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IDF Force Incinerates Terrorist from Squad that Shot at Har Bracha

The terrorist squad used to document its shooting attacks and posted the videos on social networks.

Israel Summons Envoy after Mexico City Embassy Defaced with ‘Death to Israel’

Following the event, Israel summoned Mexico's ambassador in Tel Aviv to seek clarification.

Israel’s Erdan Slams ‘Lie-Filled Rant’ at UN by Palestinian Authority’s Mahmoud Abbas

Israeli Ambassador Gilad Erdan said Abbas's remarks "were completely detached from reality" and "further proved his absolute irrelevance."

Israel to Sell Advanced Air Defense System to UAE

Israel and the UAE share concerns over Iran's race to achieve a nuclear weapon, among other other threats it presents to the region.

Terror Ramming Attack Foiled in Samaria Near Gilad Farm

“Sayeret Givati will continue to protect the people of this area,” said the soldier who first recognized the attack in progress and eliminated the threat.

Terrorist Who Shot Yeshiva Student Captured

The terrorist shot into a yeshiva last week, wounding one of the students.

Truce Over in Shechem

The PA and the independent armed factions were back to shooting at each other.

NYPD to Increase Security at Synagogues for High Holidays Following Rise in Hate Crimes

The head of the NYPD Hate Crime Task Force, Deputy Inspector Andrew Arias, said hate crimes in New York have increased 45% in 2022.

Lapid Lied, Telling UN Assembly ‘Large Majority of Israelis’ Want 2-State Solution. They Don’t

49% said they don’t support the two-state solution and the establishment of a Palestinian state. Only 28% supported it.

United Hatzalah Delegation in Puerto Rico Offering Psychological, Medical Aid in Wake of Hurricane Fiona

The Israeli volunteers have left their loved ones knowing they would be missing Rosh Hashanah at home.

Netanyahu Owns 60 Mandates, Pushing 62, in Weekend Polls

The next polls will reflect voters’ reaction to Prime Minister Lapid’s declaration of support for the two-state solution at the UN General Assembly.

Terrorists Shoot Up Home in Har Bracha

And on Wednesday night, over 60 bullets were shot at the town.

New Year, My New Name

For all the meaning a religious Jewish life can bring, let’s be honest: this is a complicated world to live in.

Elul Babies

On one of our myriad trips to Target I spotted a t-shirt with the words “Who are these kids and why are they calling me mom?” I laughed so hard I cried; my girls looked at me like I was nuts, and I think my oldest daughter was a little insulted at my reaction.

The Little “King”

Demagogues like the King of Jordan protest against Israel on the basis that they represent a so-called position of moral clarity. They use lies and false accusations against the Jewish State in a continuing and ongoing effort to delegitimize Israel.

Long Live The King

The fact that she died in her beloved Scotland, brought a cascade of memories about my own mom and dad rushing back and I cried again.

Beitar’s Firm Jewish History and the Falsehood of Battir

The Jewish city and history of Beitar is remembered by observant Jews each time they...

What Chassidim Want And What We Can Assimilate From Them

Their primary goal, above all else, is to raise future chassidim. This is what they want, it is what they seek, it shapes what they emphasize and what they do not, and it shapes the educational risks they are willing to take and those they are not.

Orthodox Survivor of 9/11 And Author Talks About His Ordeal and His Emunah

9/11 survivor and author Ari Schonbrun has shared his inspiring story with people across the globe.
Jerusalem, Israel
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Time to Affirm the Covenant

Rabbi Yishai comes back from Florida and joins Malkah to get ready for Rosh Hashanah with a prayer for strong Jewish leadership. Then, on Table Torah: How Repentance leads to Resurrection - and which leads to Eternity!

Standing at the Gate – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

The Redemption depends on awareness, clarity and action. No one among us is exempt!

Why We Must Vote with our Head Not Heart – The Walter Bingham File [audio]

Today’s: Feature Item punctures the claim that fossil fuels can be phased out and replaced by various forms of renewable energy. It explains the folly of covering the landscape with wind turbines, or energy absorbing solar panels. The programme discusses the implications of producing batteries for electric cars and the economic consequences of phasing out gasoline cars. It shows how Israel can use its natural gas, but suggests not to change its energy production until the great powers have led the way.

How to Make the New Year a NEW Year

It is a time to go back to our human roots and to seek the novelty that God implanted within us

Practical Strategies To Be Inscribed For A Good Year

The pasuk implies that only after Hashem extends his rachamim to this person and he is able to remain a compassionate person, will Hashem have rachmanus on him.

Why Judaism?

Choose life. No religion, no civilization, has insisted so strenuously and consistently that we can choose.

Do We Pursue Happiness – Or Joy?

When we focus on the moment, allowing ourselves to dance, sing, and give thanks, when we do things for their own sake not for any other reward, when we let go of our separateness and become a voice in the holy city's choir, then there is joy.

Flowering Chicklings

Academy of the Hebrew Language and another article by Dr. Moshe Raanan of Herzog College explain that even though in earlier times the terms efroach and gozal were indeed synonymous, in Modern Hebrew there is a difference between these terms based on a zoological distinction.

To The Third And Fourth Generations

What is at stake is the deep understanding of the scope of responsibility we bear if we take seriously our roles as parents, neighbors, townspeople, citizens and children of the covenant.

Flexibility And The Iron Man

It's important to recognize that this kind of competition involves a serious investment of time.

TORAH SHORTS: Parshat Nitzavim: Marking Renewal

So long as a person is capable of self-renewal they are a living being. -Henri Frederic Amiel

Parshat Nitzavim – Returning Jewish National Consciousness

More than merely fostering personal piety among Jews, tshuva that begins with a reawakening of Hebrew identity will lead Israel to express kedusha in every sphere of national life.

A Swell, Sweet Year – Nitzavim

We have minhagim to eat various different symbolic foods on the night of Rosh Hashana, somewhat resembling a Pesach Seder. There is one minhag, however, that is universal throughout Am Yisrael and that is eating apple dipped in honey. What is the origin of this minhag?

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