Of the 2 Leaders, Whose Party Would You Prefer to Vote For?

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El Al’s ‘Sun D’Or’ Airlines Stops Operating on Sabbath

The change dates back to the acquisition of the airline in September 2020 by Eli Rozenberg, an Orthodox Jewish immigrant from New York.

Haifa School Hosts B’Tselem Speaker Accusing Israel of Apartheid Despite Education Minister’s Ban

The twelfth graders posed good questions to the speaker from B'Tselem and didn't need thought protection from the Education Minister.

Israeli Health Ministry Publishes Data-Sharing Contract Inked with Pfizer

According to the agreement, the MoH will provide epidemiological info to the pharmaceutical giant in exchange for the ongoing delivery of the BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine.

Importing the Swamp: Gideon Saar Hires ‘Lincoln Project’ Team to Do to Bibi What They Did to Trump

No doubt, it's by far more effective stuff than Israelis are used to both in terms of the sophistication of the video production and the raw bluntness of the message.

Arab Squatters Commandeer Temple-Era Archaeological Site and Turn it into Their Private Home

Among the remains are mikvahs, ritual baths, which were hewn in the days of the Second Temple and were used until the Byzantine period, burial caves, an oil press, underground systems, and impressive structures from the Ottoman period.

Israel’s Recovery at Annual Rate of 39.7% Third in OECD

The sharp rise in GDP followed the significant contraction in the economy in the Second Quarter of 2020.

Report: Russia Sponsored Syrian-Israeli Meeting on Removing Iranian Forces

According to the Jusoor Center, "Peace with Israel is an ideal solution for the regime to get out of the diplomatic and economic blockade."

2 Gaza Rockets Aimed at Ashdod Fell in the Mediterranean, IAF Retaliated

The Air Force attacked "workshops teaching tunnel-digging operated by the Hamas terrorist organization in the Gaza Strip."

Why the Jews? Answer number 1,800,018

We will not submit; we will not appease; we will not surrender.

Israel Goes Back to the Future

Israel was able to withstand unrelenting pressure and hostility from Washington during the Obama years. Will it be able to do the same after Biden takes office?

A Tribute to Trump’s Winning Mideast Policies

US President-elect Joe Biden ought not jettison the outgoing administration’s Mideast achievements – successful policies that made the US and Israel safer and stronger! – because of Trump’s turpitude.

What Apartheid?

Last week, I woke up one morning in my Nazareth home and was astonished to discover I was living under a racist, apartheid regime whose only purpose is “the promotion and perpetuation of the superiority of one group of people—the Jews.”

Purging Trump Supporters Doesn’t Bode Well for US

The press and political echelon have been transferring blame for the president’s behavior to the more than 70 million Americans who voted for him, making the prospect of a balanced future in the United States almost impossible.

Azerbaijani MP: “Israel can play a role during reconstruction process in Karabakh”

For Azerbaijan, one of their greatest tasks after restoring their territorial integrity is to rebuild the infrastructure that was destroyed

Millions Of Jews In… Afghanistan? An Interview with Nadav Sofy

Today, even in Afghanistan and Pakistan, many people have Internet. We have a page on Facebook, and we receive many comments from Afghans who trace their lineage back to Yaakov Avinu.
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Shalom to Sheldon, Hello Brave New World

First, Malkah Fleisher on the passing of the great philanthropist Sheldon Adelson. Then Yishai and Malkah tackle listener questions, especially on the Trump-Israel axis. Next up, Rabbi Yishai is joined by Rav Mike Feuer to talk Biblical politics as Moses and Aaron face-off with Pharaoh and bring Godly-plagues upon Egypt.

A Successive Tribute For The Lion Of Justice, Norman Rosenbaum, z”l (Part 4)

Norman responded, “Captain, nobody is going to storm City Hall, but go and tell the mayor that he’s got to come out and see all of us.”

Q & A: Why Does Hallel Come Before Keriat HaTorah? (Part I)

On those days that we recite Hallel, why do we do so before Keriat HaTorah? Shouldn’t the Torah reading come first based on the rule that whenever two matters face us, we do the more frequent one first (tadir v’she’eino tadir, tadir kodem)? Menachem

The Moment In Time That Defines Us

When looking back into our history we often find examples of people being in the right time and place, and making history that gave meaning and purpose to their entire existence.

Marshes, Marshes, Marshes

Rabbi Pappenheim writes that “achu” refers to the brotherhood between the different animals that join up in fertile land to feast on its produce.

Overcoming Setbacks

Leadership, even of the very highest order, is often marked by failure.

What True Leaders Do

As a young man, raised with royal treatment in Pharaoh’s palace, Moshe Rabbeinu didn’t allow himself to relax in splendor. Rather, he went out to his suffering brethren and shared in their fate.

Advice From Rav Hirsch and Rabbanit Mizrahi

Advice for this stressful time: Rav Shlomo Wolbe said that we should pray at the start of the day over crises that we know will come.

It’s All A Matter Of Will

All three individuals can do what was previously thought unachievable because their will and resolve unearth hidden strengths.

Va’eira: The Divine Revelation To Humanity

The ten plagues were part of a deliberate process to educate not only Egypt and Israel but also humanity.

Devotion In Prayer: Central To Yiddishkeit

Although I don't know you... I have heard about you that the spirit of G-d shines in you.

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