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When will the ‘Happy Dhimmi’ Myth be Discredited?

Today, any connection with slavery, however tenuous, is enough to make historical figures into non-persons. It’s time to treat the subjugation of Jews in Arab lands with the same seriousness.

Arba’ah Minim On Consignment

The first option was clearly the cheapest, but Mendy didn't have the $4,000 readily available and didn't know how much he would sell. He considered the other two options and consulted with his chavrusa, who had some experience selling arba’ah minim.

The Minyan Miracle

I was overcome with gratitude to HaKodesh Boruch Hu for making it possible for Daddy to receive the honor that he provided for others, throughout his lifetime.

Daf Yomi

Altered States “Examining A Bechor Is Not The Same As Examining A Tereifa” (Bezah 27a)

Simchas Torah: The Jew Becomes The Legs Of The Torah

Almighty G-d, being our Merciful Father – more than a banker – accepts our plea and He gives us hakofos, the credit for the new year. He gives us life and sustenance and happiness and nachas. With G-d’s help, during the year, we make sure that we meet our obligations.

Q & A: Noy Sukkah – Sukkah Decorations (Part II)

Question: Is decorating the Sukkah part of the mitzvah, or does the mitzvah only require the Sukkah itself? Moshe Jakobowitz Brooklyn, NY

Sukkos: Spiraling Through the Symphony of Life

The same is true for all spiritual circles. The ideal is not to transcend the circular system, but to uplift it, to transform the circle into a spiral, to find innovative ways of creating newness within the circular system, not beyond it.

An Auspicious Day

A Jew who recognizes that he may lack merits, like the aravah, yet prays to Hashem because he has the will and desire to cling to Hashem – his prayers will be answered.

‘So Long As He Is Called By The Name Of Israel…’

This raises the question, "Why?" Why would Jews from every background imaginable travel to a distant country to spend Rosh Hashanah at the grave of an early 19th century Hasidic master?

Keeping Our Commitments

Teshuvah mei’ahava is the pure teshuvah where one regrets the transgression itself. It is this type of teshuvah that amazingly can convert a sin into an actual mitzvah.

From Suez to Afghanistan: A Sukkot message

As we approach the winter, God wants us to be aware just how temporary our livelihood and security really are, or can become.

A Light Unto The Nations

There are unfortunately many people of Jewish extraction who believe the election of the Jews, our “chosenness,” to be a birthright or a guarantee of a sort of superiority over other nations.

Yom Tov Candles: Women and Shehecheyanu

A woman who does not have the custom to drink some of the wine upon which Kiddush was recited is certainly permitted to answer amen to the shehecheyanu blessing.

The Uniqueness Of Sukkot

It is almost as if Sukkot were two festivals, not one. It is. Although all the festivals are listed together, they in fact represent two quite different cycles.

Daf Yomi

Reckoning Time “Three Festivals Even Out Of Order” (Beizah 19b)

To Widen Our Embrace

You must tell yourselves: I am not my pain. I feel pain, but it alone does not define who I am.

A Leader’s Call To Responsibility

It is that power of hope, born whenever G-d’s love and forgiveness gives rise to human freedom and responsibility, that has made Judaism the moral force it has always been.

Rabbi Dayan’s Shemittah Lessons

The shemittah year cancels outstanding loans that are past due, although nowadays, we usually write a pruzbul to allow collecting loans past shemittah, based on an enactment of Hillel.

Bearing The Guilt

Miri has been carrying around guilt for the accident for over 60 years; for something she had zero responsibility for. She had misinterpreted the situation and blamed herself needlessly enduring enormous pain.

Q & A: Noy Sukkah – Sukkah Decorations (Part I)

Question: Is decorating the sukkah part of the mitzvah, or does the mitzvah only require the sukkah itself? Moshe Jakobowitz Brooklyn, NY

Two Days Of Yom Tov: In Israel? For Israelis?

Today, when we enjoy the benefit of a fixed calendar, we continue to observe two days of Yom Tov in the Diaspora even though we know exactly when the holidays are to be observed. This is based on the requirement to “follow the customs of our ancestors."

Rediscovering What You Already Know

Most importantly, though, when the malach struck you, you didn't lose this Torah; rather, you lost access to it. Instead of disappearing, this knowledge and clarity became buried deep within your subconscious.

The Year Of Shemittah

When one “comes into a land” and desires to establish his way of life, which involves “working the soil,” it is necessary to bear in mind that the first and foremost, as an idea and as a goal, is “Sabbath unto G-d”; not the “earthly” and material, but the spiritual and sacred.

Honesty First

The only solution is to recommit ourselves to being completely honest. With Hashem's help we can make a fresh new start this year based on truth.

TORAH SHORTS: Parshat Haazinu: Sky, Earth and the Four Winds

A handful of pine-seed will cover mountains with the green majesty of forests. I too will set my face to the wind and throw my handful of seed on high. -Fiona Macleod

Divine Protection

We have nothing to fear from our enemies if we have faith in Hashem; it is specifically the shaky and unstable sukkah that actually symbolizes Hashem’s strength and might.

A Lasting Sukkos Message

Perhaps we might suggest that since this mitzvah symbolizes the Clouds of Glory that came without complaining, Hashem made it a free mitzvah to ensure that no one should complain about a mitzvah that commemorates no complaining.


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