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Israel’s Financial Stability in Shadow of COVID-19 So Far Has Been ‘Medium-High,’ Says Bank of Israel

"The steps taken by the Bank of Israel succeeded in eliminating much of the panic in the markets and restored them to proper functioning."

Iran Arrests 5 as Spies for Israel, UK & Germany

At least two of the five have each already been convicted and sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Democrats Water Down Legislation to Condition Aid to Lebanese Armed Forces

In addition to Democrats, reportedly, the U.S. State and U.S. Defense Departments have been for continuing the aid, while many in the White House have advocated halting it.

With No Incoming Tourism, Jerusalem Shifts Focus to Israelis

The city is offering free entrances to tourist attractions, culinary tours, tour guides, and other attractions.

Berkeley Woman Arrested for Starting Synagogue Trash Fire

When firefighters arrived at the scene, they discovered that bystanders had already extinguished the fire.

IDF Scales Back Alert Level on Northern Border with Lebanon

The last time it was at this high level of preparedness was during the Second Lebanon War in the summer of 2006.

Netanyahu Asking for Court Review as Bereaved Families Protest Outside Home of Justice Mazuz Who Favored Terrorists’ Families

To date, with very few exceptions, the High Court of Justice has routinely rejected appeals by terrorists' families to halt the demolition of their homes.

New Model Shows How Voting Behavior Drives Political Parties Apart

The new model shows why politicians become more polarized even as their constituents remain in the middle.

Ilhan Omar Faces a Serious Challenger in Tuesday’s Primary

In 2012, Omar tweeted: "Israel has hypnotized the world, may Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel."

Trump Escorted Out of News Briefing after Shots Fired Outside the White House

The president came back nine minutes later and informed the reporters that a man had been shot and that the situation was under control.

With 30 Fires Raging on Monday, DM Gantz Unable to Stop Hamas Incendiary Balloon Attacks

This week it's pretty clear that Gantz is not interested in going back to that war, which is really the only way to stop the balloons, the rockets, and the terrorist tunnels.

Aliyah’: Living the Zionist Dream, Building the Modern State

At the end of the day, the Jewish people’s exile is over. We sing about next year in Jerusalem, and there is nothing stopping us from making that a reality.

Returning to Schools and the Workplace, Safer and Faster

Scientists need to be scientists. They do not need to be censoring politicians.

Play Ball?

And yet, Major League Baseball placed the BLM logo on the pitchers’ mounds on Opening Day.

The Intelligence Dimension of the IDF’s Flight from South Lebanon in May 2000

The extent of the current military threat to Israel posed by Hezbollah is the outcome of the hasty Israeli withdrawal from the security zone in South Lebanon in May 2000. Then-PM Ehud Barak appears to have made this fundamental decision without consulting Israeli intelligence.

The Farrakhan Paradox: He admires Hitler; White (Privilege) Celebs and Black Athletes Admire Him

Farrakhan just hates Jews, but sadly, US college students end four undergraduate years without knowing any real history.

Commanders Against Israel’s Sovereignty: Look us in the eye …

Even a cursory analysis of the “Commanders for Israel’s Security” plan, perversely titled “Security First,” will reveal that it is not a security plan composed by military experts, but a political manifesto drafted by amateur politicians.

15 Years: The Evacuation of Gush Katif until the COVID-19 Crisis

An exclusive interview with Rav Yosef Zvi Rimon about ‘JobKatif’ a nonprofit organization to aid the Gush Katif evacuees in finding employment he established 15 years ago, about the employment programs he has developed since, about the unemployment crisis in the wake of the COVID-19, and about what the state must do immediately to solve the employment crisis. Clue: LISTEN
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Lebanon Blast, Hindu Shrine, and Tu B’Av – the Jewish Holiday of Love

Yishai and Malkah celebrate their 18th anniversary by singing "I just called to say I love you" in Jerusalem's Machane Yehuda Shuk! But what was that explosion in Beirut? And are Palestinians really Jordanians?

Mind Over Milkshakes

The Talmud presents an enigmatic aggadic dialogue between G-d and the angels in which the angels ask G-d how He can show favor to the Jewish people (as is implied in the Priestly Blessing) when fairness and justice usually preclude showing favoritism.

Remembering The Wall (Part II)

Other words derived from this root include “chatzi” (half), “chazot” (midday or midnight), “chutz” (outside/exterior), and “cheitz” (arrow).

Can You Rent Your Apartment To Anyone?

The Shach [Yoreh De’ah 151:17] doesn’t understand this statement, however, because we commonly see non-Jews bringing icons into their homes on a permanent basis!

Q & A: Making Up For What We Missed (Part XVI)

Question: The Covid-19 pandemic has put an end to almost all public gatherings; hence, much of Jewish congregational ritual has come to a halt. Is there a way to make up for everything we missed? M. Goldman

More Than We Deserve

Chessed has no if-then quality. It is given out of the goodness of the giver, regardless of the worth of the recipient.

Love And Hate: What Did Rav Kook Say?

While Rav Kook's love for the Jewish people knew no bounds, one should not think that he was some sort of liberal, reform rabbi who believed that everyone was free to do his own thing, G-d forbid.

Redeeming Relevance: Parshat Re’eh: How to See God in the World

Whether in its variation or in its norms, the world around us provides countless ways to see God. But that will only happen to someone who is looking for them. In other words if we really want to see God, we must also seek God.

Advice From Moshe

It's always possible to ask forgiveness and to forgive, and to begin anew.

The Most Important Thing to Never Bring Into Your Home

In 2001, Indra Nooyi was named president of PepsiCo. Five years later, she would be promoted to CEO and, in 2007, she would become...

As The Night Gets Longer…

Rashi explains: “From the 15th of Av onward, whoever adds nights to the days by studying Torah adds life to his lifetime.”

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