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Israeli Yeshiva Programs and Special-Needs Teens

6 Adar II 5765 – March 16, 2005
When your child returns next year for Pesach or at the end of the z'man, he will, God willing, come back healthier and in a better frame of mind than when he left.

The Very Narrow Bridge Reflections of a Would-be Orthodox Journalist

29 Adar I 5765 – March 9, 2005
Having learned these laws at a young age, I avoid lashon hara as a part of my routine.

The Rabbi Prince of Safed

21 Adar I 5765 – March 2, 2005
There is an old Swazi legend about a beautiful maiden who fell in love with a handsome warrior.

Best of Both Worlds: The Novels of Rab Haim Sabato

15 Adar I 5765 – February 23, 2005
I had always attributed the appeal of Tehillim to their universality: every person can find in them what he or she wants.

Homeward Bound

8 Adar I 5765 – February 16, 2005
So many of us make excuses for not doing the things we know we should do, citing hardships or inconveniences, real or imagined.

Accepting A Challenge

30 Shevat 5765 – February 9, 2005
In "The Case for Secular Studies in Yeshivas" (front-page essay, Nov. 19, 2004) I outlined my thoughts about problems yeshivas are having with general studies and suggested changes.

‘Say It Ain’t So’… But It Was So

23 Shevat 5765 – February 2, 2005
Much of childhood is spent in illusion. We grow up imagining things not as they are, but as we wish them to be.

The Chomsky File

17 Shevat 5765 – January 26, 2005
Our M.I.T. guru also has assisted anti-Semitic organizations in another quieter way by allowing them to publish or disseminate his books articles and recordings.

Never Again?

10 Shevat 5765 – January 19, 2005
Her friend "suddenly lowered his voice and said that the only ones he had trouble with were the Jews." Why? Because of the "conspiracy" and because "Jews only looked out for their own kind."

Nazi Roots of Palestinian Nationalism

3 Shevat 5765 – January 12, 2005
The UK was not the only power helping the Mufti in 1936. The USSR-sponsored Communist Party of Palestine also did its part.

Anti-Semitism at Frankfurt Book Fair

24 Tevet 5765 – January 5, 2005
Months after the Frankfurt Book Fair was accused of displaying anti-Semitic Arab literature, organizers of the world's most glamorous publishing event are still bitter about the allegations.

Religious Coercion, Reform Style

17 Tevet 5765 – December 29, 2004
The political interference by the rabbis is getting more and more unbearable.

Master Builder: Rav Teitz and the Elizabeth Kehilla

10 Tevet 5765 – December 22, 2004
One cannot think of Yiddishkeit in Elizabeth, New Jersey, without at the same time recalling the community's longtime leader, Harav Mordechai Pinchas Teitz, zt"l.

The Assault On Shechita

3 Tevet 5765 – December 15, 2004
It was the Wednesday afternoon before Thanksgiving. Downtown offices in Washington had emptied out for the weekend.

To Repair An Unhinged Heart

18 Kislev 5765 – December 1, 2004
Prologue: Oct. 2004. I am sitting at my desk holding a new book in my hands. It has just come from the printer.

When Manchester Met Sanz

11 Kislev 5765 – November 24, 2004
He spoke with such passion that even without being able to make out the words, one

On Not Dancing To The Democrats Tune

4 Kislev 5765 – November 17, 2004
It brings me no joy to say that Teresa Heinz Kerry is not worthy of being the first lady of the United States of America.

Misreporting The Holocaust

At this point there could be no doubt about the authenticity of the reports of Nazi atrocities against the Jews.

The Case for Secular Studies in Yeshivas

"When I was in the illustrious city of Vilna in the presence of the Rav, the light, the great Gaon, my master and teacher, the light of the eyes of the exile, the renowned pious one (may Hashem protect and save him) Rav Eliyahu, in the month of Teves 5538 [January 1778], I heard from his holy mouth that according to what a person is lacking in knowledge of the "other wisdoms," correspondingly he will be lacking one hundred portions in the wisdom of the Torah, because the Torah and the 'other wisdoms' are inextricably linked together ..."

A Non-Nuanced Middle East Peace Plan

26 Heshvan 5765 – November 10, 2004
In the October 7, 2004 issue of The New York Review of Books, Rob Malley, who was part of the U.S. team at Camp David, reviewed Dennis Ross's book on the peace process (The Missing Peace) and came to a conclusion very different from Ross.

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