minister's humiliation eventually ended because it was time to go to commercials.

4 Israeli-Arab Murdered Over Weekend, 96 Since Beginning of Year

About 90% of suspects arrested for shooting and weapons offenses are Israeli-Arabs.

Arab MKs Demand US Open Separate Consulate, Recognize Capital of ‘State of Palestine’ in...

“The closure of the historic US consulate went hand in hand with the promotion of an illegal annexation process."

Volunteer Policeman Killed in Hit-and-Run in Nahariya

Hussam Sajeer had volunteered to work that day, so that a Jewish police officer could have the day off to celebrate Sukkot with his family.

Rabbi Stav: Residents of Lod Don’t have to Sleep in the Sukkah

The question was posed by a resident of Lod following several incidents of Arab gunfire in recent days in Lod and Ramla.

Report: Israel Police Solves Only 1 in 10 Forest Arsons

Minister of Internal Security Omar Barlev told the committee that much of the blame for the recent increase in arsons has to do with climate change.

Knesset Public Security Committee Hears Plan to Confront Violence in Arab Society

"Two billion shekels are not enough, because organized crime groups have more."

MK Demands Penalties for Arab Soccer Fans Who Screamed ‘With Spirit and Blood We’ll...

The Arab team's home stadium was built with public funds from the State of Israel and the Qatar National Olympic Committee.

Police Seize Over 430 Guns in Arab Sector Since Beginning of 2021

These numbers do not include perpetrators and weapons seized in the Jerusalem and Southern Districts.

Ben-Gvir Ruins Walid Taha’s First Day as Knesset Committee Chairman

"Shame on you, Knesset members who lick the backside of terrorism."

Homeland Security Minister: Captured 4 Runaways Don’t Know Where Remaining 2 Are Hiding

Minister of Internal Security Omer Barlev on Sunday morning told 103FM following the capture of four out of six escaped terrorists from Gilboa security...

Bennett Wants Maximum Protection for Israeli-Arabs Who Helped Capture the Escaped Terrorists

There is a lot of rage on Arab social media channels against the Israeli-Arabs who helped in the capture of the escaped terrorists from Gilboa prison.

Israeli Arabs Help Capture 4 Islamic Jihad Fugitives, 2 Still At Large

Israeli Arabs who encountered the fugitives had reported their locations to authorities.

Israel Beats Austria 5:2 in World Cup Qualifiers, Ben-Gvir Urges Audience to Boo Arab...

Throughout the game, there remained a yawning gap between the Austrians' control of the field and the Israeli lead in goals scored.

Border Police Launch Undercover Unit to Combat Crime in Arab Sector

Commissioner of Police Yaakov Shabtai decided to establish another undercover unit that will operate against serious crime and terrorism among Arabs with Israeli citizenship.

4 Israeli-Arabs Murdered in Criminal Violence in 48 Hours; 81 Since Beginning of Year

Data shows that Arab-Israelis are involved in about 57% of all murder cases, 55% of the attempted murder cases, 59% of the arson incidents, 45% of the robberies, and 26% of drug cases, despite being 20% of the population.

‘Arab Zionism’ Buys Up Israel’s Historic Settlements, Erasing Jewish Presence in Galilee

Gulf states such as Hamas's patron, Qatar, may be seeking to redeem Israeli land with their enormous cash reserves.

IDF Soldier Fights Off Attempt to Steal His Weapon in Lower Galilee

The soldier was on a solo navigation exercise when an Arab-Israeli man attacked him and tried to grab his rifle. Police are still searching for the suspect.

Ben Gvir Unapologetic for Late MK Alkharumi Attack Tweet

It stands to show you that even the ancient principle of "Achrei mot kdoshim" has limits.

Israeli Arab Deaf, Mute, Partially Paralyzed Swimmer Wins Gold in Paralympics

"This is his fourth Olympics. He was always in fourth place, but he kept going."

Ra’am MK Said Alkharumi Dies of Heart Attack, Led Effort to Legitimize Illegal Bedouin...

Alkharumi was a constant source of concern for the coalition leadership that feared his appetite for sabotaging its legislative efforts.

Meretz’s Arab Minister Calls for Direct Negotiations with Hamas

Israel’s Regional Cooperation Minister Esawi Frej argues that as past Israeli leaders dealt directly with late PLO leader Yasser Arafat, the government should do the same with Hamas.

Soldier’s Father Complains Against MK Tibi for Hitting his Son

Police officers who were at the scene separated the two men, and the IDF later fully supported the soldier and his conduct.

Education Minister’s Arab Consultant Shot Dead in his Village

"Sahar Ismail, my dear friend, beloved brother, and fellow traveler, was murdered this morning in Rameh."

Gun License Applications Up 500% Since Arab Pogroms in Lod, Acre and Yafo

Jewish residents say they can’t rely on the police to protect them.

Eastern Jerusalem Jews Discover their Dentist Was the Arab Who Attacked Them

"We were horrified to find out that the person who tried to attack us was none other than a licensed dentist who works at an HMO and runs an independent dental clinic."

Bennett Appeals to Israeli Arab Sector, ‘Get the Shot’

I call on everyone over 60 to get vaccinated with the third dose, the booster. . .I call on the young people . . . go get vaccinated today."


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