Cockroaches, Towels, Peer Pressure, And You (Continued From Last Week)

The problem arises when the peers are not all you would have liked them to be, and your child is facing some strong pressure to conform to standards that he knows are not acceptable or, at best, can be found in the murky ‘grey area.’

Dear Dr. Yael

You will ultimately work less hard if your children and grandchildren are involved. Complimenting them for helping you will also build their self-esteem. Additionally, they will learn how to deal more effectively with their own children if you delegate tasks to your children and demonstrate appreciation.

Be Present: It’s A Gift

If you are asking me if being happy is a bad thing, I couldn’t possibly disagree. If you are wondering if I believe in being mindful and present, then the answer is of course, ‘yes.’

Cockroaches, Towels, Peer Pressure, And You

I present you with this research data not because it’s interesting or cute, but so that you will fully appreciate the significance of the power of peer pressure.

Dear Dr. Yael

For those of you who are dating, I ask you to try not to marry someone with the hope of changing them. A healthy marriage can help someone grow emotionally, spiritually and bolster someone’s self-esteem.

The Road Map To Dating

A reputation is something that someone builds over time, so we can trust that this is going to give us a better understanding of their true character and behavior.

Reading, Interrupted: Educating Those With ADHD

The New York Times explains that in order to be diagnosed with ADHD, children should have at least six attention symptoms or six activity and impulsivity symptoms – to a degree beyond what would be expected for children their age.

Dear Dr. Yael

I applaud your attitude as you seem to appreciate all the brachos that Hashem gave you as well as treasure all the good years in your marriage. We can all learn from your positive attitude in life.

Family Ties

It is possible that there is something you are missing when it comes to his family, and it is equally probable that whatever has caused their disconnect will assure you of his commitment to an emotional connection and his stability.

Kids Called Nerds: Can They Succeed Socially?

Research has indicated that children with learning disabilities often fail to pick up social skills and experience more difficulty making and keeping friends than young people without these problems. Yet, quite often children who academically are well within the mainstream, suffer from these disadvantages as well.

Dear Dr. Yael

I do not know what kind of childhood your husband had, however, if you want to make this marriage work, you must try to focus on his positive qualities instead of his negative issues. I know this is easier said than done.

Let’s Talk Money

You need to discuss what your individual financial expectations are. Not only about what you will each be contributing as a couple, but also about what you expect your spouse to offer you in terms of gifts, vacations, and the like.

Hey, The Brakes Don’t Work!

Picture yourself as a child, feeling unable to wait your turn or restrain yourself from blurting out comments as your teacher or parent is speaking. Even though you know full well the negative consequences you will suffer from your behavior, you easily become oppositional and answer back to authority.

Life Chronicles

Dear Mrs. Bluth, I have been a faithful reader of this amazing column for over thirty years and, even though you address someone's individual, personal...

Your Opinion Matters! (Just Not To Me)

Sometimes, we need guidance and counsel. Sometimes, we can benefit greatly from advice. Yet, there are times however, when too many voices only cause chaos and pain.

Executive Function Disorder In Children And Adults

It’s true that Executive Function Disorder is becoming a hot topic in education these days. Of course, that is not because more children and adults are dealing with it, but rather because experts have given it a name and have devised ways to deal with its accompanying difficulties.

Second Chances

Even when things are going well, we may have bruised feelings when we feel a stronger connection earlier that the person we are dating or feel ready before they do. We are all responsible for our own feelings. We get to decide on the risks we take with them.

Different, Not Dumb: Rescuing The Disorganized Child

What are the causes behind output failure? Are we discussing actual dysfunctions of the brain – or does the term merely whitewash certain flaws in character?

Dear Dr. Yael

Covert narcissists are insecure, they can be passive aggressive and hypersensitive to criticism, but they have no problem being critical in a passive way.

Pesach Single

Time to set some boundaries. This has to be done right away before you are all gathered at the Seder table.

Mastering ADD: From Victim To Victor

What Exactly Is ADD? ADD is a neurological disorder characterized by inappropriate levels of inattention, over-activity, and impulsivity. Symptoms arise in early childhood but are not always identified correctly.

Life Chronicles

I am writing to you because I have been fired from my job for doing the right thing!

Dear Dr. Yael

Set realistic goals for what needs to be accomplished. It is important to focus on the most important areas such as the kitchen, dining area, and other places that chametz is generally found.

Forever Is A Long Time

It’s time to slow things down. Nothing has changed. Everything is still going smoothly. You still like each other. You still want to continue dating. The only addition, is that he is ready to discuss your future, and you are not – yet.


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