Rachel Citron, Heroic Daughter Of The Rogatchover Gaon

Much has been written about Rev. Mrs Citron and her devotion to publishing her father's writings.

Irene Harand, Righteous Among The Nations

I am fighting antisemitism because it defiles our Christianity.

A Sefer Banned And Then Revived

When the book was first published, the author's contemporaries in Egypt upon reading the book found that the author used harsh language in many places against other rabbis and their opinions.

The Jewish Gambler Who Caused The Great Chicago Fire (On Simchat Torah!)

As it turns out, this was a particularly fortuitous time for the Jews who, because they were dancing with their Torah scrolls when the fire reached their synagogues, were able to save most of them.

A Book Stamped With Swastikas

This volume, Land Israel, by a Jewish author, Ludwig Strauss, was published in Berlin in 1935, during the Nazi period.

‘Digging’ Into The Yadin/Sukenik Archaeological Family

Whoever hid the scrolls did an incredible job, as they were not discovered for 2,000 years and, in fact, they could well have remained hidden but for a fortuitous accident in 1947 when a goat wandered into a hollow.

Bergen Hatzalah Receives Licensure From NJ Dept. Of Health OEMS

Being accountable to the Department of Health is important for the confidence of our patients and demonstrates governmental verification of Bergen Hatzalah’s commitment to the highest quality of patient care,” said Bergen Hatzalah Chief Joshua Hartman.

Music And Murder: A Memento Of Theresienstadt

For a time, cultural life at Theresienstadt was allowed to develop. Authors, scholars, musicians and Yiddish theatre actors gave performances.

The Philosemitism Of Hans Christian Andersen

Less known is that Andersen had deep affection for the Jewish people; that he was very familiar with Jewish tradition and culture... and that he maintained very close relationships with Jews and with the Jewish community.

Books From Rabbi Eliyahu Rusoff: Do Not Rely On What I Write

The author printed this story that happened to him on the title page of every book he published after this event.

The Holocaust Saga Of The “Bais Yaakov 93” – Myth Or Fact?

The Feldman Letter was similarly not intended as a true historical account but rather as a call to rouse the American Jewish community from its lethargy in the form of an updated version of the kinah.

List Of Selichot For 1935-1938 Found In German Volume

Over the generations, German Jewry had accumulated numerous different Selichot prayers, and the custom developed to rotate the selections for each year...

Whisked Away From Old Bombay

Your Mizrach is indeed beautiful, with depictions of Moshe and Aharon, symbols of The Twelve Tribes, and more.

The “Tehran Children” Affair

The children were initially welcomed by the Iranian public, but it grew hostile to the Jewish refugees, particularly after rising bread costs led to mass demonstrations in Iran.

An Ancient Prayer – Not By R. Levi Yitzchok Of Berditchev

The mis-attribution is the result of a book titled Shnei Hame’orot published in Kishinev in 1896.

Solicitor General To Weigh In On Terror Victims’ Supreme Court Case

The question under review is whether the bank knowingly transferred substantial funds that aided and abetted terrorist acts and is therefore subject to civil liability under Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA).

The Eighth Day

Though not prohibited, circumcision became highly regulated, and circumcision laws were passed with the stated purpose of promoting health and sanitation to conform with “German sensibilities,” but which were actually calculated to make performing a bris more difficult.

The Bet Yosef And The Censor

Da Bologna was not the most brilliant of censors, and the Jewish Encyclopedia mentions several instances of his ignorance...

‘For These Do I Weep’ – The Hebron Massacre Of 1929

After the massacre had run its course, the police commenced gathering the injured Jews, who were brought to the police station but left on the basement floor to fend for themselves.

Menorah Style – What’s Old Is New

It seems that a significant portion of European Jewry of the 19th and early 20th centuries desired Judaica resembling what their grandparents and great-grandparents used.

Caruso’s Favorite Chazzan

In New York, he became the “go to” chazzan for the Jewish community’s philanthropic events, but his most legendary performance may have been his May 1917 appearance at the Hippodrome Theater to raise funds for Jews suffering in Europe during World War I.

A Young Jewish Community Flourishes In Philadelphia

There are so many souls out there screaming for spirituality to fill their void, and they just aren’t sure, physically, how to get it.

The Anti-Semite At The Helm Of The British Mandate

Notwithstanding Barker’s claim that he is not “anti-Jew,” his misrepresentations, including particularly his falsifications of Jewish history, underscore his flagrant anti-Semitism.

A Jewish Bank And The Great Depression

The New York Times reported that the run was based on a false rumor spread by a small local merchant, a holder of stock in the bank, who claimed that the bank had refused to sell his stock.

The History, Massacre, And Rebirth Of Gush Etzion

As Deputy Prime Minister Yigal Alon announced, We are back at Gush Etzion not as conquerors, but because this is part of our forefathers’ land.

A 17th Century Find

The shtadlan served as an intercessor for the local European Jewish community in matters that related to the local government.

Abba Hillel Silver And The Einstein Mystery

Perhaps his greatest moment as a Zionist leader was when, as chairman of the American section of the Jewish Agency, he was chosen to present the case for an independent Jewish state before the United Nations Assembly on May 8, 1947.

Artful Copies

Your tray is of quite a large size, and you may have substantially more silver content than 40-45 troy ounces.

Roman Vishniac’s Preservation Of A Vanished Jewish World

He used his photographs to increase awareness in America and the western world of Nazi persecution and Hitler’s extermination plans for the Jewish people.

A Machzor For Returning Marranos

The community was unusual, though, in the large number of adults that grew up without a proper Jewish education, many of whom were unable read and recite the Hebrew prayers. The response was a flurry of printing in the Spanish and Portuguese languages, such as this prayerbook.


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