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Biden White House Revokes Trump’s Relief of Sanctions Against Israeli Billionaire Dan Gertler

Alan Dershowitz, who was hired by Gertler in 2019, told the NY Times on Monday that he was disappointed with the Biden administration’s move.

Israeli Anti-Zionist NGOs Received More than $50 Million from Foreign Governments

Of the 35 NGOs, 22 reported receiving more than 50% of their funding from foreign governments. Of the 35 NGOs, 22 reported receiving more than 50% of their funding from foreign governments.

Syria’s President & First Lady Contract COVID-19

Assad and his wife tested positive for the coronavirus after both began experiencing mild symptoms of the virus.

Israel’s First Jewish Female Navy Officer from Religious Family: ‘Not An Easy Path, But Anything is Possible’

"I know I gave up things along the way to reach my goal; it was complicated. But I also know people who gave up nothing and still reached this goal."

Still No Entry to Foreign Nationals, At Least Until After Israeli Elections

Students and volunteers will not be allowed to enter the state of Israel until March 27, at least. Other select groups may be able to start arriving a few days sooner, but not until after the March 23 elections have passed.

Terrorists Captured and Killed in Multiple Unrelated Terror Attacks

A terrorist infiltrated Sdeh Efraim farm again, and soldiers were attacked in different incidents.

IDF Initiates Op to Vaccinate PA Residents Working in Israel

Hundreds of workers arrived at the eight locations on Monday to receive the first of their two shots.

Israel Deploys Rapid COVID-19 Testing at Ben Gurion Airport

The test has a 100% success rate in identifying people who are infected.

Israel Connecting to Europe’s Electricity Grid through EuroAsia Interconnector

The electric line is the longest and deepest cable in the world and will be able to carry a capacity of 1,000-2,000 megawatts.

Facebook Blocks TASS Post, Calls Official Press Statement ‘Fake News’

Facebook claimed that the post had been cancelled in response to request from its partner, Ukrainian fact-checking service StopFake.

A Deeper Look At The Law: Bias In The Skies – Can Passengers Sue Airlines For Religious Discrimination?

If the crew asks a passenger to leave a plane or does not let the passenger board, allegedly because of religion or ethnicity or some other identifying category, is an action on that ground preempted by federal aviation laws?

The New McCarthyism Comes to Harvard Law School

The Harvard Law School petition is directed only at Trump supporters, not supporters of left wing anti-democratic repression, either here or abroad. It is based on the assumption that there is a special "Trump exception" to freedom of speech and due process.

On the Rhodes to Antisemitism?

"...and by the way, there was a Jewishness to it … we had bagels.” BAGELS!!

J Street’s Selective Memory on Palestinian Antisemitism

Abbas stated that Jews have “no historical ties” to the Land of Israel because they are actually descendants of the Turkish Khazar tribe (a bizarre and long-discredited conspiracy theory).

Why do Jewish Groups no Longer Care about ‘Kids in Cages’?

Liberals advocate for immigration policies that are creating a humanitarian disaster, yet show their partisanship by not protesting measures they denounced when Trump was in office.

Anti-Semitism Is Not Funny, It Never Is: An Interview with Dov Hikind

I don’t think cancel culture is healthy for anyone. I mean, you look at someone the wrong way and you get canceled.
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Golden Calf, Court Conversion, and Facing China

The Golden Calf, the holy glow of Moses' face, court conversion, and a year in China.

I LOVE Your Earrings

Giving compliments and offering positive feedback shouldn’t be reserved for one day a year and shouldn’t be so unusual they are cause for a holiday and celebration.  Compliments are a critical part of life.

Finding Light – Choosing Hope

We are a nation of miracles. We have traveled through the four corners of this earth. We have gone through every type of persecution. We were told that we would be vanquished, thrown into the sea.

What Motivates Our Decisions?

Who could ever know if learning with disciples was preferable to pursuing self-growth and attaining spiritual perfection at the feet of the generation’s most respected saint?

How Leaders Fail

There are times when you need someone with the courage to stand against the crowd, others when you need a peacemaker.

Animal Sounds (Part I)

An apocryphal Midrash describes the colorful sounds made by the animals etched on King Solomon’s throne. Most of these words do not appear in the Bible.

Is It Proper…? When publishing a deceased person’s writings, may one censor a tiny amount of material in order to vastly increase the number...

When publishing a deceased person’s writings, may one censor a tiny amount of material in order to vastly increase the number of people who will read it and be influenced by the author?

Ki Tisa: Crisis Of The Golden Calf

A mistake that nearly had catastrophic results for the entire people of Israel ultimately revealed Moshe's true greatness as a national leader.

Walking Into Freedom – Every Day

We are supposed to prepare for the 14th of Nissan, the day of the Exodus from Egypt. To study the holiday, to go through the Haggadah and, mainly, to go forth into freedom ourselves.

Torah Shorts: What Was Aaron Thinking!? (Ki Tisa)

I have been driven many times to my knees by the overwhelming conviction that I had nowhere to go. My own wisdom, and that of all about me, seemed insufficient for the day. -Abraham Lincoln

Amalekite Perfectionism

Haman has oceans of honor but he’s lacking one drop. Everyone bows down to him, but he needs Mordechai to bow down, too. If not, all the honor he has received means nothing.

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