Hamas Projects Confidence in Face of Shin Bet Chief’s Vow to Turn on the...

Late last October, Israel announced the formation of a special Mossad and Shin Bet unit to pursue Hamas leaders at home and abroad.

Iran Confirms 2 of its Officers Killed in Israeli Air Strike in Syria

Israel Air Force strikes damaged Damascus International Airport and other targets near the Syrian capital.

US Navy Arrests Houthi Pirates Attacking Israeli Vessel, Missiles Fired at American Ship Within...

The pirates were arrested and are being questioned by the US military under counter-piracy authorities.

Gallant: We Pushed Hezbollah Terrorists Back; Border Residents: He’s Hallucinating

In 2023, very few Israeli residents of the northern border communities would agree to return home unless Hezbollah is driven, by peaceful means or otherwise, north of the Litani River.

Lebanese PM Says Foreign Intervention Needed to Restore Calm along Israeli Border

He also demanded that Israel end its “aggressive actions” in Gaza.

Yemeni Houthis Ramping Up Attacks Against Israel, Piracy in Red Sea

Iranian-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen launched several attacks on Saturday towards Eilat, the southernmost city in Israel. All were intercepted.

Iranian Drone Attacks Israeli-Owned ‘Mayet’ Cargo Ship in the Indian Ocean

An EPS-controlled ship came under a similar attack at around the same time last year, off the coast of Oman.

Israeli Fighter Jet Intercepts Houthi Cruise Missile

Rocket fire aimed at Israel has also continued from across Israel's northern and southern border from the early morning hours and throughout the day.

Iran Unveils New Fattah II Hypersonic Missile

Iran claims the Fattah missiles cannot be countered by any defense system -- but Israel's Rafael defense contractor has already produced an anti-hypersonic missile defense system to counter the threat.

Iran Increasing Uranium Enrichment, Blocking IAEA Inspectors

Iran has accumulated enough high-purity uranium to create three atomic bombs by IAEA definition.

Reports: US Planning to Unfreeze Another $10 Billion in Iranian Deposits

After sustaining 38 Iran-directed rocket attacks on its bases in the Middle East, the Biden administration is mulling releasing $10 billion of frozen Iranian funds.

Report: 700 Iranian ‘Elite Force’ Members Completely Control Areas Surrounding Israel’s Golan

These forces have undergone training provided by Lebanese Hezbollah and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps.

Nasrallah Stops Short of Declaring War on Israel, Gallant Warns: We’ll Do to Lebanon...

If Hezbollah decides to launch a full-scale war against Israel, this may be its worst possible opportunity.

Disappointed Arab World Ridicules Nasrallah’s ‘What Me Worry’ Speech

Needless to say, most Arabs reacted with disappointment mixed with ridicule to Nasrallah's show of belligerent standoffishness.

Yemen, an Iranian Vassal State, Declares War on Israel

Yemen has no diplomatic relations with the State of Israel, and never has. Yemen is a designated "enemy state" under Israeli law.

US Attacks Iran’s IRGC and Proxy Militia Sites in Syria

Pentagon officials told several news outlets that the attacks had not been coordinated with Israel.

Saudi Arabia Becomes Reluctant US Partner in Protecting Israel from Iran

“The United States does not seek conflict with Iran; we do not want this war to widen. But if Iran or its proxies attack US personnel anywhere, make no mistake, we will defend our people, we will defend our security, swiftly and decisively.”

Air Strike Shuts Down Syria’s Aleppo Airport, Again

Israel has carried out multiple air strikes against both Aleppo and Damascus international airports numerous times over the past year.

Nasrallah Shares Bunker with Representatives of Hamas, Islamic Jihad

Nasrallah's photo was published after Hezbollah had been riddled with inquiries about the leader’s whereabouts.

IAF Retaliates Against Syrian Army Positions, Jenin Terrorists

According to independent reports, eight Syrian soldiers were killed in the attack.

Israeli Hackers Claim They Shut Down Revolutionary Guards’ Nuclear Projects

Last week, the group took responsibility for deleting the content of the well-known GazaNow Telegram channel.

Biden Abruptly Ends Remarks on Middle East After Attacks on US Bases, Heads to...

Multiple US military bases in eastern Syria and Iraq were hit Monday by a coordinated missile and drone attack.

Iran Claims It Merged Drone with 4.5-mile Range Heat Seeking Missile

The new weapon, primitive and limited as it may be, can be extremely effective if it succeeds in hovering above civilian centers deep inside Israel.

Sunday Israel Attacked Damascus, Aleppo Airports

This is the third time in the past two weeks that an attack on Syrian airports has been attributed to Israel.

Iran Threatens ‘Preemptive Action’ Against Israel by ‘Resistance Front’

“Leaders of the resistance will not allow the Zionist regime to take any action in Gaza,” the Iranian foreign minister said. “All options are open.”

IDF Evacuating Israelis Living 2 Kilometers from Lebanese Border

The residents of 28 towns will be moved to guesthouses subsidized by the state.

Abu Ali Express: Hezbollah, Iran, Have Natural Enemies – Israel Should Align with Them

"They too are waiting for the day when Hezbollah can be exterminated."

Reports: Israel Takes Aleppo Airport Out of Commission with 2nd Attack in as Many...

Flights were turned to Latakia airport, which is operated by the Russian Army.

US, Qatar to Freeze $6B Funds for Iran

Biden: "None of the funds that have now gone to Qatar have actually been spent or accessed by Iran in any way,"

Report: Damascus, Aleppo Airports Bombed, Disabled

Both airports were disabled and are currently not functioning, forcing an Iranian aircraft that had already taken off from Tehran to turn around and retrace its route.


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