What Should the Kof-K Do About Ben & Jerry's Kosher Certification?

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Petach Tikva Stabbing Now Believed to be Terror Attack

Initially thought to be a criminal incident, the police changed its line of investigation to include suspicions of terrorism.

100-Year-Old Nazi Guard Found Fit to Stand Trial, Helped Murder 3,518

It appears that Germany is finally running out of Nazi war criminals to prosecute.

EMT Reunited with Child Burn Victim He Saved Two Years Ago

"I kept thinking of my own daughter, who is the same age as the boy I treated."

165,888 Ways to Make a Star Of David

The Genius Star is a logic game with a difference.

Police Detain, Confiscate Gun of Jewish Homeowner Who Shot Arab Burglar

The burglar, a man in his 30s, claimed during his interrogation that he was looking for work.

UK Wants to Avenge Iran’s Murder of Its Citizen But It’s Not Clear When and How

The UK Foreign Secretary on Monday focused on enlisting the UN Security Council in condemning the Iranians.

‘Terrorism Under Auspices of UN Hypocrisy’: Israel Demands Action After Report Shows UN-Paid Teachers Celebrate Deaths of Israelis

“UNRWA once again proves that it is not a humanitarian organization but an organization that encourages terrorism under the auspices of UN hypocrisy,” Ambassador Erdan stated.

Israeli-German Team Unveils Some Countries’ Under-Reported Corona Deaths

“Our results present a comprehensive picture of the impact of COVID-19.”

Israeli Police Exchange Fire with Jenin Terrorists, 6 Arabs Injured

The Israeli force's armored vehicles suffered light damage, while six terrorists were injured and evacuated by Arab medical service.

Google to Build Underwater Cable Connecting Israel, Europe and Asia

The system is slated to have 16 fiber-optic pairs and should be ready for service in 2024.

The Palestinian War on Israel is a War on truth

If the Palestinian leadership were to admit that the Jews had a civilization on this land 3,000 years ago—before Arabs conquered it—their entire narrative would fall apart.

The US Is Undermining the Abraham Accords

In contrast to the Trump administration’s tough stance on Iran, President Joe Biden’s willingness to negotiate with and reach a weak agreement with Iran undermines the strategic rationale for the normalization agreements between Israel and the Gulf states.

The International Olympic Committee and Palestinian Authority Athletes

There is a famous Talmudic expression that those who are merciful to the cruel are destined to be cruel to the merciful. 

Dear Ben and Jerry: Ignorance is NOT a Jewish Value

Why did Ben and Jerry not show a desire to go deeper and better understand a complicated conflict? Maybe because the messy truth didn’t fit their easy narrative.

Will the Delta Variant Spoil the High Holiday Comeback?

Of the many obstacles to in-person prayer services caused by COVID-19, one of the toughest is surely the mask mandate.

Jackie Mason’s Last Interview? The Famous Comedian Spoke At Length about his Long Relationship...

“Yes. You have to realize that Jackie’s father was one of the gedolim of the last generation, on the level of Rav Moshe himself!” Rav Singer stressed. While some may be tickled at such information, I could not help but feel a tinge of melancholy.
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The Texas Edition

Yishai is on the road with the family and having BIG Texas thoughts about the Israeli government's wrong-headed bid to reenter UNESCO and about the authentic Palestine - Palestine Texas, that is! Also the Torah portion of Ekev, where God cuts the Jews down to the right size!

Daf Yomi

The Flighty Customer ‘Scribes Who Write Torah Scrolls And Mezuzos …Are Exempt From Kerias Shema And Prayer…’ (Sukkah 26a)

Ticketing Mistake

Mr. Feder checked his initial communication with the agent. He had written the correct dates, and the error was clearly the agent's. "Why should we have to pay the surcharge?" Mrs. Feder asked her husband. "It was the agent's error, not ours!"

Clarity In The Fog

We had been living on the outskirts of the city, 30 miles from anything Jewish, and finally my dream of living in the heart of the community was being realized.

Reb Yoel

Reb Yoel was the master who knew exactly how to make the Rebbe's teachings accessible to everyone.

Q & A: Calling One’s Parent By Name (Part I)

Dear Rabbi Klass, I hope this finds you well. In a recent Daf Yomi Highlights column (1-15-21), you explain that Yitzchak was permitted to bless Yaakov by saying: “May Hashem grant you the blessings of Avraham” even though one is forbidden from using a parent’s first name, since the name Avraham itself is a “respectful title.” But this raises the question: How could Yaakov say to Yosef: “The G-d before whom my fathers Avraham and Yitzchak walked... bless the lads ... and may my name be declared upon them, and the names of my forefathers, Avraham and Yitzchak.” (Genesis 48:15-16). Your explanation would explain why it was proper for him to use the name Avraham (presumably one is not permitted to call a grandparent by a first name just as one is forbidden to call a parent by his first name) but it seems Yitzchak is no more a respectful title than any other name, so how did Yaakov use his father’s first name twice? Leonard Ziegler Via email

Mezonot Rolls

If it looks like bread, tastes like bread, and is used like bread, then it must be treated like bread, regardless of its level of sweetness.

‘Be Extremely Protective Of Your Lives’

If we were so concerned about every patient on a ventilator, scrupulously counted every coronavirus patient and victim, and carefully adhered to social distancing and wearing masks – how could this pandemic not have taught us to have greater appreciation for life under all circumstances?

Parshas Eikev: One Step at a Time

A practical suggestion towards making a reality of the Mitzvos behind the meaning of the word “Eikev": Write down the two Mitzvos-going to a Beis Midrash, and going to Eretz Yisrael-on a piece of paper and hang it on the fridge. Each day, look at it and ask, “What have I done today in order to try and make these Mitzvos more of a reality?”

TORAH SHORTS: Guarding the Guardian: Parshat Ekev

Who will guard the guards themselves? -Juvenal

The Litmus Test Of Yiras Shamayim

In a very real way, davening is one of the final frontiers of Jewish life. Many learn a lot, engage in significant charity and have fine families, but their prayer is still very subpar.

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