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Training Program for Adults with Intellectual Disabilities Opens at School of Dental Medicine

A pilot program launched by Tel Aviv University and AKIM helps students find jobs and change attitudes about people with special needs.

Israeli Scientists Show Tropical Fish Can Control Their Gut Microbes to Survive Extreme Temperatures

"Microbes and their hosts work together in a 'survival of the fittest' as part of the natural selection process."

KKL-JNF Offers Aid to US Forest Service with California Wildfires

"We recall the help the U.S. Forest Service provided to us ... in wildfires in Mt. Carmel in 2010 and in the Galilee ... in 2006."

Palestinian Authority Woman Hurt in Hamas Rocket Attack on Ashkelon

She is afraid to stay in Israel; but she's also afraid to return to the Palestinian Authority, where she fears she will arrested.

Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant Arrives in Israel

Bryant was accompanied by a large delegation of state economic development employees and private business executives.

Chutzpah: After Dissing Israel, Jordan Wants More Water

There's been no comment thus far from Israel, and there's no information on how the government has responded to the Jordanian request.

Israeli Outrage Over New Airbnb Boycott of Jews in Judea, Samaria

“Once again a ‘selection’ of Jews is being performed.... this time by Airbnb."

Jew Stabbed in Attack in Beit Jala Grocery on Walleja Road

The victim was evacuated to Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem with an injury to his face.

Canadian Billionaire Joins Israeli Moon Landing Project

“We are in the final stretch before the launch and preparations are at full power.”

Israeli Couple May Divorce Over Children’s Vaccinations

The wife, equipped with medical articles she had picked up on Google, vehemently refused to vaccinate.

Police Recommend Indicting Interior Minister Arye Deri

The initial investigation raised suspicions of unusual movements in bank accounts associated with Aryeh Deri and family members.

Europe Loves its Dead Jews While Demonizing the Live Jews in Israel

European countries, who go out of their way to commemorate the tragedies they perpetrated against the Jewish People in the past, are constantly undermining the sovereignty of the Jewish state and its ability to defend itself.

First Muslim Women in US Congress Misled Voters About Views on Israel

"Israel has hypnotized the world, may Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel." — Ilhan Omar, in a tweet, November 2012.

Fake Orthodox Jews Against Trump

These “Orthodox” Jewish protests suffer from a distinct shortage of Orthodox Jews. Their key figures are processed through the same pipeline of professional social justice groups. Their rants about white people and recitation of party line causes are equally interchangeable.

American Jews Support Israel but do They REALLY Care?

Many American Jews may feel fondness for Israel but do not respect the people of Israel to determine what is good for Israel themselves. They discount the Israeli perspective and do not fully appreciate Israeli democracy.

Politics: The Sheriff-Druglord Dance

It is time to get behind a Sheriff that will take our village where it’s meant to go; that will clean up the corruption; the senseless and preventable murders.

How Hamas Brought Israel to the Brink of Election Chaos

Hamas didn’t achieve a military victory. But toppling the defense minister is a kind of victory because it shows that Hamas can shake Jerusalem’s politics at the very top

Mikva, The Musical

These are true stories by real women, and they are incredible.
Jerusalem, Israel
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Stairway To Heaven

Rav Mike Feuer joins Rabbi Yishai to walk with the Forefather Jacob on his adventures, dreams, family life and strife, and the birth of the Tribes of Israel. Then, Rabbi Daniel Korobkin, Senior Rabbi at Beth Avraham Yoseph of Toronto Congregation ("The BAYT") join Yishai to talk about Pittsburgh and the Israel-Diaspora divide.

Bizarre Stories? It’s All Bashert

Truth is often far stranger than fiction when it comes to shidduchim--just ask the Avot

Silencing The ‘I’ To Meet God

How do we come to know that “God is in this place”? “By ve’anokhi lo yadati – not knowing the I. ”We sense the “Thou” of the Divine Presence when we move beyond the “I” of egocentricity. Only when we stop thinking about ourselves do we become truly open to the world and the Creator.

Your Spouse May Have A Point

Opposing insights are worth reflecting on. To handle different viewpoints in a marriage requires maturity, and every couple is advised to attain this maturity sooner rather than later. For you can either respect your spouse’s "illogical opinion” or suffocate the person you selected to marry.

The Courage Of Persistence

Normally we strive to individuate ourselves by differentiating ourselves from our parents. Isaac was not like this. He was content to be a link in the chain of generations, faithful to what his father had started. Isaac represents the faith of persistence, the courage of continuity/

The Rubashkin Saga (Part XIX)

Another installment in the ongoing injustice perpetrated against Shalom Rubashkin. Chodesh Tov

A Jewish Walk Of Fame

If we had a Walk of Fame for our nation, there is no doubt that Avraham Avinu would be the first star on it

Wrongs Are Wrongs, Even if We Tolerate Them

Shechem becomes, for Rambam and Ramban, a lesson in society, government, and international relations.

Nothing Influences A Person More

This weeek's parsha teaches us two pillars of life...

Dreams, Naps & Promises

If I had Jacob's dream, I would not have been able to go back to sleep, and, I'd like to believe that I would have responded to the historic promises rather than make a conditional promise emphasizing bread and clothes. I would expect a "Thank You," from Jacob, instead of falling asleep and then playing "Let's Make A Deal,"

Redeeming Relevance: When a Brother is Not

Understanding relationships leading to understanding the parsha

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