Thanks, But No Thanks

Any reaction offers direction and a chance for personal growth, should we be mindful and mature enough to listen to their response with humility and grace.

Lighthouse Parenting

Unconditional love means that you love your children and even as you set high expectations for them, you understand that they will make mistakes and you will love them regardless. Children need to understand this as well.

Dear Dr. Yael

Covid, which generally causes all of us anxiety, has definitely exacerbated it in individuals who suffer from anxiety disorders.

Time Bomb

To quote that mildly famous song, “All you need is time, time, time...” (Love. Whatever. It’s semantics.)

Carpe Diem!

The element of Pride comes into the experience when there is a sense that courage and recognition drove a belief in the significance of the moment.

Dear Dr.Yael

If you hear yourself saying that you’ll probably be unhappy in your marriage soon, or that you’re probably really not happy now, you need to stop yourself and change that narrative.

Covid Catch

After an enlightening conversation about your respective Covid beliefs, you worry that you have unearthed a divide too big to bridge...

Embracing The Quiet

The strongest distinguishing characteristic of introverts is their energy source: Introverts draw energy from their internal world of ideas, emotions, and impressions.

Dear Dr. Yael

My question is do all our needs have to be fulfilled by our spouse? Maybe some of your needs can be met by siblings, good friends, or close cousins.

History Interrupted

Whether you are set up by a shadchan, by a friend, or meet on your own at a singles event, take the time to do your research.

Learning To Belong

Women have a particularly difficult time with shame because there are different (often stricter) societal expectations for women as mothers, fashion figures, and careerists.

Dear Dr. Yael

You must make sure your child is safe and try to put him back to bed, but do not awaken him or try to calm him, since he is probably sleeping.

A Rose Among Other Roses

You don’t believe that they would want you, when they could look for girls who come from standard frum homes, and parents who offer more.

Dear Dr. Yael

Perhaps you really want to be frum, but it is hard for you right now because you don’t feel it as much as you want to, or as much as you feel that you have to.


You have been blessed. Hashem has offered you your zivug on the first try and the parts of ourselves that fight the brachos in our lives are trying to offer you doubt when there should only be joy.

Rethinking Explosive Children

Rather than attempting to modify behaviors right away, Dr. Greene advocates for solving the underlying problems.

Dear Dr. Yael

My friend found out that one of my son’s rebbeim, who was close to him, insinuated that although he was a great boy with great middos, he was an average learner and would never amount to anything in the world of Torah.

Party Fail

Simply standing in place or talking only to those who approach you is not enough. Instead, make eye contact, smile, and engage anyone who seems exciting.

Teens And Honesty

A teen might never feel that he is truly part of the group if he is constantly hiding parts of himself.

Dear Dr. Yael

It appears that you are afraid of your own child. However, by doing nothing, you are hurting your son's ability to merit Olam HaBa.

Checks And Balances

Money can often be a source of discord in a marriage, and clear communication can help to circumvent any resentment or disagreement. This can be helped by immediately changing your view from "mine and yours" to "ours."

Parenting From The Inside Out

Sometimes, it’s hard not to view parenting as a chore. But, if you approach parenting as a burden, you will ultimately stumble because it is impossible to happily carry a burden for twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, for a lifetime.

Dear Dr. Yael

Right now you are going through a very difficult time-period and you are in a lot of pain, but in order to crawl out of this sadness it is important to focus on all of the good things you have in life, no matter how small they seem.


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