The President of Tunisia Slanders the Jews

The president of Tunisia, disturbed by demonstrations against his country’s economic mismanagement, pulled out the one card that has always worked for Arab presidents and kings who need to divert attention away from their own failures: blame the Jews.

Israel’s High Court is Waging War Against Jewish Identity

Bezalel Smotrich argues that Israel's highest civil court has decided to enter into a field of adjudication where it simply does not belong. 

For What Price Will We Sell Our Souls?

Others believe that living in Israel all but assures financial ruin. They know someone who made aliyah, couldn't make a living, and was forced to return to galus.

Is Your Friend A Liberal Or A Leftist?

Would America be better, worse, or the same if all Americans dropped their religion and became secular?

Restoring Rav Nachman’s Fiery Chair: An Interview with Wood Craftsman Catriel Sugarman

One of the last Jewish artifacts to be spirited out of the Jewish Quarter before its fall in the 1948 War of Independence was a wrapped bag containing the remnants of Rav Nachman’s chair.

Religious Pluralism won’t be Achieved in the Courts

An Israeli Supreme Court ruling recognizing non-Orthodox conversions is more symbolism than substance. The fight to curb the power of the rabbinate must be resolved at the ballot box.

Dr. Seuss And The Jews

Seuss’s wartime cartoons denounced American discrimination against Jews and called attention to the early stages of the Holocaust.

Israeli High Court Chips Away At The Jewishness Of The Jewish State

It is not usually the case that a court so freely admits to having encroached on legislative prerogatives.

The Evidence Against Frontier Airlines Is Compelling

Airline personnel say they were not fixated on the child but were rather concerned with a wider violation of the rules.

The Hangdog Judge Garland

It was very surprising that Garland testified that he would make the federal investigation into the storming of the Capitol in January his first priority.

“Did Muhammad Exist?”

Recognition by Muslims that Muhammad is "MORE LEGEND than historical figure" would help facilitate a much-needed Islamic reformation

Iran’s Brutal Repression of Minorities

“The question is, where is the International Criminal Court, who always condemns Israel for defending itself yet is silent on the repression of Iran’s minorities?

Israeli Politicians Should Stop Copying US Elections

An election campaign is a job interview. Let the party leaders tell us why we should hire them.

Conversion CANNOT be Taken Lightly

Rather than fretting over the High Court of Justice’s ruling on non-Orthodox conversions, lawmakers should realize that the court left the door open to amending the Law of Return to reflect current practices.

Anti-Semitism Is Not Funny, It Never Is: An Interview with Dov Hikind

I don’t think cancel culture is healthy for anyone. I mean, you look at someone the wrong way and you get canceled.

Palestinian Terrorists to Biden: Do Not Believe the Palestinian Leadership

Who exactly is the Palestinian Authority leadership lying to and why?

How to Fight the Culture Wars

These day-school children will be filled with their own traditions and with the knowledge that they are parts of a community that invests them and their commitment to that tradition with immense importance.

INTO THE FRAY: Biden—The First Frightful Month

But no matter how gullible or skeptical over the electoral outcome one might happen to be, the die has now been cast. The ominous trajectory for the American people—and for much of the world—has been set.

Iran is Fighting Two Parallel Shadow Wars, Partly to Seek Retaliation

The apparent Iranian attack on an Israeli-owned civilian cargo ship is a wider threat against shipping and comes as part of retaliation for the assassination of Iran’s top nuclear scientist. Meanwhile, Iranian proxy warfare against the United States has returned to the region.

Israel and the Palestinian issue in the Biden era

The next Israeli government would be well-advised to come up with its own proposals for improving the life of Palestinians.

Who’s Legitimizing the Vaccine Blood Libel?

Journalists, leftist Jewish groups and politicians like Bernie Sanders are lending weight to the toxic lie that Israel is denying the COVID vaccine to Palestinians.

“Human Rights” Organizations for Palestinian Rights, or Lawfare Against Israel?

A spate of attacks on Arab Christians in and around Bethlehem should have merited investigation by the many “human rights” organizations in the area, but they weren’t interested. This is not surprising, as their focus is almost entirely on promoting lawfare against Israel, not exposing human rights violations committed by Palestinians against other Palestinians.

Remembering Manfred Gerstenfeld: Truth against Myth

When what some observers called the “new anti-Semitism” began to gather pace at the turn of this century, there were a handful of scholars, Gerstenfeld among them, who were equipped to explain that while the wine was new, the bottles were old.

We Recognize Haman. Where Are Mordechai and Esther?

Today’s Persians running Iran’s Islamic revolutionary regime consistently declare their intention to annihilate Israel and are building the capacity for nuclear weapons to achieve that infernal aim. And then, there’s the Western media and academia …

Am I Really Turning 50?

Yes, there are moments when I wish I were younger and could relive certain experiences without making the mistakes I did as a youngster.

We Should Thank Saturday Night Live

On the contrary! Israel needs to send a “Thank You” card to SNL for publicizing that fact. Yes, Israel takes care of Jews first – and we’re very proud of that!

Pandemic Holidays Leave Jews Longing for Community

With Purim, we complete a full cycle of festivals that has shown that while much has changed in Jewish life, in some respects, it’s been business as usual.


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