Jerusalem: The Media Myth of Two Cities

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    In this video from Honest Reporting, we learn that the history of Jerusalem did not start in 1967! As they write in their description of the video, “Thousands of years of Jewish history took place in what is now called ‘Arab East Jerusalem’. Only when the Jewish residents were driven from their homes in 1948 was the city divided between East and West. This video shows the reality of Jerusalem today and includes interviews from survivors of the fall of Jerusalem.” To read more about the issue of Jerusalem, check out the Jerusalem resources section of the HonestReporting website.


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    Yocheved Seidman is co-producer of "The Yishai Fleisher Show" on Galey Yisrael and Chief Operating Officer of Kumah, an NGO dedicated to strengthening Jewish identity, Torah education, pride in the Jewish State, and knowledge of the history and heritage of Israel and the Jewish people.