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Higher than Expected Early Vote Spells Disaster for Small Parties

The small parties generally attract a fixed number of voters, and their weight will decline the larger the overall vote.

Women’s March Leaders Sarsour, Mallory, Bland, Dumped Over Anti-Semitism

The three resignations came following accusations that Mallory and another early organizer of the march on Washington, Carmen Perez-Jordan, had made anti-Semitic remarks.

Bar Ilan Signal Processing Combines Sound and Light Waves to Create New Silicon Chips

"Acoustics is a missing dimension in silicon chips because acoustics can complete specific tasks that are difficult to do with electronics and optics alone."

Clean Thine Beach

They collected thirty bags of plastic trash, which is most dangerous to animals and fish.

NJ Teen Yelling Obscenities Drove into Jewish Pedestrians

Louisiana Parkway is stretched along Jackson’s border with Lakewood.

It’s On: 29 Slates, 6,394,000 Eligible Voters, Historic Outcome Due 10 PM (Possibly)

According to the Central Bureau of Statistics, since the April 9 Knesset elections, the number of voters has increased by 0.8%, which is about 48,000 people.

Jordan’s Supreme Court Approves Israel Gas Deal, Bypass of Parliament

The agreement was signed in September 2016 with Noble Energy.

Netanyahu Visits Western Wall Ahead of Election

“I pray here for the people of Israel, for the State of Israel, and for the victory of Israel."

Israeli WaterGen Machine Installed in Monaco Palace

Monaco's Prince Albert II is known for his environmental conservation efforts.

Another Iranian Hijacking in Strait of Hormuz

This is the second such seizure by the IRGC naval patrol this month.

General Security Closure at Crossings Begins at Midnight

The closure – a security precaution -- is being carried out due to Israel’s national election.

EJA: Flemish Sign Language Page Uses ‘Hooked Nose’ to Define ‘Jew’

"I first thought this was a joke in poor taste or something ironical. That it is not is most alarming and disgusting of all."

The Khazars: Judaism, Trade, and Strategic Vision on the Eurasian Steppes

Harnessing the Eurasian lands has always been difficult. The Khazars, an obscure people from the steppes that converted to Judaism many centuries ago, stand out as an exceptional example of how geography, economy, and religion can be used to advance geopolitical interests.

My Friend Ari Fuld, a Hero of Israel

Ari was larger than life. His deeds matched his words. His family, defending the Jewish people, teaching Torah and supporting IDF soldiers – that was his world.

Boltonism Must not be Allowed to Disappear

In the wake of the national security advisor’s departure, members of the Trump administration have been at pains to stress that there will be no let-up in America’s policy of reimposing sanctions on Iran.

Israel and John Bolton’s Departure

The fact that Netanyahu announced his annexation plan just as Bolton was departing suggests the administration’s positions on Israel are unlikely to change now that one of its allies is gone.

INTO THE FRAY: Domes and Drones

Will the growing use of drones by the Gaza-based terror groups make the billion dollar Iron Dome and anti-tunnel barrier useless—or at least irrelevant?

Did We Learn Anything From 9/11?

Wars go on for as long as one side is willing to fight them. The nightmarish reality is that the other side is willing to fight forever. That is a truth too troubling for most people to come to terms with but until we understand that, we will have learned absolutely nothing from September 11, 2001.

Countering The BDS Scourge

Luckily, anti-Israel students do us a favor. They paint such an inaccurate portrait of Israel that when we show students the reality, it almost always changes their minds.
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God’s Genome

(((CLICK BELOW TO HEAR AUDIO))) Are Malkah and Yishai genetically Jewish? Join the laughs as they find out after taking the 23andMe genetic test. But...

Does The Torah Care About Animal Welfare?

Animals are part of G-d’s creation. They have their own integrity in the scheme of things. This would not have been news to the heroes of the Bible.

The Man With The Greatest Foresight

Let's look at the realm of vision and focus on a man who had unsurpassed foresight. I refer to none other than Rav Yosef Shlomo Kahaneman, zt”l, better known, and revered by all, as the Ponevezher Rav.

The Torah As Environmentalist

Areligious vision is so important, reminding us that we are not owners of our resources. They belong not to us but to the Eternal and eternity. Hence we may not needlessly destroy-even in war

Elul: How to Realistically Change the World

The most important piece of advice I can give anyone as I think about ways to change the world with the beginning of Elul are two words: think small.

Our National Weapon (Part V)

The smart davener knows that Hashem appreciates it when we approach Him with humility rather than with an attitude of "It's coming to me and I surely deserve it."

Collecting Chance Encounters

Once I learned to treat every person I meet as more than chance and as an opportunity, I was able to expand my collection of superheroes.

Redeeming Relevance: Parshat Ki Tetzeh: Levinas, Ammon and Moav – On the Neutral Neighbor

Many commentators wonder why not proffering bread and water is considered such a great crime. Because turning away goes from being a sign of neutrality to being an act of hostility.

No One Can Compete With A Parent

ven with all the news stories about “the best teacher I had” or “the teacher who changed my life,” there is no doubt that the teachers who influence us the most are our parents.

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