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Gallant: Civilians Won’t Return to Northern Gaza Until Every Hostage is Freed

"The full return of civilians to the northern area of the Gaza Strip will only take place following the return of all the hostages.”

IDF Eliminates Hezbollah Commander Hassan Hossein Salami

Hezbollah announced Salami's death "with great pride and honor" but did not refer to him as a commander.

IAF Attacks Hezbollah Weapons Sites in Ba’albek, 100 km North of Metula

The attack targeted three sites, including Hezbollah weapons warehouses, in Ba'albek, 100 kilometers north of Lebanon's border with Israel.

Netanyahu to Fox: Israel has Plan to Remove Civilians from Rafah

Israel is readying a major military offensive in the last Hamas stronghold in southern Gaza.

Anti-Israel Groups Planning NJ Protest Against Shiloh Winery

“I purchased this land from the Israel Lands Administration, paid the Economy Ministry for its development and fees to the Binyamin industrial zone."

IDF Denies Claims Top Brass Ignored SIM Cards Suddenly Activated in Gaza Prior to Oct. 7 Attack

"The claim that the Chief of Staff knew about a thousand SIMs that were turned on at midnight and did not inform anyone about it is a false accusation."

IDF Destroys 10km-Long Terror Tunnel Linking North & South Gaza

The forces gained operational control over the tunnel shafts, investigated the tunnels and then destroyed a large part of the network.

David’s Sling Intercepts Hezbollah Missile Aimed at Israeli UAV

According to Arab media, Israeli warplanes launched airstrikes on a neighborhood in the Beka'a area, 100 kilometers (62 miles) deep into Lebanon, for the first time since the 2006 Second Lebanon War.

Israel Slams Chinese Support for Hamas at International Court of Justice

"China should ask itself why the Hamas terrorist organization was so quick to praise the words of the Chinese legal advisor at the ICJ."

War Cabinet Reviews IDF’s Operational Plan for Rafah

The war cabinet also approved a plan for providing humanitarian assistance to the Gaza Strip in a manner that will prevent looting.

Jerusalem Deputy Mayor Named Secretary-General of Global Zionist Body

The announcement was made the same day that Hassan-Nahoum was appointed to the Board of the Jewish Agency.

Palestinian Authority Government Resigns But Mahmoud Abbas Remains in Control

Israel has repeatedly expressed its determination not to allow the Palestinian Authority to govern Gaza "the day after" Hamas to prevent any further existential threat from Gaza.

Making the WRONG Choice

Warners Had To Choose Between Harry Potter and DEI. It Chose Wrongly.

Reason, Reasonableness & Realpolitik

Under Biden, important foreign policy interests are being sacrificed domestic ones

Recognizing Palestinian State Renders ALL US Diplomacy Meaningless

Biden's threat to recognize a Palestinian state derives from his personal dislike of Netanyahu

Ramadan ‘Explosion’ Looms for Israel and Hamas

Ramadan is two weeks away and the clock is ticking.

Putin Is Pushing Where There’s Mush

Putin feels unbound--And he should.

Searching for Peace-loving Palestinian Arab Leadership is DELUSIONAL

Only when the Arabs truly understand that the Jews are in Israel to stay can there be a chance for a dialogue. Until then, Israelis are negotiating with themselves and seen by some as "walking like sheep to slaughter."

The State Department Is Playing To An Empty House

Concepts are not the same as words. Anybody can look up a word in a dictionary and translate it the way you like. We assume a concept means the same thing in every language. But cultures don't communicate -- they clash.
Jerusalem, Israel
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The Great One

Yishai and Malkah Fleisher discuss the vestments of the High Priest and how to feel like an organic Judean - Original Aboriginal! Then, Ben Bresky on the meaty history of Argentinian Jewry. And finally, Yishai reacts to "The Great One" Mark Levine on Israel's Channel 14.

America at a Crossroads

America is at a crossroads of Biblical Proportions.

Mastering The Art of Soulfulness – Soul Talk [audio]

I have a body, I have a soul. My body I can see and touch. What part of me is my soul? If you ask me, I'd say the soul is the essence of who I am, but what does that even mean?

The Stagnation Pit – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

The Torah teaches us that we are capable - no, obligated! - to reach beyond ourselves and not find contentment in mediocrity. Sediment muddies poorly processed olive oil but pure oil burns brightly. Jews, when pressed like olives, bring holiness into the world.

It Doesn’t Do Anything for Me

Why be committed to a life and lifestyle that don’t do anything for me? Why does Judaism even matter, why continue to fight for it? Why does Israel matter, why not pack it in, set up shop in Uganda or accept the invitation of America and the West to assimilate, integrate and leave our separateness and apartness behind?

Why We Do

Kavanah is also the great equalizer. Though we differ in terms of what we are able to invest and accomplish, we are all equally able to have the right kavanah.

Anything Is Possible: Let’s Move Beyond The Stars

If the events in this world emanate from the mazalos, how can we reconcile the fact that they foretold that Avraham would not have children? Chazal do not claim that the mazal changed, only that Avraham transcended it. How did this work?

Leadership Means Making Space

All human authority needs checks and balances if it is to remain uncorrupted. In particular, political and religious leadership, keter malchut and keter kehunah, should never be combined.

Men Greeting Women – Problematic Or Just Courtesy?

It is said that greeting people with Shalom aleichem brings people closer together.6 As such, a man should not greet a woman with Shalom aleichem so that they do not become overly social with one another. According to this approach, there would be no problem for a man to greet a woman with good morning or how are you?

The Mitzvah Of Settling In The Land Of Israel (Part I)

While generally travel is prohibited on erev Shabbat, the Shulchan Aruch rules that if one is ascending to the land of Israel and his caravan is leaving on Friday, he may leave with them because of the mitzvah of dwelling in the land of Israel (Orach Chaim 248:4).

Clothes of Atonement – Parshat Tetzave

Eight very different types of sins are atoned for by the Kohen's vestments.

True Beauty

The Mishkan’s construction is described at length, down to the finest detail. What, in fact, is the importance of these small details?

The Torah’s Atomic Weapon

The incense that burned on this altar has always attracted special interest for its unusual life-giving properties

Parshas Tetzaveh: From Death to Life

Was it not enough for Aharon to have the Jewish people on his heart? Why the shoulders too?

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