Data Leak Reveals 42,000 Dead of Coronavirus in Iran

Meanwhile, the opposition People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran announced on Sunday that the coronavirus death toll in 347 cities across Iran had passed 81,400.

Iran Arrests Head of ‘US-based Terror Group’

The terrorist group had also planned to carry out several large-scale operations in recent years which have been foiled, including bombing Sivand Dam in Shiraz, Imam Khomeini Mausoleum, and the Tehran Book Fair.

Iran Faked the Satellite Images They Released

Tehran claimed their spy satellite took pictures of an American base in Qatar. Not exactly...

Iran Fires Ballistic Missiles from Underground Launchers, Drills on Ways to Neutralize THAAD in...

“With the facilities in our possession, we can hit any hostile target at any location in the Persian Gulf region, the Sea of Oman, and the Indian Ocean.”

Iranian Govt Denies Explosion at IRGC Missile Base – Claims ‘Power Line Short Circuit...

The Tehran Fire and Police departments both said there was no "explosion" of any kind, and the "fire" resulted from a power line short circuit.

Israel to Hezbollah: We Didn’t Mean to Kill your Man, If You Retaliate It’ll...

Israel sent Hezbollah what it described as a warning against the consequences of a military retaliation.

IDF Stepping Up Forces Up North in Response to Hezbollah Retaliation Threats

Hezbollah is compelled to respond because of a promise made a year ago by its leader, Hassan Nasrallah, to match any Israeli attack on his agents in Syria with an attack against Israel.

Hezbollah Claims Operative Killed in Israeli Strike

Within Hezbollah they are calling for revenge against Israel.

5 Dead, 11 Wounded in Syria Airstrikes Attributed to Israel

A missile depot and other weapons warehouses were also destroyed, reported Syrian media.

Israel Exposes Iran-Backed PFLP Terror Cell That Planned Massive Attacks

One terrorist said that he drew inspiration for planning and carrying out the attacks from the August 2019 PFLP attack on Ein Danny, in which 17-year-old Rina Shnerb was murdered and her father and brother were injured.

Report: Syria Claims Israel Hit Targets in Damascus Airport, Iranian Military Sites, Near Golan...

Syria’s military said the Israeli Air Force “launched a number of missiles” from the Israeli side of the Golan Heights at Damascus.

Iran Announces Execution of ‘Spy’ for CIA, Mossad

The Iranian judiciary said that the man gave the U.S. and Israel information on the movements of IRGC Quds Force commander Qassem Soleimani, killed in January by an American drone.

Explosion at Isfahan Power Plant

On Sunday, the value of the Iranian coin was set at 260 thousand rials per one US dollar.

Explosions, Fire Break Out on Oil Pipeline in Western Iran

It’s not yet known what caused the explosion, which is another in a series of unexplained incidents targeting Iran's important energy, military and nuclear sites.

How Iran Uses Charities and Humanitarian Organizations as Cover to Export its Revolution

A new report is calling on the U.S. to designate three Iranian organizations as terror groups.

Seven Iranian Ships, Port, on Fire

There is no information on the origin of any of the vessels that were burned, and Iranian media said “no casualties were reported."

Iran’s Quds Force Commander: ‘Tough Times Await US, Zionist Regime’

Maj. Gen. Esmail Ghaani warns “major events” are about to befall Israel and the U.S., hints USS Bonhomme Richard fire was Iranian retaliation.

Iran Executes Former Defense Staffer Accused of Selling Secrets to CIA

Iran's judiciary said that Asgari sold data related to Iran’s missile program to the U.S. intelligence agency.

Iran’s Proxy Militia Arrests Yemenite Jews in Ethnic Cleansing

According to a 2017 report, there are about 50 Jews remaining in Yemen, all of them in Kharif.

Report: German Intelligence Captured Iran Quds’ Force Spy

Russia, China, Iran and Turkey are “key players in espionage and influence directed against Germany,” according to a report.

Explosion Causes Fire at Petrochemical Company in Southwestern Iran

The explosion caused a large amount of damage to the company and to a neighboring company as well, but caused no casualties.

Iran Threatens to ‘React Decisively’ If Foreign Governments Involved in Natanz Facility Fire

The Iranians are in dilemma: they do not want to escalate the situation before the US election in November, but they do want to retaliate,.

China Turns Tables on Trump Administration in Massive Iran Deal

The European signatories on the JCPOA are interested in restoring the nuclear deal with the Islamic Republic, with or without the US.

Explosion Rocks Tehran Residential Building

The blast followed a series of explosions that destroyed strategic military targets in the country.

#7: Huge Blast Rocks Tehran Area

There are military and training facilities in the area of the blast which could be the target of sabotage.

#6: Huge Explosion South of Tehran kills 2

As of Tuesday morning, Iranian authorities and state media have not commented on the incident.

Iran Launching Reconstruction of Demolished Natanz Nuclear Site, ‘Bigger and Better’

"More samples of advanced centrifuges were supposed to be produced in the building."

Iran’s Nuclear Program Under Attack as 5 Incidents Have Rocked the Country

"The underground facility that was damaged in Natanz is at the heart of the debate on Iranian violations of the nuclear agreement."

#5: Explosion Destroys Power Plant in Southwestern Iranian

The Al-Zagan region is reported to have, besides the power plant, a secret nuclear plant.

#4: Huge Fire Overnight in Shiraz, Iran

This is the fourth major event in Iran since June 25.


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