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WATCH: IDF Blows Up Home of Terrorist who Murdered Ari Fuld

The IDF destroyed the top floor of the building where the terrorist lived.

USAID to Cut all Gaza, PA Funding January 31

The cut in aid was apparently triggered by the fact that both the PLO and Hamas pay out salaries to terrorists in Israeli security prisons and to their families.

Gantz Launches Tepid Campaign as Latest Poll Gives Likud 33 Seats

40% of respondents think Gantz is a central figure, 23% define him as a leftist and 11% as a rightist. 26% said they simply didn't know.

Suspect Detained in Murder of Israeli Arab Student in Australia

Aya was on the phone with her sister while the murder was in progress.

Saturn’s Atmosphere Proves Deep, Its Rings Young

As the Cassini spacecraft reached its final act, Weizmann Institute of Science researchers participated in the last phase of the 20-year mission.

Netanyahu, Kochavi at First Working Meeting

No details about the meeting itself were released.

Israel’s National Security Adviser Visits India’s PM Narendra Modi

Ben-Shabbat flew to India on an Air India flight that passed through Saudi Arabian airspace.

For the First Time, IAF to Fly with RAF in ‘Cobra Warrior’

It's also the first time the two sets of air force pilots have trained openly together.

Netanyahu to Visit African Nation of Chad

It’s the first-ever visit by an Israeli prime minister to the Muslim-majority country.

No More Appeals: Supreme Court OK’s Demolition of Ari Fuld’s Killer’s Home

The demolition can be carried out at any time at this point in accordance with the orders of the Israeli Supreme Court.

First Global Impact Awards Presented for Humanitarian, Volunteer and Development Activities

President Reuven Rivlin was present for the ceremony, which highlighted humanitarians who "excel in making a positive impact in the developing world."

New Israeli Research May Lead to Life-Saving Therapies for Metabolic Disorders

"If you can successfully connect the pieces of the puzzle, then you can understand the biology behind a disease."

What Anti-Semites Do For Us

“I remember my dad tried to make me Jewish and failed, the local rabbi tried to make me Jewish and failed, my Jewish friends tried to make me Jewish and failed. It took the leader (Corbyn) of the Labour Party to do that.”

Netanyahu Has To Go

Bibi has to go because he turned Israel into a society whose whole is smaller than the sum of its parts.

Everybody Loses from the Left’s False Narrative about Netanyahu

Netanyahu, as two Israeli leftists recently admitted, is far more moderate than his hardline image. But by portraying him as an extremist, the left has tarnished Israel among both American Jews and the Democratic Party.

Does The Left Care About Truth?

Truth has never been a leftist value. For the left, there is always something more important. In this case, it is the humiliation of the president of the United States.

New Mall Exposes Fatah’s True Colors

The mall, however, has already drawn Fatah boycott calls as well as several Arab-hurled firebombs.

Are Sheitels Better? A Response

People are often strongly pro- or anti-sheitel simply due to their affiliation with a certain religious group. My goal in the article was to encourage people to think critically about the sheitel in an intellectually honest and nuanced manner

Ex-Hollywood Screenwriter Uses His Talents For God: An Interview with Author Tzvi Fishman

With each new conquest and success, I felt something was missing. Each new acquisition left me feeling empty.
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Weapons of Faith

Leaving Egypt the Jewish men take swords for the eventual next wars, and the woman take tambourines to celebrate the eventual miracles! Rav Mike Feuer joins Rabbi Yishai for a faithful journey through the Splitting of the Red Sea, and the war with Amalek. Then, Malkah Fleisher joins to talk about the Manna-like snow in Jerusalem and Judea!

Wear The Necklace?

The power of 'lost and found'

Splitting The Sea – Natural Or Supernatural?

We have here two ways of seeing the same events: one natural, the other supernatural. The supernatural explanation – that the waters stood upright – is immensely powerful, and so it entered Jewish memory. But the natural explanation is no less compelling. The Egyptian strength proved to be their weakness. The weakness of the Israelites became their strength.

The Necessity of Asking Questions

Judaism believes it’s a religious duty to teach our children to ask questions.

Welcoming Shabbos At ‘The Last Minute’

Why did this unexpected landing in Athens become front-page headlines? What did Hashem want us to learn from it?

A Revolution For Jewish Women: Technology Meets Halacha

Rabbi Fishel Jacobs of Kfar Chabad in Israel believes the Jewish world is experiencing a...

Truly, Don’t Believe Your Lying Eyes

Misinterpretations abound. Always judge favorably. Doing so is not just the halacha. It’s also wise.

Seeking A Filter

I am desperately searching for a filter that purifies the twisted Lishon haRah we use to speak of God: the positive attributes in which we unhesitatingly express our belief.

Dance of Forgiveness

Miriam and the women who followed her recognized that Israel would be unable to move forward until they forgave God for their suffering and their fear. So they sang of God desiring to share His power with them so that they too would be able to "hurl horse with rider into the sea," as Israel does to Amalek in the closing scene of the portion.

Parshat Beshallach: Rashi Contends with Non-Jews

Rashi might be reminding us Jews in almost every generation had to deal with non-Jews who challenged their faith, making it our job to hold fast to Torah, the Torah we already understand and the Torah we continue to work to understand.

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