High Holiday Sermons From German Field-Rabbis During WWI

"More German than the Germans" is what aptly described many German Jews from the 19th century up to and occasionally including the Hitler Era.

Theodor Reik’s Studies On The Shofar And Kol Nidre

In Kol Nidre (1918), Reik begins with a recollection of visiting the home of a music-loving friend and having an inexplicably strong reaction to a haunting minor musical passage that sounded very familiar to him but which he could not place.

The Unattainable Uman – An Alternative During The Soviet Era

Describing the situation in 1918, R. Itshe Mater Korman, a Breslov hasid from Poland recalled, Then began the great dangers surrounding the Gathering in Uman – even from within the Ukraine – due to the bands of murderers, may their name be blotted out.

Rosh Hashana Greetings From John Dean (And Other Unusual Rosh Hashana Cards)

In this article, I present some of my more “off the beaten path” items that I think might be of interest to readers.

A Rare Sefer From 19th-Century Smyrna

R. Haim Meir Mizrahi overcame many tribulations to be able to print this volume. A large portion of his writings were destroyed in the great fire in Izmir, which occurred on the 11th of Av, 1851.

Wandering Jews: Israel’s Knesset Finds A Permanent Home

The cornerstone for the Knesset was laid on October 14, 1958, but the building was not formally dedicated until almost eight years later on August 30, 1966.

Two Sefarim From The 16th Century

Many authors who had no living descendants had a particular urge to write a book, both to leave a legacy and in the hope that the publication may serve as a merit to be blessed with offspring.

Major Alfred Mordecai’s Internal Civil War

Fighting for the Confederacy would put him in a position of possibly contributing to the death of his son, Alfred, Jr., who had followed in his footsteps, graduated from West Point, commenced his own army career, and was fighting for the Union.

State Department Warns Uman Travelers: Make End Of Life Arrangements Prior To Boarding Your...

Imagine a crowd of 50,000 or even more praying in Uman and [the Russians] decide to shoot missiles, said Korniychuk. Can you guarantee that won’t happen after they were shelling shopping malls and kindergartens and schools?

Useless Nazi-Era Currency Issued To Jews

Beginning in 1934, all Jews who were able to emigrate from Germany were blocked from removing any major assets or funds. In lieu of their assets, they were issued "Konversionskasse," a sort of promissory note supposedly backed by the Reichsbank...

Anna Ticho’s Jerusalem

Anna sought to capture great subtlety and abstraction of Middle Eastern landscapes and the almost primordial views that featured a blazing sun and desert sands; vibrant colors often muted by dusty air; ravines and vegetation manifesting riots of color; and, most of all, rocks, bare hills, and olive trees.

Two Sefarim From The Time Of The Chmielnicki Pogroms

Following the great tragedies and deaths, many of the survivors were left destitute and homeless, with many traveling west or south. An indirect result of the tragedy was the arrival of many great rabbis as refugees in the Jewish communities of Central and Western Europe.

The Judaism And Zionism Of David Sarnoff

Infuriated by Nazi antisemitism, Sarnoff began regular travel to Washington after Kristallnacht to meet with branches of the armed forces to plan RCA’s integration into the American defense buildup...

New Yeshiva Provides Learning For College And Working Students

We are a yeshiva where you can feel comfortable to learn and to grow and to pursue goals even beyond learning, such as careers, dating and growing in observance. And we want our students to feel comfortable being themselves.

An 18th Century Commentary On Pirkei Avot

The title page tells of the interesting background to the writing of this work and the travails of the author that led to it.

The Jewishness And Zionism Of Samuel Gompers

Gompers, who had actively encouraged representatives of the Zionist movement to attend the convention with the hope that they would sway their fellow delegates, condemned the majority of the Jewish delegates who voted against the resolution.

A Vintage Matzah Box & A Barton’s Megillah

Indeed, your Esther scroll with case dates to 1953. It is unclear if Barton’s Chocolate Company kept re-releasing this Esther scroll every Purim throughout the 1950s and 60s...

The Perilous Journey To Publication

Printing a sefer in centuries past took extraordinary effort and commitment; the stories behind the printing of many of these books tell tales of immense self-sacrifice.

Amidst A Wave Of Antisemitism, Nassau County Becomes The First Region To Recognize ‘End...

Recently, Goldstein has noticed a dangerous trend of blatant antisemitism that is being sanctioned by medical institutions, universities and online platforms, where Jews are purged just for being Jewish.

Was Isaac Leib Peretz A Zionist?

Peretz doubted that an ancient tongue could be revived or that an ancient country could be reborn.

A Wedding Bentcher To Remember

This occasion, Mrs. Kass related years later, gave the impetus to the present-day Kosher Hotel arrangements for larger public functions.

Feds Investigate USC Over Harassment Claims By Jewish Student

Ritch said that first, her running-mate, who was not Jewish and was elected president, first resigned after it was stated by students that he had made a racist micro-aggression and that then the pressure fell on her as she was hit with a bevy of attacks online.

The Four Seminal Jewish Events In The Life Of Camille Pissarro

Although he rejected their lifestyle, Pissarro never rejected his family, with whom he remained close and, notwithstanding their ordeal, Pissarro’s parents remained fundamentally Jewish and maintained at least some degree of Jewish fidelity and practice.

War News And Gefilte Fish

One article implores married men in the armed forces to write up a divorce in advance of their deployment in the event that they are missing in action.

The Judaism Of Irving Berlin

Intriguingly, the first six notes of God Bless America are identical to a six-note melodic passage from When Mose with His Nose Leads the Band, a 1906 novelty song written by three Irish songwriters about a Jewish musician known as the Jewish Sousa.

A Three-Century Old First Edition

In his introduction he writes of the many troubles that befell him, starting with his having narrowly escaped his home in Alt-Ofen during wartime, leaving behind his books, belongings and worldly possessions.

Who Was The First Rabbi In America?

There is little evidence of communal Jewish life or rabbinical leadership until the middle of the nineteenth century, when German Jews began a large American emigration to escape Germany’s tyrannical antisemitic laws.

Offending Passages Canceled

A previous owner of the book apparently found several passages of the book not to his liking, and these passages were neatly burned out.

Over The Rainbow: Holocaust-Era Yearning For Eretz Yisrael?

The Jews of Europe, who had their own dreams of a land that they heard of – i.e., Eretz Yisrael, about which their mothers had sung to them in two thousand years of lullabies – were unable to fly “over the rainbow” or go anywhere else.

The Yeshivas And The Draft

While the student body at many of the major American yeshivas was slowly growing in the post-war period, the Selective Service draft resulted in a great portion of the students continuing their studies indefinitely to avoid the draft.


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