Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov to Visit Israel Next Week

Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid warned in September, “Iran is the world’s number one exporter of terror and it threatens us all."

Syrian News Agency Practically Celebrates Israel’s Massive Attack on Iranian Weapons Shipment

It's almost as if someone in Damascus is happy that those pesky Iranians took it on the chin.

Mossad Chief to Meet on Iran with US Officials in Washington

Envoys from the UK, France and Germany said in a joint statement this weekend that talks with Iran are near collapse.

Unofficial Reports Say Iran Downed ‘Spy Drone’ Over Natanz

Deputy Defense Minister Alon Schuster: "What hit Natanz? I can’t say."

PM Bennett: We’ll Use Lull in Negotiations with Iran to Chart a Different Path...

"A bad deal with the Iranians will have implications for our national security."

Update: Explosion Rocks Badrud in Iran, Near Natanz Nuclear Plant

Badrud is located 12 miles from Natanz, site of Iran's main uranium enrichment nuclear plant.

Explosion Near Natanz Nuclear Facility

There's speculation the Iranians were trying to hit a drone over the facility.

Macron: Iran Nuclear Talks ‘Not Successful’

Iran is continuing to produce uranium enriched to 60 percent, according to a report last month by Reuters quoting Iranian state media.

Gantz: Israel May Someday ‘Have No Choice But to Act’ on Iran

Gantz said Israel always has to prepare the option "for the moment when we may find ourselves alone. . . an attack (on Iran) is an option."

Mossad Chief Promises Iran Will Never Have Nuclear Weapons

Barnea: “Not in the coming years, never, it’s my commitment, it’s the Mossad’s commitment.”

Bennett Tells Sec. State Blinken to End Nuclear Negotiations, Take Steps Against Iran

Bennett suggested that Iran was exercising nuclear blackmail as a negotiation tactic.

IDF Spokesman: We Are Accelerating Our Plans Against Iran

Israel is very concerned about the possibility that the countries around the table would decide to remove sanctions even before an Iranian clear commitment on freezing its nuclear project.

WATCH: Bennett Says ‘Iran Won’t Just Keep Its Nuclear Program – They’ll Get Paid...

Israel's prime minister said Iran deserves no rewards, no bargain deals and no sanctions relief in return for their brutality.

Gantz: Iran Still Violating JCPOA Nuclear Agreement

Israel "must continue, as a strong and independent country to maintain the capability to defend ourselves."

Iran Resumes Nuclear Talks with World Powers in Vienna

Israel is warning Iran will “play for time, earn billions from the removal of sanctions, continue to deceive the world and covertly advance their nuclear program.”

Israel and UK: ‘Time is Running Out’ on Iran

“We will work day and night to prevent the Iranian regime from ever becoming a nuclear power,” the UK’s Foreign Secretary Elizabeth Truss and Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid vowed.

Israel Behind Cyberattack on Iranian Gas Stations, say US Officials

The hackers may have gained access to data on international oil sales, a state secret that could expose how Iran evades international sanctions, Iranian officials tell “The New York Times.”

Kenyan Police Arrest Iranian Accused of Planning Terror Attacks

The report is part of the increased security operations in Kenya following the recent escape of three security prisoners from the largest maximum-security prison in Kenya.

Should Vienna Talks Fail, Military Option Ready, Says Top US General

The Iranians are “very close” to nuclear breakout, says OC Central Command Gen. Kenneth McKenzie • IAEA head says “no progress” was made on his trip to Tehran.

Israel Warns US Against Partial Nuclear Agreement with Iran

Since 2015 Iran has reached a much higher level of development of its nuclear weapon capability and will likely refuse to return to the 2015 limits.

Iran Denies Cyber Attack Disabled Its Water Systems

Iranian authorities claimed the sites were taken offline in order to "secure information and statistics systems."

IAEA Chief Grossi Leaves Iran without a Deal on Inspectors’ Access

The Press TV interview included a reference to the fact that Iran’s nuclear facilities and scientists had come under "repeated, and often deadly, terrorist attacks.

Defense Minister: Iran Tried to Transfer Explosives to Terrorists in Judea and Samaria with...

Gantz also exposed the bases of Shabhar and Qeshm, in southern Iran, from which the Iranian military launches UAV attacks at maritime targets.

Bennett: We Must Take the initiative Against Iran, Won’t Be Bound by International Agreement

The PM was extremely critical of his predecessor, who made the struggle against the nuclear deal the centerpiece of his foreign relations, but, apparently, didn't do much about it.

US: Israeli Attacks on Iranian Nuclear Sites ‘Counterproductive’

“This was a horrible one-sided deal that should have never, ever been made. It didn’t bring calm, it didn’t bring peace, and it never will."

Iranian Airline Linked to Hezbollah Hit by Cyber Attack

The company confirmed that there was an attack, but claims it was “contained.”

IAEA Report: Iran has Further Increased Stockpile of Highly Enriched Uranium

The Islamic Republic has amassed an estimated 17.7 kilograms (39 pounds) of uranium enriched to 60 percent, according to the findings.

Israeli Criminal Working for Gantz Arrested after Offering to Help Iranian Hackers

How did Goren get this sensitive job in the first place? Was the vetting guy on vacation? Home with Covid?

Iran Buying Property at Strategic Locations in Syria to Create Bases & Land Bridge

For Iran, control of the Albukamal border crossing with Iraq and control of Damascus airport and its environs are necessary to create a land bridge between Iran and Lebanon and the Mediterranean Sea.

Israel, UAE, Bahrain & the US Launch Red Sea Naval Exercise

The drill takes place against the backdrop of a large-scale military exercise that Iran has been conducting in recent days in the Gulf.


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