Jordan to MK Abbas: New Control Agreement for Temple Mount Must Be Condition for...

Jordan is interested in the continued survival of the Bennett-Lapid government, with the understanding that a new status quo agreement regarding Jordan’s augmented control of the Temple Mount can be extracted from it.

Israeli Poultry Prices to Rise by 30 Percent

The price hike is due to an increase in the cost of corn and wheat, both of which are used as feed for the birds.

Israel Electric Company Urges Public Caution on Lighting Lag B’Omer Fires Near Installations

Placing large piles of trees and burning them underneath the power lines is especially dangerous.

Police Thwart Terror Attack in Samaria, Arrest Terrorist Armed with Axe and Suicide Note

During a police operation to secure and maintain order at the Tapuach Junction, a central site in Samaria, police stopped a vehicle that raised their suspicion.

IDF Reopens Erez Crossing, Thousands of Gazans Return to Work in Israel

Most of those who entered Israel on Sunday were workers and merchants.

Walk-in Day on May 19 for Children’s Passports at US Embassy in Jerusalem

Adult passport renewals will not be included in the event.

Jewish Teen in Brooklyn Punched for Refusing to Say ‘Free Palestine’

The assault follows two other incidents within the week, including an attack in which a rabbi was beaten by a man who yelled: “The Nazis should have killed you Jews.”

UAE President Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan Dies

He served as president of the UAE for 17 years, and the emir of Dubai.

PM Bennett’s Advisor Quits

Meir is considered an expert on Arab affairs.

Yamam Soldier Killed in Jenin Op; Update on IDF Jenin Investigation

There was a shootout during the operation with terrorists who were holed up in a building.

Ma’ale Adumin Bans Entry of Arabs Wearing M-16 Shirts

Arabs began wearing the M-16 logo after the Bnei Brak terror attack, as a show of support for the terrorists.

Yeshiva University gets $1 Million in Federal Funding to Renovate Campus Commons

Weissburg Commons has been used for educational, political, public health and religious programming for the school and its neighbors.

Israeli Navy Captures Gazans Smuggling Materials for Hamas’ Weapons Production

Three Gazan suspects were arrested when they tried to cross into Egyptian waters; subsequent questioning revealed they were working for Hamas, according to the Israeli Navy.

Florida Holocaust Museum Condemns Nazi Flags Flown Outside Disney World

“No family should be confronted with threatening symbols of hate, least of all on vacation,” said museum chair Michael Igel.

High Court Finally Rules Illegal Arab Mt. Hebron Settlement Must Go

This ruling brings to an end years of litigation over the matter.

Israel Reopens Crossings to Palestinian Authority, Except for Residents of Elad Terrorists’ Village

The Erez Crossing will remain closed to the movement of residents of the Gaza Strip until further notice, the IDF said.

Israel Establishing National Guard to Contend with Security Threats Within Its Borders

Naftali Bennett: “The supreme task of the Israeli government is to restore personal security to the citizens of Israel.”

Chabad Rabbi Addresses Miami-Dade National Prayer Breakfast

National Prayer Day was created in 1952 by a joint Congressional resolution, and became a national holiday in 1988.

Israel to End COVID-19 Tests at Ben-Gurion Airport

The number of coronavirus cases in Israel continues to drop with 497 patients hospitalized.

10-Story Brooklyn Commercial Building Rising in Midwood Across from Pomegranate

Tenants will have access to an automated parking garage, but it's not clear where customers of the retail establishments will park.

Arab Terrorism Continues on Israel’s Memorial Day

Arab terrorists attacked an Israeli bus near Beit Ummar in Judea, and Israeli vehicles traveling north of Beit Ha'Arava, close to the intersection of Highways 1 and 90.

Crossings to Close with Palestinian Authority, Gaza

As usual, passage will be facilitated for individual special humanitarian cases and medical emergencies.

Hamas Hangs Huge Eid al-Fitr Banner on Temple Mount

The massive banner on the Temple Mount showed an armed Hamas terrorist,

3 Pipe Bombs Discovered at Kibbutz Nir Eliyahu

All three of the bombs were primed for explosion.

W.O.O.C.S. Calls on Leaders to Condemn Hamas Leader Synagogue Threat

The World Organization of Orthodox Communities and Synagogues called on world leaders to condemn Hamas Leader Yahya Sinwar after he apparently called to attack synagogues around the world.

Jordanian Caught Entering Israel While Cross-Dressing as His Wife

The man was transferred for further treatment by security officials and was returned to Jordan after an interrogation.

Court Rules Israeli Citizen Can Be Extradited to US on Money Laundering Charges

However, since the defendant was a citizen and resident of Israel at the time of the commission of the alleged offenses, it was determined that he is entitled to serve his sentence in Israel should he be convicted and sentenced to prison time.

Druze Population Increased Tenfold Since Founding of State

From a population of 14,500 in 1949, the Druze population has risen to some 149,000 as of December 31, 2021.


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