I Don’t Want To Repeat My Parents’ Rocky Marriage

Your self-awareness and your ability to worry over their influence will only aid you in this process.

Change Is Good!

In fact, instead of doing things that help us learn, we often do the exact opposite.

Give And Take

To expect financial support without any impact or input is immature and unrealistic.

Really Anxious That Your Child Is Anxious?

As most parents only want their children to enjoy and succeed, they feel a lot of pain when their child seems to miss out on so many of life’s rewards because they are scared of something.

So Close Yet So Far

Since this girl has known you for the same amount of time that you have known her, you have to assume that she has made her decision with careful thought and deliberation.

A Mostly Fine Decision

The maximizers who spend so much time on the decision are often less happy with the results.

Mother, May I?

You no longer want to be bogged down by the minutiae that we sometimes focus on in shidduchim, yet your mother doesn’t seem to agree.

Single Sukkos

You’re tired, and I get it. Tired of being the single sibling, tired of helping the most, and tired of everyone treating you like you can’t possibly be OK on your own.

Without Saying A Word: Nonverbal Communication For Children And Adults

In any relationship, the words that people say are extremely significant, but it is the unspoken language of friendship that truly allows relationships to flourish and grow.

Dating After Divorce

If someone interesting is suggested and he sounds promising to you, go out on a date. Date with honesty and integrity, and expect the same from the men you are set up with.

Burnout: A Women’s Epidemic?

What happens if the stressor is not a lion? What happens if the stressor is a really rude boss?

The Numbers Game

Unless your crystal ball works better than mine, no one can predict the future of any couple or knows what life may bring.

Shutting Down

If the thoughts that are keeping you awake are tasks you need to complete, write them down. This way, you know you won’t forget.

Chivalry Is Not Dead

Eating at a restaurant can be expensive, but by paying the bill you are showing the girl that while you know that she may be able to afford her own meal, you don’t want her to.


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