A Lesson From Mrs. Gafner

Even at the height of personal anguish it's still possible to demonstrate such sensitivity.

Don’t Make Such A Big Deal Of Yourself

The Ammonites are not interested in learning the truth - they only want to destroy Israel.

A Leader Needs A Friend

Moses intervenes on Miriam’s behalf with simple eloquence in the shortest prayer on record with five words: ‘Please, G-d, heal her now.’

Better Late Than Never

Because of the War of Independence and establishment of the state, the event was postponed and never took place. My grandmother would always say that she somehow felt that her life was missing something.

The Incomprehensible Power Of Teshuva

Why must the heifer be red? Scripture likens sin to red because, when a person sins, he forfeits his blood.

What Is Pure Evil?

If a husband and wife have peace, then they have the Divine Presence in their midst. Therefore, we all should do whatever we can to safeguard the serenity and the tranquility of the home. This also is the best way to model good behavior for our children and grandchildren.

With An Eye Towards Heaven

R' Chanina was accustomed to experiencing miracles, and therefore he did not fear the bite of the snake.

Redeeming Relevance: Chukat: The 38 Year Black Hole 

Precisely because the work that the second-generation did take place was less dramatic and required human participation that it created its own more organic resilience, making it a better model

Q & A: Should The Bimah Be In The Center Of The Synagogue?

Question: Where I live, in a small out of town community, we have only one Orthodox synagogue, but the bimah is in the front on the stage with the Aron HaKodesh. My question: May one daven in a synagogue in which the bimah is not in the center? Y.S. Via email

Biblical Refuseniks

A person who pesters another and unrelentingly tries to convince him of something is called misarev (Nedarim 8:7), because he refuses to give up on changing the other person’s mind.

My Childhood Gift

The doctor was too casual for a report as startling as the one he gave over.

Daf Yomi

To Be or Not To Be “Appointed…Designated From The Previous Day” (Yoma 66b)

Home Partners

"I have money saved away, and you are still working," Mrs. Tamar said. "We would own the house jointly." "That arrangement is fine with me," agreed Shimon.

Proactive Prayer

To the amazement of all in attendance, the Rebbe connected the answers with the names of those who asked the questions.

The Power Of 28 Sivan

Notwithstanding the war that was raging during those two years, the Rebbe simply picked up the conversation where they had left off!

Q & A: Should We Stand Or Sit For The Second Ashrei? (Conclusion)

Question: Should one stand or sit for the Ashrei recited after Keriat haTorah, and is the answer to this question affected by the requirement to show kavod, or respect, to the Torah scroll, which is being wrapped up as Ashrei begins? Anonymous

A Crooked Letter

I was speaking about my Bubby and Zeide and referred to their coming to America after the war. One student asked, "Would that be the Civil War, Korea, or Vietnam?"

Early Shabbat (Part I)

Contrary to widespread misconception, most authorities permit a husband and wife to accept Shabbat at different times, i.e., one spouse is permitted to make "Early Shabbat" while the other spouse accepts Shabbat "on-time."

Servant Leadership

Moses represents the birth of a new kind of leadership. That is what Korach and his followers did not understand. Many of us do not understand it still.

Anti-Zionist Jews

We believe in nonsense and promote ridiculous ideas that can’t be rationally defended and refute themselves as quickly as we utter them.

Listen To Your Wife

The good influence a Jewish woman can have is most effectively exerted in her home, the strongest fortress for moral values.


If we hold him by the hand, who will remove him from our protection?

Revolting Revolutions

The poshea is not one who tries to rebel but is rather one whose indolence shows that he does not care about the result of his actions.


Before summarily dismissing Korach, let's first allow him to speak and examine his claims – perhaps they will allow us to understand whence his self-immolating uprising.

Drawing Closer

There are many kiruv agencies... but I’m not sure any of their methods is more effective than that restaurant owner with the big white beard who made secular children believe that there was nothing sweeter than bringing Mashiach.

I Walked into an AA Meeting & Walked Out With a Deeper Relationship With...

At the core of recovery is acceptance and submission to God, a recognition that we cannot do it on our own, that we rely on Hashem and can only find the strength to endure and persevere if we attach ourselves to Him. In the heart of the meeting, attendees have the opportunity to share. I was blown away by the insight, depth and sincerity of those who opened their hearts.


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