A Woke Shooter, a Christian School, is it a Hate Crime?

Guns don’t kill people, the evil and the mentally deranged do.

And the Antisemitic Assault Score: New York 72//Florida 1

New York had 580 antisemitic incidents highest in the country.

Never, Ever was a Palestinian State

Of course Minister Bezalel Smotrich is correct. Of course there is no Arab “Palestinian” people and never was an Arab “Palestine.” It all is...

Jews and Land of Israel: Part III: The Centrality of the Land of Israel...

Wherever Jews lived, they did not publicly challenge the occupation of the land by the empires of the East and West. They did so in their homes, sanctuaries, books and prayers. Religious rituals were instituted to remember the destruction of the Temple and the subsequent exile.

INTO THE FRAY: Obviating Elections

If the so-called "champions of democracy" succeed in obstructing the judicial reforms, democratic rule will be replaced by mob rule—and Israel will be teetering on the brink of an Orwellian dystopia

Yeshivas Play A Valuable Role In Their Communities

Similar support is given in public schools, where a large segment of the student population may also be English language learners; the only difference is the language being spoken.

Tap Into Your Courageous Super Powers

The Babylonians deliberately took the smartest teens as captives to train them for service in the king’s court, with assimilation as a prerequisite.

Gal Luft’s Distressing Predicament

Israel should seek a full investigation of the charges that have been leveled against its national. But it also has a responsibility to him as an Israeli citizen and a senior IDF officer to ensure that his arrest warrant isn’t politically motivated.


Our origin story has everything to do with who we are and where we are going.

The Right Timing And Strategy

My mission was and is to allow people to hear and understand the Jewish people and their story.

Tehran Threatens “Israel’s Adopted Son” – The Major Source Of EU’s Energy Resources

There are several real tactical and strategic reasons for Iranian incitement and military build-up.

Israeli Supreme Court Stops Interior Minister Ben Gvir From Pursuing Equitable Treatment Of Chareidim...

The court’s generalization should not be surprising. With the nationwide turmoil now gripping Israel over proposed reforms by the Netanyahu government, members of the Supreme Court can hardly be counted among the neutral.

End-Running President Biden’s Refusal To Enforce Taylor Force Law: Sen. Cotton Introduces New Bill

Notwithstanding the fact that the PA’s slay for pay system is still operating, President Joe Biden restored financial aid to the PA almost immediately after taking office.

Biden Administration Pushing Arabs Towards Iran

the agreement is an indication of the growing weakness of the US and the failed policy of the Biden administration in the Middle East. Thanks to the US administration's fragility, the Iranian-led axis of evil has been significantly emboldened as America's erstwhile Arab allies are rushing towards the open arms of the mullahs in Tehran.

Rabin and Peres’ Failure Now Netanyahu’s

Attempting to enact major change without a broad consensus can only result in controversy, polarization and, in the end, continuing unrest.

Zionist Strategy for Israel

I do not believe that the Saudi-Iran agreement closes the door on Saudi-Israeli entente, nor on a renewed pro-Western regional alliance involving Israel and the Saudis

WH Whistling Past America’s Bank Graveyard

Far more important than a political strategy, history reminds us it is the economy upon which great nations rise or fall

Jews and Land of Israel: Part II: Is Israel a Colonial State?

Not according to any accurate application of the term

IDI Poll Pulls Israelis by the Nose on Judicial Reform

Israel voted for a right-wing government, and they want right-wing policy. They don’t want to be overruled by the side that LOST.

Demographic Update 2023: Arab Demographic Time Bomb is a MYTH

In 2023, in contrast to conventional demographic wisdom, Israel is not facing a potential Arab demographic time bomb in the combined areas of Judea, Samaria (the West Bank) and pre-1967 Israel. In fact, the Jewish State benefits from a robust tailwind of fertility rate and net-immigration. 

Iran’s Mullahs Mission: Wipe Out America

he Biden administration would do well to realize that a nuclear Iran is not just an existential threat to Israel; a nuclear Iran is major threat to the region, Europe, America, the world.

Wokes Can’t Beat the Culture They’re Destroying

They want to rewrite old books because they can’t equal them.

New IDF Chief of Staff Faces an Array of Challenges

Chief of Staff, Lt. Gen. Herzi Halevi, will need to safely and swiftly maneuver through a domestic minefield without entangling the military in politics.

50% of Americans Say Media Deliberately Misleads

VERY few Americans trust the media and 50% believe the media is lying to them.

When Banks – And Other Institutions – Try To Change The World

Beginning in the second half of the 20th century, people in nearly every white-collar profession ceased finding their work inherently meaningful. So, they sought to use their profession to change the world.

Would the 10 Commandments Survive Israel’s Supreme Court?

Israel's justices have powers unparalleled by any court anywhere else, making them the de facto government.


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