Self-Esteem And Friendship

Many people confuse the concepts of self-esteem and ego, assuming that if you believe in yourself you are automatically egoistic and arrogant.

Dear Dr. Yael

The reason I feel so strongly about this safety device, is because I know first hand of very satisfied customers who have told me all sorts of stories on how it has gotten them out of thorny situations.

Is A Molehill A Mountain?

If overall everything seems so great, you wonder, why would you walk away over something small? Sure, there are a number of those “small” items, but surely, they are fixable, workable, or not even applicable in the near future. Still though, something doesn’t feel right.

Can You Choose To Be Happy?

We want to have the best job, the most well behaved children, the best hair or the tastiest challah. We make comparisons with other people and often weigh our own worth in relation to those comparisons.

Dear Dr. Yael

We all should try to do chesed. However, we must protect our children when we do help others. We must guard their neshamas and try to keep our homes warm, loving and positive.

Let’s Be Real

For an introvert, a date can feel like a huge obstacle that they are unable to scale. There is a lot of talking on dates.

Teenagers’ Life Skills

Instead of reacting to what life throws your way, the idea is to be proactive and take responsibility for your life.

Dear Dr. Yael

When physicians prescribe steroids, they usually do it as a last choice. They don't inform the patient of the effects it can have on his personality since they don't want to suggest something that may not happen.

Are You, My Mustard?

It's always exciting to start dating. At the same time, it can be overwhelming and daunting to make sense of the wonderful options of girls that come your way. There can be an element of uniformity to the resumes that makes it difficult to find the right one for you.

Stress Relief From Home

What happens if you can’t get away? There are some ways to help your body relax even in the confines of your own home.

Dear Dr. Yael

If this is an emotionally abusive situation, you would need to get your son out of the marriage, but if you can get the couple help and your daughter-in-law changes, the marriage can be saved.

Pursue Growth

It would certainly be helpful if we had a clear picture of exactly when we might meet the person we will marry. A marking on a calendar would allow us to schedule our lives just so – with time to accomplish personal goals while maintaining a clear path for someone new.

Staying Dry All Night

While extremely frustrating to the parent, the American Academy of Family Physicians states that up until the age of six, bed-wetting is not abnormal.

Dear Dr. Yael

Your husband does not seem to recognize that the children are likely struggling in the same way that he did.


We can only assume that up until this point you have been pleased with your chosson, his qualities, and his character. Yet, over Sukkos, he drank one night and you are now questioning your whole future.

Separation Anxiety: When Is It An Issue?

In reality, separation anxiety can manifest itself at almost any age during childhood, especially during times of stress.

I Am Not Picky

If, however, you are happy to give someone a second chance at a date, you do not box yourself in with lists or refuse to continue dating someone if he doesn’t meet your extensive checklist, and you know specifically why you did not connect, then you can rest assured.

Selective (Or Elective) Mutism

It makes sense that your daughter’s teachers would not have picked up on this in preschool because children are not often forced to speak in the learning process.

It’s ‘Kind’ Of A Big Deal

I wish you would have asked about a physical attribute, a speech impediment, or a height disparity. I would likely then have cautioned you to keep an open mind and to stretch your inherent beliefs.

PANDAS And Anxiety

Researchers believe that the antibodies that children’s bodies build up in order to fight the strep infection begin to attack other parts of the children’s bodies once the infection is gone.

Fair And Square

A marriage filled with checks and balances and the need for an even playing field is always a recipe for conflict and resentment.


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