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US Pinpoints Sites Where Iran Launches Drones, Missiles at Saudi Oil Plants

A US team has already been at the two sites and has identified the specific types of drones and cruise missiles that were fired.

WSJ: US Intelligence Proves Iran Attacked Saudi Oil Installations

The attack led to the shutdown of half of the country’s oil production.

Report: 10 Killed in Air Strike by Unidentified Aircraft on Iranian Complex near Syrian-Iraqi...

The attack comes on the heels of a similar strike carried out a week earlier in the same location.

Another Iranian Hijacking in Strait of Hormuz

This is the second such seizure by the IRGC naval patrol this month.

Iranian Proxy Militia in Yemen Threatens Israel in Video with Hebrew Subtitles

Such an event clearly comes at the prompting of the Islamic Republic of Iran: Yemen has had little to do with Israel over the years.

World Oil Prices Soaring as Half of Saudi Production Disabled in Drone Attacks

US officials said that seventeen points of impact were precisely targeted, an operation that required a surveillance and planning capacity "of a whole new level of sophistication."

Pompeo Blames Iran for Attack on Saudi Oil Facilities

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says there's "no evidence the attacks (on Saudi oil facilities) came from Yemen."

Saudi Oil Output Drops 50% After Houthi Attack on Crude Processing Facilities

The closure is expected to impact ... five percent of the world’s daily oil production.

Netanyahu Exposes Iranian Nuclear Weapons Development Site

Netanyahu called on world leaders to "wake up and realize that Iran is...systematically lying."

IDF Detected Failed Grad Launches by Iranian Forces in Syria

The launches were executed by a Shiite militia sponsored by the Iranian Quds force, under the command of Qasem Soleimani.

Update: 18 Iranians Killed in Warplanes Attack on Syria-Iraq Border

There is no information as of yet regarding casualties and material damage.

Iranian Oil Tanker Adrian Darya 1 Reaches Syria’s Port Tartus

The oil tanker was carrying some 2.1 million barrels of light crude oil, worth about $130 million on the open market.

Netanyahu to Trump: Don’t Talk to Iranians, Keep Up the Sanctions

Iran's GDP contracted by 3.9% in 2018, and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) expects the Iranian economy to shrink by 6% in 2019.

New US Sanctions Target Iran’s Space Program

This is the first time the United States is publicly designating Iran’s civilian space agency.

Report: Iran Building Massive Military Complex in Syria

Satellite imagery shows five newly-built structures to store precision-guided missiles, plus other missile storage structures and various types of buildings.

Iran Refusing to Answer IAEA Questions on Secret Nuclear Facility

Tehran stonewalled on questions regarding its nuclear stockpiles for the first time since IAEA oversight went into effect in 2016, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Iran Oil Tanker Shuts Off Tracker as it Nears Syria

Iranian officials said the cargo was sold, although they did not identify the buyer. Syria historically has taken 1 million barrels of crude oil each month from Tehran.

Report: Macron Offered Rouhani $15 Billion to Resume Nuclear Deal

Tehran has threatened to reduce its nuclear commitments further by Sept. 6, which would include enriching uranium to 20%, and restarting the centrifuges that purify uranium to weapons' grade.

Report: Iraqi Shiite Militias Hiding Rockets from Israeli Attack

The Iran-back Shia militias in Iraq are regrouping, relocating and are moving their weapon caches to other locations.

Former Lebanese PM Slams Hezbollah’s Attack

He famously sobbed in 2006 as he described the effects of the war on the Lebanese people during a televised address at the conference.

Defecting Iranian Judoka: I was Ordered to Throw the Match

He followed his orders because the Iranians threatened his family.

Update 6:20pm: Hezbollah, IDF Skirmish on Northern Border – No Israeli Casualties

IDF: "A short while ago, fires broke out in the Lebanese border area. The fires originate with operations by our forces in the area.”

IDF Exposes Hezbollah’s Missile Accuracy Project Led by Iran

According to the IDF, it was decided to expose the project in order to deny Hezbollah the ability to hide the existence of its Iranian-sponsored manufacturing sites in Lebanon

Report: Beirut Drones Struck Hezbollah Precision Missile Factory

The Iranian-backed Hezbollah terrorist organization said it intends to respond with a “surprise” strike against Israel.

Israel Urging UNSC to Acknowledge Syria’s Responsibility for Iranian Troops on Its Soil

“The international community must make clear to Iran that it will no longer tolerate its regional subversion and terrorist financing operations.”

Analyst: Hezbollah will Attack Israel; Israel Facing Mass War on 2 Fronts

Nasrallah may follow through with his threats, and he may be currently planning the assault with his military chiefs.

Rouhani: Change in Iranian Terrorism Only If US Lifts All Sanctions

Rouhani was secretary of the Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) for 16 years, and he boasted how he was using talks with Western powers to buy time to advance Iran's nuclear program.

Iran: Retaliation Against Israel Will Be ‘Shocking and Crippling’

The Iranian Parliament's General Director for International Affairs Hossein Amir-Abdollahian said on Monday that the response to Israel’s attacks on Lebanon and Syria is...


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