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Hamas’s Leadership is Fragmenting

After nine months of war, the Hamas leadership is fragmenting as internal conflicts and airstrikes on key figures take a toll.

Biden Tells Youth Culture Interviewer He Is a Zionist Who Did More than Anyone Else for the Palestinians

Speedy Morman asked why a Muslim or an Arab American would vote for him, given his Zionist status.

CPI Up 0.1% In Israel in June, Cost of Homes Increases

Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics reports that prices went up.

Cuban Jewish Delegate Leads GOP Convention in Prayer for Israeli Hostages

"We remember and pray for freedom for the hostages kidnapped and held so cruelly against their will. Lord, please keep them in your sight and hasten the day of their freedom.”

Pro-Israel Influencer Yoseph Haddad Banned from YouTube Again

The few pro-Israel accounts need to be defended,” the IDF veteran said.

Houthis Attack Israel-Owned Tanker Carrying Vegetable Oil in Red Sea

"No damage or injuries have been reported at this time," according to U.S. Central Command.

Israel Rejects Norwegian FM’s Request to Visit, Cites Recognition of Palestinian State

Norway not only recognized a Palestinian state but refused to recognize Hamas as a terrorist organization.

Yawning Gap bet. Netanyahu and his Negotiating Team on Philadelphi Corridor

Netanyahu has been under enormous pressure from within the security establishment to agree to remove IDF controls from the Gaza border with Egypt.

Elon Musk Commits $45 Million a Month to Trump’s Campaign

Billionaire Elon Musk committed around $45 million a month to a new super political-action committee...

3 Injured Lightly from Terrorist Fire on their Vehicle in Samaria

The wounded told the medical team that treated them that a cluster of between 8-9 shots were fired at them.

Ohio Senator JD Vance Chosen as Trump’s Running Mate

“Israel has a right to self-defense – that includes striking back with overwhelming force against their enemies."

Northern Israeli Evacuees Urge ‘No Compromises’ with Hezbollah

“We cannot negotiate with those who seek our destruction,” Matan Davidian asserted. “We need a strong and clear response to ensure our future.”

Judea and Samaria are on Fire – Literally

Escalating Palestinian terrorism, surging illegal Palestinian construction in zones of strategic importance to Israel, and wildly out-of-control arson attacks must be stopped.

Clooney’s America

The actor's attack on Joe Biden was all about personal revenge.

Britain and France: A Tale of Two Elections

In other words, both in Britain and France, you may get around or even less than 30 percent of the votes and yet secure a chance to form the government.

Israel at the Crossroads

Israel Must Act Now or Risk Being Bled to Death by Its Enemies

Part III: A War of Words: Enlisting Arabs for the Nazi Cause

The mufti urged the Arabs to “Kill the Jews wherever you find them. This pleases God, history and religion."

Eli Moshe Zimbalist’s Father Remembers His Fallen Son

At the end of his advanced training the army wanted him for an officers course. He declined because he didn’t want to extend his time in the army. He wanted to go back to the beit midrash.
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Aggregated Aggravation

Yishai and Malkah Fleisher talk about the failures of October 7th of the first round of IDF diagnosis of its mistakes that day - and discuss a pathway forward! Then, Yishai goes on Piers Morgan to fight about Jewish rights in Judea and against the blood libels of "Jewish" Israel-haters. Finally: Table Torah on Parshat Chukat along with a push for the Abrahamic Faith System.

Antisemitism Continues to Grow – The Jay Shapiro Show [audio]

Antisemitism continues to grow unabated especially on US campuses.

Unity & Spirit – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Despite our reputation as a stiff-necked, recalcitrant nation, the Children of Israel typically rise beyond the ordinary to provide comfort and sustenance for one another, especially in times of uncertainty.

Q & A: Tying Knots On The Sabbath (Part II)

My son recently stopped wearing a necktie and lace-up shoes on the Sabbath. He explained that otherwise he fears transgressing the prohibition against tying knots on the Sabbath. I am concerned, as I do not wish that he appear slovenly especially on the Sabbath, which might not reflect well on him regarding possible shidduchim. Is he correct in this matter? A Concerned Mother Via E-mail

Seeking Temimut

Innocence and naivete must be left behind. How can we hope to recapture them? Some things cannot be undone, only lived with.

The Significance Of Our Actions

Building a Mishkan, circumcision, tzedakah, and farming are not our only significant actions. Every good deed we perform, no matter how small, is important and impactful. Each of these deeds contributes to the betterment of the world and should be appreciated and recognized.

When Is Enough…Enough?

It’s time for all our people to stop using these rationalizations because any thinking Jew knows in their heart of hearts that every Jew should be in Israel, and these excuses have no basis. Our grandparents would have given everything that they own to have the opportunity that we have today to make aliyah and live in Israel.

Descartes’ Error

It is less reason than emotion that lies behind our choices, and it takes emotional intelligence to make good choices.

Allowing Yourself To Receive

Whether a person has self-esteem or is instead narcissistic will impact on his or her ability to embody intellectual humility.

Whose Staff Is It Anyway? – Parshat Chukat

What exactly did Moshe and Aharon do wrong in the incident of "Mei Meriva"?

The Lubavitcher Rebbe: 30 Years Since His Passing

In America, where he arrived from Europe in 1941, mitzvah observance had become moribund, increasingly disconnected from the modern world. The Rebbe reversed this trend by demanding more Torah, more Jewish brotherhood, more Jewish education.

The Torah Of Those Who Died In The Tent

The Torah tells us that Nadav and Avihu died because they brought a “strange fire” before Hashem (Vayikra 10:1). But Rashi says in the name of Rabbi Eliezer that they died because they taught Torah in front of their master, Moshe.

TORAH SHORTS: Parshat Chukat: Beardless Righteousness

All men's souls are immortal, but the souls of the righteous are immortal and divine. -Socrates

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