One Thousand Units of Blood Transferred to Gazan Enemy

Also shipped in was a large delivery of medical supplies, including pain medication, anesthetics, and more.

IDF Destroys Large Rocket Factory, Kilometer-Long Tunnel and 100 Terrorists

Israeli troops in Rafah’s Tel al-Sultan neighborhood destroyed Palestinian Islamic Jihad’s largest underground rocket factory, the Israel Defense Forces announced. For several years, the Iran-backed...

Iran’s Influence Encroaches on Jordan Amid Hamas Provocations

Senior Hamas official Zaher Jabrin called on Jordanians to rise against Israel on Saturday night, placing King Abdullah in a precarious position.

At Jordan Event, Blinken Announces $404 Million in New Aid to Gaza, Criticizes Israel

Israel was notably not invited to the conference, which didn't stop Blinken from repeatedly criticizing Israel.

Jordan Foils Iranian Weapons Smuggling to Local Muslim Brotherhood

The Islamic Republic of Iran and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan share a long but tense relationship.

Jordanians Riot Outside Israeli Embassy in Amman

Protesters reportedly chanted, “We want to go to the borders and kill and kidnap Zionist soldiers." All embassy staff and diplomats are safe, according to Israel's Foreign Ministry.

Deadly Terror Attack Thwarted by Israeli Security Personnel in Jordan Valley

According to information released Saturday morning, a Quran was found with the pair when they were arrested.

WSJ Demands Egypt Opens Border to Save Gaza Civilians

"Rather than get Gazans to safety, the world’s humanitarian organs at every stage of the war have demanded that Israel cease fire, leaving Hamas in power with hostages in tow."

Israel Mulls Ending Jordan’s Extended Water Deal over Its Blatant Antisemitism

Jordanians, who are 80% “Palestinians,” are blinded by their hatred for Israel and would rather literally perish of thirst than accept help from their Jewish neighbors to the west.

Israelis Overwhelmingly Reject US, Arab Plan for Palestinian State

"The October 7 lesson is that retreat brings terror. The October 8 lesson is that the Palestinian Authority = Hamas, with the same motivations, only with less capabilities. "Kfar Saba will not be Kfar Gaza."

Axios: Arab Officials Meet in Riyadh to Hand Gaza Over to ‘Revitalized’ Palestinian Authority

The Saudi, Egyptian, and Jordanian security officials said the Palestinian Authority must undergo substantial reforms to reinvigorate its political leadership.

US Senators Urge Biden to Retaliate with Direct Strike on Iran over Military Deaths...

"The only answer to these attacks must be devastating military retaliation against Iran's terrorist forces, both in Iran and across the Middle East."

3 US Soldiers Dead, 34 Wounded in Attack on Base in Jordan

“While we are still gathering the facts of this attack, we know it was carried out by radical Iran-backed militant groups operating in Syria and Iraq. Have no doubt: We will hold all those responsible to account."

Israel Considering Not Renewing Water Deal with Jordan over Its Support for 10/7 Massacre

On Thursday morning, Israelis were treated to this image of a new gyro joint in Amman, Jordan’s capital, named, “October 7.”

Jordan to Join South Africa in ‘Genocide’ Lawsuit Against Israel at The Hague

Germany has announced its decision to intervene in the Court on Israel's behalf . . . The United States and Canada slammed South Africa for its attempt to paint the victim as the aggressor: both have said its case against Israel is "baseless."

IDF Document Warns the Next Major Attack Will Come from Jordan and Syria

Hakol Hayehudi on Sunday revealed a new document issued by the Home Front Command detailing the dangers facing the State of Israel on the...

Jordan Intercepts Armed Drone Fired at Israel by Iran-Backed Iraqi Militia

The Hamas leader Yahaya Sinwar "hears the IDF’s bulldozers over him," Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant said. "He will meet our barrels soon.”

Jordanian Army Captures 9 Hezbollah Weapons Smugglers following Intense Fighting

News12 military correspondent Ehud Yaari suggested the smuggled weapons were intended for Judea and Samaria.

UAE-Israel Land Corridor Operating Despite War

Thanks to the Houthis attacking ships, the land-route has become very popular.

Yair Lapid, Hamas, PA and Jordan Call to Prevent Jerusalem Hanukkah March

MK Yair Lapid join the Jordanians, the PA and Hamas in condemning the march.

Amman: Israel Declared War on Jordan by ‘Forcefully Displacing’ PA, Gaza Arabs

“The government of Israel is far-right and believes that genocide and killing constitute self-defense.”

Israeli Police Seize 137 Guns in Largest Weapons Smuggling Bust From Jordan

Four suspects, all from the Bedouin community of Yeruham, were arrested.

Israel Responds to Jordan’s Decision to Recall Ambassador

"Israel's relations with Jordan are of strategic importance to both countries and we regret the inflammatory statements from Jordan's leadership."

Jordan Recalls Ambassador from Israel Over War with Hamas

In addition, said Jordan's Foreign Ministry, “We informed Israel that its ambassador to Jordan, who had already left earlier, will not return to Jordan until the war in Gaza ends."

Jordan Denies Transferring US Weapons to Israel, Arab Mobs Doubtful

Hundreds of thousands of Jordanians of “Palestinian” descent, have taken to the streets.

Report: Israel Evacuates Embassy Staff in Morocco, Egypt

Colluding with the myriad false reports, the Jordanian government issued a statement saying that Israel “bears responsibility for this grave incident," referring to the terrorist rocket fire on Gaza's own hospital.

Jordanians Storm Israeli Embassy in Amman

Videos seen on social media showed Jordanian protesters hurling flaming Molotov cocktails at the Israel Embassy.


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