For Some Arabs, Preventing Peace with Israel Is More Important Than Combating Coronavirus

These [Arab] leaders and media have filled the Arab people with so much hate against Israel that participating in a positive, productive endeavor becomes a major crime.

Israel is Under Attack

Because every Jew should hold their head up high with absolute pride and respect for our Jewish homeland. We must support the People of Israel and the Land of Israel, for in doing so we support our own existence and our freedom and ability to live our lives with dignity and pride wherever we are.

The US Plunged its Relations with Israel into Crisis

The rupture in ties isn’t about how best to achieve peace between Israel and the Palestinians. It is about prejudice against Jews.

Van Morrison: ‘They own the Media;’ Who do you Think He is Referring to?

Coronavirus anti-Semitism remains lethal Political paranoia variously holds the Jews responsible for the death of the Messiah, spreading the bubonic plague during the medieval period and sparking two world wars.

‘Muslim Historians Consistently Confirm Jewish Ties to Jerusalem’

Sure to ruffle a few feathers, “Islam, Jews and the Temple Mount” lays out how the Muslim narrative about the Jewish connection to the Temple Mount has been distorted.

Powder Keg, Courtesy of D.C.

Israel’s ruling class refuses to see the effect the U.S. administration is having on the Middle East—from the Taliban in Afghanistan to Syria to surging Palestinian violence against Israelis.

Israel’s Critics are Right: ‘Sheikh Jarrah’ Exemplifies the Arab-Israeli Conflict

Shimon HaTzadik is a neighborhood where Jews and Arab could have lived side by side peacefully—had Arabs not tried to ethnically cleanse all of the Jews living there.

Iran’s ‘Drug Terrorism’ Against Arabs

"[Hezbollah has become] a criminal organization whose danger has gone beyond the stage of terrorism and military operations.... The Hezbollah project has become the destruction of people through drugs."

The Jerusalem Declaration on Antisemitism: Harmful to Jews

In reality, all this definition does is allow antisemites to get away with abusing Jews.

A Complex Relationship Made in Heaven

If Jews feel threatened by some Christians through conversion or assimilation, Christianity itself feels threatened by Judaism—specifically, by the fact that the links between the two religions are far more fundamental than many Christians like to acknowledge.

Jews and Jerusalem: A Love Story

On Jerusalem Day, the Jewish prayer of thanks is chanted to express our profound gratitude and joy at having our capital restored and united once again.

The Logic of the JCPOA—Then and Now

The Biden administration must stop the Iranian regime’s rush toward nuclear weapons threshold capability.

France: Generals Warn of Civil War Due to Creeping Islamism

The warning comes amid a wave of jihadist attacks — including the beheading of a schoolteacher

The Two Faces of American Foreign Policy

The ongoing crisis in American culture has brought two seemingly unrelated trends to the forefront: advocacy of technocratic expertise aimed at solving global issues, and condemnation of America’s allegedly irredeemable racism. American diplomacy exemplifies these trends through the figures of Secretary of State Antony Blinken and UN Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield. Both trends are founded in Puritanical moralism, according to which salvation is difficult if not impossible and “crisis” is a tool for accumulating power.

Practicing Feminism While White

For 20 years, Western academics, journalists, and politicians, influenced by Edward Said's "Orientalism," post-colonialism, critical race theory, and de-constructionism, have refused to document violence against women if the perpetrators are men of color.

Can a Disaster Breed Jewish Unity or Widen the Communal Breach?

Solidarity with the victims of the Mount Meron tragedy is a sign of hope. Still, the impulse to turn it into a political issue and cast blame on the ultra-Orthodox may prove more powerful.

To Be A Rav – With Principles

There is a price to pay. Some of my rabbinic colleagues are scared of me; they maintain their distance. Some speak horribly behind my back.

Meron: Should I Have Been Relieved?

How much I need to work on my Ahavat Yisrael, on my humility. How far I am from truly being an ohev Yisrael.

NY Courts Prove Woke Politics Endangers Jews

A “bail reform” law led to the release of violent criminals who struck again and now to that of a man who vandalized synagogues. And still, the ADL and Jewish left are silent.

The Meron Tragedy

The heartbreak and grief in so many families is unimaginable.

That Urban Dove Shooting

Sadly, it took the death of 17-year-old African American student Devonte Lewish to underscore the legitimacy of the point.

Media Spin Palestinian ‘TikTok Intifada’ into Baseless Slander Against Israel

Articles read by millions falsely portray baseless, unprovoked attacks by Jews on unsuspecting Arabs, when in fact the reverse is true.

Former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver Released To Home Confinement

We are grateful that he will now be able to better address his serious medical issues.

Exhibit A For Bail Law Repeal

De Blasio praised the first judge who tried in vain to lock Burnette up and said the controversial bail law should be reconsidered for hate crimes.

Mount Meron and the Paradox of Israel’s Nature

Though the Jewish state exhibits unity after most mass tragedies, the public’s response to the Lag B’Omer catastrophe is particularly noteworthy.

A Palestinian State: What Would Ben Gurion Have Said?

In its current form, Palestinian politics remains atrophied in a lost cause that, in zombie style, bars the route to positive energies.

Will Violence Erupt If Abbas Cancels the Palestinian Elections?

Hamas and others are threatening violence if Mahmoud Abbas cancels the elections to the Palestinian Legislative Council scheduled for May 22. However, Google Trends data on the declining popularity of both Hamas and Fatah suggest that an eruption of violence is unlikely.

Why Human Rights Watch is Attacking Israel’s Law of Return

Groups targeting the only legislation that guarantees Jews a safe haven want to render them once again vulnerable and at the mercy of their host countries.


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