Report: Obama offered Syria Israeli Withdrawal from Golan Heights

According to Saudi-owned newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat, the Syrian-US talks on an Israeli withdrawal reached an advanced stage and the sides had even prepared a document for signing.

Multiple Air Strikes Target Iranian Military Positions in Damascus

Analysts said the late-night air strikes could be the response to the Iranian attack in the Gulf of Oman.

US Attacks Iranian-Proxy Targets in Syria

According to Sec/ Defense Austin, President Biden had authorized the strike on Thursday morning, in response to the secretary's recommendation.

Netanyahu: Not One Dose of Vaccine Passed from Israel to Syria

"We brought back the young woman and I have thanked President Putin for this, but I respect Russia’s request not to say anything more."

Israel Releases 2 Syrian Shepherds in Prisoner Trade

The original deal hit an unexpected snag when the captured Hezbollah terrorists refused to go to Syria

Bar Ilan U Researchers Found Delayed Surgical Intervention Improved Outcome of Syrian Civil War...

Treating the wounded civilians also provided insight into injuries caused by sniper fire and high-velocity projectile injuries unique to a battlefield.

Syria Demands 2 Prisoners in Exchange for Woman Who Crossed the Border, But the...

Both prisoners, who were convicted on security charges by Israeli courts, have no interest in going back to Syria.

Syrian Report: Israel and Syria to Exchange Civilian for 2 Terrorists

The Israeli civilian recently wandered into Syria, and now two terrorists are being traded with Syria to free her.

Israel Turns to Russia on ‘Sensitive’ Humanitarian Issue in Syria

It was expected that Prime Minister Netanyahu would address the nation on national television Tuesday night but the broadcast did not happen. No explanation was given.

Israeli Air Force Strikes Target in Syria Again, Syrian State Media Reports

A military source told SANA that the attack came from the direction of the Golan, “targeting some targets in the vicinity of Damascus.”

Attack on Iranian Weapons Convoy Heading to Syria from Iraq

The attack, which took place near Abulkamal in the eastern Syrian Deir ez-Zour province, was probably carried out by an armed drone.

Syria Demands UNSC Take ‘Immediate’ Action Following Alleged Israeli Strike

A U.K.-based war monitor group reports that the alleged Israeli strikes targeted “several military positions,” and militias associated with Hezbollah and the Syrian Resistance for the Liberation of the Golan.

IAF Hits Iranian, Hezbollah Targets in Syria, Syrian Media Reports

Earlier on Wednesday morning, two Iranian cargo planes arrived in Syria.

Report: First Israeli Attack on Syria Under Biden

Reports indicate that Syrian anti-aircraft fire hit a civilian home.

Report: Russia Sponsored Syrian-Israeli Meeting on Removing Iranian Forces

According to the Jusoor Center, "Peace with Israel is an ideal solution for the regime to get out of the diplomatic and economic blockade."

Report: 57 Fatalities, 28 Injuries in Israeli Raids in Eastern Syria

Al-Alam, an Arabic news channel broadcasting from Iran and owned by the state, reported that more than 18 sites had been targeted.

IAF Strikes Against Iran in Syria Were 3-Pronged Message to Iran, Syria and US,...

Israel let Biden know there's more than just the nuclear front to deal with with Iran, and let Iran know that Israel won't accept Iran in Syria, even during the Biden administration.

IAF Bombs Iranian Militia Targets in Syria, State Media Reports

“We have struck over 500 targets this year, on all fronts, in addition to multiple clandestine missions.”

SAM Battery, More Iranian Arms for Hezbollah Destroyed in Air Strikes Near Damascus

“These weapons were planned to be sent to the Lebanon & Quneitra in order to be used by Hezbollah against Israel.”

Putin, Netanyahu Exchange New Year’s Wishes Despite Spat over Key Security Issues

Last Friday, the spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry said she was baffled by Israel's reaction to an attack by Russian Ambassador Anatoly Viktorov.

Nasrallah: Israel and the Saudis Are Plotting My Assassination; Hezbollah Doubled Its Precision Missiles

According to the Hezbollah leader, Saudi Arabia has been instigating a US policy of assassinations since the war on Yemen had begun.

Syrian State TV: Israeli Air Force Attacked Scientific Research Center

“Masyaf area is an important military area . . . as it contains a scientific research center and Fajr 5 missile depots, in addition to an Iranian missile development center.”

Trump Freezes Assets of Assad’s Wife, Her Relatives, Syria’s Central Bank

On December 20, 2019, President Donald Trump signed into law the “Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act of 2019” (the Caesar Act).

Iran-Backed Militias Using Syrian Children as Operatives

Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) established training centers for children starting from age 12, with the objective of deploying them on the battlefield.

Islamic Revolution Guard Commander Assassinated near Iraqi-Syrian Border

Deir ez-Zor is a major link between Iran and Lebanon, with pipelines and trade routes passing through the province.

Nasralla’s Second-in-Command: No Iranians or Hezbollah Operatives Killed in Recent Israeli Attacks in Syria

Israel is firmly refraining from harming Hezbollah members so as not to increase tensions on the Lebanese border.

Israel Attacked Several Hezbollah, Pro-Iranian Militia Targets in Syria

This brings to 36 the number of Israel attacks inside Syria since the start of 2020.

Hezbollah Loses Tons of Hashish in Second Smuggling Failure

Hezbollah controls the majority of cannabis plantations across Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley and the government is unable to do much about it.


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