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How well do you know the Land of Israel?

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Infected Anti-Vaxers Impede Israel’s Quality of Care as Hospital Staffs Are Near Collapse

Much has been said in the past about the right of a democracy to protect itself by suspending certain rights in time of an emergency.

Lost Tribe of Bnei Menashe Celebrates Sukkot in Northeastern India

The Bnei Menashe, or sons of Manasseh, claim descent from one of the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel.

Israel Loses Final Game of European Baseball Championship

In the sixth inning, Assaf Levemart's home run also brought Wanger home and Israel was ahead 4-1.

Rabbi Stav: Residents of Diverse Cities Don’t have to Sleep in the Sukkah

The question was posed by a resident of Lod following several shooting incidents in recent days in Lod and Ramla.

Shomron Leader Calls to Stop Arab ‘Occupation’ of Area C After Germany Pledges €100 M. to Fund PA Projects

The “real story” with these EU-funded projects is that they are part of the Fayyad Plan activity to take over Area C.

Knesset Committee Debates Increases in Supplementary Income Allowances for Senior Citizens

The change will benefit those who receive income support, and includes other populations that were not previously eligible.

Chabad Chassid Attacked in Crown Heights, Threatened with Death

Passersby chased the attacker, but he managed to escape.

AOC Calls for Arms Boycott of Israel

Israel’s Ambassador accused Democratic New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of legitimizing Hamas’ “attacks against innocent civilians, as well as anti-Semitic lies.”

Last Afghani Jew Gives Wife Get Erev Yom Kippur

Simintov's hostile relationship with the other last Jew in Kabul, Ishaq Levin, became the subject of a play in the UK.

Over 3 Million Israelis Get 3rd Booster Shot

The third dose boosts the immunity of its recipients about tenfold compared to those who had received only two doses of the vaccine at least five months earlier.

Seeing G-d Along the Way

How often in life do we immediately assume the worst of a situation, without ever considering that many setbacks are – more often than not – setups for something better.

An Abbreviated History of Anti-Zionism* 

Branding Israel as racist, portrays her as a country that harms civilian populations, oppresses minorities, establishes restrictive immigration laws and religious statutes as part of their ideological raison d’etre. Thus, Israel’s wars, its military response to terror and laws passed by the Knesset are racist.

Why Freedom Is in Serious Jeopardy

Today, the Left is leading a three-pronged assault on liberty:

The Old Peace Treaties vs. the Abraham Accords

Unlike Israel’s earlier peace agreements with Egypt and Jordan, the Abraham Accords involved Arab countries that do not border Israel, have never fought it on the battlefield, and are relatively unburdened by the Palestinian question. Accordingly, they were able to implement a “people to people” peace that eluded their predecessors.

What I Have… Is Called A Religion

I must admit to being confused at all the anger and consternation. I am not in the slightest offended by what the Pope said. He simply and honestly stated the classic Christian position and not in a way designed to offend or hurt.

The Terrorists’ Escape from Gilboa Prison: A Wake-Up Call for Israeli Society

Recent events, including the escape of six terrorists from Gilboa Prison and the death of Sgt. Barel Hadaria Shmueli, who was shot point blank by a Palestinian terrorist, represent a wake-up call for Israelis who have grown too accustomed to the pursuit of day-to-day quiet as a strategic choice. Whether Israelis recognize it or not, they are in a state of war with their enemies.

Rabbi Adlerstein On This And That In The Jewish World

Yom Kippur is my favorite day of the year. I call it the ultimate free lunch, because when you ‘show up’ – attitudinally – you are guaranteed some degree of atonement and reconnection with G-d.
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The Reluctant Prophet

Yishai comes back from praying on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem on Rosh Hashanah with a "Spiritual Sun Tan" and speaks about the challanges the State of Israel faces - and about Jonah, the reluctant prophet who, in many ways, symbolizes the Jewish people's role in this world.

A Leader’s Call To Responsibility

It is that power of hope, born whenever G-d’s love and forgiveness gives rise to human freedom and responsibility, that has made Judaism the moral force it has always been.

Rabbi Dayan’s Shemittah Lessons

The shemittah year cancels outstanding loans that are past due, although nowadays, we usually write a pruzbul to allow collecting loans past shemittah, based on an enactment of Hillel.

Bearing The Guilt

Miri has been carrying around guilt for the accident for over 60 years; for something she had zero responsibility for. She had misinterpreted the situation and blamed herself needlessly enduring enormous pain.

Q & A: Noy Sukkah – Sukkah Decorations (Part I)

Question: Is decorating the sukkah part of the mitzvah, or does the mitzvah only require the sukkah itself? Moshe Jakobowitz Brooklyn, NY

Two Days Of Yom Tov: In Israel? For Israelis?

Today, when we enjoy the benefit of a fixed calendar, we continue to observe two days of Yom Tov in the Diaspora even though we know exactly when the holidays are to be observed. This is based on the requirement to “follow the customs of our ancestors."

Rediscovering What You Already Know

Most importantly, though, when the malach struck you, you didn't lose this Torah; rather, you lost access to it. Instead of disappearing, this knowledge and clarity became buried deep within your subconscious.

To Widen Our Embrace

You must tell yourselves: I am not my pain. I feel pain, but it alone does not define who I am.

TORAH SHORTS: Parshat Haazinu: Sky, Earth and the Four Winds

A handful of pine-seed will cover mountains with the green majesty of forests. I too will set my face to the wind and throw my handful of seed on high. -Fiona Macleod

Divine Protection

We have nothing to fear from our enemies if we have faith in Hashem; it is specifically the shaky and unstable sukkah that actually symbolizes Hashem’s strength and might.

A Lasting Sukkos Message

Perhaps we might suggest that since this mitzvah symbolizes the Clouds of Glory that came without complaining, Hashem made it a free mitzvah to ensure that no one should complain about a mitzvah that commemorates no complaining.

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