Study: Least Friendly Countries to Jews in Europe: Belgium & Poland; Friendliest: Italy &...

"Rigorous cooperation between the Jewish community and the Hungarian government in recent times has yielded immediate and direct improvements."

Poles Angry at California Billboard Star Who Hid Being Tamar Goldberg from Chmilenik

It’s difficult for Poles to understand that most people would rather not be recognized as being Polish

Treasury Sec. Yellen Lays Wreath at Warsaw Ghetto Memorial, Praises Sec. Morgenthau’s WW2 Pro-Jewish...

“We must use the tools at our disposal to fight oppression, and that lesson must be applied today.”

Russian Ambassador Covered with Red Paint by Polish Protesters on V-Day

The Russian Foreign Ministry demanded that the Polish government "immediately arrange a wreath-laying ceremony, ensuring complete security against any provocations."

President Duda Who Outlawed Claims of Polish Complicity in the Holocaust to Lead 2022...

In 2018, Duda signed a law that made it illegal to accuse “the Polish nation” of complicity in the Holocaust.

Russia Cuts Off Gas Flow to Poland, Bulgaria

President Vladimir Putin ordered gas exporter Gazprom to cut off buyers from “unfriendly” nations that fail to pay in rubles.

Go Figure: Macron Wins by 57.4%, Euro Falls Against the Dollar to $1.07725

Macron clashed with Polish prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki, calling him a "far-right antisemite."

Ukrainian Refugees, United Arab Emirates, to Join March of the Living in Poland

The delegation of refugees from Ukraine was organized by the Polish missionary group Shalom Ministry Association.

Israel Approves Egg Imports from Poland to Avoid Passover Shortages

Poland joins countries that have previously been approved for egg imports – Bulgaria, Portugal, Spain and Italy.

Poland to Expel 45 Russian Diplomats

All of the diplomats were allegedly working undercover for Moscow’s secret service.

Magen David Adom Sends 4 Armored Ambulances to Ukraine

MDA plans to establish a field clinic in Poland, once approved by the Polish government.

IDF to End Holocaust Delegations to Poland, Chooses Lithuania Instead

The move has stunned many inside and outside the IDF, both due to the unilateral nature of the decision and due to the choice of alternative destination.

Israel to Move Embassy from Ukraine to Poland

The Israeli foreign ministry on Saturday morning also ordered the departure of Israel’s designated Ambassador to Poland, Dr. Yaakov Livne, to Warsaw.

Russia, Belarus Launch ‘Allied Resolve 2022’ Military Drill; UK Troops Prepare to Support NATO

Russian tanks could potentially reach the Ukraine capital of Kyiv within 48 hours, according to a US military and intelligence assessment.

Polish Education Superintendent Wants Auschwitz Jewish Center Banned for ‘Sexualizing Children under Pretext of...

The Jewish Center in Auschwitz complained to the province as well as to the American embassy in Warsaw about Nowak's list.

European Parliament Concerned about Continued Deterioration of Poland’s Rule of Law

The lawmakers called on EU member states to step up their efforts to stop the continuous deterioration of "EU values" in Poland.

Archaeologists Discover the Grave of Avraham Stern the Jewish Leonardo da Vinci

Starting in 1810, Abraham Stern constructed a series of calculating machines that performed the four basic arithmetic operations and could also extract square roots.

Israel, Poland, Condemn Hundreds of Polish Protesters Who Shouted ‘Death to the Jews’

The marchers vilified LGBTQ people and "Zionists" (code name for Jews - DI) as "enemies of Poland" who should be expelled.

Zapomniane Foundation Exorcising Poland of Its Haunting Unmarked Jewish Victims

"There are hundreds or even thousands of forgotten, not commemorated graves of the Holocaust victims in Polish cities and villages."

Poland Donates Spare COVID-19 vaccines to Iran, Egypt, Ukraine

Poland did not charge Iran for the vaccines in consideration of its economic hardship.

Ultimate Chutzpa: Holocaust Denial Graffiti Discovered in Auschwitz

The spray-painted messages included slogans denying the Holocaust in English and German.

Warsaw’s Jewish Community Buries Remains Found of Unidentified Holocaust Victim

The human bones were found in a basement, thought to have resulted from a Jew hiding from German forces that destroyed the area during the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising in 1943.

Polish Appellate Court Throws Out Ruling Against Two Holocaust Scholars

It comes days after Poland passed a new law that sets a 30-year limit on restitution claims for property stolen by the Nazis during World War II, which has led to a row between Israel and Poland.

Israel Recalls Envoy from Poland Citing Warsaw’s ‘Shameful Decision’ to Block Holocaust Restitution

“This evening Poland became an anti-democratic country. . . one which does not respect the greatest tragedy in human history. We must never be silent."

Israel Up in Arms After Polish Parliament Passes Law Limiting Restitution of Property Lost...

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken stated the US is “deeply concerned” by the law and urged Duda not sign the bill into law or refer the bill to Poland’s constitutional tribunal.

Former Israeli Ambassador Shevah Weiss Tells Polish Newspaper Poland Should Make Amends to Jews

"You must not create a new harm based on an old harm," Weiss told Rzeczpospolita.

Israeli Government, European Jewry Condemn Poland’s New Restitution Law

“It is outrageous that someone who survived the Holocaust, who will be in their later years, will still be deprived justice by this cruel, illegitimate and discriminatory law."

Three Children Destroyed Jewish Cemetery in Poland

The criminals turned out to be three teenage boys, two aged 12, one 13.

Israeli Foreign Minister Lapid: Polish Property Restitution Bill Hints at Anti-Semitism

The Polish ambassador was summoned by the Foreign Ministry over the draft legislation • Yair Lapid: “We will not allow any parliament to pass laws the purpose of which is to deny the Holocaust.”


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