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Beresheet Blasts Off, Heads to the Moon: ‘Great Step for Israel, Huge Step for Israeli Tech’

"We will meet on April 11 and I hope that we will be able to celebrate the safe landing of 'Beresheet'."

US to Leave 200 Troops in Syria After Withdrawal

The White House announced that the United States will keep “a small peacekeeping group” of 200 troops in Syria after leaving the country, reportedly scheduled for April

Study: Polish Norms Helped Nazis Wipe out Local Jewry

Jews who tried to hide in urban areas during the Nazi occupation of Poland were much less likely to survive • “Poles who chose to save Jews were essentially violating the unwritten norms of their community.”

Jason Greenblatt: PLO Official Rajoub Must Apologize to Jewish Holocaust Survivors

One must wonder how much trouble we would have been spared—not to speak of death and destruction—had somebody on the IDF side had the wisdom to eliminate Jibril Rajoub back when he was but a lad of 15.

Proskurov 1919: One Century Ago

While estimates place the number of deaths at 1600, there are also estimates that place the casualty list as higher. These figures do not include those who sustained severe injury and were crippled for life.

Boomerang’s Weekly Terror Report, February 14 – 21, 2019

There have been 33 terror attacks this week – 292 since the beginning of 2019.

Despite Generals’ Union, Israel’s Right Wing Block Likely to Win

All the different polls are predicting a resounding win to the Gantz-Lapid union, yielding together a higher figure than they would have going it alone, the fact remains that there are more right- than left-wing Israeli Jews.

WATCH: Israel Launches First-Ever Mission to the Moon

“After the launch, our crew will take control of Beresheet and begin the journey to the moon!”

Netanyahu, Putin Reschedule Planned Meeting in Kremlin

The meeting, set earlier for Thursday, was postponed by Netanyahu due to the impending political merger between his two election rivals.

If Elections Were Held Today … Likud Could Lose

For the first time in this race, at least three of the polls showed Likud trailing behind Gantz and Lapid’s left-center faction.

Katz Urges Jewish Leaders to ‘Inspire Additional Countries to Relocate Embassies to Jerusalem

“We have a dream for a real transformation in our region,” he said. “May our dreams come true.”

Don’t Lie To Children

We use the word “chinuch” for education, but “chinuch” actually means to launch or inaugurate (see, for example, Tehillim 30:1). The word reveals the Jewish perspective on education: It is the launch of a life, setting a course for the direction life will take.

Is Trump Repeating The Mistakes Of Obama’s ‘Peace Processors’?

The Trump plan includes the U.S. and others pumping billions of dollars into the corrupt terrorist Palestinian Authority regime and the Palestinian state that the plan reportedly will propose to establish. Talk about throwing good money after bad! Trump should learn from its predecessors’ mistakes, not repeat them.

No One’s Been Banned In Teaneck

Female clergy is the “mechitza” of our generation. The fact of the matter is that female clergy is simply not a Torah concept, and no amount of lobbying, social media posts, and angry faces on Facebook will change that. Torah doesn’t work that way.

Do Leftists Believe Their Lies?

Individuals on both the left and right lie. Individuals on both the left and right tell the truth. And liberalism, unlike leftism, does value truth. But the further left one goes, the more one enters the world of the lie. Why does the left lie? There are two main reasons.

Netanyahu Is No Dummy

There has never been a leader like Netanyahu who is so beloved by his constituents even after he repeatedly slaps them in the face. So why should he change what is working so well?

Foreign Intervention in Israel’s Elections

A number of senior security officials, including Shin Bet's chief have taken note recently of apparent attempts by several foreign countries to interfere in the upcoming Israeli elections via cyber and IW (Information Warfare) attacks. Below the radar, there is evidence that at least one country – Saudi Arabia – may be attempting to interfere via more traditional methods.

When Kol Isha Meets The Screen (Part I)

Now the challenge has evolved from being heard, to being seen and heard.
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The Golden Bull Downtown

Why would anyone worship a golden calf? Why would anyone put up a golden bull in downtown Manhattan? Rav Mike Feuer joins Rabbi Yishai to stare down the snarling idolatry and take a holy peek at the beaming face of Moses as he comes down with the two tablets of God's Law. Then, Malkah Fleisher on French antisemitism and baking a giant Haman's Ear!

What is Shomer Shabbos?

The Gemara tells us that if one’s life is in danger anyone can desecrate Shabbos in order to save his life, because it is better to desecrate one Shabbos in order to be shomer many more.

A Stiff-Necked People

How can Moses invoke the people’s obstinacy as the very reason for G-d to maintain His presence among them? What is the meaning of Moses’ “because” – “may my Lord go among us, because it is a stiff- necked people”?

Ambassadors Of Light

The mitzvah of bikur cholim is often neglected. We should include time in our schedules to spend time with those who are ill, but so many pressing reasons prevent us from doing so.

Brothers: A Drama In Five Acts

For once Moses, the hero, the leader, the liberator, the lawgiver, is off-stage in the only instance where the name of Moses is not mentioned at all in any parsha since the first parsha of the book of Shemot. Instead our focus is on his elder brother Aaron. The story of Aaron and Moses, the fifth act in the biblical drama of brotherhood, is where, finally, fraternity reaches the heights

Lavon receives a REAL V.I.C. (Visitor in Chief)!

Our move to Lavon (where we are the ONLY observant family on the yishuv) was accomplished with the help and support of Ayelet HaShachar, an organization that – among many worthy activities – helps religious families move into secular areas, with the aim of bringing people together and lessening the social barriers between religious and secular people. We were joined by Israel's Chief Rabbi, Rav Lau, shlita.

Money And Mitzvos

Chazal tell us that the pursuit of money teaches us how we should pursue mitzvos. Money familiarize us with the burning passion we ought to develop for mitzvos--and mitzvos have even greater intrinsic value.

TORAH SHORTS: Ki Tisa: We Haven’t Even Started

The world is round and the place which may seem like the end may also be only the beginning. -Ivy Baker

The Calf Vs. Torah

All that's gold does not glitter-in truth

From Linear To Spatial

Directing us in the right direction like a compass, teachings on the Parshat Ki Tisa from Rabbi Weinberg

Redeeming Relevance: The Need for Godly Space… Away from God

Paradoxically, putting on the veil would help Moshe connect with spirituality but when he was actually speaking with God, Moshe would nevertheless remove it.

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