Jared Kushner Leads White House Delegation to Saudi Arabia, Qatar

It is also likely Kushner will discuss last Friday's assassination of top Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh while in Riyadh.

ZOA Urges Saudi Government to Include Israel on Official Maps

“How can Saudi Arabia educate Saudi youth of the mutual benefits of promoting relations with Israel if Israel is not even shown on the Saudi maps?” asked ZOA national president Mort Klein.
Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi, right, meeting Hamas Gaza Prime Minister , Ismail Haniyeh in Cairo.

Fatwa Council of UAE Declares Muslim Brotherhood a Terrorist Organization

The UAE Fatwa Council joins Saudi Arabia’s decision to classify the organization as a terrorist group.

Netanyahu, Mossad Chief, Met Crown Prince Bin Salman in Saudi Arabia

Bin Salman fears that his father would block an agreement that does not promote the establishment of a Palestinian state.

Ilhan Omar Urges Biden to Annul Israel-UAE Peace, Drop Saudi Arabia, Push Palestinian State

To which one follower replied: "Tell Palestinians to stop lobbing rockets and maybe it could work."

Blow to Hamas: Saudi Clerics Declare Muslim Brotherhood a Terrorist Organization

The Muslim Brotherhood issued a statement rejecting the Saudi proclamation.

After Beheading in Nice, Guard Knifed at French Consulate in Jeddah

Macron: France is being attacked “over our values, for our taste for freedom, for the ability on our soil to have freedom of belief.”

Al Arabiya: Hezbollah Established 7 Houthi Training Camps on Red Sea Shore

Video footage online shows a group of Houthi militia members receiving training in the vicinity of a port in Hodeidah.

Defense Ministry Source: US Will Sell Arms to More Arab States, Israel Will Be...

"Some day Saudi Arabia will start coming out of the closet," an Israeli Defense Ministry source said.

Burgeoning Saudi Boycott Driving Turks Crazy – Penalty for Opposing the Peace Agreements?

There has been an ongoing fierce conflict between the Saudis and the Turks due to the latter’s support of the Muslim Brotherhood and following the struggle for hegemony over the Sunni camp in the Middle East.

Saudi Arabia is on a Delegitimization Campaign Against Abbas, the PA

Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan, a senior Saudi official, openly criticized the Palestinian Authority leadership for transferring their allegiance to Turkey and Iran.

Ramallah PM: US, Israel, Rich Arab States Caused our Financial Crisis

Before the Corona, the PA predicted its GDP for 2020 would be $16.1 billion (compared to Israel's $340 billion). This figure has been downgraded to $13.6 billion.

Poll Shows PA, Gaza Arabs Feel Betrayed by Gulf States, Prefer Hamas’ Haniyeh over...

The survey indicates great worries about the future in case of the continued severing of relations with Israel.

Israelis Fear F-35 Sale to Emirates, Leveraged 2-State Solution to Follow Peace Accords

It would be interesting to see if a Biden administration, should the Democrats win the White House in November, would choose to support the sale.

PA Threatening to Leave the Arab League as UAE, Israel, Groom Mohammed Dahlan to...

And that may be the true benefit of the Abraham Accord, and why President Donald Trump who pushed for it may deserve the Nobel Peace prize for real.

Saudi King Tells Trump Peace with Israel Depends on Deal with PA

As things usually go in the Middle East, the Saudis will probably make peace with Israel before they end their feud with Doha.

Israeli Defense, Intel Officials Worry Over Secret Saudi-China Nuclear Project

There are a number of different nuclear facilities in the Saudi desert, and no one really knows what is going on in any of them at the moment.

Aviation Analyst: Saudi Arabia Will Permit Dubai-Ben Gurion Flights Over Its Airspace

The flight time over Saudi Arabia between Israel and the UAE will be cut substantially, to about 3 hours.

Saudi, Kuwaiti Rulers Undergo Surgery

US President Trump spoke with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman about the king's health, "regional and international developments."

Saudis Join Russia in Marketing Anti-Flu Drug as Cure for Covid-19

In Russia, favipiravir was approved for the treatment of COVID-19 in hospital settings on May 29, after an ongoing open-label randomized clinical trial with 60 subjects.

In First, Saudi Scholar Publishes Article in Israeli Academic Journal

Professor Muhammad al-Rabban published an article in Tel Aviv University’s Kesher journal on Jewish history, titled “A Contribution towards improving the image of the Prophet Muhammad in the eyes of the Israeli public: Muhammad’s covenants and correspondence with the Jews of the Arabian Peninsula.”

Saudis Call Off Mecca Pilgrimage Fearing Coronavirus

The Umrah (the meaning in Arabic is literally '"to visit a populated place"') is an Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca.

Bernie Articulates Nightmare Middle East Vision: US Must Support Hamas, Tehran

We know you're Jewish, Bernie, we just don't know why God did it to us.

In Wake of Jewish Delegation’s Visit Saudi FM Denies Any Relations with Israel

King Salman bin Abdulaziz phoned Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas "to underscore Saudi Arabia’s firm position on the Palestinian cause."

Harvard, Yale, Investigated for Taking Unreported Billions from Chinese, Saudis, Iranians

The two university, and by extension all Ivy League schools, are accused of vigorously soliciting funds from foreign governments, companies and individuals who are openly hostile to the US.

Report: Historic Meeting Between Netanyahu, Saudi Crown Prince In the Works

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and his team have been mediating between Israeli and Saudi Arabia for the past few months, Israel Hayom reports.

Israelis Officially Allowed to Visit Saudi Arabia (Some Restrictions Apply)

Israeli Jews will be permitted to travel to Saudi Arabia in order to conduct business but will require an official invitation to enter the kingdom.

Senior Saudi Religious Leader Leads Muslim Delegation on Visit to Auschwitz

Sheikh Mohammed al-Issa, secretary-general of the Muslim World League, is the most senior Islamic leader to visit the former death camp.

FBI: ‘Presume Florida Base Shooting was Act of Terrorism’

US Defense Secretary Esper: At least one -- and possibly more than one -- of the Pensacola shooter's friends filmed the (probable) terror attack.

After Secret Trip to Israel, Saudi Journalist Says, ‘I Love Jewish People, Israeli Citizens’

The journalist, a prominent figure in his home country, said there is “no escape from establishing normal relations with Israel,” and that those relations must be different that the ones Israel has with Jordan or Egypt.


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