Sending Siddurim To Persian Jews

As Persian Jews lacked much of a printing press of its own, Morocco became the only country that still had an active Hebrew press that was not under an Iranian trade embargo.

The Assassination Of Lord Moyne

Bet-Zuri and Hakim did use their trial as a means to draw international attention to British atrocities and malfeasance in Eretz Yisrael and to advocate for the justice of a Jewish state...

The Rambam’s Fame As A Doctor

A traditional prayer used by many doctors and pharmacists to this day is attributed to the Rambam and attests to his devotion to his patients.

The Maale Akravim Massacre

Israel’s birth in the ashes of the Holocaust was still uppermost in the minds of most Israelis and, although the phrase “never again” had not yet been coined, that idea was central to the Israeli ethos.

Optical Antique And A Puzzling Bar Mitzvah Gift

Indeed your chanukiah has been in your husband’s family a long time – quite likely well over 100 years.

The First Sefer To Be Published By A Woman In Israel

You should know, my beloved children, that our journey to the Holy City of Jerusalem was very difficult. It was a test like the binding of the Patriarch Isaac, as written in the Torah, ‘Go forth from your native land...

Rembrandt’s Jews – Friends And Subjects

Rembrandt’s close relationships with the Jews of Amsterdam and his enduring pro-Jewish legacy caused no small problem for the Third Reich, particularly Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels.

Remembering The Titanic – In Yiddish

The response and impact on the general population and culture was swift and lasting, and within a few months’ time, publications came off the printer to commemorate the loss.

The Inauguration Of The Hebrew University In Jerusalem

The site was – and remains – one of incomparable beauty and includes heart-stopping views of Bethlehem, the Judean Desert, the Jordan Valley, the Dead Sea, and the Mountains of Jordan.

The Rush To Leave Europe

On both sides, Jews were accused of being traitors and, by the time the war ended, millions of Jews were displaced and impoverished while anti-Semitism flourished.

Rav Mohilever And The Origins Of Modern Rabbinic Zionism

After speaking at the Chovevei Tzion conference in Odessa (1891), R. Mohilever went on to lead a group tour of Eretz Yisrael and, upon his return, he published an open letter in which he urged Jews to work toward the settlement of the land.

A Sefer Owner’s Holocaust Plea

Eichler, seeing the approaching devastation, seems to have stamped his books with this message in the hopes of being able to reclaim them in better days.

W. Somerset Maugham’s Jewish Literary Protagonists

George’s embrace of his German-Jewish origins is particularly ironic – and foreboding – taking place as it does during years that will soon see the birth of Nazi Germany and the looming Holocaust.

A Subscriber From America – 230 Years Ago

Prenumeranten can often be a great source for finding inter-community relations and genealogy, allowing us to see who lived in what cities when, and what type of literature they supported.

Captain James T. Kirk’s Chanukah Memories

He began to more closely follow the history of Israel and its achievements as an adult and, after many visits to Israel, which he calls “a magical place,” he now appreciates the challenges facing the country.

A Sefer Owned By The Sdei Chemed

His famous work by which he’s called today – Sdei Chemed – is a comprehensive rabbinic encyclopedia that contains correspondence with hundreds of the leading rabbis of his day.

Auction All-Stars: Chanukiot

I thought I would detail some of the most expensive and interesting antique chanukiot that have appeared at auction in the last decade, concluding with a chanukiah formerly owned by one of the most famous personalities of the 20th century.

The First Agudat Yisrael Knessiah Gedolah And The Introduction Of The Daf Yomi

The aim of World Agudat Yisrael became to strengthen Orthodox institutions independent of the Zionist movement and Mizrachi.

Shailos From Uruguay

He also discusses whether one may perform a bris on children whose father is Jewish but whose mother is not.

Saint-Exupéry And The Little Prince: The Jewish Connection

After going into hiding at a village near the Swiss border, Werth wrote 33 Jours (33 Days), a searing memoir of his feelings during 33 days of terror before finally finding refuge.

The Printing Of The Taj

One of the Yemenite Jews’ first projects upon settling in Eretz Yisrael was printing the Taj (whose literal translation is “crown”).

A Tale Of Two Morgenthaus: Zionist And Anti-Zionist

As a result of his meeting with Roosevelt, the president issued an executive order on January 22, 1944 which created the United States War Refugee Board (WRB), the first major American attempt to address the extermination of European Jews.

Ruined By A Flood

In the New World – from the late 1800s through the 1950s – there were many attempts to create Jewish farming settlements as an alternative to the clusters of city tenements many immigrants found themselves in.

The Hebrew-Based Judaism And Zionism Of Eliezer Ben Yehuda

Few people know that one of his first projects upon making aliyah was printing the first Hebrew daily wall calendar (1885).

How Did This Shas Survive The War?

The lone surviving members of the entire family clan was one granddaughter of R. Menachem Mendel and her elderly grandfather, whom she cared for in hiding during the war.

The Jewish Theological Roots Of Sir Isaac Newton’s Scientific Discoveries

Newton was a devoted Christian raised in the Puritan tradition in the Church of England who nonetheless rejected key elements of religious orthodoxy, including principally the doctrine of the trinity, which he characterized as idolatry.

An Interesting Inscription

This copy has a beautiful intriguing inscription by the author to Leo Herzberg-Fränkel, a famous Austrian/Galician writer and journalist of the period.

The Jewish Prisoners Of Cyprus

The experience of surviving both the Holocaust and imprisonment on Cyprus only strengthened the resolve of the Jews to get to Eretz Yisrael, who began referring to Cyprus as “erev Eretz Yisrael” (the eve of being in Israel).

A 500-Year-Old Rif

The edition I acquired was published alongside the first complete edition of the Talmud published by Daniel Bomberg, a landmark in Hebrew printing which standardized the layout of the Talmud daf.

A Pre-WWII Chassidic Yeshiva – With Classes In Weaving

About 20 percent of the student body took weaving courses and attended daily courses in addition to their yeshiva sedarim.


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