An Open Letter to Seth Rogen

Seth, you spent an hour of prime time savaging your fellow Jews, misrepresenting Jewish history, defaming Israel and Israelis, and slandering Judaism. What gives?

Riots and Protests from Portland to Jerusalem

As in the U.S., left-wing protesters in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv have hitched a ride on the economic distress the pandemic has induced, with the full support of the media.

Black Lives Matter: “We Will Burn Down This System” – Part II

"If this country doesn't give us what we want, then we will burn down this system and replace it. All right?... I just want black liberation and black sovereignty, by any means necessary." — Hawk Newsome, leader of BLM's Greater New York chapter, New York Post, June 25, 2020

American Jewry in Transition? How Attitudes toward Israel May Be Shifting

We may now be seeing a trend in Jewish-American attitudes that represents a narrower definition of “support” for Israel. which shows moderately strong but less than enthusiastic overall support for Israel. Though there is deep concern over anti-Semitism, dissociated from concern over anti-Israel attitudes. There is a lack of serious concern for anti-Semitism from the left-progressive elements of society.

Israel Versus Anyone: A Military Net Assessment of the Middle East

Most published Middle Eastern military net assessments are based primarily on lists of units and equipment. Unfortunately, history proved that such lists are all too often incorrect. Even when they were correct, the overall assessments generally ignored the quality of personnel and/or equipment, as well as the extent to which rival defense systems could turn available financial, human, and material resources into actual military power.

Palestinians: Accept Western Funds, Vote for Jihad

Hamas and many Palestinians are nothing but honest about their deadly intentions. They are straightforwardly saying: "We refuse, utterly and unequivocally, to change our policies or abandon our weapons for the sake of your money. If you think you can bribe us into changing our behavior because that is what you in the West so often do, sorry, it will not work."

Would we be Worthy

Rabbi Haim Sabato’s elegy for Tisha Be’Av, mourning Israel’s loss of national unity and moral priorities, translated here into English for the first time, by permission of the author. He terms our current situation keter evion, a “pauper’s crown,” meaning sunk to rock bottom. Rav Sabato blames not only our politicians, but cultural leaders and educators too.

Sports, Moral Education, and the NFL

Ancient Greece considered athletic ability both a measure of one's value and a cure for social inequality. Athletics were seen as providing a form of moral education, with Plato advocating for the inclusion of women in sports for their moral enrichment and Aristotle calling physical movement an ethical duty. These are ideals after which Western Civilization still strives, but sports—along with all other cultural spheres—have become politicized.

#JewishPrivilege – Are We Playing The Wrong Game?

We are not like other nations, and we cannot be allowed, in the long run, to think, talk, or act like them.

Prime Minister Netanyahu: Apply Sovereignty Now

The principle of “Yes to sovereignty, no to Palestine” must lead us in every discussion on sovereignty. One does not make deals on the homeland – not theoretically and certainly practically.

15 Years: The Evacuation of Gush Katif until the COVID-19 Crisis

An exclusive interview with Rav Yosef Zvi Rimon about ‘JobKatif’ a nonprofit organization to aid the Gush Katif evacuees in finding employment he established 15 years ago, about the employment programs he has developed since, about the unemployment crisis in the wake of the COVID-19, and about what the state must do immediately to solve the employment crisis. Clue: LISTEN

Gush Katif: What About Jobs?

Productive lives had been violently overturned. There was idleness and despair. Eighty-five percent of the working adults had been employed in Gush Katif, and overnight became unemployed.

Want To Be Happy? Try Crying

Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch writes that "tears are the sweat of the soul."

On Tisha B’Av, Time for Americans to Step Back from Apocalyptic Rhetoric

The historic legacy of the day of mourning about senseless hatred is a reminder that democracy doesn’t work when political parties deem each other illegitimate.

The Irredeemable Mayor De Blasio

Of course, the claim of Black Lives Matter transcendency is hogwash. The Black Lives Matter movement has nasty anti-Semitic aspects to it.

The Hiding Mr. Biden: A Reprise Of 2016?

There is just too much going on across this country disrupting the way we have always done business for Americans to not care about Joe Biden’s views about all of it.

The Iran Deal, Five Years Later

The nuclear deal between the West and Iran has funded Iran’s aggression, rather than buy its moderation. Who will now curb Iran’s aggression and nuclear progress, and how? Trump’s penchant for grand deals that prove his greatness makes me worry that (in a second term) he could be tempted into a settlement with Iran that falls far short of what is necessary. On the other side of the aisle, most Democrats support re-entering the JCPOA and lifting some sanctions against Iran.

Israel is No Longer Winning, and This Needs to Change Immediately

U.S. Senator John McCain once said: "When you're not winning, you're losing."

Anti-Americanism: The New Anti-Semitism

Which are the two most hated countries in the world and who hates them?

How J Street is Attempting to Desecrate Tisha B’Av

The organization is making outlandish comparisons to a day of ancient Jewish mourning and trying to distract from the facts on the ground.

Stability for our Enemies

Israel’s security community isn’t alone in its preference for stability, even at the cost of strengthening enemies.

It Can’t Happen Here! Oh Yes It Can!

Better to be a refugee in the Jewish State, than a prince in the Midbar HaAmim (Desert of the Nations).

What Is Driving the “Has-Beens”?

Many are wondering: how have retired leading members of the Israeli defense establishment come to locate themselves on the political left, at times even on the radical left? Having devoted their professional lives to the task of defending the country and carrying out the orders of the political echelon, they are now spearheading various “anti” movements.

Who Were the Entebbe Hijackers? The Full Story

The raid involved astonishing audacity, precise and pinpoint intelligence, great courage, and professional military skills of the highest order. It remains a subject of study at military institutes across the world.

A Few Thoughts on Law and Justice

It is very hard to be a dissenter today. If you are a dissenter today, you risk being canceled. If you are an editor who is willing to publish dissenting material, you risk being fired. If you are a dissenter today in a crowd, you risk being beaten up.

We Know Not What They Speak: Evangelical Wordplay Part II

Some evangelicals are impatient zealots who burn for the gospels, others burn as well, but they have the patience and discipline of a monk. Yet all of them burn for the day when they can bring the cross to Jews.

US and Israeli Mass Media: Siamese Twins

The left-right divergence of confidence in mass media highlights the political, ideological, social and cultural polarization that has afflicted both countries.


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