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Joint Arab List MK Thanks Netanyahu for Getting Out Arab Vote

"Last week someone, a magician, set off alarm clocks at the entrances to every Arab community. That was Benjamin Netanyahu; it was the 'cameras bill.' "

Second Time Around: Initial Exit Polls Give Blue&White Slight Edge, But No Coalition for...

Otzma Yehudit does not cross the vote threshold in any of the major polls.

Elections Committee Nixes Leftist NGO Initiative to Bus 15,000 Arab Voters

Im Tirtzu's legal division hailed the ruling as "a great victory for Israeli democracy."

100 Israeli Academics Endorse Joint Arab List

"It's not enough that these radical academics set the tone for Israeli academia, now they are trying to decide the future of Israel."

TAU Survey: Most Israeli Arabs Support Joining Government, Prefer Netanyahu over Odeh, Gantz

The survey also shows that only 13.3% of Israeli Arabs believe that the Palestinian problem is the most important issue on their political agenda.

Israeli Arab Electrician Unearths 4500-Year Old Dagger Blade, Vessels, in Burial Grave

IAA representative Nir Distelfeld rushed to the scene and received from Yassin the exciting findings which will be transferred to the state treasury.

Muslim Woman Poking Fun at Notion of Israeli Apartheid

“We live in paradise. Compared to other countries, to Arab countries – we live in paradise.”

Muslim Ruling Prohibits Battered Wives to Complain to Israeli Police

Sheikh Akrameh Tsabari was questioned by police following his Fatwa.

Odeh Says in Case of Unity Government, He’ll Be First Arab Opposition Leader, Privy...

According to the law, the prime minister must invite the opposition leader, as needed but no less than once a month, to chat and update him on state affairs.

High Court to Rule on Otzma Yehudit Disqualification on Sunday

Bentzy Gopstein did not attend the hearing because he believes the game was fixed and the court would not discuss his case with unbiased eyes.

Israeli Arab Medical Student and his Neighbor Plotted ISIS Attack

In addition, the defendants discussed their desire to blow up a car bomb in the center of a Jewish city in Israel.

Report: Joint Arab List Promotes Draft Dodging

Last month, Joint Arab List MK Ofer Cassif – himself a draft-dodger – uploaded a post in support of draft dodging.

3rd Suspect Arrested for Attempted Lynch of Israeli Motorist on Way to Kotel on...

A policeman in a nearby car saw the attack, exited his car and fired in the air, thus extracting the motorist from a potential lynching.

Islamic Countries Blast Israel for Tisha B’Av Clashes – Ignoring that Muslim Instigated It

Condemnation poured in from across the Arab and Islamic world after violence erupted at the sensitive site during overlapping Muslim, Jewish holidays.

New Municipal Plan to Enable Thousands of New Arab Homes in Eastern Jerusalem

Councilman Elad Malka pointed out that about half of the population of Ras al-Amud is under 15, so that offering future housing solutions there is a vital concern.

Haneen Zoabi Facing Indictments for ‘Broad and Systematic Fraud’

Police suspect that during 2013 the party deposited about NIS 3.2 million from a source that has not yet been identified with the funds fraudulently declared as donations from private donors.

Most Anti-Zionist Arab Party Returns to Joint List

With the August 1 deadline nearing fast, the four Arab forced-partners will have to come up with a slate, or suffer even greater rejection by their voters.

Arab who Stabbed Gay Brother in Tel Aviv Still at Large

Some leftwing politicians claimed that the Arab-on-Arab stabbing was a result of the incitement of Jewish rabbis.

Two-Thirds of Israel’s Left Unite, Barak in 10th Place

A united list that covers the entire camp to the left of Blue & White may be able to draw enough votes from the Arab sector to reach 15 Knesset seats on September 17.

Israeli Arabs Mock Barak after He Apologizes for Deaths of Arab Rioters in October...

Israeli-Arab riots in Israel in October 2000 grew extremely violent. Clashes between rioters and the Israeli police ended with the deaths of 13 Arab demonstrators.

Ranking Policeman Demands Barak Apology for Ruining His Career – After Pol Apologized to...

Ehud Barak, whose term as prime minister was one of the shortest in Israel's history, owes an apology to a long list of his victims.

Watch: Terrorists Attack Israeli Homes in Jerusalem with Fireworks

No one was wounded, but some damage was caused to the buildings under attack.

Israel Demolishes 70+ Housing Units in Jerusalem Arab Neighborhood

Unlike other buildings in Tsur Baher, these designated structures were built in Area A and are under the total official control of the Palestinian Authority.

Judge Rejects Appeal to Dismiss Case Against Leftist Who Sent Arab Land Brokers to...

Nawi bragged about his ties to the PA secret police, which “does what it can to prevent [land sales to Jews]. They catch [the offending land brokers] and kills them.”

Afula Reverses Position on Municipal Park, Will Welcome Arabs

Here's something Afula should consider: privatize the park.

Jerusalem Police Remove Monument Erected in Honor of Terrorist

Jerusalem’s Police and Municipality workers removed a monument erected in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Isawiyeh in honor of Arab terrorist Mohammed Abid.

Israeli Arab Champion Threatened by Anti-Zionist NGO

"We are hopeful that you will reconsider this participation, and cause the Occupation to miss an opportunity to take advantage of your high-jump to improve their image by jumping on the wounds of our Palestinian nation."

Arab MK Urges Boycott of Israel at Pro-BDS Conference in London

Other than depicting a vastly unequal relationship between a largely white government and darker skinned subjects, there are no factual comparisons that can be made between the PA and the Gaza Strip and Bantoestan.


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