A Plate With A Proverb & A Silver Subterfuge

I am familiar with the pieces in your set because I have seen them repeatedly over the years, usually offered for sale individually.

The First Mikraot Gedolot Published By Jews

This “Kehillot Moshe" edition contains an astounding 36 different commentaries on Tanach as well as the complete introductions of each of these commentaries, a feature often lacking in other Mikraot Gedolot editions.

Louis Pasteur: The Jewish Connection

Beginning in 1891, the Pasteur Institute opened facilities in different countries, and currently there are 32 institutes in 29 countries in various parts of the world.

A Yiddish Periodical On The Eve Of World War II

I just acquired a full run of the Yiddish periodical Iddishe Bilder, published in Riga, Latvia, between May 1937 and September 1939.

The Zionism Of Winston Churchill

Some people like Jews and some do not; but no thoughtful man can doubt the fact that they are beyond all question the most formidable and the most remarkable race which has ever appeared in the world.

A Non-Jew Describes Jewish Life, Circa 1600

This week, I acquired a splendid copy of Synagoga Judaica, a Latin book published in 1680, authored by Johannes Buxtorf (1564-1629). This book scrupulously documents the customs...

Harper Lee, To Kill A Mockingbird, And The Jews

Many critics maintain this entire scene is anachronistic in that Lee incongruously imposed her own after-the-fact 1960s sensibilities onto her 1935 characters, who were overwhelmingly unaware of the Nazi persecution against the Jews.

A Murdered Rabbi’s Sefer

It is always an emotional moment for me when I find a book whose owner was a Holocaust victim as it may serve as the only tangible memory of the deceased's existence.

Calvin Coolidge And The Jews

The official opening of the Community Center was on Washington’s birthday, February 22, 1926, and it went on to become the meeting place for several Jewish organizations, including B’nai Brith, Hadassah, and the American Jewish Committee.

A Bezalel Knockoff And A Bizarro Gragger

For questions or comments – or to send pictures of your Judaica for future columns – email tsadik613@gmail.com.

The Japanese Man Who Fell In Love With The Bible

Over the next few years, his interest and admiration for the Jewish people grew, and he published many publications in Japanese on Jews and Judaism.

The Zionism Of Rosa Parks And Bayard Rustin

Later in life, Parks frequently and vociferously spoke out against skinheads – who typically manifest neo-Nazi beliefs regarding Jews – and the Ku Klux Klan, whom she blamed for “keeping the flames of prejudice flickering” and for much of the continuing racism in America.

Publishing During The Holocaust

Because of Hungary's relative safety in the first five years of the war, numerous sefarim were amazingly published there even as the Holocaust ravished Jewish life elsewhere.

American Troops On The Golan Heights?

For almost half a century, there has been unremitting pressure on Israel – including, sadly, from the United States under certain administrations – to return the Golan to Syria.

The Shulchan Aruch – First Edition

While codifying and summarizing halachot for easy reference seems natural today, it was met with fierce criticism from some of the greatest gedolim centuries ago.

The Complex Anti-Nationalistic Zionism Of James Michener

If there was a historical "Palestinian" nation, when did it begin, when did it cease to exist, and what caused its demise?

A First Edition Me’am Lo’ez

In it, the anonymous translator notes two objections voiced against publishing Jewish texts in Ladino...

B’nai Brith, Jackie Robinson, And Barney Ross

The tale of Robinson’s integration of baseball in 1947 provided Jews with a reference for their own experience of post-WWII assimilation into American society.

The Chida’s Shem Hagedolim – First Edition

He recorded the information he compiled regarding sefarim and their authors in Shem Hagedolim, which contains an alphabetical list of authors of sefarim followed by a list of known sefarim.

The Jewish Patriots Of Fort McHenry

During a journey down the Nile River, Mendes created a makeshift American flag, flew it from a mast, and persuaded the crew of his vessel to salute it and promise to defend it.

The Ridbaz’s Yerushalmi

He started publishing a set of Yerushalmi with his commentary and others in 1899, but found himself lacking funds to print the final volume.

When Abba Eban Met René Magritte

According to Segal’s own account, Eban shamed the Israeli authorities by arguing that Israel, as the only democracy in the Middle East, dare not censor freedom of artistic expression.

Yemenite Jewry In The 1800s

A keen and careful observer, he noted in detail Yemenite Jewish life, including its educational system, manner of dress, minhagim, and unique pronunciation of Hebrew.

Abba Kovner: An Underappreciated Holocaust Hero

Although Kovner never came close to achieving the grandiose Nakam goal, he played a fundamental role in telling the story of Jewish rebellion and keeping alive the tales of Jewish heroism during the Shoah.

How A Theft Led To The Minchat Chinuch’s Publication

In his introduction, the author writes that he had no intention to publish the work, thinking it unworthy of publication.

Echoes Of Mom Etched In Silver

I am not familiar with European examples of this menorah, but I guess it is possible for there to be some.

Degas And Bizet: The Jewish Connection

Anti-Semitism caused the first defection from the Impressionist movement when the deeply prejudiced Pierre-Auguste Renoir broke off all contact with Jews and ended his relationships with Jewish patrons.

Yibum For Money?

The psak concerned a very wealthy elderly Jew who passed away childless, leaving his wife in need of yibum or chalitzah.

Baruch Haba!: A Mohel Navigates the Social Distance Bris

So much of it was reminiscent of a different time, when Jews were forced to be secretive in the practice of Torah and mitzvos.

Collecting Lag BaOmer

Children’s train rides and sea/river cruises have long been an important part of many Lag BaOmer celebrations, and one of the highlights for Jewish children in pre-World War II Warsaw was the annual Lag BaOmer train ride.


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