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The Grieving Habits of Israeli Jews

Four percent of Israeli Jews (almost two hundred and fifty thousand) say they visit the Western Wall on Tisha B'Av.

Mossad Thwarted Iranian Attack on French Soil

The operation, which included tracking, wiretapping and listening, led to the capture of members of the terror cell with their communications and explosive devices.

Netanyahu Welcomes PM Orban to Jerusalem: ‘Hungary Has Led the Charge Many Times for Israel’

Netanyahu to Orban: "You have stood up for Israel time and time again in international forums. It is deeply appreciated."

Joint Initiative to Collect Testimony of Jews from Arab Countries, Iran

Each testimony collected by students will be added to Israel’s National Collection.

Cops Who Arrested Conservative Rabbi for Conducting Illegal Wedding – More Power to You!

In our Jewish and Democratic State, we cannot, as a Jewish community, allow ourselves to be exposed to halachically illegal marriages.

Czech Republic’s Aero Vodochody, IAI Unveil Combat Aircraft with Israeli Tech

The F/A 259 has seven hard points for any combination of fuel, weapons or mission equipment.

IDF Provides Humanitarian Aid to Syrian Refugees at Border

“The IDF will continue to monitor the events in southern Syria, and is prepared for a wide range of scenarios."

Surprise! Hamas Breaks Its Promise to End Arson Attacks

"Israel is battling hundreds of fires," wrote the IDF Spokesperson, "but not because of drought."

Rocket Lands Near Cow Shed, IDF-Hamas Clashes Continuing

The attack came shortly after a clash between terrorists and IDF soldiers at the southern border with Gaza.

Hamas Calls Israel a ‘Cancer,’ Plans to Decapitate Netanyahu, Liberman

The reference to Israel as a "cancer" is a direct steal from Iranian rhetoric.

IDF Eliminates Hamas Arson Squad Leader

An IDF drone attacked the terror cell, killing one and injuring three others.

Knesset Decriminalizes Private Use of Cannabis

The bill was approved by a vote of 41-1, with one abstention.

Peace In The Mideast Cannot Be Built On Platitudes

Vatican City is surrounded by walls and th Pope is perfectly OK with that. The only wall he seems to detest is Israel's separation barrier.

The Saudis Are Playing A Double Game On Israel

The Saudis double game formula is clear: covert ties with Israel coupled with overt hostility to the Jewish state to satisfy its people, a majority of whom hate Israel.

Nine Ideas For The Nine Days

#1 on the Top 9 list for the 9 Days: 1) Say "yes" to living a meaningful Nine Days. Don’t be bitter, mad, and depressed. Don’t focus on the negative and how many hot dogs you could have consumed. These are very special days and you need to focus on the positive. Rad the remaining 8...

Animal Rights Group (PETA) REFUSES to Condemn Hamas for Burning Animals

While People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has no problem comparing meat-eaters to Nazis in their “Holocaust in your plate” campaign, it refuses to condemn Hamas for burning animals and using them as weapons of war.

Europe’s Response to Terrorism Must be a Resolute Stand Alongside Israel

As long as the Palestinians do not stop their industry of death, the EU must freeze any aid it gives them.

Congress Wants Recognition of Israeli Sovereignty Over Golan Heights

The US, under numerous governments, has assured the Israeli government that it supports Israel's annexation of the territory, but has declined to go as far as backing a full recognition of sovereignty.

Meeting The Likes Of Putin, Assad, And Reagan – For 32 Years: An Interview...

Serving as President for 32 years, Malcolm Hoenlein has served longer than 6 White House administrations, has met each of those Presidents and most every world leader. Enjoy this unique interview with a third of a century of Jewish leadership
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Mourning the Temple on the West Coast

Yishai is in on the West Coast for the Nine Days, with no steaks, long showers, or music! But there is an intensity, a yearning, for the rebuilding of Zion. Join Yishai, on the road, for Torah and thoughts from the City of Angels.

$1 = X Israeli Shekels

The currency table above may not represent the latest exchange rates.

Do We Invite Hashem?

Shechinta b’galusa." The term is usually translated as "the Divine presence in captivity” – but what does that actually mean?

The Effective Critic

The great leaders of Israel were the great defenders of Israel, people who saw the good within the not-yet-good. That is why they were listened to when they urged people to change and grow. THat is how it was in the time of Moses; that is how it remains today

Are We Repeating The Sin Of The Spies?

Let us use these Nine Days for self-reflection about the issue that first led to our crying during these days. And let us consider what Shlomo Mula was willing to do to make it to Israel, crossing a desert by foot.

The Rubashkin Saga – XV

Another installment in the ongoing Rubashkin saga

Miles To Go Before I Sleep

The Torah is not myth but anti-myth, a deliberate insistence on removing the magical elements from the story and focusing relentlessly on the human drama

Pressure: A Great Blessing

When challenged, we have our priorities straight. We admit that spending quality time with the family is crucial. But what do we do in practice? How much time do we devote to insignificant things – things that in the long run make no difference

What Can The Ari Teach The Average Jew?

The Ari HaKadosh – Rabbi Yitzchak ben Shlomo Luria (1534-1572) – passed away 446 years ago this week. Here is a simple teaching from him.

TORAH SHORTS: Parshat Dvarim: The Judge Behind the Judge

The fifth and final book of the Torah, Dvarim, is filled with history, laws, articles of faith, as well as a vision for the future. Moses describes, among a plethora of items, the creation and comportment of a judiciary.

The Hard Life of Moshe Rabbenu

Most of Devarim consists of Moshe’s final speech to the people. Rashi and Ramban fascinatingly read Moshe as implying he faced MORE difficulties in leading them even than those we know from the text

TORAH SHORTS: Parshat Matot-Masai: Your Money or your Family

The tribes of Ruben and Gad by being more concerned with their animals than with their own families, doomed themselves, eventually being left with neither. Indeed, the tribes to the east of the Jordan would be the first to be exiled and, seemingly, lost to Jewish history.

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