‘G-d, Please Protect Them’

The Jewish community of Merzig was old but small.

The History Of Aviation In Pre-State Eretz Yisrael

The Second Maccabiah (Jewish Olympic) Games, which were held in Tel Aviv in April 1935, included flying competitions, and a group of Jewish fliers arrived from Germany with two German-built gliders.

A 16th Century Censored Mishnah

After the Talmud was burned, all remaining Hebrew books had to be submitted to the Catholic Inquisition for censorship.

Walt Disney, Mickey Mouse, And The Nazis

Walt never met with Hitler, but it is beyond dispute that the Fuhrer adored Disney’s work.

Miller Shechitah Knives

Each product was marked "J. & D. Miller, N.Y., Guaranteed," and the brothers were well known for repairing or sharpening their products as needed, even years after their purchase.

Israel’s Black Panthers

In the wake of its election loss, the Black Panther movement essentially ended. It had failed to radicalize most Mizrachim. Nonetheless, the issues and needs of Mizrachim subsequently took a front and center position in Israeli politics.

The Rush From Gold To Jewels

Kesser Israel is the stronghold for Torah Judaism, for Yiddishkeit, in the Pacific Northwest, and for Oregon in particular. Located in the progressive city...

Rav Hirsch’s Havdalah Set Among Recent Auction Items

During the month of June in New York, two Judaica auctions were held; each offered ceremonial objects, paintings, and printed material that were of...

Vowels Above And Below – A 16th Century Manuscript

The Hebrew text has vowels below it, similar to the way Hebrew is vowelized today.

The Two Chief Rabbis Adler And The Jews’ College

Out of 13 candidates, mostly from Germany, Rav Adler made the “final four” list for chief rabbi along with Rabbis Samson Raphael Hirsch, Benjamin Hirsch Auerbach, and Hirsch Hirschfeld.

Just 80 Copies Exist

Given that only 80 copies of it survived, it is possibly the rarest of all early volumes covering the proceedings of Congress.

Two ‘Jew Bills’

Thanks to the member from Washington, whose name I desire to know, and to you and your associates, Maryland has wiped from her escutcheon the stain of intolerance.

A Pre-WWII Mussolini Biography – In Hebrew

Mussolini had a brother, Arnaldo (1885-1931), who was one of the most important developers of fascist ideology.

The Zionism Of Janusz Korczak

He also longed for the children he had left behind in Poland and therefore returned to Poland, albeit with a love for Eretz Yisrael that he carried with him until his death.

The First Jewish English Bible, 1845

Leeser's work, therefore, no doubt helped combat the influence of missionaries and Christian Bibles.

The Art Of Shavuot

Many of our greatest artists have produced striking graphic works on these subjects, and I present here a selection of original artwork from my Shavuot collection.

The Last Sefer Before The Tzfat Earthquake

The earthquake that devastated Tzfat in 1837 put an abrupt end to Back's activities in Tzfat, but by 1841, we find him in Jerusalem, where he founded the first Hebrew printing press in the city, with the support of Sir Moses Montefiore.

Will Eisner And The Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion

Although Eisner later wrote many comics featuring overtly Jewish characters, “The Spirit” (which was created at a time when clearly identifying the religious affiliation of leading comic book characters was strongly disfavored) was not explicitly so.

A Shul With A Story: A Spectacular Synagogue

It is impressive to see the standing room only crowd on Shabbos.

The Orthodox Judaism Of Herman Wouk

I’m a lover of Yiddish, read some every week, and believe in its future, though that’s a complex subject.

Where Do Gedolim Portraits Come From? (Part III)

In the early days of the chassidic movement, as well as in Kabbalistic circles, sitting for a portrait was often frowned upon and sometimes even forbidden.

Arthur Rubinstein’s Extraordinary Zionism

Although Rubinstein’s maternal grandparents, with whom he and his family lived in Lodz, were strictly Orthodox, his parents were not, and he received little religious education, despite the plethora of Jewish schools in Lodz.

Karl Marx: A Self-Hating Jew

In On the Jewish Question, Marx contemptuously criticized Judaism (and, to a lesser extent, Christianity) from the standpoint of social emancipation, regarding Jews as the embodiment of capitalism and the creators of its evils.

Dubnow And The YIVO-Einstein Connection

The study and teaching of Jewish history established his own Jewish identity and constituted for him the ultimate proxy for Judaism itself.

The Incredible Zishe Breitbart

Zishe’s parents wanted him to learn a trade, but wherever he was apprenticed, his masters took advantage of him by using his strength for business and taught him nothing.

Good Night Moon

Although not observant, Ramon understood his role as Israel’s first space diplomat. During the mission, he ate only kosher food, made Kiddush Friday night, and recited Shema Yisrael as the shuttle flew over Jerusalem.

Rav Henkin’s Chalitzah Shoe

After the Holocaust, chalitzah complications also arose since many widows had no information on the status or whereabouts of their brothers-in-law.

Matzah Ball Soup In Strange Lands

[I]n every generation, our enemies stand up against us to destroy us, but G-d always saves us from their hands.


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