Arab-Israeli Ma’an (“Together”) Party Recognizes Israel as Jewish State, Hopes to Join Next Coalition

“Our ultimate goal is to be a joint Arab-Jewish list that can be a source of influence in politics and in the Knesset.”

Hatzalah EMT Talks Former Student Off a Ledge Atop the White Mosque of Ramla

"We spoke about being in the border police corps and our shared love for martial arts. I asked him if I could come up to join him on the roof and he agreed.”

Meretz Going After Joint Arab List Voters, Looking to Boost the Israeli Left

In past elections, Arab voters have saved Meretz's hide, giving it the votes it desperately needed to stay above the threshold percentage.

Photo-Oops: Netanyahu’s 1,000,000th Vaccination Photo-Op was with Former Arab Convict

Part of Netanyahu's upcoming election campaign is addressing Arab on Arab violence and murder in Israel.

First Murder Victim of 2021, Last Murder Victim of 2020 from Same Arab Village

A total of 113 Israeli Arabs were killed in 2020 in murders and other violent incidents, compared with 94 in 2019 (a 20% increase). 96 of the victims were men and 17 women.

3rd Xmas Tree Set Ablaze in Arab City

Graffiti in Arabic reading “except the Prophet Mohammed” was scrawled on the wall outside the St. Joseph Church.

Customs Catches Man Returning from Dubai with Undeclared Gold-Plated iPhone, Stone-Studded Watch

Some 4,000 Israelis traveling to Dubai on a daily basis, especially from the Arab sector.

PSR Survey: Two-Thirds of PA Arabs Demand Chairman Abbas’s Resignation

A majority of respondents expressed optimism about President-elect Joe Biden's election and support a dialogue with the new administration.

Nasrallah: Israel and the Saudis Are Plotting My Assassination; Hezbollah Doubled Its Precision Missiles

According to the Hezbollah leader, Saudi Arabia has been instigating a US policy of assassinations since the war on Yemen had begun.

Arkia Hiring Arab Flight Attendants for Tel Aviv-Dubai Line

The office Arkia plans to open at the Dubai airport will have an Arab manager able to provide service in both Hebrew and Arabic.

Court Rejects Petition Against Seizure of Palestinian Authority Funds to Israeli-Arab Terrorists

The seizure of terrorist money paid by the PA to Israeli citizens is a move being led in the past year by the Ministry of Defense’ National Bureau for Counter Terror Financing, in cooperation with Israel’s combined security forces and the Ministry of Justice.

With 3 Out of 9 Boycotting, Judicial Committee Picks Controversial Arab Judge

This one certainly has to go to the high court of justice, with the three justices who participated in Sunday night's robbery recusing themselves.

Israeli-Arabs Dress Up as Gulf Sheikhs, Tour Tel Aviv and Herzliya

Israelis lined up to take photos with the supposed Sheikhs from Dubai.

Ayelet Shaked and Yamina Court Arab Voters

Arab political activists reached out to Ayelet Shaked to give Yamina their support.

Joint Arab List Fumes as Ra’am Party Head Skips Vote to Dissolve Knesset

Party head Mansour Abbas: “The reason we established the Joint List was to worry about the Arab sector and not to please the Zionist left.”

Knesset Approves $3,800 Grant to Haredim in National Service Who Were Laid Off Over...

Other citizens who perform National-Civil Service, including more than 5,000 Arabs, will not be eligible for the grant.

MK Smotrich Seeking Criminal Investigation of Arab Former MK Who Called for Popular Uprising

In recent months, polls of Israeli Arabs have shown that about 30% of them who in the past voted for the Joint Arab List would prefer to vote for a different party.

Arab Hatzalah Ambulance Shot on Emergency Call

More than 90% of the shootings in residential neighborhoods in 2020 took place in the Arab sector.

Smotrich: Netanyahu Eager to Please New Arab Buddies, Skipped Knesset Plenum Moments Before Kaminitz...

The proof is in the baklava: since its enactment, law enforcement agencies have indicated a 50% reduction in the volume of illegal construction starts.

1948 All Over Again: Jaffa Arabs Threw Stones at Bus, Passengers Injured

The incident took place about two weeks ago, during a protest demonstration held by Arabs in the city.

Netanyahu Hints of Yet Another Peace Deal in the Works

Netanyahu told the Joint Arab List they would soon have the opportunity to fix the mistake they made with the UAE treaty.

Religious Minorities Request Their Texts be Read at State Ceremonies for Fallen IDF Soldiers

The petitioners want more inclusiveness in the official ceremonies for religious-minorities who have also fallen in battle.

Left Upset at Netanyahu’s Inroads with Israeli Arab Leader

It was another phase in the rapprochement between Netanyahu and Mansour Abbas that could dramatically alter the political map.

Muslim Protests & Prayers on Temple Mount Criticized as COVID-19 Spreads Among Israel’s Arabs

The Muslim Waqf makes sure worshippers wear masks and maintain social distancing, but on Friday the weekly prayers turned into a crowded demonstration against French President Emmanuel Macron.

2 Arab-Israelis Arrested after Attempting to Steal Weapon from Soldier

Citizens who were on-site assisted the soldier and called the police.

Rehovot Resident Files Complaint Against Arab MK Who Punched him in Hospital

The MKs and other supporters of the terrorist confronted the hospital security guards as well as patients' families who complained about the commotion.

Likud Up, Yamina Down in Friday’s Poll, Arabs Lose Support

Bennett, who was threatening to get uncomfortably close to Netanyahu's poll numbers, has apparently exhausted his drive at the current stage and is starting to lose the centrist voters.


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