Iran Pledges Retaliation for US Attacks in Syria that Killed 19

On Saturday more than 20 rockets were reportedly fired against two US bases in eastern Syria.

Iran Attacks Coalition Base in Syria, 1 Dead, 6 Wounded; US Retaliation ‘Proportionate’

Iranian-backed militias attacked US troops 78 times since the beginning of 2021.

Syria Reports Israeli Attack on Aleppo International Airport

This was the second time Israel targeted Aleppo International Airport this month.

Islamic Jihad Accuses Israel of Assassinating One of Its Leaders in Syria

The organization's statement also referred to the high number of Arab casualties since the beginning of this year.

Syria: Israeli Strikes Iranian Positions in Tartus and Hama Provinces

The Syrian Arab News Agency said that a “burst of missiles” was fired just past 7 am from the direction of northern Lebanon.

Syria Accuses Israel of Attacking Aleppo International Airport

The nearby al-Nirab military airport was also attacked.

Hezbollah-Linked Syrian National Indicted in Israel for Espionage

Aith Abdullah has been gathering intelligence along the Syrian-Israeli border since 2019 at the request of his brother-in-law, a Hezbollah operative.

Hezbollah-Backed Terrorists Form ‘Dozens of Cells’ on Syrian Border

Operatives are continuously gathering pre-attack intelligence on Israel, the Alma Center says.

6.4-Magnitude Earthquake in Turkey Rocks Northern and Central Israel

More than 45,000 people were killed in that quake and a second, 7.7-magnitude quake that followed hours later on February 6.

Russia ‘Strongly Condemns’ Israeli Attack on Damascus that Could Not Be Launched without Its...

There have been serious disagreements in the past when Israel dared to challenge Russia’s wishes.

Someone Attacked Iranian Facilities in Damascus, 5 Dead

Israeli missiles targeted sites belonging to Iranian militias and the Lebanese Hezbollah.

Syrian Refugees in Turkish Earthquake Shocked to Be Treated by Israelis

There were many Syrian refugees in Turkey that needed medical aid, which Israel provided.

Report: 68 PA Arabs Killed in Turkey, Syria Earthquakes

Twenty bodies of PA Arabs were recovered in Turkey, and 48 in Syria.

Syria in the Shadow of the Disaster – ‘The Bet on Iran was a...

On social networks, people can see photos in which the skies of Syria are seen to be free of air traffic while thousands of flights take off and land in Turkish territories.

Death Toll Tops 6,300 as Rescuers Race to Reach Survivors After Turkey Earthquakes

A fourth, 5.8-magnitude earthquake struck the same area about 24 hours later, followed by an aftershock nearly as strong.

3,380 Reported Deaths in Turkey’s String of Earthquakes, 1,597 in Syria

A delegation of the IDF, Defense Ministry, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs landed in Turkey at 6 AM Tuesday.

Israel to Send Earthquake Aid to Syria After Request Relayed via Russia

Israel will send medicine, blankets and tents to Syria in response to Syria's request for assistance, and is willing to treat Syrians in Israeli hospitals or in Turkish territory.

More Airstrikes in Syria, Weapons Smuggling Truck Blown Up

Three attacks on Iranian proxies in Syria in 24 hours.

SOHR: Unidentified Drones Attacked 25-Truck Convoy Crossing Syria-Iraq Border, 7 Killed

The attack came only hours after armed drones targeted an Iranian drone manufacturing facility in Isfahan.

2 Syrian Soldiers Dead After Alleged Israeli Strike on Iranian Targets Near Damascus

At least two explosions were heard over the southern part of the Syrian capital.

Report: Israel Attacked Hezbollah’s Drone Making Unit

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported Tuesday morning that the Israeli attacks targeted a Hezbollah warehouse.

Reports: Israeli Missiles Attack Hezbollah Warehouse, Air Defense Battery, 2 Gunmen Dead

The raids followed the arrival of an Iranian cargo plane at Damascus airport.

Iran Withdraws More Forces from Syria

The forces were recalled to Iran to contend with the escalating civilian protests in the country.

US Attacks Iranian Targets in Eastern Syria

IDF Chief of Staff confirmed that Israel attacked a Syrian convoy on the Iraq-Syria border several weeks ago.

Mossad Director Reveals Last Telegram of Israeli Spy Eli Cohen

“Eli Cohen was among our best agents. He continues to influence us and instill in us a fighting spirit, courage, values and devotion,” says Mossad head David Barnea.

Hezbollah Fleeing Damascus in Fear of IDF Bombing

Hezbollah and Iranian proxy militias are trying to escape being targeted by Israel and the Western coalition forces.

Israel Warns Lebanon: We’ll Bomb Beirut Airport If Iran Ships Weapons There

Iranian deliveries to Hezbollah via the Damascus Airport have reportedly failed due to repeated Israeli bombing of the facility.


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