Daf Yomi

Who’s Fridge? ‘If The Owner Retains a Holding There’ (Eruvin 85b)

But He’s Not A Doctor!

Time went by and one day Yaacov had pain in his abdomen, the same type of pain that he had before his operation. He thought and hoped that maybe it would pass, so he waited.

Inflated Praise

In some children, embellished praise can lead to narcissistic tendencies. Praise is essential, but it is essential for praise to be tempered, not extravagant.

Did We Learn From Noach’s Generation

Speaking specifically to the Jewish community, the undeniable fact is, the current president has done more for our people and Israel than any other United States President.

What’s Your Ark?

"Even when flood waters are raging all around us and everything looks bleak, there is a Noah's ark that can save us. When a person feels low and downcast, the best advice is: 'Make yourself into an ark' (Genesis 6:14).

Eidelkeit – Our Crowning Virtue

In Yiddish, there’s a word “eidelkeit.” There’s no similar word in English. “Eidelkeit” is a synthesis of gentleness, refinement, and nobility of spirit. It’s a crowning virtue for man.

The Sun Sets, The Sun Rises

No matter the trials or tribulations we experience, we must not sink into depression.

Secret Soviet Interrogations (Part II)

‘Arouse the holiness of religion in the hearts of the young generation. Give the youth the idea not to forget religion, and that the persecution of religion is a temporary phenomenon, as is its [Soviet] persecutor, which is only temporary.’

Q & A: Wearing A Mask

Question: This pandemic has created many difficulties for me. One of the most annoying is the mask requirement, especially in shul, where I spend many hours. Aren’t our First Amendment rights being trampled? Shouldn’t this be explained to the authorities in very clear terms? Name Withheld

A Rebbe Named Simcha

I realized I was in the presence of true greatness.

Is It Proper…? Is it ever appropriate for a husband to put his foot...

Is it ever appropriate for a husband to put his foot down with his wife or a wife with her husband? Or is compromise the answer no matter what the issue is?


Now we are faced with a different challenge. How do we fit our newfound Shabbos, filled with reinvigorated ruchniyus and marked by a greater focus on family, into this recently changed and mostly positive reality?

Redeeming Relevance: Parshat Noach: Do We Really Understand why Murder is Wrong? 

If so, why was Noah commanded not to murder (and, likely, other old commandments) as well? Apparently, there was something not yet completely intuitive, and that was the sanctity of life.  

Daf Yomi

Detached Or Unrelated ‘He Made an Asheirah Tree Into a Ladder…’ (Eruvin 78b)

Doubly Blessed

My first day at the high school was an eye-opener. As I walked into the large entrance room, I suddenly heard a door open. I heard a teacher scream at a student and physically throw him out of the class. What a welcoming!

Q & A: Why Fault Man?

Question: Since G-d knows the future, isn’t our choice very limited? If so, how can man be faulted for any missteps he makes? Zvi Kirschner

Tell The World: The Land Belongs to Bnei Yisrael

By us learning Torah, the world will see that there is a Hashem and that He is righteous.

If You Find $1,200…

I can post a sign about the sefer, said Moshe, but I’m hesitant about the money. It's a big city with a wide variety of people; I don't want to start getting phone calls from strange people asking me about an envelope of money.

Always Thinking Of Others

There are many stories about his devotion to his students, his deep concern for everyone, his endless good deeds, and his fascinating educational approach.

Passing The Marshmallow Test

The snake’s incitement and the aesthetic enticement of the fruit led to Chava’s and then to Adam’s self-control failure.

What’s The Greatest Test?

Life is a series of tests. Yet, every day we ask Hashem in the morning, “Al tivi’einu lo lidei nisayon – Do not lead us to a test.” What kind of a request is this? Isn’t that avoiding the purpose of life?

TORAH SHORTS: Parshat Bereshit: The Tree of Eternal Health

The healthy, the strong individual, is the one who asks for help when he needs it. Whether he has an abscess on his knee or in his soul. -Rona Barrett

So High Or So Low? The Choice Is Ours

Kayin, a prophet, sank to the lowest level and committed murder.

Secret Soviet Interrogations

Even those never arrested lived lives of constant fear and privation, deprived of basic necessities, often losing close relatives to arrest, exile, and summary execution.

Taking Responsibility

Kayin does not deny personal responsibility. He does not say, “It was not me,” or “It was not my fault.” He denies moral responsibility.


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