IDF Forces Shoot at Terror Suspects on Syrian Border, 1 Captured

One of the suspects was injured and was taken to a hospital for medical treatment by helicopter.

IAF Bombs Damascus Airport, 5 Syrian Soldiers Killed – Report

According to the SOHR’s count, this is the 25th Israeli attack in Syria in 2022.

After 11 Years, Hamas and Syria Restoring Ties

The reconciliation between Syria and Hamas was achieved with the help of Iran, the Hezbollah terror organization in Lebanon, and also with Russian involvement.

IDF: Silence on Northern Border ‘More Deceptive Than Ever’

The chief of staff's words reflected warnings from US intelligence and the IDF of a “reasonable possibility” there will soon be a military confrontation with Hezbollah.

Declassified: IDF Israel Knew About Syrian Nuclear Reactor 5 Years Before Blowing it Up

On September 6, 2007, the Syrian nuclear reactor in Deir ez-Zor, Syria, was attacked and destroyed by warplanes of the Israeli Air Force.

Syrian Opposition Figure: Hezbollah Refuses to Return Missiles, Tanks to Syria

Among them, said Asaad Al-Zubi, were “400 tons of chemical WMDs.”

Syria Reports Air Strikes on Aleppo Airport, Damascus

Material damage was reported at Aleppo Airport.

Satellite Images Show Russia Moves S-300 Air-Defense Missiles Out of Syria

The development seems to be an attempt to strengthen Russia’s defenses in its war with Ukraine.

Satellite Images Show ‘Extensive Damage’ at Syrian Missile Site Reportedly Struck by Israel

Secondary blasts caused by the detonation of missiles stored at the underground facility went on for six hours, U.K.-based war monitor reports.

US Says it Bombed Syria to Send Message to Iran

Two American service members were evaluated for minor injuries, while another was treated and sent back to work.

Loud Explosions Lasted Hours after Israel’s Airstrikes on Iranian Plant and Militias in Syria

The attack also targeted a plant in Hama where the Iranians are producing improved, GPS-guided missiles for Hezbollah.

US Forces Retaliate after Iran-Backed Militia’s Rocket Attack in Northern Syria

“We have a total spectrum of the capability to mitigate threats across the region."

US Attacks Iranian Targets in Syria

Deir el-Zur province borders Iraq and contains several oil fields.

3 Dead, 3 Wounded in Alleged Israeli Air Strike on Iranian Targets in Syria

A Syrian army air base and Hezbollah positions were among the targets hit.

IDF Attacks Hezbollah Position Near Quneitra, 2 Wounded

An IDF tank fired at least one and possibly two shells at a Hezbollah position near the town of Al-Hamidiya, according to multiple reports.

‘Alarm Bells’ in Israel over China Aid that Could up Syria’s Intel Capabilities

While Beijing insists the aid will be humanitarian in nature, Israeli defense sources say some products expected to “fill current gaps in Syria’s military communications network.”

Defense Minister Confirms: Russian Troops Fired at IAF Jets in Syria

The IDF and the Russian military maintain a line of communication to prevent military clashes between the forces in Syria.

Israel Attacks Damascus Area, 6 Dead, 10 Injured

The attack completely destroyed an Iranian warehouse in the vicinity of Al-Sayida Zainab, 6 miles south of Damascus.

Syrian Website: Hezbollah Moves Anti-Aircraft Missiles to Syria in ‘UN’-Labeled Trucks

According to a video post, this is the first shipment of such weapons to be transported across the Lebanese border.

CENTCOM: US Forces Assassinate ISIS Leader Maher al-Agal in Syria

The drone strike took place in northwestern Syria. Al-Agal's deputy was seriously injured, according to US Central Command (CENTCOM).

Russia Demands Israel Stop Airstrikes in Syria

Israel’s ambassador to Moscow was summoned to the Russian foreign ministry and was rebuked for the attack.

Hamas Wants to Renew Ties with the Assad Regime in Syria

Assad cut his ties with Hamas after they supported the wrong side in the Syrian civil war.

Lebanon Closes Egyptian-Syrian (shhh, Israeli) Natural Gas Deal

The World Bank, which has pledged financing, and the United States still must approve the deal.

US Army Captures Senior ISIS Bomb Maker in Syria

“The mission was meticulously planned to minimize the risk of collateral damage."

Israeli Envoy Summoned to Kremlin Over Strike on Damascus Airport

Russia condemned last week's air strike and blamed Israel for the attack.

Report: Assad Warned Syrian Presidential Palace is IDF’s Next Target

Last week, Israel was blamed by Syria and Russia for air strikes that disabled two of the runways at Damascus International Airport, shutting down its operations.

Syria Suspends Flights at Damaged Damascus Airport

The Russian government blamed and condemned Israel for the attacks on Damascus International Airport.

Syria Reports Israeli Attack on South Damascus

This is a second attack attributed to Israel this week in the same area.

Russian and Syrian Air Forces Conduct Joint Drill Over Syria

The Syrian Defense Ministry stated that two Russian SU-35 fighter jets and six Syrian MiG-23 and MiG-29 jets simulated confronting warplanes and drones.


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