How well do you know the Land of Israel?

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Ukraine’s Embassy Bombed in Madrid

The explosive letter had arrived by regular mail and was not scanned.

Leftist Old Guard Landing Final Punches as Israelis Prepare for Better Leaders

Did Lapid really just depict David Ben Gurion as an LGBTQ unsung hero?

Tel Aviv Schoolchildren Discover 3000-Year-Old Scarab

“At first, I thought it was a toy lying in the dirt, but an inner voice said to me: ‘Pick it up and turn it over!’"

Jerusalem College of Technology Launches Rabbinic Ordination Program for Orthodox Anglos

Israel’s Anglo communities often don't hire rabbis, so JCT aims to revive the position of rabbi as community leader.

Survey: Majority of Israeli Jews Support Harsher Treatment of Arab Terrorists

The steepest rise in the demand for an iron fist response has taken place in the traditional-religious population.

Arabs Attack Israeli Drivers with Firebombs on Jerusalem-Gush Etzion Highway

In addition, terrorists injured one Israeli man in a rock attack that took place further down the road in the Givat Gal neighborhood of Kiryat Arba.

IDF, Shin Bet Warn Knesset Members to Expect Rise in Terror Attacks

“The expectation is for an increase in the scope of the attacks and an escalation in the quality of the attacks that will come from Judea and Samaria.”

Bedouin Theft at Tze’elim Army Base in Southern Israel

Among the items that were stolen were sleeping bags, tactical equipment and approximately 25 liters (6.6 gallons) of fuel.

Homesh Rabbi Indicted for Defying Disengagement Law

It is not clear whether the rabbi will be convicted, since the incoming Netanyahu government is mulling repeal of the onerous Disengagement Law.

Israeli Think Tank Warns of Threats to Food Security

Food security in Israel is better than in most countries, but global threats may negatively affect that security, according to the Shoresh Institution.

Tehran Dangles Samson Option Again

The mullahs played that trick with presidents Clinton, George W. Bush, Obama, and Trump. In every case, except that of Trump, the trick worked.


America’s presidents, past AND present, must confront and condemn the antisemites who are spreading Jew-hatred throughout our country now.

What Happened to the 1947 UN Partition Plan?

The 1922 League of Nations Mandate for Palestine, which placed that entire area under the governance of Great Britain, for the sole purpose of creating a Jewish state on all of the land.

Druze Show the Way to Winning


Trees Encountered*

In the month leading up to our anniversary, we had two family weddings, one from each side. It was inevitable at each simcha to note the leaves that had fallen off the family trees, the gaps in the branches.

If Only Biden Treated Israel…

As Well As It Treats Jordan, Saudi Arabia and The Palestinian Authority-and just about every other country you can name

‘No Problem with Having a Halachic State’

The elder rabbi of the national religious sector talks about conversions, gay rights, and the states of Israel’s Supreme Court in a no-holds-barred interview.
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The Hard Path to Redemption

After terror returns to the streets of Jerusalem, Yishai and Malkah sit down to plot a course to a strong Israeli future. Then, on Table Torah: How spirituality was reality in the house of Rivka and Yitzchak. Plus: Does it make sense to celebrate American Thanksgiving in Israel?

Jews are the Real Black’s – Lighten Up! [audio]

Lighten Up welcomes our first guest host Lenny Goldberg! Where we discuss everything from Greta Thunberg to Florida man trying to escape America and go back to Cuba!

Where Is The World Heading and Death Penalty For Terrorist Murder – The Walter Bingham File [audio]

Only: The Immediate death penalty for terrorist murder and the punishment of the perpetrators immediate family who brought him or her up, will help to deter continued terror.

Breaking the Bubble – Returning Home [audio]

Natalie meets with Dani Abell, who moved to Israel in 2011 right after finishing college and getting married. We trace Dani's life from learning at Hesder Yeshivah in Shalavim, to Ramot where he has been for the past 5 years with his wife Lea and 4 children

How We Get There

A good friend shares one’s values, goals and sensitivities. A good friendship involves friends who can be trusted with personal information and care about helping one another.

Peace In The Family – Above All Else

The bottom line from these two instances and a host of different statements by our Sages throughout the Talmud is that shalom bayit is essential, and apparently one can lie or even erase the name of G-d to achieve this.

You Are Always G-d’s Child

A confusing thought may enter your mind, but if you stand firm, G-d will send you another thought to encourage you.

Q & A: Lenient Or Stringent Ruling From The Rabbi (Part I)

Question: My rabbi recently ruled leniently in a certain matter relating to the laws of mourning. Am I disrespecting my late mother if I follow this advice? Name withheld on request Via email

The Yom Tov Of Rosh Chodesh Kislev

In the face of the Rebbe’s fortitude and steadfast refusal to go to the hospital, the doctors attending him were unsure what to do.

A Father’s Love

Isaac surely knew that his elder son was a man of mercurial temperament who lived in the emotions of the moment.

How Much Do You Sleep?

The second project is 'A Home for Life.' It was established a little more than a year ago. This is a home for girls with special needs. They integrate into the community as they acquire life skills and learn how to live independently.


Our sages tell us that the daughters of Tzlafchad had a strong love for the Land of Israel. As such, they were not willing to surrender their father’s portion in the Land of Israel, just because he had died without sons. They therefore came to Moshe to demand his portion.

Parshat Toldot – The Israel-Edom Conflict

The subconscious realization that the nation of Israel is ascending to become mankind's dominant moral light compels Western civilization to try limiting the size and strength of the Jewish state.

Torah Shorts: Parshat Toldot: The Spiritual Road to Material Riches

"Riches do not consist in the possession of treasures but in the use made of them."-Napoleon Bonaparte

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