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Smotrich: Israel Must Reinstall Check Posts in Judea and Samaria

"Maintaining the quality of life of the Arabs is not worth losing one Jew to murder."

Why Israeli Jews Mistrust Arabs: The Hebron Massacre

That pogrom took place 90 years ago, but many Israelis are convinced to this day that nothing has really changed.

Israeli Toddler in Stable Condition After Attack by Tiger in Thailand

The attack occurred during a family vacation at the local animal park on the Thai island of Ko Samui.

Palestinian Islamic Jihad Responsible for Recent Rocket Attacks from Gaza, Says Hamas

Although PIJ has acknowledged its operatives were responsible for two of the three rocket attacks this week, the group has yet to turn its members over to Hamas for interrogation.

Palestinian Authority to Accept NIS 2b in Fuel Taxes from Israel

“The transfer will have positive economic repercussions but it will not solve the problem between the Palestinian Authority and Israel.”

AG: Municipalities to Decide on Gender Separation at Local Events

“This is, as I have stated, an intermediate position that is valid a fundamental and comprehensive legal hearing can be held on the matter."

Yitzhar Residents Fight Fire for Second Time This Month

The fire caused tens of thousands of shekels of damage within the community.

Chabad-Lubavitch Yeshiva Student Yosef Levi, z’l, Dies in Mexico

The 21-year-old victim was a resident of the southern Israeli city of Be’er Sheva.

Regavim Slams Israel’s Ministry of Education for ‘Helping to Build Illegal School’

"In all likelihood, this illegal school is being built for reasons that go far beyond the educational needs of Bedouin youngsters."

Maher Fires Back at Tlaib: Does She ‘Want to Boycott 93 Percent of Her Own Party?’

“Some people have one move only: boycott. Cancel. Make-go-away. But here’s the thing, the house voted 318 to 17 to condemn the #BDS movement,” tweeted cable talk-show host and comedian Bill Maher.

High Court to Rule on Otzma Yehudit Disqualification on Sunday

Bentzy Gopstein did not attend the hearing because he believes the game was fixed and the court would not discuss his case with unbiased eyes.

Slavery And Statues

Radical activists now advocate that anyone – poet, politician, inventor, or writer – who owned slaves at any time in history be vilified and pilloried.

BDS is Primarily an Assault on American Jews

The goal of BDS is to silence American Jews as a political force, and American Jews refuse to see what is happening to them while it is happening.

‘We’re Anti-Israel, Not Anti-Semitic’

And if you seek to destroy the only Jewish state on earth, you are an anti-Semite – even if you don’t hate every Jew.

Latest Antics from the Israel-Bashing Industry

Rashida Tlaib had asked to go to "Palestine," which so far does not exist, on a trip arranged and co-sponsored by a Palestinian not-for-profit organization, Miftah, headed by longtime Israel-antagonist, Hanan Ashrawi. The group is described as "an exceptionally anti-Semitic group that praises Palestinian terrorists..."

The Levels of Hypocrisy in BDS – And Will You Have Fries With That?

BDS can go ahead and make their claim to success. Israel is opening up new battlefields.

Spain: Law on Citizenship for Sephardic Jews Ends in Failure

Although official data on the number of Sephardic Jews who will have obtained Spanish citizenship under the 2015 law will not be available until all applications are processed... initial indications show that the law has failed to "right a wrong."

Dvir Sorek, 19: An Interview with the Murdered Teenager’s Uncle

My father and my sister’s son were both fighters for Jewish independence and freedom. The loss can never be replaced, but we don’t let it break our spirits.
Jerusalem, Israel
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Thinking Israel from America

Yishai is in New Jersey thinking about the connection of global Jewry to the Land of Israel and the Torah portion of love to God.

Why Is The Jewish People So Small?

Israel defies the laws of history because it serves the Author of history. Attached to greatness, it becomes great. Through the Jewish people, G-d is telling humankind that you do not need to be numerous to be great. Nations are judged not by their size but by their contribution to human heritage.

Is It Proper…? Should a Frum Jew Take Pride in the Achievement of Non-Frum Jews?

Should a frum Jew take special pride in famous people who were Jewish but not frum and whose achievements have no evident connection to Judaism (e.g., Walter Rathenau, Richard Feynman, Danny Kaye, Bobby Fischer, Milton Friedman, Jascha Heifetz…)?

The Tisha B’Av of Yesterday AND Today

A few years ago, I realized something that changed the way I look at Tisha B’Av and while I can’t say I look forward to Tisha B’Av I started to focus on what I call “The Tisha B’Av of Today”. I focus on the national tragedies of what is happening right now – and what I can do to prevent them from continuing.

The Discerning Listener Catches The Story

If you are not attuned to the right frequency, then all of the signals in the world will pass you by.

Q & A: Shehecheyanu During The Three Weeks

Question: Why is saying Shehecheyanu prohibited during the Three Weeks? How is it different than other blessings?M. Jakobowitz Philadelphia, PA

Pre-Commitment Devices

Even though we generally abstain from taking oaths nowadays, figuring out other ways to up the ante and solidify our commitment is essential.

The Big Things Don’t Always Take Care of Themselves

Sins woven into the fabric of a society have a weight individuals’ sins do not. Communities must set standards, make sure people do not forget the nature of right and wrong, however far from it they may stray.

Hearing to See

I wish all of us, parents and teachers, would listen to everything our children ask and say. I dream of our hearing them so well that we can begin to visualize and relate to them as who they can be when they fulfill all their potential.

The Journey From The Refuge

" Nachamu, Nachamu, is not a repetition, but a Song of Act Two--uf new beginnings and of hope.

The Moon? Aim Closer To Home

“Man reached the moon. But man to man he has yet to reach.”

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