Torah Shorts: Parshat Metzora: ” Lord of the Doppelganger Flies

If we were faultless we should not be so much annoyed by the defects of those with whom we associate. -Francois Fenelon

Words that Define Reality and the Benefits of Saying Maybe

It is well known that one of the causes for tzara’at is evil speech... However, the far more powerful example of the power of speech is the Torah’s conditioning the legal existence of tzara’at upon the priest’s declaration.

Inspiring Insights For Your Seder Night

The Seder night serves as an opportunity to pass over our mesorah, our tradition and legacy, to the next generation. It's a night when we speak about emunah, the meaning of being a Jew, and our purpose in this world. In order to teach these lessons to our children and ourselves in a deep and lasting way, we must encourage the Seder participants to ask questions, no matter the age or knowledge-level.

Close Encounters With Rav Elyashiv, zt”l

I didn’t let go of what I correctly perceived was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and accompanied Rav Elyashiv all the way home – again just the two of us.

Why Don’t We Say A Blessing Before Reciting The Haggadah?

Most people will be surprised to learn that at one time a blessing was indeed recited before beginning the Haggadah. For some reason, however, the practice was discontinued.

Full Expression

Stevens reminds us that our children benefit from process-oriented praise, rather than outcome-oriented praise; in other words, to highlight the effort, rather than the results.

Red Lights And The Four Stages Of Exile

When Moshe saw two Jews (Datan and Aviram) fighting and tried to stop them, they went and informed to Pharaoh that he had killed an Egyptian guard. Moshe then said, Now I realize why Am Yisrael are in exile in Egypt – it is because they speak lashon hara.

A Night Of Protection In The Shadow Of War

According to Chazal, the Seder night is a night on which Hashem provides the Jewish people with additional spiritual protection. A night when we are unconcerned with harm. A night when we feel safe. This sense of safety and security finds expression in Jewish law and custom.

How Are We Meant To Help Bring About The Ultimate Geulah, Especially In Light...

Pesach is not only the time to remember our initial redemption from Egypt, but it is also the time of redemption that will pave the way for our future redemption, which is the culmination of that initial redemption.

Make Seder Out Of Chaos: Kosher ADHD And The Pre-Pesach Web Series

Recognizing the need for targeted support during the holidays, Kosher ADHD offers pre-chag events to go over the aspects of the holiday that are most challenging for individuals with ADHD and their caregivers.

Our Upstairs Neighbors And The Pesach Wine

His reply was quick in coming. I’ve heard of a segula if the Pesach wine used for the makkos is poured on the doorstep of irritating neighbors they might move out, he informed him. Of course, Asher and Malkie were very excited to hear about this unusual segula and couldn’t wait for the seder to end so they could implement it.

May Borrowed Tefillin Be Loaned To Another?

The Gemara (Gittin 29a; B.M. 29b) teaches that a person who borrows something may not lend it to others without the owner's permission, replied Rabbi Dayan. This applies even to a sefer Torah, despite the mitzvah involved (C.M. 342:1).

Daf Yomi

The Case Of The Conflicting Commitments ‘A Breach of Faith (Bava Metzia 49a)

A Picture Of Consolation And Renewal

This is the skyline of Sderot today. We are building and winning and being renewed.

Q & A: Why Don’t We Say Tachanun During Nissan? (Part I)

Question: On most mornings, after the Amidah we recite Tachanun. It seems that there are many days, including the entire month of Nissan, when such is not the case. My question is, what are those days and why don't we recite on those days? M. Solow Via email

Grand Siyum To Celebrate 40 Years Of Rambam Study

Every participant will receive this matbei’a shel eish, a coin of fire, representing the fire of the Rambam and the fire of the Rebbe. Ure’isem oso uz’chartem – whenever one sees the coin, he or she will remember what the coin stands for; the daily learning of Rambam.

Sharansky’s Seder Night Lesson

The Christian thinker Blaise Pascal was awed by the eternity of our people: “These people are not eminent solely by their antiquity, but are also singular by their duration, which has continued from their origin till now.

Season Of Awakening Song

Even when we have no merit of our own, as the winter passes and the first shoots of spring emerge, the sanctity of our patriarchs works to our benefit to bring about the end of the exile.

Othello, WikiLeaks And Mildewed Walls

The most compelling illustration of what the tradition is speaking about when it talks of the gravity of motsi shem ra, slander, and lashon hara, evil speech, is Shakespeare’s tragedy Othello.

Bring Them Home

I have recently suggested that this segulah should be implemented to help bring the hostages home by reciting a short tefillah followed by the words, Eloka D’Meir aneini, three times.

Revitalizing Our Prayers – Part Thirty

I believe the reason why we zoom in on the transgressions of the tongue is because it is the most ruinous of sins.

Laws Of Baking Shmura Matzah – Then And Now

Although today our matzot are thin and hard, they used to be made thick and soft, and this remains the custom of some Sephardim today.

Why Does Hashem Send Us Challenges?

There is a fundamentally deeper understanding of a challenge – one that reveals the very core spiritual purpose and effect of a test.

Mouse Psychology

Presumably, the Yerushalmi calls the mice wicked because instead of merely eating what they need to survive, they also invite their friends over to party.

The Same Evolving Story

Although the redemption happened over three thousand years ago, it has different meaning in every generation.

And They Cried Out And Their Voices Were Raised To The Heavens

Since the beginning of the year we have been going thought so much pain and devastation. So much grief and lamentation. We have troubles from outside and troubles from within. G-d in heaven hear our cry. Master of the world, see our pain. Hashem, our Father save us.

There is No Bracha on an Eclipse

One can say that eclipses could be different from all other created natural anomalies as a matter of Jewish law and are not covered by the general idea of a wonder such that a blessing should be made.


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