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Report: Syria Downs Drone South of Damascus

Numerous Arab media claimed the UAV was Israeli and said it was in the area as part of an operation targeting Iranian military assets.

Report: 10 Killed in Air Strike by Unidentified Aircraft on Iranian Complex near Syrian-Iraqi...

The attack comes on the heels of a similar strike carried out a week earlier in the same location.

Report: Explosion at Iranian Proxy Militia Warehouse in Iraq

According to some reports, the warehouse belongs to the Popular Mobilization (PMU), an Iranian-backed militia force in Iraq.

Damascus Blames Israel, US for Attack on Base Near Syria-Iraq Border

Satellite images taken after the air strike showed damage to four large warehouses belonging to a pro-Iranian militia.

IDF Detected Failed Grad Launches by Iranian Forces in Syria

The launches were executed by a Shiite militia sponsored by the Iranian Quds force, under the command of Qasem Soleimani.

Update: 18 Iranians Killed in Warplanes Attack on Syria-Iraq Border

There is no information as of yet regarding casualties and material damage.

Iranian Oil Tanker Adrian Darya 1 Reaches Syria’s Port Tartus

The oil tanker was carrying some 2.1 million barrels of light crude oil, worth about $130 million on the open market.

Report: Iran Building Massive Military Complex in Syria

Satellite imagery shows five newly-built structures to store precision-guided missiles, plus other missile storage structures and various types of buildings.

Former Lebanese PM Slams Hezbollah’s Attack

He famously sobbed in 2006 as he described the effects of the war on the Lebanese people during a televised address at the conference.

Trump, Erdogan, Agree on Continued Cooperation in Syria

Erdogan congratulated Trump on the steps he has taken at the recent G7 summit regarding Iran.

Israel Urging UNSC to Acknowledge Syria’s Responsibility for Iranian Troops on Its Soil

“The international community must make clear to Iran that it will no longer tolerate its regional subversion and terrorist financing operations.”

Analyst: Hezbollah will Attack Israel; Israel Facing Mass War on 2 Fronts

Nasrallah may follow through with his threats, and he may be currently planning the assault with his military chiefs.

Putin, Erdogan, Meet on Deterioration of Syria Understandings

"The situation in Idlib, which continues to be Turkey’s area of responsibility in accordance with the Sochi agreements, remains rather complex."

Rouhani: Change in Iranian Terrorism Only If US Lifts All Sanctions

Rouhani was secretary of the Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) for 16 years, and he boasted how he was using talks with Western powers to buy time to advance Iran's nuclear program.

Iran: Retaliation Against Israel Will Be ‘Shocking and Crippling’

The Iranian Parliament's General Director for International Affairs Hossein Amir-Abdollahian said on Monday that the response to Israel’s attacks on Lebanon and Syria is...

IAF Thwarts Iranian Attack of ‘Multiple Killer Drones’ from Syria

Iran has no immunity anywhere. Our forces operate in every sector against the Iranian aggression. 'If someone rises up to kill you, kill him first.'

Hezbollah Peddling Drugs to Teens in Syria, Locals Joining the Drug Dealing Bandwagon

Cannabis and cannabis products are the primary product being sold to kids in Syria by the Hezbollah drug network.

Explosion at Shayrat Airbase in Homs Province, Iranian Fighters Killed

US air strikes attacked the base in 2017 after a sarin gas attack on civilians left nearly 100 dead in northwestern Syria, including numerous women and children.

Report: Syrian Media Allege Israeli Missile Targets Hezbollah Near Quneitra

Daytime attacks by Israeli forces on Iranian and Hezbollah targets in Syria are rare; most raids are carried out at night.

Report: Damascus Mired in Poverty, Armed Robberies

More than 93% of Syrians live in poverty and deprivation, including about 60% who live in extreme poverty.

Saudi Paper: Israel Increasing Attacks on Iranian Targets in Syria and Iraq

According to Al Arabia, the weapons stored in the facility were Iranian-made missiles.

Syria Opens Border Crossing with Iraq, Will Serve an Iranian Bridge to Lebanon

The upgraded Albukamal crossing is expected to serve as an Iranian land bridge through Iraq to Syria and from there to Lebanon, posing a new threat to Israel’s security.

Hezbollah Agent Killed by Car Bomb Was Recruiting Golan Villagers

The agent's recruits hid in their homes explosive devices, light weapons, machine guns and anti-tank missiles, for a future war between Hezbollah and Israel.

Syria Says Israel Bombed Target in South of Country

Israel has previously bombed Hezbollah and Iranian infrastructure under construction in the Dara’a area.

Gazan Aid Org Cynically Uses Photos of Syrian Children

Photos of Syrian children were repackaged for a Gaza campaign.

Fierce Debate Within Hamas Over Renewing of Ties with Syria

A senior Hamas delegation arrived in Russia this week for an official visit, during which the renewal of ties between the Gaza-based terror organization and Syria were examined.

Iran Furious as UK Marines Seize Tanker Violating Sanctions

Meanwhile, Panama announced on Thursday that the ship, Grace 1, had been taken off its international boat registry on May 29, and can they have their flag back.

Report: Iran Searching for Syrian Moles that Facilitated Quality Attacks on Its Assets

The quality of the targets Israel destroyed in its last attack in Syrian territory earlier this week, stunned the Iranian military leadership, which realized...

Syria Reports: Mutliple Dead, ‘Many Wounded’ in Multi-Pronged Israeli Attack

Damascus, Homs, and Tartous are among the areas were Iranian military sites were attacked overnight.

Patrushev at Jerusalem Summit: We Want Threats Against Israel Eliminated

Patrushev told the summit participants that Russia is combating terrorism jointly with Iran—which probably did not convince them.


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