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UN Votes to Grant Palestinian Authority Rights of State, Without Label

“Today’s UN mistake undermines the prospects for peace by encouraging the illusion held by some Palestinian leaders that they can advance their goals without direct peace negotiations."

NIS 7 Million Transferred to Gaza Belt Communities

The money is being allocated for emergency preparedness and for the maintenance of routine services for residents in the communities along the Gaza border.

JNF: More Than Half the Forests Burned Down in Western Negev by Terror Balloons

"We must fight the terrorism of the balloons as the State of Israel fights any other kind of terrorism.”

Yesh Atid Chairman Yair Lapid Blames Be’er Sheva Missile Attack on Netanyahu Govt

Lapid blamed the Netanyahu administration for Wednesday's devastating rocket attack in Be'er Sheva: "This is the result of a government that for nearly five years hasn't decided what its policy is [regarding Gaza]."

‘Errant’ Iranian-Backed Terror Faction Fired the Missiles, Says IDF

The group is allegedly a radical faction that once was part of Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah faction.

Incendiary Balloon Arrives in Ramle

The balloon and its terrorist package landed in the industrial zone close to the Nesharim interchange near Ramle.

Mladenov Orders Israel to De-Escalate Situation ‘In Next 48 Hours,’ Work With UN, Egypt

“Last night, missiles were fired on us from Gaza. Only the quick response of a mother saved the lives of her children. Israel will not stand by while our people are under attack, and the world must know that."

Israeli Security Cabinet Begins Deliberations After Day of Discreet Grassroots Preparations

Israel's population has quietly begun to show the focused behavior and grim determination that was seen just prior to the start of the 2014 counter terrorism war with Hamas known as Operation Protective Edge.

Report: Israel, US Forces Secretly Train Against Russian S-300 System in Ukraine

Both delegations are learning how to defend themselves and evade the system through instruction from their Ukrainian counterparts.

ICC Protects Gaza, Threatens Israel After Missile Attack on Be’er Sheva Destroys Israeli Home

“I ... will not hesitate to take any appropriate action, within the confines of the independent and impartial exercise of my mandate under the Rome Statute, with full respect for the principle of complementarity.”

US Ambassador David Friedman Erases ‘Red Line’ in Visit to Ariel with Israeli, PA Business People

nder past administrations, U.S. ambassadors to Israel have not been allowed to cross the so-called “Green Line” (1949 Armistice Line), nor could they visit Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria.

Afghan Lawmaker Killed by Taliban Sofa Bomb

Qahraman is the 10th candidate killed over the past two months by Islamist terrorists. Two more candidates have been abducted and four wounded.

Idea of a “Lone Wolf” Terrorist is a Joke

Saying that a terrorist acted alone is no doubt convenient for the Israeli government. It allows it to shy away from the hard questions and the difficult conclusions that might be reached otherwise.

Trump’s Superpower: Making Opponents Do The Stupidest Things

Warren isn’t innately dumb – she’s a former Harvard Law professor. But Trump has made her dumb.

Our Friend, who Art in Heaven

Not all conspiracy theories are equal...

Nikki Haley’s Legacy; Depends who you Ask

Across the Middle East, reactions to reports that US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley would be stepping down were as divided as the region.

When I First Realized America Is Exceptional

Of course, Americans did not always live up to American ideals — their attitudes toward black Americans being the most obvious example. But America evolved into the least racist and least xenophobic society in human history — the society that most successfully assimilates others as full members.


If you kill a Jew and get killed (jackpot), then you get the most cash. If you stab a Jew and kill him/her but are merely wounded, then you get second prize, a lot less money.

Hijack Plane, Escape To Israel: An Interview with Filmmaker Anat Zalmanson-Kuznetsov

Had the Soviets only given them a one- or two-year prison sentence, I don’t think the world response would’ve been that big.
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The Deluge Refuge Love Boat

Quiet on the set! Creation movie - take two! Cue the torrential downpour! Rabbi Mike Feuer joins Rabbi Yishai for a wet and wild ride with Noah's Ark featuring the rainbow and the Tower of Babel. Then, Malkah Fleisher on thanking Ambassador Nikki Haley and the never-ending history-erasing lies of UNESCO and their ilk.

Are We Really Blameless?

Instead of belonging to the "Ayeka" club – deflecting blame – why not join the "Hineni" group? Instead of blaming our surrounding, why not ask ourselves what part we played in creating the existing situation? Instead of expecting change from someone else, why not offer something different?

The Objective Basis For Morality

Recently, an entirely new scientific basis has been given to morality from two surprising directions: neo-Darwinism and the branch of mathematics known as Games theory. As we will see, the discovery is intimately related to the story of Noah and the covenant made between G-d and humanity after the Flood.

The Rubashkin Saga – XVIII

Another installment in the ongoing Rubashkin saga

The Key To Happiness

Torah is trying to teach us that to increase simcha, one must exclude items. To enjoy life, one must say “Stop” to the excess. Saying "No" to desires is saying "Yes" to needs.

Dancing with the Torah

"My grandfather told me that he once attended the Cantonist Shul on Simchat Torah. The Cantonists could dance like Cossacks. They were huge, strong men, and the heavy Torah scrolls would seem like toothpicks in their arms. Despite being looked down upon by other Jews--they were not very learned and really couldn't observe the Torah properly--they were nonetheless able to rejoice in their Judaism and celebrate the Torah. It was truly amazing."

People Are More Important

A society in which nobody cares about a person who falls down and dies, but mourns a stone that falls, is a society that has a problem; it cares more about physical progress than human life.

Noach: Why Aren’t Dinosaurs In the Torah?‏

Why is there is no mention of dinosaurs, and other prehistoric animals, in the Torah?

The True Measure of a Man

God doesn't need a slave to order and say: Build an ark! He could have made it in a second. God desires a partner. It is up to us to rise to that role. Noah's greatness was that he figured it out.

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