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Segment of Roman Aqueduct Excavated in Jerusalem’s Armon Hanatziv Neighborhood

The aqueduct remained the main source of water for Jerusalem until 1917.

Liberation Day: Temple Mount Closed to Jews 20 Minutes Early as Israeli Flags Were Hoisted

A senior Islamic Jihad official issued a statement saying: "Follow the events in Jerusalem – surprises are expected in the coming hours."

MK Ben Gvir, Not PM Bennett, Ascends Temple Mount on Jerusalem Liberation Day

Late Prime Minister and former commander of the Lehi underground Yitzhak Shamir’s favorite saying was, “The dogs bark, and the caravan moves on.”

WATCH: Thousands Mark Eve of Jerusalem Day at Western Wall

"The secret of the eternal chain of generations is that they passed the dream to us, from generation to generation; they preserved for us the dream to return to Jerusalem.”

Peace Now Anarchists Clash with Israeli Forces at Homesh

The Knesset is mulling a repeal of the 2005 Disengagement Law that led to the Israeli evacuation of all Jewish towns in Gush Katif and four towns in northern Samaria.

Unexploded Mortar Found on Beach

Police sappers defused the explosive in a controlled explosion.

Large Arsenal Found Hidden Under Israeli Arab Teen’s Bed

Five suspects were arrested and transferred to the police station for questioning.

Gantz Refutes PA’s Report Suggesting Abu Akleh Was Directly Targeted in the Head by Israeli Sniper

"To this day, we are prepared and willing to conduct an investigation in collaboration with international actors.”

California GOP House Candidate Goes on Antisemitic Tirade

On May 20, Raths dove into an antisemitic rant accusing the "Israeli PAC" of having "control over a lot of these politicians."

New Poll: 69% Don’t Want Arab Party in Government & Nobody Wants Meretz

The poll is a gut response to the excessive power that Arab MKs enjoy over the Lapid-Bennett coalition government.

New State Department Anti-Semitism Envoy Lipstadt Delivers First Address

Ambassador Deborah Lipstadt takes on conspiracy theories, Holocaust denial and imbalanced criticism of Israel.

Appeasing Extortionists: The Coalition in Action

Most of the partners in the coalition would rather bite their tongues than come out against the Arab MKs, whether their allies or those providing a safety net.

They ALL Have Blood on their Hands

Almost every article on Israel, every report, that emerges in the west these days is rooted in skewed reporting and deliberate fictions.

Biden’s Hateful Speech In Buffalo

As noted earlier, this was not only a hate-filled speech; it was a speech of the Big Lie. The Big Lie of white supremacy as a major threat to America generally and to black America specifically.

Ode To The Ugliest Building In Jerusalem

Eleven years after the approval process started, the Jerusalem Municipal Preservation Committee gave final approval earlier this month to demolish this seven-story eyesore and replace it with a 30-story building containing retail shops along King George Street and residential apartments above.

Palestinian Arabs Never Qualified as “Refugees”

Under the U.S. and International Definitions of “Refugees,” Palestinian Arabs Never Qualified as “Refugees”

Medinat Yisrael And The Covenant With Isaac

In summary, Yitzchak lives a life in which he is grudgingly tolerated and respected, not loved.

The Radio Show Must Go On: Jewish Icon Nachum Segal Is Undaunted After Studio...

Every possible strategy seemed to go through my mind that day and during the subsequent days. I don’t think I ever considered giving up, but I did think of just how difficult it would be to start from scratch and rebuild.
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Pompeo, Friedman, and the Road

Rabbi Yishai Fleisher is on the road, finding support for rebuilding Hebron. While in the US he discusses the mass shooting sprees in America, the filming of the Israel Biblical Highway special with former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and former Ambassador David Friedman, the global consciousness of Jerusalem on Jerusalem Day, the memory of the Biblical Isaac - and the surprising reason he was not called God's servant.

Jerusalem Day – The Jay Shapiro Show [audio]

The annual march on Jerusalem Day will test Israel's ability to maintain control over the city

Learning In The Desert – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

The Torah is eternal and the lessons transcend time, circumstance and location.

JUDAISM IS DYING! But… There May Be Hope… – Political Hitman [audio]

Is Judaism dying? Howie believes that in North America it is...Then an article in Haaretz nearly changed his mind...

Sefiras Ha’Omer: Achieving the Impossible

We don’t mark how many days remain until Shavuos; we count how many days have elapsed since Pesach. What is the meaning behind this strange method of counting?

The Politics Of Responsibility

Only one other nation in history has consistently seen its fate in similar terms, namely the United States. The influence of the Hebrew Bible on American history – carried by the Pilgrim Fathers and reiterated in presidential rhetoric ever since – was decisive.

Think Or Thoap?

One of the criticisms of our society’s child-rearing is that we aren’t sufficiently training children to think for themselves. Children quickly learn how to spit back the information we want them to say, record it on tests, and tell us what we want to hear them say.

Is It Proper To Click And Follow The Personal Social Media Accounts Of The Opposite Gender?

I can think of fewer things that are guaranteed to make a person unhappy. ... No one is showing their ups and downs on social media.

The Year of Seven (Part II)

Another word related to both sheviit and sheva is shavua, but this word bears two distinct meanings in both Biblical Hebrew and Mishnaic Hebrew.

Clashing Utopias: The Shmita Debate

The rules of the sabbatical year, shmita, require farmers to desist from working and open up their fields, with all their produce, to anyone.

Everyone Matters!

Even within large groups, or even within an entire nation, each individual has a special place and a unique mission. Each person is important.

TORAH SHORTS: Parshat Bamidbar: The Peace of all Sums

The multitude which is not brought to act as a unity, is confusion. That unity which has not its origin in the multitude is tyranny. -Blaise Pascal

Utter Refutation Of Wrong Doctrines

Every mitzvah you perform heals some spiritual malaise that you might not even know you were suffering from.

What We Learn From The Ohr HaChaim

It is every individual’s obligation to toil in Torah so that he can soar even higher than the angels.

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