Israeli Protesters Demand IDF Victory at Jerusalem Rally

The rally was called in the wake of the IDF's decision to withdraw most of its ground forces from Gaza.

UN Fails to Distribute Aid as IDF has Water Lines Repaired in Gaza

Of the hundreds of trucks Israel sent over, the UN barely distributed any of the trucks.

Israeli Arab Indicted for Planning to Poison Sea of Galilee

The alleged terror cell also planned assaults on Israel Defense Forces soldiers and suicide bombings.

‘Who Walks Away from a Friend During a Time of War?’ Scalise says of...

“If there’s any talk of ceasefire, President Biden, that ended on Oct. 7, when Hamas decided to barbarically murder, not just Jews in Israel, but others,” the House Majority leader said.

Israel Increasing Budget for Academic Institutions in Judea and Samaria and the Golan

"Israeli researchers are dealing with issues of boycotts and in order to deal with this it is necessary to think outside the box. This is an existential need for these institutions.”

Israeli Defense Ministry Computers Hacked

Security sources did not specify whether the data breach included sensitive information.

Over 400 Aid Trucks Enter Gaza in Highest Daily Total Since Start of War

Additionally, 258 packages carrying hundreds and thousands of meals were airdropped over Gaza.

Hamas Commander Killed in Air Strike

Hatem Alramery was the head of Hamas’ Emergency Bureau in the Gaza Central Camps.

UK Honor-Based Crimes Up 62% in 2 Years

Such crime is not only on the rise but has also become more “severe,” said a U.K. family lawyer. Since 2016, honor crimes in the U.K. have reportedly risen by nearly 200%.

Israel Sees Increase in Aliyah Since October 7 Attack

Since October 7, 2023, a total of 12,745 immigrants have immigrated to Israel.

Defense Minister Gallant Says Israeli Troops Redeploying for Rafah ‘Mission’

"We will reach a point when Hamas no longer controls the Gaza Strip and does not function as a military framework that poses a threat to the citizens of the State of Israel.”

Four Israeli Soldiers Killed in Ambush as War Enters Sixth Month

The soldiers were from the IDF's Commando Brigade’s training base.

IDF Destroys Hamas Terror Tunnel Inside Israel

The tunnel was discovered in 2019, but the IDF decided to not destroy it at the time.

Netanyahu Warns Iran: Israel Knows How to Defend Itself

The Jewish state "will act according to the simple principle that whoever hurts us or plans to hurt us—we will hurt him," said the premier.

Minister Chikli Compares West’s Policies on Iran to Appeasement of Nazis

Amichai Chikli likened the West's approach to the Islamic Republic to the failed diplomatic effort to curb Hitler's expansionism and genocidal aims.

IDF Spokesperson to Civilians: Don’t Panic

"There is no need to buy generators, store food and withdraw money from ATMs," said Hagari.

Washington Could Remove Houthis from Global Terror List, US Envoy Says

“We favor a diplomatic solution. We know that there is no military solution,” the State Department’s Yemen envoy said.

Israel Labels Herodium Park State Land

The Herodium is an ancient fortress and palace built by King Herod the Great 12 kilometers south of Jerusalem.

Four Police Officers Wounded in Terror Ramming Near Kochav Yair

The terrorist, identified as a 26-year-old resident of the Arab Israeli town of Tira, was shot dead.

Arab Mob Tries to Lynch Jewish Farmer in Hebron Hills

Yedidya Talia of Talia Farm was hit in the head by one of the stones thrown by the group of eight Arab rioters.

Israel Confirms Hostile Drone Crashed Into Jordan Near Eilat

Numerous drones and missiles have been launched towards Eilat since October 9th.

Drone Attack Damages IDF Building in Eilat

The attack, which caused no injuries, was claimed by the Islamic Resistance in Iraq.

Israel Reveals: Hamas Knew 11% of Their Rockets Fell Short and Killed Gazans

Knowing the failure rates, Hamas demanded Islamic Jihad not install rocket launchers near the homes of Hamas members to avoid the risk to its own people.

Israel and Cyprus Move Forward on Underwater Electric Cable Plan

The submarine electric cable project (The Great Sea Interconnector) will connect Israel’s electricity grid to Cyprus and from there to Greece, and to the European electricity grid.

Gallup: Most Americans Oppose Israeli Actions Against Hamas

The proportion who disapprove of the IDF campaign rose from 45% in November to 55% this month.

Crashed Hezbollah Drone Found Near Rosh Hanikra

There have been multiple drone attacks launched towards on Israeli territory by Lebanon's Iranian proxy, since Hezbollah joined the Hamas war against Israel.


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