Why I Love Being Jewish

I love the closeness Jews instinctively have towards one another during tough times like shiva, illnesses, and tragedies, and I love the joy we share celebrating in each other’s semachot.

Putting Israel’s Economy and Society on Emergency Footing

It is time to raid the high schools, university campuses, and senior citizen homes for manpower; to press the entire Israeli public, young and old of all hues and stripes, into industrial and emergency service.

Do No Harm…Unless!

The number of incidents is way too long to cite in this article. But there is little doubt that the world of medicine has become sick.

The Shot Heard Round the World

We need to take advantage of this moment of conciliation, sincere or not, that has resulted from the terrible event of July 13. Then we wait for November 5

The Iron Swords War: The Strategic Balance So Far and What’s Next

Israel is facing difficult years of a prolonged existential struggle. To this end, it is imperative for Israel to be led by a leadership that enjoys the broad trust of the public.

Belief In Redemption, Belief In Every Jew

For numerous reasons our mesorah intentionally avoids excessive scrutiny of Yemot HaMashiach (Messianic matters). Too much focus on the future can lead to runaway messianic fervor, raising unrealistic expectations which, when unfulfilled, can be dispiriting.

The Trump Assassination Attempt: Some Questions Must Be Addressed

We had rather thought that Secret Service protocol required a sweep of areas surrounding where the person to be protected was scheduled to be and from where he or she would be in sniper range. Yet the Trump shooter was armed with a rifle and perched on a roof top within 300 feet of the former president.

Israel’s Hardest War Is Fighting the Lies Waged Against It

The consequence of all this misinformation is that Israel, not Hamas, is mostly blamed and held responsible for the misery of this war.

JD Vance As Republican Nominee For Vice President Is A Promising Choice

Vance has also said that Israel is key to the economic development of the Middle East and to the creation of a military bulwark against Iran. He emphasized his belief that the best vehicle for bringing all of this about are the Abraham Accords.

Baby Steps Toward Joining The IDF

The charedi opposition to army service often stems from the belief that Torah study protects the country as much as, if not more than, military service – a debatable point.

Some Dems Just Can’t Tolerate A Level Playing Field In The Trump Cases

In truth, reasonable arguments can be made for both positions which is why appeals court were created – to choose between and among different approaches. And thereby hangs a tale.

Protecting the Eternal

Israel must act to halt Palestinian destruction of Jewish archaeological sites in Judea & Samaria.

The Trump Shooting Saved… Biden

The assassination attempt was the one thing that could save his candidacy

Judea and Samaria are on Fire – Literally

Escalating Palestinian terrorism, surging illegal Palestinian construction in zones of strategic importance to Israel, and wildly out-of-control arson attacks must be stopped.

Clooney’s America

The actor's attack on Joe Biden was all about personal revenge.

Britain and France: A Tale of Two Elections

In other words, both in Britain and France, you may get around or even less than 30 percent of the votes and yet secure a chance to form the government.

Israel at the Crossroads

Israel Must Act Now or Risk Being Bled to Death by Its Enemies

Part III: A War of Words: Enlisting Arabs for the Nazi Cause

The mufti urged the Arabs to “Kill the Jews wherever you find them. This pleases God, history and religion."

Palestinian vs. Saudi Education

But it is of no concern to Foggy Bottom

All the President’s Liars

The media hasn’t stopped lying to us. It’s only begun to lie.

The Case Of The Ancient Brown Tefillin

Laws in the first category can never change; whereas these laws were declared in definitive form by G-d, they are set in stone. By contrast, laws derived by use of the hermeneutic principles can technically change over time.

Were More People Killed In The Name Of G-d Or In The Name Of...

While all men are created equal, as the American Declaration of Independence put it, based upon the biblical, Judeo-Christian origins of the American Revolution, it is not possible to achieve equality without violence.

When Logic Falters, Faith Soars

It is not incidental that the ultimate halachic mystery of parah adumah addresses death and the tumah caused by contact with dead people. Death is the ultimate mystery.

Does the Palestinian Leadership Represent All Palestinians?

The Palestinian Conference for Palestinians Abroad claims to represent 6-7 million Palestinians in over 50 countries, and opposes the PLO and Palestinian Authority.

The Biden Cover-Up Revelations: Have DA Bragg And Judge Merchan No Shame?

From the beginning, the case was treated by most legal commentators as a transparently political hit job. For one thing, combining a business records law with an election law in order to come up with a basis for a prosecution was as novel an approach as you can find.

A Better, NON-Racist Intersectionality

Western intersectionality makes it impossible for the victims of Islamic oppression in the Middle East and Africa to have their voices heard.


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