Multiple Israeli Coronavirus Research Centers Struck in Major Cyber Attack

The attacks involved no attempt to extract information but rather simply an attempt to sabotage the research. They failed.

Ayatollah Khamenei on Jerusalem Day: Zionist Virus Won’t Last Long

Despite the fact that Israel and Iran are separated by close to a thousand miles of desert, it appears that Israel continues to live rent-free inside the head of Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei.

Israeli Websites Attacked by Iranian Hackers with Shoddy Hebrew Syntax

The clip concludes with the somewhat ambivalent declaration: "Israel ill not see the 25 to the coming," by which they mean, of course, that Israel will be destroyed before the year 2025.

Bennett: Iran Beginning to Withdraw from Syria

Former Israeli Defense Minister Naftali Bennett urges his successor Benny Gantz to keep up the pressure on Tehran, saying that the goal of pushing the country out of Syria is “in reach.”

US Sanctions Chinese Firm for Working with Iranian Airline

Mahan Air has allegedly been operating charter flights to Venezuela for Iranian technicians and technical equipment, using materials sourced from China.

US Charges Iranian Company, Executives with Wire Fraud, Money Laundering

Fees were charged to circumvent “American sanctions,” with the result of millions of dollars of foreign currency coming into Iran.

Report: Israel Revenge-Attacked Iran’s Shahid Rajaee Port’s Computer System

A foreign security official who said the May 9 attack was “highly accurate” and the damage to the Iranian port more severe than admitted by Iranian sources.

Arsonists Torch Queen Esther & Mordechai’s Historic Tomb in Hamedan, Iran

Under the Ayatollahs and the terrorist movements they have spawned, in recent years there have been annual anti-Semitic protests at the holy site."

Qasem Soleimani’s Right Hand Killed in Syria After Seeing Boss in a Dream

So, from now on, if you see Qasem Soleimani in a dream – stay indoors.

Iran Nears Completion of Large Weapons Storage Site in Abukamal, Eastern Syria

It’s believed the tunnel is in the final stages of construction and will be operational shortly.

WATCH: Dozens of Iranian Sailors ‘Martyred’ in Naval Friendly Fire that Sinks Ship

The Iranians admit to the friendly fire incident, they just don't admit to the sinking of the ship and the deaths of dozens of sailors.

Israeli Cybersecurity Researchers Spot Iranian Attack on US Firm Working on COVID-19 Treatment

The web domains and hosting servers used in the hacking attempts were linked to Iran, said the Israeli cybersecurity researchers.

Pompeo on Trip to Israel: ‘No Travel to Confirm – Yet’

"The United States has "been very clear to the Assad regime all along, and to the Russians in Syria: the Iranians need to leave."

Report: Iranian Airline Ignored COVID-19 Flight Bans, Suppressed Reports of Crew Illness

Iran’s Mahan Air continued to operate flights to multiple Middle Eastern countries until late March despite coronavirus lockdowns, probe shows.

Israeli Defense Officials: Iran Pulling up Stakes in Syria

IDF sources in Tel Aviv believe that the Islamic Republic’s presence in Syria has grown too costly for the Assad regime.

Facebook Removes 398 Accounts Linked to Iranian Disinformation Networks

Campaigns that seek to manipulate public debate on social media originated in Iran and focused on a wide range of countries including Algeria, Bangladesh, Bosnia, Egypt, Ghana, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sudan, Tanzania, Tunisia, the US, UK and Zimbabwe.

Russia Grants Iran Access to Syrian Hmeimim Air Base

"Russia provided the Iranian military with the opportunity to use its military airfield in the province of Latakia."

Bipartisan US House Majority Backs Extending UN Arms Embargo on Iran

The embargo expires on Oct. 18, along with U.N. travel restrictions on Iranians associated with arms proliferation—the latter of which the letter also calls to be extended.

Syrian Observatory: 15 Iranians Killed in Israeli Attack Monday Night

The Observatory also noted that the Israeli bombardment Monday night destroyed warehouses, ammunition and weapons stored in the "Defense Factories" in the Al-Safira area.

Capitalizing on the Coronavirus, Israel Intensifying Airstrikes Campaign Against Major Syrian, Iranian Assets

So, add to your #coronabenefits list: IDF blasting Iranian assets in Syria, bringing closer their exit.

Israel Attacks Hezbollah Targets in Homs and in Southern Syria

Syria stated media claimed that the explosions were the result of a “human error” caused by troops moving ammunition.

Report: Venezuela Apparently Giving Gold Bars to Iran for Oil

Tehran and Caracas have been working together in attempting to evade U.S. sanctions against both countries.

Syria Reports Israeli Helicopter Attack North of Golan Heights

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights cited its activists who said that sporadic explosions were heard in the western part of Daraa governorate, which borders on Israel to the west.

Trump Orders US Navy to Shoot, Destroy Iranian Gunboats That Harass American Vessels

The move follows two two confrontations in the Persian Gulf, and the launch of a military satellite by the Islamic Republic earlier in the day.

Syria Claims Israeli Air Force Attacked Iranian IRGC Bases Near Homs, Palmyra

Local sources said the air strikes were aimed at Iran's IRGC Quds Force and Hezbollah targets in Syrian army bases near the T-4 Air Base and Palmyra.

Israeli-Arab Indicted for Spying for Iran

The spy met with his handlers in Denmark, Paris and Budapest.

‘Sadly Unsurprisingly Anti-Semitic’: Israel Slams Iran for its State-Sponsored Anti-Semitic Coronavirus Cartoon Contest

The Iranian regime has a long history of promoting anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial and has hosted several international cartoon contests promoting these themes.

Family Announces Former FBI Agent Bob Levinson, z’l, Died in Iranian Custody

"Those who are responsible for what happened to Bob Levinson . . . will ultimately receive justice for what they have done."

IRGC Commander Hossein Asadollahi Dies in Iran of COVID-19

At least 1,934 Iranians have died of the virus and nearly 25,000 more are infected with the virus.


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