Judea and Samaria Residents Demand Smuggled Jordanian Weapons to Boost Security

Al-Adwan was arrested on April 22 after 12 rifles and 194 pistols were found in his vehicle.

Released Jordanian MP a Criminal, Not a Hero, Jordanian Security to Continue Interrogation

The affair revealed that the security cooperation between Jerusalem and Amman is as viable as it has ever been.

Ted Cruz Trying to Torpedo Yael Lempert’s Nomination to Jordan, Demands Extradition of Sbarro...

Jordan is 80% Palestinian, and Israel has been protecting its kings from assassination attempts before and after the peace treaty.

Military Court Asked to Remand Jordanian MP Caught Smuggling Weapons and Gold

The Shin Bet wants to keep Al-Adwan behind bars longer so they may dig deep into his involvement in PA terrorism.

Jordanian Dignitary Attacks MP Who Smuggled Weapons, Gold, into Israel

MP Al-Adwan is a Bedouin who supports Hamas and its military wing.

Jordanian Parliamentarian Arrested Smuggling Lots of Guns & Gold into Israel

Imad Zaidan Al-Adwan was arrested by Israeli at the Allenby Bridge.

Iran Improves Ties with Jordan, Completing Stranglehold of Israel

It's a setback for Israel and a disaster for the US role in the Middle East.

Jordanian Police Demanded a Haredi Man Cut Off his Earlocks

On February 21, security personnel at Amman’s international airport cut off the tefillin straps of the rabbi of the Sephardic community in Dubai.

Jordanian Parliament Votes to Expel Israeli Ambassador, Covers Up Map of Israel

Jordan recently ranked as the 3rd unhappiest country in the Arab world.

Ramadan Violence Summit Takes Place as Arab Terrorist Shoots Another Israeli in Huwara

Sunday’s summit took place as a Palestinian Authority terrorist attacked an Israeli couple while their vehicle was passing through the flashpoint village of Huwara.

Full Text: US Communique on Israeli-Palestinian Authority Security Meeting in Jordan

At the summit, Israel committed to “stop discussion of any new settlement units for 4 months and to stop authorization of any outposts for 6 months,” says the U.S. State Department.

Israel Vows ‘No Settlement Freeze’ Despite Claims to Contrary After Jordan Summit

Netanyahu: "Construction and regulation in Judea and Samaria will continue according to the original planning and construction schedule, without any changes. There is and will not be any freeze."

Jordan to Host Summit in Hopes of Restoring ‘Calm’ to Judea, Samaria & Gaza

Jordan: The summit is intended to "end unilateral measures [by Israel] and a security breakdown that could fuel more violence."

Jordanian Officials Desecrate Tefillin of Rabbi of Dubai

Jordan: A set of tefillin were desecrated at Amman's International Airport for "security concerns."

Jordan’s King Abdullah II to Meet with President Biden at White House

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy met with the king Tuesday on Capitol Hill. The monarch met last week in Amman with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Mired in Crisis, Jordan’s King Demands from Netanyahu a 5th Temple Mount Minaret

None of his Temple Mount fixations have anything to do with Jordan’s real needs.

Netanyahu Flies to Jordan, Meets Abdullah

The two leaders praised the long-standing friendship and partnership between Israel and the Hashemite Kingdom.

Jordanian Court Orders Israel to Pay $500K to Driver Shot by Guard During Embassy...

Jordanian furniture truck driver Maher Fares Ibrahim, who was at the embassy residence during the 2017 terror attack, was shot by accident.

Leaders of Egypt, Jordan, PA Meeting to Discuss Israeli Government

The discussions will center on Jerusalem's policies in Judea and Samaria.

Reports Jordanian Envoy was Barred from Temple Mount are ‘Fake News’—Police

Ghassan Majali showed up without prior coordination, causing a “very small” delay.

Report: Israel Offers Terrorists the Option to Serve Their Time in Jordanian Prison

Many of the terrorists, who hold Jordanian Citizenship are serving life sentences.

Jordanians, Palestinian Authority Taking New Steps to Expand Influence on Temple Mount

They are creating a new fund for Koranic studies on the Temple Mount to strengthen Islamic ties to the Jewish holy site.

TikTok Banned in Jordan

Videos from violent demonstrations and last week’s strike by truck drivers protesting high fuel prices have been flooding TikTok in Jordan.

King Abdullah of Jordan Promises to Act Against Violent Rioters

Jordan's Ministry of the Interior announced the arrest of 44 demonstrators today.

Jordanian Policeman Killed in Protest Riots as Truckers’ Strike Enters 12th Day

Police have tightened security around the palace in Amman, where the protesters would naturally try to go.

Israelis Cancel their Netflix Service over Antisemitic Arab Film

The Anne Frank cultural reference is so obvious, one expects Dutch wooden clogs to fall from the ceiling.

Jordan’s Radicalized Tribal Leaders Backing Hamas

Extremist views are growing below the surface in Jordan’s tribal establishment. Discourse centers around the desire to “liberate Palestine,” renew relations with Hamas and generally support radical Islam.


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