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Senior ANC Official Meets with Hamas, PLO/Fatah Delegation

They called for the release of all "Palestinian" "political" prisoners and cessation of occupation.

PA Envisions Ruling Gaza with Hamas as a Partner

U.S. officials visited Ramallah earlier this week to discuss a plan for the day after the war in Gaza.

Hamas Claims Israeli Hostage Was Killed in IDF Rescue Attempt

Israeli sources believe there are 138 hostages still in Hamas captivity.

White House Removes CAIR from National Strategy on Antisemitism

A White House spokesman also condemns "shocking, antisemitic statements" from the Council on American-Islamic Relations executive director.

Israel to Open Kerem Shalom Crossing to Inspect Gaza Aid Trucks

Egypt is still not allowing displaced Gazans to flee the war and enter the Sinai.

Ben Gvir Authorizes Using Prison Dungeon to House Hamas Massacre Terrorists

Remember how so many in Israel made fun of Ben Gvir’s decree that eliminated Hamas prisoners’ baking their own morning pittas?

Police Arrest Man Who Fired Rifle and Shouted ‘Free Palestine’ Outside Albany Synagogue

Mufid Fawaz Alkhader faces charges related to the unauthorized possession of a firearm and is scheduled to appear in federal court on Friday.

2 IDF Reservists Fall in Battle, Including Son of War Cabinet Minister Gadi Eisenkot

IDF reservist Master Sergeant Gal Meir Eisenkot fell in battle in northern Gaza after a booby-trapped Hamas tunnel shaft exploded as he approached. IDF reservists Yonatan Deitch fell in battle in southern Gaza.

Israeli Civilian Murdered in Hezbollah Anti-Tank Missile Attack

Israel Defense Forces responded to the missile attack with combat helicopters, tanks and artillery fire.

US Asks Israel to Not Respond to Houthi Attacks

Washington told Israel to let the American military handle the Houthi threat, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The 100-A-Day Challenge

After digging deep and forcing myself to come up with new material to thank Hashem for, I noticed more instances of Divine intervention throughout the week.

From Shame To Pride

The very fact that I now clearly see what we stand for. I saw it before, but for some reason, since October 7, rather than feel ashamed to be a Jew, I feel even prouder.

Thomas Friedman Erupts against Israel Yet Again

On Oct. 7, some of the most fervent believers in peace with the Palestinians were reduced to ashes. Does he think Israel will now force 100,000 Jews to leave their homes in Judea and Samaria to create Hamastan?

Veteran Labor Zionist calls for “De-Nazifying” Gaza

- Einat Wilf also suggests linking humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip with a Palestinian peace pledge.

In Those Days, At This Time

The name of this war is Swords of Iron – like the swords the Maccabees fought with – even though Israel’s military technology is ultra-modern and cutting edge.

Hamas In Jerusalem

Terrorist organizations across the world exploit the liberties and freedoms of democracies to bankroll their cruel operations, promote their evil agendas, and recruit the next generation of terrorists.

Interview With Pierre Rehov: “Hamas Made A Big Mistake”

Antisemitism is back big time. I would say we are back to where we were in 1938, having another Chamberlain trying to make peace with Hitler, the same way that Obama tried to make peace with Iran.
Jerusalem, Israel
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Not only is Israel under attack, but so are Jews on American campuses. Yishai and Malkah Fleisher debate how to deal with global antisemitism while decorating the house with the lights of Hanukkah that shine in this year. Ben Bresky speaks with musician Yitzchok Meir Malek about playing for soldiers on army bases. Rabbi Shimshon Nadel asks whether Torah students should be drafted to the IDF.

Chanukah Special: Finding The Light Of Hope In Dark Times – Soul Talk [audio]

The relevance and message of the Chanukah story feels even more potent this year. Lighting up the darkness, fighting for our survival and miracles within dark times are themes that in real time, so many of us connect to in the here and now.

Spark. Flicker. Flame! – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

We do not give into despair! Resilience in the face of darkness defines the Eternal Nation. The people of Israel live, tethered to Heaven's unbreakable promise. And despite myriad travails, we've been chosen to spread light and holiness throughout the world. Chanukah Samayach!

Drafting Yeshiva Students

Unfortunately today we find ourselves embroiled in a milchemet mitzvah, a national security situation which threatens our very existence and demands everyone’s participation.

Speech Therapy

In the end Joseph and his brothers had to live through real trauma before they were able to recognize one another’s humanity, and much of the rest of their story – the longest single narrative in the Torah – is about just that.

The Synogogue: A Mikdash Me’at

Before one prays, one must prepare for the experience. There must be a meditative time in which the individual focuses on the significance of the act that he is about to perform.

Lights, Candles And Action

One excellent way to combat cognitive bias in relationship communication is to constantly work on not jumping to conclusions. No matter what we think we hear, or what we believe we know, we should be careful to ask for clarification before reacting.

Mercantile Man

The prophet Zecharia foretells of the Messianic Era – which will occur long after the Canaanites had ceased to exist as a nation – when there will no longer be any c’naani in the Holy Temple (Zecharia 14:21).

Playing With Dreidels And Cards On Chanukah

The rules of the dreidel game require each player to contribute some coins to a central fund, the proceeds of which are used to pay out the winners.

The Purpose of Mashiach – Parshat Vayeishev

When Tamar's life was threatened, she did not save herself by throwing Yehuda "under the bus".

Candles In The Dark

The lighting of the menorah was one mitzvah among many mitzvot, arguably not even the most important mitzvah, that had come to be neglected under the oppression of the Seleucid Greeks.

‘Tis The Season To Be Thankful

We can say Modim for our health. What about for our car and for our phone? Most of us would be crippled, so to speak, if we were missing just one of these. We could also incorporate into our Modim prayer that we are able to pay the mortgage or pay the rent.

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