Rouhani Announces Discovery of New Iranian Oil Field

At present, Iran says it possesses some 150 billion barrels of proven crude oil reserves.

Pompeo Urges World to Beware of Iran’s ‘Nuclear Extortion’

“Iran’s expansion of proliferation-sensitive activities raises concerns that Iran is positioning itself to have the option of a rapid nuclear breakout.”

Netanyahu Praises IAEA for Quick Response to Iran’s Refusal to Cooperate with Nuclear Deal

“Iran continues to hide its nuclear program and continues to renew uranium enrichment for the purpose of producing nuclear weapons.”

Report: Iran Briefly Detained IAEA Inspector, Seized Her Travel Documents

The incident took place at the Natanz nuclear enrichment facility, according to a diplomat.

Iran Begins Injecting Uranium Gas into Centrifuges at Fordow

The JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) nuclear deal signed by Iran with world powers in 2015 bans nuclear material from Fordow.

Netanyahu: ‘For the Future of the Middle East and the World’ Israel Will Not...

Iran announced that the country will start production of 5% enriched uranium at the Fordo plant on Wednesday.

IDF Head of Operations: Expect Iranians Quality Attack on Israel

The IDF has been engaged in an all-out war against the Finance Ministry.

In Further Withdrawal from Nuclear Pact Iran Adds 30 High-Speed Centrifuges

“Thanks to the pressure of world major powers, we are able to easily manufacture the best centrifuges.”

Iran Celebrates 40th Anniversary of US Embassy Takeover; ‘Broke Washington’s Fictitious Grandeur’

"The takeover of the US embassy 40 years ago, on November 4, 1979, destroyed Washington’s fictitious grandeur."

In Slap to Hezbollah, Trump Halts Aid to Lebanese Army, Ignoring Congress, State Dept.,...

Israel has asked the US and its NATO allies to condition aid to Lebanon on shutting down Hezbollah’s missile accuracy project in south Lebanon.

Netanyahu, Mnuchin Discuss Iranian Weapons Aimed at Middle Eastern Neighbors

Iran wants to convert Lebanon’s arsenal of 130,000 statistical rockets to precision-guided munitions.

Netanyahu: Chief of Staff’s Warnings of Approaching War with Iran Not a Spin

"We must make tough decisions that require a government with broad shoulders."

Russia Accusing US of Smuggling Syrian Oil to the Tune of $30 Million a...

On Friday, US Defense Secretary Mark Esper said the US would send armored vehicles and troops to the Syrian oil fields to protect them from being captured by Islamic State fighters.

US Marks 36th Anniversary of Beirut Barracks Bombing

“The truck set off the largest non-nuclear explosion on Earth since the Second World War.”

Facebook Removes Dozens of Iranian Disinformation Accounts

These Pages and Groups were shut down based on their behavior, not the content they posted. In each of these cases, the people behind this activity coordinated with one another and used fake accounts to misrepresent themselves, and that was the basis for Facebook’s action.

Report: US Launched Cyber Attack on Iran following Oil Fields Missiles

The cyber operation, in late September, which impacted computing hardware, targeted the Islamic Republic’s ability to "spread propaganda.”

Turkey Boasts ‘Neutralizing’ 595 Kurds in Syria Operation; Kurds, Assad, Forge Coalition

With American support and training, the Kurdish-led SDF has become a professional army with close to 60,000 recruits.

Revolutionary Guards Lure, Arrest, Paris-Based Anti-Regime Activist

According to Mehr News, Amad News is now under the IRGC's control.

Report: Trump Pullout Draws Anti-Israel Forces Away from Golan Border

Trump is actually restoring the religious balance in the region and weakening Iran's hold on the areas alongside Israel's border.

Iranian Oil Tanker Hit by Rockets Off Saudi Shore

The rocket attack comes after Saudi Arabia’s oil supply came under an attack by drones and cruise missiles on September 14, cutting in half the Saudi oil production.

Citing 1973 War, Netanyahu Stresses Importance of Preemptive Strike

By 5 AM on October 6, Chief of Staff Davis Elazar recommended a full, immediate mobilization of forces and a preemptive air strike. He was overruled by Prime Minister Golda Meir.

‘Hebrew-Arabic’ Assassination Plot against Quds Chief Soleimani ‘Foiled’

Taeb described those Hebrew-Arabic foes being "frustrated by their inability to carry out a hostile move, and thus orchestrating their vicious plan for several years to assassinate General Soleimani."

UK-Flagged Stena Impero Arrives in Dubai After Iranian Capture

The vessel sailed out of Iranian waters on Friday morning after leaving Iran’s Bandar Abbas port.

With Thousands of Iranian Soldiers Dead, Revolutionary Guards Commander Insists ‘Israel Surrounded by Iran’

In August 2017, Brigadier General Hamid Abazari stated that 25% of the several tens of thousands soldiers that Iran had sent to Syria had been killed or wounded.

IAEA Notifies Members: Iran Using Advanced Centrifuges to Enrich Uranium

Under the JCPOA, small numbers of the more advanced centrifuges were to be used for research, but without producing enriched uranium.

Netanyahu: Erdogan is a Liar & Iran Attacked Saudi Arabia, ‘From A to...

The prime minister also commented Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s remarks at the United Nations General Assembly.

Air Strikes Fail to Deter Construction on Iranian Base at Syria-Iraqi Border

In addition, satellite images show that work has continued on two border crossings on both sides of the Syria-Iraq border.

Tehran Launches Anti-Zionism Conference in Beirut

Iranian filmmaker Nader Talebzadeh, chairman and founder of New Horizon, delivered a speech about "Israel’s recent acts of aggression and the US support for the Israeli regime."

Iran Announces UK-Flagged Stena Impero ‘Free to Leave’ But Doesn’t Say Exactly When

So far, the tanker is still in the port of Bandar Abbas in the Persian Gulf. The tanker's owner Stena Bulk said, "We have no further information about it."

PM Johnson Blames Iran for Attack on Saudi Oil Facilities

Johnson said he plans to meet Iran's president Hassan Rouhani in New York.


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