PA Sticks with Tradition of Missing Opportunities in Bahrain Economic Conference

Naturally, the PA's "the moon or nothing" approach continues the catastrophic Arab tradition that began with the wholesale rejection of the 1947 partition plan.

Syria Reports Second Israeli Attack on Iranian Assets in Two Days

“Anti-air defenses intercept unidentified objects that had entered the airspace of the southern region from the occupied territories.”

Syria Reports Israeli Rocket Attack Friday Night

The last thing Iran is seeking at this point is an escalation of the US military threat in the region, with three major US Navy contingencies parked along its shores in the Persian Gulf.

Unconfirmed Reports Claim US-led Air Strikes Target Iranian Forces, Oil Tankers in Syria

U.S. aircraft also reportedly bombed the military airport at the Deir es-Zor air base.

3.1-Magnitude Quake Shakes Lebanon Along Syrian Border

The epicenter of the quake was located less than 30 miles north of the Israeli community of Kiryat Shemona and even closer to Metullah.

Nasrallah: War With Israel in the Summer? Moi?

“I may not remain among you for very long," Nasrallah said, "It is possible that the entire first echelon of leadership could be killed, including myself.”

Russia Denies Removing Remains of Renowned Israeli Spy Eli Cohen from Syria

“The motives for the dissemination of such blatant misinformation, as well as anyone who would believe it, are incomprehensible."

Greenblatt Tweets Israeli Map with Golan Heights

The Romans absorbed the Golan into the province of Syria, but Caligula restored the territory to Herod's grandson Agrippa in 37 CE.

Unconfirmed Report in Syria Claims Renowned Israeli Spy Eli Cohen’s Body Moved from Damascus

Cohen’s watch was returned to his widow with great emotion last year after a complex and secret operation by the Mossad.

IDF Attacks Syrian Missile Facility, killing Soldiers, Iranian Militiamen

The main target, the Center for Scientific Research, was attacked in July 2018.

Incensed Syrian FM: Arab Summit Statement on Golan Occupation Weaker than UK’s

“Syria will liberate the occupied Golan, and all means and all choices are on the table.”

IDF Commander: Changing Reality in Syria Enabled Baumel’s Recovery

Baumel’s remains were reportedly recovered in the Yarmouk refugee camp in southern Syria. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu revealed Wednesday evening that that Baumel’s tank jump-suit and his tzitzit were found with his bones.

Netanyahu to Visit Putin Thursday, following Phone Conversation on Military Cooperation

Both sides have recently been working on concretizing the understandings reached regarding foreign military presence in Syria.

Study: 1,139 Hezbollah Terrorists Killed while Fighting in Syria

Most of the operatives killed, 43 percent, were in their early twenties and were sent to Syria without prior combat experience.

14 UN Security Council Members Condemn Trump’s Golan Proclamation

German UN Ambassador Christoph Heusgen suggested the Syrian letter was "deeply cynical."

Iranians Killed in Attack on Aleppo Airport, Syria Blames Israeli Air Force

Top Iranian officials were among the dead in northern Syria.

Netanyahu Explains Reality: When You Start Wars You Lose Territory

The lesson Netanyahu was trying to teach Syrian president Bashar al-Assad may as well have also been directed at the Hamas Terroracracy

Syria: The Whole Universe Can’t Change the Reality that Golan Is Syrian

Arab countries may pay lip service to the Syrian cause, but nothing else is likely to change.

Trump Signs Proclamation Recognizing Israel’s Sovereignty over Golan Heights

"Under my administration, Israel-US relations have never been stronger," Trump declared before signing his Golan proclamation.

US-backed Syrian Democratic Force Liberates Last ISIS-Held Village in Syria

The group’s leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, has still managed to elude capture and death.

Damascus: ‘Golan Heights will remain Arab and Syrian’

Begin decided to annex the Golan following an offer to the late Syrian president Hafez al-Assad to withdraw from the area in return for normalization of relations with Syria.

Report: US to Now Leave as Many as 1,000 Troops in Syria

James Jeffrey, the U.S. envoy for Syria who also oversees the global coalition against the Islamic State, said the U.S. military presence in Syria represents a “force for stability” in the area.
The fourth generation of Iran's Fateh 110 missile has been tested successfully recently.

Iran Building New Missile Factory in Syria, Israeli Satellite Intel Shows

“The construction patterns, the compound location and the activity signs at the compound and its region increase the probability that this is a missile manufacturing site.”


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