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Yom Kippur And The Lamb Chop

Lamb chops work for Hoshana Raba too.

An Open Letter To Google’s Co-Founder

Google's arrogance is such that a vast number of Americans – liberals as well as conservatives – are worried that the major conduit of speech in the Free World doesn’t care about free speech.

INTO THE FRAY: Land-for-Peace: An Historical Perspective

“…a military defeat of Israel would mean the physical extinction of a large part of its population and the political elimination of the Jewish state. To lose a single war is to lose everything” – Yigal Allon, 1976.

‘Israel Is The Greatest Nation Created By G-d’: An Interview with Sebastian Gorka

Believing in man over G-d naturally leads to selfishness, which leads to a society not having children.

Religious Freedom And Secular Morality

Far from preaching religious zealotry, Barr was advocating an appreciation and retention of what has served us well in this country for 250 years.

The Disturbing Impeachment Process

Then there is the significant matter of the hearings by the Intelligence Committee being held in closed session to prevent the public from learning what is being testified to.

Israeli Arabs Welcomed in Saudi Arabia: Diplomatic Breakthrough or Cynical Ploy?

Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman’s calls to invite Israeli Arabs to live and work in Saudi Arabia could be either a diplomatic breakthrough or a cynical ploy. If the former, it could indicate that at long last, the Arab world is awakening to the possibility that to fully enter the modern world, it must normalize relations with Israel.

New Sanders Surrogate is a BDS Supporter Who Compared Israel to ISIS

Sanders is just a shambling socialist zombie surrounded by Islamists and anti-Semites. He had his attack in a Halal restaurant.

Iran: Acting to Make Trump a One-Term President

The threat Iran poses to US presidential elections is real and urgent -- for Iran to be stopped, it should finally be held accountable.

PA Libel: US Hospital in Gaza is for “Trafficking in organs” and Medical...

Palestinian Media Watch has exposed previous PA libels claiming Israel does medical experiments on prisoners and steals organs from dead terrorists, the so-called "Martyrs." Even the Arab League has repeated these PA lies.

The ‘Wrong’ Kind Of Jews Are Being Attacked

The more strongly liberal Jews embrace progressivism, the less capable they become of defending their Judaism—much less defending their fellow Jews who aren’t progressive.

Why the Right Lost Israel’s Do-over Election

The center-right’s support plunged between April and September partly because Benjamin Netanyahu, for the first time, adopted undemocratic tactics. Treating all Israeli Arabs as enemies also didn’t help.

It’s Not Our Fault When Arabs Kill Each Other

But even if there is an unacceptably low police presence in the Arab sector: Is that a reason for people to kill each other? I rarely see police in my own neighborhood. We don't kill each other. In my brother's charedi neighborhood, one never sees a cop. Zero homicides.

How Terrible Does Turkey Have to Get?

The real crime was for the US to betray the Kurds -- savory or not -- by making promises it did not keep... and leaving the world to wonder which Middle East ally the US will double-cross next. Take a guess?

Selling Esrogim – 300,000 Of Them

The etrog is the only pri hadar that produces fruit five times annually. For Sukkot, we keep only the last three harvests.

Islam’s Convenient Claims To Jerusalem

The international community should relate to Palestinians’ claims to Jerusalem as nothing more than the desire to do away with Israel.

Destroying America’s Children

The left has convinced innumerable young Americans that their past is terrible and their future is terrible. The left tells American children that their past – the American past – is shameful and their future is even worse

Five-Star Jews

Imagine how nice it would be if Jewish drivers, particularly if they are identifiable as Jews by their dress or the stickers on their cars, would be known as the Five Star guys on the road.

A Forgotten Diabolical Nazi – And A Seven-Decade Cover Up: An Interview with Author...

There’s a note in the file from U.S. army intelligence saying: We have no objection to his extradition – and then it’s as if Kammler never existed. There’s no trace of him from that point forward.

Human Rights Commission’s Guidance On Hateful Speech Borders On Parody

Frankly, it is hard to understand how this is a serious anti-discrimination measure in the traditional sense and not simply a statement against the Trump Administration’s immigration policy.

The Looming Supreme Court Decision-Making

Small wonder, then, that the left is horrified, perhaps justifiably, by the very real prospect that some of their longtime core notions of public policy are in serious jeopardy before a newly fashioned right-of-center Supreme Court.

Is America Still “First”?

In the third year of Donald Trump’s presidency, the US continues to suffer from a negative global image. The world views Chinese and Russian leadership more favorably than that of the US. This seems to be a continuation of the instant, worldwide negative response – even panic – that followed Trump’s victory in 2016. The most negative attitudes were shown among the “Western democracies” while in non-democratic states the US scored much better.

Yair Golan Has Got It Right and Very Wrong

Golan’s constant delegitimization of his political opponents on the right, smacks of the same delegitimization that tyrants, dictators, demagogues and assorted totalitarians always use, just before the Putsch.

Shocking! Palestinians Steal Electricity, Then Blame Israel

The unpaid electricity debts is yet another example of the Palestinians' unceasing search for ways to blame Israel for self-inflicted miseries. Instead of assuming responsibility...the Palestinians are doing what they do best: trying their utmost to convince the world that it is all Israel's fault.


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