A Censored Sefer

Despite its importance, the book was not reprinted from the 16th century until the latter half of the 20th century.

From Textiles To Torah Crown, A Rare Collection Comes To Auction

While most of the items offered sold within the estimates set by Sotheby’s, quite a few far surpassed them.

Two 20th Century American Inventors With The Most Individual Patents: One A Jew, One...

There is also evidence that Edison's financial legacy helped to fuel the Institute for Historical Review, a movement dedicated to denying that the Holocaust ever occurred.

The Music Of Abraham Zvi Idelsohn

Using the most modern method of recording, his recording device being the first such in the Holy Land, he found a group of Yemenite Jews to sing for him in return for payment.

The Nuremberg Photographer

Notwithstanding the tribunal’s strict imposition of restrictions on taking photographs... D’Addario proved to be incredibly prolific, as he took many thousands of amazingly sharp photographs in both monochrome and color.

A Founding American Rabbi Of A Jewish Agricultural Society

By WWII, there were four synagogues – one still exists today – and a well maintained Jewish cemetery.

The Jewish Exile To Mauritius

After considering various sites in the Caribbean to deport the Holocaust survivors, including British Honduras, and Trinidad, the British decided to transfer them to Mauritius.

Rabbi Asher Anshel Ben Mordecai Ashkenazi

R. Asher Anshel ben Mordecai Ashkenazi (1833-1901) was a grandson of the renowned R. Moses David Ashkenazi (c. 1780–1856) who was born in Galicia where his father Asher served as rabbi.

Was T.S. Eliot An Antisemite?

Perhaps inexplicably, Eliot voiced support for the State of Israel and increasingly viewed Judaism as a paradigm for the survival of diverse religious cultures in an increasingly secular world.

Rav Avrohom Aharon Freedman and Flora Sassoon

Flora Sassoon personally responded to all requests for financial assistance and helped to build a Jewish hospital in London in 1907.

Remains From The Yeshivas Chachmei Lublin Library

When the German Army took Lublin during World War II, they stripped the interior and burned the vast library in the town square.

The Shtadlanut Of Arthur Goldberg

Goldberg, who successfully fought for a cease-fire that would not require Israeli withdrawal as a condition precedent to any peace agreement, recognized that Israel’s pre-1967 borders were all but indefensible as Auschwitz borders.

Stybel Publishing House

The issue Stybel encountered was crooked book dealers who were buying quantities in Poland at reduced rates and then selling them in the States at a reduced price relative to the price Stybel was attempting to sell it at.

The Incredible Philo-Semitism Of Edwin Markham And Felix Gerson’s Jew In America

Many critics consider 'Lincoln, the Man of the People' it to be the greatest poem ever written about the beloved and immortal president.

The Malbim’s Legacy

While the Malbim's fame rests on his commentary on the Bible, he was first and foremost a posek and defender of halacha against the many attacks it was facing from the Reform in his era.

An Israeli Menorah & An Olivewood Box

Your little box was one of a number of pieces that made up an olivewood lap desk set, which included an ink blotter, ink well, and more, that was marketed to tourists visiting Jerusalem.

New Platform Allows Users To Rate Their Beit Din Experience

The idea is to slowly create an operating standard: approved batei din are ones which are transparent, which don’t allow for shady deals, and which recognize abusive behaviors when they present themselves.

Menachem Ussishkin And The JNF’s Share In Isaac Leib Goldberg’s Estate

Always a Zionist pragmatist, he played a leading role in the first Zionist Congresses, including serving as Hebrew Secretary of the First Congress (Basle, 1897) and as president of the Twentieth Congress (Zurich, 1937).

Adolphus Solomons: The Forgotten Jewish Askan Who Co-Founded The American Red Cross

It was as Webster’s emissary to Berlin that Solomons visited the Jewish ward in a Frankfort Hospital and determined to raise funds to help found Mt. Sinai Hospital.

The Sad Ending For The Lodz Ghetto

The Lodz Ghetto, the second largest after that of Warsaw was sealed off from the world on April 30, 1940, with the Jews and Roma locked within.

The Forgotten Great Jewish American Novels Of Emma Wolf

Wolf also made important contributions depicting the regional character of San Francisco at a time when it was becoming a sophisticated city and cultural center.

A Womens Prayer For An Easy Birth

In Sansan Leyair published by the Hid"a first in 1794, a version of this prayer appears but from a man's perspective, of a man praying on his wife's behalf.

Tied To The Parsha

Every time Matatia and his wife come into Montreal, they go over the the Bauers’ Friday night – from Oneg Shabbat to Oneg Shabbat and, well, compare ties.

Oddities, Anomalies And Assorted Amusements

I have aggregated here a selection of such items, most relating to American and Israeli political leaders that I hope readers will enjoy.


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