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No Place for Guilt Over Israel’s Self-Defense

Israel’s behavior in wartime should be judged exactly as we do any other country at war, such as the US and its allies in WWII

Smoke and Mirrors: Palestinian ‘Human Rights’ Groups

Defense Minister Benny Gantz is unafraid to ruffle the Israeli left’s feathers or those of the United States.

Only Thing Stopping Biden and a PLO Consulate in Jerusalem is the THREAT of...

The U.S. administration is trying to decide: is toppling the Israeli coalition and putting Netanyahu back in office worth the price of the consulate to the PLO?

The Battle for the US Consulate in Jerusalem

The White House is threatening to unilaterally impose the opening of a U.S. consulate for Palestinians in Jerusalem, regardless of Israel’s fierce opposition to the move, as well as allowing a PLO office to again operate in Washington. But such a move could cause a perilous domino effect.

The Kotel is Not Captured by Foreign Forces

An open letter to Minister Meirav Michaeli in response to her comments on freeing the Western Wall.

Realizing the Legacy of Jonathan Sacks

On his first yahrzeit, his many admirers must recommit to the truths he taught and advance the moral society he sought.

What is the REAL Reason for West Supporting the Palestinians?

What actually binds these groups together is an ultimately incomprehensible animus against Judaism and the Jewish people.

Israel’s Commitment to Human Rights: A Model to Emulate

Israel’s Declaration of Independence states that Israel, “will ensure complete equality of social and political rights to all its inhabitants irrespective of religion, race or sex; it will guarantee freedom of religion, conscience, language, education and culture; it will safeguard the Holy Places of all religions.”

Israel’s POST-American Strategic Challenge

The Biden administration’s betrayal of Israel on Iran has devastated the basic conceptual framework at the heart of the Israeli security establishment's strategic thinking.

Folly of the “Economy for Peace” Thesis

 Much like the Oslo illusion, which posited that territorial concessions to the PLO would bring about peace with the Palestinians, the hope that economic easing in the Gaza Strip will moderate Hamas terrorism is a mistaken attempt to apply a Western logic of conflict management to a Palestinian enemy whose definition of the end of the conflict with Israel is not in the West’s political-cultural lexicon.

The Fear of the Fifth Column–and the Trojan Horse Part II

The fear of the Trojan Horse was echoed by Roosevelt, the Congress, the intelligence community, and a number of members of his administration

Room for Zionist Jews on the American Left?

An environmentalist group pulled out of a DC rally because of the presence of liberal Jewish groups. The real problem, though, is the failure of rally organizers to condemn this as anti-Semitism.

Days Off For Yom Tov In America

So you people just have holidays all week every week? Don’t you people ever work three days in a row? And, no, I never heard of ‘Tabernacles.’ I thought that’s the Mormons.”

Will US Deny Israel Sovereignty Over Jerusalem by Reopening Consulate for Palestinians?

The Biden administration’s plan would divide the united capital of Jerusalem and push any chance for peace with the Palestinians farther away, as well as break diplomatic norms, violate U.S. law and damage America’s special relationship with Israel.

Is Mayim Bialik TOO Jewish for ‘Jeopardy!?’ .

A “New York Times” article raised questions about whether the actress was “neutral” enough to lead the TV institution. But the focus on her support for Israel raises more questions about the newspaper than Bialik

Will US Deny Israel Sovereignty over Jerusalem by Opening Consulate for Palestinian Authority?

The Biden administration’s plan would divide the united capital of Jerusalem and push any chance for peace with the Palestinians farther away, as well as break diplomatic norms, violate U.S. law and damage America’s special relationship with Israel.

Afghanistan Lost, Values Vanquished

Afghanistan has been lost, mainly because we abandoned our values. If the US can so easily abandon theirs, it does not portend well for Israel.

U.S. Consulate in Jerusalem – the Bottom Line

If Israel formally refused to give its consent to the decision to open the consulate and the Biden administration went ahead with its implementation, nonetheless, it would put the United States in a position of flagrant violation of the relevant international convention dealing with consular relations between states.

People Don’t Look And People Don’t Think

Interestingly, Rooney’s last novel was published by a Chinese State-approved publishing house. Hmm! One million Muslim Chinese in concentration camps doesn’t seem to trouble Ms. Rooney in the slightest.

Into the Fray: Arab Violence: Root Causes and Red Herrings

If difficult socioeconomic conditions in the haredi community have not produced the rampant crime that afflicts Arab society, why should poverty be assumed to be the culprit among Israel’s Arab citizens?

Rabbi Dr. Tendler’s Greatest Influence: The Unified Truth Of Torah And Science

Certainly, one could debate the halachic consequences of these scientific fact, but never their undergirded truth.

Rabin, Peres, #MeToo and the Battling Sacred Cows

If anyone was still wondering whether sexual assault trumps Palestinian statehood or the other way around, this week provided a pretty clear answer.

Jewish Press Endorsements For NYC General Election, Nov. 2

Adams’s 22 years of service as a member of the NYPD – in several high-ranking positions – has uniquely equipped him to deal with what most polls say is the first order of business in the minds of most New Yorkers: runaway crime.

Israel’s Civil Administration is failing in YESHA

Despite being a branch of the Israeli Defense Ministry/Israel Defense Forces, the Civil Administration is more concerned with facilitating the creation of the "State of Palestine" than it is with ensuring the rights of the Jewish people in its ancestral homeland.

Improving Relations

Observers suggest it is high time the PA leadership really adhered to its recognition to the Jewish State

Just HOW Unsafe is it to be a Jew in America?

Despite all the statistics, the problem of anti-Semitism extends beyond what can be quantified.


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