9 Pro-Iranian Fighters Killed in Air Strikes in Abu Kamal, Syria

In addition to those killed Sunday, a number of others were wounded, including a number in critical condition and seriously injured.

Syrian State Media: Israeli Strikes Near Iraq Border

Israel has been blamed for multiple air strikes that have targeted Iranian military sites on Syrian territory over the past months.

‘Assad Must Pay a Price’: Israel Welcomes US Sanctions on Syria’s Assad and Wife

The US's Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act sanctions Syrian regime leaders for war crimes against the Syrian population.

Syrian Refugee Undergoing Heart Transplant in Israel

Over 4,000 Syrian refugees had been quietly brought to Israel to receive medical treatment.

Report: 12 Killed in Drone Strikes on Iranian Positions in Syria

Iranian-backed militias brought in reinforcements to the position three days ago, says UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

Observatory: 9 Dead in Israeli Air Attack in Western Syria

According to Observatory sources, at least nine people were killed by shelling, four of whom Syrians.

It’s Official: France Will Not Designate Hezbollah a Terrorist Organization

France defends the legitimacy of Hezbollah's “political wing,” which is an artificial distinction that even the group itself does not recognize.

Report: Airstrike in Eastern Syria Kills Five Iran-Backed Fighters

The head of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, Rami Abdul Rahman, said “Israel was likely responsible.”

Qasem Soleimani’s Right Hand Killed in Syria After Seeing Boss in a Dream

So, from now on, if you see Qasem Soleimani in a dream – stay indoors.

Iran Nears Completion of Large Weapons Storage Site in Abukamal, Eastern Syria

It’s believed the tunnel is in the final stages of construction and will be operational shortly.

Pompeo on Trip to Israel: ‘No Travel to Confirm – Yet’

"The United States has "been very clear to the Assad regime all along, and to the Russians in Syria: the Iranians need to leave."

Israeli Defense Officials: Iran Pulling up Stakes in Syria

IDF sources in Tel Aviv believe that the Islamic Republic’s presence in Syria has grown too costly for the Assad regime.

Russia Grants Iran Access to Syrian Hmeimim Air Base

"Russia provided the Iranian military with the opportunity to use its military airfield in the province of Latakia."

Israeli Air Space Near Syria Closed, as Reports Emerge of 14 Killed in IAF...

The airspace above the Golan Heights, adjacent to its border was Syria, was closed to air traffic flying above 5,000 ft. for the coming month,

Syrian Observatory: 15 Iranians Killed in Israeli Attack Monday Night

The Observatory also noted that the Israeli bombardment Monday night destroyed warehouses, ammunition and weapons stored in the "Defense Factories" in the Al-Safira area.

Capitalizing on the Coronavirus, Israel Intensifying Airstrikes Campaign Against Major Syrian, Iranian Assets

So, add to your #coronabenefits list: IDF blasting Iranian assets in Syria, bringing closer their exit.

Israel Attacks Hezbollah Targets in Homs and in Southern Syria

Syria stated media claimed that the explosions were the result of a “human error” caused by troops moving ammunition.

Syria Reports Israeli Helicopter Attack North of Golan Heights

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights cited its activists who said that sporadic explosions were heard in the western part of Daraa governorate, which borders on Israel to the west.

Bennett Declares Resuming War on Iran in Syria Hours Before Israeli Missile Attack Near...

Bennett said: "Not only do we continue to block Iranian consolidation in Syria, we have moved unequivocally from blocking to pushing them out."

Syria Claims Israeli Air Force Attacked Iranian IRGC Bases Near Homs, Palmyra

Local sources said the air strikes were aimed at Iran's IRGC Quds Force and Hezbollah targets in Syrian army bases near the T-4 Air Base and Palmyra.

Israel Attacks Car with Hezbollah Officials Near Syrian Border

The first missile launched from the Israeli drone missed the vehicle, giving the passengers time to escape before the second missile hit.

Hezbollah and Syrian Army Behind Election Day Attack in Golan, IDF Investigation Finds

Snipers had opened fire from Syria into the Golan on March 2nd, prompting an Israeli counterstrike in which a senior Hezbollah operative was killed in a helicopter strike on the car he was driving.

Israeli School for Syrian Refugee Children in Greece Burns Down, Arson Suspected

"Erdogan opens the borders to allow refugees to move into Greece, creating a boiling point that causes a lot of frustration for the local residents, and encourages far right groups to raise their heads."

Greek Police Push Back 13,000 Syrian Refugees Sent by Erdogan Across Turkish Border

Erdogan's skill at using millions of human beings to advance his policies remains as effective as before, but this time around it will be difficult for him to repeat his parlor trick.

Turkey Shoots Down 2 Syrian Warplanes as Homeless Syrians Head to Europe

Turkey's forces reportedly “neutralized” more than 2,200 Syrian troops, 103 tanks and eight helicopters within the past several days.

Observatory: Turkish Drones, Artillery, Terrorize Syrian Forces in Hama, Idlib, Aleppo

A Syrian helicopter was shot down by Turkish forces outside Idlib on February 11 and went up in flames. Both pilots were killed.

Turkey Declares War on Bashar al-Assad’s Regime in Syria

Moscow, Tehran and Ankara are the three guarantor states at the Astana talks on Syria.

Report: Turkish Forces Kill Hezbollah Terrorists in Syria’s Idlib

Hezbollah officers were among the dead, according to the UK-based war monitor.


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