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Ukraine Drones Hit Moscow in Retaliation for Massive Attacks on Kiev

Russia once again launched a massive wave of suicide drones on Kiev early Tuesday morning, killing at least one civilian.

Israel, Morocco Ink 3 Transportation Deals

Under the agreements, Israelis and those residing in Morocco can use their Israeli driver's licenses and convert it to an equivalent Moroccan license without the need for exams, and Moroccans can do the same in Israel.

IDF Launches ‘Fist Punch’ Drill Simulating Attacks from Iran and Lebanon

Active military and reserve IDF forces from all commands, arms and wings are taking part in the exercise, which is expected to simulate attacks from Lebanon and Iran.

Nvidia to Build World’s Fastest AI Supercomputer in Israel

The "Israel-1" computer is to be one of the most powerful supercomputers in the world for AI calculations.

Former Israeli Supreme Court Justice Jacob Turkel Dies

Turkel became a full Supreme Court justice in 1995, serving on that court until 2005.

‘We’ll Take Iran in 24 Hours, Don’t Test Us’ – Taliban Threatening War Against Iran over Water

The 1973 agreement guarantees Iran an average of 0.22 cubic meters per second of water

Protester Waving Israeli Flag Rushes Stage at Roger Waters Show

Other demonstrators held large Israeli flags and chanted "Am Yisrael Chai" at the concert in Germany.

He’s Back! Avi Maoz to Head New Jewish National Identity Authority

The Noam Party leader will return to the government as a deputy minister.

Terrorist Group’s Activities Continue Masquerading as Student Exchange Programs

National Unity Party MK Sharen Haskel submitted a query to the Defense Minister asking why a terrorist organization is allowed to operate freely.

Israeli Navy’s C-Dome Successfully Intercepted Test Targets

The C-Dome, installed on Saar 6 corvettes, successfully intercepted advanced targets representing threats to the natural gas digs.

Well Financed Anarchists Plan to Ruin Israel Day Parade in NYC

So, how can the anti-judicial reform anarchists mess with the parade? We caught their email.

Government’s Zionist Values Resolution Opposed by AG, Haredi Parties

Netanyahu instructed Government Secretary Yossi Fuchs to write a gentler version of the Otzma resolution.

Is Hezbollah Preparing for Total War with Israel?

Will Israel face a united front of Iranian proxies?

Honoring Henry Kissinger at 100

Dr. Kissinger is most consequential figure in US foreign policy of the past century. His record regarding Jews and Israel remains controversial, but I think that on balance Kissinger deserves respect.

Jews and the Land of Israel: Part XII: “The Great Betrayal:” Selling Land to Jews

"opposition to land sales was one of the principal focal points around which the Arab national idea in Palestine coalesced. It was the place where the national idea adopted by the urban elite intersected with the villagers' fears that the Jews would buy up more land and dispossess them."

AI is the Illusion of a Soulless Society

It’s easy to fool people who no longer know what’s real.

A True Hero of the Pandemic

Dr. Schiffman often implemented this process while facing great risk and a wall of bureaucracy from political stakeholders and hospital leadership.

We Did Not Hit The Limit

Moses purchased the Codex Sassoon last week for a whopping $38.1 million and it will be housed at the museum in Tel Aviv... We did have a limit, but we did not hit the limit, Moses told The Jewish Press, but he did not wish to divulge what the limit was.
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Strengthening the House of David

Shavuot special: Yishai and Malkah Fleisher discuss the government's passing of the budget and Malkah's cheesecake trifecta for the holiday of Shavuot-Weeks-Pentacost. Rabbi Shimshon Nadel on why the date of Shavuot is enigmatic. Ben Bresky on the tumultuous history of King David's Tomb. And finally, Yishai goes through the whole Book of Ruth!

Just Another Bris?!

He continued with his barrage of insults, which The Jewish Press surely would find unfit to print, and this was in front of the whole congregation. Thousands of men became silent, trying to understand what Reb Chaim did to deserve such treatment.

Q & A: Coins, Sculptures, And Graven Images (Part II)

Question: Is one allowed to go to Madam Tassaud’s Wax Museum? Is this not a violation of the Torah’s prohibition of graven images? Ben Moseson Via email

Redemption Of A Heritage Field During Yovel

At the time of Megillas Rus, the Yovel – Jubilee year – was in force, replied Rabbi Dayan. If a person sold a field that was his sedei achuza – ancestral heritage from when the Land of Israel was first divided – it would return to him in Yovel.

Gittin, Daf 12: Enjoy Your Wealth

If a person is wealthy enough to own a field, why would he think that he would be able to keep the corner of the field, which is designated for poor people? Presumably, he would be excluded from the corner of any field, let alone his own!

Ruth, Alacrity and Mt. Sinai

Boaz wasn’t sure if he would be the “go’el”, the redeemer, for Elimelech’s estate...

What Is The Deeper Purpose Of Shavuos?

Once we understand the concept of time, and the distinct opportunity and importance of tapping into the unique theme of each point of time in the systematic process of ascension, we must delve into the specific theme that Shavuos presents.

Obstacle Course

Throughout life, a Jew is to always stand strong in the face of challenges and to choose to climb the mountain of Hashem.

Conversion As A Booster Shot

We are asked to make Kiddush over wine and we are told that wine can make one wise (Yoma 76b). But enjoying anything in moderation requires self-control and sometimes, when that becomes too difficult, the only way out is to deny oneself the pleasure altogether.

Between Man & Wife – Parshat Nasso

That HaShem forgoes His Honor for the sake of making peace between man and wife comes to teach us the importance of humbling our own egos for the sake of making our relationships work.

To Receive And Reflect His Glory

R’ David opens his remarks on Shavuot by examining the word Anochi that he identifies with the essence of truth – the secret code revealing His G-dliness, the nexus of His inscrutable justice.

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