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Netanyahu to Deliver Remarks Prior to UN Security Council Meeting on Hezbollah

"The time has come for the Security Council to act using all means against the Hezbollah terror infrastructure."

US Ambassador Nikki Haley Slams UN’s ‘Obsession with Israel’ in Final Remarks (video)

"Whatever it is that others decide, the world must know that America will remain steadfast in our support for Israel."

Sderot Residents Say They Hear Sounds of Hammers and Tools Underground

The Israel Defense Force responded immediately to the concerns expressed by the residents.

9-Month-Old Baby Injured in Highway 60 Terror Attack

Palestinian Authority terrorists tried to kill Israeli motorists as they passed Halhul.

Belgium’s Prime Minister Charles Michel Resigns

During a visit to Israel in 2017, Michel met with the leaders of the anti-Israel far-left organizations, Breaking the Silence and B'Tselem.

Airbnb Exec Tours Samaria, Meets Jewish Settler Leaders for Talks

"We agreed they would consider my request, and continue the dialogue. We'll continue to work for Samaria and against BDS on all levels."

Netanyahu: ‘Only Matter of Time’ Till Givat Assaf Terrorist is Found

"We will not tolerate terrorism from Gaza or from Judea and Samaria. We will hit it hard."

Knesset Committee Chair: Arab on Arab Crime ‘Intolerable’

"How do we deal with uncontrolled gangs? It's intolerable and cannot continue."

Elbit’s Seagull USV Completes Intensive Sea Tests with Advanced Sonar System

The Seagull systems have superior mine counter measures capability. They facilitate end-to-end mine hunting operations.

Company that Removed Rabbi Kahane’s Memorial Sign to Pay $10,000

"Let every advertising company know that freedom of expression is valid for right-wing activists, too."

A First: Anti-Israel NGO Faces Criminal Charges Filed by Pro-Zionist Group

Ad Kan said it intends to exhaust the legal process until the criminal conviction of the defendants.

Icke… ‘Color Purple’ Author Alice Walker Is Into ‘Elders of Zion’ Promoter

Alice Walker is no stranger to anti-Semitism. Back in 2013, the ADL said Walker “has taken her extreme and hostile views to a shocking new level” in her latest book "The Cushion in the Road."

Arab Historian Admits there is No Palestinian People

When the Ottoman rule ended, there was no Palestinian national identity or political borders. It was all made up later. Arabs themselves say so, but the west isn’t listening

Anti-Semitism Manifests in France’s ‘Yellow Jacket’ Protest

According to a comprehensive survey among 16,300 Jews in 12 European countries released earlier this week by the European Commission and the E.U. Fundamental Rights Agency, anti-Semitism has once again spiked in France.

Tenth of Tevet: Jerusalem is Under Siege Again

With the news about Australia recognizing West Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, has anyone noticed the irony that it came within days of the Fast of Tevet?

The Virus that Just won’t DIE: Ever Adapting anti-Semitism

Why are French “yellow vests” protestors attacking the Jews?

The Cost of Fighting the anti-Semites in the Labour Party

What the Labour Party has permitted to happen is unforgivable. It will be extremely difficult to undo the damage the Party has done to Britain's Jewish community

Palestinians: Shooting a Pregnant Woman and Lying

According Abbas's Ministry of Information, Israeli soldiers searching for terrorists is an "act of terrorism," but not the shooting of a pregnant woman and six other Israeli civilians standing at a bus stop.

They All Need A Hug

Everyone agrees that the most important quality a volunteer needs to have is love.
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The Murder of So Many Things

A young pregnant mother was shot in a terror attack in Ofra. Her child was born through emergency C-section and was fighting for his life until succumbing to his wounds. In his honor, Rav Mike Feuer joins Rabbi Yishai to talk about Joseph's revelation to his brothers. Then, Malkah Fleisher on Israeli anger at the murder of the baby and on true German regret.

Children Have No Idea…

People who occupy prestigious positions in world-famous companies have admitted to me that they have never experienced anything as challenging as raising children.

The Unexpected Leader

The stories of Judah and of his descendant David tell us that what marks a leader is not necessarily perfect righteousness. It is the ability to admit mistakes, to learn from them and grow from them. The Judah we see at the beginning of the story is not the man we see at the end.

‘Diaspora Jewry’ Doesn’t Exist

There is, not one, but two distinct Diaspora Jewries: 1) a politically and religiously conservative Jewry and 2) a politically and religiously progressive Jewry. The former is Orthodox; the latter is not. The two groups live in separate communities and rarely interact.

The Rubashkin Saga (Conclusion)

The conclusion to Shalom Rubashkin's circuitous route through the US legal system that ultimately led to justice

Everyone Can Be Successful

What does it take to be deemed successful? The Torah describes Yosef as an "ish matzliach," a successful man. but I can't fathom anyone using the term “success” to describe Yosef at this point in his life. Yet, success, according to our Sages, is dependent on man’s frame of mind.

Speaking To Non-Jews About God

Judaism was and remains unique in its combination of universalism and particularism. We believe that God is the God of all humanity. He created all. He is accessible to all. He cares for all. He has made a covenant with all. Yet there is also a relationship with God that is unique to the Jewish people. It alone has placed its national life under His direct sovereignty

Ya’akov’s Deathbed and How We Say Shema

Much ink has been spilled on what Rambam meant and how he interpreted aggadic stories, and I have nothing of substance to add here. I instead want to point out he also sometimes takes as historical fact stories we might dismiss as homiletical.

Sincerity Melts Walls

In Vayigash, Yehudah teaches us what attitude we should have in life: Sincerity

TORAH SHORTS: Vayigash: Spiritual Food Chain

The quarks, atoms and molecules that make up our reality are constantly given life and existence by God. It is that divine aspect that also allows us to absorb these elements into our being and in some fashion that we have trouble comprehending, elevate the spiritual sparks of these items by consuming them.

Redeeming Relevance: Parshat Vayigash: How Many Daughters did Ya’akov Have?

Earlier commentators may well have still shuddered in awe when they thought of Ya’akov’s daughters – how could it be that they would exist and that we would not know about them?

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