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21 Elul 5779 -
? Saturday, September 21, 2019

Palestinian Authority Arson Terror Alive and Well in Gush Etzion

Palestinian Authority terrorists attempted to set fire Thursday night to the beautiful forest cloaking the majestic Judean hills around Rosh Tzurim.

IDF Confirms Failed Gaza Rocket Attack Didn’t Reach Israel

A Red Alert incoming rocket siren was activated solely in limited areas and in open spaces due to the launch, as required.

Joint Arab List MK Thanks Netanyahu for Getting Out Arab Vote

"Last week someone, a magician, set off alarm clocks at the entrances to every Arab community. That was Benjamin Netanyahu; it was the 'cameras bill.' "

Trump Names New National Security Adviser

Up to this point, O'Brien has been America’s special envoy for hostage affairs at the State Department.

Hamas Test-Fires Rocket

Hamas has been working to accelerate the rockets’ flight speed, the fire rate and extend their range with the intent of overcoming Israel’s Iron Dome Defense system.

Gold Medal Flour Being Recalled Due to Possible Risk of E-Coli

The recall was issued due to the discovery of possible E. coli O26 during sampling of the product.

Joint Arab List Could Win 15 Seats This Time, Says Netanyahu

As of 2:00 pm, voter turnout had reached 36.5 percent, already 0.7 percent higher than the previous election this past April.

Israeli WaterGen Machine Installed in Monaco Palace

Monaco's Prince Albert II is known for his environmental conservation efforts.

General Security Closure at Crossings Begins at Midnight

The closure – a security precaution -- is being carried out due to Israel’s national election.

Center for Quantum Science & Technology Launched at Tel Aviv University

"Quantum theory, first developed more than a century ago, deals with phenomena at the level of tiny particles such as electrons and photons (particles of light)."

Terrorist’s Appeal Rejected, His Punishment Doubled

Amjad Walid Suleiman Na’alwa actively interfered with the search for his brother who murdered two people in the Barkan Industrial Park.

Two More F-35 Adir Stealth Fighter Jets Arrive at Nevatim Air Base

By 2024, the IAF will have received a total of 50 F-35I fighter jets.

Suspect Questioned over Anti-EU Graffiti at EU’s Ramat Gan Office

Paz was subsequently questioned by police at the precinct in Ramat Gan in connection with the incident.

PA Seeks International Arbitration in Dispute with Israel Over Tax/Terror Funds

Every month, the PA forwards some NIS 40 million in tax revenue to terrorists and their families.

California Enacts ‘Mezuzah Bill’ Following Widespread Support Among Lawmakers

Gov. Gavin Newsom signed into law a bill that protects the right of Jewish residents to place a “mezuzah” on their doorposts.

Facebook Suspends Likud Campaign Bot for ‘Hate Speech’

The Likud chatbot talked about “Arabs who want to destroy us all.”

Ethiopian Airlines Formally Names Israeli Crash Victims

The flight crashed on March 10, 2019 shortly after takeoff from the capital, killing all 157 people aboard the aircraft.

Infiltrators Nabbed Crossing Security Fence from Gaza into Israel

Searching the two infiltrators, the soldiers found three knives and two cutters among their belongings.

Israelis Race for Cover in Ashkelon Coastal Region

The Red Alert siren sounded in he Ashkelon Coast Regional Council's southern industrial zone at around 7:00 pm.

CAIR Appalled: Kupperman, Bolton’s Acting Replacement, is Jewish, Worked Under Reagan

Former deputy national security adviser Charles M. Kupperman may take up the post on a permanent basis; Islamic American organization CAIR “appalled” by the appointment.

Hamas Denies Responsibility for Rockets Fired at Ashdod, Ashkelon

The rocket fire targeted the port city of Ashdod during the time that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was there speaking at a Likud event.

US Announces New Sanctions Aimed at Hamas, Islamic State

The sanctions were imposed on a “wide range of terrorists and their supporters.”

Hamas Leadership in Hiding After Rocket Attack on Israel

Hamas has reportedly cleared all of its headquarters for fear of an Israeli response to the attack, according to Arab media.

Border Guard Police Foil Terror Attack at Hebron’s Cave of the Patriarchs

The would-be attacker was a 15-year-old Arab resident of Hebron.

Jordan Changes Curriculum, Adopts Positive Sentiments Towards Peace and Openness to Non-Muslims

But as expected, the curriculum contains minimal recognition of Israel and the peace treaty is treated as a cause for concern.

IDF Artillery Drill Set for Tuesday in Galilee

If there is an actual attack, there will be a Red Alert incoming rocket alert warning siren and news media will update the population.

Terror Victim Nahum Nevies Regains Full Consciousness

Nahum and Noam Nevies were hit by a terrorist's car near Elazar in Gush Etzion.

Israel Nabs Shipment of Military Fabric en Route to Gaza

The shipment of fabrics and disposable goods was to be shipped from Israel to the Gaza Strip via the Kerem Shalom crossing.

Israel Police Foil Young Man’s Plan to Enter Gaza

It's been five years since Ethiopian-Israeli Abera Mengistu, who also has mental health issues, walked down the beach and crossed from Zikkim into Gaza.


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