More Airstrikes in Syria, Weapons Smuggling Truck Blown Up

Three attacks on Iranian proxies in Syria in 24 hours.

SOHR: Unidentified Drones Attacked 25-Truck Convoy Crossing Syria-Iraq Border, 7 Killed

The attack came only hours after armed drones targeted an Iranian drone manufacturing facility in Isfahan.

2 Syrian Soldiers Dead After Alleged Israeli Strike on Iranian Targets Near Damascus

At least two explosions were heard over the southern part of the Syrian capital.

Report: Israel Attacked Hezbollah’s Drone Making Unit

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported Tuesday morning that the Israeli attacks targeted a Hezbollah warehouse.

Reports: Israeli Missiles Attack Hezbollah Warehouse, Air Defense Battery, 2 Gunmen Dead

The raids followed the arrival of an Iranian cargo plane at Damascus airport.

Iran Withdraws More Forces from Syria

The forces were recalled to Iran to contend with the escalating civilian protests in the country.

US Attacks Iranian Targets in Eastern Syria

IDF Chief of Staff confirmed that Israel attacked a Syrian convoy on the Iraq-Syria border several weeks ago.

Mossad Director Reveals Last Telegram of Israeli Spy Eli Cohen

“Eli Cohen was among our best agents. He continues to influence us and instill in us a fighting spirit, courage, values and devotion,” says Mossad head David Barnea.

Hezbollah Fleeing Damascus in Fear of IDF Bombing

Hezbollah and Iranian proxy militias are trying to escape being targeted by Israel and the Western coalition forces.

Israel Warns Lebanon: We’ll Bomb Beirut Airport If Iran Ships Weapons There

Iranian deliveries to Hezbollah via the Damascus Airport have reportedly failed due to repeated Israeli bombing of the facility.

Syrian Sources: Israel Has Not Attacked Damascus in Weeks Due to Newly Deployed Iranian...

There has been a significant increase in the scope of Israeli and American reconnaissance flights, aimed at determining the locations of the Bavar-373 Air Defense Systems.

North Korea Helped Iran, Hezbollah Bring Chemical Weapons to Lebanon

North Korean experts reportedly injected thionyl chloride into the missiles under the supervision of an Iranian chemical weapons expert.

Iran Blames Israel, Vows Revenge After IRGC Officer Killed in Syria

Iran claimed in a statement that Jafari was “martyred by the Zionist agents with a roadside bomb” overnight near Damascus.

Report: Hezbollah Brought Chemical Weapons to Lebanon from Syria

According to the report, missiles equipped with warheads containing toxic thionyl chloride, were delivered to Al Qusayr nearly two weeks ago from Masyaf, Syria.

4 Killed in Reported Israeli Attack on Iranian Targets in Syria

The missile fire targeted weapons and ammunition sites, including an air defense battery.

The Kurdistan Workers’ Party Tells TPS: ‘We Had Nothing to do with the Attack...

An official in the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) denied that the organization had anything to do with Sunday’s terrorist bombing in Istanbul.

Syrian State Media Reports Air Strikes Aimed at Homs, Israel Air Force Blamed

Multiple sources blamed the Israeli Air Force for the strikes, and several claimed that missiles launched from the direction of northern Lebanon were targeting the Shayrat Air Base.

Israel Protecting Water Sources after Detecting Cholera

The Israeli Health Ministry said that the bacteria likely originated in Syria, where there is currently a cholera outbreak.

US Denies Attack on Iranian Oil and Weapons Convoy near Al Bukamal, Eastern Syria

If the US was not behind the attack, Israel is the only other culprit that comes to mind.

Israeli Surgeons Save Life of Premature Syrian Baby

Bringing the baby to Israel was no simple matter because Israel and Syria have no diplomatic relations.

Cholera Epidemic Spreading through Syria, Lebanon, Carried by Civil War Refugees

Israelis have been warned about an unusually high E. Coli presence in northern streams.

Israel Warns Syria It Will Step Up Attacks over Iranian Weapons Transfers

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah announced the end of his armed group’s mobilization on Thursday, following the completion of a maritime demarcation agreement brokered by the U.S.

Syrian Sources: Israel Targeted Strategic Sites It Never Attacked Before

Despite Syria officially denying any casualties, several people were killed and injured in the attack at Sayyidah Zaynab.

Syria Blames Israel for Rocket Attack on Damascus, 3rd this Week, 28th in 2022

Israel has managed to destroy 90% of the Iranian-Hezbollah plans to establish a base in Syria.

Large Shipment of Iranian Drones Reaches IRGC in Syria

Iranian militias in the sector went on high alert for fear of Israeli strikes.

1 Syrian Soldier Killed as Air Strikes Target Iranian Military Sites

This is the second time in three days that air strikes were directed at Iranian military positions in the area around the Syrian capital.


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