Report: Jordanian Intelligence Foils ISIS Attack on IDF Troops

Jordanian media says Amman’s intelligence service has four suspects in custody on suspicion of planning to ambush Israeli soldiers and target Jews in the country.

Balance of Power Moves in Iran’s Favor in Gulf & Jordan, as America Pulls...

Partly driving the shift “is the weakness the United States is showing towards Iran in its efforts to reduce its presence in the Middle East and bolster its position in the Far East against the growing Chinese challenge,” said Bar-Ilan Professor Hillel Frisch, a Middle East expert at the BESA Center.

US, Israel Appear Moving to Bolster Jordan Amid Concerns Over Economic, Social Stability

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and King Abdullah reportedly met in secret last week in Amman, prior to the Jordanian monarch’s scheduled visit the White House on July 19.

Bennett Meets Secretly with Jordan’s King, Lapid Meets with Safadie on Water, Trade

Jordanian exports to Judea and Samaria will increase from $160 million a year to $700 million.

Bennett Adds 5 Billion Liters of Water to Jordan’s Drain on the Kinneret

Perhaps PM Bennett should condition selling the thirsty Jordanian more water on Jordan leasing Israel's hungry farmers their lands.

IDF, Israel Police Thwart Arms Smugglers from Jordan

An IDF reservist was moderately injured during the exchange, along with one of the suspects.

Jordanian Terrorists Returned by Israel to Amman

An intended serious attack planned by the pair was thwarted ahead of time "due to the vigilance of the [Israeli] security forces."

Aid on Way to Gaza Once Again Shelled by Hamas

The shipment included a number of trucks with medical equipment destined for the Jordanian hospital in the Gaza Strip.

Two Jordanians with Knives Arrested After Crossing into Israel

The police and Shin Bet arrested dozens of suspects on Sunday that are believed to be involved in rioting and attacks.

Abbas Cancels Legislative Election Denying Hamas Easy Victory, Pins Blame on Israel

Of course, Israel could call Abass' bluff by designating voting stations for eastern Jerusalem residents who possess PA ID cards.

Jordan Transfers to PA Docs on Alleged Proof of Ownership of Sheikh Jarrah in...

The documents are not new, and are part of the struggle between Jordan, Turkey and Saudi Arabia over who among them will dominate Jerusalem.

Jordan Regains Control over Temple Mount Waqf, Sacks PA Members

The Waqf council has been challenging the Jordanian crown, which preferred a more peaceful management of the Temple Mount sanctuary.

Jordan’s Prince Hamza Signs Letter of Allegiance to King Abdullah

The former crown prince, who was placed under house arrest following reports of a coup attempt, signed the letter after meeting with Prince Hassan, the king’s uncle, and other princes.

Jordan’s Former Crown Prince, 20 Others Arrested in Coup Attempt

Jordanian officials sent a message to Israel saying "the situation is under control" and there is no threat to the stability of the kingdom.

Biden May be Ready to Sacrifice Abraham Accords for Iranian Deal

The new president also made sure to staff his foreign policy ranks with old Obama hands, including John Kerry who has come to represent American anti-Israel attitude even more so than President Obama.

Jordan Reveals New Defense Pact with US, Allowing More Open Military Access

Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi clarified to parliament: “The agreement does not authorize American forces to carry out combat actions within the kingdom.”

Parents of Murdered US Teen Beg Biden to Push Jordan to Extradite Killer

The release of the Roth video came out four years after the United States announced terrorism charges against Ahlam Ahmad Tamimi for masterminding the attack on a Sbarro pizzeria.

Weisenthal Center Demands INTERPOL Return Terrorist Ahlam Tamimi to ‘Most Wanted’ List

Tamimi is still listed as a "Most Wanted Terrorist" on the list of the FBI.

Jordan Refused Netanyahu’s Flight in Its Airspace, His UAE Visit Was Cancelled

It appears that everybody involved in relations with Israel on the Arab side has been jittery recently.

Jordan Pressures Israel to Vaccinate Arabs in Palestinian Authority

Israel's prime minister succeeded in securing enough doses to ensure that every Israeli citizen could be vaccinated against the deadly virus, albeit at a very high cost.

Man of the Year 2020: Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Zayed

MBZ is committed to a counter-jihad while amassing a staggering wealth and constructing a formidable military and police force.

Exposed: Jordanian Org Taking Over Israel’s Area C

The organization has set up a project called “A Million Trees in Palestine” and seeks to take over territories in Jerusalem, the Jordan Valley and Judea and Samaria.

Regavim Asking High Court to Repeal Racist Jordanian Law in Judea and Samaria

To this day, individual Jews are not permitted to purchase land in Judea and Samaria.

Four IDF Soldiers without Combat Training, Including Female, Forgotten on Wrong Side of Jordanian...

"The incident will be investigated, lessons will be learned from it and procedures will be updated."

Report: Jordanian King Invites Gantz to Meet in Amman

"The entire Middle East is changing . . . I urge you - the Palestinian public and its leadership - not to be left behind."

Jordanian Army Chief Medical Officer Evacuated to Hadassah for Emergency Corona Treatment

Al-Wahhadneh's Facebook page noted on Tuesday that he was in critical health.

Israel, Jordan Reach Agreement on Air Space

The deal also allows airlines from Jordan to fly through Israeli air space, as well as those from the UAE and Bahrain.

Report: Jordan Expels Nizar Tamimi, Husband of US-Wanted Sbarro Terrorist

Nizar and his wife, Ahlam Tamimi, were released from prison in 2011 in an exchange with Hamas for captured Israel soldier Gilad Shalit.

Israeli Air Force Attacked in Aleppo; Explosions in Jordanian Weapons Depot

The flames in Jordan could be seen from the capital Amman, 22 miles away.


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