Egalitarianism At The Kotel Will Undermine Perceptions Of Our Legitimacy

The proposed new plaza is being supported by Women of the Wall and the Reform and Conservative movements.

Alvin Bragg’s Denouement

comments a judge made at the arraignment of an alleged career criminal other day expressing his frustration with the new Bragg policies soon went viral and will likely mean that the embattled DA will be unable to turn things around.

We Need More Chairs In The Women’s Section

Our mission statement reads: Orthodox Leadership Project (OLP) empowers Orthodox Jewish women’s leadership as a way of strengthening Orthodox communities and the broader Jewish community.

Plowshares Turning into Swords-Happy New Year for Israel’s Trees

The current battle for the land of Israel oftentimes is not fought with conventional weapons. Rather, Israelis and Palestinians are staking their claims to the land by planting trees.

Israel Waffling on Enforcing Rule of Law

Compromising on democratic rule of law is no compromise at all, but an outright abnegation of responsibility.

Will Devotion to Dialogue Stop us from Understanding Another Synagogue Attack?

The Texas hostage-taker wanted to release an anti-Semitic terrorist whose freedom is sought by Muslim groups. Is it Islamophobic to discuss who might have inspired the incident?

A Cautionary Fairy Tale from the Future

We stare with amazement at the specter of a coalition whose strongest binding tie was the across-the-board hatred of former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who himself and his party, Likud—though heading the opposition—still command by far the largest plurality of popular support in the country.

Why do neo-Nazis Love ‘Haaretz’?

The reason that right-wing anti-Semitic extremists frequently cite a radical leftist Israeli newspaper is its hostility to the Jewish state.

Is a Jewish Majority Sufficient to Protect Israel?

The current government has adopted a post-Zionist ethos and governing agenda. We must reinstate the Jewish consensus around Zionism in our schools, media, and politics.

The Lost Legacy of MLK Jr.

The civil-rights hero’s beliefs are irrelevant to partisans who invoke his legacy and rejected by woke activists besotted with critical race theory.

Obsessed with Israeli Settlements, US and Europe Blind to Palestinian Violence

“Instead of focusing on all the obstacles and identifying the most important ones, they are singling out the settlement issue and defining it as the most critical,” says Professor Eytan Gilboa of Bar-Ilan University and a senior fellow at the Jerusalem Institute for Strategy and Security.

Planting Trees Root our Future

Afforestation plays a crucial role in soil conservation and flood control, and in the Negev in particular, it can help rehabilitate land that has been damaged due to illegal agricultural works.

Groundhog Day NYC: Reliving the ‘Justice’ of ‘Turn-em-Loose Bruce’

The actions of the Manhattan District Attorney are not being done in a vacuum. The political movement described as Progressive, and their "bail reform" legislation passed by the New York Legislature, allows arrested felons to be released on the streets before their mug shots can even be printed.

Part XIII: What Awaited the Jews in the Polish Ghettos

They were murdered because they “could no longer manufacture guns in return for the food which they consumed;"


There is a moral imperative to bring them home. International humanitarian law requires the repatriation of missing soldiers and civilians; Jewish law requires us to make all efforts to bring the dead to their final resting places.

Has Situation Between Israeli Government and Bedouins Reached a Breaking Point?

Millions of Israelis are furious over the government’s caving to the rioting and its alleged plan to recognize these illegal Bedouin encampments situated on state lands, claiming that such capitulation will only lead to further unrest and violence.

Feathers On The Wind, A Facebook Story

One of the many voices disagreeing with me was a man named Michael Zeff. We debated and it got heated, too heated.

New Year Resolutions and Reaching Beyond Ourselves

Though we’re already more than a week into January, even a belated New Year’s resolution could make a difference in someone else’s life—and help restore a sense of optimism to ours

Crushing Palestinian Hopes of Destroying Israel Should be our Sole Strategy

Every opportunity should be utilized to express to the Palestinians that their rejectionism will be defeated, and that the Jewish state will ultimately emerge victorious.

Mayor Adams’s Orthodox Appointments

Menashe Shapiro will serve as deputy chief of staff, while Fred Kreizman will be the commissioner of the mayor’s community affairs unit.

Manhattan DA’s Surprise At Pushback Is Revealing

To us, this all amounts to turning the common understanding of law enforcement on its head. That is, the rule that you do the crime, you do the time.

The Reverend Father of ‘Israeli Apartheid’

Desmond Tutu’s legacy is much more than that of a mere bigot. He was one of the main architects of a movement to reframe the Jewish state as the antagonist in the global battle against oppression.

How Much Longer Will Hamas Evade The Disapproval That Palestinians Have For Abbas?

In Gaza, the Teflon terrorists of Hamas appear to escape responsibility for the mess they have made of Gaza

AG Garland Must Tamp Down Incendiary Language About January 6

We drilled down on the definition of “insurrection” and found among the listed synonyms the words “rebellion,” “revolution,” and “revolt.”

It Has Come To This: Covid Help To Be Based On Race

Even before the federal and state “guidance,” New York City, under then-Mayor Bill de Blasio, had jumped the gun and routinely used race as a key determiner for allocating COVID-19 resources.

Unity on the Right Resumes with Netanyahu’s Return

When the entire Right understands the link between the personal and the collective, between the democratic struggle and the Jewish one, not only will the union happen spontaneously, but its ideological path will be secured.

Has the Time come to Bribe the Unvaccinated?

The poisoning of our society's discourse with pseudo-scientific claims and conspiracy theories, often rooted in medieval prejudices about Jews, is destroying trust in education, in government and worst of all, in each other.


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