Nasralla’s Second-in-Command: No Iranians or Hezbollah Operatives Killed in Recent Israeli Attacks in Syria

Israel is firmly refraining from harming Hezbollah members so as not to increase tensions on the Lebanese border.

Israel Attacked Several Hezbollah, Pro-Iranian Militia Targets in Syria

This brings to 36 the number of Israel attacks inside Syria since the start of 2020.

Hezbollah Loses Tons of Hashish in Second Smuggling Failure

Hezbollah controls the majority of cannabis plantations across Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley and the government is unable to do much about it.

Iran Threatens to Avenge Israeli Attacks on Its ‘Advisors’ in Syria, Denies Contact with...

Earlier, Khatibzadeh accused Secretary of State Mike Pompeo of promoting a "doctrine of whitewashing Israeli crimes and formalize the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories."

10 dead in IDF Attack on Syrian Missile Batteries in Retaliation for Border Explosives

Ganz said he was "convinced of the IDF's capabilities to respond harshly to any incident, both on the Lebanese front and the Syrian front."

IDF Exposes Explosives near Syrian Border Fence

The IDF considers the Syrian regime responsible for any action taken in its territory and will not allow any violation of Israeli sovereignty.

Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Muallem Dies at 79

There were no details released on the cause of death, but the minister had for years been in poor health with heart problems.

New Report Sheds Light on True Scope of Hezbollah’s Presence in Southern Syria

“They are preparing operational plans in anticipation of the next war,” warned Maj. (res.) Tal Beeri, director of Alma’s research department, who tells JNS that Hezbollah is deeply embedded among Syrian military’s forces, using their bases to gather intelligence and prepare military attack plans.

US Enacts New Sanctions on Syrian Entities, Individuals

The Trump administration imposed sanctions on 19 entities and individuals on Monday that it accused of providing support to Syrian President Bashar Assad’s regime.

Israeli FM to Russia: We Will Not Allow Iran to Military Entrench in Syria...

Russia has a presence in Syria and has significant sway on the development in the country. The IDF and the Russian army maintain a line of communications through which they coordinate their actions to prevent a clash between the two militaries.

Turkey Arrests 3 for Selling Antique Bible Stolen from Aleppo Museum

The manuscript was handed over to the Museums Directorate in Gaziantep, while local police arrested three people whose nationalities have not been reported.

Report: 3 Hezbollah-Linked Terrorists Killed in Israeli Strike on Syrian ‘School’

Israeli leaders have repeatedly declared that they will not tolerate an Iranian threat on its northern border with Syria .

Report: Israel Attacks Iranian Militia in Southern Syria Overnight

Syrian TV reported that a rocket fired from Israel hit a school.

Human Rights Watch: Putin, Assad, Committed War Crimes Against Civilians in Syria

Most of the 46 attacks documented by Human Rights Watch appeared to involve the use of explosive weapons with wide-area effects in populated areas.

Satellite Images Reveal Alleged Israeli Strike in Syria Targeted Missile Factory

“The attack intended to weaken missile production in Syria, probably for Hezbollah, by harming its crucial elements,” says ImageSat International.

Israeli Air Force Attacked in Aleppo; Explosions in Jordanian Weapons Depot

The flames in Jordan could be seen from the capital Amman, 22 miles away.

Macron Secretly Meets Hezbollah, Has Plan to Fix Lebanon, Tells Hezbollah to Prove They...

For many Lebanese, the state's failure to deliver electricity in a reliable fashion is the most obvious representation of its being a failed state – like Gaza, but with Hezbollah instead of Hamas.

Syrian Observatory: 5 Militiamen Killed, 3 Foreigners, in IDF Attack on Southern Syria

"The airstrikes resulted in significant material losses at the targeted sites."

Syria Claims Israeli Missiles Strike Targets in Southern Damascus

According to one report, at least two Syrian soldiers were killed and seven others were wounded as a result of the air strikes.

First Images from Ofek 16 Satellite Camera, Taken Over Syria

The images show with great clarity the Tadmor World Heritage Site in Syria, the antiquities of the ancient city and the famous Roman theater.

Hague Tribunal Clears Hezbollah, Syria of PM Hariri’s Assassination

It should be noted that neither Hezbollah nor Syria were under indictment before the special tribunal, only four named Hezbollah members.

Assad Leaves in Middle of Speech, Citing Drop in Blood Pressure

Assad, 54, started looking tired about 30 minutes into his speech, stopping twice for a water break.

Where are Iran’s Military Forces Located in Syria?

Iran's military forces are spread out over 125 locations in Syria, including on the border with Israel.

Report: Syria Penalizing Citizens Returning from Lebanon

The fee must be disbursed in Syrian pounds according to the official exchange rate.

Beirut Explosion Opens Up Weapons Smuggling Opportunities for Hezbollah

Syria announced that it is opening an air support route as well as ground convoys of aid to Beirut.

15 Iranian Proxy Militiamen Killed in Air Raids, IDF Attacks Syrian Army

On Monday night, SANA reported that Israeli helicopters launched a missile attack on some military points near Quneitra.

IDF: Child’s Bag, Full of Explosives Ready to Detonate, Found 25 Meters into Israeli...

"Only a senseless enemy will test Israel… Whoever attempts to hurt the sovereignty of Israel will be answered accordingly."

Watch: IDF Thwarts Attempted Attack, Kills 4 Terrorists on Northern Border with Syria

Last week a Hezbollah cell attempted to infiltrate into Israeli territory, but was stymied by IDF soldiers.


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