Hezbollah’s Vast Subterranean Network in Lebanon is in a Different League from Gaza

With the help of Iran and North Korea, the terrorist organization has been working for 18 years on attack, strategic and booby-trapped tunnels.

“Settlements”: Do they Thwart a Two State Solution?

The argument that once the settlements issue is resolved, a peaceful resolution of the conflict could be concluded is groundless

Fatah: Hamas Kills Aid workers and Steals Food for Itself

Fatah TV anchor: Hamas attacked and killed aid workers; it has persecuted them since the start of the war

Who Needs Hasbara?

Israel needs to be less concerned about being liked than about being feared.

Iranian Regional Strategy Moves Forward While the West Sleeps

These are the latest incidents in the undeclared conflict taking place between Lebanese Hezbollah and Israel since October 8, 2023. This conflict, which began, of course, in the wake of Hamas's October 7 attacks, is of major dimensions and involves near-daily clashes.

Passover Guide for the Perplexed 2024

11. Jerusalem is mentioned three times in the annual story of Passover (Haggadah), which is concluded by the vow: "Next Year in the reconstructed Jerusalem!"

INTO THE FRAY: Misplaced moral outrage-moronic, mendacious, or malevolent?

Israel seeks to minimize civilian casualties, while Hamas seeks to maximize civilian casualties and use them as a propaganda tool.

Communists Betray Workers, Teachers Unions Betray Students, Civil Rights Organizations Betray Black People

Most civil rights organizations are also essentially left-wing groups. They use alleged concern for black people to attain and retain power, but they harm blacks considerably more than they help them.

Next Year In Jerusalem

Let’s face it, if the topic of the Seder was actually the Exodus from Egypt, then we would just need to read the relevant Torah portions – Vaeira, Bo and Beshalach – which narrate the story of the ten plagues and the crossing of the Red Sea, and then we could get down to the real business of eating a delicious meal!

Who Has Another Land?

Israel has not yet been, and still is not, the safest place in the world for Jews. But not everyone has the option to live in the safest place in the world – many people just need somewhere that is safer than where they currently live.

In Every Generation They Wish To Destroy Us

In every generation a different Pharaoh-type enemy of the Jewish people emerges. The 20th century has been no exception.

Post Israel/Iran Confrontation: Is It Back To Business As Usual?

Would Israel get U.S. support if, as part of its defense, it included the usually no-brainer components of trying to bring the fight to the enemy’s home front. Or would that be deemed too close to a frowned upon retaliation?

Biden’s Politicization Of Criminal Prosecutions

No one has claimed that he could not have declassified the documents – only that he didn’t. No one has charged that he compromised national security by retaining them. Yet. he is being charged under the Federal Espionage Act!

Iran’s Attack Was Just a Taste of What Could Be to Come

The Iranian drone and missile attacks of 13 April brought less drama for many in Jerusalem than one might have imagined. War brings with it the disappearance of expectations of daily continuity, or of a reasonable and logical sequence of events.

The PLO-PA-Iranian Terror Alliance

The October 7 massacre drew the PA and Iran closer

Hamas Destroys Gaza, Now Trying to Claim That a ‘Victory’

"Yes, Hamas thanked the United States. When a terrorist group is thanking you, you're probably doing something wrong." — Joe Truzman, senior research analyst, X, April 9, 2024.

The Obama and Biden Administrations’ Betrayal of America’s Closest Ally in the Middle East:...

The universal "optics" are that if America will throw its closest ally, Israel, under the bus, what chance has anyone else got?

Biden Knew Before

"Iran communicated through the Swiss channel that its strike on Israel was complete"

Thanks to Biden, Israel Stands Alone

Israel is currently facing a multi-front war for its survival, with Qatar, Iran and Iran's proxies, which are encircling Israel, leading the charge. The gravity of this aggression cannot be overstated: not just for the existence of Israel, but also for that of the US, Europe and the West.

While Alabama Supreme Court Rules Embryos Are Children, Halacha Disagrees

If destroying an embryo is akin to murder, what does that mean for IVF treatment, which involves producing multiple embryos, some of which are implanted, others stored for future use, and still others destroyed?

The IDF – A Torah-True Calling

A second primary argument centers around whether this war is a milchemet mitzvah. The Rambam appears to make it clear that when the Jewish nation is murderously attacked, it is a milchemet mitzvah shel ezrat Yisrael mi’yad tzar (saving the Jewish people from a murderous enemy).

Will the World Admit it was Wrong?

No matter how much Israel tries to do the right thing, it will never be credited for it.

The Source Of Israel’s Happiness

An inspiring answer is that Israel’s definition of happiness is deeply rooted in the Prophet Isaiah’s vision of the Jewish people’s role as an ohr lagoyim, a light unto the nations.

Biden’s Shortsighted Political Ultimatum To Israel

To be sure, the President didn’t quite accuse Israel of intentionally causing the unnecessary deaths of civilians. But he came awfully close when he said he would hold them responsible for knowingly continuing policies that didn’t minimize civilian harm.

What’s Happening With Iran?

At the outset, we note that the war in Gaza has demonstrated what Israel is capable of bringing to the table. Granted, Hamas is not Iran. But the Gaza experience has to make Iran think long and hard about a direct confrontation with Israel nonetheless.

Oct. 7 is ‘Apocalypse Now’

A language of lies and hate threatens to conquer the mind of the West.

Do Young Jews Observe Yom HaShoah? Will Oct. 7 Change Anything?

Twice the 20th of Sivan was designated as a day commemorating Jewish tragedies, and twice the observance faded until it is now entirely obsolete. Many observant Jews do not even know it was once a serious day of mourning.


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