‘S-300 Battery Fired on the IAF Over Syria,’ says Israeli TV Report

“The missiles did not constitute a threat on [Israeli Air Force] planes and there was no lock by the battery’s radar on the planes, but this is a dramatic precedent,” according to SANA.

Report: Russian Military Fired at Israeli Pilots in Syria

The missile fire did not pose a threat to Israel Air Force aircraft – the S-300 radar did not “lock” on the planes -- but the incident itself sets a disturbing precedent.

IAF Hits Iranian Targets in Syria, 5 Killed – Report

This is the twelfth IAF strike in Syria since the beginning of 2022, according to the SOHR’s count.

IDF Pounds Targets in Southern Syria – Report

The IDF has remained silent on the reports, as it usually does.

Israeli Water-From-Air Generators Arrive in Syria

Watergen’s devices are deployed in more than 80 countries around the world, as well as Gaza.

Iran Filling Gaps Left by Russia in Syria

Iran has established a new militia to carry out the tasks previously performed by the Russian forces leaving the area.

Syrian State Media Report Israeli Air Strikes

he hour of the attack was unusual, in that most air strikes are conducted under cover of darkness.

Report: Bennett Nixed Netanyahu’s Plan to Help Exonerate Assad in Exchange for Expelling Iran

Bennett’s source said Assad is incapable of expelling Iran and its proxies from his country.

Report: 400 Syrian Mercenaries in Russia to Join War against Ukraine

"Where's the powerful Russian army if they can't get by without Syrians?"

2 Senior IRGC Military Officers Killed in Syria Air Strike

Israel was attacking Iranian military targets in the Damascus area.

Russia Recruiting Syrians to Fight in Ukraine

An Odessa website claims Israeli special forces veterans are arriving in Ukraine to fight the Russians.

Syria: Israeli Air Force Attacked Near Damascus

In the first days of the war in Ukraine, Russia sent a message to Israel that they would allow the IDF freedom of action over Syria.

US Ambassador Throws Israel Under the Russian Bus

Tom Nides was trying his best to get Israel deeper in trouble with its neighbor to the north, Vladimir Putin.

IAF Bombs Targets in Syria, 3 Soldiers Killed – Report

This attack, the sixth attributed to Israel since the beginning of 2022, occurred just a day after the IDF shelled a number of targets in the Quneitra Governorate, situated adjacent to Israel’s border with Syria.

Video Provides Rare Glimpse into Hezbollah’s Entrenchment in Southern Syria

“Even now, Hezbollah’s Golan File Unit gathers intelligence and awaits an opportunity to attack Israel,” says a report by the Alma Research and Education Center.

Syria: Israel Attacked Military Positions in Quneitra – Russians Mum

The Russians could quash Israel's efforts to stop these forces north of its border.

Wednesday House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Is Coming to the Knesset

Back in 2007, Speaker Pelosi visited the Knesset for the first time, but caused a brouhaha about 100 miles to the north.

Red Alert Triggered in Northern Israel After Anti-Aircraft Fire Launched by Syria

Red Alert sirens were triggered by a Syrian missile launched towards Israel, the IDF said.

Congressmembers Express Concern About US-Brokered Energy Deals for Lebanon

US lawmakers are concerned the deals provide a future "blueprint for circumventing" the Caesar Syrian Civilian Protection Act.

Israeli Arab Villages Raise Millions for Syrian Refugees

The organizers of the operation were surprised by the mobilization and the large amounts of money that it raised.

US Attacks Terrorist Targets in Northern Syria

One US helicopter had a mechanical problem and was forced to land, to be destroyed later by a US warplane.

Russia’s Military in Syria is Jamming GPS Systems in Israeli Territory

Russia's jamming is causing disruptions in GPS systems of incoming planes and other aircraft landing at Ben Gurion International Airport. Moscow rejected an Israeli request to stop the activity.

Hezbollah-Affiliated Al Akhbar Reports Fall of ‘Largest Spy Network for Israel’

According to the report, there was a crack within the Lebanese internal security apparatus.

Syria Reports Israeli Rocket Attack on Damascus Area

Meanwhile, the Lebanese Hezbollah-affiliated Al Akhbar reported on "The fall of the largest spy network for Israel."

IDF Chief: We Operated Deep Inside a Neighboring Country

The designers of the operation took into account the possibility that Israeli fighters would be hit or injured by the enemy.

Russia, Syria Hold Joint Aerial Patrols of Borders, Including Golan Heights Border

Russia maintains a military air base along Syria's Mediterranean coast in addition to those housing its ground forces.

Syrian Surface-to-Surface Missile Site Exposed, ‘Threatens Most of Israel’

Alma research center: The new site “serves as a fortified compound.”

IDF Troops Open Fire After Spotting Infiltrators from Syria in Golan Heights

IDF troops fired flares and distancing fire from tanks, after which the suspects fled into Syrian territory.

Syrian TV Reports Israeli Missile Attack on Latakia Port

The Syrian opposition claimed that the target of the attack was a weapons shipment intended for pro-Iranian militias.


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