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Arafat Cartoon Exhibit Angers PA Street

Hamas is taking advantage of the incident to slam the PA.

China Overtakes US as Israel’s Largest Source of Imports

The United States, however, did retain its spot as the top destination for Israeli exports in 2021 with $16.2 billion.

Government to Spend Millions to Protect, Repair Heritage Sites Damaged by Palestinian Authority

Following reports of vandalism at dozens of heritage and archaeological sites in Judea and Samaria and the Jordan Valley, Jerusalem Affairs and Heritage Minister Elkin calls conservation of sites a “national mission.”

Report: 2021 Was ‘Most Antisemitic Year’ in a Decade

Lifting of Covid lockdowns in Europe and Operation Guardian of the Walls led to a dramatic increase in antisemitism.

KKL-JNF Opens Its Archive to Honor the Lives of Holocaust Victims

The photos include scenes of memorial services, work projects, families, artifacts, and more from the early years of the State of Israel.

Hebrew U. Poll Finds 53% of Israelis Expect Things to Get Worse for European Jews

“This survey reveals the urgency of studying the multidimensionality of Israeli-European relation."

Netanyahu Announces: No Plea Deal, No Disgrace Clause

The talks stopped over Netanyahu's demand that no disgrace be imposed on him, let alone a prison sentence.

UAE Hits Yemen Launch Site in Response to Houthi Missile Attack

Debris fell in several locations in Abu Dhabi, causing no casualties, after UAE air defense systems downed two ballistic missiles, according to the United Arab Emirates Defense Ministry.

Former NYS Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver Passes Away

Silver served in the New York State Assembly from 1977 to 2015.

Military Seizes Control of Burkina Faso in Coup D’Etat

The country’s army announced Monday on state television that it has arrested President Roch Marc Christian Kabore, suspended the constitution, and dissolved the national government and the national assembly.

Givat Ronen in the Crosshairs for Demolition

An entire Jewish community is clearly being made to pay for the actions of a splinter group of violent Jewish extremists.

Soros General Demands Purge of Military

While Democrats go after dead Confederate generals, we ought to look at living Soros generals.

Why I Love Cops More than Ever

By compelling spineless leaders across the country to diminish our law enforcement, would-be revolutionaries got a lot more than they bargained for.

JC as Palestinian Terrorist?

In Islam's "end times," Jesus will die fighting the Antichrist.

The Emerging Arab Zionism

As Arabs increasingly turn towards Israel and survival, the West continues in the opposite direction.

Colleyville and ‘Professional’ Civil Servants

FBI Agent Matt De Sarno's deliberately deceptive, political statement exposed a much more general truth about politics in the public service.

Israeli Medical Humanitarianism is under-Appreciated

Israel gets almost no international credit for its many humanitarian medical activities. And Palestinian leaders get the best medical care in Israel even though they constantly issue the most bloodcurdling libels about Israeli “apartheid.”

Israel’s Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi: ‘The Knesset Won’t Decide Who is a Jew’

"We need to distinguish between citizenship and Judaism," says Chief Rabbi David Lau, following much public criticism.
Jerusalem, Israel
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Does Israel Occupy the West Bank?

First Yishai and Malkah on getting "Rona", celebrating Tu Bishvat, and debating Palestinian activist Amer Zahr. [00:21:40] Then Professor Eugene Kontorovich on his new PragerU video asking whether Israeli has rights in Judea. [00:46:20] And finally, Rav Mike Feuer on a being a Priestley Nation.

The Alluring Power of the K’nish – Lighten Up! [audio]

This week Steven and Matt discuss how woke corporatism ruins anything fun, using the promise of a k'nish to lure a love interest, what's with the Jewish taboo of pork, and the Taliban goes to Norway to learn about human rights and girl's education. I'm sure their sincere. This and much more on this weeks episode.

Israel Ain’t Gonna Change For You – Returning Home [audio]

Natalie opens the show with a reading about the Loss of Common Sense; guest Liami...

What is a Zionist Today? – Israel Unplugged [audio]

How is 'Zionism' taught today, and how do our youth relate to it? Also, what are the general challenges of making aliyah / moving to Israel today?

The 29th Of November And Its Aftermath

Eight days after he was sworn into office, Truman was visited by a Zionist delegation headed by Rabbi Steven S. Wise. Truman told his visitors that he supported the Zionist goals, but he was very concerned about the very vocal opposition of the State Department.

The Ten Commandments As The Structure Of A Good Society

The first three commands establish the single most important principle of a free society, namely the moral limits of power.

Chag Tu B’Shvat Sameach

A great thing creates great strengths, however great strengths sometimes create confusion

Rav Sacks (zt”l) Reflects on Tu BiShvat

If we continue to live as though God had only commanded us to subdue the Earth, we must be prepared for our children to inherit a seriously degraded planet, with the future of human civilisation put into question.

Sweating The Details

Package? No, I not in America and no package here. Maybe you vant Shulem Fastag? Ich bin Shlomi Fastag. Shulem he live cross street. I not go to America.

A Time to Speak and a Time to Ramain Silent

There is a moral imperative to bring them home. International humanitarian law requires the repatriation of missing soldiers and civilians; Jewish law requires us to make all efforts to bring the dead to their final resting places.

Yitro: Israel’s Universal Mission

Why were the Hebrews so surprised by the sudden realization that they would receive the Torah as a set of laws & a mission for the rest of humanity?

Selfie World

Selfie vs. Selflessness-Your choice

Parshas Yisro: Aseres Hadibros: Engrave Them on Your Soul   

In Parshas Yisro, Klal Yisrael hear the ultimate truth, the Aseres Hadibros (Ten Commandments), as they embrace their lofty mission in this world.    

The Secret Of Chein

When Jews came to America and they were confronted with the WASP society that didn’t allow them into the country clubs, some made the mistake of thinking that if they became more American they would be more accepted.

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