Yamina’s Great Opportunity to Seize the Reins

Now in the opposition, the national-religious faction is uniquely positioned to significantly advance the cause of legal reform.

Phyllis Chesler on the Fight against Honor Killings

Eradicating honor-based violence "require[s] mass education [and] consistent law enforcement."

What Would Ben-Gurion Do?

Ben Gurion would reject paying a probably massive price for self-indulgent symbolism.

A Peace Treaty Is Not a License to Extort

For years, Egypt and Jordan have exploited their peace treaties with Israel as a tool of extortion to prevent Israel from pursuing its security and political interests.

Coronavirus and the Middle East

The coronavirus crisis has exposed Arab and Islamic notions of fraternity, mutual commitment, and solidarity as hollow rhetorical slogans. Each country in the region is focused entirely on its own efforts to survive economically, socially, and politically as the pandemic continues to wreak havoc.

How Far Is this Madness Going to Go?

Strangely, it is the anti-Zionists among us who have offered a psychologically astute response to our frustrations, as religious Zionists, at the fact that our fellow Jewish brothers and sisters aren't afraid enough to make aliyah.

INTO THE FRAY: A Choreographed Coup—with the Law as a Prop

It is imperative to restore the judiciary to its duly assigned place in a properly functioning democracy—to that of adjudicating, not legislating

10 Questions For Thomas Friedman

Do you still consider Palestinian leadership to be “moderate”?

Evangelicals And The Afterlife: A Response To Steven Pinker

Atheism demands nothing; it only destroys the Judeo-Christian basis of morality in Western civilization.

American Jewish Heritage Month: Jewish Contributions to the World War One

Of the approximately 225,000 Jews who served in the US armed forces stateside and in Europe, 1,100 were cited for valor. Three Jewish soldiers received the Congressional Medal of Honor.

What Does Being A Light Unto The Nations Mean?

When I was a youth growing up in Russia, the wife of our Russian neighbor would scream at her husband, “Why doesn’t Fierman get drunk every day? Why doesn’t he beat his wife like you do?”

A Twig Can Topple The Eifel Tower

So yes, one small deed can indeed lead to an enormous opening in our connection to, and with, G-d.

‘Your People will be my People’: Shavuot Shout-out to Ruth’s ‘Daughters’

The story of the holiday is the story of the Jewish people, their Torah, and welcoming others into the tribe.

Israel’s Frustrating Experience in South Lebanon

Twenty years after Israel’s withdrawal from south Lebanon, it is worth considering basic questions about its experience over years of warfare in a campaign that did not aim for victory. Those questions include what was going on, what Israel was fighting for, and what ultimately impelled it to withdraw. Such considerations have immediate significance in terms of clarifying the tenets of Israel’s security concept.

Iran Presents the “Final Solution” – to the Question of Palestine

{Originally posted to the JCPA website] Iran Celebrates International Quds (Jerusalem) Day On Friday, May 22, Iran and the Muslim world celebrated International Jerusalem Day or...

Lawyer: Netanyahu Trial May Take Years

It could easily drag on for years. There are mountains of files of supposed evidence and an incredibly long list of witnesses, both for and against.

Gantz’s Challenges and Agenda as Israel’s New Defense Minister

Former IDF chief of staff Benny Gantz officially took up his position as defense minister a week ago. His first challenges will be to wage a bitter struggle for a defense budget and promote a cautious approach to Donald Trump’s peace plan.

The Fear Of Covid

We were given one N95 mask, one face shield, and a pair of goggles. The N95 was to be used all day, the face shield and goggles to be sanitized and reused daily.

Israel’s New International Upper Hand

Certainly now and going forward, any approach that does not reflect the even greater political, economic, military and technological contrast between the two sides would be absurd and futile.

Fighting For The Hearts And Minds Of 500 Million People: An Interview with Leah...

Other organizations also bring Spanish-language journalists to Israel, but we’re the only organization that has a follow-up mechanism and that works 24/7 to provide these journalists and influencers with anything they need to cover Israel.

Investigating The Trump Investigators Is Not A Distraction

Was President Obama telling those present not to end the existing probe of President-elect Donald Trump?

Misusing the Bible Against Vaccination

Invoking the Bible and God is intended not as a stimulus to further debate, but rather as an argument- stopper: God is against it; no further discussion, research or argument is necessary; the debate is over.

European Jewish Communities and the Coronavirus Crisis

The coronavirus crisis has shaken many European Jewish communities to the core. As the EU member states try to return to normal in the aftermath of the most severe threat to the lives of their citizens since WWII, the continent’s Jewish communities struggle to come to terms with the devastating events of the past months.

Open Letter to My Telestudents

You may wonder at times, do I—your teacher—even understand what is going on on your side of the screen? Do I have a clue? I may not know it all, but I have an idea.

For Israel’s Future, Adopt the Trump Peace Plan

Tomorrow must include no less than exists today, which is why Israel must implement the U.S. “Peace to Prosperity” plan and apply sovereignty.

Is There a Right to ‘In-Person’ Religious Services During a Pandemic?

While many disparage efforts to reopen houses of worship before authorities assure that it’s safe, questions about the discriminatory treatment of faith must be answered.

Three Talks about Death You Should Have Now

“Death is something that happens to others, you think, until it happens to you.” It’s necessary to talk to your rabbi, your doctor, and to your children.

Abbas’s Empty, Worn-out Threats

The Palestinian president’s hollow rhetoric is hardly a reason to bury the government’s plan to apply Israeli law to the Israeli communities in Judea and Samaria and to the Jordan Valley.


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