It’s Time for Europe to Stand with the Iranian People

What will it take for the international community to realize that no amount of money, accommodation or deference will change the DNA of Iran’s leaders, who are bent on eradicating Israel, and the ascendency of Shi’ism over Sunnis and minority populations living in the Mideast?

Roots of anti-US Islamic Terrorism

Western democracies cannot expect Islamic terrorism to be kinder toward the “infidel” than it has been toward fellow “believers.”

Daf Yomi – Whose Idea Was It? (The Answer May Surprise You)

Many people suggested the idea of Daf Yomi before Rabbi Shapiro submitted it to the Knessia Gedolah in 1923. Rabbi Shapiro, however, is the one who publicized it.

Europe No Longer Hides Its Hostility to Israel

The EU, which is officially committed to fighting terrorism, supports the Palestinian Authority (PA), which supports terrorists and their families. Just try making sense of that.

My Mother, Irene Klass, On Her Ninth Yahrzeit

The years pass, but my memories of you – my beloved mother – only get stronger.

The War Against Israel and Jewish Civilians

An average Jew is three times more likely to suffer a hate crime than an average black, and twice as likely to be attacked as an average Muslim

Trump Deserves our Thanks as Americans, Israelis and Jews

Dr. Miriam Adelson's remarks at the 2019 Israeli American Council National Conference.

Was Yehudah HaMaccabee A Fanatic? An Interview with Rav Shlomo Aviner

The vast majority of Jews... called Yehudah a fanatic and messianic dreamer, who endangered the security of the nation.

Is Hamas Smuggling Weapons into Gaza Undersea?

The apparent prominence of Gaza naval bases on the IDF’s target list may indicate that the hundreds of frogmen in Hamas's employ are now serving as underwater stevedores, bringing weapons into the coastal enclave.

How Should the Senate Deal with an Unconstitutional Impeachment by the House?

These two grounds [of impeachment] — abuse of power and obstruction of congress — are not among the criteria specified for impeachment. Neither one is a high crime and misdemeanor. Neither is mentioned in the constitution. Both are the sort of vague, open-ended criteria rejected by the framers. They were rejected precisely to avoid the situation in which our nation currently finds itself.

The Clueless AOC

Last week, she made yet another strange statement, doubling down on her curious comments on the news that Amazon had rented space in Manhattan’s new Hudson Yards development.

A U.S.-Israel Defense Pact?

Of particular interest is the case of American refusal to support Israel’s desire to take preemptive action against the Arab states arrayed against it in the run-up to the Six-Day War in 1967.

Processing The IG Report And The Drive To Impeach

The resolution also charges Mr. Trump with obstruction of Congress by directing the Executive Branch “to defy lawful subpoenas” seeking testimony and documents relating to its Ukrainian probe.

Don’t Let Bernie Sanders Get Away with Redefining ‘pro-Israel’

Supporting Israel’s existence while being allied to those who wish to destroy it and engage in anti-Semitic invective doesn’t work.

The ‘Jew Coup’: We Dare Not Be Silent

Schiff, Nadler, Kasrlan, Feldman, Gerhardt, Berke, Goldman... their actions against President Trump are antithetical to Jewish beliefs and values.

Rabbanut Grants McDonald’s Kashrut Certificate Despite Being Open On Shabbos

Since fast-food hamburgers are pre-cooked before Shabbat, cooking is not a problem. The warming mechanism, though, is not like a regular Shabbat platter.

Marginalizing Womanhood and Judaism on Campus

Once I became open about my support for Israel, relationships shifted. It was as if someone had etched “Zionism” on my forehead.

Towards the UNRWA mandate renewal: Involve the UNRWA Donor Nations

war to yet another three years of “temporary” refugee perpetuity. The question remains: Will UNRWA donor nations insist on reasonable conditions for the UNRWA mandate renewal? You can make a difference

The Two-State Solution May no Longer be Viable

The Trump administration’s historic recognition of the settlement enterprise in Judea and Samaria is another and perhaps even the last nail in the coffin of the Palestinian state.

The West’s Lethal Triple Lock of Jewish Hatred

Many think that anti-Semitism is a prejudice against Jews as people, whereas anti-Zionism and Israel-bashing are legitimate attacks on a political project.

The Fate of Christians in the Current World

Why should it be anti-Muslim or "Islamophobic" to write about the effects of jihad or the conservative Muslim treatment of unbelievers?

Sanctuary for Gays: Ignored or Jeered at by West

Hate for Israel has blinded people to the point where they align themselves with their own executioners.

Impeaching Trump for Obstructing Congress Would Harm Checks and Balances

For Congress to impeach President Trump for abuse of Congress would be an abuse of power by Congress. So despite the partisan opinions of the Democratic academic experts, Congress should not include abuse of Congress among its list of impeachable offenses.

A Non-Aggression Agreement between Israel and the Arab Countries

The United States is trying to assist Israel to reach an agreement with four Arab countries that will eventually lead to full normalization with them. Several Arab countries still fear full normalization with Israel due to Palestinian opposition, but behind the scenes, they are advancing relations with Israel.

Spurring International Action to Remember the ‘Forgotten’ Mideast Jewish Refugees

“For many reasons, awareness of our communities’ history is not at the level it should be. We welcome any opportunity to educate and engage diplomats and foreign dignitaries on the story of the ignored and forgotten Jewish refugees,” said JIMENA board member Nathaniel Malka.

If NATO Fights Terrorism, it Needs Israel

The real dispute over the future of the alliance isn’t about Trump, but why Turkey remains inside the tent and the Jewish state remains on the outside looking in.

Searching For Heather Dean

Israel certainly played a pivotal role in allowing her to see herself as part of the Jewish people.

Rashida Tlaib Headlined Anti-Semitic Hate Fest

Other speakers have compared Israel to white supremacists, rapists


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