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Gantz: We’ll Take a US Nuke Deal with Iran But Must Have Plan B...

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett sharply criticizes the former prime minister, saying there was a very large gap between Bibi's speeches and actions on the ground.

IAEA Report: Iran Will Have the Bomb in One Month

This may be a good moment to remind President Joe Biden of his promise in late August to the visiting Prime Minister Naftali Bennett.

Iran Denies Visiting IAEA Director Access to Its Nuclear Facilities

Grossi's one-day visit is his first since Iran's new President Ebrahim Raisi took office in August.

Gantz Exposes Air Base Where Iran Trains Its Proxy Militias in Flying UAVs

"The Kashan base located north of the city of Isfahan is used to train terrorists from Yemen, Iraq, Syria snd Lebanon."

Israeli FM Lapid to Russia’s FM Lavrov, ‘Israel Will Not Sit Quiet While Iran...

Lapid: “Israel will not allow Iran to become a nuclear state – or even a nuclear threshold state.”

Report: US Plans to Remove Sanctions on Syria to Secure Gas Transfer to Lebanon

The Biden administration has a vested interest in taking over from Hezbollah the task of supplying Lebanon with fuel.

Lebanon to Import Jordanian Electricity, Egyptian Gas via Syria — While Waiting for Iranian...

“The Syrian side welcomed the request and assured it was ready to oblige it.”

Syrian Media Report Israeli Air Strike Near Damascus

Syrian air defenses were reportedly in action against air strikes aimed at targets in Damascus.

Saudis Suspicious of Dan Shapiro’s Role in Iran Talks

"Notice the dangerous task entrusted to this American diplomat – to soften the atmosphere between the Khomeinists in Tehran and Tel Aviv."

Iranian Parliament Approves Two AMIA Bombing Suspects to Cabinet Positions

Ahmad Vahidi and Mohsen Rezai, both selected by recently elected President Ebrahim Raisi, received confirmation on Wednesday to serve as Iran’s new interior minister and Iran’s vice president of economic affairs.

Former US Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro Rejoins State Department to Assist with Iran

Shapiro served as ambassador to Israel during the Obama administration from 2011 to 2017. Shapiro will split his time working from the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem and the U.S. State Department.

Iran’s New FM Amir-Abdollahian: It’s the Zionists’ Fault

OK, now, can you say "Hossein Amir-Abdollahian?"

Iran Taking Advantage of Lax Enforcement of US Sanctions to Export Fuel

“Suppose Iran flaunts U.S. conditions for the nuclear deal, and the Biden administration still insists on folding and concluding this transaction. It will further undermine its stature and credibility and damage America’s reputation with allies and foes alike,” says Ariel Cohen at the Atlantic Council think tank.

Bennett Thanks Biden for ‘Fortifying Israel’s Strategic Advantage’

To block Iranian nuclear progress, Biden says he "will try the diplomatic route, but there are other options if that doesn't work."

Report: Fearing Leaks, Netanyahu Downgraded Iran Intelligence Sharing with Biden Administration

Israeli officials complained that the Biden administration doesn't care about Israel's concerns about a nuclear Iran.

IDF Prepares for War in Gaza, But Ultimately Against Iran

"The IDF is preparing, with a concerted effort, for the possibility of another operation in Gaza."

On Eve of Meeting Biden, Bennett Rejects Palestinian State, Favors Hard Line on Iran

Ahead of his first meeting in Washington with President Joe Biden this week, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett met in Jerusalem with the New York...

Tehran Denies Report of Ukrainian Plane Hijacked from Afghanistan to Iran

Ukraine’s Deputy Foreign Minister insisted the Ukrainian aircraft was hijacked, and the hijackers were armed.

Report: Hezbollah Lied, 4 Killed in Significant Israeli Strike in Syria

It appears the strike was more significant that initially reported.

Hezbollah Warns Israel, US Not to Interfere with Shipment of Iranian Oil to Lebanon

“We don’t want to get into a challenge with anyone ... we want to help our people,” says Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah • Lebanon’s fuel crisis requires an “immediate” solution, says a U.N. representative.

IDF Allegedly Strikes Syrian Army Observation Point Manned by Iranian Proxies

The post is manned jointly by Iranian proxies from Hezbollah and the Iranian elite Quds Force.

Israel Calls for Intl. Action as Report Shows Iran’s Progress Toward Nuke Bomb

Iran had used 257 g of uranium enriched up to 20% U-235 in the form of UF4 (uranium tetrafluoride) to produce 200 g of uranium metal-enriched up to 20% U-235.

Nasrallah says Lebanon will Start Importing Fuel from Iran

The country’s economic crisis has led to long lines at gas stations.

IDF Shoots Down Drone Sent by Hezbollah in Lebanon

The drone was under constant IDF surveillance throughout the incident.

Report: US Doubtful on Iran’s Returning to Nuclear Agreement

"it isn't clear that the Americans intend to respond militarily."

Ahmad Vahidi is ‘The Face of Iran’s New Terrorist Government,’ Israel Says

"Vahidi is a criminal wanted by Interpol for murdering 85 people in the shocking 1994 bombing of the AMIA Jewish Community Center in Buenos Aires."

Explosion, Fire Breaks Out on Iranian Vessel in Syria and at Petrochemical Plant in...

At least two people were injured. The ship was reported to be empty at the time of the blast.

Iran Devastated by 5th Corona Surge: 1 Dead Patient Every 2 Minutes

Hospital employees have warned this week that Iran’s healthcare system is going to collapse in days, creating a human catastrophe.

Nasrallah Threatening War Even as Druze in South Lebanon Reject Hezbollah

"Today Lebanon appears to have lost its anchor and is now in need of a resuscitation."


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