Dear Dr. Yael

Dr. Yael’s answer to this unfortunate mother was that she felt sorry for “what happened to you and to your family.”

Lost Treasure

Some daters and couples simply need more time because more often than not, both parties don’t develop a connection at the exact same rate.

Why Girls Should be Confident

How can you notice this imbalance in your children? Pay attention to the way they speak.

Dear Dr. Yael

No one should ever feel inferior because they needed to use medication to help them overcome their depression, anxiety, or any other emotional difficulties.

One And Done

The only thing that meal planning does not account for is “the toddler.” The toddler you see, always holds that one card that can’t be contested...

Should I Wait To Date?

Your friends are seemingly dating with excitement and you don’t share their enthusiasm for a future that you are not ready for.

Why Liking Your Teacher Matters

Both instilling motivation and creating a safe space are integral parts of learning, helping students feel that they both want to learn and that the conditions are right for learning.

Dear Dr. Yael

I am so sorry about what happened to you and to your family. Please don’t feel guilty. You had no idea this would happen.

Dear Dr. Yael

Yes, your daughter may be moody, but she needs positive attention and love, not negativity.

Can’t Stop The Feeling

Your sister and her clear thrill at being engaged satisfied your friends and family while your calm demeanor worries them and now you; begging the question, “Do I feel enough?”

Social Thinking and Thinking Social

Improving our social thinking begins with improving self-awareness, and is a skill that is used for much more than having successful social interactions.

Dear Dr. Yael

Using imagery with deep breathing usually makes the techniques more effective and generally helps people maintain their focus better.

Green-Eyed Monster

Unfortunately, doing the right thing doesn’t always feel good. The pain after self-sacrifice can feel extremely hurtful as you are already putting aside your own singular happiness.

Brain Breaks!

Whether your child is at home or in school learning, incorporate brain breaks – time for movement that can actually jump start the brain.

Dear Dr. Yael

The fact that she has been diagnosed and is taking medication can be a positive thing as it may show that she is someone who takes care of issues and overcomes challenges.

Red Flags

The hothead gets angry because “nobody else knows how to drive!” and loses control when accidents happen (ie. a spilled drink).

Are Our Children All Zoomed Out?

In addition to the challenge of making lessons interesting, it’s difficult for teachers to gage the progress of students.


We always hear from well meaning people to read Dr. Gerber and to FERBERIZE him, but this method just doesn’t seem appropriate for us.

Making Good Choices

What’s the problem with our decision-making process? How can we deal with it even in this most stressful times?

I Am Not Picky

To the single, it will forever place ‘single status’ blame on their shoulders alone, without any regard for the myriad of circumstances that may attribute to why someone is still not married at a certain age.

Thanks For The Feedback!

Don’t get stuck on the “who” of the feedback. Instead, focus on the “what.”

Unique Uniformity

You believe you are all interchangeable at best and at worst the least shiny penny in a pocketful of change.

Dear Dr. Yael

Remind the children (and their parents) that we only eat at the table at Bubby’s house. If you keep saying this (if needed) in a calm and happy voice, the kids will likely comply and not take any offense.

Battling The Anxiety Bug

For those who have lost their regular routines, who go to sleep and wake up with uncertainty of what tomorrow will bring, it is likely that they are experiencing anxiety.


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