What’s The Problem?

What about emotional and mental health issues? How do we get to the root of those? There are diagnostics, tests, and surveys to help diagnose emotional or mental issues. But, we all know that there are times that we get it wrong.

Dear Dr. Yael

This probably is not indicative of a larger issue, but either way, it is not your place to address it.

The Magic Number

Without the option to have been a fly on the wall during your dates, it is impossible for anyone to completely determine if it was too fast, too slow, or just enough.

Dear Dr. Yael

Explain to your daughter that you want to do whatever it takes to rebuild your relationship. Ask her what you can do differently to repair your relationship.

New Wife/Boring Life

While you certainly know one another now, time will only encourage the ease and comfort that you feel with one another, making your spouse someone that you appreciate spending so much time with.

Back To School Bellyaches

They went through the same process every year: Moshe kicking and screaming in the car on the way to school, two months of crying before he went to sleep, and then Moshe’s eventual resignation and despair for the duration of the year.

Dear Dr. Yael

It is not easy to deal with negative people, but if this is important to your husband, you may need to try to have your father-in-law over and make the best of it.

Don’t Stop Believing

You never want someone to feel compelled to marry you because a certain number of dates have passed and he feels bad, or to move toward marriage if he does not feel thrilled to be doing so.

Dear Dr. Yael

My husband has been driving me crazy to lose weight and even blaming me for the hard time our daughter is having getting dates.

Mom, He’s Bothering Me Again!

This year, with most camps closed and several months with no school, siblings have already spent lots of time together. This can make the conflict even more pronounced.

Rough Seas

If you have specific reasons for your anxiety write them down so that your thoughts can be clearly conveyed to those who will help you through. If it is just a general feeling of worry, write that down as well.

Troubled Widow

I don't mean to cut anyone out but just not leave everything equally?

Out of Tune

All those moments where you pictured the décor, the first dance, and the mile-long buffet are lost. A new dream had to be drawn that focused solely on the simcha and the union of two people ready to make a life together.

Dear Dr. Yael

I kept quiet because I would have screamed if I had opened my mouth, This happened three weeks ago and since then I haven't called my parents.

Where Are Your Priorities?

If your child is struggling with an activity, consider speaking to the teacher about his or her goals for the activity.

Help Me Help You

Be kind to yourself. This is hard and your pain is real. So first treat yourself with love and respect.

Mommyyyy… I’m Bored!

Get creative – and collaborative. Brainstorm your children’s passions and come up with large projects that they can work on by themselves or with a friend or family member remotely.

Dear Dr. Yael

I truly believe that chessed begins at home. We must care for our own immediate families and extended families before running out to save the world.

Unnecessary Upheaval

Living in New York will definitely allow you to access more shadchanim, more singles events, and offer you more exposure to a greater group of people.

Bouncing Back From The Covid-19 Crisis

While the virus still affects our daily lives and our futures are uncertain, we can still recognize that there is a lot of work...

Dear Dr. Yael

At this point, you may want to first find out what is going on before you involve your ex-husband. Perhaps your son may have actually done this extreme behavior to get you to speak to your ex-husband.

Smart Girls

Being smart is terrific. It is a gift from Hashem, like talent and beauty and the ability to fold bed sheets (obviously). You are smart. You know it, you want others to know it, and you want to marry someone who will mirror that intellect.


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