Gallant: We Pushed Hezbollah Terrorists Back; Border Residents: He’s Hallucinating

In 2023, very few Israeli residents of the northern border communities would agree to return home unless Hezbollah is driven, by peaceful means or otherwise, north of the Litani River.

Syria: Israel Attacks Damascus Airport, Military Base

A similar attack was carried out against Damascus International Airport this past weekend, but the airport was to resume operations on Sunday.

France Issues Arrest Warrant for Syria’s President Assad

The Syrian president, his brother and two other officials are charged charged with complicity in war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Report: 700 Iranian ‘Elite Force’ Members Completely Control Areas Surrounding Israel’s Golan

These forces have undergone training provided by Lebanese Hezbollah and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps.

Rockets Fired at Israel from Syria, No Injuries

Two rockets were fired at Israel from Syria on Saturday evening, the IDF said in a brief announcement. "A short while ago, following the sirens...

Nasrallah Stops Short of Declaring War on Israel, Gallant Warns: We’ll Do to Lebanon...

If Hezbollah decides to launch a full-scale war against Israel, this may be its worst possible opportunity.

Israel, US Strike Iranian Proxies in Syria

A Pentagon official told reporters that US aircraft struck a weapons warehouse belonging to the IRGC in eastern Syria.

Northern, Central Israel Struck by Simultaneous Rocket Barrages from Lebanon, Gaza

Multiple coordinated rocket barrages from across Israel's northern and southern borders clarified that a second front indeed appears to have been opened in the north.

US Attacks Iran’s IRGC and Proxy Militia Sites in Syria

Pentagon officials told several news outlets that the attacks had not been coordinated with Israel.

Air Strike Shuts Down Syria’s Aleppo Airport, Again

Israel has carried out multiple air strikes against both Aleppo and Damascus international airports numerous times over the past year.

IAF Retaliates Against Syrian Army Positions, Jenin Terrorists

According to independent reports, eight Syrian soldiers were killed in the attack.

Biden Abruptly Ends Remarks on Middle East After Attacks on US Bases, Heads to...

Multiple US military bases in eastern Syria and Iraq were hit Monday by a coordinated missile and drone attack.

Sunday Israel Attacked Damascus, Aleppo Airports

This is the third time in the past two weeks that an attack on Syrian airports has been attributed to Israel.

Reports: Israel Takes Aleppo Airport Out of Commission with 2nd Attack in as Many...

Flights were turned to Latakia airport, which is operated by the Russian Army.

Report: Damascus, Aleppo Airports Bombed, Disabled

Both airports were disabled and are currently not functioning, forcing an Iranian aircraft that had already taken off from Tehran to turn around and retrace its route.

IDF Retaliates in Lebanon for Anti-Tank Missile Attack, Israel-Hezbollah Skirmishes Continue

The terror group said in a statement claiming responsibility that the attack was a response to the deaths of three of its operatives Monday, following clashes with the IDF on Israel’s northern border.

War on 4 Fronts: Rockets from Gaza, Lebanon, Syria, Riots in Eastern Jerusalem

Well, Gaza folks, Moses and Aaron are back, and they’re riding a fiery chariot full of death.

Report: Israel Attacked Iranian Militia Base in Syria

Unidentified warplanes were flying over the region when a "violent explosion" was heard.

Report: Israel Attacked Iranian Weapons Convoy in Syria

As of now, Syrian officials have not commented on the reports.

Russian Electronic War System ‘Likely’ Behind Ben-Gurion Airport Disruptions

Landing patterns have been changed to bypass the GPS disruptions.

IDF Confirms Strike on Syrian Army Posts Violating 1974 Disengagement with Israel

The outposts were located in the Ein Altaniya area, a demilitarized zone on the Golan Heights.

Suspected Israeli Drone Strike Targets Islamic Jihad Terrorists in Syria

The attack took place near Beit Jinn, in the countryside southwest of Damascus.

At Least 2 Syrian Soldiers Killed in Attack on Coastal Targets Attributed to Israel

“It is worth noting that this is the 27th attack by Israeli forces in Syrian territory since early 2023.”

Syria Says Israel Carried Out Rare Daylight Raid, Killing 2

Syrian state media and other sources carefully avoided identifying the nationalities of the “military personnel” who were killed.

Syria Claims Israeli Attack Took Aleppo International Airport Out of Service

“The aggression caused material damage to the airport runway, thus it went out of service.”

Syrian Media Reports Israeli Air Strike Near Damascus

Israel has repeatedly said it will not tolerate an Iranian military presence across its northern border.

Hezbollah Weapons Depot Explodes in Damascus

There were an unspecified number of casualties from the blast near the town of Al-Ruhaiba.

Unidentified Violent Explosions Hit Iranian Militias’ Missile Depots West of Damascus

It is not yet known whether the explosions were caused by an Israeli strike.

Hezbollah Opens Fire on Lebanese Civilians, Killing 2

The incident began when a truck carrying a delivery for Hezbollah – accounts differ as to whether the truck carried ammunition, weaponry or captagon pills – flipped over.

4 Syrian Soldiers Killed, 4 Injured in Air Strike near Damascus

According to estimates, the attack was aimed at warehouses with advanced Iran-made weapons.


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