How Yom Kippur Changes Us

What have you achieved this past year with the help of God, and what would you like to achieve with His help next year?
The Soul of Israel: Yom Kippur - Renewed and Awake

Yom Kippur in a Nutshell

How does Yom Kippur help us focus on the future and on making a change?

The ‘Stolen’ Lulav

Shlomo rushed off to pay the seller and return home happily with his prize...only to find that the stall was empty. Obviously the lulav seller had packed up and gone home as yom tov was fast approaching.

Bagels In Dispute

I expected you to remember, replied Mr. Feldman. In any case, I won't eat these bagels for supper tonight, nor will they last till after Yom Kippur.

Daf Yomi

The Debt Lives On ‘The Orphans’ Mitzvah To Repay Their Father’s Debt’ (Ketubbot 91b)

What Sleeping Bats Can Teach Us About Making Amends With Ourselves

Yom Kippur is not a day to beat ourselves up, to knock ourselves further down.  We are here to confront our mistakes, to think about failures and the times we have fallen, but to use them to give us the momentum, the energy, and the knowledge of how to fly.  שזדונות נעשות לו כזכיות, your fall turns into your lift, into flight. 

The History Of Machloket (Part II)

When the great sages separated they not only spread Torah throughout the land but developed their methodologies and revealed their diverse perspectives on Moshe’s Torah.

Yom Kippur As Purification

The conclusion of the Yom Kippur pasuk – the word “tit’haru” – commands us to purify ourselves. The Kohen Gadol used this word at the height of the Yom Kippur atonement service to remind those in the Mikdash of their responsibility to purify themselves.

Q & A: An Israeli Etrog After The Shemittah (Part I)

I usually do not succumb to their pitch as my heart is always set on supporting the State of Israel, and I end up buying an Israeli etrog. This year some have made mention of a problem regarding the shemittah. What do you suggest?

The Kittel: When And Why?

Some authorities teach that one should not clean one's kittel after Pesach. This is because the wine and matza stains on one's kittel from the Pesach Seder – proof of one’s devotion to mitzvot – will serve well on one's behalf on Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur.

Ari Fuld on the Passing On of Leadership – Parshat Vayelech

We're going to talk about something that is probably one of the most practical pieces of advice for today. We're talking about handing over leadership.

Parshat Vayeilekh – Our Nationality is Israeli

Although he had been raised in Pharaoh’s palace and had never in his life actually seen Eretz Yisrael, Moshe was held accountable for allowing himself to be referred to by others as “an Egyptian man.”

The Yetzer Hara’s Closed Hand

Worldly pleasures are like sunbeams in a dark room. They may actually seem solid, but he who tries to grasp a sunbeam finds nothing in his hand. The same is true of all worldly desires.

Succession Planning

After all Moshe was the most humble person ever; he had no ego and did not need an official title.

Ten Days Of Second Chances

Even when Hashem doesn’t cause rain to fall and feed our crops, he provides moisture and sustenance through the dew of the earth.

Yom Kippur: Flying Amongst Angels

As we approach Yom Kippur, we recognize that it is unquestionably one of the most important days of the year. And yet, in many ways, it is a mystery.

I Have Sinned

The creation of the unique “mouth of the donkey” established the fundamental principle of the significance of viduy – admission of one’s sins – in the process of doing teshuva.

Five Items Regarding The Chofetz Chaim

In his merit, and to our benefit, let's try to work on speaking less lashon hara.

Authorization For Sale Of Sins

If we do it before Pesach with our chometz, could we do it before Yom Kippur with our sins?

Torah As Song

The decisive points of the narrative alone are emphasized, what lies between is non-existent; time and place are undefined and call for interpretation...

Is It Proper For Children To Eat In Front Of Adults On Yom Kippur?

It is obvious that when one is fasting watching someone else eat can be very distracting and cause one to be reminded of their hunger.

Tzedakah – A Great Way to Have a Better New Year (Part II)

When giving charity it is much more effective if we give it with a smile and a kind word.

Feasting And Fasting – Parshat Vayeilech

Everything we do on Yom Kippur is for the purpose of elevating us to the status of angels.

So Much Is Beyond Our Understanding

There weren't many people out that night because of the weather but Rabbi Palach continued to approach whoever he saw and asked the same question, offering the same warm invitation to come hear a Torah class.

Daf Yomi

Ramifications Of A Printer’s Error “The Note Holder’s Burden of Proof” (Kesubos 83b)

Do Women Require A Pruzbul?

What about the bank account for the kids, which is in my name? asked Mrs. Guttyor. My pension also is in my name. What if it were a Jewish-owned bank?

How to Make the New Year a NEW Year

It is a time to go back to our human roots and to seek the novelty that God implanted within us

The Sound of Silence – Seeking Hashem’s Unspoken Will

The Torah tells us that it was Avraham who searched for (“Vayisa Avraham et einav”), found, and decided to sacrifice the ram. G-d had relieved him of his duties, but Avraham continued looking for opportunities to serve.

Flexibility And The Iron Man

It's important to recognize that this kind of competition involves a serious investment of time.


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