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The Role Of Philip Habib, America’s Anti-Israel Diplomat, In The Lebanon War

During his 30-year career as a Foreign Service Officer, he had mostly specialized in Asia but he became instrumental in 1968 in halting the escalation of American involvement in Vietnam.

Etrog Boxes – In All Their Cardboard And Silver Glory

In the world of antique Judaica, it appears that containers made specifically for the purpose of holding an etrog is a rather late development, as the oldest verified etrog boxes... date no earlier than the 18th century.

The Most Beautiful Sukkah In Jerusalem And Bella Chagall’s Childhood Sukkah

Bella's text, accompanied by her husband’s chapter-by-chapter 36 pen and ink drawings, conveys their mutual tenderness and love for the Jewish holidays.

Jews Fighting In The German Army

In World War I, an estimated 100,000 German Jews served in the German Army of which over 12,000 were killed.

A Dictionary To Help New American Immigrants

The volume, published in 1898, is a first edition of Hakrvay's Yiddish-English Dictionary, an indispensable aid for American Jewish Immigrants.

Twenty Years Later: 9-11 Remembered

The most prevalent anti-Semitic 9-11 conspiracy theory at the time was that 4,000 Israelis received advance warning not to report for work at the World Trade Center on September 11.

Engraved For Life: High Holiday Artifacts

The most wide-ranging selections of Jewish postcards in early 20th century America were issued by the Hebrew Publishing Company, which was located on the Lower East Side of New York.

Henry Ford As Avatar Of American Anti-Semitism

‘I read it and became anti-Semitic…. In the poverty-stricken and wretched Germany of the time, youth looked toward America, and it was Henry Ford who to us represented America.’

Rosh Hashana Greetings From The Greatest Hebrew & Yiddish Writers, 20th Century

Unquestionably one of the greatest and most important Jewish leaders of the 20th century, Zev Jabotinsky (1880-1940) is best known for founding the Jewish Legion and for founding and heading three nationalist and militant organizations.

A 1973 Time Capsule

While today we hear of shomer Shabbat baseball players, senators and ambassadors, life for a shomer Shabbat Jew in the United States was often an uphill battle.

The Jews Who Designed And Built The Golden Gate Bridge

Deeply concerned with the safety of his workers, Strauss innovated safety standards, including the use of movable safety netting beneath the construction site, which is credited with saving 19 lives.

A Day Of Tragedies – 20 Sivan

Following the Chmielnizki pogroms in 1648-49, the Vaad Arba Aratzot (Council of Four Lands) reinstated the 20th of Sivan as a fast day to commemorate the pogroms and suffering the Jewish community underwent during this period.

Who Designed Israel’s Flag?

Although Wolffsohn’s proposed flag did not constitute a substantive departure from the Rishon L’Tzion flag that had been flown more than a decade earlier, the Encyclopedia Judaica maintains that he was unaware of the earlier flags.

Spiced To Sell? Besamim Boxes & Candlelights

It makes perfect sense that your uncle in Denmark gave you the spice tower, as the hallmark on the base of “830” is a standard of silver that is most common with objects made in Scandinavia.

One Crown Heights To Hold Neighborhood Festival On Sunday

The Black and Jewish communities had a wonderful relationship before 1991, Lipkind observed. Could the community’s wounds heal? Or would it spill over to hate, racism, and anti-Semitism?

A Work By the Munkacser Rebbe – With An Intro By His Son-In-Law

Rabbi Baruch Rabinowitz would later be deposed by his chassidim for Zionistic leanings.

The Extraordinary Zionism Of Isaac Stern

One of the most indelible images of Stern's love of Israel will always be when, while giving a concert in Jerusalem during the Persian Gulf War (1991), the alarm sounded for an Iraqi Scud missile attack. While audience members donned gas masks, an unmasked and undeterred Stern announced, “missiles or no missiles, I cannot stop playing,” and he continued to play a Mozart solo.

A Yemenite Work In Defense of Kabbalah

Both camps produced polemical works defending their positions, and one rare publication I acquired this week, titled Emunat Hashem, published anonymously, was a defense of the Kabbalah and an attempt to refute R. Yihya Qafih's writings in his Milhamot Hashem (1931 Jerusalem).

“Bind Them As A Sign On Your Hand . . .”

The Boston Globe reported that by the end of November 1967, “more than 400,000 members of the Jewish faith are estimated to have observed the commandment to wear Phylacteries – tefillin in Hebrew – at the city’s Western Wall, formerly known as the ‘Wailing’ Wall.”

Call Of The Wolf: David Ze’ev, The Voice Of Israel

The truth is that if we weren’t in the midst of Covid-19, I would have sat down to hear his story. Instead, I simply told him that I am honored to live with him in the same city in the Jewish State.

As Chasidic Jews Increasingly Become Targets, One Self-Defense Program Teaches Them To Fight Back

“I felt safer fighting in England because I wasn't worried someone would pull out a gun. Here, you never know."

Treasured Teachings Of The AriZal

A handful of books, all exceedingly rare, were printed in the 16th century in Fez, Morocco, and possibly in Egypt by Jewish exiles from the Iberian Peninsula. Following that brief period, no Hebrew books were published until the Chok Leyisrael in 1740.

Louis Brandeis’s Passionate Belief In Aliyah As Necessary To Jewish Survival

The purpose of the Menorah Movement, which originated at Harvard University in 1906, was to win for the field of Jewish history and culture its rightful place at Harvard...

Chagall’s Inspiration For His Jerusalem Windows: Eretz Yisrael, The Bible And Jewish History

Before their final installation at Hadassah, the windows were on view at the Louvre during the summer of 1961 and at the Museum of Modern Art in New York at the end of the year, where an all-time record of 175,000 visitors came to see it during the seven weeks it was on display.

Boris Schatz And The Bezalel School Of Art

Schatz had always thought of Bezalel in almost religious terms as a present-day Third Temple, a source of mystical, divine, spiritual and artistic power that would inspire a renewed national identity among the Jewish people in both Eretz Yisrael and the Diaspora.

Sefer That Lists The Halachic Portions Of The Zohar

The first sefer to systematically list the halachic portions of the Zohar, Yesh Sachar was printed in 1609 in Prague, and authored by R. Yisochor Baer ben Petachiah Moshe of Kremnitz, Hungary (d. before 1648).

Tokens Of A Tzedakah-Minded People

Going into a bit more detail about this specific pogrom, it is sickening to learn that rioting Polish soldiers claimed that their officers allowed them 48 hours to pillage Jewish quarters as a reward for capturing the city from the Ukrainians.

Rav Goren And The Early History Of The IDF Chief Rabbinate

The chief military rabbi, who is appointed by Israel’s Chief of Staff and is the highest religious authority in the IDF, is not subordinate to the Chief Rabbinate.

A Classic Work Of Early Publishing In Eretz Yisrael

The new reality of Jews living in the land of their fathers led to the publication of his Pe'at Hashulchan, a work dealing with halachot of the Land of Israel, particularly shemittah...

Some Defy, Some Comply With BDS Demands To Cancel Rock Concerts In Israel

Other performers have resisted enormous pressure from BDS and its supporters, and this is the story of three of them.


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