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Moscow Evacuates 112 Foreigners Who Asked to Leave the Gaza Strip

The UN reported that some 75,000 foreign nationals have fled Gaza at the end of operation Guardians of the Walls.

Go Settlers! Maccabi Maale Adumim Moves Up to Israel’s Second Tier National Basketball League

For Head Coach Gewirtz this is the culmination of the many years he played youth and men’s basketball for the city.

Hamas Tunnel Exposed beneath UNRWA School in Gaza

Someone should send this report to both John Oliver and Trevor Noah, both of whom condemned Israel for killing so many Gazan children.

A Gift to ADI’s Severely Disabled People from the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra

The orchestra’s live performance and video with their audience underscored the importance of shared humanity and the responsibility to empower people of all levels of ability.

Study: People Who Make Music Together, Socially Connect to Each Other

"We hope our research will lead to more grassroots programs . . . which bring people from different cultures together through music.”

Ben Gvir, Blocked from March and Temple Mount, Waves Israeli Flag at Damascus Gate

“The very fact that an MK in the State of Israel cannot march in the Old City is a deterioration, a surrender to Hamas, a surrender to terrorism.”

Israeli Egg Prices to Rise

This is the first price hike for eggs in seven years.

FDA Issues Warning About COVID-19 Self-Test

"The test has not been authorized, cleared, or approved by the FDA for commercial distribution or use in the United States, as required by law."

Israel to Re-Open to Individual Tourists in July

“It is time for Israel to open up to tourism and take advantage of its status as a vaccinated country for the benefit of its economy."

Israel Funds Global Jewish Education Network

For the first time, there will be one organization liaising with Jewish schools throughout the world.

Wildfire Rages in Gush Etzion Between Beitar Illit and Tzur Hadassah

Eight firefighting planes were sent to help combat the flames.

The Kid At The Back Of The Class

As I got older, those questions that I explored in Israel never went away, and I started researching and compiling answers.

Anti-Zionism And The Critical Role Of The Gap Year In Israel

Incredibly, the Spies managed to convince the masses that they were incapable of conquering and settling in the Land.

Take Your Kids Out Of School

Many parents do not want to know what their children are being taught and the consequent damage done to them. They don’t really believe school(s) will ruin their child, let alone their child’s relationship with them.

Biden’s War on Jerusalem

Violating Israeli sovereignty and US law to support Islamic terrorists.

For American Jews, the honeymoon is over

The anti-Semites are giving us a wake-up call: We can no longer afford to be complacent.

The Muddled Thinking of ‘Antiracism’

The goal of many on the left these days is not clarification but obfuscation, particularly on racial issues.

‘There Is No Such Thing As Too Much When It Comes To Saving Lives’:...

What differentiates us is that we include everybody – men, women, Jewish and non-Jewish alike – whereas the other Hatzalah groups are composed of Jewish men, in many communities ultra-Orthodox men only.
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Post-Covid & Post-Netanyahu

First, Yishai and Malkah discuss what Israel feels like as Covid restrictions are lifting and as a new and questionable government, replacing "old faithful" Netanyahu, is about to be sworn in. Then, Rav Mike Feuer joins Rabbi Yishai to wonder what God is telling the Jews as a sinkhole opens in Jerusalem on the Torah portion of Korach and the Biblical story of the iconic sinkhole in the desert.

Servant Leadership

Moses represents the birth of a new kind of leadership. That is what Korach and his followers did not understand. Many of us do not understand it still.

Revolting Revolutions

The poshea is not one who tries to rebel but is rather one whose indolence shows that he does not care about the result of his actions.

Drawing Closer

There are many kiruv agencies... but I’m not sure any of their methods is more effective than that restaurant owner with the big white beard who made secular children believe that there was nothing sweeter than bringing Mashiach.

I Walked into an AA Meeting & Walked Out With a Deeper Relationship With God

At the core of recovery is acceptance and submission to God, a recognition that we cannot do it on our own, that we rely on Hashem and can only find the strength to endure and persevere if we attach ourselves to Him. In the heart of the meeting, attendees have the opportunity to share. I was blown away by the insight, depth and sincerity of those who opened their hearts.

Daf Yomi

The New And The Old “…The Kohen Gadol Due To His Fatigue…” (Yoma 56b)


Before summarily dismissing Korach, let's first allow him to speak and examine his claims – perhaps they will allow us to understand whence his self-immolating uprising.

Take Heed

Rashi explains that the Torah coupled these two incidents together on purpose, in order for us to notice that the spies saw what happened to Miriam, but did not learn a lesson from it. In his words: "And these wicked people witnessed it, but did not learn their lesson."

Kindness And Truth

In the case of Yaakov, there was already a covenant with Hashem and mutual expectations.

Redeeming Relevance: Shelach: 10+2 Tribes

Why twelve? If what is really important is the number ten, God could have theoretically created anywhere from eleven to nineteen tribes, and we would still have had decision-making with a majority of ten...

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