Locked In

Believe it or not, in my native country in Ireland and later still in France, I never knew that it was possible while outdoors in the bitter winter weather not to suffer from the freezing cold, no matter how many layers I wore.

Daf Yomi

Discretion ‘…Vendors Of Fruits, Clothing…May Sell In Private…’ (Mo’ed Katan 13b)

The Rebbe: A Leader For The World

What is the greatest quality of the Rebbe, or better yet, what is a Rebbe? The definition of a Rebbe is one who cares for every single Jew.

The 29th Of November And Its Aftermath

Eight days after he was sworn into office, Truman was visited by a Zionist delegation headed by Rabbi Steven S. Wise. Truman told his visitors that he supported the Zionist goals, but he was very concerned about the very vocal opposition of the State Department.

The Journey To Your Ultimate Self

To genuinely venture on the path toward your true self requires a leap of faith into the unknown, ready to embrace whatever future Hashem has in store for you.

Q & A: By Means of Intervention (Part II)

Question: May a cheresh, a deaf mute, who exhibits other signs of intelligence, be included in a minyan? I live in a small town where this is a very relevant question, where we struggle to put together a minyan. Are there any halachic implications for including such a person? Name Withheld Small Town, USA

Creation Appreciation

Rav Kook says, “Anyone who thinks in a pure, G-dly way cannot hate or denigrate any creation or potential found in our world.”

Yitro: Israel’s Universal Mission

Why were the Hebrews so surprised by the sudden realization that they would receive the Torah as a set of laws & a mission for the rest of humanity?

Selfie World

Selfie vs. Selflessness-Your choice

Seeing Without Knowing, Hearing Without Understanding

We have heard and not understood. We have seen and not known. Now we are those holy seeds lying in the ground waiting to sprout so that the decrees of Hashem might at last be heeded and carried out.

Halacha Is The Way To Go

Impurity and moral decadence are all around us. Surely our souls are negatively affected and in need of spiritual healing.

The Ten Commandments As The Structure Of A Good Society

The first three commands establish the single most important principle of a free society, namely the moral limits of power.

What Yisro Learned from Krias Yam Suf

If the drowning of the Egyptians was because of the drowning of the Jewish babies in the Nile, shouldn’t the Egyptian soldiers have drowned in the Nile rather than in the Red Sea?

For All Generations And For All The People

Our fervor and dedication to Torah study must never wane. In that way, Hashem will achieve true satisfaction and pleasure, as He did when we stood at Har Sinai and accepted the Torah.

Parshas Yisro: Aseres Hadibros: Engrave Them on Your Soul   

In Parshas Yisro, Klal Yisrael hear the ultimate truth, the Aseres Hadibros (Ten Commandments), as they embrace their lofty mission in this world.    

The Halacha Of Dogs

It is taught that dogs have the ability to see the angel of death.

Getting Clean

The Torah stipulates that a metal receptacle used for cooking the meat of a sin-offering must be thoroughly cleaned before being used for another purpose; it must undergo merikah and shetifah in water (Lev. 6:21).

More Than Simply Tomatoes

One can become a believer by appreciating the wonder of the food he eats.

What Should One Do If Family Or Friends Use Curse Words In Conversation?

What are we, a nation of sailors? We are a kingdom of priests and a holy nation!

Chag Tu B’Shvat Sameach

A great thing creates great strengths, however great strengths sometimes create confusion

Rav Sacks (zt”l) Reflects on Tu BiShvat

If we continue to live as though God had only commanded us to subdue the Earth, we must be prepared for our children to inherit a seriously degraded planet, with the future of human civilisation put into question.

Sweating The Details

Package? No, I not in America and no package here. Maybe you vant Shulem Fastag? Ich bin Shlomi Fastag. Shulem he live cross street. I not go to America.

A Time to Speak and a Time to Ramain Silent

There is a moral imperative to bring them home. International humanitarian law requires the repatriation of missing soldiers and civilians; Jewish law requires us to make all efforts to bring the dead to their final resting places.

Cash Value Replacement?

The truth is, I barely used that sweatshirt, replied Hillel. If you lost mine, I'd rather you pay me its value. I'm almost the next size already.

Daf Yomi

An Outcast “He Shall Dwell Outside His Tent” (Moed Katan 7b)

Q & A: By Means Of Intervention (Part I)

Question: May a cheresh, a deaf-mute, who exhibits other signs of intelligence, be included in a minyan? I live in a small town where this is a very relevant question, where we struggle to put together a minyan. Are there any halachic implications for including such a person? Name Withheld Small Town, USA

Owing What We Own

We ought to recognize that in addition to creating all objects, Hashem is also responsible for specific objects being in our possession.

Find The Good

Rebbe Nachman tells us that we must "revive" ourselves by focusing on our good points.

The Secret Of Chein

When Jews came to America and they were confronted with the WASP society that didn’t allow them into the country clubs, some made the mistake of thinking that if they became more American they would be more accepted.

The Alter Rebbe’s Directive To The Chassidim Regarding Their Antagonists

Lower your spirit – act with absolute humility before them. And if you must talk to them, speak “softly… with a restrained spirit...


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