Fixing Zombie Davening One Section At A Time

What is the source of true happiness and success in life?

Daf Yomi

Beware, Big Brother! 'He Isn't Suspected…' (Bechoros 35)

An Unscripted Moment

Like a grandmother who blesses her grandchildren, she blessed us all. Marie Nachmias raised her hands and eyes to the sky, and the crowd, including the prime minister, rose spontaneously and applauded her.

Good Vs. Evil

Another crucial point to note is which political party is embracing these attacks and, in a sense, bringing them about and justifying them: and that is of course the Democratic Party.

Sefirat Ha’Omer: Process And Outcome

Researchers are trying to determine which approach is more effective in getting a person to his goal.

Who Keeps What?

When the boys retrieved the knapsack an hour later, they saw that the bags of marbles had burst.

Q & A: What Doubt?

Question: Why do we celebrate two days of Yom Tov if we have a fixed calendar today and know when Yom Tov truly is? Aryeh Roth

Special Delivery

We couldn’t believe it when she told us where Chana was staying and that it was only two blocks away from her.

The Journey of Halacha

Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, the teacher of the Zohar who we honor on Lag B'Omer, plants seeds of infinite growth in our minds so each of us can begin our time travel with Torah with a taste of her eternally expanding wisdom embedded in our souls

Three Versions Of Shabbat

What does Parshat Emor tell us about Shabbat that we do not learn elsewhere?

Parshat Behar: The Freedom of Yovel Isn’t What You Think

“Proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all inhabitants thereof.” However, Rashi, Ramban, and Meshech Chochmah show tradition understood the key word, deror, as indicating a version of liberty surprising to the Western mind.

The iPhone And The Mountain Goats

The receptionist, who was familiar with my story, said that they had not been able to retrieve my phone that morning.

Can A Woman Serve As Sandek?

For over seven centuries, Jews – Ashkenazim and Sephardim, chassidim and misnagdim – have refrained from appointing a woman as sandek.

Q & A: Simchas During Sefirah (Part III)

I’ve been invited to numerous simchas during Sefirah in the past few years that did not seem to conform to the halachic restrictions of this period. I’ve been told that you addressed this topic in the past. Can you address it again as I don’t want to offend anyone by staying at home? Name Withheld By Request

Music, Dancing, Shaving, And Shopping During Sefirah

Rabbi Eliyahu Schlesinger argues vehemently that only music that leads to rikkudim umecholos is prohibited; music, however, that is spiritually uplifting and soothing to one's soul is permitted.

A Culture Of Death

A picture is worth a thousand words...

Rushing To, Not From

When one rushes from something, one often feels anxious. But when one excitedly rushes to something-- a goal--one often feels an inner sense of peace and excitement. We couldn't wait to fulfill our destiny 3,300 years ago and we are supposed to have this same excited feeling today.

Stealing For Someone Else

"Indeed, according to one opinion in the Gemara, if the agent did not have a choice not to obey, the sender is liable since the rationale does not apply," replied Rabbi Dayan.

Daf Yomi

Not Necessarily Good For The Goose – Or The Gander ‘Plucking the Wool Is Permitted’ (Bechoros 25a)

Kindness By The Case

“I have no words to thank you,” Marcus stammered. “But, would you mind if I ask you a question? Why did you decide to bend over backwards to help me?”

TORAH SHORTS: Parshat Emor: Humility and Pedigree

It is indeed a desirable thing to be well-descended, but the glory belongs to our ancestors. -Plutarch

What Started The Gaza Attack?

We must not lose sight of who is running the world and who orchestrated the recent rocket attacks, and the insubstantial and meaningless ceasefire. The rockets were sent for a purpose.

Is It Proper…? – If a Jew Wins the Lottery, Should He Continue Working?

If a Jew wins the lottery, should he continue working? Or should he quit his job and study Torah all day?


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