Israel Surprised the Palestinian Islamic Jihad in Gaza

Israel succeeded in surprising Islamic Jihad using remarkable intelligence and technological capabilities. Israel thwarted the attacks that Islamic Jihad was planning and killed the group’s entire senior military leadership in Gaza.

The Protestant Cutting Edge Of Demonization Of Israel And The Jewish People

The American Jewish community in our hometowns will label us as antisemitic, because we are. – Rev. Todd Stavrkos

Be Interesting – And Other Reflections On 40 Years As A Talk Show Host

Ironically, talking to so many people has made me aware how many people do not have friends, people with whom they can freely share their thoughts.

Numbers To Live By

To paraphrase, bird offerings and niddah are the main course; and the sciences are the spices, the flavoring – nice, but not necessary.

Has Lapid Endorsed a New Israeli Nuclear Doctrine?

The prime minister implied that Israel’s “other capabilities” may no longer be a last resort.

Jewish Press Endorsements For August 23rd New York Primary Elections

In the New York primary elections scheduled for August 23rd to choose the candidate who will run in the November general election, The Jewish Press endorses the following candidates...

US: The New Real Hoaxes?

Is it surprising that after the Pulitzer decision, the Russia collusion hoax, the Whitmer kidnapping hoax, the Covid origin hoax, the Hunter Biden laptop hoax, and now the January 6th Committee hoax, that many Americans believe there is something wrong with the system?

The Pelosi Taiwan Caper

It doesn’t take a proverbial rocket scientist to appreciate that something will have to be done to enhance U.S. military capabilities in order to confront either, or Heaven forbid, both powers at the same time.

Israel’s Propitious Move Against Islamic Jihad: A Stitch In Time…

There are some significant takeaways from this latest exchange of pleasantries. Despite the fact that it fired approximately 4,000 rockets in last year’s war with Israel, Hamas did not join in Islamic Jihad’s fight.

Palestinians: It Pays Better to Be America’s Adversary, Not Its Friend

Always on the side of despotic regimes and countries, Palestinians appear to have learned nothing from their mistakes.

Discerning Between Darkness and Light

For Israel, a country besieged by this darkness of humanity somehow, in an act that defies all logical thought and understanding, still manages to shine a light that penetrates the thickness of this evil fog.

The Collapse of Islamic Jihad’s Equations

Israel refused to bow to the terrorist group’s threats, instead going on the offensive. And thus far, Hamas hasn’t fired a single rocket in solidarity.

How Many Israelis Are REALLY Fleeing Islamic Jihad Rocket Fire?

How many Israeli's does it take for the MS to get the story straight?

Gaza Fighting Changes NOTHING About Israel’s Image Issue

Critics have never cared about rocket attacks, terrorism or even about the Palestinians. The argument remains about whether one Jewish state on the planet is one too many.

Is the Jewish Democratic Council Really Jewish – or Just Democrats?

As President Joe Biden was returning from his productive trip to the Middle East, the Jewish Democratic Council was holding a fundraiser on Martha's...

Russian Spies Were Behind Black Nationalist Protest Groups

Indictment exposes ties between Moscow, black nationalist groups, and Antifa.

Moscow’s ‘Rebel Rabbi’ says Russian Jewish Community Being Held ‘Hostage’

Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt served as chief rabbi of Moscow for over 30 years, until the morning after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, when he woke up to a frightening reality that reminded him of the “dark days of the Iron Curtain.”

Gaza: The Usual Suspects Condemn Israel

Israel has not claimed its operation in Gaza — codenamed Breaking Dawn — is to deter. The government has made it clear that the strikes were to prevent an imminent threat to the Israeli population. It had hard intelligence that PIJ, led by Jabari, was planning attacks across the border from Gaza.

Reflections for Tisha Be’Av 5782

Tisha Be’Av, the mournful commemoration of Jewish national destruction and self-destruction which falls this weekend, hasn’t quite reached the status of Yom Kippur as a day of reflection and repentance. But it should.

Ramban’s Vision Upon The Mount Of Olives

While still in his home in Gerona, he had come to the abiding belief that G-d would never allow His Land to give its fruit to foreign occupiers, the self-same forces that persecuted His People. This, he wrote, was meant to be a sign of the Jewish People’s exclusive title to the Promised Land.

The Modern-Day Siege Of Jerusalem And How We Can Overcome It

Over the past 30-plus years, there has been a massive wave of illegal building in Arab neighborhoods of Jerusalem, for the express purpose of creating geographic contiguity from Ramallah in the north to Bethlehem in the south.

UN Human Rights Council Goes Openly Antisemitic

Three well-known biased actors (as pictured) were appointed as members of the inquiry who could be counted on to manufacture a guilty verdict

Where Israel Support is Fraying

The attitudes of US voters toward Israel underscore the threat posed by two dangerous long-term political trends.

The Democrat Economists in Charge of Deciding ‘IF’ There’s a Recession

Why the Biden administration wants the “experts” to determine if there’s a recession.

How’s That Again?: The Biden Administration’s ‘Anti-Racism Rule’ For Physicians

Doctors treat individual patients, not categories or groups. They are not trained to be social engineers.

Mayor Adams’ Calls For Special Legislative Session On Bail Reform: A Bully Pulpit Mayoralty...

Although the mayor has been advocating for stronger bail laws as far back as his election campaign, his most recent calls were apparently triggered by particular incidents.

Lebanon’s Leaders ‘Out of Touch with Reality’

The money and the weapons that the Iranians are sending to Lebanon are designed to strengthen the mullahs' control over the country. Iran, incidentally, is already occupying three other Arab countries: Syria, Yemen and Iraq.

AIPAC’s Political Spending: A Move In The Right Direction

To be sure, there has been some pushback in some Democratic circles, but we trust the new approach will be able to enhance its effectiveness over time.


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