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Dozens of Marching Youths in Jerusalem Call for Assassination of Abbas

A few days ago, Derech Chaim launched a campaign calling for the assassination of Chairman Abbas over his funding of terrorism.

Police: Sudanese, Eritreans, Commit 50% of All Foreigners’ Crimes

The police refused to provide data on murders committed by the same two groups.

Law School Revolution: Bennett Invites Right-Wing Groups to Launch Legal Clinics

The Council for Higher Education could impose sanctions on colleges for failing to approve the establishment of a given clinic for reasons that are not related directly to legal education.

Bahrain’s Support of Australia’s Jerusalem Move a Step Towards Normalization

To the vast majority of Muslims, the very existence of a Jewish state is a violation of everything that's sacred. Which makes Bahrain's stand extremely unusual and extremely brave.

New Poll Suggests Netanyahu Should Fear Newcomer Benny Gantz

60% of the public are dissatisfied with the performance of Benjamin Netanyahu as defense minister and Moshe Kahlon as finance minister.

Arab Report: 6 Injured as IDF Demolishes Home of Barkan Murderer

On Sunday evening, dozens of Arabs barricaded themselves inside the Na'alwa building in an attempt to prevent the IDF from demolishing it after the issued deadline.

Watch: Hamas Urges Palestinian Authority Citizens to Prepare for Guerrilla War Against Israel

"The West Bank spans over 5,600 square kilometers and has mountains and valleys. I'm from there -- I know the landscape. It has everything necessary for guerrilla warfare."

Update: IDF Terror Victim Still Fighting for Life, Another Slowly Improving

Doctors aren't giving up, but they've placed the soldier in a medically-induced coma and he's on a respirator.

Stoning, Firebombing Terror Attacks Continuing to Escalate

A 24-year-old Jewish woman was seriously injured by rocks thrown by Arab terrorists as she traveled in Samaria.

Israeli Forces Recover Weapons Used in Terror Attack at Givat Assaf Junction

One of the weapons belonged to an IDF soldier who was wounded in the attack.

Hamas Leader Whines Israel Won’t Allow Sister’s Shiva Visit to Gaza

Israel wouldn't allow Ismail Haniyeh's sisters -- who live in Israel -- to travel to Gaza to see his brother, who died last week.

Netanyahu Quotes MLK at Cabinet Meeting on Arab Terrorism

"I commend my friend Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, under whose leadership the EU has called for the adoption of this definition of Martin Luther King – anti-Zionism is an expression of anti-Semitism."

Not Remembering, Forgetting and Never Knowing

Over the past few decades, the Arab and Muslim world have been very active in denying and recasting Jewish history.

Hamas’ Plan to Take YESHA

Hamas and its allies are openly working and encouraging the eruption of a new anti-Israel uprising in the West Bank, and they have been emboldened by the recent failure of the UN General Assembly to adopt a US-sponsored resolution condemning Hamas and other Palestinian groups for firing rockets at Israel and inciting violence.

Forget About The Two-State Solution: Thinking Outside The Box About Israeli-Palestinian Peace

In concrete terms, the mission of 'The Home' is to restore Israeli sovereignty over all of Judea and Samaria and Gaza, creating a federal structure providing the Palestinian Arabs and all residents with both equal human rights and political rights.

The Deception of Quiet has been Shattered. Now What?

Terrorism threatens both Israeli and Palestinian civilians. The coming weeks will see whether Israel and the Palestinian Authority will be able to contain an escalating situation and roll back the violence, or whether the region will slide into a new and dangerous phase.

Is the State of Israel Wining with the Devil?

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has gone out of his way to embrace leaders who, although some insist they are just conservative nationalists, are described by others as neo-fascists. However, Western liberals pose more of a threat to Jews than the fringe on the far-right.

It’s Islamic Terrorism, Stupid!

Italian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Internal Affairs Matteo Salvini should know better than to expect his European compatriots to accept any comment that could be construed as offensive to Muslims.

On Mike Tress, The ‘Amazon Generation,’ And Shidduch Coaching: An Interview with Rabbi Paysach...

I really believe many people need shidduch coaching. One shidduch coach told me, “There are many people who are passing up good opportunities for bad reasons.”
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The Murder of So Many Things

A young pregnant mother was shot in a terror attack in Ofra. Her child was born through emergency C-section and was fighting for his life until succumbing to his wounds. In his honor, Rav Mike Feuer joins Rabbi Yishai to talk about Joseph's revelation to his brothers. Then, Malkah Fleisher on Israeli anger at the murder of the baby and on true German regret.

Children Have No Idea…

People who occupy prestigious positions in world-famous companies have admitted to me that they have never experienced anything as challenging as raising children.

The Unexpected Leader

The stories of Judah and of his descendant David tell us that what marks a leader is not necessarily perfect righteousness. It is the ability to admit mistakes, to learn from them and grow from them. The Judah we see at the beginning of the story is not the man we see at the end.

‘Diaspora Jewry’ Doesn’t Exist

There is, not one, but two distinct Diaspora Jewries: 1) a politically and religiously conservative Jewry and 2) a politically and religiously progressive Jewry. The former is Orthodox; the latter is not. The two groups live in separate communities and rarely interact.

The Rubashkin Saga (Conclusion)

The conclusion to Shalom Rubashkin's circuitous route through the US legal system that ultimately led to justice

Everyone Can Be Successful

What does it take to be deemed successful? The Torah describes Yosef as an "ish matzliach," a successful man. but I can't fathom anyone using the term “success” to describe Yosef at this point in his life. Yet, success, according to our Sages, is dependent on man’s frame of mind.

Speaking To Non-Jews About God

Judaism was and remains unique in its combination of universalism and particularism. We believe that God is the God of all humanity. He created all. He is accessible to all. He cares for all. He has made a covenant with all. Yet there is also a relationship with God that is unique to the Jewish people. It alone has placed its national life under His direct sovereignty

Sincerity Melts Walls

In Vayigash, Yehudah teaches us what attitude we should have in life: Sincerity

TORAH SHORTS: Vayigash: Spiritual Food Chain

The quarks, atoms and molecules that make up our reality are constantly given life and existence by God. It is that divine aspect that also allows us to absorb these elements into our being and in some fashion that we have trouble comprehending, elevate the spiritual sparks of these items by consuming them.

Redeeming Relevance: Parshat Vayigash: How Many Daughters did Ya’akov Have?

Earlier commentators may well have still shuddered in awe when they thought of Ya’akov’s daughters – how could it be that they would exist and that we would not know about them?

The Foundation Stone: Parshat Vayigash

Could Judah REALLY expect the Viceroy to grasp his subtle threats and insults when translated? He didn't.

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