Miracle On The Jerusalem-Tel Aviv Highway

The soldiers milling around were silent, staring into the distance as if willing the ambulance to arrive faster.

Joy Renewed

When there is cause for celebration our complete focus should be on that celebration.

There’s Nothing Profound About Melancholy

Rebbetzin Yemima Mizrachi: "We live in a joy-challenged society. Today, joy must be learned. It is precisely joy, which everyone treats lightly, that requires serious consideration on our part."

Who Is Haman Today? Who Is Mordechai?

Many of the so-called Western world leaders can also stand in for the false and power-hungry king who had no scruples about participating in the annihilation of millions of Jews.

Daf Yomi

The Meat Is Kosher, Treif, Kosher, Treif… ‘If One Clotted Blood’ (Chullin 120a)

Send The Money With Someone

On the way home, Chaim and two other friends were mugged and their wallets were stolen.

For The Write Price

David was surprised at the downright refusal, but he didn’t lose hope. He set out to another vendor and another vendor and another…

Q & A: A Full Goblet Of Wine (Part I)

Question: I’ve noticed that some people fill their Kiddush and Havdallah cups to the point that they overflow. Is there a halachic source for this pratice? Doesn’t it amount to bal tashchit?Bernard Gold

Who’s Really Feeding Omar?

Since Omar was not censured, she has doubled down and continued her diatribe.


The contemporary world continues to be scarred by violence and terror. Sadly, the ban against blood sacrifice is still relevant. The instinct against which it is a protest – sacrificing life to exorcise fear – still lives on.

The Secret History Of Purim

Much like the leadership of the Zionist Entity today, Haman came up with a dastardly plan to destroy...every living Palestinian.

Are We Really Supposed To Drink On Purim?

The Orchos Chayim... writes that full inebriation is certainly prohibited, "and there is no greater sin, as it leads to sexual impropriety, bloodshed, and other sins."

The Magical Power of ‘If I Have Found Favor in your Eyes’

In the phrase I appear to be passive, but a deeper examination reveals that I am the active component: it is my active seeking of your grace that ingratiates me in you.

How Late May One Eat the Purim Se’udah?

Many authorities rule that it is preferable to continue the meal after nightfall as a way of acknowledging the semi-festive character of the next day, i.e., Shushan Purim.

Redeeming Relevance: A Bad Sin and a Good Drash

For an interpretation to qualify as a good drash, it must present an insightful idea that is somehow enhanced by the original text.

We Must Fight Our Inner Cynic!

Cynical people always try to point out the negative.

Fish And Twins

Why is Purim the only holiday that was established on two different dates depending on where one lives?

What Menachen Begin Taught Us

27 years ago, on the 4th day of Adar Sheni, Menachem Begin passed away. Here are 3 enduring messages from his legacy.

Q & A: Can You Eat The Purim Se’udah At Night?

Question: Can a person eat the Purim se’udah at night if he will be traveling on Purim day?Anonymous

Daf Yomi

What About The Pot? ‘Fish That Was Served On A [Meat] Plate…’ (Chullin 111b)

Did Yeshayahu Predict Computers?

The navi prophesied that the land will be filled with knowledge of G-d. What’s the significance of the word “land”?

Sticker Shikker

“C’mon, Abba, do me a favor and stop saying, ‘That’s all I need...’ Look at me: I’m healthy and happy. It’s a mitzvah to be happy. Be happy, Abba.”

Is A Ribbis-Loan Document Valid – At All?

"Yes," Mr. Pincus said. "But since the loan document is invalid, I shouldn't have to pay the loan."

Killing Amalek

Shmuel Hanavi had the king of Amalek brought before him, and said, “Just as your sword made women childless, so shall your mother be childless among women.” Shmuel Hanavi then executed Agag.


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