Ayatollah Khamenei Blames Iran Riots on the US and the Zionists

He also mentioned that the heads of three branches of Iran’s government had expressed their regret over the “incident.”

Seminary Students, Teachers, Declare Khamenei Is Unfit to Rule

"The first person of the government, Mr. Ali Khamenei, is not considered a mujtahid in any way."

US Sanctions Chinese Companies for Helping Iran Circumvent Petroleum Sanctions

The sanctioned companies include Zhonggu Storage and Transportation Co., which operates a commercial crude oil storage facility for Iranian petroleum and provides a conduit for Iranian petroleum trade, and WS Shipping Co., the ship manager for the vessel that transports Iranian petroleum products.

US Downs Iranian Drone

The UAV bombing operation killed nine and wounded 32 at an Iranian-Kurdish resistance group base in northern Iraq.

Ukrainian Report: Russia Launched 10 Iranian-Made Suicide Drones at Uman over Rosh Hashanah

Claim: "Planned acts of terrorism against Israeli citizens are one of the conditions for Iran's transfer of drones to Russia.”

Erdan: Sanctions Not Enough to Stop Iran

will not be obligated by any international agreement that endangers our existence. We will not hesitate to protect ourselves and. . . Iran will never have the bomb.”

Brutal Suppression Next? Iranian Women Burn their Hijabs in Protest of Mahsa Amini’s Death

Protests are increasing, five days after Mahsa Amini was found dead in her prison cell in Tehran.

NSC Warns About Iranian Terror Threats to Israelis Visiting Abroad

Over the past two years, Iran and its proxies have increased their attempts to attack Israelis abroad.

‘Butcher of Tehran’ Tells 60 Minutes Scientists Should Investigate if the Holocaust Happened

Today’s Iranian regime relies more than it has done in years on brute force and the suppression of women and national minorities.

IAF Bombs Damascus Airport, 5 Syrian Soldiers Killed – Report

According to the SOHR’s count, this is the 25th Israeli attack in Syria in 2022.

After 11 Years, Hamas and Syria Restoring Ties

The reconciliation between Syria and Hamas was achieved with the help of Iran, the Hezbollah terror organization in Lebanon, and also with Russian involvement.

Israel Offers to Help Albania Fight Iran in Cyberspace

“We will continue to tighten cooperation between Israel and Albania,” said Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Idan Roll.

Israel’s Defense Minister Warns UN ‘Iran has Tripled Uranium Enrichment’

“Iranian activities spread terror and could even spark an arms race. I am here because I believe that together we can prevent it, and the time to act is now."

IAEA ‘Not in Position to Assure Iran Nuclear Program is Exclusively Peaceful’

"Despite the Agency’s stated readiness to engage with Iran without delay to resolve these issues, Iran has not engaged with the Agency."

Gantz Unveils Map of Iranian Factories Producing Missiles for Hezbollah, Other Proxies

Iran has transformed the CERS military industry into production facilities for missiles and weapons intended for Hezbollah and other proxies.

Iranian Suicide Drone Designed to Attack Tel Aviv, Haifa

The head of the Iranian Army Ground Force the country has drones “with a strategic range, and also. . .with a range of 2,000 kilometers.”

Lapid: Nuclear Deal with Iran Not in the Near Future

Iran said that the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) should drop its "politically motivated probes" of Tehran's nuclear work.

US, E3: Iran ‘Moving Backwards’ on Revival of Nuclear Deal

“Iran now can produce 25 kg [of uranium] at 90 percent if they want to” – enough for at least one nuclear bomb.

Defense Minister Gantz’s Cleaner Convicted of Trying to Pass Info to Iran-Linked Hackers

The Shin Bet opened an internal investigation to determine how the cleaner, who had a criminal record and was hired.

Iran Demands Closure of IAEA Probes Before Signing Nuclear Deal

Iran sent its response to the European Union so-called "final" draft of the text last week.

Iran Equips Dozens of Cities with Defense Systems to Defend Against ‘Foreign Attack’

In August, Israeli fighter jets had recently penetrated Iranian airspace, multiple times, successfully “evading Russian and Iranian radar,” according to an unconfirmed report by Elaph.

Bipartisan Group of House Members Convey Concern with Reported Iran Deal to Biden

Moreover, Iran has offered to help Russia evade sanctions with both countries having collaborated with China to increase diplomatic, economic and defense cooperation, noted the letter.

Syrian Opposition Figure: Hezbollah Refuses to Return Missiles, Tanks to Syria

Among them, said Asaad Al-Zubi, were “400 tons of chemical WMDs.”

White House: Iran’s Response on Nuclear Deal ‘Not at all Encouraging’

So far, no one in the media knows what was in the Iranian response that so discouraged the Biden administration and the Europeans.

Thousands of Former IDF Officers Appeal to Biden Not to Sign Iran Nuclear Deal

"This agreement creates a clear legal pathway for Iran to obtain nuclear weapons by 2031, while denying the signatories of any tools to prevent that eventuality."

Biden Finally Gets Back to Lapid, a Week After Sending Iran Its Response

President Biden emphasized his "deep commitment" to Israel's security, to preserving Israel’s capability to deter its enemies, and "defend itself by itself against any threat."

Iran Rejects IAEA’s ‘Excessive’ Inspection Demands, Steps Up Underground Uranium Enrichment

Iran has been using IR-6 centrifuges for more than a year to enrich uranium to up to 60 percent purity – a short hop from the 90 percent purity needed to create an atomic bomb.

Russia Experiencing ‘Many Malfunctions’ with Iranian-Made Drones in Ukraine

Report: A U.S. administration source assessed that Moscow had purchased Iran’s Mohajer-6 and Shahed-series UAVs.

US Fifth Fleet Thwarts Iranian Attempt to Seize Navy Vessel in Gulf

The Saildrone Explorer USV that Iran nearly seized was a US vessel equipped with sensors, radars and cameras for navigation and data collection.

Netanyahu ‘Even More Concerned’ After Security Briefing with Lapid

"We will support any strong public stance against the nuclear agreement," Netanyahu said, adding, "Unfortunately, I don't see such a public position."


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