A 500-Year-Old Rif

The edition I acquired was published alongside the first complete edition of the Talmud published by Daniel Bomberg, a landmark in Hebrew printing which standardized the layout of the Talmud daf.

A Pre-WWII Chassidic Yeshiva – With Classes In Weaving

About 20 percent of the student body took weaving courses and attended daily courses in addition to their yeshiva sedarim.

Ze’ev Jabotinsky Returns To The Homeland

The government, ruling out a state funeral, decided that the reinternment would be a private affair, to the point that Shimon Peres, then the Deputy Minister of Defense, refused to even permit the formal participation of the IDF.


Now we are faced with a different challenge. How do we fit our newfound Shabbos, filled with reinvigorated ruchniyus and marked by a greater focus on family, into this recently changed and mostly positive reality?

An Unusual Moroccan Rabbi

Daily, he would lie in a coffin to remind himself of the day of death and dispel any thoughts of haughtiness.

The Jewish-Historical Philosophy Of Heinrich Graetz

In his first essay, a well received article published in The Orient (1844-45), he emerged as a powerful champion of traditional Orthodoxy and, as per his mentor, an opponent of Reform Judaism.

California In Yiddish

This rare Yiddish edition was translated anonymously, and since a romantic view of the New World was common in prospective Jewish immigrants...

Hakafot: “Will It Go ‘Round In Circles?”

Kabbalistically, seven circuits represents completion and perfection, particularly with respect to G-d’s creation of the world.

A Rabbinic Explanation Of Skin Color

His general knowledge drew the ire of many chassidim, and one can find sharp attacks against him in chassidic writings of the day and equally vicious remarks of the Maharatz Chayes towards the chassidim of his era.

From The Depths Of The Dead Sea To A Lion Of A Find

If it can be determined that your chanukiah is an authentic original, the value would be $2,500 -$3,500.

Ludwig Bemelmans’ Madeline And The Jewish Connection To Léon Blum

I am a Jew. That is a fact [and] you do me no injury by reminding me of the race to which I belong and have never renounced and toward which I feel only gratitude and pride.

Marrying Nine Daughters With A Eulogy

Over the course of the 18th century, the Ashkenazi population of The Hague grew to surpass that of the Portuguese, the latter being the earlier and more establishment community in the Netherlands.

The Chief Rabbi And The Archbishop

Temple proved to be one of the great outspoken advocates for the Jewish victims of the Reich. ... He regularly and unabashedly took publicly unpopular positions, including advocacy for England and its allies to grant asylum to Jews able to escape Hitler.

Masechet Kiddushin – With A Government Warning

We can see that the rabbis in the Talmud themselves understood and found error in the practices of those times.

Hitting Auction High Notes Amid The Pandemic

On September 13th, J. Greenstein & Co., located in Brooklyn, offered a wide array of Jewish ceremonial objects, both antique and modern.

When Ben-Gurion Met The Chazon Ish

On several occasions after the meeting, Ben-Gurion expressed his enchantment with the Chazon Ish.

Yossele Rosenblatt’s Signature

Under his signature appears the address 50 West 120th St. in New York City – his address in Harlem when Jews were a dominant presence in the neighborhood.

Was The Founder Of The World Scouting Movement A Nazi Sympathizer?

Baden-Powell supporters reason that given its emphasis on discipline and the supremacy of the “greater good” and his belief that “every boy ought to learn how to shoot and obey orders,” it is hardly surprising that authoritarian governments were drawn to some aspects of Scouting philosophy.

Tehillim – For Gentiles

Publishing a linear translation in early printing was a remarkable achievement considering the primitive printing process available at the time.

The First BAA/NBA Field Goal And Assist: Both Scored By Jews

For example, New York Daily News sports editor Paul Gallico wrote in the mid-1930s that basketball "appeals to the Hebrew with his Oriental background [because] the game places a premium on an alert, scheming mind and flashy trickiness, artful dodging and general smart-alecness."

Oceanliner China & A North African-Style Chanukiah

There really is no market for this type of ware among collectors of Jewish items, except perhaps to be purchased on a whim if seen at a flea market.

A Letter By Rav Soloveitchik

The letter is written on behalf of Chinuch Atzmai, the independent education system of the charedim in Israel which was led at the time by Rav Ahron Kotler.

J. Robert Oppenheimer: Indifferent To Judaism, Concerned About Israel

Oppenheimer was a strong Israel supporter who played an important role in the development of the Jewish state’s nuclear capability.

A Satirical ‘Talmud’ In The Soviet Union

In post-1917 Russia, Judaism and Zionism (and the Hebrew language) came under attack, so manuscripts such as this one often had to pass secretly from hand to hand.

The Incredible Rav Yehuda Leib Maimon

Though Rav Maimon lost his battle to include the phrase “and its redeemer,” he had the final word when, after Ben-Gurion completed his speech at the signing ceremony that fateful Friday afternoon, he rose and proudly recited the Shecheyanu blessing.

R. Weissmandl’s Unique Settlement

Surviving the war with Rudolf Kasztner's assistance in Switzerland, R. Weissmandl made every effort to alert the world to the Nazi’s crimes, mostly to deaf ears.

The Ma’agan Disaster

After recovering from their initial shock, rescue forces at the site began to evacuate people and treat the injured, but there were insufficient paramedics available to handle the emergency.

Coffee In The 1600s

Coffee wasn’t the only reason societies of the kind described above proliferated during this period.

The Critical Role Of The Panama Canal Scandal In The Dreyfus Affair

The public, furious that the very source of their confidence in its investment – the government’s backing of the loans – turned out to be a crucial factor in the Panama Canal Scandal, was eager for a scapegoat. Drumont came along and gave them one: the Jews.

A Plate With A Proverb & A Silver Subterfuge

I am familiar with the pieces in your set because I have seen them repeatedly over the years, usually offered for sale individually.


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