Academic & Social Skills Insights #37

Not only do children who read proficiently have an easier time in all academic areas, they also are more capable in social situations.

Academic & Social Skills Insights #36

If she has required summer reading, be sure to balance the books she is interested in with those on the list.

Academic & Social Skills Insights #35

Behavioral issues come into play, frequently turning twice exceptional children into “problem students” – even as they are head and shoulders above the crowd intellectually.

Academic & Social Skills Insights #34

For those who are introverted, being with people often feels like it is sapping their energy – even if they themselves have great social skills.

Academic & Social Skills Insights #33

Many doctors and psychologists describe this anger as an integral part of growing up.

Academic & Social Skills Insights #32

Often, teenagers need to see beyond their own lives; doing community services is a great way to broaden their horizons and do some good!

Academic & Social Skills Insights #31

Many of the characteristics you describe: repetitive physical behaviors (blinking or closing his eyes), social isolation, and violence against himself and others are symptomatic of autism.

Does Childhood Depression Exist?

Whatever the numbers, anxiety and depression in a person of any age are conditions too serious to ignore.

Reading, More Than Your ABCs

Many schools and professionals have only one method or set of methods for remedying reading or language problems. Students who don't fit that profile exasperate those who are working with them.


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