First Edition Of Chovat Hatalmidim

A keen observer and master educator, the author describes the dire straits and danger in the future of Jewish education in the inter-war period in Eastern Europe...

A Forgotten Holocaust Hero: Himmler’s Personal Physician

Kersten’s intervention with Himmler to save Jews is historical fact for which he should be recognized and honored, but he turned out to also be a Holocaust fraudster...

Rebbetzin Shterna Sarah Schneerson’s Postcards

In 1927, Rebbetzin Shterna Sarah Schneerson witnessed the arrest of her son by Stalin's henchmen, when he was taken away and sentenced to death for his efforts to keep Judaism alive throughout the Soviet empire.

Treasure Or Mass-Market Lookalike?

My expertise lies primarily in antique Jewish ceremonial objects (i.e., Judaica). When it comes to paintings and related works, my knowledge is limited to those made before 1940.

The Story Behind Kiddush Levana

While making clear that the sun will always retain its supremacy, G-d makes a series of gestures designed to placate the moon, which the moon rejects.

A Manhattan Pinkas

By the end of the Civil War, Ahavath Chesed was ready to hire its first permanent rabbinic figure and, in 1866, Dr. Adloph Huebsch came from Hungary to assume the helm.

Carousel: Its Original Jewish Author And Original Jewish Characters

The most interesting change, however, may be Hammerstein’s total removal of anti-Semitism, an important theme in Liliom, from Carousel.

An American Haggadah ­­– Printed During The Civil War

Jews in the United States were on both sides of the slavery debate in the decades before the Civil War.

The Jewish ‘Counter Olympics’ To Hitler’s 1936 Olympic Games

When the 1936 Games of the XI Olympiad were held in August 1936, the Nazis had already commenced construction of labor camps, political prisons, and concentration camps, including Sachsenhausen, located a mere 22 miles north of the Olympic stadium in Berlin.

The First Printed Tikun Leil Shavuot

It’s a sacred Jewish custom to study on the nights of Shavuot and Hoshana Rabba; to read from Torah, Nevi'im, Mishnah and Talmud, Aggadah and Kabbalistic books…

Shavuot Bikkurim Celebrations In Pre-State Eretz Yisrael

Significant discontent was generated regarding the dominant presence of the Histadrut’s red/socialist flags rather than the traditional blue and white Jewish flag with the Magen David.

A Remarkable, But Forgotten, Judeo-Arabic Translator

When Algeria declared its independence from France, the situation for Jews in the country became dangerous almost immediately.

Yom Yerushalayim, Rubinger’s Photgraph, And Me

Rubinger says that he shot his photos with tears streaming down his cheeks and watched as hardened paratroopers all around him wept.

The Vilna Gaon’s Mathematics Sefer

The Vilna Gaon is known to have valued all fields of knowledge and educated himself in them as tools to understand the Torah.

Beethoven’s Kol Nidre And Peretz’s Version Of Ode To Joy

At the time of the quartet’s composition, Beethoven had become interested in the music of George Handel’s Saul (1738), which led him to study early Hebrew music.

R’ Yaakov Emden’s Siddur – First Edition

The Yaavetz was unusual for a man of his stature, not holding a rabbinical position but rather supporting himself by publishing books.

A Winged Menorah & A Ketubah From Afar

I did some extensive research on where other examples of your Chanukah menorah may be found, and lo and behold, I located two other examples.

The State Of Israel Is Born!

The historic vote was followed with unmatched excitement by Jews around the world, and news of the vote brought tens of thousands of people out onto the streets to dance and celebrate the great moment.

The Widow Who Mourned For 10 Years

A widespread custom at the time among Syrian Jews was to have a pizmon written and composed in honor of major life-style occasions such as bar mitzvahs and wedding celebrations.

A Moses Montefiore – David Roberts Connection

Correspondence between two famous personalities are particularly valued by collectors, particularly when it establishes a heretofore unknown connection between the individuals involved.

The First Ladino Book

The author writes in his introduction that he believes Sephardic Jews need to view themselves as Levantines, no longer as Sephardim, and adapt and modernize themselves to continue to be competitive in business.

The Szyk-Bergson Connection

Szyk’s sui generis work is notable for its rejection of contemporary avant garde artistic styles in favor of medieval painting, particularly as expressed in illuminated renaissance manuscripts.

Selling Books Amidst Murder

Remarkably, I just came across a fascinating remnant of the ghetto’s defiant Jewish spirit this week: a Russian-Yiddish Dictionary.

Israel’s Largest Trade Deal – The Annual Sale Of Its Chametz!

The military governor of Jerusalem decided to allocate the scant matzah supplies to the city’s civilians, but Rav Goren could not stand the very idea that the first Jewish soldiers to fight for Jerusalem in two millennia would be forced to eat chametz on Pesach.

Read About America – In 1870, In Hebrew

Shevile Olam Chadash gives us insight into the widespread longing for the New World felt by the oppressed Jews in Eastern Europe...

The Secret Judaism Of Max Berlitz And The Berlitz International Myth

Pursuant to another corporate legend, when Berlitz was forced to take a leave of absence due to exhaustion, he put Joly in charge of the language classes only to discover to his chagrin that his trusted assistant did not speak a word of English.

Kabbalah – A Happiness Charm?

This printing is remarkable because of the many illustrations and diagrams depicting Kabbalistic ideas.

The Theology Of David Ben-Gurion

Ben-Gurion was very cold – many argue, with some justification, that he was actually extremely opposed – to Torah-true Judaism.

A Letter From R. Chaim Ozer

R. Bakst raised funds for the yeshiva in Cleveland, OH, and its environs, and this letter, requesting assistance, describes the sorry financial state of the yeshiva.

Jews And Chess

The national interest in chess grew even greater when over a million Russians, for whom chess was the national pastime, made aliyah when the Iron Curtain opened in the 1990s.


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