Dear Dr. Yael

As you described, too much comparison leads to unhappiness and low self-esteem. It can also lead to feelings of frustration, jealousy, and hopelessness.

Flight Plan

Dating is a commitment. Both parties need to be fully invested and focused on connection, advancement, and the future. When things are going well, this is even more important. Taking an extended break now, can deter the progress that you have made.

Dear Dr. Yael

As your fathers’s cognitive function continues to decline, his daily life will change. It’s important to create a routine to help reduce confusion and disorientation.

Mi Casa Su Casa

When your family, the shadchan, or a friend, offers you information about a potential match - inquire about her home life and the type of house she grew up in.

The ABCs Of Phonics

Because written language can be compared to a code, knowing the sounds of letters and letter combinations helps children decode words as they read. Knowing phonics will also helps students know which letters to use as they write words.

Dear Dr. Yael

Only use your bed for sleep, so your body knows what to expect when you’re in bed.

Chai Maintenance

There are a million reasons why a wife must forego “extras” because they are not able to cover the cost. But this is not low maintenance or high maintenance. This is life as we hope to work toward more comforts in the future.

Parents Of Bullies

Though a six-year-old may seem a bit young for bullying, it is great to catch the behavior early because studies have shown that those who act as bullies seem to maintain these characteristics into adulthood, often negatively influencing their ability to develop mature adult relationships.

Dear Dr. Yael

Building a relationship is a skill. If it’s something you need to work on, you can easily improve.

Single And Ready To Mingle

You are now a girl in shidduchim. This means that everywhere you go and anyone you meet has the potential to help you or hinder you.

Finding Passions With Dyslexia

The first thing you can do is show her how her passion is really connected to academics... Aside from the ways that her goal can be linked academically, this will also help your daughter gain self-esteem.

Dear Dr. Yael

Even just deciding you will work on the task for 15-30 min can help kickstart the activity and prevent more procrastination.

Kriyah Motivation

Not only do children who read proficiently have an easier time in all academic areas, they also are more capable in social situations.

Dear Dr. Yael

It is imperative to keep in mind that whatever is happening, Hashem runs the world and whatever happens in your life is part of a bigger plan.

Dyslexia And Social Skills

Ironically, no one knows just how hard these children are trying, yet they continue to fail miserably because their minds simply do not work the way normative reading instruction is taught.

Yankel And Leah – Conclusion

A woman is a woman not for nothing. They desire. Perhaps more than we do. They are trying to wake themselves up, or us. It is not the way, but remember: They want to please us too.

Dear Dr. Yael

Most people who procrastinate usually don’t want to, though sometimes we procrastinate doing a non-preferred task or a task that we feel is boring, frustrating or unpleasant.

Yankel And Leah – Chapter 31

Is it really forbidden, such a thing? I don’t take such a dim view of your father, as you know. Yes, he’s impossibly cheap and self-centered, but he wants to live.

Early Signs Of Reading Issues

Keep in mind that isolated symptoms are not an indication of dyslexia. Rather, it is only manifest when three or four symptoms consistently appear as a part of a pattern.

Yankel And Leah – Chapter 30

A shudder went through Yankel when he heard that. She likes the city – a place of gentile and Jewish tumah, impurities! He had to admire it in a way. She didn’t feel responsible for her ideas and she could fling them all into the wind and could care less what would come down where.

Dear Dr. Yael

I am starting with this request. I do not know this gentleman. However, it is my effort to give singles a chance to reach out directly. Please research any person printed in the column.

Why Read?

Recent studies have shown that children and adults who read fiction are better able to empathize with people in life. Perhaps exploring the emotional lives of others allows the reader to step into the shoes of the real people they interact with daily.


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