Palestinians: The Other Peace Deal

Hamas is now accusing the PA and Fatah of exploiting the economic crisis in the Gaza Strip to call on Palestinians to overthrow the Hamas regime. Fatah, for its part, is accusing the "dark forces" of Hamas of acting on orders from outside parties to establish a separate Palestinian state in the Gaza Strip.

Amalek And Esther – In 2019

Just as we now see that the Democrats can’t be relied upon, we shouldn’t delude ourselves into believing that since “we have a sister in the royal palace” – after all, Ivanka and Jared have the king’s ear – everything’s going to be fine and Trump will always do what’s best for Israel.

Your Kid Goes To Yale? So What?

Tell your children from the day they understand language that you care far more about their character than about their grades or what college (if any) they go to. Only then will you have a child you can brag about.

Divided, We Die; United, We Live

Since all our souls are of Divine origin, our collective bond with G-d should, by definition, cause us to all feel inextricably interconnected. Why then does achdut seem so tantalizingly unattainable and why does achdut become reawakened when, Heaven forbid, calamity strikes?

We Need More Jewish Power, Not Less

History has proven that Jews need more power and influence than other groups to secure their safety. During the 1930s and early 1940s, Jews had morality on their side, but they lacked the power and influence to save six million of their brothers and sisters from systematic murder.

The Attempt To Kosherize Rep. Ilhan Omar

Sounds like something the timid Jewish officials could sink their teeth into? After all, she seems to disavow the Palestinian narrative that Jews have had scant historical connections to Israel.

An Important Supreme Court Case

Although the 1977 ruling has benefited countless Sabbath observers over the years, the requirement of only a limited accommodation has prevented the law from reaching its full potential.

The Deceiver’s Disciple

And here is the tactic. While Omar attempts to delegitimize the Jewish community’s allegiance to America, and her coreligionists work to delegitimize the Jewish bond to Israel (even to destroying holy relics dating back 3,000 years), she hides her own history and failings, that she will never assimilate, is not to be trusted, and will work to delegitimize our Constitution with sharia.

Omar and the Congressional Black Caucus’ anti-Semitism Problem

The problem of Rep. Omar’s anti-Semitism and the CBC’s defense of it is rooted in a larger dynamic of Marxism and Islamism, of black nationalism and terrorism, that has larger implications not just for the Jews, but for Christians, and for Americans, Africans and people around the world.

Middle East Reality and the Palestinian Issue

Middle East policy, in general, and peace initiatives, in particular, must adhere to Middle East reality, as violently unpredictable, complicated and frustrating as it is. They must overcome the well-intentioned temptation of oversimplification, wishful-thinking, misperceptions and short-term gratification, which doomed to failure all previous US, European and international peace initiatives.

The Magical Power of ‘If I Have Found Favor in your Eyes’

In the phrase I appear to be passive, but a deeper examination reveals that I am the active component: it is my active seeking of your grace that ingratiates me in you.

The Judicial Dictatorship in Israel, is not Democracy

The elite clique of Supreme Court judges and lawyer wannabes, already make up five votes. As I said, self-appointing elites, who veer to the left and hold everyone else in disdain.

The Forgotten Jewish Refugees From Arab Lands

{Written by Pesach Benson and originally posted to the Honest Reporting website}Much has been written about the Palestinian refugees, but little attention has been...

Ireland’s Anti-Israel Drift: How Did It Come to This?

There is no evidence that Ireland's "pro-Palestinian" activities are in any way helping Palestinians, who continue to be arrested, tortured and deprived of any viable future by their own corrupt leaders. Most European activities seem actually focused on trying to destroy Israel.

Syrian Scholar: Al-Aqsa in Koran is not in Jerusalem

Syrian scholar Firas Al-Sawwah: “Al-Aqsa mentioned in the Koran is not in Jerusalem; we should critically examine our past and some of our religious traditions.”

The Problem isn’t Racism, it’s the Electoral System

Many Israelis are willing to tolerate a racist party in the Knesset because they fear that the alternative is a government that will make life-threatening territorial concessions. And when voters think human life is at stake, telling them to “just say no” won’t work.

Florida Rep. Ross Spano on Anti-Semitism: ‘It Has To Be Called Out; There’s Just...

Looking to Israelis, the congressman says “they are fighting and protecting and advocating for the same ideals, concepts that we believe in, such as democracy.”

Take back the Temple Mount

It is simply absurd that a foreign body controlled by the Jordanian government and the Palestinian regime are allowed to administer the primary holy site in the heart of Jerusalem, even as it periodically whips up violence against Israel and Jews.

A Modern Jewish Fairy Tale

Subsuming anti-Semitism under general, bland, catch-all anti-racist wording is a typical Corbyn and British Labour tactic. Instead of condemning the racist Omar, the reworded motion turned her into the victim. Still, the situation here is not as bad as in the UK – yet. It could get that bad very soon.

Israeli Victory Benefits both Jews and Arabs

Over the years, significant international pressure on Israel created an anomaly where ironically, the more Israel seeks peace and compromise with its unreformed enemy, the further peace is pushed into a distant future.

In a First, Hamas Cancels Weekly Border Riots to Avoid Escalation

A Hamas official said that the terrorist organization "has no interest in an escalation" with Israel.

What College Does To Your Child

If you are grateful to be an American, you are, by definition, not a leftist.


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