Yemenite Jewry In The 1800s

A keen and careful observer, he noted in detail Yemenite Jewish life, including its educational system, manner of dress, minhagim, and unique pronunciation of Hebrew.

Abba Kovner: An Underappreciated Holocaust Hero

Although Kovner never came close to achieving the grandiose Nakam goal, he played a fundamental role in telling the story of Jewish rebellion and keeping alive the tales of Jewish heroism during the Shoah.

How A Theft Led To The Minchat Chinuch’s Publication

In his introduction, the author writes that he had no intention to publish the work, thinking it unworthy of publication.

Echoes Of Mom Etched In Silver

I am not familiar with European examples of this menorah, but I guess it is possible for there to be some.

Degas And Bizet: The Jewish Connection

Anti-Semitism caused the first defection from the Impressionist movement when the deeply prejudiced Pierre-Auguste Renoir broke off all contact with Jews and ended his relationships with Jewish patrons.

Yibum For Money?

The psak concerned a very wealthy elderly Jew who passed away childless, leaving his wife in need of yibum or chalitzah.

Baruch Haba!: A Mohel Navigates the Social Distance Bris

So much of it was reminiscent of a different time, when Jews were forced to be secretive in the practice of Torah and mitzvos.

Collecting Lag BaOmer

Children’s train rides and sea/river cruises have long been an important part of many Lag BaOmer celebrations, and one of the highlights for Jewish children in pre-World War II Warsaw was the annual Lag BaOmer train ride.

First Sefer With The Author’s Portrait – 1710

This sefer is notable for being the first published Hebrew book to include a portrait of its author.

When Niels Bohr Met Jonas Salk

Challenging medical orthodoxy, which held that only vaccines made of living viruses could provide effective, enduring immunity, Jonas Edward Salk (1914-95) produced a “killed-virus”...

Chelsea Shul Extends Pesach Campaign

It now provides twice weekly kosher food packages to the homebound and others in need of assistance, including recovering coronavirus victims.

Rav Kaduri’s Diary Of Amulets And Tikkunim

He was reputed to have had a photographic memory, with the contents of each sefer he handled committed to his memory.

What Was It Like To Sign Israel’s Declaration of Independence?

One exceptional way to best capture that feeling is to talk to the people who actually signed the Declaration, to experience history through those who lived it but, unfortunately, all 37 signers are gone.

A Modest Censor

This week I acquired a work titled Mesharet Moshe, published in 1858 in Koenigsberg, which today is known as Kaliningrad, Russia.

Max Reinhardt’s Judaism And ‘The Eternal Road’

The staging of a production with the scope, breadth, and vision of "The Eternal Road" represented an almost inconceivable challenge, as nothing on this scale had ever been previously attempted.

The Three-Million-Page Project

Involved in numerous controversies in the local Jewish community, he was a prolific author and active on behalf of the poor Jewish immigrants who were arriving in droves from Eastern Europe at the time.

Pesach Art – And A Voice From The Past

What had this soldier experienced? What horrors might he have seen? His future, and the future not just of the Jews, but of the entire planet was at stake.

The Jews Are To Blame: Scapegoating During Plagues

When the plague struck Vilna in 1848, Rav Israel Salanter directed all his energies toward relief efforts and sent his students out to care for the victims of the disease.

A Judeo-Arabic Purim Poem

Sephardic and Near-Eastern communities originally recited the entire 82 stanzas of the poem on Shabbat Zachor in the middle of the final beracha before Shemoneh Esrei.

The Samaritan Paschal Sacrifice

Before King Solomon built the Beit HaMikdash in Jerusalem in the mid-10th century BCE, Jews did have other places where they worshipped.

Was Proust A Jewish Anti-Semite?

Proust read the Zohar and frequently made observations and employed language in 'Lost Time' that can only be characterized as Jewish-mystical.

A Beacon Of Orthodoxy In Central New Jersey

It was while serving there that he realized there was a large contingent of worshippers coming for services from the Covered Bridge development, a retirement community comprised of elderly Holocaust survivors and an assortment of mostly Jewish, but religiously diverse, “over 55” residents.

Predicting Mashiach In 1740

I recently acquired a fascinating work titled Et Ketz, which was printed in Amsterdam in 1710. Its author is R. Isaac Chayim Cantarini of...

The Origins Of Magen David Adom

MDA in Israel was arguably born twice: first after World War I and then again in 1930.

A 1520 Meseches Avodah Zarah – Uncensored

The copy I acquired is notable because it is uncensored, which is rare for a Masechet Avodah Zarah from the first few centuries of printing.

Addicted To Saving Lives

Eric was not willing to give up on his quest to save lives. He has donated blood platelets every month for the past 11 years – almost 140 donations.

The ‘Zionism’ And ‘Judaism’ Of Esperanto Founder Ludwik Zamenhof

Nonetheless, Esperanto itself, stripped of its religious machinations, grew in popularity worldwide, albeit gradually.

Praying For A Dutch Victory In 1832

It was produced for a special prayer service convened at the Spanish & Portuguese synagogue in Amsterdam on December 2 to pray for the success of the Dutch Kingdom in its war against the Belgians.

U’mishloach Manot Ish Lerei’ayhu . . .

Micrography, a creative medium particularly relevant to Jewish religious artistic expression, is a centuries-old manifestation of what is today characterized as “modernist art.”

An Unfinished Sefer By The Rogatchover Gaon

When the Rogatchover Gaon passed away in 1936, his daughter left the safety of her home in Israel to return to Dvinsk, Latvia, to assemble her father’s many unpublished manuscripts.


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