Democracy? It’s Closer To A Kritarchy

For good or for bad, the new regulation was consistent with the policy agenda that President Trump laid out during his 2016 presidential campaign.

United Torah Judaism Hopes For A Miracle: An Interview with Degel HaTorah’s Rabbi Uri...

The people who speak about a halachic state don’t know what they’re talking about.

Why Trump is Releasing his Peace Plan Now

By embracing the release of the U.S. peace plan ahead of Israel’s March 2 elections, Netanyahu believes he can expose his political challengers while reaping large dividends for himself and the Jewish state.

Trump Peace Plan Unlikely to Provoke Major Escalation

“The Palestinians are still angry at the State of Israel, but they’re also looking at Gaza; they see the conditions there, and they do not want to reach that. They fear closures and disorder disrupting their lives,”

Jews Should Trust the Trump Plan

The Trump plan focuses entirely on behavior. It rejects the notion of a Palestinian state as a matter of right, entitlement, or justice. It says that if the Arabs living under Israeli control change course, accept the largesse they’ve been offered, focus on their own internal development, and make peace with Israel, they will have earned self-governance.

An Historic Opportunity We Must Grab with Both Hands

Minister Bezalel Smotrich sees an historic opportunity in the Deal of the Century, but (only) the good parts of the plan must be grabbed and implemented.

Jordanian Vote Demonstrates Defensible Borders Still Matter

Visceral hatred of Israel is common even in countries with which it has peace treaties. Not only does this hinder peacemaking, but it creates a real risk that treaties won’t survive an autocrat’s fall.

PA: Kill Jews Save the World

The pervasive Palestinian Antisemitism is the direct result of the PA’s teachings.

The Jordan Valley: Not Negotiable

The Jordan Valley, in its full scope and broadest definition, is essential to Israel’s national security. Its retention by Israel requires not only military deployment but a comprehensive development plan—i.e., the construction of housing, roads, and infrastructure—that will establish this territory as Israel’s eastern wing.

Antisemitism Includes the Denial of Jewish History

Limiting the definition of antisemitism narrowly to the Holocaust and Israel ties the two together in a false narrative that the world gave Israel to the Jews as penance for European crimes of antisemitism, which in turn produces more antisemitism

The Real Impeachment Fight

The Democrats are bloviating as vociferously as they can to create an appearance of crime and judicial requirements. But the blunt reality is that those elements don’t exist. criminal charges. There’s no actual crime at issue.

Are the US and Iran Headed Toward War?

On January 3, 2020, an American drone killed Iran’s roving fixer in the Middle East, Quds commander Qassem Soleimani, sparking intense, but largely partisan, reactions in the US. While Republicans lauded President Trump, many Democrats worried that the action might spark a war with Iran. But while it is easy to criticize Trump for stirring up conflict in the Middle East, Iran has helped to create the conditions of this current conflict.

Do Yeshivos Have A Substance Abuse Problem?

Whatever substances regular American students use, our yeshiva high school students use as well. This assertion may astonish or frighten you, but it’s true. The only thing that is unknown is the scope of the problem.

Hebzollah Chief: “Kill Every American Soldier in the Middle East”

Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, chief of Tehran’s Lebanese proxy terror group Hezbollah, made a speech earlier this month encouraging the killing of every American soldier and officer in the Middle East. It is not every day that a terrorist leader expressly calls for the mass killing of Americans. Will Trump respond?

Best Books of 2019

Seventeen recommended new books on Israeli and Jewish matters – on fighting antisemitism, Israel-Diaspora relations, defense policy, Jewish history, prayer, Talmud, Bible and more.

Why Are So Many Young People Unhappy?

Though people have more money, better health care, better health, better housing, and more education, and live longer than at any time in history, they – especially young people – are unhappier than at any time since data collection began.

Never Again–Future Tense

It's no surprise then that the hatred of Jews is not diminishing, but increasing at alarming rates. And while there is no single reason, a large part of it comes from leaders of countries who continue in their campaign to demonize the Jewish state and doing their best to paint them as the ones who somehow have to give into appeasement and into the barbarians surrounding them to somehow secure peace. This is exactly what they did with Hitler and exactly why World War 2 started in the first place.

France: Smoke Grass, Kill a Jew, Skip the Trial, Go Free

"In France, perpetrators of anti-Semitic attacks claim insanity to elude justice. The mental illness defense has become more prevalent when it comes to hate crimes in France. And it seems to be working." — Shirli Sitbon, Haaretz.

Israel: A Thriving First-World Economy in a Third-World Sea

Israel possesses assets and innovations that can solve many of the problems that plague its Arab neighbors. If peace can possibly be achieved between Israel and the Arab world, the potential for mutually beneficial practical and economic relationships is astronomical.

Trump’s Plan: Plot, Fantasy or Exercise in Realism?

It’s not clear whether it will bail out Bibi or hurt Gantz, but imagining a future Middle East that accepts most of these terms is actually a practical idea.

Women Who Learn Daf Yomi Should Be Celebrated

My wife’s learning has not transformed us into rabid feminists. Quite the contrary. Over the past 15 years, our home has become a place filled with Torah learning and discussion day and night. The more my wife learns, the more she – like most of the other 25 women in her Daf Yomi class – comes to humbly appreciate and venerate the giant stature of our rabbis down through the ages.

Al Jazeera Says No To Iranian ‘Liberation’ Of Jerusalem

In June 2015, a survey carried out by the PA-based Palestinian Center for Public Opinion found that 52 percent of Arabs living in eastern Jerusalem said they would prefer to be citizens of Israel. Note that this counts only those who weren’t afraid to reply to the pollster.

75 Years After Auschwitz–Not Much Learned

It seems that even after the Holocaust, and with increasingly violent attacks in America and elsewhere, Jews still haven’t learned the lesson of active self-defense.

On Henry VIII And His Desire For A Male Heir

Meanwhile, America, which has treated us so well and has consistently stood uniquely with Israel, has merited glorious achievements. G-d’s hand guides history; we need only look carefully to see the remarkable but unmistakable.

Mahmoud Abbas As a Strategic Threat

The diplomatic campaign Mahmoud Abbas has been waging for a decade and a half is no less dangerous to Israel than the “armed struggle” led by Hamas and Islamic Jihad in the Gaza Strip. With the growing influence of Iran and the advent of a new array of threats on Israel’s borders to the north and south, renewing negotiations with Abbas on the basis of the Barak-Olmert framework would entail an existential threat to Israel.


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