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Former Trump Advisor Tours Binyamin Region to Build Business Collaborations

Dr. John Fleming is currently running to serve as the next Louisiana State Treasurer. He is highly regarded as a top decision maker within the Republican party.

US, UN Officials Use ‘Puzzling’ Language Equating Tensions with Ramadan, Passover and Easter

“With this statement, the State Department has effectively given Palestinian groups a green light to attack Israel,” Jonathan Schanzer, of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, told JNS.

2 Hurt in Third Terror Attack in Huwara in Three Weeks

The terrorist allegedly fired from a passing vehicle before making his escape.

High Court Refuses to Hear Challenge to AG’s ‘Neutrality’ on Judicial Reform

The petitioners asserted that Israel's attorney general has a conflict of interest regarding the bill to place limits on her powers.

Israeli AG: Netanyahu’s Speech Was ‘Completely Illegal’

Gali Baharav-Miara contends that the Israeli premier's decision to wade into the process of reforming the judiciary is “completely illegal.”

Police Rescue MK Rothman from Angry Mob in Ramat Hasharon

Earlier on Thursday, a mob in Petah Tikvah tried to prevent Rothman from raising a glass to usher in the month of Nissan.

Military Threatening Netanyahu with Coup to ‘Save Democracy’

The PM ordered his defense minister to stay away from the microphones and spoke to the nation himself instead.

Iran Attacks Coalition Base in Syria, 1 Dead, 6 Wounded; US Retaliation ‘Proportionate’

Iranian-backed militias attacked US troops 78 times since the beginning of 2021.

PM Benjamin Netanyahu Addresses the Nation on Judicial Reform

The prime minister spoke live following a day of chaos perpetrated by leftist anarchists nationwide.

Anti-Government Anarchists Bring Chaos to Bnei Brak, Greeted with Love

The demonstrators, using the de rigeur bass drum, megaphones, yelling and nonstop horn honking, effectively prevented local residents from going out to do their evening shopping, but were instead met with love.

After Iran: Saudi Arabia, Syria Renew Diplomatic Ties

Syria was suspended from the Arab League as the bloody civil war got underway there in 2011.

Antisemitic Incidents in New Jersey & Elsewhere in the US Rose in 2022

The ADL reported 3,697 antisemitic incidents across the United States, a 36 percent increase from the 2,717 incidents recorded in 2021, the highest number of antisemitic incidents since ADL began tracking in 1979.

Yeshivas Play A Valuable Role In Their Communities

Similar support is given in public schools, where a large segment of the student population may also be English language learners; the only difference is the language being spoken.

Tap Into Your Courageous Super Powers

The Babylonians deliberately took the smartest teens as captives to train them for service in the king’s court, with assimilation as a prerequisite.

Gal Luft’s Distressing Predicament

Israel should seek a full investigation of the charges that have been leveled against its national. But it also has a responsibility to him as an Israeli citizen and a senior IDF officer to ensure that his arrest warrant isn’t politically motivated.


Our origin story has everything to do with who we are and where we are going.

The Right Timing And Strategy

My mission was and is to allow people to hear and understand the Jewish people and their story.

Tehran Threatens “Israel’s Adopted Son” – The Major Source Of EU’s Energy Resources

There are several real tactical and strategic reasons for Iranian incitement and military build-up.

A Force To Be Reckoned With

Stuart Force is quite literally the father of the Taylor Force Act. The law came into being after lobbying by Stuart and Robbi Force, parents of Taylor Force. Taylor was a former army officer who was stabbed to death by a Palestinian terrorist while he was visiting the city of Jaffa in Israel on March 8, 2016.
Jerusalem, Israel
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Revolution, Revelation, or Both

Malkah and Yishai Fleisher discuss the latest Israeli protests, a so-called Day of Paralysis on the very day which God's Presence first appeared in the Tabernacle. Rabbi Shmuely Boteach joins Yishai in the Knesset to fight fear in the Jewish State. 

The Little Known Truth About The Holiday of Passover – Soul Talk [audio]

Passover is a holiday remembering events that happened so long ago.

Pesach Prep: The Salt of the Earth! – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Ridding our homes of breadstuff in anticipation of Passover is only half of the "purge project." Confronting feelings of self-importance, morality fudging, and other ego-centric attitudes will better assist us in preparing for the Seder and embracing the humility that reflects the meaning behind Pesach.

The Pursuit Of Meaning

For each of us G-d has a task: work to perform, a kindness to show, a gift to give, love to share, loneliness to ease, pain to heal, or broken lives to help mend.


One who fears that a task is beyond their ability, or too challenging for their comfort level, has racked up the odds against their excelling beyond their current state of inertia.

Can ChatGPT write a better sermon?

If ChatGPT can write a sermon based purely on mimicry, the real question is: Why can’t rabbis write a better sermon than ChatGPT?

The Social Animal

Regular attendance at a house of worship is the most accurate predictor of altruism, more so than any other factor, including gender, education, income, race, region, marital status, ideology, and age.

The Closeness Of G-d

We cannot see G-d’s face; we cannot understand G-d’s ways; but we can encounter G-d’s glory whenever we build a home for His presence here on earth.

A Purim in War Torn Galitzia

Many Jewish communities have their own unique stories of salvation. When faced with calamity, either from a tyrant, war, or some other impending danger, these communities miraculously escaped. This is the story of a small-town in Galitzia

Torah Needs Confidence – Parshat Vayikra

In the midst of our annual bout with chametz, in this week's Parshat, the Torah forbids us from sacrificing any leaven (שאר), or honey on the holy altar.

The Meanings Of Sacrifice

Shabbat does not only last 25 hours; Shabbat reverberates throughout the entire week and is meant to favorably influence our six days of work and other activities.

Parshat Vayikra – Power of Korbanot

Korbanot in Jerusalem produce a spiritual ripple effect that adds incredible blessing to the world – curing diseases, alleviating suffering & influencing random acts of kindness across the globe.

A Handful Of Flour

During the seven years of plenty in Egypt and before the seven years of famine, the pasuk says that Yosef divided the land up into Kematzim, which Rashi explains as – stockpiling grains Kometz on Kometz, handful on handful.

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