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Meretz-Labor Merger Collapses

The forced merger of most of Israeli political parties fell apart once the anti-Netanyahu glue holding them together was dissolved.

United Hatzalah Takes Over Bnei Brak Old Age Home After Staff Contracts Coronavirus

Volunteers from the Bnei Brak chapter of United Hatzalah are providing care for approximately 50 residents who live in the old age home.

Hungary to Supply Packages of Kosher Poultry to Jewish Communities of Europe

The shortage is due to the closure of many kosher slaughterhouses, as well as the outlawing of “shechita” (kosher ritual slaughtering) in certain parts of Europe.

Bnei Brak Under Siege, 4 Died in Israel on Shabbat, 1,867 Dead in NYC

4 Israelis died over Shabbat, bringing Israel's number of dead to 44. 166 patients are in moderate condition, 115 critical, out of whom 98 are on respirators.

Forced to Shut Down his Resorts, Sheldon Adelson Continues to Pay his 10,000 Employees

Adelson also purchased 2 million medical masks which he is donating to first responders and medical workers who are in the frontlines against the coronavirus pandemic.

Watch: Israel’s Electric Company Salutes Magen David Adom

The Reading Power Station in Tel Aviv burst with a light show Thursday night in celebration of Magen David Adom.

Politicians, Health Officials, Demand Litzman’s Sacking for Flagrant Defiance of Ministry Guidelines

"A health minister who violates the emergency provisions that the office he is heading has issued, while putting himself and others in jeopardy, has no place in government."

Israel to Test Favipiravir (T-705) on Bnei Brak Hospital Patients

And Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv is the first medical facility in the world to have developed a protocol for the families of a dying coronavirus patients to say goodbye to them.

1,562 New Yorkers Die of COVID-19, Total US Death Toll is 5,810

In New York City, the death toll rose Thursday to 1,562 -- nearly a third of the entire death toll of America.

Netanyahu Sidesteps Coronavirus Again

Netanyahu was in the vicinity of Health Minister Yaakov Litzman.

Israeli Death Toll Reaches 36 as COVID-19 Cases Approach 7,000

The Health Ministry reports one out of every seven Israelis with the COVID-19 coronavirus is from Bnei Brak.

Pandemic Prompts Prayer at Home, Online Through America, According to Latest Pew Study

On a recent Wednesday morning, East Coast time, thousands of Orthodox Jews stopped what they were doing to recite a series of psalms all at the same time.

A New Lease on Life for the “Jewish Nose” Lie

What makes the Jewish nose lie so dangerous, and why it is so important for mainstream society to reject it is that stereotypes fuel hatred. Hatred fuels violence. So even when a stereotype is invoked in a supposedly humorous way, it has the same impact.

Coronavirus: Why Palestinian Leaders Are Not Helping Gaza to Combat It

Why is the PA ignoring calls to help the Palestinians of the Gaza Strip in their effort to prevent the spread of the coronavirus? One explanation -- that accords with history -- is that if a large number of Palestinians living in Gaza there are infected... the PA leadership wants the world to blame Israel.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe Also Ate The Seder Alone

“‘Rabbi Jacobson,’ she asked me, ‘did I do the right thing? Was it even a Seder? Because it did not feel like one.’”

Israel’s Defense Minister Bennett Unveils Post-Pesach Plans

Naftali Bennett says the Jewish state must move from closure to a new “corona routine” that keeps the rate of transmission under control without destroying the economy, calling for the IDF to lead information tracking backed by artificial intelligence, massive testing and localized quarantines.

The Internet in the Coronavirus Era

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is causing an online revolution—one that provides opportunities but also creates risks. Surveillance of infected and quarantined individuals through mobile applications is helping to slow the spread of the contagion, but contains an implicit threat to privacy. Cybersecurity is being tested as hackers look for ways to use the unprecedented situation to strike governments, companies and individuals.

Want To Be Free? Embrace Uncertainty

There is redemption in experiencing uncertainty. It's an opportunity to embrace our vulnerability and realize there is something much bigger than us.

Who Gets Treated First?

The doctor has precedence. A king does not have precedence over a doctor who can save the lives of many others.
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From Messiah to the Mossad in the Age of Coronavirus

(((CLICK BELOW TO HEAR AUDIO))) Is there a difference between hoping for Messiah and being a Messianist? Rabbi Yishai Fleisher is joined Rav Mike Feuer...

Daf Yomi

For Appearances Sake ‘Moving Forward at the Word of G-d’ (Shabbos 31a)

Sing And Song (Part I)

In what is possibly a separate explanation, the Malbim writes that “shirah” is a more general term that can refer to song both in a religious sense and in a secular sense, while “zimrah” refers specifically to a religious song that speaks of G-d’s praises.

G-d Wants You To Love Others

Fasting is of no use if at the same time you do not act justly and compassionately to your fellow human beings.

Essential vs. Non-Essential: A Pesach Lesson of the Pandemic

This pandemic has forced us to redefine “essential” and “non-essential.” With the proper frame of mind, many of us can be empowered in unprecedented ways to sincerely and genuinely sing Dayeinu from the essence of our being.

Mi Bamageifa: What We Are Supposed To Do Now?

Are we really yearning for the geula? Do we daven for it like we daven for other things we feel we need?

Is It Proper…? Is it appropriate to look for, and publicize, gematrias and Torah codes related to the current coronavirus pandemic?

Is it appropriate to look for, and publicize, gematrias and Torah codes related to the current coronavirus pandemic?

On Nechama Leibowitz’s Yahrzeit

The lecturer said he understood her message to him – that in her classes the objective was not to demonstrate how much she knew (and she knew a lot), but to teach the public.

Who Is A Jewish Leader?

A true Jewish leader, however, must be aware of and interested in the lives and problems of individuals and communities.

Protecting the Precious

Our Matzah is not Shmurah if we are unconcerned with those who have nothing to eat, or no Seder to join.

Redeeming Relevance: Why House Clothes Simply Won’t Do

It might seem easier to pray alone to God, rather than with the various distractions of a communal setting. True, Jewish law actually recognizes this and tries to minimize these distractions by recommending a set seat, prohibiting holding objects, etc. Still, the many distractions are impossible to completely eliminate. Yet in spite of its drawbacks, we derive strength from doing things together with a group.

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