Iran: Nuclear Terrorism Damaged Natanz Uranium Enrichment Facility

"The Islamic Republic of Iran . . . reserves its right to take action against perpetrators and agents."

Iran Reports Sunday Morning Accident at Natanz Nuclear Site

On July 2, 2020, around 2 AM, there were explosions and a major fire in the centrifuge production plant at the nuclear enrichment facility in Natanz.

Iran Announces Startup of Advanced Centrifuges at Natanz

"Iran had dissolved six unirradiated scrap fuel plates for the TRR [Tehran Research Reactor] containing 0.43 kg of uranium enriched up to 20 percent U-235.”

Israel Defense Officials Worried US Leaking Israeli Special Ops Info to the Press

Israel believes the operation against the Saviz was leaked to the US press before the operation even took place.

Reported Attack on Iranian Ship is a ‘Moderate Escalation’

Iran believed that its attempt to deny the military role of the “Saviz” would protect it from attack, but the deniability ended up making it easier for those who struck it, says a former defense official.

Former Lebanese Justice Minister: Hezbollah is an Enemy of the State

Former Lebanese police chief Maj. Gen. (ret.) Ashraf Rifi compares Iran to Nazi Germany and says Hezbollah is leading Lebanon to suicide.

Iran Touts Increased Uranium Enrichment a Day After Indirect Talks With US

The Islamic Republic has produced 55 kilograms of uranium enriched to 20 percent, and can reach 120 kilograms within eight months, says Iranian nuclear official.

US, Iran Deal to Drop Sanctions May Prove Unattainable

Simply put, to remove all the sanctions, the Biden administration would have to reverse the terrorist designation of Iran which date back to the Carter administration.

Report: Israel Admitted to Attacking Iranian IRGC Vessel Saviz

There has been no comment thus far from Iran’s government nor from Israel.

Iran Announces Arrest of ‘Israeli Spy’

Several other "spies" were also arrested, an Iranian official said. Their nationalities were not revealed.

What Biden Did While You Were Away: End ICC Sanctions, Start Indirect Talks with...

“We believe . . . that our concerns about these cases would be better addressed through engagement with all stakeholders."

IAEA: Iran Enriching Uranium with Advanced Centrifuges Underground

"As of 31 March 2021, the Agency verified that Iran was using . . .174 IR-4 centrifuges installed in one cascade to enrich natural UF6 up to 5% U-235."

Bolstered By Chinese $400 Billion Deal, Iran Won’t Stop Enriching Uranium Until Biden Drops...

"The odds any progress to revive the deal before Iran holds a presidential election in June have dwindled."

Israel’s National Security Council Warns of Iranian Terror Attacks

With Israelis vaccinated and travelling again, they will become more easily accessible targets for Iran.

Iran Attacks Israeli-Owned Cargo Vessel at Sea

The attack did not succeed in preventing ship from reaching its destination port.

Iranian, Syrian Military Personnel Killed in Attack by Unknown Fighters

It’s not clear what prompted the attack, nor who the attackers were.

Biden May be Ready to Sacrifice Abraham Accords for Iranian Deal

The new president also made sure to staff his foreign policy ranks with old Obama hands, including John Kerry who has come to represent American anti-Israel attitude even more so than President Obama.

Iran said to have Threatened ‘USS Cole-Style’ Attack Against Washington’s Fort McNair

Iranian communications intercepted in January discussed attacking the base, as well the U.S. Army’s vice chief staff, as revenge for the killing of Quds Force Gen. Qassem Soleimani.

Iranians Indicted for Conspiracy to Hide $300 Million from US Sanctions

But unless Iran will be willing to extradite its agents, all those nice laws and the will to enforce them won't yield anything.

Biden Administration: North Korea Increasing Threat to Continental USA

North Korea recently unveiled “a new ICBM considerably larger and presumably more capable than the systems they tested in 2017."

Washington Attempting to Quell Israel’s Shadow War with Iran at Sea

Israel’s alleged ongoing disruptions of Iranian oil-smuggling to Syria, which enabled a terror financing channel to Hezbollah, and Tehran’s resulting retaliation may have set off alarm bells in the Biden administration ahead of new nuclear talks.

IRGC Flexing Muscles with Display of New ‘Missile City’

Also on display: a missile system capable of shifting its focus on given targets after being launched.

First Virtual ‘US-Israel Strategic Consultative Group’ to Convene March 11

The meeting will comprise the highest-level talks between the US and Israel since President Joe Biden entered the Oval Office.

Indian Officials Accuse Iran of Engineering Israeli Embassy Blast

The Indian agencies recovered a letter addressed to Israeli ambassador Ron Malka at the site of the explosion, accusing him of being a terrorist and a devil representing a terrorist nation.

Israel Air Force Escorts US B-52 Bombers

This was the seventh IAF mission in the CENTCOM area of operations in the past four months.

‘Iran is a Main Destination for Uranium Smuggling from Venezuela’

Several members of the country’s military have been arrested for smuggling uranium, says Venezuelan politician and would-be leader Juan Guaidó.

Reports: Iraq Releasing Billions in Iranian Frozen Assets with US Approval

On Dec. 30, the US granted Baghdad a 90-day waiver to continue to import electricity from Tehran.

Gantz on Fox News: Israel Prepared to Strike Iran’s Nuclear Sites

Gantz said: "The American policy should be American policy, and Israeli policy should stay Israeli policy."

Report: European Powers Scrap US-Backed Plan for IAEA Rebuke of Iran

Britain, France and Germany withdraw their support for a resolution criticizing Tehran for failing to explain the presence of uranium particles at undeclared locations.

Iran Denies Involvement in Attack on Israeli-Owned Ship

PM Netanyahu said very clearly that Iran was behind the attack on the ship.


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