The Berlin Jewish Museum Scandal

The recent resignation of Peter Schäfer, Director of the Berlin Jewish Museum, follows a series of missteps by the museum that have led the German Jewish umbrella organization to declare that the museum has lost the trust of the community. Schäfer, a respected scholar, resigned from a position that requires an experienced manager with profound political understanding and instincts who is able to operate in what is for German Jews a highly problematic reality.

As Hamas Loses Tunnels, Terror Takes to Air and Sea

Gazan terror organizations are looking into armed drones and sea-based commando cells, while concentrating fire at Israel’s Iron Dome to overwhelm it.

Donald Trump’s “Obama Moments” in Syria and the Gulf

The continuing bombardment of the Syrian province of Idlib by Russia, Iran, and Syrian dictator Bashar Assad has been ignored for far too long by the international community. Attention must be paid – in particular by Donald Trump, who is showing himself worryingly prone to “Obama moments” of hesitation and lack of resolve.

The Success and Failure of Orthodox Judaism

More Torah is being studied on the continent than at any time since the discovery of the New World by Christopher Columbus.

‘Lobstergate’ and non-Kosher Coercion

The positive side to this story is that the country had some comic relief from the genuine clawing controversies of the day. Less amusing is arousing the wrath of the country’s more extreme religious elements.

Reasons Palestinians Do Not Trust Their Leaders

Evidently, Palestinian leaders do not grasp that the Palestinian public cares a great deal more about being treated like human beings by their own leaders than about anti-Israel and anti-US rhetoric.

Ehud Barak: Bluster and Plunder

His violent discourse disqualifies him from leading this country again, not to mention his pillaging of Jerusalem.

The Difference Between Intermarriage and the Holocaust

Assimilation is a daunting challenge for American Jews, but it doesn’t help when an Israeli rabbi/politician inappropriately compares the intermarried to the Six Million.

Jesus Was Not a Palestinian

Jesus is no more Palestinian than Saladin is Iraqi, or the Prophet Muhammad a Saudi.

Do you Distrust Christian Friends?

Call it Evangelicalphobia Left-wing Jews continue to complain about CUFI, but at a time of rising anti-Semitism, these friends deserve thanks—not contempt rooted in prejudice.

‘Who, me? A Racist?’

The British Labour Party offers a weak response to the BBC’s anti-Semitism investigation.

25 Years After Passing, the Rebbe’s Sphere of Influence Continues to Grow

“With so many Jews crying out, his complete dedication to reaching each and every one of them is the Rebbe’s greatest legacy,” said Rabbi Yitzchak Schochet of London.

The Truth about Jerusalem’s City of David; The Lies about Silwan

The ancient Pilgrimage Road in the City of David is one of the most sensational archaeological discoveries to be made in Jerusalem since Israel’s establishment. On this road, remarkably preserved under the ashes of the Roman destruction, many thousands of Jews in Second Temple times, after a ritual bath in the Shiloah Pool, walked about 700 meters up the hill to the Temple Mount.

Disowning Ben-Gurion’s Vision

The rejection by Israeli intellectuals of Jewish spiritual and political activism, as exemplified in the preaching and actions of Rabbi Akiva, who was executed by the Romans for his support of the Bar-Kochba revolt (132-35 CE), runs counter to the thinking of David Ben-Gurion, who considered himself a disciple and successor of the eminent sage.

“Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez And Holocaust Education: Thanks?”

This time around -- the third time was not the charm. Many people defended Cortez and attacked those who criticized her.

How Do You See The World?

Some people are perfectly satisfied with their imperfect vision. This vision is called "20/happy." As I became a more experienced clinician, I realized that "20/happy" isn’t just limited to the offices of optometrists. It determines how one views the world.

Zionism Outside of Zion

So, what does it mean to live outside Israel and be a Zionist? Is there any meaning to the belief in an ideal so tied to a land and place lacking the physical presence in that place? Here are three key components to what it means to be a Zionist while not living in Zion, the include the past, present, and future:

Listen to Congresswoman Tlaib

While I am not a member of the Rashida Harbi Tlaib fan club, her twisted logic has actually scored two points in my book, without her even noticing!

When Human Rights Become Acceptable Collateral Damage

Palestinians’ rights matter when targeted by Israel, but not when targeted by the Palestinian Authority. And Israeli rights never matter, except when violated by Israel.

The Pride Parade – What Are They Proud Of?

Human beings have desires. Nobody can deny that. Many even have dark innate desires. Fortunately, most of us hold these desires in check. People just cannot go around doing whatever they’d like.

The ‘David Dukes’ Of The Middle East

Why isn’t there outrage when a senator proposes giving a government grant to Palestinian Arab schools that feature a blatantly anti-Semitic curriculum?

The Rebbe Fought anti-Semitism by Spreading pro-Semitism

Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson showed the world a Judaism that is hard to hate.

Redrawing Borders Creatively

At the core of the Trump peace initiatives is creative chaos; replacing hoary assumptions with new bridges and highways – literally and figuratively.

New Education Rules: Same As The Old Rules

The guidelines mandated minimum hours of instruction in required secular subjects that cut sharply into the time traditionally dedicated to religious studies and opened the door to compulsory study of subjects like evolution and modern notions of gender identification.

Iran Knew That The U.S. Could Abandon The Nuclear Deal

In recent weeks, however, Iran has been openly violating the deal incrementally as a transparent effort to pressure the other major powers to help it get around the U.S. sanctions which have already devastated its economy.

European Union: Toward a European Superstate: “The EU is a Sham Democracy”

"My aim is the United States of Europe..." said German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen, nominated to be the next President of the European Commission,

Ehud Barak’s Napoleonic Complex Will Save Israeli Democracy?

After getting his wallet "high" in the medical cannabis industry, as chairman of InterCure, Barak’s now ready for his fourth attempt to take power in Israel.

A Flight Guide to Middle East Politics

The flight schedules of the major airports in the states of the Middle East provide an excellent window into regional politics. The absence of air traffic between Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt to Iran reflects the tacit alliance of the three, while the abundance of connections between Istanbul and Qatar and Iranian destinations reflects the counter-Sunni alliance. Flight data also help us to gauge the extent to which Assad’s Syria has been restored.


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