Netanyahu Expresses ‘Shock’ at Murder of Five Arabs in Galilee

“I was shocked by the terrible murder near Nazareth. We are determined to stop this chain of murders,” said Netanyahu.

Rebel Likud MK is Newest Threat to Israel’s Governing Coalition

Ravivo wants to allow the Shabak to become more active in fighting rising crime in the Arab sector.

IDF to Reinforce Jeeps Operating in Samaria

The IDF is reinforcing the jeeps due to the rising number of roadside bombs being planted along the roads traveled by military vehicles.

Israeli Ex-Pat Shot to Death in Los Angeles

The victim was talking to another man, who pulled out a handgun and shot him multiple times at point-blank range.

Anarchists Desecrate Monument to PM Netanyahu’s Father

"It's time for them to stop trampling every norm of common sense and decency."

Antisemitism Dropping in Ukraine, but still Higher Than Russia: ADL Survey

The data shows a large drop in Jew-hatred in Ukraine, which the ADL suggests may be due to the country’s Jewish president.

Omer Bar Lev and Angel’s Bakery Owner go to Rabbi Edelstein’s Shiva to Apologize

Bar Lev's actions launched a boycott against Angel's bakery after disrespecting Rabbi Gershon Edelstein at a protest in front of his home.

Record Number of US-Based Israeli ‘Unicorns’ a Mixed Bag

Eight American-based Israeli companies surpassed $1 billion valuations in the last year, but market headwinds are keeping the overall number artificially high.

IAEA Closes Two Probes into Iran Nuclear Program

The U.N. watchdog no longer has questions about highly-enriched uranium particles at Fordow or man-made uranium at Marivan.

Israeli Discovery Opens Doors to New Treatments for Autism

“This is the first step in developing a drug that might address autism,” said Amal.

Israel Concerned by Reports of Imminent US-Iran Nuclear Deal

Washington and Tehran are said to be close to an interim deal that would unfreeze billions of dollars for the regime.

IDF Maps Dees’ Killer’s Home for Demolition

Israeli forces also mapped the Shechem home of the Arab terrorist who directed the killing in October of Staff Sgt. Ido Baruch.

He’s Back! Avi Maoz to Head New Jewish National Identity Authority

The Noam Party leader will return to the government as a deputy minister.

Israel Strikes Targets in Damascus

The airstrikes were the first in Syria attributed to Israel since the targeting on May 1 of Aleppo International Airport.

Unseasonable Downpour Soaks Israelis in Gush Etzion, Northern Negev

Forecasters warned hikers earlier in the day not to explore the Judean Desert, the Dead Sea area, the Jordan Valley and anywhere else in eastern Israel, due to the risk of flash flooding in those areas.

Iran vs. Taliban in Shootout

Each side claims they killed a bunch of fighters from the other side.

Wildfires Blaze Across Israel on Shavuot Weekend

In response to the sweltering weather, the Fire and Rescue Commissioner has banned open-air fires this weekend.

EU Envoy: ‘No Such Thing as Area B and C, It’s All Palestine’

The German diplomat spoke during a tour organized by far leftwing Peace Now, Yesh Din and Emek Shaveh NGO.

Israeli Man Murdered in Dubai

The 32-year-old man, a resident of Akko, was reportedly stabbed to death.

UAE Invites Netanyahu, Herzog to UN Climate Summit in Dubai, in November

COP28 later this year will be the Israeli prime minister's first official visit to the United Arab Emirates.

Matt Lee Slams State Department at Briefing for Double Standard on Israel

"It was in fact the Obama administration that said, when it was in office, that it no longer recognized or no longer felt bound by the assurances that were given by both sides."

Watch: Car Shot Near Evyatar

No one was wounded in the terror attack.

14 Bedouin Arrested on Suspicion of Extortion

Trucks and boats were set on fire to get victims to pay extortion fees.

Conservative Swedish Party with Extremist Past Seeks a Wary Israel’s Friendship

Two members of the Swedish Democrats Party were in Israel last week seeking to cement their friendship with the Jewish state.

Highland Park Meat Restaurant Closing After 16 Years

Park Place Kosher has announced it will close its doors on Sunday night, June 4.


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