Iran Unveils its First (Supposed) Hypersonic Missile

The "Fattah" missile has reported a range of 1,400 kilometers (870 miles) and a maximum speed of Mach 13-15.

Grossi Denies IAEA Compromising Standards on Iran Probe

Israel: "The explanations provided by Iran for the presence of nuclear material at the site are not reliable or technically possible. Iran continues to lie."

IAEA Chief: Iran Keeping a ‘Fraction’ of its Commitments

Grossi expressed disappointment that more progress had not been made in implementing March’s Joint Statement regarding the Non-Proliferation Treaty Comprehensive Safeguards Agreement.

Israel Criticizes Closure of IAEA Nuclear Probe of Iran

The MFA said, "The explanations provided by Iran for the presence of nuclear material at the site are not reliable or technically possible."

IAEA Closes Two Probes into Iran Nuclear Program

The U.N. watchdog no longer has questions about highly-enriched uranium particles at Fordow or man-made uranium at Marivan.

US May Buy Israeli Silence on Iran in Exchange for Saudi Peace

Such a deal might see Tehran promise to halt nuclear enrichment.

Israel Concerned by Reports of Imminent US-Iran Nuclear Deal

Washington and Tehran are said to be close to an interim deal that would unfreeze billions of dollars for the regime.

President Herzog’s Visit to Azerbaijan Raising Iran’s Paranoia

Naturally, the presence of high-ranking Israeli officials on their border arouses Iranians’ anger and suspicions.

‘We’ll Take Iran in 24 Hours, Don’t Test Us’ – Taliban Threatening War Against...

The 1973 agreement guarantees Iran an average of 0.22 cubic meters per second of water

Head of Institute for Policy and Strategy: Iranian Threat Intensifying, Nasrallah Ready for Aggression

The Arabs perceive President Biden’s refusal to meet with PM Netanyahu as an Israeli weakness.

Iran vs. Taliban in Shootout

Each side claims they killed a bunch of fighters from the other side.

Iran Unveils Khaybar Missile Capable of Reaching Israel

Khaybar is the location in present-day Saudi Arabia where the Muslim Prophet Muhammed’s forces defeated Jewish communities in 628 C.E.

Israel: Iran May Soon Enrich Uranium to 84% Purity

UN IAEA inspectors were shocked this past February to discover Iran had apparently already enriched uranium to 83.7-percent purity - a breath from 90-percent weapons grade purity.

US State Dept. Says Iran ‘Must Cooperate’ with IAEA

"We are prepared to conclude a deal on the basis of the understandings we negotiated with our European Allies, but we can only conclude . . . and implement it if Iran drops its additional demands that are extraneous to the JCPOA."

Turkey Busts Mossad Cell Working Against Iran

Eleven members of a 15-strong team were reportedly detained.

Pentagon Reveals & Deletes Images of ‘Bunker Buster’ Able to Take Out Iran’s Underground...

Israel is still craving the Massive Ordnance Penetrator, which weighs about 30,000 pounds.

Gallant Reveals: Iran Converting Commercial Vessels into Floating Terror Bases

The IRGC is converting trading vessels into military ships armed with UAVs and missile systems. Iran aims to establish terror bases in the maritime space of the Middle East region.

Iran Building Nuke Site that US Bunker Busters Can’t Even Damage

It's not clear if even 2 bunker buster bombs could damage the new Natanz nuclear facility.

Iran Arrests Israeli-Linked ‘Terrorist Group’ at Western Border

“A terrorist group associated with the Zionist regime which entered the country from the western borders was arrested,” Iran’s Intelligence Minister Esmail Khatib said.

Azerbaijan’s Ambassador to Israel: Both Our Countries Are Worried About Iran

“If we are forced to and are dragged into war, Azerbaijan will defend itself.”

IDF Deploys Iron Dome in Jerusalem to Protect Flag Parade Marchers from Gaza Rocket...

There is concern that Hamas might decide to fire rockets at the Israeli capital as the terror group did in May 2021, just as the Flag Parade was set to begin.

Iranian Pressure Mounts on Hamas and Hezbollah for ‘Joint Operational Mechanism’ Against Israel

In an Iranian bid to consolidate power against Israel, Tehran is placing heavy pressure on Hamas, Hezbollah and Palestinian Islamic Jihad to establish a...

How the Gaza Ceasefire Unfolded With Iran’s Consent

No one came to Islamic Jihad's aid, so they were forced to concede.

No News Is Tense News: 24 Hours after Triple Assassination, Israel Still Waiting for...

The next day would bring either a regional war or a puff. Call it Schrödinger’s retaliation.

Israel Assassinates PIJ Anti-Tank Terror Cell in Southern Gaza in Operation Shield and Arrow

The targeted terrorists were eliminated while en route to launch a precision-guided Kornet missile at an IDF tank position near the security fence along Israel’s border with Gaza.

Iran Obtains Phosphates from Syria to Extract Uranium, Tightens Ties with Egypt

Phosphates from the mine are used primarily to produce fertilizers; however, they are also an unconventional source for the extraction of uranium.

New IDF Chief, Senior Staff Debate Attack on Iran, Multi-Front War

A year of intensive training is required to reach excellence in preparedness for an attack on Iran.

Gallant: Iran has Enough Nuclear Material to Build Five Bombs

The Israeli defense minister is on a working trip to Greece and Cyprus.

Iran’s Raisi Meets Assad in Damascus to Expand Ties

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi congratulated the Syrian president on winning the civil war.

Microsoft: Iran Accelerating Its Worldwide Cyber Attacks

The future threat of increasingly destructive Iranian cyberattacks remains against Israel and the United States.


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