Israel Police Report Reveals Arab Drivers Responsible for 52% of Fatal Accidents

On intercity roads, Arabs are responsible for 80% of the fatal accidents they were involved in.

Shin Bet Thwarts Arab Israelis Aiming to Join Islamic State

This investigation is added to other recent probes in which the Shin Bet thwarted activity on behalf of Islamic State operatives in Israel.

Eastern Jerusalem Resident Dies After Attacking Police

Officers were searching Muhammad Shaham’s home for weapons when he drew a knife and attacked, according to police.

Eastern Jerusalem Arabs Celebrate the Mt. Zion Attack

In the Shuafat neighborhoods in eastern Jerusalem, fireworks were set off as a sign of support for the terrorist.

Old City Terrorist Surrenders at Police Station

Police held a massive manhunt all night for the terrorist.

Kahane Warrior Michael Ben Ari Gets his Day in Court

"There will be an expensive trial here, with the best lawyers.”

Under Cover of Jihad Rockets Israeli Arabs Throw Boulders on Cars, Busses

Six police cars arrived and searched the area, but no suspects were arrested.

Hatzalah Volunteer EMTs Interrupt Arab Village Deadly Brawl

"Unfortunately, I have had to attend to victims of violence too many times in this community."

Ben Gvir Vows ‘Quiet in the Streets of Umm al Fahm’ If He Reaches...

"I do not hate Arabs – on the contrary, I think that if I reach a place of influence, the majority of Arabs in the State of Israel will be much better off than they are now."

Arab List MK Will Be Questioned for Assaulting Police Officer

MK Ofer Cassif took advantage of his immunity and entered with his vehicle into an area declared a closed military zone.

Smotrich: Prison Rape Scandal Part of Overall Surrender to Terrorists

We have high expectations of his and Ben Gvir’s Knesset faction – they can't let us down.

Israeli Soldier Injured in Counterterrorism Op Near Jerusalem

Terrorists threw Molotov cocktails, stones, marble slabs, and heavy objects, and poured gallons of oil on the security forces from the roof of a mosque,

Arab Rock Throwing Terrorism Reaches Coastal Rishon LeZion

In two separate recent incidents, Arabs attacked Jewish passengers in Rishon LeZion with stones.

High Court: State Can Revoke Citizenship from Terrorists

Two terrorists are already lined up to lose their citizenship.

Court Kills Public Housing Plan for Arabs Only in Jaffa

In some countries, this would be considered corruption.

Italian Israeli Journalist Defines Modern Antisemitism in ‘Jewish Lives Matter’

Nirenstein’s powerful analysis traces the post-Holocaust emergence of a new, virulent, Israel-focused, antisemitism.

Afula Pushing Ban on Shabbat Driving Lessons to Keep Area Arabs Out

Student drivers flock to Afula from nearby Iksal, Shibli-Umm al-Ghanam, and Na’ura, because the road tests for the region are given in the city.

Majority of Jerusalem’s Arabs Prefer Israeli Citizenship over PA Rule

Around half of eastern Jerusalem’s Arabs expressed hope that “someday we can be friends with Israelis since we are all human beings after all.”

Yair (Israel Reminds me of Nazi Germany) Golan Running for Meretz Chairmanship

It appears that it’s Golan who’s borrowing a page from the playbook of Germany 70, 80, and 90 years ago.

Man Stabbed near Bnei Brak

Police have posted a gag order on details of the attack.

Panels Politics Poll following Knesset Dissolution: Netanyahu Government with Shaked, Meretz Eliminated

On paper, had all the eligible Israeli Arabs exercised their right to vote, they could win between 20 and 24 seats.

Study: Southern Arab Population Growth Double that of Jews; 80% of Murders Take Place...

A substantial number of young Arab men who want to marry will not be able to find a wife, which will increase the levels of social violence.

Jerusalem Arabs Now Have to Prove Ownership Over Contested Property

The Mukhtar Protocol was used to establish ownership of land in Jerusalem based on the testimony of local village “experts,” instead of properly documented proof of ownership.

Eighth Circuit Court Upholds Arkansas’s Anti-BDS Law

President Trump’s appointed Circuit Judge Jonathan Kobes wrote in the decision that the Arkansas law does not ban criticism of Israel.

Report: Bennett’s Emissaries Begged Orbach Not to Deny him the Biden Visit

Orbach is not interested in jumping into the fire in exchange for promises of a great slot and big ministerial office from Netanyahu.

Tibi Demands Apology from Kahana Over Fantasy Wish to Send Arabs Away on ‘Train...

Tibi: “There is a button that will remove Kahana from the government and the Knesset. I will press it soon.”


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