Eurovision, Valhalla and Baghdad – Must Israelis be Europeans?

Israel sought and was granted admittance into many different European structures, including Eurovision. Yet as Israel matures into a more established country, this association requires scrutiny.

The Temple Mount, Behind The Scenes

hTe end goal of these Temple Mount terrorists: to detach the Jewish People from the source of their national strength and history.

Halt the Delegitimization of Netanyahu

Reasonable disagreements are degenerating into demonization and double standards applied against the prime minister.

Why Pundits Hate Trump’s Peace Deal

The media are infuriated, not only because it’s their default reaction to everything this White House does, but also because Kushner and Greenblatt have managed to keep their work remarkably leak-free.

A (Euro)Vision for the Future

Israel’s cultural image is in dire need of improvement. The Best Countries Index shows that Israel scored a 1.4 out of 10 in terms of cultural influence in 2019. The Eurovision Song Contest (ESC), which is scheduled to take place in Tel Aviv in May 2019, allows Israel to enhance its cultural image through civil society initiatives centered around the arts.

Hamas Couldn’t Have Asked For More

In the tweets of Omar and Tlaib, a Hamas spokesman could scarcely have hoped for a more faithful reflection of his own talking points.

Eastern Europe: Pro-Israel, But Not Pro-Jewish? – An Interview with Professor David Fishman

Of the 40 people involved in the operation – 20 intellectuals, and 20 technical workers – 33 perished and seven survived.

Representative Tlaib And The Holocaust

But we are also concerned with the here and now, as Democratic House leaders Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Majority Leader Steny Hoyer issued statements rallying behind her.

MTA: Take Down Those Ads

No New Yorker should be forced to view these ads every single day.

Investigation-Gate Picks Up Steam

Evidence surfaced some time ago suggesting that contributions to the foundation were tied to securing meetings with then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Keeping Up the ‘Narrative’

With all the financial, political and emotional capital already invested in the cause of ‘Palestine’, it is vital to keep up a certain ‘narrative’ with which facts must never be allowed to interfere.

In NY Times, Halbfinger’s Narrative Protects Hamas

Again and again, Halbfinger soft-gloves Hamas but pulls no punches with Israel.

A Looming Crisis in the Mideast

What is Kushner's plan? He has avoided the term "two-state solution" and the plan is believed to be more focused on economics than political issues, like where to draw borders or the "right of return." Those two items stalled previous talks.

As Israelis Hid in Bomb Shelters, a DC Synagogue Honored Dead Terrorists

Would Sixth & I hold a ceremony honoring the memories of the 9/11 terrorists? What about the Nazis who died fighting the Allies in World War II? What kind of demons are these rabbis trying to exorcise?

A Memo to Jared

A recent report indicates that President Trump’s son-in-law and advisor Jared Kushner suggested that then Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and other policy makers read a January 2018 Wall Street Journal piece regarding the cutoff of American funding for UNRWA, the international agency for Palestinian ‘refugees.’ As authors of the piece referenced in the leak, we are flattered. With the administration’s much discussed peace plan to be announced in June, let us offer some last minute suggestions.

Defensible Borders in the Middle East

The most critical feature/test of defensible borders in the Middle East is their capability to fend off realistic (worst-case) scenarios.

The Strangest War

Netanyahu’s declared limited goal of ‘ensuring the peace and security’ of the south is a problem. The goal should be total victory: A complete and utter defeat of the enemy. Anything less, as the past 15 years have amply proven, will only lead to escalation.

The Tenth Annual Swim4Sadna Kinneret Swimathon for Women: Surpassing All Expectations

Personal Empowerment, Inclusion for All and Giving to Society--Surpassing expectations

Millennia of Anti-Judaism

The Jewish Ethical monotheistic ideology eventually defeated the ancient cultures: Rome converted to Christianity, and Islam was created. But it only fuled the nations’ need to delegitimize Judaism and to cast blame on the Jews.

The Middle East anti-Peace Movement

One is left wondering how any Arab leader would accept any peace plan with Israel when a mayor is being widely condemned and shamed for being caught on camera in the company of Israelis.

On the Right Side of History

Contrary to all the negative predictions, the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem has been an extraordinary success.


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