Unicorns Do Exist!

You need to recognize that while you like each other and see promise in a future together, something in one or both of you is preventing an emotional connection from developing to the point that you can commit to one another.

Making Friends As An Adult

When still in school, it’s easier to make friends because you are forced into social situations. As an adult, making friends can be harder – especially because your life is busy.

Dear Dr. Yael

When a person gives you unsolicited advice, you can say, I appreciate your suggestion, but what I really need is a listening ear and support through my situation.

Skipping The Line

We can perhaps discuss the importance of honesty. You did not give your sisters the chance to accept your choice with dignity before you began dating.

Sensory Processing Disorder Explained

Do sensory processing disorders affect academics? The answer, unfortunately, is a resounding yes.

Dear Dr. Yael

OCD responds extremely well to cognitive-behavioral therapy. Research has demonstrated that cognitive-behavioral therapy is indeed most effective in treating OCD.

Eye Opener

It is frustrating to feel like an afterthought. While I would like to give your date the benefit of the doubt and assume he most certainly wanted to be there, how he presented himself made you feel otherwise.

Making Good Decisions

Widen your options. Don’t go with a “whether or not” decision. Instead think “and” instead of “or.”

Dear Dr. Yael

Psychologically, you can try to approach them in a calm manner to discuss what happened, but I am not sure that this will be helpful and it may just escalate the issue.

I Do (Not)

I have said this before and I will say it again; if someone cannot commit to you after a year, they are unlikely to commit to you ever.

Dear Dr. Yael

I question whether you must call her often and bear the pain of her hurtful remarks.

The Connection Between Women And Guilt

What’s the connection between women and shame? Why does it seem like women have so much more guilt than men?

A Degree Of Separation

While there are definitely older singles who are doctors, they are not standing en masse waiting for accomplished women outside the Emergency Room.

The State Of Orthodox Singles? It’s Complicated

On the question whether singles felt that the Orthodox system of dating was going well, Nishma found that most singles had an unfavorable view.

Back To School Blues

Ask your daughter what the cause of her anxiety is – social, academic, or separation from you.

Dear Dr. Yael

Try to remove your feelings from the situation and become neutral. Don't feel that the child is purposely trying to upset you as this will just exacerbate the situation.

Change Please!

We can always argue that we only need that 'one' right person, but we still need to be offered the opportunities to meet that special guy.

Self-Esteem And Learning Disabilities

Try to place yourself in her shoes and say, I know you are trying to listen and sometimes that is difficult. Let’s try that again.

Dear Dr. Yael

Rabbi Wallerstein answered me, We cannot live without time. When your time is up, Hashem takes your neshama. There is no choice.

Count On Me

You friend is not expecting you to pull a perfect single guy out of a magic hat. She does however, want your care, concern, and friendship.

Exercise Your Willpower

Even small, day-to-day acts of self-control such as maintaining good posture can reinforce longer-term self-control in activities that have nothing to do with your posture.

Dear Dr. Yael

It is always possible to overcome a tough situation through out of the box thinking, and not give in to the only options you think you have to pick from.

See Ya Later Dater

How you present yourself is key. Both your character and your appearance should be refined to reflect who you are accurately and to your highest standard.

Making Friends As An Adult

When still in school, it’s easier to make friends because you are forced into social situations. As an adult, making friends can be harder – especially because your life is busy.


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