Jordanian King Puts Half-Brother Under House Arrest, Again

King Abdullah II stated that he approved measures such as restricting Prince Hamzah’s communications and movements because of his “erratic behavior and aspirations.”

Jordan to MK Abbas: New Control Agreement for Temple Mount Must Be Condition for...

Jordan is interested in the continued survival of the Bennett-Lapid government, with the understanding that a new status quo agreement regarding Jordan’s augmented control of the Temple Mount can be extracted from it.

US Rep. Steube Proposes Bill Holding Jordan Accountable for Refusal to Extradite Terrorist

The Roths are calling upon lawmakers from both sides of Congress to support Rep. Steube’s proposed legislation.

Jordan Bars 7 Israelis for Carrying Tefillin

"The Jordanian authorities state that for security reasons they are asking religious Israelis not to emphasize religious symbols such as tallit, kippah, etc.”

PM Bennett Denies Reports Israel Agreed to Waqf Demands on Temple Mount

Six Hamas-backed Waqf guards were removed from the Temple Mount, and 12 new Waqf positions were manned, “all within the existing standards, without any increase,” the Prime Minister’s Office stated.

Bennett: Israel Rejects Foreign (Jordanian) Interference on Temple Mount

“All decisions regarding the Temple Mount and Jerusalem will be made by the Government of Israel, which is the sovereign of the city."

Police Seize 20 Guns Smuggled from Jordan, Arrest 2 Smugglers

The suspects, Palestinian Authority residents of Bethlehem in their 30s, were brought before the Magistrate’s Court in Be’er Sheva on Monday.

Jordanian Caught Entering Israel While Cross-Dressing as His Wife

The man was transferred for further treatment by security officials and was returned to Jordan after an interrogation.

Riots on Last Ramadan Friday as Israel Refuses Jordan’s Bid to Take Over Temple...

The recent Hamas-perpetrated riots in and around the Al-Aqsa Mosque were a wake-up call for the Jordanians.

Jordan, US, Pressuring Israel to Return to Pre-2000 Temple Mount Status Quo

There are plenty of Israeli government ministers and MKs who would be happy to curb the religious rights of Jews on the Temple Mount.

Biden Discusses Violence on Temple Mount in Call with Jordan’s King Abdullah

“The two leaders discussed in detail recent efforts to stem violence in Israel and the West Bank,” said a White House statement.

It’s All Theater: Israeli Police Action on Temple Mount Coordinated with Egypt and Jordan

“In the eyes of the Palestinians and the Jordanians, this is the most comfortable Israeli government in many years and the wave of condemnation of Israel is nothing but a political show..."

Bennett Responds to Jordanian Incitement of Arab Violence

"There are those who are encouraging rock-throwing and the use of violence against the citizens of the State of Israel."

Jordan Further Incites Temple Mount Rioters, Summons Israeli Envoy for Rebuke & Traps Israeli...

“We expect everyone not to join in the lies and certainly not to encourage violence against Jews,” Israeli PM Naftali Bennett said in response to the incitement.

Bennett Offers Ramadan Greetings to Jordan’s Monarch, But King Warns Israel to Stop ‘Escalation’

"King Abdullah stressed the need to stop any measures that could cause violence, escalate the conflict, and undermine the prospects of peace."

President Herzog in Jordan Laments ‘Heinous Terror Attacks’

King Abdullah II: “The conflict has been going on for a long time and the violence that has been created continues to be fertile ground for extremism."

Palestinian Authority’s Mahmoud Abbas Condemns Bnei Brak Terror Attack

Ramadan is typically a trigger for increased terrorist attacks and violence against Jews.

Israeli Natural Gas to Flow to Egypt via Jordan

The pipeline runs to the Israel-Jordan border near Beit Shean, and then from there south to Aqaba and into Egypt.

German Broadcaster Deutsche Welle Suspends 5 Employees for Antisemitism, Cuts Ties with Arab News...

Cases of potential concern involving an additional eight DW employees were also flagged by the panel.

Congressmembers Express Concern About US-Brokered Energy Deals for Lebanon

US lawmakers are concerned the deals provide a future "blueprint for circumventing" the Caesar Syrian Civilian Protection Act.

IDF Thwarts Smuggling of Gun and Drugs from Lebanon, Jordan

The smugglers with Jordan were caught with a haul of 53 weapons, including 39 handguns, 10 Kalashnikov assault rifles, and four M-16 assault rifles.

Jordanian Document Proves Jerusalem’s Disputed Sheikh Jarrah Properties Are Jewish-Owned

Under the contract, housing units for 28 families were built on "formerly Jewish property leased by the Custodian of Enemy Property to the Ministry of Development."

DM Gantz Seeks ‘Enduring Relations’ in Meeting with Jordan’s King Abdullah

King Abdullah, however, focused his efforts on advocating for the Palestinian Authority.

IDF Silent After Jordanian Soldier Fires at Troops

IDF troops were on patrol near the Israel-Jordan-Syria border triangle when a Jordanian soldier fired several shots at them.

Jordanian Court Jails Hospital Director Over COVID-19 Deaths Due to Lack of Oxygen

Public outrage over the deaths also led to the resignation of Jordan’s Health Minister, Nazir Obeidat.

Israel, Jordan, UAE and US Discuss Joint Solar Farm and Water Projects

The plan sees the solar farm entering operation by 2026 and producing 2 percent of Israel’s energy by 2030.

For 2nd Time in Days, IDF Foils Weapons Smuggling from Jordan

IDF troops and police officers operating in the area arrested the two suspects and seized 11 different weapons, including eight handguns, two Kalashnikov assault rifles, and an M-16.


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