Police Arrest Arab Who Conducted a Wedding on Begin Highway

Im Tirtzu tagged Israel Police in the video, which was viewed 110,000 times on the group's Facebook and Twitter pages, and called on the police to act.

Annals of Israel’s Police: Young Arab Attacked a Jew, Was Arrested, Confessed, His Case...

"Closing a case involving such a serious crime is contrary to the position of the legislature regarding the seriousness of these acts, and may harm the security of the citizens."

Bedouin Attacks on Israel’s Highway Become Left vs. Right Wedge Issue

According to Rogel, the frequent reports on Israeli media about those attacks on the road are part of the right-wing's effort to retake the government.

Dubious Record: 119th Arab-Israeli Killed in Criminal Violence in 2021

Approximately 85% of the indictments filed in Israel in 2020 for shooting, illegal possession of weapons, trafficking, and illegal use of weapons have been filed against suspects from the Arab society.

Yeshiva Student Was Attacked by Arab Mob, Police Closed the Case

In the middle of his studies, Y. heard shouts and saw that many students were fleeing in the direction of the families' homes behind the tents, chased by a group of about 20 Arabs.

Likud Challenging Bennett, Shaked, to Extend Electricity to Jewish Outposts, Not Just to Arabs

Chairman Taha tried to pull a fast one behind Shaked's back when the Interior Minister was on a trip abroad.

IDF to Recruit Reservists to Protect Roads From Israeli Arabs in Next War

The IDF will be required to move many soldiers to the north and south in the next war but they may be vulnerable to attack from local Arabs.

4 Arabs Indicted for Attacking Israeli Homes in Jerusalem

Of November 5, the four suspects fired fireworks directly at homes in the Old City of Jerusalem and immediately fled the scene.

Israel Plans to Build $7 Million High-Tech Park for Arab Sector

The 10-acre park will cost around $7 million and the Economy Ministry projects it will provide 200 jobs in high-tech.

Hezbollah Smuggling Guns to Israeli Arabs for Use in Next War

During the 11-day May 2021 mini-war with Hamas in Gaza, Israel experienced some of the worst riots and violence in decades from Israeli Arabs.

Ra’am Appears to Condemn Terror Attack – But Only in Hebrew

Normally Ra'am releases statements in Hebrew and Arabic, not this time.

Arab School Principal Shot, Town under Police Lockdown

111 Israeli Arabs, including 15 women, have been murdered since the start of 2021.

Palestinian Human Rights Activist Suing Unilever over Boycott of Israel

"Such boycotts as this will only result in increased economic hardships for actual Palestinians, such as myself."

Police Arrest 4 Arabs in Possession of Centuries-Old Torah Scroll

The four were arrested on suspicion of trading in antiquities and holding property suspected as stolen.

Popular News Show’s Arabic Spinoff Hits Snag: Host Called IDF Soldiers ‘Nazis’

Rami Younis deserves to lose his show, or spend some town in a reeducation camp where fairness and liberalism are taught as compulsory subjects.

Police Arrest 8 in Connection with Jerusalem Shooting of 2 Arabs Near Emek Refaim...

The shooting and murder was part of a conflict between rival Arab clans, the Qeswani and Al-Qak families.

IDF Finally Changes Rules of Engagement: Soldiers May Shoot at Thieves Stealing Weapons

After years of neglect and foot-dragging by the previous government and chiefs of staff, the IDF now decided to expand the freedom of action of its soldiers.

Cracks in the Coalition: Opposition Wins Two Knesset Votes As Ra’am MK Votes with...

With the budget passed, the coalition is no longer showing as unified a front in the Knesset as it did before.

Blow to PA: Sheikh Jarrah Arab Squatters Reach Deal with Jewish Owners

The Arabs who dwell in the home today cannot be transferred to any other party, including their children or anyone from their family.

2 Suspects Indicted for Shooting at Senior Arab-Israeli Police Commander

Police Commissioner Jamal Hakrush heads a special unit to fight crime in the Arab sector.

Mother and Infant Stoned by Arab Team Fans: ‘Luckily They Hit Me and Not...

"I screamed and cried. It's not easy to go through such an experience."

Update: After Visit by PA Officials: 7 Arab Sheikh Jarrah Families No Longer Accept...

They'll get a $64 a month home in Jerusalem, and they rejected it at first, because it meant recognizing that Jews owned those homes.

New Poll: This Time Bennett Retains 6 Seats, Sa’ar Doesn’t Cross the Vote Threshold

Amazingly, the very coalition parties that lead the reforms and capture the headlines today suffer the worst losses in the next elections.

Islamist Party to Divert $32 Million of Its Budget to Poor Haredim in ‘Alliance...

Abbas met Monday night with several Haredi MKs and shared with them that "Gafni's speech touched my heart."

$2.5 Million Project to Enhance Gilboa Prison Security Underway

Immediately following the escape, the Prison Service set up a team of experts to locate Gilboa Prison's vulnerabilities.

Police Complaint Filed Against Islamist Org Tied to Ra’am Party Over Terror Related Offenses

The complaint alleges connections between Aid 48 and Hamas, meeting between the association members and terrorist elements, and a violation of the Anti-Terrorism Law that explicitly prohibits the transfer of financial assistance or property to a declared terrorist organization.


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