How well do you know the Land of Israel?

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DeSantis Ties Biden in Latest National Poll, Trump Lags 10 Points Behind

Republicans, Democrats, and Independents differed considerably on reducing US military aid to Ukraine.

Iran Abolishes Morality Police

The chief public prosecutor said Iran’s so-called morality police was suspended.

New Section of Imperial Roman Highway from Acre to Tiberias Uncovered

As its need was growing to quickly move military forces, mail, and goods, the Roman Empire started paving roads in and around the Land of Israel.

Ben Shapiro Objects to Twitter’s Banning of Kanye West: He Didn’t Incite Violence

"People who are treating [West] seriously for their own purposes are sick, deviant."

Lull Over: Rocket Fired from Gaza, IDF Attacks Hamas Targets

Hamas reportedly pressured the Islamic Jihad not to retaliate for the assassination.

Has America Really Come to This?

President Biden released a post that should never have needed to have been said.

Herzog Faces Hate in Abraham Accords Member Bahrain, Will Also Visit UAE

Bahraini social media post: “All normalization is an act of treason. Do not come.”

Gaza Rocket Lands in Open Area

Red Alert apps did not receive the notification. No interceptors were launched.

‘Non-Jewish Nanny’ to Orthodox Children Becomes a Social Media Sensation

Adriana Fernandez can pronounce Pesach perfectly, and is well-versed in the rules of “shomer negiah” and “tznius.”

Jewish Organizations Heavily Involved in Warnock-Walker Race as Georgia Senate Runoff Approaches

Will not having control of the Senate in question be demobilizing for Republican voters?

The Conundrum of ‘Jewish Pride’

Perhaps the only true Jewish pride comes not from simply being Jewish, but from gratitude and resolution.

The Forgotten Friendship: Israel and the Soviet Bloc: Part III: Reversal of Soviet Policy

If Jewish nationalism was revived and emigration permitted, national separatism would once again become a national issue.

When The Israeli Army Asks Religious Soldiers To Fight In Mixed-Gender Units

Women have become a major part of the defense effort, especially in the fields of intelligence and cyber security. More and more, women are beginning to enter actual combat units.

Ukraine’s Past Matters

Kyiv is right to ask that Stalin’s terror famine be recognized as genocide. But it should be equally honest about those who collaborated with Hitler.

Court Jews Courting Favor

“Another bad idea from two guys who consistently have been wrong on US - Israel policy"

Appeal of Antisemitism Among American Muslims

While there are some American Muslims who acknowledge that Israel isn’t going away, they are not willing to say so publicly. This silence, coupled with extremist anti-Israel activism, is contributing to a decline in Jewish safety in the U.S.

‘Peace will start at the Temple Mount’

Interview with tthe founder of ,Inon Dan Kehati:
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The Future of Our History

Yishai and Malkah Fleisher discuss the battles for Hebron - from Chayei Sarah, to the media, to the provocatuerism of the radical Left. Then, Yishai's guest appearance on the renowned Behind The Bima Program with Rabbi Efrem Goldberg and Rabbi Josh Broide, taking about the Ben Gvir phenomenon and the question of American Jewish Aliyah.

Israel Has Become a World Leader – The Jay Shapiro Show [audio]

Israel has become a world leader in hi-tech which can lead to serious social consequences

Why a Ladder? – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

A ladder with two feet on the ground that ascends to Heaven symbolizes the situation of all of us. The challenge of constantly climbing the spiritual ladder relies on motivation to reach greater levels of holiness and oneness with God.

Do the child-free have a future? – News From The Torah [audio]

As our society places less and less importance on relationships and children, is it losing its chance for a future? As Yaakov builds his family in Haran, join me to apply his lessons to our lives

The Courage Of One

What gives you the strength? I asked. How do you, a boy of 12, find the courage to keep Shabbos all by yourself every week? I am just in awe of you.

Look Inside Before Condemning Others

The end of the story is that my wife and family are pleased with the new oven. (This was pretty much a win-win as the old oven barely cooked, and anything with a functional heating element would have been an improvement.)

How The Light Gets In

We find G-d not only in holy or familiar places but also in the midst of a journey, alone at night.

How We Get There

A good friend shares one’s values, goals and sensitivities. A good friendship involves friends who can be trusted with personal information and care about helping one another.

Peace In The Family – Above All Else

The bottom line from these two instances and a host of different statements by our Sages throughout the Talmud is that shalom bayit is essential, and apparently one can lie or even erase the name of G-d to achieve this.

You Are Always G-d’s Child

A confusing thought may enter your mind, but if you stand firm, G-d will send you another thought to encourage you.

Not Fleeing From Trouble, But Going Towards A Glorious Future

This outlook of looking forward to the future with a sense of purpose is worthwhile to adopt in our personal and national lives.

Parshat Vayetzei – Sensitivity to Our Wives

A man must be constantly vigilant to speak and behave in a manner that brings happiness and comfort to his wife (or wives in Yaakov's case).

Torah Shorts: Parshat Vayetze: Prophetic Vision

As a man is, so he sees. As the eye is formed, such are its powers. -William Blake

How Much Do You Sleep?

The second project is 'A Home for Life.' It was established a little more than a year ago. This is a home for girls with special needs. They integrate into the community as they acquire life skills and learn how to live independently.

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